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tv   Today  NBC  November 11, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. destination home. that crippled carnival cruise liner being tugged into san diego's harbor this morning, three days after fire knocked out the ship's fire. 'll he from some passengers on board. west's view, kanye west said george bush doesn't care aut black people and the former president called tha the worst moment of his pretsiden preside. is morning, kanye west's response and interview that got him tweeting mad. gene shalit after 41 years, ready to say good-bye. movie reviews will never be
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the same, thursday, november 11th, 2010. andelcome today, this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. we have 4500 people aboard carnival's cruise ship. do you thi they will be happy today? >> i think they will be very happy. they're waiting for them to pull off th delicate docking operations and we will hear about the challenges they have had to face straight ahead. outrage or an e-book listed on amazon's list. the bed file's guide to love and
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pleasure. and we'll tell you what amazon is saying about this controversy. smokers to quit amid a graphic controversy. will it work? coming up. on a much lighter note, the entire dugger family will join us for an exclusive live interview and yet again, they have a big announcement to make. the carnival cruise liner, a fire left it without power and miguel is in san diego. good mning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. right now, that ship is 15 miles off the coastline. at first light, it will begin the slow t process to the dock behind me. that will take several hours. for the several thousand sand passengersn board, the end of their trip is finally in sight. >> reporter: the carnival cruise ship, slend dor, had to be towed ba to shore by tugboat. 113,000 tons of dead weight, adrift in the pacific since monday. a fire in the aft generator room
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knocked there's been no hot water, no hot meals, no electricity for some of the nearly 4500 people aboard. >> there are still people in the dark here. inward cabins have no windows, in total back. >> reporter: a passenger told nbc news by cell phone, hisacat. >> everybody was looking forward to going on this trip to the mexican riviera and we ended up stuck in the middle of the ocean. >> reporter: when the crippled ship nearly ran out of food tuesday, the "uss ronald reagan" was called in to help. the navy airlifted 60,000 pounds of supplies to the splendor, but the gourmet all you can eat buffets were over. they turned to spam, and bred and a steady diet of long lines. >> almost like a diet cruise. we've been eating salads and
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fruit and small sandwiches. >> reporter: stranded at sea wasn't the way anyone planned to spend their vacation much less their honeymoon. jeffrey and sabrina were married saturday and their family finally reached them wednesday. >> they were awoke by the smell of smoke in their cabin and instinctually reached for life jackets and ran for the deck. >> no one was injured but they suffered the next several days. the journey finally comes to an end today but only after a slow tug of 6 miles an hour. carnival has called the trip challenging. >> we know we ruined their vacations. we thought the best thing nor us to do was to give them their money back, make them whole on this. >> reporter: in the meantime, on board, carnival said it tried to ease tensions any way they could. >> the bars have actually been open. we opened the bars. we've been providing free
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drinks. >> reporter: but once many of those 3,000 passengers get back here on land,p isn't over. the trip originated in long beach and many will have t jump on a bus for a two hour ride up north. matt, the use o this fire in the engine rooms still under investigation. >> all right. miguel in san diego this morning, thanks for your report. we appreciate it. five after the hour. now after the political battle in washington, who will lead the democrats in congress? kelly has the latest,ood morning to you. >> reporter: hi there, meredith. if you thought the elections were over, not so fast. there's another critical set of votes happening next week when all e newly and re-elected members of congress come to town to choe their party leaders. on both sides, there's already been a lot of jockeying for positions. john boehner's big promotion comes in january. >> you will see, from day one, that i say what i mean and i
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mean what i say. >> reporter: a couple of spots on boehner's team are up for grabs and one newcomer is generating buzz. republicans added a new leadership position for just one newly elected member. south dakota's christie got plenty of notice with this. >> first of all, i won't make nancy pelosi speaker. i approved this message. sorry, nancy. >> reporter: and she has backing and so does michele bachmann who claimed her ability to bilize activists qualified her for a place in gop leadership. but bachmann bowed out wednesday night in favor of an establhment conservative. >> i think he stands for the same things michelle does. not like a cice one person is on the dark side and the other person is inhe tea party. >> reporter: counting votes is what speaker nancy pelosi does very well.
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even after republicans tried to drive her out, she has enough support to remain the top democrat. >> fire nancy, fire nancy! >> reporter: after her party's dramatic fall, her allies are still around. >> the caucus is more liberal now because a lot of moderate and conservative members were defeated. her base is very strong. >> reporter: but pelosi's surprising decision to stay has triggered a divisiv scramble. in the next ngress, democrats lose one leadership position, that leaves current majority leader steny hoyer and whi jim clyburn fighting to win the same spot. >> what's happening is people are trying to decide if one candidate has the votes. >> reporter: taking an indirect shot at nancy pelosi, boehner says as speaker, he will not use military planes to get home, a security measure provided to pelosi and her republican predecessor. >> i have flown back and forth to my district on commercial aircraft and i wil continue to
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do that. >> reporter: using military airplanes for the speakers of the house was designed to increase security after 9/11. boehner says he won't do that anymore. for those who have to decide between howier and clyburn, it's a tough squall, howier is more moderate and jim clyburns the highest ranki inin ining african in the house and nancy pelosi would like to see them both stay. >> welcome this morning. >> thank you. >> nancy pelosi, i think she surprised a lot of people when she said she would run for minority leader. her poll numbers are very low. how do the democrats feel about her being the face of their party the next few years. >>there is obviously concerned. the people talked to in the white house said it could be overanalyzed. and they don'think it's the
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face of the person in 2012. the inside is what nancy pelosi is best at, getting things passed, raising money for democrats, holding things in line. and she can be a polarizing figure we saw after the elections. >> john boehner, likely to take her position as speaker of the house, took a jab at her and said, when i'm speaker, i won't be taking military jets, i will take commercial flights. what do you think the priority will beor the party? >> cutting spding. if you reach out to the tea party base, you will say, i won't spend all that money on government travel for me. he has a job to do, as part of the establishment of the republican party, say to these tea party folks coming in, i'm with you, hear you, all aut that agenda, cutting earmarks and pet projects and cutting spending. that's all we're talking about in washington. >> speaking of that, there is a government commissioncutting
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the deficit that received a lot of criticism from republicans and democrats because it recommended cutting back on social security and medicare and a number of tax breaks and you say the white house was somewhat blindsided by this. >> i think they got some heads , it was late but some surprise it would go thi early. the feeling in the white house is let's not comment on this right now because if we go in one way or anothere will hurt the magic number of 14 commission members have to agree on a plan before congress can take it up otherwise this is an intellectual exercise. i think there was a little bit of surprise and want to float some controversial -- this is shock therapy in terms of government spending, and maybe theyill revise some of it before it actually comes up for a vote. >> is this the kind of thing that will force votes of reblicans an democrats to get togeth. this will call a lot of people's bluff. if you want to get serious and make painful choices in the budget. here are trillions of dollars of
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ideas from raising taxes on gasoline to raising the age on social security. we're harpooning every whale in the sea, it was said and minnows, too. the reason it hasn't been done before is the politics are horrible. we will see how committed the white house and republicans are to makg painful choices if they really want to bring the debt down. >> everything we're hearing suggest the bush tax cuts will be extended. is that the likely scenario? >> a lot of that energy and momentum is for that, at least a period of two to three years and then get into the realm of larger deficit ideas in terms of bringing spending down. this is a really likely area for the president to sand side by side with speaker boehner and other republicans. >> all right. david gregory, thank you so much. >> you bet. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from ann curry at the newsdesk. >> good morning. we begin with a development overnight on the president's trip to seoul, srk, where he is
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ascending the g-20 economic summit. savannah guthrie joins us with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. already a setback here, a deal on a trade agreement with south korea did not come through and the president has now weighed in on that debt commission's idea to drastically cut the budget deficit. the president spent veteran's day far from home but close to u.s. troops. >> there's no place i'd rather be thanight here with u.s. forces korea. >> reporter: insult for the meeting of the world' economic powers, the president sidestepped and explosive judgment from back home, a draft from the president's economic commission to slash the deficit. he said the shout-out from both parties already panning the commission's work. >> before anybody starts shooting down proposals, i think we need to listen. i set up this commission prec e
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precisely because i'm prepared to make tough decisions. i can't make them alone. i'm going to need congress to, with with me. >> reporter: meanwhile, despite days of last minute negotiations, no deal on the u.s. korea free-trade agreement. talks bogged down whether korea would further open its markets to u.s. auto and beef imports, a political hot potato. in 2008, koreans riote over fears of mad cow disease when reports of u.s. beef imports resumed. >> trade is a win-win for both countries and i think it can be achieved 1234679d. >> reporter: the met with the chinese president not toeep its currency artificially low which the president said hurts u.s. business. >> thanks. turns out one of the parcel bombs from yemen was to detonate over the u.s. at 5:30 a.m. easternme.
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authorities found and dismantled the bomb in a stopover in england. reaching an agreement for new government in iraq after eight months of deadlock. it would keep nuri al maliki as the prime minister. a soon to be released study finds allowing gays to openly serve in the military poses little or no threat to the war effort according to the "washington post." news of this study emerges as th obama administration is asking the support to keep the controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy in place pending further review. the so-called barefoot bandit has been indted by a federal grand jury for allegedly stealing and flying small planes while barefoot. he becameo famous while on the land, thousands formed a facebook tribute in his honor. if you ever wanted to walk a mile in bere madoff shoes, it can happen while he serves 150 year sentence for defrauding investors. u.s. marshals will auction off
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his belongings including his wife's 10.5 karat diamond ring to his embroidered slippers. it is now 7:14. >> thank you very much. a check of theeather from mr. looks like great weather for the events andceremonies for
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veterans day in the washington area. it's chilly. just in e 30s in the suburbs and rural areas to low. highs with bright sunshine should make it into the low 60s and more of the same on friday. saturday maybe a bit milder by mid afternoon. after a chilly start. bright sunshine. might be mostly sunny on sunday. highs near low 60s. next chance of rain would be next tuesday. >>that's your latest weather. matt. al, thanks very much. to a graphic new campaign to get smers to quit the habit. the food & ug administration is posing new warning labels for cigarettes that show categorically smoking kills. nbc tom ctello has details on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: these are incredibly jarring imageseant to get your attention. a mask on a face and cancer rouse lung and body with a toe tag. cigarette warning labels haven't changed in 25 years.
7:17 am
the fda is hoping this labels will make smoker think twice. >> the issue here isn't why should people smoke -- >> reporter: it's an a big reason why "madman has such an authentic touch, all that cigarette smoke. for a long time, smoking wag asciated with cool, even healthy. >> what cigarette do you smoke, doctor? the brand named most was camel. >> reporter: by 1962, 40% of americans smoked. today, despite warning labels on the side of cigarette packs, 21% of americans still smoked, 19% of high schoolers. now, the fda is rolling out the most graphic warnings yet covering half the cigarette ck, cancer close-ups, tombstones, dead bodies and children surrounded by smoke. the fda's goal to cut in half the smoking rate within ten years. >> with this new graphic warning label approach, 50% of the cigarette pack i going to be a
7:18 am
warning label with a message and a graphic picture. >> reporter: smoking remains the leading cause of preventable deaths with 443,000 americans dying from smoking related illness every year and costing $100 billion. the fda is using the warnings to target skers who want to quit and teens who are tempted to start. but will they work? >> it's frightening stuff. >> repter: jerry has spent 35 years in advertising. he's skeptical. >> i don't think it will work. i don't think it will work because they make one mistake that. they don't realize they're dealing with addicts. >> reporter: 1,000 teens get hooked everyday and ny feel they're invincible. we showed 19-year-old jay lee the warning and he started smoking when he was 15. >> i feel it could happen to me and may or may not. that's the thing. so once i actually start coughing and spitting blood out or something, then i will definitely stop. >> if i were considering smoking, iouldn't do it
7:19 am
anymore. but if i already were smoking, don't think i would stop. >> i've been smoking for like eight years now. it hasn' hurt me yet, so -- >> reporter: president obama himself has struggled to quit smoking. reynolds tobacco says it's challenging th law that gives the fda the authority to require bigger more graphic labels. philip geronimo says it's been working with the fda and will continue to do so and if approved, it could be on packs in the next two years. >> now, here's meredith. >> now, for a book listed on amazon's website, offering advice to pedophiles opening a firestorm of controversy. natalie has details. good morning. >> good morning to you. a self published, he book titled "the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure," a defense of pedophilia. the online voices against it are owing louder.
