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tv   Today  NBC  November 13, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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news update. join us at 9:00 for a full hour of news. until then, have great morning, everyone. good morning. breaking news. the story the world has been watching. one of the best-known political prisoners and nobel peace prize winner is finally free. we'll have the latest on this brking story. rocky road. president obama's ten-day visit to asia ends this weekend with setbacks on trade talks, and a new fight looming at home over how much y you pay in taxes. and the infamous case of the honeymoon killer. he let his new bride drown during a diving trip to australia. now after serving just 18 months in prison,e's fr. but will he face justice here in the u.s. "today," saturday, november the u.s. "today," saturday, november 13th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. one of the world's most famous political prisoners is finally free. >> aung san suu kyi has been under house arrestor some 15 years. the big questionnow, how much freedom will she actually get? we'll have the latest on this coming up. >> also, sarah palin. e's everywhere, promoting a new show, pushing a new book. but is she poised to run for the white house in 2012? we're going to have much more on all things palin ahead. plus, if you like chocolate, you better check what kind of prescription drugs you are taking. because chocolate and other foods like grapefruit could have adverse reactions if combined withommon medications. we've got some important health facts that you need to know. >> and then, come on, get happy.
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we'll start a new series this morning about the pop culture icons who influenced our lives. for lester it was "the partridge family." >> maybe it was the music, the bus, the bell-bottomed pants, but it's why i picked up the bass guitar as a teenager because danny partridge played. or so i thought. interesting revetion. a little surprise during that interview with danny bonaduce and david cassidy. >> another interesting revelation, you wore bell-bottom pants. >> i had an afro. you want to go back into the '70s? we can do that. >> that would be fun. >> we hav a lot to get to this morning. we do want totart off with that breaking news and the release of the pro-democracy activist in myanmar. nbc's ian williams joins us on the telephone from bangkok with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. well, the first indication we have that this was actually going to happen today, was when barricades a riot police were removedrom the road leading up to her house, her lakeside house
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in rangoon. that was about an hour o, and enabled hundreds of supporters to pour up to her house where she's been able to address them for the first time in seven years. seven years, of course, being the most recent period of house arrest. very severe and restricted house arrest. she had, of course, spent 15 of the last 21 years under arrest in that home. we hear that party members are continuing to arrive at the use. the question now, of course, is what she does next, and what is she able to do with that freedom, lester. >> and what are the nditions? how much freedom will she have under this release? >> well, that is the big question. when she was last released from house arrest, which was in 2002, the ruling generals imposed some pretty severe conditions on her. and then when she started to push those limits, by addressing crowds, by traveling, by talking openly, criticizing them, she was promptly put back under house arrest again. now she hasaid that she won't
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accept any conditions. but we don't know what has happened over the last 24 hours. when they have been negotiating those terms of h freedom. so the devil really is in the small print. certainly the junta will have tried to impose conditions on her. and i guess over the next 28 to 48 hours we're going to see to what extent she is prepared to accept that. and to what extent she will start to speak out, as her many, many followers want her to do, fser. >> ian williams in bangkok with the upte there. thank you very much. now here's amy. >> lester, thank you. now to president obama's trip to asia. it's been a challenging one, especially with the stalled efforts to reach a tra dea at the g-20 summit. today he's in japan and white house correspondent savannah guthrie is traveling with the president. savannah, goodorning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. this is the longest the president's been away since taking office. and this trip came right after those losses in the midtms.
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but the president's been making the pitch. what he's been doing overseas is all about improving things at home. the president took his one-man sales expedition to his final stop in japan. where he told a group of ceos, america is open for business. >> in this region the united states sees a huge opportunity to increase our exports in some of the fastest-growing markets in the world. for america, this is a job stretch. >> reporter: the president is in japan today for one last summit of asian economic powerhouses. wrping up his four-country mission to try to pry open asian markets to more american exports. the president has promised to double exports in five years. which he says will lead directly to more jobs at home. while the u.s. has been battered by unemployment and lackluster growth, emeing economies have been booming. largely fueled by the powerful pocketbooks of the once voracious american consumer.
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t at the g-20 summit in seoul the president said the days of massive trade imbalances, americans buying more goods fm overseas than they sell, must come to an end. >> countries with large surpluses must shift away from unhealthy dependence on exports and taketeps to boost domestic demand. as i've said, going forward, no nation should assume that their path to prosperity is paid simply with exports to the united states. >> reporter: the president has one more day here in japan. the main event, a meeting with russian president dmitry medvedev. in fa, that stalled arms control treaty wit russia just one of the agenda items waiting for the president when he returns on sunday. amy? >> savannah guthrie, thankyou. the president is facing plenty of problems as well as a divided washington when he returns home. can he deliver on his domestic agenda? chuck todd is the nbc news political director. chuck, good mornin >> good morning. >> and we just heard there savannah detail, the president headed out to asia with high
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hopes, hoping to boost the economy here at home, and a lot of people have used the word disappointing. to sum up the president's trip. is that a fair characterization? >> well, look, the most tangible thing that the white house believes they thought they were going to get out of this trip, republicans in congress, and democrats in congress, they thought he would get from ts trip is a trade deal with south korea. going to be a big deal. this is a deal that has been, the first time it was negotiated, president bush was sittinin the oval office. not president obama. he wanted to renegotiate this thing. they thought they would have it done, be able to bring it home, and get it approved by this congress. that's not going to happen. that's delayed. and that would have been the best deliverable that he could have brought home. and right befor he left, he had said, this is about jobs, this is about exports, this is about all of these things. and he dsn't have anything to show for it. now, look,hat doesn't mean that they didn't make some incremental steps on this trip. but even he himself at the press conference yesterday said sometimes we're not going to hit
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home runs. we've got to be satisfied with hitting singles. >> all right. and the president gets back tomorrow. he's dealing with another major issue, namely the tax cuts, the bush tax cuts. demoats don't want h to cave to republican pressure to extend those tax cuts to everyone. specifically those making over $250,000. how is this shaping up? the present's in a tough ot. >> he is. and we're going to find out, i think, on next thursday. that's when the president hosts the congressional leaders from both parties,ncludinghe incoming house speaker john boehner and the outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi. and will they cut a deal there that says, okay, we're going to temporarily extend them all for one year or three years. that's one of the ideas on the table. or, will the president say no, you know what, iant to force a vote. i want to force the fight, so ve some sort of split where you would have the house say, we're going to vote to permanently extend the middle class tax cuts, and oy temporarily extend the ones for e wealthy. republicans don't want to split it. they call it decoling because
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they worry if you ever decouple it then you'll never -- and you only ever have a vote on the wealthy tax cuts you'll never get them passed. but the problem that president obama has is not republicans, it's democrats in the united states senate. there are a bunch of them up in 2012. they don't want to be accused of raising taxe and actually, the debt commission has a role in this. if they're going to do massive tax reform, amy, then the argument to say extend them all a year, a then do the actual big tax reform, that could be something that everybody buys into. >> all right. and also next week he's meeting with new leadership of congress, and house democrats, electing their party leadership on wednesday. an interesting situation has arisen. in a statement last night nancy pelosi said tha if she does win hepost for democratic leadership she'll appoint congressman jim clyburn to be number thr position. the problem is, there are usually only two leadership positions within the house. so what'the story there? >> well, she's inventin one. and, look, the problem they've been having this whole time, look, clyburn and steny hoyer
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who is going to be t number two. looks like he's been the number two in the majority. he probably was going to beat clyburn if the two of them faced off. nancy pelosi knew at. both clyburn, and hoyer are very popular. and so a lot of democrats didn't like that choice. so what the outgoing speaker is able to do, there is some money. a lot of this is the reason they uldn't create this position you don't have the money to finance it. but it may be done out of sort of the political side of the house democrats, out of the d-ccc which is theirampaign m and that's how they're going to make this work. look you can invite anybody to a leadership meeting and that's essentially what nancy pelosi is doing. saying, look, i'm going to find -- there is always going to be a seat at the table for jim clyburn. >> chuck todd as always, thank you. we want to get a check of some of the other headlines of the morning. for that we'll say hello to melissa francis at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in eastern afghanistan where a group of would-be suicide bombers tried storming a
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major nato base. the attack sparked a gun battle. officials say eight insurgents were killed. the taliban has claimed responsibility. and alarming spike in haiti's cholera outbreak. there are more than 12,000 hospital cases and nearly 800 deaths. that includes dozens of cases in the crowded capital of port-au-prince. health experts warn the numbers could growexponentially. the u.n. is asking f more than $160 million in donations to fight the outbreak. back here at home, a suspect has been ordered to stand trial for attempted murder. elias abuelazam is accused of stabbing 14 people. he's also charged with attempted murder in ohio and is suspected of attacks in leesburg, virginia. and police in ohio are looking for a missing woman, her two children and a family friend. 32-year-old tina herman was reported missing on wednesday by
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coworkers. police later found blood in her home. the investigation prompted a lockdown friday of a local college after herman'sruck was found nearby. and zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital. her spokesman said the actress wa admitted for massive blo clots in the legs. the 93-y
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good saturday morning to you. i'mews4 meteorologist chuck bell. skies are clear. it will be a beautiful outdoor weather day today. temperatures are in the chilly 30s and 20s in many spots right now. 38 iwashington. 33 in prince george's county. 31 out in fairfax.
