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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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passengers should not be worried. she wrote an opinion piece in "usa today" this weekend writing that scanners were independently tested by the food and drug administration, the national institutes of standards and technology a the johns hopkins university applied physics laboratory. she said screenings are coucted in walled off locations not visible to the public to protect the passengers privacy >> stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. back to work. prince george's county executive jack johnson preparing to return to his post days after his arrest. >> plus, freshman faces. newly elected politicians descend on d.c. as a lame duck congress reconvenes. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun ng. it is monday, november 15th,
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2010. a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 48 degrees. you can see e fog over the nation's capital. you can't see it. >> either that or it's gone. it better be fog. it is. we have low clouds this morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein starting off this monday morning with a chilly start to the day. just in the upper 40s in washington. mid-40s in the nearby suburbs. rural areas into the low 40s. we have patchy fog this morning. watch out for tha it's above freezing from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. we have had a few sprinkles in west virnia. we have low cloudiness here. it will be gone mid morning. the rest of the morning, into the afternoon, quite a bit of sunshine. highs reaching the low 6 0s. ouding up by sunset. by dawn tomorrow. by this time, light rain moving in. sunset is at 4:54.
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6:51 sunrise. >> off we go. sampling aund the area. this is what it looks like in landover. definitely quite a bit of fog on this side of town. do exercise great care. not everybody is seng the fog. some locations it is very, very dense. let's go over to virginia. take a look as the rush hour picks up, a little bit of volume on interstate 66. both directions to fair oaks. no hangups eastbound hay market all the way to the beltway. out on the rails for a monday morning, starting off quietly. metro, vre and mark wi no early issues >> this morning prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to return to work just days after he and his wife leslie were arrested by federal authorities. tracee wilkins is live with more.
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tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. there have been some changes herement the federal agents are gone. but that window that federal agents used to getinto the home is still broken. itas not been reired. they were secretly listening to his conversations for more than a year. he's under electronic home monitoring. he'sllowed to go to work. that's what he will do today. jack johnson and his wifeeslie returned to their home. they returned to their mitchellville home friday night after the two were charged with accepting kickbacks and bribes in exchange for favorable treatment. johnson and his wife leslie, newly elected county council member were taken into custody friday afternoon. fbi and irs agents then stayed in the home for several hours leaving with several boxes of evidence containing records and clothing from inside the home. investigators say this is just the beginning their investigation. >> we are committed to putting an end to public offials who
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dishonor their office by acceing bribes in exchange for favorable treaent. >> when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt tt i am going to be vindicated. >> federal prosecutors and agts said during a press conference on friday anybody el who knows about a pay to play kind of scam in prince george's county and possibly even associated with any of these allegations that they a going to be bringing forward should turn themselves in. they're saying they don't want the fbi coming to their door. johnson has three weeks left in his term and he said he will finish out those three weeks. tracee wilki, live in mitchellville. back to you in the studio.
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officers say two people driving a black hon do dell sol convertible have been shooting windshields with a bb gun. they have struck mostly in lanha lanh lanham, buoy. >> more than 100 newly elected house and senate begin learning the rules ahead. they will be sworn in right away as congress returns for the lame duck session. the bush era tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year if congress doesn't act. the gop might be willing to work with president obama on a short-term extension for t wealthiest americans while a breeder cut is made permanent.
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>> he is the president. so we'll work with him on that. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to try to give social security recipients a $250 check to make up for no cost of living increase next year, extend unemployment benefits and allow gays to serve openly. >> matt: military. >> fairfax coun police would like to speak to the mother whose newborn baby was found outside a church. the little girl was found ouide st. raymond's in springfield before early morning mass on sunday. she was wrapped in towels inside a gym bag and still had her umbilical cord attached. church members say they're glad the mother picked a safe place to leave the baby. >> on the one hand we're grateful this family thought the church as a place the baby could find care. on the other hand, we're saddened someone fou themselves in this moment of despair.
