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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife cou be a wave of corruption in the county. that's according to the fbi. and then what it could mean in the order of development. in recent years, prince georges county has been striving towards a renaissance of sorts. fedex field and the national harbor.
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now, some fear that the arrest of jack johnson will stunt that progress. darcy spencer is live in prince georges tonight. >> reporter: he isell known in prince georges unty. in 2002, he ran against jack johnson in the primary to become countyexecutive, and he lost in that race, and he says h is not holding a grudge against jack johnson, and he is sad for the family and the circumstances. he hopes the investigation will lead people to feel confident and vest in e county. yesterday johnson and his wife was arrest after they were accused of conspiring to desty
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a $100,000 eck, and leslie johnson had $80,000 in cash when she was arrested yesterday. the arrest comes at the end of an eight--year-term. we have seen a lot of progress, d there has been numous developments that started under the administration. a lot of people were hoping this will notave a chilling affect on all of the progre that has been made. >> i just feel a sadness for prince georges county and for the johnson family. i think it's a horrible set of ciumstances for all of us. it really presents a lot of challenges for the incoming administration, and the fact that perception is 90% of the game. >> johnson was released from federal custody yesterday eveninbut is on an electronic monitor. he has to basically remain at home unless he is out for work or appointments for a doctor or
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lawyer. his term is due to end in three wes. back to you. >> thank you. appreciate that report we went to prince georges county to see how residents are feeling today as well. and some folks told they feel betrayed by thr leader and others are reserving judgment. >> he has done a lot of good and hope he comes out of it okay. >> we put so much trust in our elected officials, and we expect them to live up to certain standards, and when they don't, it's very disturbing. >> the county has had to battle for a long time against some negative images, and i think this will only aggravate that. >> as darcy mentioned, jack johnson says he will finish out the term as county executive, and his successor takes office
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on januarydecember 6th. and then a church is upset about the high school students performing alay about a wyoming's reaction to a gay murdered college student. they pla to picket the play because they say god killed shepherd because of his sexual orientation. that message sparked a counter protest. >> they bring a message of hate, and we need to retaliate with love and reason rather than irrational actions. >> they have not responded to our enquiries of why they did not show up. and then the democracy activist had supporters outside her home there. and we do not know if they had
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any conditions on her release. >> the important thing now is that she is allowed to choose her own row in the life o her country thout further detention or harassment, and without further obscles being placed in her way. >> she hassite been in jail or house arrest for 15 of the last 21 years. presidt obama was in which i -- wanted to open up more jobs for americans. meanwhile, at a separate meeting, president obama told russia's president he hopes congress will ratify the new nuclear weapons treaty next week. that treaty is pending in the senate. speaking of politics on the hill, democrats have fod a way to avoid a potentially nasty showdown between party leaders. representative jim clyburn has
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been offered a new position, hor will become the mber two minority whip. that will take effect when republicans come to congress in january. one man opened fire hitti and killing a 20-year-old flores. then took off. the victim was a customer at the restaurant 17-year-olhas been charged with first-degree murder and investigators are looking for the other suspects. and then they got the guy that has broken into several cars. the suspect was caught on home security video trying to get into two vehicles parked in a drivewayn river port drive. he is 17 years old, and the
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juvenile courts will be handling his case. still ahead, the anti-defamation league condemning glenn beck for comments made about the holocaust. and then a soldier see his child doing something he never thought she would do. we will give you that heartbreakingstory and madoff's positisessions the auction block. what we do have is a cold start coming up for sunday morning. i will detail how nice it will be to finish out the weekend. hakem, what is coming up in sports. maryland brings sadness to all of whoville, but two number one draft picks go head to head in chicago. plus, t capitals crank it up in
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a virginia beach man returned from iraq and got quite the surpriserom his young daughter. 2-year-old, savannah, was born with a host of medicalissues. the doctors told him and his wife tt their daughter would probably never walk. thanks to physical therapy, she was able to stand and greet dad today, something h did not expect to see seven months after deployment. >> it's all i could ask for. i mean, my daughter can walk! >> how about that? savannah's mom did not tell her husband's about the progres
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because she wanted it to be a special gift for her husband's return home. the anti-defamission league. ey donate to several causes. and the national director said beck's remarks were inappropriate, and offensive. the large november snowfall in two decades socked minnesota today. check this out. nearly a foot of snow fell in parts of minneapolis, st. paul. 200 crashes were reported throughout the ste with another 200 vicles stranded. there was a group camping in tents and boxes to demonstrate the homeless, and they found the heavy snowfa andcold far more
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challenging than they anticipated. when we come back on this saturday night, remember the person who bought thewinnin powerball ticket at the sex store. remember that person? they have come forward to claim the prize, and they have got a pretty intesting story. we'll tell you about that. pluz, chuck bell is standing by and will tell us about
