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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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more college forecasts coming up and we'll talk about our seven-day forecast in a minute. >> you make it sound so cordial. they're hosting. >> and they'll beat their brains out. >> we'll see about that. now to the arrest of prince gege's county executive jack johnson and his wife. >> federal investigators say they are wrapped up in a corruption plot. derrick ward begins our team coverage live outside the johnson home in mitchellville. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morng. it's very different scene out here. a lot more sedate than it was when this broke yesterday. it was about 10:30 yestery morning when federal agents forced their way into the home of county executive jack johnson and hiwife, leslie, to execute warrants into investigion of corruption in county government
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and centered arod contractors and county government official. they say the county executive accepted bribes from a contractor in exchange for assisting that contractor with getting federal money through an affordable housing program run by the county. the investigation goes back at least three years and yesterday's warrants and searches were just the start according to federal prosecutors. >> the affidavit reveals that today's law enforcement investigation is the tip of an iceberg. what i mean by that is that it is part of a broader ongoing corruption investigation by the fbi and theirs here in prince george's county. >> i'm innocent of these charges. and i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> reporter: the arrest of johnson and his wife actually
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stem from their alleged actions as agents showed up. this wiretap evidence that has them hiding and destroying evidence. a $100,000 check and almost $8,000 in cash. the charges include evidence tampering and destruction. both johnson and his wife were released. johnson had to submit to electronic monitoring. the johnson's term ends soon. >> authorities say johnson's tapped cell phone details what happened inside his home the minute federal agents showed up at his door. investigators say they confronted the countyxecutive yesterday morning after he took $15,000 from a real estate deloper. jackie benson explains how that led u to johnson's arrest. >> reporter: prince george's
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county executive jack johnson arrived home from his federal court appearance in a county owned chauffeured sedan and dunked under a partially opened garage door to get inside. he was followed by an suv holding his wife leslie who was helped inside by a member of her husband's security detail. court documents reveal wha is like panic inside the house in the hours before the couple was arrested. leslie johnson called his wife saying two women are at the door. jack johnson tells her, don't answer it. prosecutor allege that johnson directed his wife to the master bedroom to find a $100,000 check from a developer which was hidden in his underwear drawer. jack johnson says, tear up the check. leslie johnson says do you want me to put it down the toilet? he replies, yes, flush that.
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a plumber was later called in to check the drain. >> they're not telling me a lot. >> reporter: the court affidavit contains an embarrassing allegation that nearly $80,000 was found concealed on leslie johnson's person when she was arrested. jack johnson tells his wife to put the cash in her underwear. she replies i have it in my bra. ighbors say they aren shock. >> the only thing i can tell you about jack johnson and his wife is they've been good to us in this neighborhoo >> jack johnson's political resume in our area dates back more than 20 years. when he moved to prince george's county in the la '80s he serveds deputy state's attorney and then became state's attorney. a position he held for two years. he was elected county executive in 2002 an re-elected in 2006. according to the county website during his tenure johnson increased the county budget by more than a billion dollars,
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built nine new schools, served as a key player in the development of national harbor. you can read the entire ten-page affidavit filed in the case on our website. police in prince george's county are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man during a robbery at a pizza place. they say it appears four men held up mr. wings and pizza on baltimore and annapolis boulevard last night. one of the men opened fire and then took off. the victim was a customer at the restaurant. no word the description of the suspects right now. a fairfax county woman has won a case against a fireworks company that put on a show in which she was injured three years ago. kathryn hollis was in the crowd in vienna on the fourth of july back in 2007. 11 people were injured when fireworks sho into the crowd. hollis suffere a brain injury and severe burns in that incident. a jury ruled in her favor and
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determined the company should pay her $4.75 million for the injuries she suffered. c. fire officials are talking about allegations that two firefighter emts delayed responding to a call in september where a woman died. sources say the ambulance did not arrive until 16 minutes after firefighters did. sources told news4 the medics were temporarily assigned to a station only blocks away but a gps tracker shows they were several miles away at the firestation where they would end their shift. >> it's very likely paramedics arrive within a couple minutes. i would be surprised if there wasn't medic on that first respder unit. i would think in this case the patient would have gotten some advance life support care initially. yes, we are looking into that particular incident to see if any corrective action or disciplinary action may be necessary.