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25 in menaanassas. temperatures upper 50s by noontime. mid 60s for highs today. mid to upper 60s again tomorrow. have great weekend. that's your weekend forecast. amy? >> bill, thank you. in north carolina, authorities have lon suspected a girl who was reported missingast month was murdered. and now comes word that the remains of 10-year-old zahra baker have been found. here's. >> the desperate five week search for zahra baker came to an end friday. >> investigators, agents and officers and staff that work on this case are devastated that we're not able to find zahra alive and bring her home safely. >> reporter: the 10-year-old from hickory, north carolina, was reported missing october 9th. after draining ponds and looking in landfills, weeksater searchers found a human bone in aooded area just miles from her hometown. in a place where huntersind deer carcasses. police say more dna testing is
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needed to confirm what they already believe. >> they recovered enoh physical evidence to believe we have found zahra. >> reporter: zahra's stepmother admitted to writing a fake ransom note shortly after the disappearance. she's in jail charged with obstruction of justice. >> whato you want people to know about zahra? >> reporter: authorities also arrested zahra's father on unrelated charges. but they have not officially named any suspects. >> i can't explain the anger, the hu. >> reporter: zahra's biological mother flew in from australia this week. emily dietrich's worst fears now a reality. >> i don't want them to find more becse it will tell a story that i don't want to hear. >> reporter: at such a young age, zahra was a cancer survivor. her battle with bone cancer robbed her of one of her legs. and chemotherapy, some of her hearing. her mysterious death shocked the small town. >> today, our community mourns,
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our state mourns, our nation mourns, and the world mourns. >> reporter: the community will hold a memorial for zahra on tuesday. the day she would have turned 11. for "today," nbc news. and now here's lester. >> amy, thanks. now to the economy, specifically jobs. for many americans, the holiday season isn't about shopping for gifts, it means looking for work. and it may surprise youo know that there are good jobs to find, especially this time of year. msnbc's financial analyst vera gibbons is her to tell us where these jobs ar good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> 9.6% is the unemployment rate. a lot of people competing for these jobs. how many holiday jobs are we expecting? >> it's actually not bad. about 550,000 to 650,000 seasonal workers expected to be brought on. t as good add pre-recession years but this is good relative to what we've seen over the past couple of years. 70% increase from 2008 when it hit a 22-year low. companies are feeling more
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optimistic. >> this mirrors what we expect in terms of retail sales. most of this is going to be in retail sale >> yes. retail sales are expted to be up 2.3%. good relative to what we've seen over the past couple of years. so yeah, a lot of jobs are at the retailers, department stores, discounters, theollar stores, for example. >> but beyond the typical cash register type jobs, what other sort of jobs are out there? >> sales are expected to be up 16% so you've got opportunities at the call centers, the distribution centers, shipping companies, of course,rely rev up their hiring this time of year. u.p.s. is bringing on 50,000 seasonal workers. >> shippers are going to be very busy. >> fedex, 423 mlion shipments. that's up 9% from last year. they're very busy. they need people to load and unload. of course this is the time of year when people go, the restaurants, the bars, the hotels, the resorts are very busy. you can find opportunities there, too. >> are there online places you can go to specifically look for holiday type jobs? >> there are. ideally you want to getome face time with the manager and
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show that you're available for hire and really work it that way. a lot of people do find these opportunities online to find, the companies advertise them. and then snag a job or simply hire are very busy. find what you're looking for. type in your city. >> a lot of folks out there don'need a part-time job. they need a full-time job. >> right. >> how many of these typically would parlay into a full-time job and how do you increase your chances? >> that' a good point. because there's 15 million people right now who are out of work. and for every one position there are five applicants. very, very competitive here. you really have to treat the part-time job as an addition for full-time. that mns showing up on time, being flexible, working weekends, whatever is required of you. and you really have to make yourself indispensable. this tim only %o 20% of the seasonal workers will become full-time employees. >> 9.6% unemployment, the competition for these jobs, do you need to be starting like today? >> well, you probably should have started maybe a few weeks
7:19 am
ago. even further back. but yes, there's still opportunities out there. but you are competing. you've got the kids competing with the stay at home competing with people who have been displaced competing with retirees. so you really have to, again, show them, that you can do the job and you'r go above and beyond the call of duty. >> you've got a lot of people with somerettyood resumes. >> that's exactly right. >> vera gibbons, great to have you on. thanks so much. >> and here's amy. >> lester, thank you. and now to a program that is helping kids when they experience the worst possible kind ofloss, the loss of a family member. it is a community funded free camp offering the love and support children need during these very hard times. >> love you, too. >> reporter: 12-year-old thomas and his three younger brothers are grieving and remembering their dad. and they're doing it here at camp aaron. it's not your typical camp. here, these boys are not alone.
7:20 am
>> this isy mother. doesn't she look like me? >> reporter: created by major league beball pitcher jamie moyer and his wife karen, this is the country's largest bereavement camp for kids. it was inspired by a young girl named erin who deeply affected th with her concern for the family she was leaving behind as she succumbed to cancer. >> we're dealing with grief. and you're dealing with their oughts, their feelings and emotions. >> this is the most precious memory that you have. >> reporter: working with professional grief counselors, and using tools like memory walks and arts and crafts, this free camp tches kids it's okay to cry. and it's okay to laugh, too. >> they're in an unusual circumstance. and so this is a place that they can come and not be unusual. this is the norm. >> reporter: the bonds they form at camp are a big part of what's helped these children heal. losing a loved one can be a really isolating experience but through camp erin these kids get to meet other kids just lik them, going through the exact
7:21 am
same thing. thomas has made a close new friend. he lost both parents in a car accident. >> you understand how they feel and they understand how you feel in a way. >> reporter: now he has a safe space to remember his dad. >> -- two days before christmas. >> reporter: a group of children brought together by tragedy and heartache. >> that never goes away. it's not supposed to go away. but it's okay to move on. >> reporter: learning that they can move on to the. mara schiavompo, nbc news, new york. >> again, camp erin is fded by donations and is free for the kids. weut some information on how you can help on our website, >> well there is more to come this morning ontoday." we'll talk about the secret pact between prince william and his girlfriend. but first, this is "toy" on nbc.
