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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> he spenthe past eight years fighting for prince george's county. this morning county executive jack johnson is fighting clear his own name after he and his wife were arrested on federal charges. thanks for starting your weekend with "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suers. all of the news just ahead. it's saturday, november 13th. let's check in with
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meteorologist chuck bell live in the studio. >> how are you two doinghis morning? >> wonderful. another chilly start to the morning but it will warm up. >> we can't get away from the fact that will be chilly this time of year becae the nights are so long anymore but what a nice day it will be outside today. plenty of sunshine on the way. sunrise still about 50 minutes or so away. we'll have to wait just a little while lonr. already predawn glow in the eastern sky. temperaturesre in the 30s ound tn but manyspots are down into the 20s this morning out across much of northern virginia, northern maryland up to the panhandle of west virginia. 24 now in martinsburg. 26 in winchester. 28 in culpeper. 27 in manassas. mid 30s in prince george's county. mid 40s along the bay. plenty of sunshine today. high pressure is in charge. temperatures running 10 degrees or more, warmer than average, for mid november. highs today another 30-degree jump from morning temperatures
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to afternoon highs into the mid 60 by later this afternoon. not good kite flying weather. you can do almost anything you want to do today but not a good kite flying day. hardly a puff of wind. on occasion i've been known to give that kind of advice but not today. >> sounds good. thank you, chuck. now to the arrest of prince george's executive jack johnson and his wife. >> federal investigators say that they're both wrapped up in a political corruption plot and even tried to flush evidence down the toilet and more arrests may be on the way. >> we begin our team coverage with a look at the charges against the johnsons. >> reporter: prince george's execute jacks johnson emerged from u.s. federal court after being released from federal custody declaring his evidence that he tampered with evidence in a feral corruption investigation. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced
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witht a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> reporter: johnson and his wife leslie are facing charges in connection with a nearly five-year probe involving kickbacks and bribes from developers for favorable treatment. >> these investigations involve allegations that real estate developers have been regularly paying off government officials in return for official action. >> reporter: federal agents served 13 search warrants on friday including johnson's office and at the johnson mitchellville home. the couple were taken into custody after they allegedly conspireto destroy a $100,000 check provided to johnson from an unnamed veloper. >> reporte federal prosecutors say they have been secretly listening to johnson's conversations for more than a year. >> fbi investigates have obtained court ordered wiretaps that have been in place since september of 2009.
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>> reporter: prosecutors say there will be more people and possibly more county officials and developers charged in the coming days. >> today's law enforcement inveigation is thet tip of an iceberg. what i mean by that is that it is part of a broader ongoing corruption investation. >> we are committed to putting an end to public officials who dishonor their office by accepting bribes in exchange for favorable treatment. >> reporter: johnson says he'll stay on as county executive for the remaining three weeks left in his term. he'll have to do that while wearing a court ordered electronic monitoring devi to ensure he doesn't leave the area. johnson is only allowed to leave his mitchellville home to go to work or to meet with a doctor or a lawyer. the johnson were also ordered to surrendering th their passpo. they are due back in court later next month. >> johnson's tapped cell phone
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detailed what happened inside his home when investigators showed up at his door. they confronted the executive after he finished a meeting yesterday morning and took $15,000 from a developer. jackie benson says that led directly to johnson's arrest. >> reporter: jack johnson arrived home from his federal court appearance in a county owned chauffeured sedan and ducked under a garage door to get inside. he was followed by an suv holding his wife leslie who was helped inside by a member of her husband's security detail. court documents detail what comes across as panic inside the house in the hours before the couple were arrested. leslie johnson called her husband on his cel phone which was tapped by the fbi. leslie johnson says two women are at the door. jack johnson tes her don't answer t. prosecutors allege that johnson directed his wife to the master bedroom to find a $100,000 check
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from a developer which was hiddenn his underwear drawer. jack johnson says tear up the check. leslie johnson says do you want me to put it down the toilet? he replies yes. flush that. court documents indicate the sound of a toilet flushing was heard. fbi agents later called in a plumber to check the drain. >> they're not telling me a lot but asking me to check a couple thingsor them. >> reporter: the court affidavit contains an embarrassing allegation that nearly $80,000 was found concealed on leslie johnson's person when she was arrested. jack johnson tells his wife to put the cash in her underwear. she refplies i have it in my br. neighbors say they are in sho. >> all i can tell you is they've been good to u in this neighborhood. >> johnson's office at the