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>> so far no disciplinary action has been taken against either emt. both are still on the job as of last night. we have a traffic alert for you this saturday morning. avoid ohio drive if you're going through the city. closed from osevelt bridge over rock creek parkwayto independence avenue. crews are putting finishing touches on construction there that has snarled traffic in the area for months. ohio drive should be open again just in time for monday morng's commute. it could also be a long weekend if you have to take the metro. crews will be doing work on all five lines. expect major delays on the red line between shady grove and twin broke and between new york avenue and long isnd avenue and we falls church and braddock road and pentagon city and on the green line between prince george's plaza and college park. you' been warned. seven minutes after 9:00. up next, a local high school finds itself at the center of a
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nationwide controversy. the school's play is the thing. we'll explain what that's all about. would you pay money to pay a visit to the smithso
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welcome back. a group known for protesting homosexuality is now targeting high school students in
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maryland. westboro baptist church is planning a demonstration on the. it's members are angry over a play at the school. john schriffen has more on the controversy. >> i always think about his incredibly beaming smile. >> reporter: more than 12 years after matthew shepherd an openly y college student was murdered, his legy stillives on today at richard montgomery high school in rockville, maryland, students are in final rehearsals to perform the ramie project. a play about the town in wyoming where shepherd was killed an the interviews with people there who knew him. >> every word that is in the play is something that was spoken by an actual person in laramie, wyoming. >> emily davis is the director of the play willing to take on this controversi subject about a young person who was tied up to a fee, tortured and killed, a killing that led to a federal hate crime law. >> we just felt like the message of tolerance and acceptance
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which is what this play is advocating is something that we thought our students needed to hear. >> reporter: controversy has now grown after the baptist church from topeka, kansas, announced itill protest the play saturday night. >> i think it's crazy that they think that this show is so worthy of their hate that they would come halfway across the country just to protest it. we're just a high school trying to promote love and understanding. >> rorter: the church's leader reverend fred phelps is portrayed in the play. >> this is the negative message that everything is contrasted against. the without the cracter of fred phelps, you lose that positive theme that comes out of the show of acceptance and tolerae. >> reporter: the westboro baptist church will be out here 45 minutes before the startf the play. when asked students if there would be a counterprotest, they said absolutely not.
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they encourage everyone in the community to come out and watch the show and th form of counterprotest will be to put on the best show possible. john schriffen, "news4 today." >> we would like to point out that emily davis,hat play's director, is the daughter of news4 director joe krebs. president obama met with japan's prime minister before sitting down with australia's prime minister. the discussions came ahead of the forum. australia was called one of america's closestllies and thanked the country for their mmitment to the war in afghanistan. >> i expressed my personal thanks to the people of australia through the prime minister for the enormous sacrifices that are being made in afghanistan by australian troops. >> in the meeting president obama said the u.s. and asian
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countries could benefit from building stronger trade relationships. he'll spend his last day in asia tomorrow. since it opened more than 150 years ago, the smithsonian museums have been free for any and all visitors. one proposal to reduce the national debt could make the smithsonian start charging for entrance. tom sherwood has the story. >> reporter: the air and space museum draws millions every year to the smithsonian comex on the national mall, one of america's premiere tourists spots. >> it's 19 museums and research centers. right here lining the mall are all of the big museums. >> reporr: founded in the 1800s from a request by benefactor, the smithsonian gets the operating funds from american taxpayers. now a bipartisan commission on the federal deficit is suggesting each visitor pay as ch as $7.50 to help reduce the naonal debt. the move the museums fear could