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still to come on "today," the honeymoon killer. he's the husband who killed his wife while scu diving on their honeymoon and now he's released from an australian prison. that story coming up. plus, you know what risks chocolate may pose to your prescription drug medication? we'll tell you.
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can you tell me what f-stop ? uh, pretty big. and the shutter speed? ally...[snaps]...quick. how did u compensate for the diminished light?
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very well, thank you. with features like compact long zoom, leica lenses, and inteigent auto, lumix cameras make amazing photos easy. a live look outside on this saturday morning. the sun is up and temperatures will be climbing well into the 60s. forecast in a second. first, good morning. saturday, november 13th. i'm aaron gilchrist. in the news for today, prince george's county executive jack johnson ys he will be vindicated of the chars against him. federal agents arrested him and his wife, leslie, at their mitchellville home yesterday after a five-year long political corruption investigation into kickbacks and bribes paid by real estate developers to government officials. they're accused of tampering with evidence and destruction of evidence. investigators say jack johnson
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told his wife to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet. and also told her to hide cash in her underwear. johnson has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. he's due back in court next month. avoid ohio drive closed from roosevelt bridge to independence avenue all weekend long. crews are laying down new pavement. the construction project snarled traffic for months and should be completely finished monday moing. weather is next. stay with us.
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good saturday morning once again. i'm news4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures in the 20s and 30s in many spots right now. with the sunshine out there and a blue sky expected all day today it will be a wonderful afternoon. warmer than average for this time of year. up into mid and upper60s today. same story again tomorrow.
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just a few high clouds rolling in tomorrow afternoon. pretty much all weekendlong great weather expected. >> thank you, chuck. no redskins game today. coming up at 9:00, we'll tell you why fedex field is expecting a steady crowd today. for now, back to new york and the "today" show. and we're back on this saturday morning, november 13th, 2010. we have an excited group of people out on the plaza this morning. we want to thank them for coming out on this beautiful fall morning. we're going to join them in just a minute. but back inside studio 1a i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up in this half hour, wrong place, wrong time. >> that's what police are saying about an 18-year-old teen who was beaten to death at a house party simply because he walked by. the suspects are speaking out, and so is the victim's mother. we're going to talk to her live in just a few moments. >> also, it was a story that made headlines a few years ck. an american man was convicted of killing his bride on a honeymoon
7:31 am
diving trip to australia. ga watson was found guilty of manslaughter. but was released this week after serving just 18 months in prison. >> he should be expedited to the u.s., but the australian government doesn't want to send him back. we're going to find out what's behind the reason in just a few minutes. dateline did some really fascinating reporting on that story origally. >> then, prince williaand kate middleton. they've been together for years and years. but are they ready to tie the kn? this morning we talk to a royal watcher who sheds som light on their big wedding plans, including when william may finally tell the world all about it. >> but firs a memorial is going to be held in georgia today for a young man who was beaten and later died at a house party last weekend. in a moment, we are going to talk to the victim's mother. but first the attack tt took his life. it happened last weekend during a house party at the suburban atlanta home. police say a young woman hit a man, who in retaliation decided to randomly attack another male
7:32 am
partygoer. bobby tillman, an innocent bystander, became the chosen target. >> was picked at random. was beaten and killed. they don't g any more tragic than that. >> reporter: tillman died a short time later. one by one, the four suspects charged with tillman's murder appeared in court. they all paded not guilty. and in ajailhouse interview, one of the accused killers says he's being made a scapegoat. >> not to defend myself, but i kind of was like the guy at the party and i have been in fights before. you know what i'm saying? i really can nestly tell you. >> reporter: as prosecutors look for psibly more suspects, family and friends gathered to remember the young victim, shedding tears at a candlelight service, and mourning a life so tragically taken. >> bobby loved everybody. i never met a person bobby didn't care for. he loved us. >> i want people to, you know,
7:33 am
to celebrate bobby's life >> with us now is monique rivarde, the mother of bobby tillman. monique, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to express my condolces to you and i also want you to know how many of us share the outrage that you must feel. can you tell me what your understanding is of what happened at that party? >> i have heard so many different stories of what happened to my son that night. and the d.a., he told me just to wait until i speak with him, because he's sure that his team will come up with the exact facts of what hpened to my son. so, i stopped listening to, you know, the different stories. i just want to know what really happened to him. next week they'll be ableo sharthat with me. >> i know they've arrested four people. and they're looking for perhaps more suspects. but there were a lot of people at that partwho may have watched what happened, and didn't intervene. and what are your thoughts about
7:34 am
those individuals? >> you know, i wasn't there. when what happened to my son did. so i really don't know what happened. but i have full trust that if anyone else should be arrested, then so be it. >> bobby had a younger -- >> i trust the d.a. >> bobby has a younger sister. how are the two of you holding up through this? >> with love, and wh bobby's strength, remembering my son, how he loved us. how he protected us. and god, that's what is keeping us together. is keeping us strong. my daughter has a lot of support from her friends. and of course her family. and bobby's strength. my son was very strong. very good man, very strong man. >> you picked up and moved the family from california couple years ago to atlanta to be cler to family. but also to escape what you thought were some dangers in the
7:35 am
community you lived in. can you elabate about that? >> well, it was -- a lot was going on in l.a. at that time. there were a lot of innocent victims. d my son was such a good kid, i just didn't want him to fall victim to that, as well. so, my sister, she lived here initially and she came to visit, and you know, i saw atlanta, it was a lot slower than l.a., it was more family orientednd i felt it would be a better place for my son to grow. he would enjoy life a lot better here as opposed to l.a. >> you've expressed to us your trust in the way the disict attorney is handling this case, and the prosecution. georgia does have a death penalty. if he seeks to --eeks the death penalty, would you support that for your n's killers? >> you know, at this point i have no comment on that. but, i will say that i do trust the d.a. i do p and i trust the laws of the land.
7:36 am
>> well, monique rivarde, we want tohank you for coming on. please accept our condolences. we appreciate you spending some time with us ts morning. >> thank you so much for having me. thank you. >> all right. we want to switch grs now and get another check of the weather from bill karins. bill? >> well, good a good saturday morning once agai i'm news4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright and sunny not just for today but for tomorrow as well. anything you want to do outside this weekend, the weather will
7:37 am
be very cooperative especially when you consider that it's the middle of november. 33 degrees in prince george's county right now. 38 here in downtown washington. 31 degrees in fallschurch. so our forecast for today, sunny d warm. temperatures mid to upper 60s today. mid to upper 60s for tomorrow as well. next chance of rain shows up monday afternoon and lingers into tuesday. right behind our beautiful crowd, the christmas tree is up, and putting all the ornaments on as we go throughout the next couple weeks. ba to you, lester. >> bill, thanks. still to come, dangerous drug combinations. can certain foods change the effecteness of a prescription drug. what you need to know. and deadly dive. why was a man who refused to save his drowning wife released from prison after only 18 months d what happens now? we're going to find out. but first, these messages. ing o. took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me.
