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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 16, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it's just that time. that's what people saybout couples. >> i thought he may have thought about it, but it was a total shock when it came. i'm very excited. >> the wait is over. royal watchers around the world celebrated the british royal family announc the engagement of prince william to kate middleton. kate is wearing the sameing princess diana wore when she became engaged to prince charles. the beaming couple made it official today before flashbulbs and eager reporters. >> the media waited eight long years for their cinderella story. prince william and hislong time girlfriend kate middleton are engaged. >> they expect to marry this spring or summer. nothe latest from london. >> reporter: after more than eight years of waiting in the
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wings. the woman who stole the hearts of the future king of england is finally getting to take center stage. today prince william and kate middleton posed for their first official photograph with the engagement ring. it's not the first time we saw the ring itself, it used to belong to ana. >> it was my mother's engagement ring. she's not going to be around to enjoy the fun and excitement. this is my way of keeping her volved in things. >> he month posed to her last month in kenya. they managed to keep it quiet until now. the families are very happy. >> we're absolutely delighted by
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today's announcement. >> this has been a fairy tale romance from the beginning wh kate first met william more than eight years ago. now, they're finally getting a chance to enjoy their fairy tale wedding here i london next year, which will be watched by hundreds of millions of people all around the world. nbc news, buckingham palace in london. >> around town, pretty much everyone knows about the engagement now. >> tom sherwood caught up with folks here who had plenty to say about it. >> i think it's a great thing. >> why? >> i think it's -- it takes a lot toe a child of royalty, and i think they -- i respect her, i think it's a big job to take on. >> well, i think it's great. i wish them all the bes and good fortune. and i'm kind of excited that they got engaged in kenya. why not? >> i think it's wonderful.
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>> why? why should we even cae? >> we shouldn't but we do. >> should we care what kind of dress she wears? >> no, no. it's her choice, let her choose what she wants. you're only young once. >> there are some strong parallels and strong contrasts between kate middleton and prince william's mother. >> penny marshall from itn has more. >> reporter: the waiting is over. and kate middleton, so long a princess in the wings must now take to the royal center stage. and that means facing the world cameras. coming out of the shadows that the fiancee of a future king. it's the sort of pressure only one other woman could have possibly understood. at 19, lady diana spencer was younger than kate when she became engaged to prince
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charles. like kate, though, she came from an aristocratic background. >> this is one i took at windsor castle. >> reporter: edwards has been filming the royals for generations, taking some of the most famous shots of diana. he predicts kate will be compared to diana and generate as much not more public interest. >> this will be nothing compared to diana. this will be a story everyone will want to cover, because it will energize the royal family and -- >> but for her personally. >> of course. i'm sure she's been couelled on this. i'm sure she's sat down with prince charles and other members of the royal family and talked about this. >> appreciation access to kate has been restrictive, preengagement limited mostly to long lens photos.
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all that will change. claua joseph, kate's biographer says she has the potential to do good. >> i think she has all the characteristics to be a people's princess, but a much more modern one. she's not as young as princess diana s when she walked down the aisle. she's olde wiser, more educated. and more cerebral. and i think she'll make the role very much her own. >> reporter: kate's also entering a family which is older and perhaps a little wiser than it was when so much was expect of the last world princess. this future princess has a fiancee who will support her and with whom she has a great deal in common. prince william can now look back with love to his mother just as he looks forward to auture with his wife. pennmarshall, itn news. >> what can we expect at the wedding? a report from london coming up
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about whato expect, what will be the biggest wedding since prince charles married princess diana 29 years ago. on this dayafter nothing to celebrate, one word to deribe last night's football game, humiliating, embarrassing, terrible works too. the eagles scored on the first play of the game, an 88-yard touchdown pass from michael vick. the redskins were victimized. vick threw four touchdownsand ran for another two. the final score 59-28. after the game, the players didn't have much to say or know what had happened. >> we put up 60 points. felt like somebody was playing the video game i did. it felt like a video game score. it's unbelievable. >> we got whooped. >> i'm embarrass, you know. a game that, again with, everything that was kind of tied into it, you know, the way the
