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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 10, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thousands of passengers aboard a carnival cruise ship expected to be eating. the ship is heading become to land now but passenger are still suffering. good afternoon, everybody. welcome to news4 at 4:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. we start is afternoon with the drama on the high eas. passengers on board carnival cruise ship splendor have spent another day without any hot food. >> miguel joins us now live from san diego where the ship is heading first. when will it actually reach port? >> reporter: it certainly going to be a long and laborious effort to get the cruise shi back to port. it was supposed to go to ensenada but the cruise ship decided they wanted it to go to an american port. it is tied up by about four o ve tugboats. they're only going four to five miles an hour. when they first got there, the ship was roughly 200 mile off the coast of san diego. now it is making its way ck here slowly and we're told,
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though, because of favorable weather conditions, it could arrive here back as early as tomorrow afternoon. but keep in mind, they've been on that ship without power, without hot water, without warm food, and for some time without toilets since monday. it will be about four days out on the pacific ocean withoutthe comforts of some of the basic essential that's we normally are accustom to. many calling this dream vacation something that h turned into a nightmare. >> we just mentioned pop tarts and spam. tell us about the military food. the food the military is dropping off for these passengers. >> reporter: on tuesday they call in and said we're running out of food. 're out of perishable food because the rerefrigeration system went down. the uss reagan was call into service. it dropped from 60,000 pounds of food. we're talking theessentials. the basics, bottled water, popcorn, canned crmeat, spm, thing of that nature on to the
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cruise ship. most folks on that ship are accustomed to that large spread. in case they're getting the vry basics. they won't have to make them all the way until thursday which they should have men of food on board. >> most people gain weight on cruise ships. not this time. hey, miguel, i'm guessing none of the passengers really want to be takingnother cruise line any time so. what is carnival saying about this to them? >> reporter: carnival has told all the passengers they'll refund all of their money. they're going to make surehey get home and that they get their reimbursement for their trip. not everybody comes from southern california on these trips. we know at least one family came in from theast coast. flew out here to california. then drove to long beach and then too their trip out. they're saying they'll reimburse everybody for the travel. they'll reimburse them for the cruise and give them a credit for the next cruise. we spoke to one person on board who said they want to have nothing to do with carnival again. once they get off this boat,
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they want off the ship and make sure they're back on land and never take another cruise again. when they get back here to san diego, they'll have a two-hour bus ride all the way back to long beach. so once they get back here on landing their journey home isn't over. >> a vacation they'll 97 forget good to see you, miguel. >> reporter: good to see you, too. >> we want to hear from you about this. doou have any friends or any family on board that cruise ship? >> if you do, let us know by emailing us. there is a rather surprising, very surprising development at the chandra levy murderrial in court today. >> today prosecutors announce that had that they are ready to wrap up their case against ingmar guandique. the man on trial for killing levy in 2001. that's much earlier than expected. prosecutors also are dropping two of the charges against him. th sexual assault charge and one murder charge.
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the defense lawyers asked the judge to toss out the entire case for lack of evidence but the judge depend motion. guandique is sll facing kidnapping, robbery and two other murder charges. pot collins will have much more in a live report coming up at 00. five prince george's county firefighters are recovering this evening after battling a fierce fire in clinton. it happened just after 11:00 in the 8300 block. nearly three dozen firefighters were call in to help. four firefighters sustained minor burns but one injured his leg. the house, we're will, was vacant but frequented by the holess. no word yet on a cause. >> any change coming up? >> change will not for a while. did you like today? it certainly was quiet. it certainly was nice out there. gorgeous condition with clear skies. look at that.