7:20 am has all kinds of e books on their kindl e-book store site but one is causing controversy, "the bed file's ide to love a pleasure offering a description of his self published, he book. this is my attempt to make pedophile situations safer for those juveniles who that find themselves involved in them by establishing certain rules for these adults to follow. he goes on to say i hope to hieve this by appearing to the better nature of ped do sexuals with hope that they're doing so will result in less hatred and rhaps lighter sentences should they be caught. >> it's offensive and on kindle. out there to the mass. i'm very upset about it. >> reporter: the e-book online since later october caused thousands answers, horrible, lost my business, are some of
7:21 am
countless reviews 0 of the book. and anger exploded online. a flurry of tweeters expressing outrage and dedicated to boycotting amazon just as holiday shopping gets under full swing. >> they're feel to free what they wanto think. >> reporter: the author himself said he is not a pedophile defended himself outside his colorado home. >> every time you see them on television, they're either rapists or kidnappers. that's not an accurate representation of that particul sexuality. >> reporter: responded saying it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable and support the right of others to make their own purchasing decisions. >> perhaps it's free speech but shouldn't be so widely marketed as it is. >> by wednesday night, fewer than 100 books had reportedly been sold online. overnight, that link to buy the e-book is no longer available. no word if amazon reversed their
7:22 am
decision. >> thank you very much. coming up, kanye west responds to former president george w. bush, who called west outburst during the katrina telethon the worst moment of his presidency. make your christmas story unforgettable!
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just ahead, all 23 members the dugger family will join us to make an announcement. and gene shalik after an incredible 41 years on "today." [ female announcer ] ever worn your clothes in the shower
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that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever. dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. good morning. at 7:26 on this thursday morning, novemr 11th, i'm joe krebs. in the "news 4 today" metro inspections are uncovering a lot of bad escalator brakes. 25 units have been replaced. dozens of others have been taken out of service. the investigation started after
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good morning. it's cold in the suburbs and rural areas this morning. in the low to mid-30s. elsewhere, low 40s in washington, upper 40s by the bay. highs today should climb to around 60 with lots of sun. high tomorrow 60. heading to mid-60s saturday afternoon and dry sunday. jerry, how's the traffic? >> take a live look this hour. it's very quiet along 270. light volume with no delays. one more stop. we'll head on over and update you in virginia. 66 all the way in. word of an accident at gw parkway just above 395.
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police are on the scene and we'll keep you updated on that. today on nbc 4, ellen is living la vida loca. living la vida loca. ricky martin is stopping byo the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like sptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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mackynzie. 7:30 now on this veterans day, thursday morning, november 11th, 2010. we have a big crowd on the plaza this morning, a lot of these people no doubtedly heading to the veteran's day parade a little later on, one of the most important days of the year. i'm matt lauer, along with meredith vieira. pa tillman put his militafol career on hold to join the military and killed by friendly fire inpril of 2004.
7:31 am
and his wife speaks out about his remarkable life and his legg g legacy. gene shalit is leaving his critic's corner, the indelible mark he has left not only on this show but a whole culture. and the duggar family and an announcement they have to make in an live interview. former president george w. bush describes the moment when kanye west said he didn't care about black people as the worst moment of his presidency. this morning, kanye west will respond and we'll show you a moment in that interview that caused him to fire off some angry tweets. we'll have that straight ahead. a tragic story, a 14-year-old michigan girl takes her own life weeks after raising sexual assault allegations agait another teenager. nbc has the story.
7:32 am
>> reporter: an emotional outburst outside a courtroom from a mothe who just lost her only dahter. >> i cannot live knowing that my daughter is not getting any justic >> reporter: june's 14-year-old daughter, samantha kelly was found dead after an apparent suicide monday nighteeks after she told a fox reporter inew york she had been sexually assaulted by a neighbor. >> i told him, you're hurting me, hurting me and i want to leave. >> reporter: samantha reported the alleged rape and police charged the 18-year-old. she w he was aenior and she was a freshman and charged with criminal conduct and statutory rape after investigators determined the two had had consensual sex. samantha's family said she attended school only sporadically after the attack and said she was taunted and bullied by classmates. >> she's an slut and whore and
7:33 am
this and that. reporter: he took to tweeting after the charges, saying you said i [ bleep ]. your life up but you're the one who lies saying you're scared t get in trouble. you threw this on me. on wednesday, the prosecutor dismissed charges against him saying the only eyewitness was samantha and she was now dead, there was now not enough evidence to take the case to trial. late wednesday, he broke his silence, sing he was sorry about samantha'sdeath. >> i'm having my charges dropped. i wish there was another way that happened so somebody's life could be here today because it didn't have to end that way. >> reporter: samantha's mother directed her anger at tarnopolski and the justice system that set her free >> where is the right to my daughter? >> reporter: a makeshift memorial of stuffed amals stands out side samantha's home as her name joins a growing list of teen, who, like samantha,
7:34 am
committed suicide, after their families say they were bullied to death. >> that was john yang reporting. >> thanks. as we look at some temperatures out there, we have a tale of two countries, a cold front, and ahead of it, temperatures anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees above normal. st. louis wl be 10-20 degrees crisp andlear on this autumn morning. good morning. starting off veterans day with sniechblt temperatures right now are still rather cold in the suburbs and rural areas in the low and mid-30s. later elshere we should climb into the low to mid-60s and most locations getting up around 60
7:35 am
where we're starting off near freezing now. and we'll have lots of sunor the events and ceremonies for veterans day. sunny again tomorrow with a high in the low 60s after a chil start. more of the same on the check your weather any time of the day, go to weather channel, on cable, he is 0 nnot a stranger to controversy and back in the headlines about forr president george w. bush. as we mentioned, president bush opens about the memoir in that famous moment when west said gege bush doesn' care about black people. it's something i asked president bush about when we sat down recently in texas. >> i didn't appreciate it the and i don't appreciate it now. it'sne thing to say, you know, i don't appreciate the way he's handled his business, it's another thing to say the man's a racist. i resent it. it's not true. it's one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency.
7:36 am
>> a two-term president who ran the cotry during katrina, 9/11 and wars in iraq and afghanistan and the financial meltdown and he's pointing the finger at kanye west and that incident as the worst moment in his presency. i asked kanye west to respond to president bush's remarks. >> as far as it being the worst moment of his presidency, i can't really speak to that. you know, but as his take, his explanation, i completely agree with it. i empathize totally. i felt like that the entire time that, you know, i was being, you know, held as a hero and everyone saying, i'm so happy you said that. i didn't like you before but now i like you because you saidhis and you sit there and you know, in your heart as a person, that to, in a moment of emotion to peg someone or call a name or peg someone as a racist is not -- it's just not right.
7:37 am
>> thereas great frustration with the response to hurricane katrina. there, we were standing there, it was just a few day, less than a week afterward. while most people expressed frustration, you did take it across the line and said, you made it a little more sinister, that the federal response to katrina was because of race. do you regret having said that now? >> i don't want to speak on the word regret, and i think a lot of things that happened in america period are because of race, just the way this country was built in the struggle we had to get into, you know, position, you know, through media, through social position, thrgh so many -- a way bigger conversation than that. but what i wanted to speak to with bush was just to say that i empaize with the idea of being pegged as a racist.
7:38 am
>> just play the tape, don't even listen this time. i want you to loo at his face when he is commenting about you. look at him. this is the most emotional he got during my entire 3 1/2 hour interview with him. what would you say to him if he would meet with you face to face, i'm not sure he would but if he would. >> i didn't need you guys to to the show me the tape to prompt my emotion. >> look at his face. wh would you say to him? >> pre-looking aggravate his face, i wanted to say something to him right after the fact, would say, i don't have too tv stuff with me, this is ality, the real thing going on. this is -- you know what i'm saying? i don't need all the jazz. i would say to -- can you be quiet for a second? i would tell george bush in my
7:39 am
moment of frustration, that i didn't have the grounds to call m a racist. >> you're sorry? >> yeah, i'm sorry for -- >> i think i get the point. >> i want to give it the exact perfect wording because everything that i say gets taken and drawn into headlines and i'm here to man up to different mistakes that i made and speak to the, you know, the moment when i pegd george bush as a racist. i came here to say that i made mistakes, that i've grown as a person, and that it's n as easy as boxing someone into a villain role or race role.
7:40 am
i did not have the information, enough information in that situation, to call him a racist. that might have been the emotion that i felt, but me being a rational, well thought out, empathetic human being and thinking about it after the fact, i wld have chosen dierent words. even in these times where i was considered to have done something so wrong, my motivation was from a good place, maybe mistimed, maybe not the right wording, not using or realizing the power of my words and the way they would stop the internet, but nonetheless, it's very pure and from a good place. >> it sounds to me, not to oversimplify it, what you're saying is we're human, we mak mistakes but we have to learn from our mistakes? >> yes. >> during the interview, kanye west also told me he empathized with president busbecause , too, talking about kanye, here, was called a racist when he
7:41 am
interrupted taylor swift at the 2009 mtv music awards. as we often do today, we rolled video of that moment during his answer. we'll show you his reaction in a moment. after that interview, kanye fired off several tweets including this one, quote, i really wonder if matt lauer thought that blank was cool to play the mtv clip while i was speaking about bush. here's what he was talking about. >> we're alluding to when you walked onto the stage and grabbed the mike from taylor swift, this wasn't a guy expressing his music preference, a guy making a statement of race, that beyonce was greater than taylor swift and you got accused of racism. >> it was so funny to me it could be a race thing, i was expressing my frustration fm years and years of seeing -- you know -- how am i supposed to talk if you're going to run this thing in the middle of while i'm
7:42 am
talking. >> it's under. u won't be hearing it. >> i'm hearing it while i try to talk. >> could you take the sound out. you said it wasn't a re thing. >> please don't let that haen. it's [ bleep ] ridiculous. >> it's something we do everyday, when a guest is talking aboutn incident or a location, we run video of that location or that incident. there was nothing improper about it, nothing unusual about it. >> right. very common. >> whatsoever. we should mention president bush was here wednesday and he said he appreciated west's apology. that's what all the hubbub is about. >> okay. doesn't seem like much but -- >> we look forward to kanye's return for a special live concert on the plaza, friday, november 26th, the day after thanksgiving. up next, pat tillman breaks her silce about her husband's death in afghastan six years ago. we'll talk to her exclusively right after this.
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including those for migraine, or if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. talk to your ctor and go to to learn about an offer to help you get started. depression hur. cymbalta can help. back now at 7:45 on veterans day, time to honor the men and women who put themselves in harm's way for our country. pat tillman put his nfl career on hold to join the army rangers. he served one tour in iraq and just deployed in afghanistan in 2004, when he w killed by friendly fire. ile tillman's parents and siblings have spoken out about his life and death, his wife, marie, has mostly stayed out of
7:46 am
the public spotlight. this morng, she is with us for the first live television interview. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> you have done a lot behind the scenes for the pat tillman foundation and granted a couple interviews and some public appearances. this is your first live television interview. why now? >> the purpose for me being here today is to talk about the work of the foundation and efforts we're making to help create the next generation of leaders through our tillman military scholars program. >> i know you worked closely with veterans and those actively deployed with their families, has that helped you in your struggle the past six years? >> it has in a lot of ways, to be able to put my effort into something that is sort of forward-looking and about the future of these veterans we're helping has been a great experience for me. >> i want too back to 2001. pat is playing football for the arkansas -- i'm sorry, arizona cardinals, you're engaged to be married, then september 11th
7:47 am
happened. what kind of iact did that have on him? >> it had a huge impact on him. you know, similar to a lot of people in this country at that ti, it made him sort of think about his life and wha he wanted to do with it. that was really what prompted him to join the army. >> there were so many people shocked byis decision, surprised because he was leaving a very lucrative career in football and putting himself in harm's way. what didn't they understand about pat tillman? >> i think for the people who knew him and had known him for a while, it really wasn't a huge shock. but i think his actions sort of speak for him. you know, y can see through the choices that he made, that he had a real love of, you know, this country and wanted to serve. >> yete was torn when he went to serve because of his love for you. he kept a diary and of it was about you and the decision he had made.