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thisorning on "today's health," dangerous drug combinations. with americans on average taking more than five medications or
7:41 am
dietary supplements each day, the risk o an adverse reaction or even accidental overdose are something eve family needs to be aware of. here to talk abo what to watch out for is women's health magazine contributor dr. carrie peterson. good morning. >> good morning, amy. >> and obviously it's common sense to read your lals, talk to your doctor about, you know, potential interactions. but there are some general guidelines that you should follow when you take medications. what are they? >> yes. the first would be when it comes to drug intections, try to get your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. that way when the pharmacist enters in the new medication they have a system that flags it if there's a drug interaction. also once you get the bottle keep your drugs in that original bottle because the pharmacist is going to put labels on there to inform you of anything worrisome. and then finally keep a list of everything you take. the over-the-counter medications, the herbal supplements, and the drugs that you take. that way you have it i your wallet handy to give in the emergency room, god forbid, or to your own doctor.
7:42 am
>> most people know you shouldn't take alcohol with a lot of prescription drugs. but something interest, there are some potential interactions or adverse reactions when you mix grapefruit juice, and/or ocolate. explain that to me. >> all these people about to have grapefruits are looking up. grapefruit juice or grapefruits have many drug interactions. there's a chemical in grapefruits that interferes with the enzyme that breaks down a lot of drugs. there's about 50 or so drugs. i'm ing to mention a few common ones. one of them is the statins used to lower cholesterol. ben zoe diaz pins like valium or xanax. and finally blood pressure medications. but you should really check the full list if you eat grapefruit. and you mention chocolate. chocolate also has drug interactions. if you take stimulants, if you have a.d.d. and you take ritalin, and you take cholate, it's going to enhance the stimulant effect which can be very dangerous. also, if you take sleeping pills
7:43 am
like ambien, it can prevent them fromworking, so you take the chocolate and you stay up all night. and then finally, if you have depression, and you take a class of drugs called mao inhibitors, it can cause a dangerous rise in your blood pressure. so beware. >> i've never heard of that before. let's talk about tidepressants because this is another interesting combinatiothat i wasn't aware of. this is the most prescribed drugs in the country. >> yes. >> and they don't mix well with antihistamines or migraine medications. >>hat's correct. so first this is fall allergy season. a lot of people are taking antihistamines. u pop it in the morning before you go to work. but if you're on an antidepressant it can cause sedating effects. can impair your concentration and alertness. if you go to get into your car that could be a worrisome situation. >> what about the migraine medication? >> for migraines. depression and migraines actually often coexist in the same person. and the ssris are the most common antidepressants and the most common migraine medications
7:44 am
are the iptans like imit x. both of those cause an elevation in serotonin. that can cause some dangerous side effects. >> what should you do if you need to take bot medications? >> if you're talking the triptan in moderation the incident of this serotonin syndrome is only 0.02%. but you need to know the side effects. talk to your doctor. palpitations, nausea and loss of coordination. >> birth control pills also a very popular pill >> yes. >> we've all heard that if you take antibiotics it can lessen the effect of the antibiotics. there are some other drugs you should avoid as well. >> first if you have a seizure disorder and you take phenobarbital it can completely reverse the effects of the birth control leang to pregnancy because it breaks down the estrogen. and you mention antibiotics. there's sort of a -- women have heard for yrs that antibiotics can prevent birth conol from working effectively. but really there are no long-term large studies that demonstrate this.
7:45 am
other than for thentibiotic resampin and it's used to treat push los. th can be taken with a grain of salt. i think doctors are still too afraid to say don't worry. >> right, exactly. and quickly blood thinners. you have to be careful with everything when you're on those. >> yes. warfarin is the most common blood thinner. and they interact with a ton of things making the bloods too thin, leading to risk of bleeding. to list a few, pain killers like aspirin, motrin, ibuprofen can interact with it. certain cholesterol lowering drugs can really put your at risk. and in addition certain antioxidants like if you take fish oil that can make the bod too thin. and then on the other hand, there are certain foods that can reverse the effects of coumadin causing blood ots. anything containing vitamin "k" like green tea. can cause blood clots. >> so obviously word to the wise
7:46 am
here, be very careful. know what you're eating, know what you're taking and make sure it all works together. we appreciate it. lots to ingest there. coming up, fight night. it's the bout the world will be watching after these messages. ♪ [ female annncer ] this is not a prescription. this is diane. who worked with her walgreens pharmacist to help contl her diabetes... with some exercise and a few changes to her diet. diane, whose new routine comes with a view.
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7:48 am
tonight in dallas, the cowboys stadium will be packed with fans, but not to watch football. it's to see one of the most anticipated boxing matches in recent memory. nbc's ron allen has more on the big-time bout. >> manny pacquiao. >> reporter: he's been called the greatt boxer ever. that's right. ever. that's the huge hype around manny "pac man" pacquiao. just 5'6". less than 150 pounds. when he squares off tonight in dallas, the odds makers expect pacquiao to win his 8th championship belt. ch victory over bigger and bigger opponents. a feat no one else has come close to achieving. >> pacquiao is a force of
7:49 am
nature. because he's so strong, he hits so hard, he is so fast and athletic. >> reporter: but the greatest ever? >> yes. it is possible. that pacquiao is thereatest fighter who ever lived. >> reporter: and possible because his rise was so improbable. his story begins in the slums of the philippines. whe pacquiao left home at 14, determined to be a fighter. more out of necessity, than to chase a drea >> we we s poor and we didn't have money to buy food, and that's why i'm headed to focus in boxing. >> reporter: now he's perhaps the country's most famous person. legend has it, everyone stops to watch his fights on tv. chches cancel mass. even criminals stop. crime dropped. "forbes" magazinlists him as the eighth richest athlete in the world. aheading cycling's lance armstrong and basketball's shaquille o'neal. popularity he's parlayed in another brutal arena.
7:50 am
politics. he's now congressman pacman. last spring winning a landslide election. >> my dream is to help people struling in poverty. i want to help people. >> reporter: tonight, in one of america's most spectacular football arenas, they're excting one of the largest crowds ever to watch a boxg match indoors. once again, pacquiao takes on a bigger opponents. but fights with the hopes and dreams of an entire nation in his corner. for "today," ron allen, nbc news, new york. >> little guy packs a punch though. >> apparently so. >> anyway, just ahead the partridge family. why they were my insration to learn how to play the bass. just like danny. or so i thought. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:53 am
still to come, she's everywhere. sarah palin, hitting the roads, a new tv show. but is she also, many say, on the campaign trail? >> plus hisublic duties have been increasing but everyone wants to know when will wills marry kate? the increasing signs. [ female announcer ] you won't believe your eyes. you won't believe your taste buds. you won't believe it's fiber. benefiber. clear, tasteree, and dissolves completely. what a beautiful way to get fiber everyday. that's the beauty of benefiber.
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7:56 rightnow. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. in the news today, federal agents arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie at their mitchellville home yesterday. this com after five years of investigations into political kickbacks and bribes by real estate developers to government officials. they're accused of tampering with evidence and destruction of evidence with jack johnson telling his wife to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet according to investigators. johnson is due in court again next month. as high school play in maryland may see drama well before curtain call tonight.