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coun administration building is calmer this morning. only news4 was there as agents entered the county executive office yesterday morning. investigators spent more than eight hours inside executing warrants. employees and security guards at the building had mixed reaction after hearing about the raid and arrest. >> he served this community and served the county honestly and i really don't believe everything that's been said about thi >> i don't think they would arrest him. i don't want to make an assumpti assumption -- i don't think th would arrest him if they didn't have evidence. >> jack johnson has been major political player in our area for 20 years. in the late '80s he was deputy state's attorney and then state attorney a position he held for two years. he was elected county executive in 2002 an re-elected in 2006. acrding to the county website during his tenure johnson increased the county budget by more than a billion dollars, built nine new schools and
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served as a key player in the development at national harbor. you can read the entire te-page affidavit on our website at a fairfax county woman h won a case against a fireworks company that put on a show in which she was injured. kathryn who wihollis was in the and 11 people got hurt when fireworks shot into that crowd. hollis suffered brain injury and severe burns in her accident. the jury determine she should be paid $4.7 million for the injuries she suffered. d.c. officials talking about allegations that two firefighter emts delayed responding to a call where a woman died. the ambulance didn't arrive until 16 minutes after firefighters did. sources also told news4 the medics were temporarily asgned
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to a station only blocks away but a gps tracker shows they were several miles away at a firestation where they would end their shift. >> it's likely a paramedic arrives within a couple minutes. i would be surprised if there wasn't a medic on that first responder unit so you would think in this case the patient would have gotte some advanced life support care initially. we are looking into that particular incident to see if any corrective action or diiplinary action may be necessary. >> so far no disciplinary action has been taken against either emt. both of th are still on the job as of last night. it's that time of the weekend when we have a traffic alert for you. you want to avoid ohio drive this weekend when you are driving through the city. it is closed from the roosevelt bridgever rock creek parkway to independence avenue. crews e putting the finishing touches on the conruction project that snarled traffic in the area for months. ohio drive should be open again in time for monday morning's
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commute. aaron pling close attention to that one. it could be a long weekend for you if you have to take metro. crews will do work on all five lines. expect maj delays on the red line between shady grove and twin brook, between new york avenue and rhode island avenue. on the orange lineetween vienna and west falls church and on the blue and yellow lines between bradd road and pentagon city and green line between prince george's plaza and college park. >> i'm going buy a map. >> even at this hour of the morning it slowed you down? closed. run into the roadblock. i get confused on what i think is independence and what i think is ohio. >> you can't just cross the mall. it's 6:10 right now. a local high school finds itself at the center of a nationwide controversy. the school play is the thing. we'll let you know what it is all about. >> would you pay
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a group known for protesting it homosexuality is now rgeting high school students in maryland. westboro baptist church is planni a demonstration tonight. membersre angry over play at the school. >> reporter: more than 12 years after matthew spherd was murdered, his legacy still lives on today at richard montgomery high school in rockville, maryland, students are in final rehearsals to perform the laramie project. a play about the town in wyoming where shepherd was killed and
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interviews with people that knew him. >> every word in the play is spoken by an actual approximate earn in laramie, wyoming. >> reporter: this ctroversial subject about a young person tied to a fence, tortured and killed, a killing that led to a federal hate crime la >> we felt like the message of tolerance and acceptance which is what this play is advocating is something that we thought our students needed to hear. >> reporter:he coroversy has now grown after the westboro baptist church from ksas announced it will protest the play saturday night. >> i think it's crazy that they think that this show is so worthy of their hate that they would come halfway across the country just to protest i we're just a high school trying to promote love and understanding. >> reporter: the church's leade fred phelps is portrayed in the play. >> this is the negative message that everything is contrasted against. without the character of fred
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phelps, you lose that positive theme that comes out of the show of acceptance and tolerance. >> reporter: the westboro baptist church will be out here starting 45 mutes before showtime which starts at 7:00 on saturday. when asked if there would be a counterprotest, they said absolute not. they encourage everyone in the counity to come out and support the show and the form of counterprotest will be to put on the best show possible. >> we should point out that emily davis that plays director is the daughter of news4 today anchor joe krebs. a debate over don't ask, don't tell. a gay rights group asked the high cort, the supre court, to suspend the ban while the supreme court considers the case. a federal judge ruled in september that the pentagon policy prohibiting openly gay soldier violates civil rights of