7:48 am
at one point he writes in the i do are, sometimes, i'm overwhelmed with intense sorrow that is difficult to control, intense need to be close to marie, surrounded by her touch, smell, beauty and ease. it's as though one week of pain is condensed into 5-7 minutes. what have i done? when you hear those words now, what do they mean to you? >> it's difficult to hear, of course. i think that that entry is probably indicative how a lot of families feel when they have someone overseas it's emotional for them, they have a job they're trying to focus on but have a lot of concern about the people they leave behind. >> did he ever express tho concerns to you or any frs he might have had? >> not necessarily fears, but, you know, it was hard for him to go overseas as it is for all the soldiers who fight and to leave their families behind and know -- it's a very stressful situation. >> it took a long time for the army to admit your husband had
7:49 am
been killed by friendly fire and your mother-in-law doggedly pursued this year after year, very fstrated by the military and very angry. you did not do that. why did you not do it? y >> you know, i was involved behind the scenes. it was a very sort of private thing for me when pat was killed that was played out publicly. for me, and for what i needed in order to start my healing process, i just really needed to maintain my privacy. >> i know so much of your husband's life was aboutinding passion, something to care out. have you found that with the foundation? >> definitely. i mean, i think everyday the men and women we work with and we're able to help and to see the impact it has in the lives is really what kee me going and keeps me doing the work that i do. >> it's a pleasure to have you here. thank you so much and good luck with the foundation. to find out more about the pat tillman foundation, head to our website on the
7:50 am
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we'll ve you a full refund. just ahead, a big announcement from the duggar family. a tribute to gene shalik, leaving us after 40 great years here on "today." we'll talk about that but first these messages, your local news and weather.
7:53 am
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our time right now is 7:55, almost 7:56. there it is. 49 degrees. a lot of nice sunshine out there this morning. good morning. in the "news 4 today" there was a shoot-out between an off-duty police officer and a robbery suspect in prince gorges county overnight. police say it happened when the man tried to rob an off-duty officer on greenbelt road. the suspect fired at the officer but missed and the officer returned fire and the suspect took off. it's not clear whether the suspect was, in fact, hit. the man spected of killing chandra leavy is facing two charges. he still faces a kidnapping charge, aobbery charge, and two other murder charges. we'll take a break now and come back and look at ouro
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. sunny and chilly. highs reaching the low 60s. looks like more of the same on friday. a bit milder on saturday and sunday. chilly. jerr how's the traffic? >> on the top side of the beltway both directions between i-95 and 35 moving along in both directions. 395 to the 14th street brge, lanes are open. >> today on nbc 4, ellen is living la vida loca. ricky martin stops by to talk
8:00 am
let me just say a couple of things quickly about mr. shalit, o was such an early supporter of my movies and became my friend and is always going to be my friend. i just want to be able to say that, gene, you are the audience in all of us. your words are indelible and they're burned into all our brains, both the films u've liked and the films you haven't. the importan thing is whether you've liked our films, you haven't loved our films, we all love you, and we always have and we always will. 8:00 now on this thursday morning, november 11th. of course, that was legendary film director, steven, and now,
8:01 am
aving us after 41 years. >> gene has a sty instantly recognizable and coming up, we pay tribute to our good buddy, gene, and some of the peopl whos lives he's touched along the way. >> a lot of folks. ahead, the duggar clan, jim and michelle and their one daughter in law and their granddaughter. they have a big announcement they will make right here today and we will talk to them exclusively. >> i wonder what it will be. >> new car? >> they probably need a new car. >> w car smell. >> don'tforget, weave a big concert tomorrow, live on the plaza. go to and vote
8:02 am
and it ends today at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. hurry up. >> i always think of you when i think of bon vi. you give love a bad name. >> ge her a hug, matt. thanks a lot. in the news, that cruise ship tripled since monday with 4500 people on board will finally reach southern california today. the carnival splendor has had no air-conditioning, food or hot water since a fire knocked out re there. the president's bipartisan panel overhe budget deficit has controversial ideas including raising the retirement age for security to 69 and limiting the mortgage interest tax reduction. homeates dropp 9% last month, the sharpest decline last year. the reason it happened, many lenders temporarily halted foreclosures while investigating accusations of sloppy paperwork
8:03 am
and improper short cuts. disappointing day for president obama at the world ecomic summit. he failed to reach an agreement with his south korean host that would have opened the country to exports of beef and automobiles. while the president works with economic leade in seoul, wall street is keeping an eye on the dollar. we have cnbc's amanda drury with more on this. good morning. >> good morning. it's all about the dollar and not only does the president have to defend the dollar and recent actions and the new debt concerns in the euro zone may drag down stocks today along with the disappointing revenue outlook weot from cisco. that could be bad for stock and today, cisco dropped 6%. monarch butterflies make their migration tohe forests
8:04 am
of central mexico and will hibernate and reproduce until the new generation makes the returnlight in march. spectators ran for their lives wednesday when a smokestack being demolished fell in the wrong direction, knocking down utility poly and power lines. look at this! amazingly, no one was hurt but thousands of people did leave. investigators are trying to determine why that happened. now,8:04. a check of the weather from al.
8:05 am
good morning. we're warming up now rapidly. it's near 50 in washington and near the bay, but elsewhere it's
8:06 am
still generally in the 30s and 40s. after just an hour ago we were down near freezing in many locations. later this d on this veterans d day, good weather. highs reaching the low 60s by early to mid afternoon. overnight clear and warm again. tomorrow high 60s bright sunshine on friday. made a bib milder on saturday after a chil that's your latest weather. meredith. thank you so much. a look back at gene shalit's remarkable 41 year run with friends past and present, right after this. so we earned an la getaway twice as st. we get double miles every time we use our card. [ whistling ] no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! t em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer ] get the ventureard from capital one
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8:10 am
a special tribute to a beloved memb of the "today" show fami. >> that's right. after 41 years, 41 years, gene shalit is leaving the today show. he staed out as book reviewer in 1969 and became a regular in 1973. >> this morning, we're looking backt his legendary and lengthy career. ♪ ♪ >> what's most interesting about gene, he predas all of us on the "today" show. he welcomed us in one way or another to the air here over the years. >> it's hard to imagine not having him here. he is the "today" show. >> i'm barbara walters here a the nbc news center in new york with gene shalit. good morning. >> good morning.
8:11 am
>> enjoying the company of mr. geneshalit. >> gene shalit is in the critic's corner this morning. >> gene was not just, let's go to the critic's corner. gene wasn ongoing presence in the program. >> why do you point to him when you say -- they're such a good looking group. >> that's very perceptive, miss walters. >> it was always magical to me to see gene on-screen. >> everything you saw on the screen, that was the real gene shalit. >> you know at you're looking at now, folks, is a moving picture. literally, i'm moving, too. >> that's not good enough. >> it was freestyle. television freestyle. >> you didn't quite know what to expect. >> who's the guy with the moustache. >> he made working here fun. >> when we were all working here gether in the studio, we really did have a good time.
8:12 am
>> look out, gene! >> an ageless quality to the n. >> he's like bugs bunny. how old is he really? >> what's up, doc? >> good going. >> that's great. a little like bugs bunny. >> see gene brush his moustache. >> somebody had the idea, take a lock of my hair and put it under my nose and it was click click click, the guy was done. >> any member of the "today" show family, who would be most instantly recognizable? gene. >> many people just yell at me, hey, baby, what's the weather? >> gene was always the most recognizable person. >> this proves what i have long suspect suspected, i am a dead ringer for al roker and willard scott. >> look! >> he's a natural for a muppet.
8:13 am
>> this man has one of the greatestooks of all time. it's never going to be due up kated. >> imitation is the highest form of flattery. gene was flattered over and over again. >> those bears were unbearable! >> sie this critic wanted to make like a banana and peel out! ♪ ♪ >> that's all, folks! >> i think gene was a master at doing celebrity interviews. >> sten spielberg before he was really well-known, steve and gene were bonded. >> he interviewed sophia loren. you could tell he was completely mesmerized by her. >> he probably has her phone
8:14 am
number right now. >> well, i can't help it. >> i can't either. impossible. >> gene was always kind of the life of the party. quite frankly, once he got that laugh going, everything was out of control. >> if something cracked him up -- >> he fell apart. >> he was easily tickled and he was never tickled more than -- >>carol channing, a huge broadway star came on. >> he had a long accent. >> she describes how the englishman told her she must eat some cheres. >> it was as big as a golf ball, the cherry and couldn't understand what she was saying. >> the cherry is as big as a golf ball. >> t single funniest moment i have ever had in my 46 years on
8:15 am
television. >> how do you kw what you just said? >> go, don't forego, farg >> ♪ how deep is the ocean? >> this movie is awful ♪ >> two wards, it's tarred. people always say it in the newspapers, if gene likes it, i'll like it. >> gene is a rel etomologist. >> what a writer. >> the silence of the lampsla s lamps -- lambs may be all wool and but is a terrific yarn. it is definitely a see it again movie. >> if you're covering a movie, and you're about to interview the star of that movie -- >> x-men should not be taken seriously. in fact, it should be taken with two acids. >> it doesn't matter, he will not pull any punches.
8:16 am
that's what's great abouthim. >> i used to walk down the hallway, he'd yell, gumbo! i'd go green salad, which is my name f gene and always has been. >>1 years, that is such a testament to his enduring talent. >> he ought to be on mt. rushmore. >> that would be very funny, don't you think? >> you have been such a saint to me here on the "today" show, since my first day walking through these doors, t your notes along the way. all the best, i love you. >> my movie review of you, sometimes corny, always irresistible. >> he does impart a le of film. gene, you're a class act. >> i love you dearly and i will certainly miss you. >> gene shalit, you were more than a friend, you really were part of the brokaw family. >> i can't tell you how fortunate and honored i am to
8:17 am
have been part of your wonderful career for part of two cades. >> like picasso needed a palace, that's the way a show today needs gene shalit ♪ >> more than memories of movies you reviewed, a man we love, we give a shove to gene-o, we love you ♪ >> thanks for the memories, gene, this is one critic who always have and will give you four stars. i love you, gene. >> gene, thank you for the best 21 professional and personal years of my life. >>reen salad, i love you! ♪ thank you so much >> ah. >> i saw guy ludwig in that piece. he has been gene's long time
8:18 am
producer. good morning. >> goodmorning. everyone, thanks for having me. >> let's just mention gene is not here today because gene is also, in addition to being one of the most tented and beloved ys, one of the most humble guys and he didn't want us to make a big fuss about him. so gene is watching at home. >> so you have just really had an incredible run with gene as well. >> well, it w like -- it was like coming in everyday and working with mark twain except the hair was a different color. it really was -- he i a remarkable character in every way. his appearance, his ability to gavelnize sentences to put octane in words and power in sentences, and to illuminate, for the rest of us, ordinary things in an extraordina way. >> those words coulde used to describe you as well by the way, because you are moving on and you have been a revered and
8:19 am
dear member of our family as we. >> well, my assignment is or because gene is leaving, so i'm retiring with him. i found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility without the help and support of the woman i love. >> guy is one of those guys who has a style of his own. walking around with a boater in his china cup. >> yep. >> we will miss you. >> it's a pleasure to be with all of you and congratulations to continuing to do the greatest show on tv. >> we will miss you. >> we love you, gene-o. >> and after this, a big announcement from the duggars after this. the show goes on.
8:20 am
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would you like me to read you a story? you can't read. [ grandma ] 'twas the night before christmas, a all through the house... whoa, that's grandma. [ grdma ] ...nothing was stirring, not kara, not maya... how does she do that?
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8:24 am
birthd. >> two days before anna's birthday. i understand you found out about it on another person's birthday? >> yes. we found out we were expecting on mackenzie's first birthday. >> which is a wonderful surprise and nice present for the whole family. >> jim bob and michelle, how excited are you about having another grandcld? >> this doubles our grandchildren and excited about our new grandchild. >> all the kids, josh, your brothersnd sisters, what's their reaction been? >> you guys all excited? >> they're kind of stunned, or maybe they're used t it at this point. this was a special blessingor you because, anna, you had a miscarriage after mackenzie was born and you decided to go public after that. why? >> you know, i think aot of ladies can relate. 30 to 40% of pregnanciy ies end miscarriage but most of the time it happens so early on, you don't realize you're pregnant. it was very hard to go through
8:25 am
th excitement of finding out we we expecting a little one, and then losing it, but one thing that really helped was thanking god, thanking him in the good times and thanking him when things don't go the way we expected them to. so wting to be able to say that with others and for others that have been through hard things, if you thank god, it really really releases you and helps you to be able to go on with life. >> we're very happy. >> we're very blessed. >> we're very happy for you, josh and anna and all the duggars as well. thank you so much. congratulations. a special edition of their series, "19 kids and counting" on tlc. we'll be back after your local news.