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>> alexandria, a talked her was discovered wandering in the street alone in nothing but a diaper. the little boy was found just before 10:00 last night. they believe he may have been outside alone for up to an hour. police located the child's parents and child proteive services is investigating. at this point no chaes have been filed. the man accus of killing chandra levy could testify in his own defense this week. ingmar guandique is charged with killing the washington intern in 2001. they dropped one sexual assault an one of the murder charges against him and rested their case. one of the former cell mates is expected to testify for the dense. jury deliberations could dpin as early as wednesday. a local marine killed by an explosion in afghanistan will be buried at arlington cemetery today. lance corporal honeycutt jr. was
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founin the helman province. family and friends will hold a candlelight vigil at 5:30 this evening at the gazebo in wall wall door of stakes raised after an alarming find. why michelle rhee's job prospects may be more sunny this morning. and a check of this morning's weather and traffic , dog: bacon?
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weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. 5:11, low clouds d patchy fog around the region on this monday morning. it's above freezing for the mountains to the atlantic seabrd with temperatures generally near 40 degrees in the rural areas. later today we'll get some sunshine after tis low cloudiness breaks up and the fog breaks up the next couple hours. increasing clouds. into the low 60s. cloudy tonight. should be dry for the skins game. tomorrow morning looks like it's going to be wet. wet day tuesday with occasional showers. drying out wednesday into thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday in ten minutes >> tom, southeast, very quiet morning, pennsylvania avenue and
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headed up to the sousa bridge no worries there. quiet on the beltway north of town near university boulevard. inner loop, outer loop. one more stop. head over and see how we're doing south of town, wilson bridge, southeast corners, southern marylan we're okay. this side of town in particular watch out for that fog. out to the rails we go. metro, vre and mark, no early issues. joe. >> thank you, jerry. more traffic tieups should be coming to the area around the national mall. federal and lol officials are expected to announce a major construction project on the 17th street levee. crews will soon be replacing the old levee on 17th built in the late 1930s. the nulevee will reduce the list of flooding and other monuments around town. it's not clear when that constructionould actually start. 5:12, 46 degrees. ahead on news 4 today, a very
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unproductive day in the district. the redskinready to take the national stage with a lot on the line. >> plus, a deadly explosion rocks a xican resort. >> it appears metro is not alone in dealing with
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good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters with top stors in the newsroom at 5:14. johnson expected to go back to work this morning until his term ends. he and his wife were arrested friday. baker gets to make a public comment tonight at 5:00 >> today new members of congress begin orientation while old members of the lame duck session considing action if congress doesn't act. fairfax county police are oking for the mother whose newborn baby was found in a church parking lot.
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>> kimberly, thank you. >> metro is busy inspecting all 588 of its escalators this morning after an accident injured several passengers. now we're also learning that the same escalators caused similar problems in places other than washington. megan mcgrath joins us with more on this story. megan, good morning. >> well, good morning, eun. just ask people who ride metro about the escalator systems and you'll get an earful. of course now the recent accident had focused on the safety of these investigators. you can see two of the three escalato are currently out of service. actually, there are nearly 120 escalators that are out for repairs at this point because of yon going inspections and prbs that have been found with these escalators. now the westinghouse modular 100. there have beenproblems not
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just in washington but other transit systems as well. as far as back as 1980, the department of transportation identified problems with the handrail system. on new year's eve back in 2007 there was a similar accident in atlanta where an escalator accelerated throwing people to the ground. of course that's what happened at the l'enfant plaza. it shows the prax on the escalator failed causing it to accelerate and throwing them down to the bottom of the escalator. now according to transportation experts the modular escalators, this kind of an escalator requires more maintenance. and the interim general manager said theystem has basically suffered. the escalators suffered from years of poor maintenance. so an yon going issue here. apparently not a problem that we're just seeing here but other places as well with this type of system. eun, back to you >> megan, thank you. >> a 13-year-old girl missing