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gay americans. a messy fight was avoided in congress as democts agree to an arrangement for the party's leadersh in the house. maryland congress man steny hoyer will become second in command as huse minority whip behind soon to be speaker nancy pelosi. james clyburn will be the number two ma the leadership post will be filled formally next week during a closed door meeting of the democratic caucus. president obama finishing up his trip to asia with a final trip to japan. he met with that country's prime minister before meeting with australia's prime minister ahead of the asia pacific economic cooperation forum. president obama thanked australia for its commitment to the war in afghanistan. >> i expressed my personal thanks to the people of australia through the prime minister for the enormous sacrifices that are being made
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in afghanistan by australian troops. >> president obama said the u.s. and asian countries could benefit from building stronger trade relationships. the smithsonian has been around since 1846 and all that time you haven't paid a dime to get in and enjoy the exhibits. >> that could change because of possible budget cuts to the museums. president obama's deficit reduction commission suggests congress cut $225 million from the smithsonian institution budget and begin charging admission fees to make up for the lost money. the difference would be made up by charging $7.50 per visitor. what do you think? >> a lot of people said i would pay to get into the smithsonian because you go to other big cities and you pay to get in. >> the other argument is our tax dollars already pay fothese wonderful museums. >> and my argument -- not that we're arguing -- iwould rather
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pay something, maybe not $7.50 but something than to have to sacrifice losing anything that the smithsonian has to offer. >> i would agree with you there. >> but not $7.50. >> let's check in with chuck. we're not going to quibble about the temperatures today. good temperatures. >> no complaints in the weather department. i won't even chargyou a dime for the forecast which includes more sunshine than you'll even know what to do with. details are next. my family eat breakfast,comes g
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you can just hear those sleigh bells jingling. some consider this the official sign of the holiday season. the christmas tree was put up on rockefeller plaza. it will be be lit on november 30th and will feature a giant crystal atop the tree. the ee comes from a yard of a new york city firefighter. >> mom will be happy with anything you get her for christmas. that's how moms are. wouldn't you agree? >> no. my mom wants to be spoiled. there's no bones about it. >> this mom wants toe spoiled.
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that's a thoughtful gift but -- outside good weather today. outside for anything you would like to do. perfect weather has been around all week long. i hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy a bit of your november reprieve is what we should have called this week. plenty of sunshine. day after day after day and we we even going to get to keep it all of the way through the weekend which is when you really want it the most. outside on your saturday morning, still waiting on the sun but the sky is brightening quickly now. sunrise a little bit more than 30 minutes away. temperatures have tumbled once again during the overnight hours. it's been very chilly th last couple of nights. temperatures back down into the 30s once again. it is november after all so we can't really expect too much. with all of the sunshine on the way, temperatures should jump about 30 degrees again this afternoon much like we saw yestday afternoon with a 30-degree jump. light north wind at 5 miles an hour under that clear sky. will be the pattern for the rest of the day. a light northeasterly breeze. 43 in annapolis alongside the
6:23 am
bay yoare milder because the bay water temperatures in the 50s but back out away from the water at the blueridge, 28 in winchester. 30s up and down much of the eastern seaboard. look at this big bubble of warm air out here. 59 degreesurrently in st. louis, missouri. it's 5:30 in the morning the. temperatures are on their way up and that little nose of warm air will be coming ouway for today and for tomorrow temperates are going to stay at least 10 degrees or more warmer than average for today and for tomorrow. lots of mild november sunshine toda high pressure is in charge. this weather front does promise changes as we get towards late sunday night and into the day on monday. any raindrops will hold off until probably sometime during the day on monday. most of the energy and moisture with that next big system is bypassing us to the north but eventually that trailing cold front will make it into the area. increasing clouds during the course of the day on monday. this is future cast at 8:00
6:24 am
monday morning. as that front slides through here may generate rain showers on monday. tuesday will be the rainier day of the upcoming stretch. for today, enjoy, everybody. sunshine, warm, well above average today. highs mid to upper 60s. one or two spots down toward staffo may touch 70 degrees for a brief time today. for tomorrow, mostly sunny. high clouds rolling in later on in the afternoon but still another spectular november day. temperatures mid to upper 60s. there's the extended forecast. sunshine. 67 today. sunshine and 66 tomorrow clouds roll in with a risk of a shower on monday. better chances for rain as we get toward tuesday, wednesday and then lingering into thursday and unfortunately our stretch of beautiful mild weather will be coming to an end. you need to kee that it in mind. it won't last forever around here. and if you're a hokies fan, beautiful weather for that football game down in chapel hill this aftnoon.