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low 60s are the temperatures. delightful and yes, we've got a stretch of this now for the rest of the week. even for the weekend. 64 is the temperature right now. you get to the west around fairfax county, 62 is the temperature right now. chantilly and mclean and spots like montgomery county, sandy spring, you are currently at 64 degrees. so 64 with a light wind today. out of the north still. about five to ten miles per hour. that northerly wind. we havehat coastal storm system around maine that still has been hammering areas of coastal new england. for us, less wind. men of sunshine as high pressure moves in. here's a look at the good night forecast. we'll drop to about 54 degrees by 7:00 and then 51 by 9:00. it will be a very starry night and yes, tonight starts those leonid meteor showers. so starry is the evening.
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i think it is comfortable for this time of year. we'll talk more about those meteor showers and where to look in this delighul weather. more of it coming. we'll talk about our next chance of rain because, hey, it is a little dry around here, right? coming up. >> thanks. police in prince william county say they have solved the case of the minnie mouse mugger. officials arrested three teens who they say attacked two women wood bridge. one of the suspect was wearing a mask depicting the popular disney character. authorities stay group assaulted one woman and took her bag and phone and then tried to mug another woman who escaped to her car. the tw17-year-olds and a 16-year-old are charged with robbery and assault by a mob. the pentagon now says it is satisfied that the video off the coast of california was not caused by a missile but likely caused by an aircraft. official say it could be a missile but no one knows for
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sure. megan mcgrath has the latest. >> reporter: what on earth was that? that's what a lot of people are asking after a vapor trail was caught on tape off the coast of california. many are wondering whether it was some kind of a missile launch. it was quite a sight. a strange vapor trail seemingly rising from thocean up into the air off the california coast. the question is, what was it? caught on video, the unusual contrail has people talking. >> i couldn't believe it. what doubt when you see someing li that? right away, you have an idea what it will be. it certainly isn't from outer space. >> it wasn't a ufo but i'm not sure it was a missile either. who knows? maybe a vapor trail or something. >> you go, okay, what does this mean? >> reporter: the odd sight was recorded by a helicopter by kcbs in look. to many it looked like a missile launch but experts including jim oberg, a foamer nasa mission
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control specialist, say it was likely an optical illusion. he says the contrail likel came from an airliner traveling toward the camera. because of the angle and the lighting, he said the trail appeared to be vertical when in fact it s horizontal. >> when you see thisthe most common thing you see a rocket flying away. and there is nothing wrong with that. a legitimate proper interpretaon of the geometry. it turned out it was wrong. if it is coming closer, but it is too small to see the actual vehicl you can't tell if it is getting bigger because it is t small. all you see is the cloud. >> the pentagon doesn't have an official explanation for the vapor trail but they released a statement saying they are investigating anthat it was not a u.s. military launch. no other pilots in the area reported seeing anything strange and norad says no foreign military launches have been detected. the pentagon continues to investigate but military officials say it wasn't them. from the pentagon, megan mcgrath, news4.
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today scotland yard released an unsettling details about the cargo bomb plot that was disrupted last month. authorities say terrorists in yemen hid two powerful bombs inside printers and shipped them to addresses in chicago on october 29th. acting on a tip, authorities recovered one of the mbs at the airport in dubai. a second bomb was removed from a cargo plane in england. in a statement today, scotland yard disclosed if the bomb found in england had activated at the time for which it was set, that bomb would have detonated as the plane flew over the southeastern seaboard. ash and gas continue to spew from mount merapi but it is apparently slowing down some. mount merapi began erupting more than two week ago. at least 190 people are reportedly dead. hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes. today, lcanologists stay
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intensity isecreasing but it still a serious theat. the ten mile around mount merry any a dangerous zone and ash and clouds are a danger to plane. president obama is meeting with the leaders of the world's largest and growing economies. the president's first priority involves trade and china's monetary policy. >> reporter: the president arrived here in seoul late in the day to meet with the world's 20 largest economic powers for the g-20 summit over the next couple days. the big issue here has to do with trade. in particular, the white house thinks that china has been artificially keeping the value of its currency low. they say that makes chinese goods cheaper than american goods and it is unfair to u.s. business and u.s. competitiveness. that's a big issue. we expect the president to bring it up when he meets tomorrow.