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thing just went and snowballed in the wrong direction. it's just an embarrassment. >> it was ugly, much like our weather. lindy will have coach shanahan's reaction, and she also has lunch with mcnabb's wife and chris cooley's wife coming up at 5:00 tonight. you'll want to stay with us for that. the weather has been as miserable today as the game was last night. >> is there any end in sight? veronica johnn has your first forecast now. what about it veronica? >> there is an end in sight, guys. pretty lousy weather today. just likthat game. and today, cloud cover, overcast skies, dreary conditions. and boy, plenty messy getting around today. hope you've been having a good day despite the weather. 42/100 of an inch of rain, that's h much we received over the last 24 hours. today's wind out of the east at 10 miles per hour. i'm going to put the emphasis now on the wind. that's really going to be the
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big story tomorrow behind this weather system. take a look throughout the area, more widespread rain from that area. louden county, through prince william county. stafford is off to the east. the rain starts to break up to the areas down around the south and west of culpepper, things will be tapering off during the overnight period. 58 degrees is your temperature right now. indian head just to the south of us, east 57 degrees for you. 59 in st. mary's. other locaons running about 55 degrees. the neighborhoods of kensington and around franconia. we have showers that will go past midnight. th'll gelighter and lighter. 52 your temperature for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. i think there will be pockets of fog tomorrow night. it will quickly scour out the fog. it's a dreary and wet evening for you on your past forecast. the rain endg probably shortly after midnight. and gusty and a chilly day awaits us for tomorrow. we'll take a look at the details
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with it in a few minutes. after more than three weeks of testimony, jurors heard closing arguments today in the chandra levy murder trial. they cou start delivering the case as early as this afternoon. ingmar guandique is on tal for killing levy. her death fits the pattern of two other assaults committed by guandique in rock creek park where her remains were found. they asked the ry to find him guilty. later the defense argued the lack of evidence points to guandique's innocence. there were no eyewitnesss and there's no dna linking guandique to levy. >>a tourist discovery may provide fresh evidence in the case of natalee holloway. officials are testing a bone fragment found on the beach of aruba to see if it's hers. it's not known when the test
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will be ready. holloway was 18 when she disappeared in 2005 while on a high school graduation trip. if the bone turns out to be hers, it would be the fit concrete evidence of her death. yoren van der sloot is the last person seen with holloway and is the prime suspect in her disappearance. he's in peru facing murder charges in another case. today the president gave a surviving soldier the military's top award. the medal of honor. the selflessness the recipient displayed on the battlefield in afghanistan was also on diplay at the white house today. kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: even with the medal of honor around his neck. the staff sergeant is humbled. he says he wears the award but did not earn it alone. >> i know a lot braver peoe than me. i'm just one of many. >> reporter: on that day in afghanistan's koran gall valley,
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there was nothing mediocre about his bravery. >> it was an ambush so close that the crackthrough the gun and the whiz of the bulg w bulee simuaneous. >>e drug a wounded staff sergeant away. >> he never broke stride. he leapt forward, took aim, he killed one of the insurgents and wounded the other who ran off. >> reporter: junta rescued brennan who later died as did hugo mendo. >> both of them gave everything. every single tomorrow they'll have they gave for their country that night. >> reporter: in a ceremony at the white house. >> i'm going to go off script here for a second and just say, i really like this guy. >> reporter: the young sergeant became the first living medal of honor recipient since the vietnam war. an honor bestowed on few, this
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time shared with many. >> i would give this back in a second to have my friends with me right now. >> reporter: those who were with sergeant junta that night, never far from his heart. right where the medal of honor rests. there has a been a call for more medal of honor for today's wars. almost 250 were awarded for the vietnam war. >> brian williams' interview with staff sergeant junta is coming up at 7:00 on "nightly news." a hollywood actor is ready for his return to the wte house. the stunning announcement that apple couldn't wait to share. a 10-year itunes battle is over. things you don't do walking down the aisle.
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one bre found out. who should be "time's" person of the year. the list of 25 candidates is out.