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hurt attendance. >> if we have a fee, it would be a problem for low-income visitors. that's first. second, yes, it probably would cut down on our visitors because not everyone could afford it. >> reporter: the museums also dr huge crowds of high school and junior high students. the increased fee could be tough to handle. >> devastated. we wouldn't be able to do this. >> reporter: tourist on the mall agree. fees would be unwelcome. >> so many families and so many people get to enjoy it because it free. i think that's part of our taxpayer dollars. >> if i grew up in a town where museums and art things were free, they should be free for all people and kids that can't go anywhere else. >> reporter: they say the smithsonian is so interesting and valuable, they wouldn't mind pay. >> we're from chicago. we pay for our museums. i would be okay with that. it's a val to the community and to the coury that we should do it. >> there have been other proposals to start charging
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entrance fees at the smithsonian in the past but they've been shot down immediately. >> 9:15 right now. let's check in with our resident treasure, chuck bell. >> that was nice. >> i don't know if i can live up to that billing. i tell you what, the weekend forecast can live up to such a billing. filled with sunshine and mild weather. details are coming right up. ♪ ♪ [ dad ] yh! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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welcome back. 18 after the hour. we started out the morning frigid. >> very cold. >> you say very cold. you don't like frigid? >> we have to save words like frigid and bone chilling for months like january when it is probably going to be a much colder than this. chillyo get the day started. no doubt about that. temperatures west of the city down below the freezing mark early this morning but now with nothing but beautiful bright blue skies overhead and a ton of sunshine getting through, temperatures are warming up very quickly. there's a live picture of our beautiful city downtown washington under full sunshine on a saturday morning. temperatures temperature have rebounded quite nicely. we were down into the mid and upper 30s around town early this morning. wee already up to 49 degrees now at national airport. dew points are in the low 30s. hardly a breeze to be found out there. winds have gone calm this hour.
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any wi we'll get will be light out of the north to northeast at less than 5 miles an hour. planning to go outside, enjoy the sunshine today. no problems weather related. 45 degrees in culpeper. 47 in quantico, virginia. you will be warming up into the 60s by later on this afternoon. look at the warm air back to the west across parts of the ohio valley. that is ahead of a storm system which is bringing snow this morning to places like minneapolis-st.paul. if you have flight connections through minneapolis airport later today, check on your flights to make sure they aren't too badly delayed. there will be slow air traffic out of chicago's airports with rain showers moving in. for us, mild november sunshine for today. the changes in our weather don't show up until probably during the day monday. i think that's when our rain chances go back up ainst. for the weekend, high pressure will be in charge of our weather.
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nice and warm today and tomorrow. the weather frt will bring changes to us doesn't get here until we get to about monday morning time frame. clouds come in late sunday afternoon high clouds around here but most of the rain chances are monday night and tuesday and wednesday. that means your weekend is great for doing anything outside. sunny d warm. temperatures mid to upper 60s for your saturday and for your sunday as well. the extended forecast, beautiful, bright and sunny and mild through the weekend. clouds come back sunday night. little chance for a shower on monday. better chances for rain as we get into the middle of next week tuesday, wednesday, and maybe the front half of the day on thursday. rain chances there. nittany lions are going on the road to the horseshoe taking on the buckeyes. good weather for the game. the bear cats of cincinnati are in morgan town taking on
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mountaineers. noon kickoff. mississippi state bulldogs are taking on the crimson tide after the loss last weekend. sun going down for that game. >> sounds good. ank you, chuck. the wizards get another dazzling performance from john wall but could the wiz pull o another victory? lindsay czarniak has the highlights in this morning's sports in a minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute bins with the wizards trying to break the bobcats string of road dominance. rookie sensation john wall continues to wow them on the court wi wall's 11 assists last night he becomes thefirst rookie in nba history to record 72 over his first seven games. however, his performance wasn't enough to get the wizards past the bobcats. th lose to charlotte 93-85. to college hoops, georgetown visiting old dominion.