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sunshine and 65 degrees. if you would like to see your game featured, send me a note and we'll get on as many as we can at 9:00. we're talking sports. wizards get another dazzling peormance by john wahle but can they paull off the victor good morning, everybody. your sports minute begins with the wizards tryi tobreak the bobcat string of ro dominance. wae becomes the first rookie in nba history to record 72 over his first seven games. however, his performance wasn't enough to get the wizards past the bobcats losing to charlotte 93-85. to college hoops, georgetown visiting old domeinian.
6:26 am
playoff time in football. no score into the third quarter. around the outside for five yards. 7-0. then less than a minute to go in the fourth quarter. westfield's last chance. matthew going dep. he's brave. he sends it but he's picked off. a thriller 7-0. that's your sports in a be minute. i'm ndsay czarniak. have a great day. 6:26 right now. still aheadhis morning, much more on the shocking arrest of prince george's executive jack johnson. how johnson's colleague in county government are reacting to yesterday's developments. you may be seeing and hearing less from the salvatn army bell ringers next me you go grocery shopping. we'll explain why when "news4 today" returns
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's saturday, november 13th. a look at our headlines in just a second. first, a quick check on our forecast. meteorologist check bell is here with that cold outside. >> i'm on the edge and then i feel like i should keep leaning
6:30 am
in. it's a beautiful day outside today. lotsf sunshine. we are off to a cold start. it's november so we sort of expect that at this time of year. what a wonderful afternoon. plenty of sunshine on the way. waiting for the sun to come up in our eastern sky beautiful day on the way. temperatures to get your saturday morning started are in the 20s across much of prince william county out toward fauier and washington. in the 20s this morning. it's 25 degre up in demascus in upper montgomery county. plenty of cold spots out there. a day filled with sunshine today. high pressure is in charge. 'll be at least 10 degrees or more warmer than average. sun up at 6:48. down at 4:56 this afternoon. >> yikes. >> it will be a niceay lled with sunshine between those little hours there. >> 4:56. >> i hate that about this time of year. >> thanks, chuck. in our headlines, prince
6:31 am
george's county executive jack johnson insists he's innocent. this after federal agents arrested him and his wife leslie. they are accused of destroying evidence in a political corruption investigation even flushing a $100,000 check down the toilet. an affidavit also says johnson told his wife to stuff $80,000 in cash in his underwear. yesterday's arrest at their mitcllville home came after a five-year probe into kickbacks and bribes. real estate developers regarly played government officials for official actions. after leaving u.s. district court last night, johnson said time will tell what really happened. >> i am innocent of these charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be ndicated. >> federal investigators say the arrests come after tapping the
6:32 am
phones of johnson's cell phone. johnson will stay on as county executive for remaining three weeks of his term and will wear a monitored bracelet. johnson and his wife are due back in court next month. prince george's cnty government officials have a plan johnson cannot finish his term. >> repter: employees even security at the county administration building were caught by surprise as a contingent of federal agents converged on the seat of county government. >> goverent continues to run. checks continue to get signed. >> rorter: news4 has footage as agents made their way to t county executive suite. they spent more than eight hours at their task. >> today federal authorities
6:33 am
executed a search warrant at the county administration building and since that time the county government has been cooperating fully. >> reporter: the building also houses offices of the county council. >> no search has been conducted on our floor a this point. >> reporter: in the event jack johnson cannot finish the final weeks of his term, a contingency is in place. >>f the county executive is incapacitat incapacitated, there is a process that was already put in place that an executive order was signed by mr. johnson that howard burnett, deputy chief administrative officer for healthnd human services, would serve as acting county executive. >> you can read the entire ten-page affidavit filed in the case against jack and leslie johnson. we put it on our website at in other news this morning, u.s. park police need your help
6:34 am