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the other issue has to do with the south korean trade agreement. the twsides have been trying to get a deal with that. the big sticking points are automobiles, trying to get the south korean markets open to u. autobiles, andhe other has to do with beef. they want it to be more open. the o sides have been trying to hammer out a deal. they may b close and may see some movement on. this is savannah guthrie. now back to you. >> china and germany have the world's largest surplus economies. the u.s. officials are trying to convince both countries to foster more. many observersay that will be a tough sell, especially to china. news4 at 4:00 is just geing started. yesterday we told you that d.c. didn't far soell on the most beautiful people list. but our region is at the top of a brand new list. i'll tell you about that. >> we can take this one. also ahead, a major construction project in d.c. is about to get
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started. a new convention center hotel. a huge jfk fan hit the jackpot when he got a gift from a friend. plus, a cheating scandal at a use where hundred of students are caught r-handed. ♪ ♪ [ d ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in uall.
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it has been years in the making but finally the ground is
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broken. it will be the washington marriott marquis with more than 1,100 rooms. >> the hotel will be built at ninth and massachusetts avenue in nortest and when it is finished, it should tend continuing stream of shuttle buses from the convention center to various hotels throughout the area. news4's kimberly has more on the excitement over this ground breaking development. >> reporter: this is the actual dirt for shoveling in the photo op. this is the hisric building to fold into the main hotel. this, ninth and mass. one of the hottest corners in d.c. real estate. >> this is an etremely exciting day for zpees the hospitality industry. it gives us an opportunity to really bring more conventions to washington. >> reporter: that there has not be an official convention hotel now surprising to visitors from around the world. >> i'm from thailand. >> from bosn. >> from corner. >> reporter: he's local but know what no convention hotel means.
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>> i think it is great. it gives them the ability to host more events to that extent. i think the inconvennce of folk having to stay out in maryland and virginia. >> reporter: case in point, the lady from california. i'm staying in fairfax, viinia. it was a little commute. >> reporter: it took years. a legal battle and a recession to get to this ground breaking. standing tall over the site, the convention center ceo. >> it has been a long time coming for a lot of people. not only our customers, city leadership, buness communicate, everyone has pitched in to make this work. and it has finally come to fruition. >> marriott has wanted this space since 200 twlae the new convention center opened. the cost to build it with you 1,100 plus room and an underground tunnel? $520 million. our california friend is ready to book it for 2014. >> that would be great. if i were going, if i had a long term convention, that wld be the place i would want to stay. >> reporter: there is a
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rendering of it to put perspective of the size, the fitness center is expected to be 6,000 square feet. yes, it is a half billion project but it is expected to bring in lots and lots of tax revenue, jobs and many more conventions. in northwest, news4. the washington area is tops when it come to overall well-bei. that's according to a ne survey out that compared life expectancy, education and incomes all over the country. among the top ranked areas, washington, d.c., maryland, connecticut, massachusetts and new jersey. this report finds that d.c. is the best educat area in the u.s. 47% washingtonians have at least a bachelor's degree. the washington region is the most affluent in the country with a median household income of $85,000. and we live longer. residents in maryland suburbs and in northern virginia have the longest life expectancy compared to other states. 83 years on average.
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an arkansas man got the birthd gift of a lifetime. a co-worker gave paul the towel a used copy of john f. kennedy's 1960s ok, the strategy of peaceful when he opened the book, he found a business card inside tucked between pages 62 and 63, and signed by the former president when he served in the u.s. senate. >> i thumbed through it. at first i did not even recognize the fact there was a business card stuck in between these twopages. then i took a closer look. at that time i was stunned by what i found. >> he says he plans to ve the signature authenticated to find out how mh the book is worth. meanwhile it is being kept in a bank security box. >> i'll bet it is. >>the french car maker renault has a new car. e parent of two little girls
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name zoe renault are outraged their children may have t share their name with a car themselves stay girls will face a lifetime of teasing unless the car marriage finds another nonhuman name for the car. the families have no relation to the company. the judge expected to rule on the case sometime today. coming up on news4 at 4:00, the government is rolling out whatt called the toughest new efforts yet to try to reduce tobacco use by americans. plus, tina fey got a special award last night in washington. hear from some of the top stars.