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since wednesday is fe this morning. but authorities still don't know where the rest of her family is. sheriff's deputies in ohio raided the house and found sarah maynard bound and gagged in the basement. the house is ten miles away from their family home. police fnd a man in the home and charged him with kidnapping. ey believe he can lead them to the others. >> paul and rachel chandler were sailing around the world when they were kidnapped at gunpoint. they were held by gunpoint and kept in solitary confinement. rachel chandler says she's happy to be free. free, to be away fr those people, to be among
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civilized, decent, honest people, not criminals. >> there's be no word if ransom was id. right now the couple is in kenya waiting to be reunited wh their family. the world's most prominent potical prisoners wasting no time to get back into political life. she spoke at the headquarters of her pro democracy party. myanmar has been under military rule since 1962. chi was freed on saturday after the latest round of detention kept her under hse arrest for more than seven years. the nobel peace prize laureate called for national recoiliation and vowed to press on with her fight for democracy. another deadly crash involving a toyota camera. a problem with the car's act accelerator likely caused the crh. two people died. there were skid marks showing the driver tried to stop the
5:20 am
camera before it crashed into the wall. toyota has recalled milons because of floor mats that can snag gas pedals that can stick. the boeing 747 bound for argentina returned to sydney an hour after takeoff. this comes after the engine on an airbus plane failed while in flight. engineers have bee investigating that rolls royce engine and others like it since that incident earlier this month. seven people are dead after a powerful gas explosion at a resort in mexico. it happened on the grand riviera princess. five canadian tourists including a 9-year-old boy and
5:21 am
two mexican hotel employees died. two americans are among the dozens of people injured. it knocked out windows and left a three-foot crater in the ground. >> my husband went immediately and saw it had been a large explosion. near the restaurant. there's a crater in the ground. a crater. >> mexican authories say a mixture of natural gases from a nearby swamp is most likely what caused the blast. the building sat on a concrete pad on top of the swamp. investigators will determine if the building was properly constructed. thousands of people returning home after indonesia's most volatile volcano forced them to evacuate. most of the homes, though, are covered with thick ash. look at that. and many crops can no longer be harvested. the cole vane know erupted in october, killing almost 300 people. >> time for weather and traffic together on the ones. foggy morning. tom, we're going to have a nice day? >> sunshine back by mid morning. we hav patchy dense fog in the rural areas.
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watch out for that. deer are active as well. temperatures are chilly. low to mid-40s throughout most of the region. 48 at national airport. later today with increasing sunshine should make it to 60 or so. clouding up late this afternoon and tonight should be dr for the skins game. by dawn, rain likely. occasional showers likely through the day on tuesday, into tuesday night. highs mid-50s. highs low suxz. mid-50s and mostly cloudy with a blustery wind. friday, chilly with bright sunshine. a bit milder. still chilly and sunny saturday and sunday. a live look this hour on 16th street headed on down towards walter reed. a little bit of fog but certainly nothing too much to worry about at this point. new york avenue inbou, florida avenue, moving along pretty well. all the construction barrels out of the roadway. so that is good ws. loading up quickly on terstate 66. as you begin to drive out of hay
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through manassas, en route to centreville and beyond. metro, vre and mark still looking good on a monday morning. virginia ste pole will beut in force making sure you are buckled up behind the wheel. offirs wilbe participating a click it or ticket campaign. mo than 300 virginians were killed because they were not wearing seatbelts. it is a secondary offense in virginia. you have to be pulled over for something else before being cited. tickets are $25. in maryland a d.c. you can get pulled over for not having your seat belt buckled. >> believet or not, the skins are the only team that still hasn't lost to an nfc east opponent. after an embarrassing loss tot
5:24 am
lions on halloween, a second win for the eagles could be a big momentum boost. but they are carrying confidence into the matchu the game kicks off from fedex field at 8:30 tonight. metro will be open an hour lat to help get you home from the game. it will stay open until 1:00 a.m. metro will put more trains into service tonight to handle the crowds. a power otage in the cowboys game delayed the game yesterday. it was played at the new meadowlands stadium. a generator blew, knocking out power to the stadium. cowboys dominated the game days after firing their head coach. the final, 33-20. wboys got a win. capitals showed why they're one of the big defensive powers.