solving a 7-year-old cold case trying to identify the remains of a man found under the roosevelt bridge in 2003. this is a composite sketch just released. investigators say he's black in his 30s wearing a chicago white sox cap when he died. officials say the man also had a growth in his mouth that would have made it difficult for him to talk or eat. anyone with information is also asked to call park pice. that number on your screen 202-610-8751. in north carolina investigators believe they have found theemains of a disabled 10-year-old girl reported missing about a month ago. police found a bone that matches zahra baker's dna. they also fou an artificial leg that belonged to her. baker's stepmother is currently behind bars for obstruction of justice. police say she admitted wring a fake ransom note discovered the same day a fire was reported at the family's home. and friends, neighbors and even strangers gathered on the
6:35 am
front lawn of zahra's home for a vigil. they brought flowers and stuffed animals. earlier in the week zahra's biological mother traveled from australia to north carolina after receiving the news and she broke down in front of the memorial for her daughter. now to a traffic alert this saturday morning. you want to avoid ohio drive this weekend when driving through the city. it'sclosed from the roosevelt bridge to independence avenue. creware putting the finishing touches on the construction project that has snarled traffic in the area for months. ohio drive should be open again in time for monday morning's commute. it could also be a lng weekend if you have to get on metro. crews will be doing wrk on all five lines. expect major delays on the red line between shady grove and twin brook and between new york avenue and rhode island avenue. on the orange line, a little stop between vienna and west falls church and the blue and yellow lines between braddock road and pentagon city. on the green line, between
6:36 am
prince george's plaza and college park. this holiday season your trips to gia food store will be missing something. the grocery store has placed new limits on when salvation army bell ringers can be in front of the store and the group is concerned that will dramatally cut its fund-raising. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: a 110-year-old tradition kicks off another season with an ambitious goal. the national capital area salvation army wants to raise $1.6 million this holiday but they face a new challenge. giant food changed its policy on charity group soliciting outside stores. instead of bell ringing six days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., the salvation arm is limited to six days in november and six days in december four hours at a time. while salvation army official value their long partnership
6:37 am
with giant, they're worried. half of the 1.3 million raised last year came from kettles in front of giant. >> we're concerned. we'r committed to providing assistance. a rge portion of thosfunds that allows us to do that come through the kettle campaign. we're asking people to dig a little deeper this year. >> reporter: the new giant poli affects all charitable groups. they will only be allowed two days per month and sundays are no off-limits. jamie miller in a statement -- in order to best serve our customers and not hinder their shopping experience, it's necessary that we operate within established guidelines. he claims some groups wil have increased fund-raising opportunities. the salvation army hopes donors willook harder for them at places like kmart, lmart, safeway and jcpenney. some giant customers question the new policy. >> great way to support the community. i would definitely be in favor
6:38 am
of having them out there. >> reporter: other shoppers welcome the limits. >> i find that it's in the way. i really feel kind of guilty about not doing it but i feel like don't bother me. i'm going grocery shopping. i don't want to be bothered. >> despite limits on fund-raising outside giant stores, the salvation army found a high tech way to raise money. they set up online red kettles for people to give that way. a lesson goes a long way in saving a life. >> a 14 year old was in school when she realized her teacher was choking. india sprang into action and learned the heimlich maneuver at a baby sitter's course and she went into motion. i went up behind her and i did
6:39 am
the heimlich maneuver on her. first thing she was like, you're my life saver. my god she's not dead. everyone was kind of happy. >> kind of happy. india since taught the heimlich to her classmates as well. >> that's really cool. 6:39 right now. still ahead, hard times in sin city. the devastating effects this tough economy is having on las vegas. you probably heard a number of gimmicks to get you to buy a car or truck but one dealership incentive has pele fired up. [ dog barking ] mom!