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e hoyas facing defeat made a run late in the game to pull off a furious rally and win 62-59. playoff time in high school football. westfield visiting chantilly. no score into the third quarter. chantilly pitches it to hicks around the outside for five yards. 7-0, chantilly. less than a minute to go in the fourth quarter. wefield's last chance. matthegoing deep. he's brave. he sends it but he's picked off. chantilly gets it in a thriller 7-0 over westfield. that's your sports in a minute. i'm lindsay czarniak. have a great day. fedex field will be rocking monday night when the redskins take on the eagles but it will also be crowded today for a different cause. military service members will be able to get free health screenings part of the time-out for veterans health event. joining us now isscott williams from the men's health network to tell us more about this event. a great idea. something you have been doing for a couple years now for
9:24 am
veterans and their families. tell us why this is something that needs to happen? >> we're so excited to partner with washington redskins and 13 veteran service oganizations and other community partners. we're doing this because of the burden of chronic disease. chronic disease is responble for sen out of every ten deaths in the u.s. and about three out of every four health care dollars are spent on chronic disease. it's about prevention and early detection and informing people abt the value of adult vaccination. >> there's power in knowledge in knowing what you're dealing with as you get older. the more educated we can be be is what this event is all about. we need to make military men and women and their families more aware of these issues. the more we can do to educate them and also we're facing challenges. 75% to 80% of our veterans aren't utilizing the v.a. health care system so the more we can do to make them aware is so important. >> what will they do if they comeut today?
9:25 am
>> the event starts at 10:00 a.m. and runs until 3:00 a.m. they can get blood pressure checked, lung function, prostate exams, breast cancer exams. an overall health and wellness event. great opportunity. >> it's not just come and get these things checked. you have health care folks who can talk to them about what they may be dealing with if they have issues with those things? >> we'll give instant results and they aren't just getting information but being counseled on what the information means and questions they can ask. >> this is happening in the rekins locker room. a fun day planned too. >> the perfect place to host an event like this. free commuty health screening. cheeeaders coming out. the perfect environment for military men and women and their families to come out and see it. >> we'll put informationon the screen. the event runs from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at fedex field in the redskins locker room. military veterans and family come out and get checked out to
9:26 am
make suryou're in good health. >> absolutely. >> appreciate you coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> kimberly? >> thanks, aaron. there's much more ahead this morning on "news4 today." >> executive facing federal charges after an arrest in his ho yesterday. i'll have details coming up on news4. also ahead, students impress their teachers by always doing their homework. one local stunt did one better than that. she ved her teacher's life. that story when we return. o
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good morning. welcome back to "ne4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, november 13th. the news is just ahead. first, we do want to check in on our forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. it is shaping up to be a gorgeous fall saturday. absolutely right. like we talked about early this morning one thingou will not want to do today is fly the kite. we have hardly any breeze blowing today. >> no complaints. >> you could hold the kite and ride your bicycle and tow it that way will get you extra breeze and good exercise. watch out for power lines. >> tough for steering. >> outside a bright blue sky. mperatures are mostly in the 40s but a lot ofspots now sneaking up into the low 50s especially up alongside the bay there.
9:30 am
leonardtown low 50s already. low 40s for new market. 46 in culpeper. 46 in martinsburg. perfect weekend weather for anything you woul like to do outside today. so nice a day you could rake leaves and enjoy it. at's how nice the weather will be. mid 60s for today. virginia tech hokies are down the roadn chapel hill taking on the tar heels today. 3:30 kickoff. betiful weather in north carolina. 65 degrees. i suspect hkies will make it eight in a row. that will be impressive comeback after their it tough start to the season. and utah in south bend taking on notre dame. i suspect that game will air on nbc 4. 2:30 this afternoon is the kickoff there. rainy day to get the day started in south bend. >> all right. thank you. the prince george's county executive has been ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device after being arrested. federal agents sayack johnson and his wife face charges stemming from a five-year long
9:31 am
political corruption investigation. news4's derrick ward joins us live from their home in mitchellville this morning. jack johnson cannot stray far from there this weekend. >> reporter: we understand that part of the terms of his release are that he can lea home to carry out his official duts as county executive and also to visit his lawyer as he prepares his defense against the charges leveled against him yesterday. now, authorities describe a frantic scene which unfolded inside the johnson home at about 10:30 as fbi and irs agents closed in to serve warrants yesterday. a wiretap evidence described the county executive instructing his wife not to open the door for the agents and to flush a $100,000 check from a contractor and to hide cash on her person. those alleged actions led to their arrest for evidence tampering and destruction. agents were there to advance a countywide probe in the charges of bbery. charges that the county
9:32 am
executive acceed money from a contractor in exchange for helping the contractor get money from a county run federal program for affordable housing. the probe promises to be broad in scope. >> we partially took down what we term the covert phase of an investigation that has lasted for many years and involved multitude of investigative techniques. our message is clear. if you have information regarding a pay to play scheme in this county or in this state, it is far better for you to talk to us now than for us to come knocking on your door. >> i'm innocent of these charges. i just can't wait for the facts to come out and when they come out, i'm absolutely convinced that we will be vindicated. >> reporter: besides the warrants executed at th johnson home, warrants were served at the county administration building in the offices of some cabinet level officials.