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not as planned or practiced. what a way to make an entrance. you may recognize that song playing in the background. it was heard in a youtube sensation. this one hasone viral. but one was choreographed to perfection. that hurts. and then there's the embarrassment hurt. that's a hea of hurt. >> yeah, he lost his footing. >> he did. >> let's hope the marriage is more stable than that. >> yeah, stable. >> well, for the first time ever, some of the most popular music in history will be available for downloading. >> apple's itunes have finally been able to come to terms with the beatles. mark barger reports on the f four's foray into digital downloads. >> ladies and gentlemen, the beatles. >> reporter: the first wave of
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beatlemania sold millions of albums. >> the beatles are the holy grail of holdouts for bands who still haven't p their music in the digital space. >> reporter: that deal ended today. >> all these kids who are going to itunes regularly, they're going to be marketed too, right? they're going to see this giant splash of beatles attention being paid. and i think it's probably going to lead some new fans to the beatles catalog. >> that new audience could not only boost apple's music business, but also spur its hardware sales as well. >> the beatles contentith the imagery from their album cors, with the rich video from their concerts that makes you really want to see that on a screen, perhaps like the ipad so you is can carry it around and show it to your friends. >> reporter: until n, legal wrangling has conspired to keep the music out of the digital
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realm. ♪ >> reporter: nevertheless, the group's popularity endured. >> only eminem out sold the beatles for the entire decade. >> reporter: now the group's winding road to the digital world could ensure their popularity for decades to come. >> apple says it will cost $1.29 to download a single song. $12.99 for a single album. the company's also selling a special digital box set that includes a 41 minute movie of the beatles first u.s. concert. that sells for 149 bucks. garth brooks, kid rock and cdc are among other notable musicians who have not yet entered the digital age. some people in the district last night got a chanceto see the new "harry potter" movie. it was shown on a theater scrn
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on connecticut avenue. it's the second to last film in the series. the movie opens nationwide at midnight thursday. the biggest loser has lost a few dozen members of its production crew. >> because they are walking a picket line. about 50 people who work behind the scenes on the biggest loser are on strike. their picket line is outside the ranch in southern california where the nbc show is filmed. the strikers want to join a union. but three production companies involved in working on the series are refusing to sign the union contract. th say they already pay above union scale. actor cal penn is making a return trip to the white house. >>e left to film the third installment of "harold & kumar" films. he's been rehired to his job at
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the office of public engagement. he it will once again serve as a liaison for those in the asian-american and pacific island communities. "time" magazine released its 2010 candidates for person of the year, candidates include mark zuckerberg, president obama, and former alaska governor sarah palin. some other notables on the list include th recently rescued chilean miners, the unemployed american and comedian jon stewart and steven cobert on the list together. we put a link on to vote. but "time's" editor's get the final say. >> you only get one. veronica talks about more rain. also ahead, a new list of the best airports to head to this holiday season. and the worst. and the former flight
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attendant steven slater has a new job. already, find out what he's pitching now.
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we've had a really wet day. and it was a really wet night. >> that it was ppt rain sta. the rain started about 10:00, 11:00 p.m. last night. we were chaing about the winds gusting between 30 and 350 miles an hour tomorrow that could be enough to take down a tree or two in the area and cause trouble. out there today, folks getting around with their rain gear and umbrellas. good news, today we have not seen any flooding across the ar. the water levels could be rising. talking about areas like old town alexandria where sometimes we get a few problems 58 is your temperature right now. total amounts that we got over the last 24 hours. 42/100 of an inch of rain at national. a lot more spots to the west of us. right now we have the line of rain up to hagerstown. this is where it's raining pretty good.
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the area's in green. things are going to be tapering off here as we go through the evening hours. rockville, silver spring, alex andrea, lookg at rain coming down. right around the beltway now. right now, a little bit of a break, and more of a break as we get into areas of southwestern virginia where things are already starting to come to a end. look at this, the third of an inch of rain around prince georges county. amounts were a lot higher. fairfax, over an inch of rain. closer to an inch and a half there in culpepper. chantilly, virginia, your amounts toda storm total over an inch, but today alone. 94/100 of an inch, and it's been on the chilly side too. little higher temperatures tomorrow, but with wind that will make it feel almost cold. you folks in bristow, virginia, there will be some pockets of fog. i think developing, still hanging on in those areas off to our west. then tomorrow morning when the wind picks up, we're going to
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lose that fog, 52 to 53 degrees. an expansive area of moisture coming out of the south. can you see the heavier rain over ohio areas, western kentucky. that's where the low pressure system is, it's moving off to the west of us. pretty windy staing early tomorrow where we could see some gusts to 30 and 35 miles per hour. we're going to lose the wind for thursday. but i think we could have clouds roting through. areas out west, down to the south. you're under a wind advisory. the gusts could be closer to 50 miles an hour. windy tomorrow moning. 49 to 52 degrees. the hig tomorrow about 64. quick look at your four-day forecast. we're dry going into the first part of the weekend. coming up, we'll take a snk peak at the pattern for thanks giving week. >> all right. >> all right. we all -- >> you have to --
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>> thanks, veronica. coming up next at 4:30, a popular bus from d.c. to new yo is expanding to another city. local pilots protest outside reagan national airport, we'll tell you where. do you buy your pets' medicines online? the hidden dangers you need to know about.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00 p.m. i'm pat lawson muse. >> here's what's making new right now. prince william and kate middleton announced they are officially engaged after an eight-year couship. they expect to wed in the spring and summer if the sapphire and diamond ring kate is wearing looks familiar, it's t same ring diana wore. he gave the ring to kate to ensure his mother didn't miss out on today. sal junta has been awarded with the military's top award, the medal of honor. he put himself in the line of fire to help two of his comrades. he's the first surviving soldier to get the medal since the vietnam war. jurors heard closing arguments in thehandra levy murder trial.