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after seven years ofouse arrest, political activist is pected to be released from her home today . the military refused to hand over power and began clamping down on opponents. recent elections were held this month but critics allege it was rigged to give the pro-military party sweeping victory. gambling may be big business in las vegas but the cash flow in the city'sousing market is a different scene. >> the real estate website zilo says 80% of homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their
6:43 am
homes are worth. >> reporter: with an economy built on tourism wen the nation is in a recession, what happens in vegas feels like a depression. >> we have to get the consumer field to be willing to come to nevada and continue spending and boost the resort industry again to rehire. >> reporter: on the famed strip, a multibillion dollar hot stood empty and unfish unfinish the year. the unemployment rate 14.4%. analysts say i you include people who have given up looking for work and those working part time because they can't find a full-time job, the rate is closer to20%. the number of visitors t las vegas is rebounding after declining for two years but spending by visitors has remained flat. economists say the only quick fix would be a massive public works prograon the scale of the hoover dam. about 20 miles outside las vegas it created 5,000 jobs ding the great depression and sparked economic development by providing a cheap source of
6:44 am
electricity. other solutions are long-term. investing in education and diversifying the economy by developing medical tourism at area hospitals. >> you need business owners and business to take chances on investing money on new product areas and new markets. >> reporter: a las vegas strip the tropicana is making a big bet with an upgrade. it is creating hundred of new jobs. tom is the tropicana's president. >> if we're going toire 100 positions, we'll get 2,000 people applying for those 100 positions. >> reporter: hoping everything will come up as again soon. a promotion to sell new cars at a central florida dealership is causing a controversy. they are offering a free ak-47 to customers who buy a truck.
6:45 am
the dealership owner says it's not giving away guns. they are givingaway vouchers. customers have to meet all state and federal regulations. police say they are more concerned about the message the dealership is sending. customers don't have to take the voucher either. they can opt for a $400 cash deal as well. >> i'll take the cash. >> yeah. getting a lite pushback at the dealership. they have gotten nasty calls. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they are working on. >> amy jning us live. >> good morning. coming up th morning on "today," president obama's trip to asia is coming to an end. he heads back to washington tomorrow where his political problems are mounting especially with the so-called bush tax cuts. we'll have the latest on the challenges he faces. also, a shocking crime. a bride killedby her husband on a honeymoon diving trip. he let her drown and was just released after serving just 18 months. will he face murder charges in
6:46 am
alabama? we'll find out. sarah palin's universe. a major mea blitz promote heing her reality show and book tour. will she run for presint in 2012? wel look it at the pop culture icon that influenced our lives. lester sits down with david cassidy as they reminisce about the days on the psychedelic bus. we'll he more when we see you later on "today." >> a lot less hair, l of them. >> it happens. >> 6:46 right now. >> chuck bell is looking at the temperatures that will be climbing through the day. >> perfect weather once again. this is thr weekends in a row that it's been really nice to be outside and just nothing but good news in the forecast. stay tuned for all the details. oh wow, look at that.
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-did not know that. -i'm in. [ male announcer ] america spoke, verizon listened. switcho fios today, now with . it's time for fios. callr customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> we would sing the old song for you but we don't want to ruin a beautiful sunrise. >> my singing voice is not so good. >> whistling voice is pretty good. >> i won't whistle for everyone on tv because dogs all over the area will wonder what's going on. sun is officially cong up over the eastern sky right now.