5:25 am
they went on a tear in the first period, scoring three goals before the first intermission. in the third period, defenseman rips one into the left-hand of the net to give the caps the win. they beat the thrashers, 6-4. caps defenseman scored in each of the lasteight games. >> they are red hot. >> yes. indeed. that's good. >> 5:35. coming up, higher learning means bigger paychecks. skyrocketing salaries of college presidents >> and the post office's plana
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♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ greeting cards may say no postage necessary. u.s. postal service wants to put pre-printed postage on envelopes. first they have to work out a deal with card companies. rerts that michelle rhee is being sought by the state of florida. rhee announced she was stepping down.
5:29 am
now thet. petersburg times is reporting that florida governor elect rick scott is looking at rhee to lead the state's new education commission. a source close to rhee told the paper she is, quote, considering all options at this time. >> well, the cost of putting your child through college increases so are college president's. 30 received more than a million dollars in pay and benefits in 2008. the highest paid is lander. he died at the age of 94. at the time of his death he was set to receive $5 million in compensation. steven knapp of george washington made $985,000. georgetown's john dejoya made $900,000 in 2008. president of johns hopkins william brody de $850,000.
5:30 am
american university made $760,000. and howard's president sidney ruboe made $385,000 in 2008. former president bill clinton is makg his acting debut. check out pictures from tsome z yesterday in thailand. bill clinton on the left playing himself in the hangover 2. he shot his brief appearance in bangkok where he was delivering a speech on clean energy. >> a challenge. i think he's probably up to it. >> stay with us now. the news continues at 5:30. fighting the fog. it could be a slow commute. when the soupy stuff will clear out. plus, back to work. what's next for jk johnson this morning after being arrested by federal agents. >> and meet and greet. this morning an influx of new
5:31 am
congressmen and women begin the ropes as a lame duck congress reconvenes. welcome back to monday, the 15th day of november. the new congress folks should know that thing in the middle of the screen is the washington monument. that's what we call it. the thing on the right is the jefferson memorial. >> thank you for that. even though you can't see it pause of all the soiness out there. >> the washington monument is not sinking into the froupd. we ha ground. we have low clouds and fog. arlington county, upper 40s in washington. near 50 by the bay. and in montgomery and fairfax, low 40s. we have patchy dense fog. watch out for that. reducing visibilities a quarter mile. illy morning but no subfreezing temperatures from the mountains all the way to the lick beaches. and the view from space showing a few areas of low cloudiness
5:32 am
across northern virgia. that fog should break up in the next, oh, about three hours or so perhaps by mid morning. partly cloudy after that. temperatures should climb into the low 60s by midafternoon. sunrise 6:51. sunset at 4:54. and we'll take a look at tonight into tomorrow. that will be coming up in ten minutes. how is the traffic, jerry? sampling inbound on 66. picking u vol. starting to see a few brake lights. haven't had any incints to report on in. pop over and check out the beltway. prince george's county. accident near landover road. should be out of the roadway. another on on connecticut avenue. that, too, has been cleared fro traffic. one more stop into the district or out of the district. both directions between rosslyn andgeorgetown. out to e rails we go. still very quiet. metro, vre and mark. joe, eun. >> thank you, jerry.