4:31 pm
they could begin deliberating the case this afternoon. ingmar guandique is accused of killing levy in 2001. stocks took a tumble today as investors focused on the european union's efforts to address debt in ireland and inflation in china. the dow jones fell more than 178 points. the nasdaq was off 44 points and the s&p 500 ended the day o 19. your plans are probably already in place for traveling next week for thanksgiving, aaa put out a plea today for travelers to be patient next week, because it's going to be very, very busy out there. its annual forecast for thanksgiving travel was released today and chris clackum has details. >> reporter: not even gas prices, 20 cents a gallon higher than last year or an economy at's still sputtering are expected to keep americans from traveling this thanksgiving. >> after two slow years, the forecast for thanksgiving is bright. >> bright indeed. aaa expects a big jump in travel
4:32 pm
this thanksgiving over last that will likely result in crowded roads and airports. >> you know, it's the holidays, you want to go see your family. you sacrifice a little bit early in the year so you is can get to go. >> reporter: over 80% of us, whether we can afford to or not will drive or fly on average about 800 miles round trip starting next wednesday just to be with family on the day of thanks. >> when purse strings and heartstrgs compete in a tug of war, pecially at that time of year, the heart wins out. >> triple a also expects new screening rules athe airport will make the boarding process slower. the advise for all travelers, don't forget to pack some patience. chris clackum, nbc news. >> some airports make life a little easier on travelers, and a few may make life a little worse. >> the daily beast is out with
4:33 pm
its best and worst airports. at the top of the best list column, phoenix sky harbor international airport. arrivals and departures are on time 80% of the time. it was followed by seattle/tacoma international airpor >> worst for a second year running was newark, liberty international. which didn't get the lowest marks in any one area. itmedaled in the all around category. following it were miami, international and jfk. >> miami gets my vote. dozens of pilots held a proceed test outside reagan national airport this afternoon. the pilots association organized the picket on behalf of usairways pilots. severe turbulence ahead, contract now. the association believes usairways has been deliberately slowing down contract negotiations for pilotssince 2005. the airline the group says has
4:34 pm
hit the highest third quarter earnings in history, yetilots are the lowest paidompare to other major airlines. a usairways spokesperson said negotiations are ongoing and the protests are not interfering with any flights. steven slater made headlines for the way he quit his job, now the form per jet blue ight attendant is using his flair for the dramatic to determine which of your outrageous travel stories is the craziest. the mile high text club contest. participants can submit their most outrageousravel stories. the company that makes the app says texting while flying is a way to curb loud voice calls. a discount bus service that operates trips out of washington is expanding from three cities to 13 starting december 15th. it will serve baltimore, boston,
4:35 pm
buffalo, charlotte, hampton, harrisburg, knoxville, new york cityphiladelphia, pittsburgh, raliegh/durham and toronto. >> big demand for it everywhere now. it was a rou ride in, and a nasty coute home on the beltway. >> let's get the latest from the roads from ashley linder in the news 4 travel network -- tffic network. >> it is really nasty out there. the weather, we typically do not do well with rain around this area, and today certainly no exception. let's take a look at the capital beltway, it's a little early for delays to be this substantial. here we have it. the inner loop is jammed from the dulles toll road. let's take a trip around the capitol beltway, see what's going on. the slow pace continues. the lights are continuing into virginia.