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hi, i'm joe. i'm going to show you how to make this challa recipe. it is from her new book. puts your instant dry yeast in a little warm water. stir that a littlebit. you put in an eg a little vegetable oil or peanut oil. turn this off first. get our flour in there. a healthy dose of salt, a little
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sugar and anise seeds which give it a nice hint of a licorice flavor. stir it until it become a dough. i think that looks good. the dough has been resting about ten minutes. t it in half. i want to roll thiand keep working the dough. so you want it to end up being about two feet long. and then what you're going to do is you're going to turn it and braid it. here i have angg yolk that i've mixed with water. and i'moing to just brush the top of the dough. now i'm going to sprinkle my sesame seeds here. put those in a 375-degree oven. so it has been baking about 40 minutes. that look great. >> it does look good.
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for the complete recipe, you can go to for more on food you can always check out the round town second quarter of nbc washington dogt. and veronica was just telling us, she's mde with it french toast. >> it is so good. a little cinnamon, a little orange zest. very, very yummy. like it is the big challah bread. >> a big breakfast. we had another nice day today. >> with did. our weather has been absolutely gorgeous. blissful, pretty quiet. a lot of folks that i talked to say had to take a cab a couple times, going to a couple meetings. the cab drivers love it. they said you know what? we get more fares when it's nasty. >> go figure. >> and some rain but that's days out. take a look there. the glare on our camera lens. the sun sets today at 4:59. coming up within the hour, our
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temperature is at 64 degrees. loads of sunshine. that blue sky, 44 degrees, the dew point temperature. our wind right now at 8 miles an hour. it has been fairly light. we'll hang on to a crescent moon until right before 9:00. i think it is 8:59. 49 degrees by 11:00 p.m. clear skies for the early start of the day tomorrow and upper 30s to low 40s. low to mid 40s. the temperatures will be about two to three degrees lower than they were this morning. take a look at chantilly, virginia. 59, your temperature. a pretty nice sky right before suns. you're at 62 degrees, your daily wind gusts only 13 miles per hour. now take a look at what's happening out west. a sn season coming early for these folk. look at colorado. not too far from the airport. 35 degrees, the temperature. the wind gusts at 21 miles per hour. they are due to get some more snow.
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everywhere from the cascades through the sierras, all the way throh wasatch and all the way over topots around colorado springs in denver. they'll get between four and eight inches. that's the storm system that will stay sck in this area until a stronger system cmes through. the big storm hanging around the coast of new england. the temperature, cold. for us, the next 48 hours what you can expect, nothing more than sunshine. more clear skies. not just for the remainder of the workweek. that includes veterans da but also, for the weekend. wind, 61, dropping to 57. tomorrow morning, 34 to 44, your range. it might be a little breezy for the afternoon. and then on turday, we get to 66 degrees. it's going to turn ugly toward the late part of the month. >> still to come, when is the
4:27 pm
time to hang up the car keys for senior drivers? we'll take you bend the wheel. >> and top health officials are pushing for graphic new warning labels on cigarette packs.