8:26 am
8:26 issure time now. 48 degrees. beautiful skies and sunshine once again. good mning. i'm eun yang. in the "news 4 today" a 16-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in southeast washgton. police say he and a teen age girl were walking on south east place when it happen. doctors say it's serious but he's expected to survive.
8:27 am
8:28 am
ja good morning. a bright and sunny veterans day. we should be to the mid-60s by miafternoon. a bit milder on saturday but with sunshine and chilly the morning. and then on sunday should be mostly sunny, maybe a few clouds in the afternoon. highs w 60s. next chance of rain maybe next tuesday. jerry, how's the traffic now. >> tom, taking a live look. 395 to shirrington looking pretty good. an earlier accident above the 14th street bridge has been removed.
8:29 am
let's head on over and see how we're doing elsewhere. i-95 to 395 looking good. >> today on nbc 4 "ellen" is living la vid loca.
8:30 am
♪ ♪
8:31 am
♪ ♪ 8:30 now on a thursday
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
good morning. we have the bright sunshine on this veterans day. a lot f events and ceremonies will be under way later today. looks like great weather for that. its chilly right now. highs should make it into the low 60s by early to mid afternoon with a light breeze, bright sunshine and a blue sky. tonight, clear, cd again by dawn tomorrow, into the mid-30s. afternoon highs should make it into the low 60s tomorrow with lots of sun. sunny again on saturday. chilly in the rning. afternoon highs near mid-60s. coming back, we talk with teens on body image. first, this i "today" on
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
this morning on "today"'s family, weight and self esteem. a new program called body rocks started by a high school teacher is to help promote a more healthful body image. some of the girls in the group opened up to us. >> i've gotten a lot more confident in my body compared to years before. sometimes i will look at myself and be like, w. >> i look at myself in the mirror and saying to myself i am totally am that and can't get a date. >> i look in the mirror and think i do need to lose weight and wish my body looked like that and sometimes i don't do anything about it. >> not like i say, i look fat today, i can put on a couple more pounds because this doesn't fit me as good as it could. >>ou loo in magazines and like, man, i wish i had that body, the perfect body. you have to think everyone around you doesn't look like that. >> some people think they're fat
8:39 am
and some people aren't fat but they say they are, just because there's another girl skinnier than her. >> no one stops each other when they're like, oh, i look so fat, they just go along with it. >> parents have a lot of influence in their children. parents always complement you and stuff. it really matters. it really does change your life. >> one reason i joined is i could help others like feel confident. others say, i look so ugly and my mom is always there, saying chelse no, you look beautiful. >> we try to influence our school and make people proud of themselves. and say, i love my arms or body and love my smell. >> you hear your friends saying they're fat, correct them, no, you're not. you need to know. >> it just reminds you to love yourself for who you are. >> even though you may have some insecurities, you will always be okay to somebody, maybe not everybody.
8:40 am
somebody will be like, oh, you're perfect, you're beautiful! >> robin silverman is the author of "good girls don't get fat." how weight obsession is messing up our girls, how kikkan help them thrive despite it. i think that program is so important because it's clear body image plays such a big part in the lives of girls. >> that's right. it's in everything theyo and think and say. they get up in the morning, they're thinking about it, get dressed, they're thinking about it, go to school, have relationships with girls and boys thinking about it. go home and see images, they're thinking about it. >> is that the problem, the images are everywhere now? >> they are, everywhere we look and in every way, in the internet and on tv and the radio we listen to. and everywhere we look, we see them. >>here seems to be such a disconnect, between what a girl looks like and what she thinks she looks like. >> that's right. when we look in the mirror, we start to see our flaws. we have this standard we lk at
8:41 am
and think we're supposed to look at that and we have this perfect standard we're supposed to be going towards. when we dothat, when we look in the mirror, all we see are those flaws and imagine that's the way other people are seeing us. >> you talk about the body bully within. in many way, these young girls are their worst critics. >> that's right. everybody has that body bully within, that self critical voice that says, you're not good enough, you're not thin enough not perfect enough to achieve your goals to be worthwhile. it seems that it's always there. sometimes the voices are loud, sometimes they're quiet. but for most girls, they tend to be there. >> you saw that girl tearing up, talking about how important it was her mom dealing with her and her body image and what your mom says really can affect you. yet, i am a mom. sometimes you feel you're walking on eggshells,ou may say the wrong thing. whatdvice do you have for parents en it comes to dealing with this? >> we want our mothers to remember what they do and say are importan those direct comments about your daughter's weight, they will
8:42 am
have major impact. even the comments you say about your own weight will have an impact about the neighbor's legs, about what this other woman is wearing, these all play a role. somebody had said to me during the interviews for this book, that when they lk at the mom and their mom is criticizing what they look like, that they think maybe i should be criticizing myself, too, because maybe i'm bigger than her or people say i look like her. >> what questions should a mom ask herself before she addresses anything with her chooiild? >> right, is a good idea t do that. is my daughter healthy and happy and successful and more important, is my daughter's weight a problem for me or problem for her? >> thank you so much. the book is "good girls don't get fat," robin silverman. > coming up, we sample the finest wines we have to offer. ♪
8:43 am
new look. new style. new sears. come see our brand new side. at sears.
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8:45 am
8:44, we're back on "today's kitchen." and the finest wines ando one has a love for it than our next guest, and his new book has an opinionated tour of italy's 89 finest wines. good to see you, welcome back. >> how are you? >> fine. this love of itali wine started in queens, new york. >> genes where i grew up in the restaurant world and experiencing going back to italy with my parents. wine was always part of my life. >> people talk about french wines, california wines, is it possible to answer the question what makes ilian wines different from others? >> yes. italy is the only wine in the world wines made everywhere and every town has their own wine and different food. just the diversity. 700 indigenous varieties and
8:46 am
cou counting. wine is part of italy. >> the book is your story and experiences wi wines. for our purposesnd the book's purposes you divide italy in four regions. >> we start in the south and go to central and northeast and northwest. >> in the south, we're talking about th area around rome. >> the area around rome. >> this is ababby -- abileno, where the great migration came from 100 years ago, whe italians left the misery of aly from the war, came to america from the south and brought with them the great culture of italian american food and wine. >> what distinguishes the we from pure taste? >> it is a white crisp line and you would have it with maybe coastal seafood. >> or linguine clam sauce. or early today. >> and go to this area.
8:47 am
>> tuscany, in italy. the thing that's important about central italy. wine h been made here since 3,000 years ago. even before the romance, tuscans were making wine and made from the grape but the wine is named after the place. >> not the grape. >> not the grape. that is important to understand about italian wines. very geographic pacific. it gives birth the flavor of the wine. >> you would serve that with? >> steak, porterhouse steak, medium rare. >> something hearty. >> to match the full body of the wine. >> grilled meat. >> we're going to venice, in the northeastern part of italy. >> where i'm from, white wine, eastern italy is interesting, kind of where spice trade happens, port cities, white wine brings us more eastern sensibility, where italy looks to central europe.
8:48 am
wines like this is a wine named afr a town. soave and it kind of speaks to the immediate food culture of this area andlavor of the benito. venice is a city that comes outside verona. >> this is delicious. >> now moving to the northwestern part of the country. we were there not long ago for the olympics. >> we cooked a steak. >> and milan is in that region, too. >> we're in piedmont, borollo, the king of itali wines. intesting, close to france, the wine of kings, a very regal food culture. barolo, being italy's most famous wine, the king of italian wines. from piedmont. >> salute. >> the book is grandiani.
8:49 am
8:50 am
this morning, rockefeller christmas tree arrives on "today." and the family that nurtured it see their tree as a thank you gift to the people of new york.
8:51 am
>> reporter: it all revolved around a simple truth, easily understood but often difficult to live by. >> we're only here for a short time, mike. let's make the best of it. >> reporter: amid the floating, swirling, stumming reminders of life moving on, seasons changing and days and weeks speeding by, there is aard where a massive tree once stood, a yard dedicated to the kind of simple unstructured outdoor fun that seems to have all but vanished from the american landscape. a dozen yearsave passed since peter and stephanie moved into this small house in a rural section of new york state, 40 miles north of peter's place of work in the city. as their children grew, so did that huge norway spruce. s giant branches inching closer and closero the walls and windows of their home. >> i said to peter, we need to do something about that. the tree is coming in the house. he said, yeah, you're probably right, we should do something about that.
8:52 am
i think that's kind of funny. and then a year later, there's a knock on the door. >> reporter: it was a search party fro rockefeller center, doing what they do every year, scouring the northeast for a natural wonder to light up the season. a tree that size is near the end of its life which could prove problematic for thoseeing in its shadow. for the promise of replacement landscaping, they agreed to let it go, but not without some sgivings. >> i don't want it to go and i want it to go, sort of. >> reporter: all those years standing tall yet never attracting more than a passing glance, all that time serving as a quiet backstage presence and suddenly, the bright light of fame pokes through a break in the curtain, a somewhat unsettling degree of attention this normal american family has come to know. peter is a fireman based in the bronx. despite zhang rouse wor-- danges
8:53 am
work has been appreciated and somewhat overlooked until 9/11 when it put ery firefighter in the glare of the global spotlight. >> we are more renowned. i liked it before hand, just a firefighter putting out fires. that's what we did. >> we just want to do our job, the main thing, protect life and protect property. >> reporter: for no from his property comes a gift, honoring those he works with an those he works for. >> i lost a lot of friendsown there, and to give something back because the people of t city are amazing. it's -- when we would go down to the world trade center to go search for remains and people, there were regular people that would sta on an island on the west side highway, and they'd be
8:54 am
cheering for you and they'd hold signs. you'd see them 4:00 in the morning. you know, they just made -- they made it so much better. i don't even know if they knew how much better they were making it. but they had to do something. to me, that's the spirit of people. this tree, maybe it's a thank you a little bit, too, to those people tha stayed out there on the island and wished us well. >> reporter: fort today, mike leonard, nbc news, new york. >> the tree arrives here tomorrow. you will be on theplaza. >> it's a terrific story. >> wonderful stories always told by mike leonard. a nice momt in mike's family's life last ght. his dad, jack, was honored during a veterans ceremony during the ccago black hawks game. >> 94 yrs old, former commander in the navy. spent the entire career in the
8:55 am
atlantic hunting german subs and escorting convoys. >> mike says he and his mom got married in 1943, during the war. the wedding was on a thursday. he shipped out the following sunday and it was five months before they saw each other again. >> what a great couple they are. we met them a number of times. >> he said that ceremony for his dad was one of the highlights of his life. 94 years you. >> congratulations. 8:55 is your time.
8:56 am
what a beautiful sky. bright blue skies and sunshine. it's veterans day. it's the day to salute the men and wome serving our country. several ee events will be marking the holiday. there will be a ceremony held at the world war ii memorial and then at the arlington cemete. the city of manassas is also hosting a veterans day parade which start at 11:00. we'll talk
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. at this hur temperatures around the region are genelly around 50 degrees. later today we should climb into the low 60s. more of the same on friday. great weather today for all of the eves and ceremonies on veterans d. over t weekend should be continued dry. morning lows in the 30s to near 40. afternoon highs climbing into the mid-60s on saturday. jerry? tom, taking a live look. we're seeing a little volume headed down the mall for the festivities. a ick check on the maryland si. not too bad, looks pretty good in both drengss in landover. ellen is live lag vi
9:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ back now with me of "today" on a thursday morning, veterans day, 2010. the u.s. army brass quintet, helping to lift the men and women who serve in the armed forces and serve everyday, not
9:01 am
only in the united states but allround theworld. we thank these guys for sharing this important holiday for us. >> and out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, along with al roker. >> you just want to march. >> you do. march right on out of here. nice to have you all with us. ♪ ♪ >> let them finish it out, what the heck? >> one more time. here it comes, big finish. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yeah! >> that's not easy when it's this cold. their lips -- some of them can't get the instruments away from there. >> gets stuck, yeah. >> coming up in this half hour, we talk about staying safe in the holidays, nancy snyderman will talk about important information what to do to stay
9:02 am
healthy and some of the vaccines you nee if you are going to some exotic locations. we all get stressed out, money, jobs, family, work. but that stress can be tress stressing out your kids. how can you recognize something is wrong with them and make a mid-course correction before it is too late. and we've been talking about your interviews with president bush this week and one of the discussions, lot of headlines that came out is what the president said about kanye west and what kanye west said about him and this morning, he is responding to that. >> and what kanye west said about me. >> exactly on the twitter. >> standing by, ann at the newsdesk. ann. >> thanks. good morning. in the news, despite intense efforts, the united states and south korea have failed a reach a long sought trade deal at the g-20 globa economic summit in seoul. it is a setback for president obama seeking greater access to
9:03 am
the regi's marketor american goods including u.s.utomobiles and beef, hoping it would create more jobs at home. meantime, the president observed veterans daby visiting with servicemen and women in south korea. this veterans day marks the 92nd anniversary of the end of world war i. it claimed 15 million lives in europe, including thousands of americans. a pentagon survey finds the majority of u.s. troops feel allowing gays to openly serve in the military poses little or no threat to the war effort, according to the "washington post." a key report in the implications, repling the "don't ask, don't tell" law is expected to be delivered to defense secretary robert gates last month. the carnival cruise ship deadn the water with thousands of passengers on board finally reaches port today in southern california, three days after an engine fire disabled the mega liner 150 miles off the california pacific coast. it was on a 7-day trip to the mexican riviera.