7:57 am
kansas based westboro baptist church will protest before the play tonight. the high school play is about reaction in wyoming after an openly gay student was murdered. we'll look at our forect in just a moment. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back, chuck. we're in for another relatively warm day. >> plenty of sunshine out there already on your saturday morning. temperatures on the chilly side first thing. you'lleed a jacket for sure to get your day starte th all of the sunshine out there, especially if you walk on theunny side of the street today, it will be a wonderful outdoor day today. clear skies all day long. temperatures mostly in the 30s now. 41 in downtown. 35 in waldorf. forecasted high today up near 66 degrees with plenty of sunshine. sun doesn'to down until 4:56
8:00 am
this afternoon. another mild one this afternoon. rain chances return for monday and tuesday. aaron? >> thank you, chuck. we'll have more news and weather in about25 minutes or so. for now, back to new york and more of the "today" show. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. we're out on the pza this morning with a great crowd, and can you believe it, i say that because it is hard to believe, the christmastree. >> i really can't believe it. i looked at the calendar, saw that thing coming down the street, i was like, really? >> it's that time of year already. >> 74 foot norwayspruce, it was cut down thursday. an impressive sight. it will be more spectacular when you see it all lit up. the staff will get the lights on november 30th. al and comny will put the switch. >> it's exciti.
8:01 am
coming up this morning we have a lot to talk about, including sarah palin. she is on a full-course media blitz promoting a new television show, a book, she's also, of course, fueling speculation about what she's really up to politically, perhaps. >> then we're going t catch up with a story that made big news awhile back. it happened in 2003. a shocking story, some american newlyweds go on a honeymoon diving trip in australia. during the dive the braid of just 11 days drowns. and the husband was convicted in her death. on thursy he was let out of prison in australia after serving 18 months. now there are questions about what kind of justice he could face here in the u.s. if, and when, he comes home. we're going to talk to the victim's father about where this case stands. >> then we're going to talk about a much more happy wedding scenario potentially. prince william and kate middleton. they've been together for years. but, is he ready to finally make it official? and what about reports of a secret pact between the two? well this morning we're going to get me insight on the couple from an author of a new book on
8:02 am
the private lives of william and harry. that is coming up. >> and then come on down with me, everybody. when we're singing, we' got the lyrics to "the partridge family." was a big hit show back in the '70s. i was one of their loyal fans. danny bonaduce who played danny partridge, i was the same age. he played the bass. i wanted to play the bass. we finally got together. al david cassidy joined in. and more than a couple surprises. >> very much looking forward to that. before we get to all of that let's get another check of the morning's headlinesrom cnbc's melia francis over at the news desk. good morning aga. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news overseas. burma's pro-democracy leader aung san suu k has bn set free. nbc's ian wliams joins us on the phone from bangkok with more. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. well there was no formal announcement, just the sudden removal of barricades and riot police who'd been blocking access to her lakeside home. thatllowed supporters, hundreds atfirst, soon swelling
8:03 am
to thousands, to gather at the gate of her house. she then appeared looking absolutely delighted. the crowd was singing, they were cheering. she told them, we have to be united to achieve our aims. and we have a lot of things to do, which is probably a bit of an unrstatement. she spent the last seven years under house arrest. very onerous house arre. hardly anyone allowed to see her. and 15 of the last 21 years under house arrest. now the big question she faces, and which isn't clear now, is just how much freedom she will have to organize the challenge, the military rulers of burma. because remember last time, 2002, when she was relsed, she was put back under house arrest when she tarted to attract large crowds. and openly criticized the military government. so, i think her supporters are absolutely delighted tonight, but the question does rema about whether anything in burma itself has chaed, and just how much elbow room she's going to
8:04 am
have to use this new freedom, melissa. >> a right, nbc's ian williams, thank you so much for that report. now to japan, where president obama continues to talk trade. nbc's savannah guthrie is traveling with the president. good morning, savannah. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. the president is here in japan meeting with asia pacific nations andides say this whole trip is about re-engaging a part of the world they say has been neglected. the president's big pitch while over here, increasing exports. the president says america has been buying aot of products from overseas but not selling enough. he says if we can increase exports that will mean more jobs at home. the president has one more day here in japan, and then it's back twashington. melissa? >> all right. nbc's savannah guthrie, thank you so much. and finally it is the highest grossing movie of all timend now fans will have another opportunity to see even more of it. "avatar: the extended collector's edition"ncludes a
8:05 am
lavish scene. die hards can enjoy 45 minut of delighted scenes when the three hour long collector's cut comes out on tuesday. can't wait. that's the news. now back to lester and amy. >> nd a really big screen to take it all in. >> it's great in 3-d, too. >> that's how i saw it. it's fun. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins is back with a check of the forecast. bill, good morning. >> good saturday morning. i've got three ladies who say
8:06 am
good morning. i'm news4 meteorologist chuck bell. a wonderful weekend. bright blue skies overhead right now. they will stay that way all day long today and through tomorrow. temperatures are in the chilly zone for this morning. 34 degrees in sterling, virginia, right now. 38 in clinton, maryland. 41 downtown. highs this afternoon well into the mid to upper 60s once again. a nice day. tomorrow a few high clouds late tomorrow afternoon well into the 60s on sunday. rain likely monday and tuesday. that's your weekend forecast. amy? >> all right, bill, thank you. this week the american man who let his wife drown during a honeymoon diving trip to australia was released from prison. he only spent 18 months behind bars for the crime. but could he now face murder charges back in the united states? gabe and tina watson were newly married in 2003. theironeymo was supposed to be an adventure.
8:07 am
a we're-long scuba trip to australia's great barrier reef. but the trip ended in tragedy 100 feet below the ocean's surface. tina was new to diving and only a few minutes into the first dive, she mysteriously drowned. this hauntin image was taken by another ver. in the background, tina is on the ocean floor, lifeless. gabe is a certified rescue diver, but instead of following his wife down, he headed up to the surface. he told authorities he had gone for help. that tina had panicked, and that she was too heavy for him to rescue. >> had both her arms out, and reached straight up almost like looking at me, reach her arms up to grab. >> reporter: but australian authorities didn't believe his story, that his wife's death was an accident. and they re-enacted the scene with divers. some investigators believe that gabe watson gribed his wife in a bear hug and turned off her air supply. as part of pleadeal, he served 18 months in an
8:08 am
australian prison for manslaughter. and now alabama is seeking his extradition. >> what it sounds lik the prosecutors are trying to build a case in the united states, is that he tricked her to going to australia and lured her down there to kill her so that he could get her life insurance. >> reporter: but australia won't deport him unless there are additional guarantees that he won't face the death penalty upon his return. a statement by his attorney says gabe watson will return to alabama to answer the charges, and that he looks forward to being, once again, vindicated in the death of his wife tina. and joining usow is tina watson's fher tommy thomas, also don valesca from the alabama attorney general's office. good morning to both oyou. >> good morning, amy. >> good morning, y. >> and don, let me begin with you, gabe is being detained by australian authorities while his extradition is being sorted out. what is the status right now? and how long before gabe may return to the united states?
8:09 am
>>well, amy, i can't answer either one ofhose questions. we haven't been contacted. and i have no idea whatheir timetable is. so basically, i'm just sitting here waiting. >> and we mentioned the hang-up is that australian authorities want a guarantee fm your office that you would not pursue th death penalty against mr. watson. something you gave them back in june, by the way. has your position changed at all? are the any additional guarantees to give to them at this point? >> yes, amy. we've offered to sen them absolute proof, and they've inform us that they're not interested in talking to us. they want to talk to the united states government. but, they are 18 grand jurors and the judge in birmingham that know that mr. watson, if hs been charged, has not been charged for a death penalty offense.