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welcome become to news4 at 4:00 >> i'm jim handly. this just in, prosecutors have wrapped up their case against man standing trial for the murder of washington intern chana levy. they also dropped the attempted assault charge against him. the defense attorneys asked the judge to toss out the entire case for lack of evidence but the judge denied the mowing. patcollins will have a live report at 5:00. it wilbe another day before 4,500 people stranded on board a carnival cruise ship reach san diego. an engine room fire on monday caused a power failure on board. passenger were just one day into their seven day mexican riera journey. they say it is now stuffy. the bathroom are backed up and
4:31 pm
food is running out as the boat is tugged more than 100 miles to port. the navy is dropping off supplies of food. the pentagon now says the video taken off the california coast was not caused by a mill but likely caused by an aircraft. the video shows an object flying through the sky tat left a large contrail or vapor trail. norad says it determined there was no threat to the u.s. homeland. >> wall street closed up on news4 of a bigger than expected drop in unemployment claim this week. the dow closed up ten points at 11,357. the nasdaq was also 15 points to close at 2578. the s&p 500 closed up to end at 1218. when it come to cigarette packs, the government is about to get graphic. new warnings have been proposed for tobacco products, and we warn you, you may find some of th images disturbing. the government hopes you find them disturbing. enough to quit smoking.
4:32 pm
these timage that's could soon be on cigarette packs everywhere. >> we need to be and police i had. we need to remind people about those negatives and serious health consequences. >> the government today unveiled 36 images. research and public comment will narrow it down to nine. in 2012, you a cigarette boxes will have ose warnings displayed on 50% of t front and back. >> that's horrible. >> reporter: so we tried them out on some young smokers. this one made an impact. >> that's really strong. i can say. i want to quit it by looking at that picture. >> reporter: but for jay leet would take more than a picture. >> i started coughing and spitting blood out or something, then i would definitely stop. >> reporter: critic say it is not the government's role to make smokers quit.
4:33 pm
>> to force our stores be full of images and corpses with stitches down their chest is needless pornography on the cigaree pack. >> reporter: in a statement, r.j. reynolds tobacco said we're challenging the legality of the larger and graphic warning. but the government says it nothing new. >> we have countries around the wod that have been doing this for the last decade. >> reporte with tobacco related diseases still claiming about 1,200 american lives per day, health officials think a little shock may be just what the doctor ordered. this is all just one part of the tobacco control initiative passed by congress. while there are lawsuits like the one mentione by r.j. reynolds still pending, the fda expects to pick its final images by june themselves would be on all cigarette pack by accept 2012. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren. yocan see the images and
4:34 pm
make your own comments. go to our webte. a business professor is getting an ultimatum hundr of students suspected in a cheating scandal. come clean or face the consequences. professor richard quinn teaches a senior level business course at the unirsity of central florida in orlando. after grading mid terms, he realized test scores were a grade and a half higher than ever. he had also been tipped off by other students who were upset that classmates had bragged about having an advanced copy. quinn is making all 600 studes retake exams. the university is investigating and will discipline the students involved the u.s. senate seat in alaska is still undecided and write-in ballots are being counted at this hour. >> some analysts say the outcome will affect two questions, not just who is hasless's next senator but perhaps more importantly, how powerful is sarah palin? steve handelsman has our story.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: the answers to both questions are in the boxes of write-in ballots. 92,000 being counted tonight in june over. who will win the senate place the republican lisa murkowski or tea party republican joe miller and how is did sarah palin do? miller beat her in the prime aware sarah palin's n two other close senate races. the democrats won. palin endorsed a pair of tea party long shots. sharron angle and christine o'donal. >> it is fair to say that sarah palin cost them the senate. the candidates that she backed ended up losing in nevada and delaware. >> reporter: palin candidates won 37 out of 52 house raves. but in close contests, palin's winning rate was as low as 11%. >> the biggest beneficiary of
4:36 pm
the palin endorsement was sarah palin. she got the cameras there. the crowds were there to see her. >> reporter: this was last night. near philadelphia. >> i'm so proud of everybody who stood up. >> reporter: she is making million on speeches and as a fox newscommentator. >> i love alaska -- >> reporter: she has her own reality show on tlc. >> the perception of being a diva cracks me up. there's a gnat stuck to my lip. >> reporter: but does the mma grizzly have moving to the white house on her mind? democrats say they hope so. pali watchers say she is having too much fun to decide right now. when we come back, a 9-year-old has hopes to accomplish a tricky feat. plus all the stars were out last night in d.c. to honor