9:04 am
the cholera outbreak is spreading akrause haiti's port-au-prince. it has sickened more than0,000 people countrywide and claimed lives and this is the first time cholera has been confirmed in the caribbean nation nearly 1 in 10 children has attention hyper deficit disorder. that number has skyrocketed by 22%ince 2003. it is a big mountain f a very little guy. year-old is on track to become the youngest person to ever climb mt. everest. that's right. he is 9. his dad says the ascen will teach him to deal bravely with life's challenges. she may seem a little stiff but this robot is on display in japan. her human costar says she's no fun to work with. here's brian williams with
9:05 am
what's coming up on nbc news. >> thanks. good morning. coming up tonight on "nightly news." it started with one vietnam vet finding peace by playing t guitar. now, a few others who cou use the same sort of healing are getting the help they need. it's making a difference, six strings at a time. more on that for you on "nightly news." back to you. thank you. sad news to report, oscar winning italian producer, dino delorentis has died. he was 91 years old. he brought hundreds of films to the big screen, including "conan the barbarian" and the grandfather of our chef and friend, giada de laurentiis.
9:06 am
good morning. here our temperatures are near 50 degree now just past 9:00. later today should climb into the low 60s by early to mid afternoon for this veterans day chilly in this morning. afternoon highs in the 60s. afternoon, still dry. we'll have afternoon highs in the mid-60s on saturday. here's a look into next week. should be dry for the skins/eagles game monday night but a chance of rain on tuesday.
9:07 am
that's your latest weather. natalie. this morning on "today"'s daily dose, answer to your questions on travel health to the holiday season just around the corner, millions of you on family vacation to visit family and friends. dr. nancy snyderman has tips to prevent an illness and what to do in case you catch a buglong the way. as you just did, had pneumonia last week. >> i had pneumonia and battling the remnants of it. >> the doctor said to take re. >> exactly. >> you will help take care for millions traveling on the road. what are your basic tips? >> one you can get on without the homeland security stuff,
9:08 am
basics. i like hand wipes better than the gel. as you know, after a while, the gel, even though it's alcohol, it smears stuff around. the wipes wipe off the grime. litt things like tweezers and scissors are absolutely okay and can get through serity. i never go through the screening without socks on. i think the floor is loaded with bacteria and junk. a pair of travel socks or throw away stuff you can roll up side and stick in a favorite place. some are even disposab. band-aids. for a lot of pple who don't drink enough water, think of anti-i i do ri do re--ales andg to help you with constipation, the minimum basics. i never go anywhere without extra socks and something to wipe my hands. >> and someone in oshkosh, wisconsin asking how do i survive a flight with coughing
9:09 am
sick individuals next to me. never fails, i cch a cold on vacation or when i get back. i am convinced it is that person with a cold next to me >> as i stood in the security line the other y, a man said to me, let me guess, are you the person i don't want to sit next to? it was pretty funny. here's the thing. don't share common space. take one of those hand wipe, pull down your tray table, and wipe it. it's sort of a myth to think at the person who's coughing is going to infect you. if you touch a contaminated surface and your hand goes up to your mouth, so wipe youhands, wipe your kids' hands, wipe the spaces on the airplane, throw it away. at that point, it's the best thing you probably have ever done. >> what about taking medications, cold medicines? >> the funny thing is virus is a virus. cold treated lasts seven weeks and untreated -- untreated cold lasts a week and a treated one lasts seven days.
9:10 am
once you have the virus, you have the vis. the best thing to do torevent the virus from getting to you, most overthe counter cold medicines won't do much unless you taken an anti-decongest stick like aphrine nose spray, my favorite one, squirt up your nose before you take off, keeps the eustachian tubes open before you land and keeps you fro getting a terrible ear ache. to the phones, karen from hawaii. >> hi, karen, how are you? >> caller: great, thank you. how e you? >> great. what's your question for dr. nancy? >> caller: i travel for "businessweek"ly, sometimes on the road three or four days a week. i find i'm eating most of my meals on t run, grabbing fast-food in a restaurant or ordering room service when i check in at 10:00 or 11:00 at night and don't have much time tore exercise. do you have at vice for staying healthy butealthier choices
9:11 am
for road warriors like me. >> the easiest thing to do when traveling is you lose track of what you're munching on. i he an app on my iphone called lose it to document everything you eat. and if i have a chance before hand i pre-package my alnds, dried fruit, cheerios, whatever i know i want to eat. the biggest bugaboo is room service, i just want salmon and spinach, it comes swimmg in butter. i say grilled, minimal if anything and vegetables steamed. just munch your way through the day. ju get the children's burger and ask not for the happy whatever goes with it. just the burger, eat it with some non-fat milk or water. sustain yourself that way. but, boy, i tell you, you have to write it down. >> you have t sort of pre-think everything. >> pre-think. >> and plan. >> absolutely. good luck, karen.
9:12 am
some questions on international travel, e-mail from venus in new york. i have a question about inoculations, how long does it take for protectio to take effect. i know people who get their shots days before they travel. are they protected and another follow-up, ack svaccines you ne? >> go to the website and you will find outnd the world health organization has an extraordinary list. get the immunizations a couple weeks ahead of time. that allows you to have the best protection. a little bit is betr than nothing. even if you have 48 hours, you have some protection in your bloodstream. you want the anti-bodies up, natalie. few weeks planning is the smartest thing. hepatitis, a and c. basic immunizations like tetanus. know about polio, know about diphtheria, basic things you should have anyway. >> quickly, wendy on the phone
9:13 am
with us. go ahead with your question. >> caller: good morning, nancy. wanted to know where to get the yellow immunization booklet from. >> the little yellow immunization booklet. i will hold it up to the camera. ne comes from the u.s. department of health and human services and get it from the world health organization and in it has my blood type and my complete list of every immunization i've been on. i alsoo something in addition to this. you can get it from any travel medical cenr or from the government. i also carry a second form of id in addition to my passport. in my case, i carry my doctor credentials with me. if there's an emergency on an airplane or if i have to show i am -- who i say i am, i have a separate photo id. i never go any place without both. in today's world, you should carry one more piece of id than just your passport. everyday, these two things are on me everywhere i go. not to snd too paranoid.
9:14 am
i believe in passport protectors. it's really easy to look at people in security lines and figure out what nationality, like that. i likeot having people know where i'm from. >> that's great. >> martin international travel. >> dr. nancy snyderman. thank you all for the great questions. appreciate it. coming up next, secret ways to keep the warm gw on your face all wter long. next, how your stress is stressing out your kids and what you can do tfiber one chewy bar. w'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into something tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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this morning on parenting today, stress and your kids.
9:18 am
you may feel the weight of the world on your shoulder and your kids feel it, too. you may be the causes. psychiatrists wrote aut it recently for "usa today." good morning to both of you. >> good morning, al. >> sharon, this is really an aming survey. some of the top stresses inhis survey, of over 1,000 children and 1,000 parents, for kids 8-12, 44% report their greatest worry is school, 28% say money and 5% say future and 17%, appearance and 22% say friends. 28% of kids saying money. >> kids are -- kids feel what's happening at home. one of the really interesting things about this survey is the fact that kids y they knew exactly what stressed out their parents. 91% of them said they could tell you the ways in which their parents were stressed, the ways they knew. >> so we as parents have to realize we are transmitting this information, whether it's consciously or subconsciously to
9:19 am
our kids. >> that's right. >> the reason parents don't, is because they're thinking about wanting to protect their children. sohey feel li, even though they're worrying, they're covering it up and don't want to worry the kids and being really good parents. what they don't realize is, as the stu shows, kids have great radar d they really do know. parents are exhibiting stress in a ways they often don't realize, they're yelling more, have a shorter fuse, eating things, unable to consecrated and be real engaged and kids pick up on that. >> some of the way to help parents deal with this and help their kids cope, we need to own up to our own stress. >> correct. it's very common for adults to not realize how stressedhey are, yelling at people and eating or whatever and not sleeping and not realize it's because of stress. if you acknowledge that in this first place and own up to how it's playing out in your home. >> you say we need to recognize the empact on our kids?
9:20 am
we have to realize physical and emotional symptoms here. >> 39% of kids said their parents stress made them worried and 39% said it made them sad. a quarter of them said they were annoyed by their parents' stress. butt really does, you know, go through to the kids. so parents need to think about what they're doing and what they're saying to them. >> what are some of the symptoms you look at? >> i think gail would -- >> actually, i think what this study showed is kids are overeating often and it' cyclical and worry about their own obesity and gets worth. they have trouble sleeping. kids often redress when they're stressed and go back to some developmental period like i thought youlready accomplished that and may retreat. they may retreat all together when they're stressed, pull away from friends and grades may drop. >> you have to find ways to help them cope with this stress. >> this is hugely important. the way you help a child to cope
9:21 am
is keep yourself. you are the model yourself. you cannot tell them things you are not doing because they will do what you do. finding your own coping mechanism and teaching them specific coping mechanism. what are other ways they can blow off stress, exercising, ing something active, talking to friends, talking to you, talking to a school psychologist, if need be. basicay, you want to teach them other ways to cope with stress and not do negative things because as they grow up, there will be other things that stress them. >> you need a plan as a family, to deal with this and avoid it in the future. >> the big thing about the plan is you have to communicate with your child. you think you're protecting them by not telling them about money worries. when they see you worried, they think not only money worries, it might be something even worse, maybe you're getting a divorce. you need to sit down and say, yeah, mom and dad, we are stressed out. we are worried about money, but i want you to understand we have a plan and we' going to go ahead and we're going to be
9:22 am
okay. acknowledge what the concern is. it's actually more comforting for your chooiild than try to pretend it's not happening. >> they worry when they don't know. >> and there is no ability to talk about what's going on. >> thank you both for coming. still ahead, kanye wt in a frank conversation on his comments about president bush in the wake of hurricane katrina. a moment the president called the worst in his tenure. then later on, hollywood's take what goes on behind the scenes in morng tv show. we have juicy stories. jeff goldblum talks "morning glory." before christmas, and all through the house... whoa, that's grandma. [ grandma ] ...nothing was stirring, not kara, not maya... how does she do that? magic. [ grandma ] ...grandma loves you. [ both ] goodnight, grandma. [ female announcer ] be there to read them a story every night. read it to me again. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. this christmas, make wonderful
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taste all nine. coming up, the kanye west flap continues. and we have a chocolate master showing us how to make a souffle. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%. lipitor is fda approved reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems d women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain or weakness.
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9:28 am
good morning. bright sup and a blue sky. temperatures around the regio 50 degrees. 51 at national airport. later today should make it into the low 60s with lots of sun. excellent time for ceremonies around the region for veterans day. tomorrow britnd sunny. moref the same. dry for the weekend. how's the traffic, jerry? >> pretty quiet all this and all. no worries. travel lanes are open. we'll head on over and check out
9:29 am
sought of the town to the wilson bridge. again very light volume moving along very cely. eun? >> today on nbc 4, ellen is living la vida loca. ricky martin is stopping by to talk about his
9:30 am
♪ ♪ >> that is a musical and hairstyle reminder of the legendary rock'n roll band, bon vi will be here for a live concert tomorrow and today. the jersey rocker is still going strong. you get to pick one of the songs. your choices, who says you can't go home, you give love a bad name or we weren't born to follow. go to our website. 3:00 p.m. eastern today and check in tomorrow to see if they
9:31 am
play your pick. >> it will be a big crowd tomorrow. coming up, kanye west. president bush calls what west had to say about him in the wake of katrina the worst moment of his presidency. today, we will hear what kanye has to say about that. he was not happy about an interview he did with matt lauer. tweeted about it and you will get see the full thing and controversy around it. coming up, how to keep your skin glowing all winter ng between the cold and dry heat inside, hints how to keep your skin looking great. if you've always been afraid to try your hand at a chocolate souffle, no more excuses, we will show you how easy it can be and checking out chocolate treats from one of the premier pastestry chefs in new york. >> a lot of desserts this week. i'm liking it. you will
9:32 am
a bright blue sky. bright sunshine. still a chill in the air though. it's just near 50. around most of the region. 51 now at national airport. later today should be climbing into the low 60s. great weather for this veterans day. torl should be bright and sunny. chilly in the morning, though. afternoon highs, low 60s and sunny for the weekend as well. high saturdays in the mid-60s. may make it into the low 60s on sunday. a look into next week. might get rain on tuesday, but should be that's your latest weather. coming up, a conversation with kanye about president bush right after this. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there
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as you probably heard, kanye west is back in the news this week. former president bush discussed his worst moment of his presidency and kanye said president bush doesn't care about black pple during a concert for hurricane katrina. president bush said it was the worst moment of his presidency. he sat down with matt lauer about his mments.