9:33 am
w, again, the county executive, his terms of release do not prohibit him from serving out the remainder of his term which endsn december 6th at noon. nor does it prohibit his wife from taking her seat to which she was elected on the county council. also that is scheduled to happen on decber 6th. we are live in mitchellville, now back to you. >> thank you, derrick. word of jack johnson's arrest has a lot of people in prince george's county talking this morning. only news4 was there as agents entered the county executive's office yesterday. investigators spent more than eight hours inside executing search warrants. people who live in the county have mixed reaction about the arrest. >> people always want to see what a person is doing rht and doing positive in the community and people always want to find a way to bring them down. >> i don't think they wou arrest him -- i don't want to make an assumption but i don't think they wouldn't have arrested him if they don't have evidence. >> jack johnson has been a major political player in our area for
9:34 am
more than 20 years. when he moved to prince george's county in the late '80s, served as deputy state's attorney and then became state's attorney, a position he held for two terms. he was elected county executive in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. now according to the county website during his tenure johnson increased the county budget by more than $1 billion. built nine new schoo and helped in the development at national harbor. you can read the entire ten-page affidavit filed in the case. we put it onur website. go to >> in other news this morning, u.s. park police need help finding a 7-year-old cold case. they're trying to identify the remains of a man foundnder the roosevelt bridge in 2003. take a look at this composite sketch that was just released. he's black in his 30s wearing a chicago white sox cap when he died. the man had a growth in his mouth at would have made it difficult for him to talk or
9:35 am
eat. anyone with information is asked to call park police. that number is on your screen. 202-610-8751. in north carolina, investigators believe they found the remains of a disabled 10-year-old girl reported missing about a month a. police found a bone that matches zahra baker's dna. they also found an artificial leg that belonged to her. baker's stepmotheris currently behind bars for obstruction of justice. police say she admitted to writing a fake ransom note discovered the same day a fire was reported at thefamily's home. friends, neighbors, even strangers gathered on the front lawn of zahra's home for a vil. earlier in the week zahra's biological mother traveled from australia to north carolina after receiving the news and broke down in front of the memorial for her daughter. >> so tough to watch. 9:35 right now. still to come, you probably have heard a number of gimmicks to get you to buy a car or truck
9:36 am
but one dealership's incentive has some people really fired up. you may be seeing and hearing ls from the salvation army bell ringers next time you go to the grocery store. we'll explain why when "news4 we'll explain why when "news4 today" retur♪ . ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. ean pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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>> skrrks this morning a promotion to sell new cars at a central florida dealership is causing a stir.