8:10 am
>> mr. thomas, i want to bring you in. this is -- it's been seven years since the death of your daughter, and news that gabe is now free after just spending 18 months behind bars, what are your thoughts? >> we really were hopeful at this point that the australian authorities would do what they had originally told us that they would do. d that was remove him from prison, take him directly to the brisbane airport, and return him, deport him, back to the united states. and at that point, hopefully, w would see what the next steps would be as far as our continuing efforts to see that justice is done. >> what's your level of confidence, sir, that that, indeed will happen? that he will face the alabama courts? >> well, we still have no official announcement as to the result of the grand jury. but, just from the facts that we went through an extensive
8:11 am
colonial inquest in australia where he was charged with murder, and then a 5 1/2 month review of the evidence after the inquest where he was indicted for murder, we feel confident that the same evidence the should get the same result here. >> and i have to ask how you and your family have been coping. i understand your wife has been ill for a time last ye. what kind of toll does each stage in this case have on you and your family? i can't even imagine. >> that's really very difficult to put io words. what cindy, my wife, has been through, and her health has not really improved since what we went through last year, what our daughter has gone through. it's really beyond words to describe. but, the fact of the matter, and the one thing that we're constant in, is that it's not about us.
8:12 am
it's about the fact that tina was the victim here. and we need to get justice for our daughter. >> well, we will certainly be watching this case, along with you. tommy thomas, don valesca, tha you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> and we'll be back after these messages. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 0 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. berry-topped, almond strudel pie?
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[piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standar don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. we're kicking off a new series this morning, today's first teen a dolls. we're starting off things with "the partrid family." it was a big fan of the show as a kid. thinking maybe i, too, could have a career playing in a rock band. i recently had a chance to tell two stars of the show, danny bonaduce and david cassidy how much "the partridge family" influenced my teenage years.
8:16 am
>> one, two -- ♪ >> reporter: the partridges had a life many a teenager fantasized about. a hip pop group traveling the road in a psychedelic bus. david cassidy had it both ways. both he and his character keith were rock stars and teen heartthrobs. >> step right up. >> reporter: then there was danny. the precocious wise-cracking little brother played by danny bonaduce. >> this is no environment for impressionable kids. >> reporter: he was a schemer but a heck of a bass player, too. 36 years later, sitting down with david and danny, i found their relationship much as it was on the show. >> he really did look up to me. he really did admire me. because i was 20, he was 12. that kind of thing. >> was there a bit of a big brother relationship there? >> oh, i think so. i thin it's fair -- >> yes. i was going tostay. it still exists. >> i was 12 at the time, too and
8:17 am
so i was anxious to tell them in person howuch "the partridge family" influenced my childhood. i went out to learn how to play the bass because you played the bass. and you played it well. it was then danny broke the news. that this part of my life, happily playing the bass guitar, was built on a hollywood illusion. danny partridge wasn't really playinthe bass. >> never played a note. never even had a lesson. >> reporter: might have well have punched m in the gut. you've totally destroyed me. >> would you like to feel better about yourself. you know who told me the exact same thing? sting. thincame up to me and said i would not be aass player today if i hadn't watched "the partridge family." >> reporter: it turns outavid cassidy was the only cast member really playing an instrument. >> i had to teach everyone a little bit about just how to hold the guitar. hold the bass. how to play piano instead of, you kn, susan dey doing that. >> reporter: i had the basses
8:18 am
and amp all set up hoping we'd play together. instead, iwas me, who ended up teaching danny. danny partridge, how to play the base line to his own theme song. come on, get happy. ♪ come on now, everydy >> bonaduce is a philadelphia radio host, and opens david cassidy concerts as a stand-up comic. >> exchild stars who go to prison is not much of a niche. >> reporter: cently he upped the ante. challenging danny t learn one song on the bass and play it with him onstage. >> doesn't somebody want to be wanted? it's four strings. how hard can it be? >> the answer is really, ally, really hard. >> but, he did it. ♪ everybody wants to be wanted by me ♪ >> reporter: danny partridge would have been proud of danny bonaduce. >> people couldn't wait to get rid of him. they couldn't wait to say, oh,
8:19 am
he's an obnoxious little kid. look at him. now he's an obnoxious teenager with acne. and so far i'm loving this story. >> you should be. >> what you're seeing here tonight is the first collaborative effort between danny partridge and myself. >> i knew how much he admired me and looked up to me like a big brother and wanted to like be rock star and be -- he still does. >> so anyway since meeting the two of them, i've now given up the bass. >> no, but what a moment for you. because when you walked into the interview you thought you were going to be jamming with them. >> yeah, come on. he's like, no, . but i have to tell you, i was proud to see him onstage because he wasn't doing very well when we were trying to help him out. he actlly performed quite well. >> all right. well you were big on "the partridge family." for me it was all about duran duran. the hair, the clothes, the '80s music. they were my first teen idols and i spoke to the band members recently. we'll have that for you coming
8:20 am
up. >> you had the poster? >> oh, yes. and the music. mean the reflex. who didn't love the reflex? >> we'll be -- reflex? >> the reflex. >> we'll be right back. but first, ts is "today" on nbc.
8:21 am
8:22 am
still to come on "today" the real deal on the royal wedding and what life is really like for william and kate. >> plus, the secret to country music. we're going to introduce you to the songwriters. but rst, these messages. imals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ rd squawks ] ♪ with at i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪
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a beautiful fall day shaping up for you this morning. chilly now but that will change. good morning. topping your news for this saturday, november 13th, a fairfax county woman has won a casegainst a fireworks company that put on a show where she was injured. kathryn hollis was in the crowd on the fourth of july in '07. 11 people were injured when fireworks were fired into the crowd. a jury ruled in her favor and determined the company should pay her $4.7 million for the injuries she drivers, a quick traffic alert for you.