9:37 am
>> this is a two-term president who ran the country during katrina, 9/11 and wars in iraq and afghanistan and the financial meltdown and he's pointing the finger at kanye west and that incident as the worst moment in his presidency. >> as far as it beinthe worst moment of his presidency, i can't really speak to that. you know, but as his take, his explanation, i completely agree with it. i empathize totally. i felt like that the ente time that, you know, i was being, you know, held as a hero and everyone saying, i'm so happy you said that and i didn't likyou bere but now i like you because you said this and you sit there and you know, in your heart as a person, that to -- in a moment of emotion, to peg someone or call a name or peg someone as a racist is
9:38 am
not -- it's just notight. >> there was great frustration with the response to hurricane katrina. there, we were standing there, it was just a few days, less than a week afterward while most people expressed frustration, you did take it across the line and said, you made it a little more sinister, that the federal response to katrina was because of race. do you regret having said that now? >> i don't want to speak on the word "regret,"nd i think a lot of things that happened in america period are because of race, just the way this country was built in the struggle we had to get into, you know, position, you know, through media, through social position, through gingivacation, so many -- a way bigger conversation than that. but what i wanted to speak to with bush was just to say that i empathize with the idea of being
9:39 am
pegged as a racist. >> tell me why you can eathize with it? >> it's the obvious reasons with the situation with the -- i'm not even saying the katrina disaster even compares to an award ow but it compares to the idea of the characters we have, these characters in life that are on this side of the tv that mean so much to the people, whether it's they connect it with music or because they're a president. >> let me make sure i let people understand you're aloluding to when you walked onto the stage with taylor swift andeople said this wasn't a guy expressing his musical preference, a guy saying beyonce was better than taylo swiftnd you got accused of racism. >> it was so funny to me it could be a race thing, i was expressing my frustration from years and years of seeing -- you know -- how am i supposed to
9:40 am
talk if you're going to run this thing in the middle of while i'm talking? >> it's under. you won't be hearing it. >> i'm hearing it while i try to talk. >> could you take the sound out ofhe overheads, please? just pick up. >> please don't let that happen again. it's ridiculous. >> you said it wasn't a race things and you had been frustrated for years and years. >> it's so many things where i'm asking the awards to be a little bit more sensitive to the amount of work we put int it and don't have things that you know just logically didn't make sense. it didn't logically. and for me to be pegged as a racist for just stating something logical was just so amazing to me. >> after the interview, kanye west fired off several tweets about the interview saying he wasn'tappy and objected to our rolling the video you saw of him with taylor swift at the vmas.
9:41 am
he said, i really wonder if matt lauer thought that blank was cool to play of the mtv clip while i was smoking about bush? we stand by that and always roll video to illuminate a point. president bush was he and said he appreciated west's apology and we're looking for kanye's return to the plaza on november 26th, the day after thanksgiving. >> it blew up into something much more because kanye sweeted about this. had heot tweeted we would have played that clip and end of story. >> unfortunately, he thousandgh there was some conspiracy. >> and we showed the full unedited version. >> he actually made it look a little better. >> he came off a little better. he said in his tweets, matt tried to force my answers an it was very brutal and i came there
9:42 am
only with positive intent. you pretty much get t picture there what really happened. secret views of getting that warm glow even during the cold winter months. >> that's switching gears. >> even putting bengay on your face. >> ow! meet sam.
9:43 am
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pantene flat to volume is a customized pro-v system that, in tests, outlasts the flop to make volume that lasts long past 4 o'clock. pantene. healthy makes it happen. this morning on "today"'s beauty, how to warm up your winter skin and shake off the cold and give your skin an instant glow, the director of instyle magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> as it gets cold first and gets dry, you have the heat on in our house and the skin is getting dry and alligator
9:46 am
tracking. the most important thing is moisture? >> the most important thing is switch to heavy moisture and heavy humectant or glycerin and these will draw wer to your skin, like putting a wet sponge onto your face. >> you have a couple of products you like. >> oleg night cream is great, heavy, rich, moisturizing and these are the acidnd peptides. >> i love the name. when hope is not enough. a great product name. very light? >> very light, non-greasy. use it on yr crows feet and lips. >> on top of moisturizer? >> this is in addition or in lew of it. a lightweight moisturizer really potent. >> if you're prone to oily skin or breaking out, maybe this is a better option than sometng rich or thick? >> right. exactly. >> i love this idea. obviously, when you're out skiing or something, you have to really hydrate your skin a lot.
9:47 am
this is a new product i never heard of. gloves in a bottle. how does this work? >> this is an interesting product. it really is exactly what it says. like a transparent barrier you put on your skin after you moisturize. you can feel it's pretty light. it creates an oh cluesive barrier so the winds can't get at you, great for skiing or something like that and the winds can't get at you. >> on top of the moisturizer and it won't be clogging your pores? >> yes. very lightweigh >> when you're putting on all this stuff, you want to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells. you have this great system. >> right. when it's really y, your skin needs extra exfoliation. you can go to a dermatologist burt a microderma abrasion treatment can be $150. it seems expensive, $95. >> a full system. >> use it twice a week.
9:48 am
it ends up being a lot less expensive and just as effective as getting a microderma abrasion treatment. you get the same crystals in a doctor's office, super effective, one of the only products i have trd where you can see an immediate glow. >> and choosing the right color tone for your skin is important. you have two different color tones. if you take a look at pictures, jessica alba is more the sunset color, right? >> the idea behind this is people are either warm or cool. people with warmer in tones generally look best in the sunset colors, orange, red. and people who have cooler skin tones look better -- rene zellweger in a cool blue. >> i'm definitely a warmer tone over here, we have traveling humidifier, pretty cool. >> what's great about this. a lot of people realize you should put a humidifier in their
9:49 am
bedroom but don't realize how much time they spend in their office and how dry it is. put it on at work and it wl release a mist all day long. and affect how dry your skin is. >> we have illuminators on the mark and they give you the d due -- dewy look. >> look for camy moisturizing foundations, add a little bit of moisturizer to your foundation. it will make it go on more easily. seep into your skinetter and same for blurbs. >> ratherhan powder blurb, go for gel blurb. >> exactly, much more hydrating. >> the ill eliminators -- ill lu min it aers give you extra pop? >> yes. put it on the same way as with bronzer and reflect the light and give you an amazing glow. >> thank you for introducing us to new products. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next,ow to
9:50 am
create a sweet chocolate souffle. next on nbc. ♪golden morning family's smiling♪ ♪gonna be a special day
9:51 am
anncr: for the perfect start to the perfect day, i always choose land o'lakes all-natural eggs. from hens fed a rich, whole-grain diet with no added antibiotics or hormones. ♪pure and simple always natural♪ ♪our best eggs say land o'lakes♪ land o'lakes all-naturalggs. where simple goodns begins.
9:52 am
♪ >> i like that song. >> this morning in "today"'s kitchen, whipping up a chocolate souffle to die fo we are told. >> that's right. johnny is the executive pastry chef at a restaurant in new york and on the 13th annual chocolate show. how are you? >> the trick to a souffle is take your time when you whip egg whites. don't turn it on too gh. go slow. this is the last of the sugar. >> do you add a lot of egg in there? >> no, six egg whites. all the recipes are on the website. we add whipped egg yolks and
9:53 am
cornstarch, bring it to a boil. al, you want to give me a hand? blend the cornstarch in. >> this is a fast souffle. >> next, you will give me the egg yolk, right inside. same thing. fold that in the key to the souffle to really make sure -- everybody's so afraid to make a souffle at home. you will see how fast it is. kind of like a mud here. the trick is the meringue is nice and supple. youon't want to overwhip your meringueyou want it soft and supple like this is. the key now is to sacrifice a third of it, quarter of it. you're actually going to knock it down. you want to be really careful when you work with egg whites. i will just kind of whisk it in, break it down. what you're doing is lightning the dense matter. lightening the gnosh pt of it. you want to throw the
9:54 am
raspberries in the pan? all the pan is equal parts of sugar and water. we want to spew those raspberries and one lime zest and one lime zest. >> got it. >> with actual lime in there. >> yes. i will fold these two together. stir that a little bit. >> you want to delop a syrupy texture? >> this is how you fold, center up the sides. it's easier to incorporate the light. you lightened the heavy gnost and end up with a really light souffle. >> how did you prepare -- we have this. >> a they are is butter and sugar. keep folding this. move over. >> right. we get the idea. usually blend it a little better than that. >> that's okay. >> raspberries are nice. you don't want to mix this too much because you wil break your egg whites apart.
9:55 am
>> yo don't want it to be a completely smooth mixture. >> if you make it too smooth, it all breaks apart, you're knocking all the airout. >> how long does it cook for? >> 400 degrees in a convection oven at 375 or -- >> we have it in the oven? >> yes. get a head start on it. >> look at that! >> beautiful! >> when you open the oven, is it true it will fall?
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:56 isour time now. 56 degrees. beautiful blue skies and sunshine. a nice fall day once again. we'll have your forecast right after the news. in the "news 4 today" a 16-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in southeast washington. police s he and a teenaged girl were walking on east 14th street when it happened. several events are being held to honor veterans day. at 11:00 an event will be hel at arlington cemetery. at 1:00 a wreath ceremony at the veterans memorial. the city of manassas is hosting a veterans day parade starting at 11:00 a.m. culln't as for better outdoor opportunistics. good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now temperatures climb boog the near 60s. lots of sunshine and more of the same on friday. saturday looks to be mostly
9:58 am
sunny as well. afternoon highs mid-60s and on sunday should make it into the low 60s. a few clouds around as the front comes through. next chance of rain, maybe tuesday. despite the holidays crews are out doing roadwork. i-95 and west virginia. today it's the right lane. usually it's the left lane. not to worry. the american legion bridge both directions traffic moving along very nicely. eun? >> thank you, jerry. today on nbc 4 ellen is living la vida loca.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
in nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. that's right. 're going to do a show. it is thirst day. it is november 11th. and it is also veterans day. we wish all of our veterans out there watching us a great day. thank you for your service to our country. >> yes, absolutely. >> my daddy was a veteran of the -- of world war ii and passed away eight years ago this month and so i get very teary eyed on veterans day.
10:01 am
it is not just the people in the armed services themselves, but their families. they sacrifice so much. so god bless you all >> there say nice parade tribute on 5th avenue thatreally, i don't care who you are, if you're standg there watching that parade go by, you really, really feel it to watch the vets walking down 5th avenue is wonderful. >> and every one of them could tell you stories to move you to tears. we're going to have fun today. we're the happy hour of the "today" show. >> i want to tell you something fun that happened to me yeerday. >> besides being with me. >> a lot different than that. i went to norwalk, connecticut, for a luncheon and i gave a speech, terrific, just met some terrific people, who put this thing on and we have, i thk, a couple of pictures of those, just great kids and wonderful people who were there. and, you know, every now and then you are reminded what a small world it is. that's the entire group we put on the luncheon.
10:02 am
these people walked up to me and said, hoda, do you remember us? i said, no, i don't. how do you remember? she said when you were 2 and 3 in oklahoma, we baby sat you and she showed up with pictures o my mom and dad, wait a second, from when they were young. and look,oh,y gosh. she said, the monsour, please tell ur mom we hesaid hello. i can't believe my mom. >> how do you feel when you see a picture of your d? >> i'm older than he is now, he passed away in -- in 1985. >> at what age? >> heas 55. so when i look at him there, i wonder what he would think of all of us now. >> hwould be very, very proud. >> it is nice to walk down memory lane. >> we don't want to be sad today. >> we're not sad.