6:50 am
6:49 on your saturday morning. look at that. the first rays of sunshine. it's all getting warmer from here everybody. temperatures in the 20s and 30s across many spots this morning. off to a cold start. now that the sun is offially up, things are looking up everybody. good way to get your weekend started. there's a check of it once again as the sun inches its way over the horizon. it will be a beauty of a day to be outside today. new englander, beauty. nice weather out there. on the chilly side. 37 now at ronald reagan washington airport. dew points upper 20s and low 30s. nice dry air in place. not much of a kite flying day. winds 5 miles an hour or less all day long. if y want to fly the kite, do all of the running yourself. 34 in clinton, maryland. 29 degrees in port tobacco. 25 degrees in manassas. 25 in winchester and front
6:51 am
royal, new market, virginia, in the 20s this morning. a lot of cold spots out there. with all of the sunshine onthe way and a little hint of warmer air coming in from the west and from the southwest, a beauty of aday outside today. degrees right now in new york city. 42 in raleigh. 44 in atlanta. temperatures on the rise. that nose of warm air will be in charge of our weekend. today and tomorrow temperatures about 10 degrees or more warmer than average for the middl of november. hardly a cloud to be found. same area of low pressure that was causing us chances no rain late last week is sitting off the atlantic seaboard. for us high pressure is in charge. mild november sunshine for today. eventually this weather front is going to bring clouds into our areaate into the day tomorrow but i think any rain chances will hold off until monday and even that rain chances on monday 30% and any rain we getonday will be light. better chance for rain with steadier showers coming up for
6:52 am
tuesday lingering into front half of wednesday. your weekend will be great. plenty of sunshine. warmer than average again for today and tomorrow. temperatures well up into the 60s. just a few high clouds rolling in f the second half of your sunday. that's the only real problem that we can come up with for the weather forecast. i don't think high clouds as much of a problem. 67 today. 66 tomorrow. 30% chance of rain on your monday. 60% chance of rain for tuesday. it can rain tuesday and wednesday and thursday that's not a problem. e terps are in charlottesville toda beautiful weather out there today. 67 degrees. can you believe this is noveer? >> it's been a great fall. >> i like it. >> thanks, chuck. time is 6:52. up next the season tips off for georgetown's basketball team. could they avoid an upset in the first game of the year? highlights ahead in sports.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
a busy night on the hardwood. >> lindsay czarniak has highlights on the pro a college levels in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. your sports on this saturday morning begin with wizards. 11 assists last night for john wall. the first rkie in nba history to reach the number in his first
6:56 am
seven games as a pro. wizards facing the bobcats. verizon center wizards up 20-19 end of the first. a dish for the lay-up. second quarter wizards up by five. john working his magic. the sweet alley-oop. talk about good timing one of 11 assists. the chemistry between those two cooking. fourth quarter is wh bobcats get dangerous. the score tied at 78. bottom right of your screen wide open. sets up, drains the three pointer. part of a late 10-0 run for wizards. a painful ending following 93-85 to the bobcat to college hoops, georgetown opened their season ranked 20th in the ap preseason poll.
6:57 am
they needed a fewerourious come. john thompson iii didn't like the first half. just under five minutes left in the game down by fi. austin freeman cuts it to one on the four-point play. had hits the three. gets the foul. 49-48. next possession watch chris wright play beat the shot clock with another three. hoyas hang on. under a minute to go. clark, do you think he'll go for three? drains it. pretty nice play. georgetown shoots the light out beating odu 659. more good news for local college hoops. au opening its season hosting st. francis. jeff jones saw his eagles come
6:58 am
back. first half au miss. brewer ying through to get the rebound and hoop. au trailed 25-18. not much later off the inbound brewer posts up and drains it. au holds on for 62-52 win. now 1-0 on the season. it's the postseason for high school football. just three weeks ago chantilly scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to beat westfield. last night the two meet again and the loser turns in gear for the season this morning. we're in virginia. no score into the third quarter. a pitch to speedy jimmy hicks around the outsi for five yards. 7-0 cntilly on a tricky play. less than a minute to go now fourth quarter. westfield's last chance. matthew going deep. what's going to happen here? not what he wanted. picked off. chantilly gets it in a thriller 7-0 over westfield. that will do it for your sports this saturday morning. i'm lindsay czarniak. have a great day. >> thank you.
6:59 am
we'll talk about a lucky state. two michigan men millionaires after playing separate lottery games and winning both of them. >> steve mays won with a $1 ticket. we'll split the winnings with his wife and to make it even lucki luckier, he let the computer pick the numbers. and mike is the representative a group called team victory that won $128 million in powerball. speculation is swirling because the winning ticket was bought in an adult bookstore. >> you don't go in for just the articles? you go in for the mone >> articles? >> which is smart to let computer pick your numbe because most people if they're picking the numbers,hey pick numbers 31 or lower because they are birthdays and you are more likely to have to share your jackpot. >> professor bell. henows everything. he knows everything. >> that's it for "news4 today.