5:33 am
>> jack johnson is headed ba to work after being arrested friday and charged with several charges. his successor county executive baker isxpected to hold a press conference later today. >> we are committed to putting an end to public officials who dishor their office by accepting bribes in exchange for favorable treatment. >> when the facts are revealed i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> once again, jack johnson and his wife were let out of their home on friday in handcuffs. baker is expected to hold a press conference later this afternoon to comment on these comments. here's a live look athe
5:34 am
capitol shroud indeed fog. 100 newly elected and house and senate members will arrive to learn e rules of the job ahead. however, two democratic senators will be sworn in right away as congress returns for the lame duck session. kimberly suiters is live with a preview. kimberly, good morning. >> good morning. the senators from west virginia and delaware. freshman orientation more than 100 newly elected members of congress coming on the hill. they'll be learning the rules, how not to get lost, how to run an office. in the meantime, the rest of congress will look at unfinished spending bills to avd a government shutdown. also they will be looking at an extension of unemployment benefits and maybe allowing gays to serve openly in the military. but the biggest issue, acting on the bush-era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. they want to tax those making $200,000 or more.
5:35 am
the dpop might be willing to work with the president on a short-term extension of tax cuts for the weight yeft americans while a broader cut is me permanent. >> there's no bend on the permanent extension of tax cuts for the weight yeft americans. >> that's all we could get out of the president. and he is the president. so wll work with him on that. >> lame duck sessions earn their name because they tend to be unpopular and unproductive. members will work for a week and break for thanksgiving and reconvene before the job is done or andoned. the gop looking to january when they te control of the house. >> kimberly, thank you. also today, the ethics trial of charles rangel is expected to begin. he is charged with 13 violations, including failure to reporting income froa dominican republic villa. he stepped down from the ways and means committee. the house ethics committee will hold the trial. he said he's not guilty of any ethics violations anhe will
5:36 am
represent mself. the man accused of killing chandra levy could take the stand in his own murder trial this week. last week prosecutors dropped one sexual assault charge and one of the three murder charges against guandique and then rested their case. one of guandique's former cell mates is expected to testify for the defense. someone left an hours old little girl outside st. raond's 6:00 sunday, just before early mass. she was wrapped in towels inside a gym bag and still had her umbilical cord attached. ctors say she was healt and born at fu term. church members said they're glad the mother picked a safe place to leave the baby.
5:37 am
police are worried the mother may need medical attention since she probably did not see a doct at the time of delivery. a traffic alertor drivers in the district. today federal and local officials are expected to announce a major construction project for the 17th street levee. crews will be replacing the old levee that was built back in the late 1930s. the nulevee will reduce the risk of flooding nar monuments downtown. it's not clear when that construction would begin. >> formore than 30 years, donny simpson dominated morning radio in washington. since signing off, many people have been wondering what this radio legend is up . simpson said he now spends every day on a golf course. he decided to leav his job back in january after being fed up
5:38 am
with the new mandated less creative reduce of the radio business, he said. after all those ars, you have to wonder if he miss it. >> i do not miss doing the show. i don't miss that stage. i don't feel like i have to have that. i guess i just feel like, you know, i had so many years of doing it. >> in addition to play dpogolf, simpson enjoys learning italian and updating his facebook page. we have a complete interview coming up at 6:18. sitting there in those chairs by the water looks like he's living what they call "the life". >> looks good. >> why the world fail has been banned at one local school. >> listen up. if your job is stressing you out the effects could be far worse than you even know. >> and it's a foggy morning. tough to see in many places.
5:39 am
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones on this monday morning. 5:41. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we have patchy dense fog. watch out for that in the suburbs. 40s around the region. highs today into the low 60s. and part cloudy.
5:42 am
cloudy tonight. dry for the skins game. rain likely from tomorrow morning off and on throug tuesday, tuesday night. drying out o wednesday. and thursday mostly cloudy and chilly. friday, saturday, sunday in ten minutes. >> tom, we'll head over and start things from the north along i-270. the fog rolling in as you head south from uana headed to germantown. visibility dropping a little bit. heads-up for that. good news, no hangups. beltway, south of town, pardon the blurry camera. outer loop, van dorn street, accident. a tractor trailer and a couple cars. trng to get some more information. rye now it appears everything will be along the far right side of the roadway. we'll head out and update you, let you know how things are doing. metro, vre, no issues. camden 841, 18 minutes behind schedule. >> jerry, thank you.