10:03 am
by the way, my cable people are coming tomorrow. >> you got quite the reaction. too bad everybody doesn't have a talk show. >> time warner cable, they said they're on it. i love this guy, stanley sanders, he works at best buy. i took a picture with him when i was there. he said he will come and fix it. and he works with time warner somehow and best buy. >>you can see the guy's face. he's the man. he can fix it. >> he's going to fix it. tomorrow, they say the situation will be resolved. so hopefully i will have the cable, the phone is n on. >> well, if you need to watch tv or anything, sweetie, use the phone, come on down to my apartment. >> i have a question. you are about 15 stories above mine. why is your cable working and your phone? what's happening? here's the thing. i have to be everywhere, in the ace waiting or else no one will let anybody in. if i'm not physically in the apartment, the cable guy will leave, s i have to be sitting there. >> all that good clean living i
10:04 am
do. it comes back to you. after i saw the way you live, i'm not surprised. your life is in shambles, hoda. i lived your life one day and i'm going to prove it to you tomorrow when we show -- finally show our trading spaces spot. my hat is off to you in one way, which is how the heck do you live like that? it is amazing the schedule you keep and the people you keep it with. >> i can't wait to see tomorr. all right, so there was a big day the other day here, kanye west came to our studio. >> yes. >> i'm sure yo guys saw the george bush interview with president bush that matt did. and in the interview, matt had -- was talking to president bush about his tenure as president. >> and some of the low points. >> he said -- i think he underscored as one of the lowest points is when kanye west said george bush doesn't like black people and george bush said he called me a racist and all this stuff. well, kanye west came on and talked to matt later about it. and he said that he is --e's kind of evolved in his thinking and he -- >> he didn't have the facts
10:05 am
right at the time. >> that was the stuff we showed on tv. then there was some other stuff. kanye was very upset of after the interview with matt that he tweeted some things and in the tweet th he had, he said this, yo, i really wonder if matt lauer thought that blank was cool to play the v clip while i was speaking about bush. >> actually, he wasn't. he was responding to the question about taylor swift. >> yeah, i think we have t clip. you watch for yourself and see what yo think about what happened. >> and you're alluding to when you walked on to the vmas and grabbed the mike from taylor swft. and some people said this wasn't a guy expressing h musical preference. >> yeah. >> this was a guy who was making a statement about race, that beyonce was better than taylor swift and you got accused of racism. >> yeah, exactly. and i just -- and it was so funny to me that it could be a race thing because where i was pressing was my frustration from years and years of seeing,
10:06 am
you know -- yo, how am i supposed to talk if you're going to run this thing in the middle while i'm talking. >> it is under, you won't hear it -- >> i'm hearing it while i'm trying to talk. >> just tate souke the sound ou the underhead, please. you said it wasn't a race thing. >> please don't let that hapen. it is ridiculous. >> it is tense around here. there are different levels here at the "today" show and hoda and i were doing our live show one story higher than this. and matt and kanye were over there, but we had to be down here to do a segment. a ry silly segment. and it was really, really weird. if you see the movie "morning glory," that's like it is. >> we had 45 seconds and matt and kanye west were sitting right there. we were trying to figure out, do we go in here something weir -- that's not usually what we do. >> we follow all the rules
10:07 am
and -- >> yeah, exactly. >> it waseally tense. sometimes he sa there and didn't speak at all for a minute or two. and matt just let him sit. >> sit there. >> it was very tense. >> awkward. >> and awkward and matt was exactly right when he explained today that kanye was not treated any differently than any other guest. when we start talking to sobody about something that happened, we often show video of the event while they continue to speak. that was not an ambush o any kind at all. >> no, not at all. >> we hope he keeps his commitment to come and put on a show in a couple of weeks, right? the friday after thanksgiving. >> yes, we do hope that that happens. >> yes, bcause i think he is trying to evolve and learn and grow and we got to give each other a little room to do that. >> a chance to breathe. if you like the game show channel, do yike that channel? >> is there a game show channel? >> i think so. >> am i on it from my years on "name that tune"? >> i'm sure you are. if you like "family feud" this is one of those "family feud"
10:08 am
contestant moments that make you just want to crack up. all right. so they had to guess -- i think it is on tape. they had to make a guess for something a burglar would not want when he breaks into a house. >> would not want to see. >> would not want to see. let's listen to the clip. >> a thing a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house. >> naked grandma. >> naked huh? >> i wouldn't want to see that either. >> i kn you're right, okay. nobody wants to see a naked grandma, t what are the chances of me breaking into a house and running into your grandma naked? a naked grandma in the house, outside, in the woods, on the blanket. >> that's ridiculous.
10:09 am
that was -- >> that is so funn we played that, the gifford family played that when al roker was hosting the celebrity -- >> you did well, didn't you? >> we won it. it iso tense. and you have no idea what's going to come out of yourmouth. you're so crazed at the moment. naked grandma. >> here's kathie lee's favorite part of the show. >> it is playing. >> you'll like this. this is a song that will take you back. it is the very first rap song ever writtenand maybe i'm wrong, so don't write if i am, by the sugar hill gang. you know the song. i know you know it. >> i know it, but i'm not going to like it. >> you're goed to lo eing to lo is called "rapper's delight." . ♪ what you hear f.m. is not a test ♪ ♪ me the groove and the fans are going to try to move your feet ♪ ♪ i am wonder mike i like t say hello ♪
10:10 am
♪ to the black, the white the red and the brown the purple and the yellow ♪ ♪ bang, ng boogie to the boogie rockhe rhythm that will make your body rock ♪ ♪ so far you've heard my voice i've brought two friends along ♪ ♪ next on the mike is my man ♪ ♪ sing the house. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm 6'1", i dance to a tee ♪ ♪ i got friday two big dogs ♪ ♪ after school i take a dip in the pool ♪ ♪ the checkbook
10:11 am
more money ♪ >> wh does the song start? when does the melody and the lyrics make love? when does that happen? >> it is happening. ♪ >> wait. >> what you got going on? >> in i how it is supposed to work? >> yes, go. >> put it up. >> okay, go on. okay, what is it? >> is it okay to cry when kicked off a reality sho >> kathie lee says whine not. >> and hoda says, of course it is okay to cry, but the 15 minutes of fame isn't all it is cracked up to be. this is part of sara's thing coming up. i don't know. i just work here. >> it is a necklace. >> went to see a funny play yesterday, he's coming on the show tomorrow, brendan fraser will be here in "elling," it is
10:12 am
about two guys released fom an insane asylum. >> of course they are. >> in my estimation, it is too soon tbe released. but it is his debut, he's terrific in it. everybody is terrific in it. but jennifer coolidge is in it as well. we have to get jennifer on as well. there is not enoughof her in it. that's my only critique that is bad. >> today is tammy's day. >> tammy's birthday. >> tammy's birthday. ♪ you say it's your birthday ♪ ♪ it's my birthday too, yeah ♪ >> bring it up, bring it up. all the way. come on. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> we have to go to break. >> happy birthday, we love yo >> we love tammy. >> sex, salaries and what you really want to know about other people's kids. okay. love you, tamm. there is no candle. [ fele announcer ] imagine the possibilities
10:13 am
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it's your pledge now. naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and o brings you more natural colors than campbell's ndensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ ♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft has an ultra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. new charmin ultra soft. there are some topics that are just taboo from sex and therapy to moneyand kids. just how much should you share and if you do reveal your secrets, will they come back to haunt you? >> we're about to find out. dr. maria padro is a psychologist, jill martin is, as you know her, she's here with us "today""us weekly"
10:16 am
contributor. >> and monica taylor is a mom and ceo of moms made easy. >> nice to see all of you. >> so we're starting off talking about sex, okay. some people feel like they should share a lot. some people feel like you shouldn share much. what is the consensus? >> jill will go first because she's the expert on sex. >> i think with my married friends a lot of them think i'm the mascot, i'm the single one and i come and they want to hear everything going on because they think my sex life is more exciting. i think a lot of friends in my 30s now are ving their second child and they're not having sex a lot so i don't hear from them a lot and i don't want to push it because i know that's the story and i think when you're single, i think there is two things. either you're dating someone and you kiss them and that's it and you're dating, and if you're with them, you're sleeping with them. so i think there is onl two extremes. no one fools around at this point. >> i think so. >> if you go back to someone's apartment after a date --
10:17 am
>> i know people who don't get sex until theyet married, jill. there are still those people in the world. >> i'm not saying you sleep with someone on first date. if you go back to someone's apartment at a point in a relationship, that person expects you toleep with them, i think. >> they probably do. >> is there a difference between obviously the single women and married women when toomes to talking about sex? i think it is a weird thing to talk about. i think -- i do. i think it is a little weird to discuss, persolly. >> i think it is weird if you're single. >> i don't thinkt is weird at all. i think it is okay to talk. >> you've all -- >> yeah, talked to a friend. >> they're psychiatrists. >> i also tell my friends who are not psychiatrists a -- >> about your sex life? >> yes, absolutely. i mean, it is important to know what you can talk about and what you can't talk about. >> where do you draw the line? >> when it is about the other person. for example, if i'm having an issue about myself, or with my partner, in conjunction, that's okay to talk about. but if i'm discussing something about the other person, that can be hurtful. >> does it diminish your sex
10:18 am
life when you just keep talking about it? it seems like it makes it less. >> no, i don't think so. i just think if you're rried, you have to be careful if you're going to explore differt sexual avenues because it might make a friend uncomfortable, especially if you -- >> not jill. >> especially if you double date, it can make them uncomfortable anyou're not may not get the reaction you're looking for. >> i would go to a random dinner and say, but if you're with your closefriends, people do talk about it. hen they're not having sex, a lot of the men are embarrassed because they don't want to -- >> i thi some things are so intimate and so sacred that i don't -- some things are just off the table. >> we'll have to fly through the next couple of topics. >> we have to go quickly. >> sorry,adies. >> money, money, money. that's a weird one. people don't know when they should or should not talk about it. what do you think? >> salary, don't discuss. >> salary is a o. what when someone asks you, what do you make? >> they shouldn't ask you.
10:19 am
>> sometimes you needo ask and i find that -- >> why? >> you wt advice. you want advice and you don't want to go to a financial adviser. if it is something, you' getting raisand you want to ask someone about it, i think i is okay. but you can preempt the question by saying, hey, is it okayif i ask you about money? if that peon is uncomfortable, they may say no. >> they'll probably say yes, even if they are uncomfortable. >> no, with close friends. >> people have seen you grow and u get a promotion, they'll say what is that promotion. but that's a handful of people in your life. >> what about kids? monicayou're the mom. >> i believe a lot of moms use their children as an extension of themselves. if your child has a behavior problem, or isn't doing well in school, you just don't want to say, you act like everything is fine because you feel like it must mean i don't pay attention to them, it must mean i'm not smart enough and that's not true. our children are not an extension of ourselves. >> that's th fantasy. that's the fantasy that our children have to be perfect because they are like our extensions.
10:20 am
>> bunobody is perfect. we all know that. >> that's why it is a fantasy. >> moms want to be supportive of each other. they have to be more honest. >> i wish we had more time, you guys. >> we spenten to ta en spent it birthday. >> and the hip-hop. >> which never ended. still to come, what's up, morning glory. a new movie about of all things i'm home.
10:21 am
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10:23 am
we're kicking off a new series called "sara on the streets". >> we receive so mane looking items in our office, like that thingamajig that sara went and searched for the answer. >> when we opened it up, we were wondering, what the heck is it? i hit the streets to find out. >> it has velcro. >> hitting the streets to find out. >> what do you think this is? >> i have no clue. >> look at it. >> it is f the shower. >> no, that actually is good, like a bath caddie. maybe you watch football with it, like. what could you put in that? >> sunglasses.