9:39 am
it's offering a free ak-47 to a customer who buys a truck. the dealership says it's not giving away guns but vouchers. customers have to meet all state and federal regulations. police are more concerned about the message the dealership is seing. customers don't have to take the voucher. they can opt for a $400 cash deal. >> this holiday season your trips to giant food will be a little less merry. the grocery store placed new limits on when salvation army bill ringers can be in front of stores be and that had a the group concerned it cut its fund-raising. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: a 110-year-old tradition kicks off another season with an ambitious goal. they want to raise $1.6 million this holiday but they face a new challenge. ant food changed its policy on charitable groups soliciting
9:40 am
outside stores. instead of bel ringing six days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., the salvation army will be limited to six days in november and six days in decemb, just four hours at a time. while salvation army officials say they value the partnership with giant, they are worried. half of the 1.3 million raised last year came from kettles in front of gints. >> there are 30,000 people that willeceive assistance from the salvation army between now and christmas. we're committed to do that. a large portion of funds that allows us to do that come through the kettle campaign. we're asking people to dig alleges deeper this year. >> reporter: the new giant policy affects all charitable groups. they will only be allowed two days per month and sundays are now off-limits. in a stement in order to best servour customers and not hinder their shopping experience, it's necessary that we operate within established guidelines. he claims some groups will have
9:41 am
increased fund-raising opportunities. the salvation army hopes donors will look harder for them at places like walmart, kmart and jcpenney. >> great way to support the community. i would be in favor of having them out there and don't see why they should limit them. >> reporter: other shoppers welcome the limits. >> i find that it is in the way. i really feel kind of guilty about not doing it but i feel like don't bother me. i'm going grocery shopping. i don't want to be bothered. >> reporter: julie carey, "news4 today." >> despite the limits on fund-raing outside giant ores, the salvation army found a high tech way to raise money. they set up online red kettles for people to give. one student is definitely passing the assignment as she saveher teacher's life after she started choking. >> the 14 year old was in class
9:42 am
earlier this week when she realized her teacher was choking. india sprang into action after learning the heimlich maneuver at a baby sitter cla. that lessonaved her teacher's life. india has since passed the knowledge of the heimlich onto her lassmates. >> nothing says extra cret like -- >> straight as for the rest of the year. no question. >> good for her. >> 9:42 right now. >> gorgeous one. >> weather cooperating with anything you want to do on your weekend. we'll give you details and talk about when our next chance of rain shows up. can you tell me what f-stop you had the aperture set to? uh, pretty big. and the shutter speed? really...[snaps]...quick. how did you compensate for the diminished light? very well, thank you. with features like compact lon, leica lenses, and in,
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the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long!
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>> due do you have outdoor plans today? >> i'm going to spend time at the cooking show. i'm going to interview paula dean. going in with my stick of butter and we'll ma it happen. >> you need more than one stick. >> good cooking requires butter and cream and cheese. >> there are amazing things you can do with a box of yellow cake mix. you mean more than just the cake? yes. >> yes good idea. that's a great idea. i forgot that was going on this weekend. >> you can be outside today and it will be a great day. >> today is the outdoor day. lots of restaurants keeping the sidewalk cafes open and in business. good news if you want to sit
9:46 am
outside and eat a little something or jt sit arod and do a whole lot of nothing outside. good weather for it all through the course of your saturday and just in case you needed two ds of sunshine, it will be ce tomorrow as well. outside on your saturday morning with temperatures climbing now close to 50egrees around the washington area. still cooler back across northern virginia and toward the ha panhandle of west virginia. we' temperatures are in the 40s around town. temperatures swing up on the map towa map. winchester, 41. martinsburg hanging back at mid 30s there. mid 30s toward hagerstown. everyone will see sunshine start to finish today and with warm aiback to the west we have a warming trend coming our way. each day we've been getting warmer than the day before. that paern continues for
9:47 am