8:27 am
avoid ohio drive this weekend. it's closed from the roosevelt bridge over rock creek parkway to independence avenue all weekend. crews are laying down new pavement in at area. you'll want to avoid it. the construction project snarled traffic for months and should be finished mondamorning for your commute. if you rather take metro, you could wait for a train. crews will work on all five lines. shady grove and twin brook and between new york avenue and rhode island avenue and on orange line between vienna and west falls church and on the blue and yellow lines between brdock road and pentagon city. don't forget the green line between prince george's plaza and college park as well. your weather is coming up next. stay with us. [ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity for gadget power ayour seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan. food when you're hungry,
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and taking off your shoes only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back, on acela. [ male announcer ] acela's turning 10. celebrate with up to 10,000 amtrak guest rewards points. details at
8:29 am
good saturday morning. i'm news4 meteorologist chuck be. off to a chilly start this morning but all of the sunshine out therend a bright blue sky, temperatures will be well above average by later on this afternoon. 34 degrees in fairfax. 33 in winchester and front royal. 27 in martinsburg. temperatures into the mid 60s this afternoon for a high temperature. another mild day coming up for tomorrow. clouds will return on monday with a chance for showers monday afternoon. rain looks more likely into the day on tuesday. if you wuld like to get your college football forecast on your morning show, send me an
8:30 am
e-mail and we will get as many college forecasts on as we can. >> a full hour of news and weather and live reports and sports coming up in half an hour. fonow, back to new york and the "today" show. and we're back on this saturday morning, november 13th, 2010. it is shaping up to be a beautiful fail day in the northeast. want to thank everyone for coming out on our plaza and joining us this morning. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. and still to come in this half hour, sarah palin, she is pitching her book. she's promoting her new reality show and now -- we're going to have all the latest on the palin front coming up. >> also, the topic of royal conversation for the past few weeks, has a wedding date, in fact, been set for prince william and kate middleton? this morning we're going to get the revealing details from a longtime royal watcher and find
8:31 am
out if the couple acally made a secret pact about their engagement. >> also if you're a lover of country music, you know brooks & nn, keith urban, reba mcentire. they sing the songs. but who writes their chart topping tunes? this morning we're going to introduce you to perhaps the hardest-working folks in nashville and the secrets to their hit-making success. >> they knock out the hits like that. >> and they hand them over to other people. >> looking forward to that. first we want to bring in a friend and a ngtime nbc news photo journalist steve izado. he's a great still photographer as well as video photographer steve has a new book out called, their love. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to see you in fro of the camera. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you put together this amazin book in which you sat down with musicians, some of them famous musicians, you tookheir picture and you just got them to talk about why they love music. what was the idea behind this? >> the idea was just that, lester. was to create an intate
8:32 am
setting with these artists, not with all the hubbub and the stage lights but to sit down one-on-one and find out what they do best, which is sing and create music. so i wanted the readers to be able to look at the book, and picture themselves in that exact seat that i was in, taking their picture and talking to them. >> and you interviewed and talked to peoe like aaron neville and keith miller. but you think two of your interviewees sod out. >> todd perkins stood out. this is a mississippi blues man who's been playing for over eight decades. and so he really stood out. he goes out night after night still at 97 d performs for an 5ud jens. the other one that really stood out was susan tadeski. i listened to a song she had done years ago, an old song that was angel for montgomery and she just stood out and i love the way she performed and i love the way she sings and writes music. >> your photography is just terrific. all these pictures are great. most of the fun from this book
8:33 am
proceeds are going to go to the susan komen breast cancer foundation, the juvenile diabetes research foundation as well. wanted to point that ou was there an artist in here who surprise you? >> a lot of them surprised me. on that stood the was george thorough good. i had to listened to george for a lontime. and i kind of thought, you know, i was a little nervous sitting down with him. when i started talking with him, george's attude is just that. he pictures himself as a bar band, and each and every night 110%. and i kind of thought the interview would be a little different. he kept bringing that up and said, steve, it's one of these things, if i can't give 110%, i'm hanging up the guitar. >> lester holt is a man like that. he's also featured in your book. a little shot. there he is. look at that. there's lester. >> i did the forward. it was a greatbook. i was proud to be associated in a small way with it. >> thanks. >> what a cool opportunity that was to sit down with these great artists. >> thank y so much.
8:34 am
>> we'll put you on the other side of t camera. >> thank you. >> all right. now, it's time to get another check of the weather with bill karins. bill, good morning again. >> good morning. it's so beautiful out here. now minne good morning. your weekend is off to a beautiful and sunny start. chilly outside. that's all right.
8:35 am
it is november after all. with sunshine temperatures will be well above average by middle afternoon time today. temperatures on their waynto the 60s by about 1:00 this afternoon. temperatures right now mostly in the mid to upper 30s across the area. bright sunshine. n goes down at 4:56 this afternoon. degrees today and tomorrow. have a great weekend. that's your weekend forecast. have a great weekend. amy? >> all right, bill, thank you. this has been a very busy and interesting week for sarah palin. her new reality show debuts tomorrow. there's also a book ur, and speaking engagements across the country. and yet, at the same time, palin's week comes to an end with the young hacker who broke into her e-mail account being sentenced. nbc's ron allen reports. >> reporter: 22-year-old david kernell was sentenced to a year and a day in custody for hacking in sarah palin's e-mail account. >> do you hav anything?
8:36 am
>>eporter: he said he'd feel ashamed for the rest of his life. he was convicted last spring of breaking into palin's yahoo! account by answering series of security questions then bragging about it online. sharing a password and telephone numbers. at trial his attorneys argued it was a prank gone awry which didn't sit well with the former vice presidential caidate. >> i don't think an illegal action like this is a prank. now when you consider how impactg it was on a presidential election. it was extreme. >> reporter: prosecutors didn't get the sentence they were looking for, 18 months, though said justice was served. >> the judge clearly reviewed all of the trial evidence, and ntenced the defendant to what he believed was the appropriate time. >> reporter: it's the end of a sagahat palin acquainted to the watergate scandal after the trial on her facebook page. comes on the eve of her highly anticipated new book, out later this month. d cable reality show "sarah
8:37 am
palin's alaska," sunday night on tlc. >> oh, my gosh! look at this. i'd rather be out here. this is what life is all about. >> reporter: many are asking the days if her life will include a run for the white house in 2012. the question palin addresses in a "people" magazine article. if there's an opportunity for me to help america get back on track, she says, i will do that. for now, e's busy in her role as a mega popular media star. a star blazing bright in a universe all her own. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, atlanta. coming up next the secret pact between prince william and his likely bride-to-be, revealed. but first, these messages. dad, did you know it's 22 days, 11 hours and 2 minutes to christmas? wow! 19 days, 8 hours... 20 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. 12 days, 18 hours... hours, 12 mines, 7 seconds.
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8:39 am
the long-awaited public announcement that prince william will wed kate middleton may be just days away. but as we're learning this morning it aears the couple already made a secret agreement to tie the knot. nbc reports. >> reporter: are they or aren't they? on agai off again. the lives and loves of william and harry have entertained us for the best part of a decade. but for one of the royal boys, it's crunch time. will he oron't he marry waity
8:40 am
katie is what everyone wants to know. when will the couple's secret engament pact be fulfilled? on a trip to the seychelles the prince made a promise. >> he asked if it was going to haen and william said that she was, indeed, the one but he wasn't quite ready to marry her yet. so she agreed that she would wait for him. >> reporter: rumors now doing the rounds suggest an announcement in the new year. fueled by a very public outing at a friend's wedding. talk of police protection for kate, and theecent invitation to go shooting at balmoral. it may just be a matter of time. harry's not off the hook, either. longtime love chelsea is no long his girriend but the two are still close. >> harry's romance with chelsea davey has long been rocky. they split for a third time just this last june but now a source tells us that they have, indeed, reconnected. >> reporter: but she's in south africa, he's still in his military training in the uk she dumped him on facebook and doesn't care that he's a prince.
8:41 am
for harry, that's part of her charm. the royal boys have other big plans. ey want to modernize the monarchy. william and kate would like a regular, low-key wedding. >> they love to watch dvds. they like comedy shows. they even cook together, making british foods like shepherd's pie. they just really like to be together in a relaxed way. >> reporter: but if the queen and the public have anything to do with it, they won't get off that easy. for "today," nbc news, london. >> year joined by katie nichol, longtime royal watcher and author of the new book "william and harry: behind the palace walls." >> it's lovely to be here. >> fill in some of the blanks about this wedding an engagement. has the engagement occurred? >> no. with all the excitement you think it has occurred. but actually they haven't made it public just yet. so back in britain, we're expecting an announcement really any time now. it could be christmas. it might well be the new year. but i'm hearing from my sources that we are definitely going to
8:42 am
have a july wedding. it will be 2021. >> a july wedding. >> yes, i thinkso. >> when you look at the attention that diana got when she became engaged to charles, what does the royalamily take from that? it was, you know, the attention was so intense. how are they preparing kate for what comes next? >> well, it's really inresting. because, the palace are very aware of e, i think the intense pressure that diana was under. and you know, we call her waity katie back a home because obviously she's waited nearly nine years now. but it's probably quite a cler strategy. what's happened is kate's been protected from the public eye. she hasn't had that intense scrutiny. but of course as soon as they make this announcement that will change and how she deals with it is probably going to be very telling. but up until now she'seen the model of decorum. >> but william hasn't hid from the press. >> he has and he hasn't. he's now anraf search and scue helicopter pilot.