10:24 am
>> a drink? or sunglasses. >> what if you're trying to cut back it a diet or beer holder. >> if you'rerying to cut back, i don't think you should be drinking beer at all. >> a coat hanger. >> a coat hanger? how would you hang a coat on that? >> i'm thinking something like this. >> you could have your musical moment, jamming with that mike in your face? >> could be convenient if you're playing a guitar or something. >> kids toys, brain teaser, hang something, utens. >> keep your neck warm. >> you're going chiropractic. you think it is a neck aligner? >> perhaps. >> what -- >> not too many people drink small beer. >> no? >> the bigger the better. >> so size matters? >> size probably does matter. >> what do you think it is? >> i thought it was something
10:25 am
that holds things to read. >> it has velcro. what would you possibly -- i don't know. will you tell ? >> you actually connect your phone to is, and it is a hands free -- so when you're talking to your mom cleaning and you yap in there. >> i'm sorry. that is a great idea. that'sart o my neck problem. >> we found a cult of othouple creative ways to use it. >> our interns, come on out. look at that. >> you carry your brush like that. >> of course. >> look at devin >> when i'm reading one of my favorite books, i can te a sip of water. >> get your mouth down there and try to actually -- >> do it. >> hold on. let's get the last one. >> this is the newest winter cessory when you want to carry it on the go. >> jeff goldblum is in the studio.
10:26 am
4,500 passengers stuck on a disabled cruise ship forays are finally almost back on dry land. the ship's being pulled by tug boats is coming into san diego right now. coming up on "news 4 midday," thelatest how passengers are doing this morning. angood morning, everyone. i'm barbara harrison. also coming up we continue our series "fit for fall." running or w [ female announcer ] joe here likes saving money.
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10:30 am
ever wonder what it takes to put on a live broaast each day? honestly, sometimes, so do we. >> today it isn't working. >> a new film called "morning glory" goes behind the scenes of wacky morning tv. >> jeff goldblum plays a network boss. as he explains to his new hire, rachael mcadams, e may have her workut out r her. >> the actors of the show are difficult. and semitalented. >> i think colleeneck is a pro. >> heinous. >> paul is a fine reporter. this is one of the most legendary news divisions in the entire hiory of television. "day brk" needs someone who
10:31 am
believes in it, who understands that a national platform is an invaluable resource, that no story is too high or too low to reach for. >> are you going to sing? >> jeff is with us. so many people don't like to watch themselve diane keaton was here the other day crnging, going, stop, i hate this. you couldn't get enough of yourself. >> get out of there. i wouldn't say that. i was trying to p attention, not to me, but to rach mcadams. >> she shines in this movie. >> doesn't she? you had her in here. >> love her >> i love her too. >> how did you learn to play your role, you actually came to nbc and you got a 101rom somebody. >> phil griffin. >> he's a legend. >> deservedly so. he was not only wise and intelligent and revealing. >> our phil? wt? >> he spent a few hours with me in his office and went over the script, this is what you're talking about here and here. but also told me all manner of funny backstage stories about --
10:32 am
>> the stuffhat goes on is unbelievable. >> you can tell me, i bet. what goes on, like, in this moe, you know, depicts a few things, but what do you do for -- for instance, the argument of news versus entertainment. >> the later in the day,he sillier is gets. that explains us. >> but you're fun, but you're naturally fun. you don't do things you don't want to doright? >> sometimes. >> like what? >> we did the sumo wrestling outfits like diane keaton did. remember that? >> we did that. that's fun. sometimes -- i don't know. whathave we -- we had to go looking for big foot once. >> yes. >> i wasn't thrilled about that. >> yes. >> where did you have to go? >> sasquatch. >> we went to pennsylvania, the mountains of pennsylvania. >> did you find him? >> no it got rated high, so that's -- >> you have a great cast in this movie. >> you don't have any scenes with harrison or diane. >> i wish, no, but diane keaton, when wonderful -- >> she's so good. >> isn't she?
10:33 am
>> i love seeing her and harrison having fun. they play not having fun so well. >> i love the bickering between them in the show. they were great. >> fantastic. and harrison ford, i went and saw the conversation again, remember that, a couple of months ago and francis coppola tells you on the dvd commtary, what he did, a young harrison ford and how he was terrific then and made something great out of his part then and w he's such a good actor. >> what are you working on next? >> i just came back from london. >> london, yeah. >> i did this play on west end with mercedes rule. >> she is a brilliant actress. >> sweet, sweet. we worked very closely together for four months we did eight shows a week. "prisoner of second avenue." my friend kevin spacey produced it. >> that sounds like it might be broadway bound with that cast and pedigre >> we had a good time and well received. >> good luck with the movie. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> something about jeff. >> i like his calming and the
10:34 am
reassuring -- >> the new hair. >> i like the hands. up next, sara haines goes under the water, literally diving into life. dry procing area in the state of california. many of the dairies have gone by the wayside in this area. [ jill ] so my sisters and i came back to the farm to help my father realize his dream of producing a finished product here on the dairy. you know it's a way to keep this farm in our family. [ bob ] we were born and raised up here and we'll be up here the rest of our lives, i'll guarantee you that. ♪ why go one more round ? you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associat with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. lunesta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.
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go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. it is veterans day, a day to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed so much serving our armed forces. >> sara rectly got to hang out with some of those heroes underwater. tell us all about it, sara. >> these guys are part of a program called suds, takes soldiers injured in battle, many missing limbs, andives them oxygen tanks, goggles and encourages them to dive in. underwater it doesn't matter if you're missing an arm, a leg, o both. these seven men, all injured serving in iraq and afghanistan, are part of a free program called suds, soldiers undertaking disabled scuba and experiencing the therapeutic part of diving. >> it is just like fee floating, you feel just free, as
10:39 am
a bird. >> reporter: dan was on the bomb squad in iraq. he performed the job featured in the oscar-winning movie "the hurt locker," disabling hundreds of ieds and saving countless lives until a hidden bomb caught him by surprise. >> never thought it would happen to me, but you do it so much, it is kind of bound to happen. luck runs out somewhere bad luck, didn't do aything wrong, just happened. >> reporter: the ied went off. dan got third degree burns to his leg, shrapnel to hi chest, his left arm had to be amputated. how did you explain it to your kids? how did they handle that? >> that was pretty rough beuse they don't really understand what is gog on. it is actually now that sofia is 5 years old, now is the time when we're really doing the explanation to her, trying to let her know wat happened. for her, it is no different, she knows me as the person i am now. >> reporter: after months of rehab and recovery, he heard about suds, a group where he wouldn't need both arms to learn
10:40 am
how to dive. john thompson started the program four years ago at walter reiarmy medical center. as adiving instructor, and former soldier, he wanted to use his talents to certify wounded warriors. >> ey led active lives before they got hit, very athletic people, and now they suffered a tremendous injury. so when we can introduce something that is challenging as scuba diving, it can really help physically and emotionally. >> have a good dive. >> thank you. >> reporter: through volunteer instructors and generous donations, the nonprofit trained more than 200 divers. many get certificate fide with the goal of applying the confidence they experienced underwater to their lives on land. you've lost part of your arm. >> mm-hmm. left below elbow andt comes down to about right here. >> reporter: ok. >> and left above kne. >> reporter: shane is a dive master in training. he hopes to eventually become a dive instructor. the men in this special alumni group are spending several days
10:41 am
in the island nation of curacao, diving with dolphins. there they are. and becoming a band of brothers. >> the fact that we all really enjoy diving is definitely a good connecting factor. but the fact that we all share injuries, we have all been in similar situations, i think, brings us closer on a way that most people probably ver experience or understand. >>hese guys are used to hearing big booms go off in their head over in iraq and afghanistan. underwater, it is peaceful and anquil, all you're hearing is the bubbles coming from your regulator and maybe the coral reef crackling. >> it is all relaxed and the pain just kind of goes away. >> reporter: no worries, just the chance to dive in. >> my gosh, that wa awful. >reporr: and have fun. >> come on. >> suds is a nonprofit so they have to rely on grants and donations to operate eir diving trip was sponsored by the curacao travelism board.
10:42 am
for more information, go to our website, >> how sweet is that? >> terrific. >> i know. just to be able to be so free. >> yeah. >> and the silence was what they talked about a lot. water is an equalizing element. >> it is very moving. good job. >> so beautiful. all right, we got some heroes with us right here in the studio. we're going to meet them right after this. no hydrogenated oil♪ ♪ so the's no trans fats here ♪ ♪ whoa... ♪ turn the tub around ♪ talking about nutrition [ female announcer ] "i can't believe it's not butter" has 70% less saturated fat than butter and no hydrogenated oils, so there's no trans fat. "i can't believe it's not butter," butter taste, better health. or 100 calories? with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt...
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10:46 am
it is so important to remember all of our armed service members who served and are currently serving abroad and at heome. we have four veterans who are very cute. >> niko, greg, joe and chris. they went from servicemen to calendar boys featured in a calendar called america's heroes and all the proceeds from sales of the calendar will help those injured in the line of duty. so, boys, how -- >> gentlemen. >> yes, how did you go from being serviceme to calendar guys? >> pinup boys. >> how did you get selected? >> i think we all have totally
10:47 am
different stories of how we ended up here. but we just felt like we needed to help out o fellow service members that are still fighting and getting injured in any way we could. >> sure. >> how much do we undress in these? >> oh, i'm sorry. >> you just had to do that. >> oh, yes. >> did you have to work out to buff up or were you already as buff as you are in these pictures? >> definitely. >> you had to do a little more working out? >> i had an injury -- i'm sorry oh, hello there. >> were you getting razzed by your fellow guys and ladies or is everybody in the spirit of things? >> everybody is in the spirit. you get teased a little bit because you're supposed to be a bunch of tough military guys. >> what do your mothers -- >> that's a good queion. >> she's proud. >> i'm sure she is. how about girlfriends and wives? >> they're prouder. >> they're proud. i'm sure. i'm sure they are. we're so glad you're here with us. we have little -- you're going to run us through a obstacle
10:48 am
course? >> what is the point of this? >> i'm too oldo serve. >> i dropped my headboard on my foot. so i'll be going solo through it. >> tell us what we're going to do, guys. >> show us. help us. i'm going slow through this. i'm letting you know. >> what do we have to do? >> tell us what to do. this is the agility drill. so i want you to be very, very, very careful but fast and agile as we do this. >> we had champagne already. this is dangerou >> don't evenet it. >> another handicap. >> excuses. >> safely moving through -- >> through these, under and over. >> crawling your hands and knees. >> crawling. >> crawling on your hands and knees as fast as you can. >> i need a hand. >> i do too. >> we'll help you. >> ready and go. >> fast as you can. >> go, go, go, go!
10:49 am
>> there she is. >> what happened? is it over? how did we do? how did it look? >> very good. you looked amazing. >> are you sure? >> you looked amazing. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you for your service to our country, god bless you. >> you're terrific. thanks so much. the calendar is terrific and all the mone of course, goes to help other injured soldiers, thank yo guys. >> >> thank you. comg up, a singing group that is an internet sensation.
10:50 am
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called mindless behavior has been tearing at the internet, social media sites and mtv, has a great new song. >> these four 13-year-olds are playing to thousands of adorg fans in their first headline tour which emphasizes education. >> before they perform, we want to remind you that friday you're doing to see what happens when
10:53 am
we swap our lives. >> it is going to be good. it is going to be good, for you. >> it is always good. >> here to perform their first single "my girl" is ray ray, princeton prodigy and rock royal, better known as mindless behavior. enjoy, everybody. have a great thursday. ♪ my girl, my girl she loves me ♪ ♪ all the time we text each other a lot ♪ ♪ my girl, my girl she loves me she loves me♪ ♪ texts me all the time ♪ ♪ my girl, my girl she loves me she loves me ♪ ♪ she texts me all the time ♪ ♪ what's up i be like, baby do you miss me ♪ ♪ you say, yes i say ditto ♪
10:54 am
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10:55 am
that' what's up ♪ ♪ 140 characters is hardly enough ♪ ♪ny girl, my girl she loves me she loves me ♪ ♪ i know i'm on her mind even when we don't speak ♪ ♪ my girl, my girl she loves me she loves me ♪ ♪ she hits me all the time breaking t hook like she hits me all the time ♪ ♪ she's breaking off the hook hookike yeah ♪ ♪ she hits me all the time breaking off t hook ♪ ♪ ♪ text me after school my girl's in love ♪
10:56 am
♪ i'm in love ♪ me and my girlfriend together ever weekend ♪ ♪ we're two love bird i tell her all my secrets ♪ ♪ she tells me all of hers ♪ ♪ when we get off the phone i am so in love ♪ ♪ it's my girl calling the girl loves me ♪ ♪ she loves me she loves me ♪ ♪ i know i'm on her mind ♪ ♪ even when we don't speak ♪ ♪ my girl, my girl she loves me she loves me ♪ ♪ she hits me all the time breaking off the hook like off the hook like ♪ ♪ she hits me all the time my phone be ringing off the hook ♪ ♪ text me, girl
10:57 am
>> here we go. "today" show ♪
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