today. dew points a little bit more moisture in the atmosphere across the ohio river valley. that's where our next chance of rain is developing. biarea of low pressure spinning its way toward the state of wisconsin. snow up on the northwest side of that. minneapolis could get as much as 6 inches of snow today. not for us. most of the yrg and moisture with this system is headed north of us through the great lakes and ahead into portions of eastern canada. high pressure will protect us for the weekend. bright and sunny and mild both today and tomorrow. the weather front will bring changes to the weather as we get into monday. clouds come back late sunday night to the day on monday. monday a mostly cloudy affair. a chance for showers around. steadier rains look likely by tuesday. for your saturday, sunny and warm. mid topper 60s around the area for today then tomorrow mostly sunny. high clouds around by tomorw afternoon. not enough to bother your day at all. highs tomorrow once again up into the 60s. here's the extended forecast. sunshine today and tomorrow. and as we get into monday, partly to mostly cloudy monday with a 30% chance of a passing
9:48 am
shower. rain showers likely tuesday into wednesday. may linger into the first half of your thursday. that's all right. as long as you are back at work and school it can rain all week long for the most part. college football forecast, the gamecocks going down to florida. he won the 1966 heisman trophy playing for florida. a big game for them. 7:15 kickoff. the bulldogs university of georgia, they'reoing down to auburn to take the tigers and top ranked ranking down there. great game. and michigan is going out to purdue to play the boilermakers today. noon kickoff there. risk of a shower. mild. and red raiders of texas tech dare to come to norman today. after the tough loss last
9:49 am
weekend, we need to get it back on track. we have won 35 in a row at home. longest streak in the country right now. we need to win this game. next two are on the road. >> we get that impression that you like oklahoma and you're a fan and keep up with it. >> i do what i can to follow it. >> and promote it. >> he is on the payroll. there's no doubt about it. thk you, chuck. still ahead this hour, lindsay czarniak sits down to lunch with a redskins legend. >> and you are looking at one of the country's newest millionaires. two new millionaires, right? you'll find out where that one boughtis ticket that has everyone talking.
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>> hall of famer and former redskin art munk. >> how calm and steady of a man he really is when they sat down for lunch. he reflected over his career while eating burgers in arlington. >> this place has been here for two years. now since the president and vice president came, they can't contain their business.
9:54 am
>> i'll get the blackened hell burger. is that what you call it? >> if i could have any meal i want, it's a burger. >> for me it's a hotdog. yeah. >> how many times a week would you have a hot dog? >> every day. my mother would buy packs of them and i would come home from school and eat five or six of them. >> how has your life changed since you were inducted into the hall of fame? >> right now the wave is sort of dying. it's sort of died down. >> what do you many? >> prior to each hall of fame election it's like the dal wave would build and everyone would stop me and say i hope you make it this time. >> you said you really put that stuff out of your mind. did you? >> i did. >> that had to be hard. >> for me myife haven't changed. for this community it was a big deal. i think that most other people are more excited about it than i was. >> you lie. i don't belie you for a
9:55 am
second. >> making it into the hall of fame is exciting. i can't deny that. i think for me it was sort of anti-climatic because -- not that i thought i should have made it any sooner but i hated the buildup and then the let down. just the way this community rolls up and supported me in that effort was the biggest surprise for me. i know people appreciated what i did on the field and off the field too. that really kind of was special. >> i've never seen anyone put more ketchup on a rger. >> that's nothing. >> really? >> i'm trying to be nice today because we have the camera looking at us. >> 1982. super bowl xvii. you had broken your foot. you obviously couldn't play. we hired you as a correspondent for that game and you went
9:56 am
around reporting. what do you remember about that experience? >> miami is rated as the numbe one team in the league on defense this year. >> you're good. >> new profession. >> obviously to win it, you are the super bowl champs. how does it feel? >> i feel the same way you do, art. >> all right. that's pretty good. congratulations. >> you ask anybody that played during that era, we worked our butts off. man, i can't do this anymore. >> i missed football because of the comradery. i don't miss the game. i miss the game too but what i miss the most are friendships and commodity with my teammates. that's the best thing about t whole thing.
9:57 am
>> brothers not just teammates. you miss the people any time in a group setting like that. >> and hot dogs. breakfast of champions. >> michigan may want to change their name to the luy state. two people are millionaires after playing separate lottery games and winning them. >> steve will split the winnings with his wi and luckr for him he let compur pick the numbers. mike greer represents a team. they won $128 million in a powerball drawing. he bought that ticket an adult bookstore. >> no questions about that he's a winner. that's it for "news4 today." >> see you back here tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. morniwith capital one bank's new checking with rewards, me and the boys earn rewards just for everyday banking. like gettg money from the drive thru. and taking out cash at the bank. paying our bills online earns us rewards.
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