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thousands of items auctioned off today. an anonymous bidder paid the
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highest price for a 10.5 carat diamond ring. proceeds are going to more than 3,000 clients that madoff swindles in a ponzi scheme. he is serving life in prison. here is one story we have been following eecially close. remember the winning $128 millio lottery ticke sold at an adult bookstore, and the winner has come forward. a guy named mike greerhe is a representative for a group of friends that call themselves team victory, and they claim they are all winners. greer has not said how many friends are in the group or how the group plans to split the winnings. grr says he does not even know
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who bought the ticket at the sex shop. yeah! what are we thinking? e we thinking greer -- >> i am thinking it's still a $128 million lottery cket, and everything is forgiven. >> fess up, if you bought a ticket at is sex shop, you can buy new friends. >> he was doing research, and he used a dollar of change, and who knows what he was doing, but if you come out a winner, put one up for team victory. you can go ice skating in your shorts. the skating rink is open and stays open through mid march. for the skaters that went there today, and free hot chocolate. >> oh, free. >> the most importt word in
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the english language. 68 degrees was the high for the afteoon, and perfect for ice skating. that's two days in a row where the temperatures climbed at least 30 degrees from the morning low to the afternoon high. temperatures falling fast now under a generally clear skies. hi level clouds drifting by. 47 is the current temperature in town, and 32 in manassas, and satellite pictures shows, that should be out of her in the next couple hours. we will be off to a clear start again tomorrow morning. and back out to the west. there is a cold front slowly inching its way in our direction. it will make an approach on monday. tomorrow we start out bright and sunny. we will pick up mid andhigh level clouds mid to late ternoon into tomorrow night. this is 11:30 tomorrow night. and then monday morning, mostly cloudy skies. and then on monday, a little rip
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of low pressure will bring chance of light rain around 8:00 on monday night. most of the gameill be dry, but maybe a sprinkle or two before the game isdone. morning time, getti up. clear skies and cold start. 20s in the western suburbs and then tomorrow, mostly sunny and high clouds moving in, but another mild one for sure. and then the redskins and eagles forecast. do they have a quarterback for the eagles nowadays? if rain will help the redskins chances, then will get a way to get it to rain in the stadium. no worries. best chance of rain will be on tuesday, and then looks like a good soaker. and then drying out and cooling back down once again. no more of the 65 to 70 degrees stuff after tomorrow. >> all good things must come to
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winning streak, trying to solve the riddle. first period, no score. check out the buffalo defenseman. rips it past millers, and capitals take the 1-0 lead. and later in the first, and here comes the sabres. and patrick, shoots, and wow, saved. that was nice. 27 saves on the night. and then backstrom, off the post and in. his fifth of the season. we go into overtime. and then oh, carlton, and game over. watch that again! pretty move by tommice vanek.
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the caps fall 3-2 in overtime. the caps are back tomorrow with a game set for 5:00. and then a made for tv match-up between two number one over all draft picks, john wall against the bulls derrick rose. and going against each other for the first time in their professional careers. and off the bulls, blatche gets it ahead to wall. this isretty nice. and it goes around the back, and puts it up. and the foul. wall went for 16 points. nice. and moments later wall gets the rebound here, and lobs it up for mcge and throws it down over kyle, and he had four blocks. third quarter, rose going against wall. looking like michael jordon on this play.
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oh, my! rose had a team high of 24 points, and that was nice. inbound to gilbert arenas, and he had 30 points off the bench, and it was not enough. the wizards cut the lead to five. wizards fall 103-96. and coege football. a freshman from maryland dominates. and dj adams played sparingly with golih on the goal line. maryland beat down virginia, knocking the cavs out of bowl contention. and then the coach drawing up a quick play against the terp and it works. and hodges, a former team manager flips the ball to danzer, and virginia in front. second quarter, and then o'brien, calls his own number and falls on the block, and
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fundamental. and then end of the third quarter, terps down two. o'brien throws over the middle and off the hands of carter, and look what i found. e it again. three plays later, give it to this guy. freshm, dj adams. they defeat virginia, and the cavaliers committed 16 penalties for a loss of 45 yards. maryland plays florida state at home next week. and north carolina, number 20 virginia tech. o has a better view. what do you think? this is good here. third quarter. and then marcus davis in the back of the end zone for the score. virginia tech takes the lead. and later tarhills with the
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ball. and then intercepted. six north carolina turnovers. taylor under pressure, tosses it up for the davis guy again, and same result. touchdown hokies. virginia tech wins it 26-10. its eighth win in a row. and then dobbs out with a concussion. and chris procter in as quarterback. four seconds left. and then instead of an extra point they go for two and the win. rat cliff looks for the receiver, and just a bit high and incomplete. ball game. check out the coach. cannot contain his joy. celebrates like a kid in the navy. i love passion like that. when you see that fm a coach, that gets you fired up right there. >> that's why we love college
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football so much. thank you, and great sunday, right? >> yep. i le it. >> one word, and that's all you need. >> that's it. that's all we have got for you tonight. >> you're happy, and i know why you are happy, because your carolina gamecocks won. >> yeah, that's it. that's it. an all new "snl" is up next. hopefully that's the news. good night. ♪
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next on c-span, on friday, president obama was in seoul, south korea, for the annual g-20 conference where he met privately with chinese