8:43 am
they're living in wales to the. the truth is that a lot of the time we don't know what theye up to, where they are. they really like to live life below the radar. >> before there was kate, prince william, there were other ladies in his life. and you talk about in the book, rose. >> thiis one of the exclusive stories in the book. but he dated a girl caused rose who he'd known for many years but he had this summer of fun, fell in love with this beautiful girl, whisked her away for a romantic picnic and got caught out in a field by a farmer who thought he had an intrur on the land and was just as surprised as prince william was when he stumbled upon him. one of the funniest stories in the book. >> also the story of carly. >> that's right. in his first semester at st. andrews he was actually dating a girl called carly. stunning brunette. very much tother, and then kate came on the scene. you remember her walking down that catwalkn that see thru dress and of course, who wouldn't have caught the prince's eye. kate did, a that was it, sadly for carly. bu this is a romance that had
8:44 am
never really come out and i interviewed carly for the first time for this book. you can read her story. >> one of the things you explore inhis book is kind of how william and harry, their personalities have changed over the years. they've almost flip-flopped in terms of who is the extrovert. >> they absolutely have. when william was really young he was very boisterous, rambunctious, very naughty and harry was terribly quiet. and over the years, they saw them change. you remember when prince william was a teenager, he was very, very shy and harry was the one sticking his tongue out at photographs and playing up to the cameras, and there was a complete shift. now i think they're balancing out. we don't see so much of the partying. we see more responsible young men who are taking their sense of duty more serisly. >> you know, as i've watched them grow up, it's been remarkable to see how the walk this fine line between royal and also living a very normal life. joining the military. going to parties. going to restaurants. >> yes. >> is that a tribute to their mom? >> i think diana has a lot to answer for at. and i think thank goodness she
8:45 am
raised them the way they did. because they have broken the mold, these princes. can you imagine prince charles living with a girlfriend that wasn't his fiancee or wife? it just wouldn't happen. this is a modern monarchy now, things have had to move on. i think it's great that boys can have a private life, as well. >> katie nichol, will you give us a call when you find out what the wedding date is? >> i will give you a call. 's the call everyone wants. >> good to have you here. >> lovely to be with you. >> up next the songwriters behind country music superstars.
8:46 am
8:47 am
this morning on secrets of the hidden superstars of country music. they are the true nashville hitmakers and while you may not know their names you certainly know their songs. nashville, home of country music and greats like dolly, willie,
8:48 am
reba, tim and kenny. but the average country music fan probably dsn't know who dallas davidson is. but maybe, they should. ♪ good buddy >> brad paisley, montgomery gentry, brooks & dunn. >> reporter: and the list goes on. dallas is a contract writer for emi. this year alone, the songwriter has penned five number one hits, including this one. ♪ rain falling corn makes whiskey ♪ >> rorter: dallas usually tries to write a song a day. >> honestly, try and just write a good song. at the end of the day, whoever wants to cut it can cut it. when we're done recording it we go in the studio, take it t the session players, and they put the music to it. ♪ >>eporter: november and december are pretty busy months
8:49 am
for songwriters because that's when all the artists typically come back from being on the road. >> we kind of stockpile them and they come inhe studio in january and it's like a madhouse. ♪ >> reporter: writing songs is something award winning country music group little big town snow knows a lot about. the four some write most of their own tunes. >> we've livedo much life in the eleven years that we've been a band. we have so much to say now and so much honesty to speak from. >> reporter: who comes up with the most songs? >> jimmy was hard to bea last year because he kept cranking them out. >> sometimes enter into these really creative periods. >> reporter: i would think a song would be a very personal thing and then you're in a band. so then other people might be like, i don't like that. how does that feel? how do you make that work? >> i think for us we each hav individual ideas, and then we, maybe put them down on tape, and they may not be fully formed. and when we get together, say we want torite together. we may bring out some of those
8:50 am
ideas individually. ♪ >> reporter: little big town finds songs in all kinds of places. >> the life of a song is very interesting thing. little white church is the first single on this record was an idea that i had and wrote down in my journal. and then i got -- >> the title. >> then i got the chorus in the shower aut a month later. >> reporter: when people are singing along t your songs, or to other artist songs on the radio do you think they have any idea what really goes in to getting that song? >> i don't think people realize that, you know, us from where the idea started. >> in the shower. >> in the shower, to taking it to the group, writing it, and then maybe a couple months later bringing it into the studio with another group of songs. >> and the right singer delivering the lyrics. the right tempo. the right production. so much goes in to it before it ever hits the, you ow, target. >> reporter: randy houser is
8:51 am
your typical singer/songwriter. he spent several years writing hits for other country artists before making the transition. ♪ i like to run with the old dogs ♪ >> reporter: he just released his second album this fall. >> the beauty of being a songwriter first was that i learned how to put those thoughts together in a song. now, you know, the things that i'm with -- >> reporter: how do you know when you've got a good song and a not so good song. how do you tell the difference? >> i think you just know. i've kind of got to the point where if it's not a good song -- ♪ because i've heard s many songs that other people write and i kind of know kind of where the bar is. >> reporter: setting the bar high while knowing the secret to their own song always begins with an idea. >> really all starts with the songwriter. >> you know what was amazing just watching them strumming the guitar andaking up songs right then. it's so genius and so above
8:52 am
anything i could even imagine. >> it's funny to hear a couple them mention ideas i showers. why don't we just put waterproof computer terminals in showers. so many great ideas are born there. >> it's true. some of us think we can sing in the shower. but we can't. all right. we're back. but rst these messages. it starts with you falling in love with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall in to place see your ethan allen design center for two beautiful ways to save
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8:56 am
good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. straight ahe on "news4 today," jack jnson and his fe implicated in a major corruption case. the federal charges they're facing this morning. traffic alert for you. the major roadway you will not be able to take this weekend as you drive around town. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. the sun is shining here but will it be shaning on all of your college football games this afternoon? a detailed look at our forecast and a look around the country copping up. >> all that and more when you join us for "news4 today" in less than two minutes.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindited. he said he spent the last eight years fighting for prince george's county. this morning county executive jack johnson is fighting to clear his own name after he and
8:59 am
s wife were arrested on federal charges. lcome to "news4 today." i'm kimberly suiters. i'm aaron gilchrist. it is saturday, november 13th. a lot of ground to cover in the news today. meteorologist chuck bell is here with us. >> beautiful day outside today. lots of sunshine out there. the temperatures on the chilly side first thing this morning heading out to take the dog around the block. you need a jack or sweater first thing. lo at that beautil blue sky over washington today. pretty much blue skies start to finish. mid to upper 40s around town. 50 in prince george's county. 36 towar the blueridge and panhandle of west virginia. nothing but beautiful sunshine today. temperatures will climb into the mid 60s. if you'reeaded out to central michigan/navy game, 3:30 kickoff there. 62 degrees in annapolis at that time. and the cavaliers are hosting


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