5:43 am
>> thanks a lot. 5:42 is the time. still ahead, who is sticking up for the controversial body scanners. plus -- >> i hear the glass start breaking. so i ran to my room and grabbed my shotgun. >> also a local man opened fire on someone he thought was breaking into his holy. why police say it may have bn a misunderstanding. why metro is not alone in deal
5:44 am
>>after the break, monday night visional showdown with more than just
5:45 am
5:4 prince george's county executive jack johnson is expected to head back to work today. he and his wife were arrested and charged with tampering with
5:46 am
evidence. johnson is still on the job for another through three weeks before baker takes over >> today members of congress return to capitol hill for a lame duck session. the bush era tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year if congress doesn't act. police are looking for the mother whose baby was found in the parking lot of a church. the baby is now in good condition. it is back to work tonight for the redskins. beeve it or not, the redskins are undefeated. their undefeated record is on the line. we know not their overall record but the skins have notlost a game to the nfc east opponent yet this season. it's mcnabb's second game against his former team. a second win against the eagles could be a big momentum boost. but the eagles are carrying confidence. last week they upset the colts.
5:47 am
game kicks off from fedex field 8:30 tonight. tro will be open one hour later tonight. trains will run into 1:00 a.m. and more trains will be put in service to handle the crowd. metro's escalator mess. remember the accident that injured several people a few weeks ago? news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live with more on this. good morning, meg. >> good morning, joe. these incidents have focused attention on the particular model of escalator known as the westinghouse modular 100. there have been problems not just in washington but other transit systems as well. as far as back as 1980, the
5:48 am
department of transportation identified problems with the handrail system. on new year's eve back in 2007 there was a similar accident in atlanta where an escalator accelerated throng people to the ground. of course that's what happened at the l'enfant plaza. it shows the brakes on the escalator failed causing it to accelerate and throwing them down to the bottom of the escalator. now according to transpoation experts the modular escalators, this kind of an escalator requires more maintenance. and the interim general manager said the system has basically suffered. >> it's pretty inconvenient, yeah. >> big problem? >> big problem. metro needs to do something about it. we have enough accidents on metro as it already is. >> everybody agrees safety has to be the priority. escalators need to be fixed and safe so people don't get hurt on them. metro has 588 escalators in the system. all of them are beinginspected. nearly 120 are currently out of service for repairs.
5:49 am
now this apparently this kind of escalator requires more maintenance work than otr systems. metro's general manager has admitted to the maintenance program with the escalator system has not been up to par. that's something they're working on. pack to you, joe. >> megan mcgrath reporting live. thanks very much, megan. >> a n said he shot another man trying to get into his apartment in self-defense. it happened on muddy branch road in gaithersburg. the resident says, fearing for his life, he tooaction. >> i gave a verbal warning not to enter the household. they kept trying to come in. i fired one shot to the bottom right corner of the window, hoping to scare him off but i actually did, in fact, hit the person. >> the victim was taken to the hospital and is okay. the victim thought he was
5:50 am
breaking into his own apartment. so far no charges have been filed. officers say two people driving a black honda del sol convertible have been shooting windshields with a bb gun. anyone with any information is asked to call the police. >> this morning an emotional plea from a northern virginia family in hopes that someone will return tore dog. normally someone is always at their home but they left for the day last thursday. they came home to find their yorkshire trrier shadow gone. the owners kn they accidentally left a patio door unlocked but believe someone stole shadow becae there was no way for him to esca on his own. they just hope they have a change of heart. >> i'm just hoping that, you
5:51 am
know, we'll have that miracle. >> the family filed a police report, passed out flyers in the neighborhood and posted an ad about their lost dog on craigslist. nothing se inside the home is missing. cell phone video pointed at the ceiling of an airport may not be the best quality but there's a privacy debate over full body scanners. u're about to hear a con frako t confrontation a man had with tsa agents this weekend. that video captured on saturday is viral on the internet. john tyner posted it in a blog. he said he refused to go through a body scanner at san diego international airport, then turned down a full body pat-down. that would have includ a groin check, he says. he said he was about to leave the airport whenuthorities told him he still had to go through the screening even though he was leaving or he