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we're hosting a brand new gment called the ten-second soundoff. it is a chance to say what's on your mind. so step up to the plate. get it off your chest. we're all ears. at least for ten seconds. the t-second soundoff only on news4. only in the morning when people are up and bright and snappy. >> don't miss this new segment. ten-second soundoff. friday morning. 6:15. we're debuting him. lo out. pat is all or it. i think he is in wood bridge. a 9-year-old boy may soon be the youest person ever to climb the world's highes mountain. >> as bob seegar wou say --
4:41 pm
>> he was 13 when he climb mount everest this year. the youngster has climbing experience, as does his father who already holds the world's record forhe fastest climb of mount everest at 8:10. >> because of the child's age, an exception has to be made to the law to allow him to climb the mountain. residents of oahu, hawaii, were treated to quite an amazin scene. take a look at this. a changing weather pattern created what scientists call dust devils. the weather phenom normally occurs when the ground gets tter tn the air abo and creates a swirl updraft bringing dust with it. that's pretty cool. >> that's cool. when news4 at 4:00 continue the restaurant chain wendy's is making how it makes fries to make they will more natural. plus, hear what simon cowell has to say about susan boyle's second album. people are saying a lot of good things about fios.
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actress and comedian tina fewon the top humor prize at the kennedy center. she won the mark twain award. and she thanked sarah palin for her success, thanks to her palinmpression on saturday nigh live, there were tons of a-list actors on the red carpet. here's wt they had to say
4:45 pm
about her before the ceremony. >> she is the sweetest person. she is really kind and generous and nice. and very real. >> smart and humble and down to earth and clever and witty and obviously funny and beautiful. >> a family woman. she is generous and she is a good friend. just brilliant. brilliant. and as a friend she's a brilliant person. >> i think it will work out. why am i still so nervous? >> she has one more prize on her mantel piece tonight. >> what other prizes have you won? >> one time i got a submarine that ran on baking soda. >> what can you tell me about the first time you met tina fey when she walked into your office? >> she got hired, yeah. she was a writer. she had been working and adam mckay who was the head writer had work with her. and some stuff that she wrote for the show. and it was great.
4:46 pm
>> i have nicer clothes. the old clothes, i own them. >> tommy mcplay the has a lot more about the red carpet and the after party coming up on daily connection that airs at 7:00 tonight on nbc washington. it was about a year and a half ago that scottish singer susan boyle became an international sensation by wowing the judges on britain's got talent. her second album wnt on sale this week. it is called the gift. and it features the cover of the melancholy classic, perfect day. ♪ >> her debut record i dreamed a dream was the biggest selling album in the world last year more than 8 million copies sole. being released by sony in partnership with simo cowl's
4:47 pm
music. cowell notes that she does not have the typical pop star persona. >> you can't plan success to look like madonna or britney to be a very successful recording artist. so i think susaboyle has quite simply grown rules. >> boyle is traveling in style these days. yesterday she stunned staff at a scottish car dealership. she popped in and purchased a car for $40,000. >> simon likes it. amazing. amazing, isn't it? he like so little. >> what is not to li? she has a beautiful dreamy voice. >> le the weather is dreamy today. >> it will really stay that way. for the evening here, for the night especially, some of us could be lucky enough to be amazed by the night sky. a few thing, shooting across the night sky. those will be the leonid meteor shows. today or tonight through november 23rd.
4:48 pm
just lookff to the east. by the time we get to the 17, we should see an average before 20 per hour. let's ok at at jet stream. we're in the low 60s, above average. the bottom will fall out and it ll get colder out west. a big storm in spots around salt lake city and denver could get three to six inches of snowfall. for next week, d to upper 50s. so you'll want to enjo the weather. your thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. 62 right now in sterling. 64 right in the district. 60 i clinton and indian head. downouth around la plata and 63 degrees. do you know what? this is the anniversary of the carrier edmond fitzgerd going down. it is intesting. a little factoid there. we'll have some clear skies during the overnight period. it will be about t, three degrees lower than last night. 30s to the north and west winchester to frederick. high pressure tomorrow, back into the 60s. 64 on friday.