5:52 am
would face a civil suit. as some people are expressing concern about the privacy and safetyf body scanners, janet that napolitano says passengers should not be worried. she wrote an opinion piece in "usa today" this weekend writing that scanners we independently tested by the food and drug administration, e national institutes of standards and technology and the johns hopkins university applied physics laboratory. >> viblth under quter mile. that plus the deer being active this time of year. watch out. certainly a deer hazard with lowered visibility. it's a chilly morning. down near 40 in the suburbs and rural areas. in washington and near the bay. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. mid-40s western maryland and west virginia. they had a few passing showers. a fewprinkles into pennsylvania. now ju a few sprinkles in northeastern pennsylvania. low clouds hanging in across
5:53 am
northern virginia, the district and ryland. patchy dense fog as well. clear skies starting off this morning in southern virginia, parts of southern west virginia, the carolinas. it should move in by mid morni and clear things out a bit. cloudy the next couple hours. watch out. it will be in the low tomid-40s here the next few hours. looks like it will be mostly sunny, early to midafternoon. clouding up by sunset. sunrise at 6:51. kickoff 8:30. should be in the low 50s by then with a light northeasterly breeze. predawn hours tomorrow, light rain. cloudy start to tuesday. light rain that you know esday, tuesdaynight. highs mid-50s. sun back wednesday. highs mid-six. mostly cloudy, breezy and chilly
5:54 am
on thursday. friday, saturday, sunday, chilly but sunny. breaking news with what we are told is aajor accident. pardon the blurry camera. van dorn and eisenhower. latest uptate is two tractor trailers and several cars. fire department and rescue crews to the scene. we have a big science on the way. one lane is getting by. delays will begin leaving the spngfield interchange trying to headn the outer loop to eisenhower to telegraph road. elsewhere this morning, other issue is the fog. keep your distance. keep your eyes open. be very cautious. out on the rails,so far so good. metro and vre. camden 841, 26 minutes behind
5:55 am
schedule. joe? >> thank you very much jerry. virgia state police will be out making sure everyone is wearing their seatbelts this week. officers will be participating in a click it or ticket campaign. it is a secondary offense in virginia. tickets are $25. one day you may not need to go searching for a stamp to mail holiday and birtay cards. they want to put prepaid postage on greeting cards. first it has to work on a deal with cardmakers. this could mean one less trip to the post office and help the postal service regain lost business. prepaid postage test could last two years consumer alert. there's a turkey recall out this morning. check your refrigerator for ready-to-eat smoked turkey from new brunsfels smokehouse. the company recalled the products because they may be
5:56 am
contaminated with listeria. the turkey items were produced august 4th and distributed nationwide. >> attention working women, there's a new studyout that shows having a stressful job can have serious effects on your health. 17,000 working women particated in the study. the ruts show women at demanding job with little growth potential increased their risk for heart problems, including heart attack and early death sometimes by as much as 40%. a result that a lead researcher says can have a major impact on the entire workforce. >> women occupy 50% of the u.s. workforce. there's very little prospective on long-term research looking at strain and cardiovascular research. first, figure out how to work some exercise into our schedule. the benefits of physical activity on the heart have long
5:57 am
been proven. second, boost your social support system. some fairfax county students will no longer have to worry about get an f on thr report card. according to the "washington post," the high school is doing away with failing grades. instead, students who fail will get an incomplete and get a chance to improve their grade. if they don't complete the wor they will eventually fail. some critics say it gives students less tivation to succeed the first time. the school's principal said it is a way help struggling students. a first from facebook. what they will launch today. also ahead at 6:00 a.m., reports of another j offer from d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee. where she could be headed next >> a quick look outside. it's foggy out there. weather and
5:58 am
5:59 am