4:49 pm
our next cnce of rain, well after the weekend. it looks like late monday and probably tuesday, some showers. >> we'll soak it up. the sunshine, that is. coming up, special birthday celebration for a special family. wendy's whips up a special batch of french fries. coming up on news4 at 5:00, a stunning develop many in the chandra levy murder trial. the prosecution decided to drop charges against the man ontrial for her murder. the thirsty turtle. rfeits its liquor license. and beforeashing in on online coupons, the one thing you need to do to get the most bang for your buck.
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a couple who gave birth to quintuplets are celebrating their babies' very first birth guy the doctors and nurses who tlifrd them. they were born in sioux city, iowa. they weighed only two pounds when they were born. a team of 25 doctors and nurses took care of them for two months before they could go home. the parents say they go through about 200 diapers a week now. and the most hectic family time is, you guessed it, dinner time. >> i don't want to be there for
4:53 pm
that. a change on the menu. wendy's has its eye on the fries. the fast food restaunt is updating the restaurant by making them with russert potatoes, leaving the skin on and sprinkling them with sea salt. these ne fries will be slightly slimmer and crispier than the old ones. it is one of the changes wendy's is making what it calls real ingredients. you'll start seeing the new fries and meals over the next two weeks. it make you wonder what was in the old fries. >> i eat my fries with the peel on all the time. still ahead, how do you know when it is time to tell your aging parents to give up their car keys? [ man ] are you aware that vizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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4:56 pm
one of those touchy topics you have to broach with aging parents. taking the car keys away from mom a dad. the national transportation fety board is holng the very first forum on the sub. kevin tibbles has the story. >> reporter: a frightening situation. captured on cell phone video. as an 84-year-old woman goes the wrong way for at least five miles on a major highway. there were severalrashes but amazingly, no serious injuries. this and other headline grak accidents raised serious safety qutions about senior drivers.
4:57 pm
86-year-old leroy is agile and alert as he getsehind the wheel in chicago. but he isn't taking chances. >> notice longer do long trips. about an hour behind the wheel is as much as i will allow myself. >> reporter: still, his daughter has started the dialogue about safety. even broaching the touchy topic of givinup his keys. >> i think my concerns are the concerns of any adult child. as our parents age. >> reporter: there are 30 million drivers, age 65 and older on thenation's roads. that number could more than double on the next 20 years as the baby boom generation matures. to find out what it is like to be a senior citizen behd the wheel, we took to a test track the driving expert ve melvin. ifs outfitted what's called a senior simulator suit. it limits mobility with strategically placed weights and braces. >> i can't bend over and i can't move my neck but i'm going to get behind the wheel of a car.
4:58 pm
just getting into the car was a challenge. driving was a tremendously tiring ordeal. simple maneuvers, a chore, because my movements were restricted by the added stress on my joints. my experience in the body of a senior was eye opening. i'm exhausted. i essentially failed that test every time i took it. while he is not there yet, he offers this advice to his fellow seniors. >> there is a time when they are no longer capable of being behind the wheel. and for their sake and the sake of the public, it is time to stop driving. >> reporter: having a frank conversation with your a.j. loved ones as they drive into their golden years. that's news4 at 4:00.
4:59 pm
news4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight a stunng development in the chandra levy murder trial. the prosecution announces it is dropping some of the charges against the man accused of the murder. >> prosecutors have just wrapped up their case against ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing chandra levy in 2001. they are dropping two of the charges. the sexual assault charge d one murder charge. news4's pat collins is live outside d.c. superior court with th developments. pat? >> reporter: two of the six charges against ingmar guandique taken off the table as this case moves closer and closero