4:36 pm
taillights are making their way over toward bethesda into silver springs. delays do continue over toward connecticut avenue on both sides of the beltway. that toe truck is not responding to an accident on the outer loop of connecticut. these delays continue through college park, headed over around toward 95, pretty much no real escape from it, but we do have a little bit of good news around the region. not too bad here, we have a major problem, eastund after hunter mill. two right lanes are closed. a truck went into an overpass and damaged the bridge. they're doing some emergency repairs and that's causing big headaches on the dulles ll road eastbound. expect delays there. but as you can see here, out toward the airport, you're okay. back up to cruising sed. pat and jim, back to you. >> thanks. there's more to come at 4:00. the fbi received a bomb threat and closes down a university in the midwest. the dream vacation for
4:37 pm
thousands more travelers is ruined thanks to that cruise
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4:39 pm
security officials say nothing has turned up after a bomb threat at one of the nation's largest universities. three labs and the library was evacuated at ohio state university today. the fbi says a threat was sent
4:40 pm
to their washington headquarters. the source of the threatas not been identified. students and faculty members were alerted by a text message to keep out othe buildings until 5:00 this evening. this is week three in t elizabeth smart trial and attorneys have started making their case to defend her accused kidnapper. the defense called its first witness today, brian david mitchell is charged with kidnapping smart when sheas 14 and holding her captive for 9 months. a religious leader from one of mitchell's former churches was called to the stand today. he faces life in prison. the operator of the carnival cruise ship that was stranded in the pacific last week says it will be out of service until january. last week fire broke out in the engine room, cutting power to the carnival splendor. 4500 passengers and crew members
4:41 pm
were without ac and hot meals for several ys. they cancelled nine voyages for the ship until january. anyone who booked one of those trips will get refun. the cause of the fire is still under investigatio when we come right back at 4:00, the dangers of buying medicine for your pets online. the groundbreaking kicks off for the president george w. bush presidential center. [ man ] are yoawarethat vers fiber optics to your home
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if you ve a pet, you know how expensive pet medicine can be. to save money a lot ofolks are turning to the internet. but have you to be really careful what you buy online. ♪ >> reporter: like many older dogs, daphne who's 14 years old, takes about 8 medications a day. to save money, her owner shops around and bought medicine online. >> she could have died. on each one the label was taken off that had the expiration date on it. >> this is something the fda is very concern about. >> daphne's medicine had expired. dr. louise murray is president of the bird memorial animal hospital at the aspca. >> the medication may be expired, counterfeit. >> reporter: comparison shopping
4:45 pm
for pet medicines on the web is mo common. >> they're a little cheaper than the vet. >> one thing the fda says, if it seems too good to b true, in terms the price, probably is. >> reporter: how do you know which website s to the trust? you should go with nationally known sites like 1-800 pet-meds. or check with your vet about. >> when searching on line, beware of certain red flags. >> if there's no physical adjunct for that armacy, you should be suspicious. >> i stick to one company i know, i've always had good experiences wi. >> reporter: these days, bonnie orders medicine from a different website, and daphne is back in good heah. >> they may not be the least expensive, but it's better than buying it elsewhere. i know their product is good. >> reporter: lynda baquero, news
4:46 pm
4. >> it's messy out there, veronica? it is. take the extra time to wipe the paws off before you bring the dogs inside. wee talking about the trend coming up for thenext couple of weeks here. temperatures, let's take a look at them and see where we are right now. 58 degrees right here in.c. and for the rest of the week, talking about highs, upper 50s to around 60 degrees. wednesday and thursday, and not a big drop in forthe weekend. we'll have highs in the mid-50s. a pattern change, talking about the other side of thanksgiving. so this is thanksgivi weekend, highs closer to 30s and 40s. and you know what that means? any weather system coming along could mean a wintery mess for us. could be. this is not a pinpoint forecast. i'm telling you what the trend is for thanksgiving weekend. it's not our winter forecast either. doug kammerer will have tha coming up in a couple days. a look a our winter and what we can expect. this weekend is going to be a good weekend. i hope you have a good coat or
4:47 pm
find a gd coat for th winter. 58 is the temperature right now, big mess outside, it's chilly, wet and soon it's going to be windy. at least the rain will be out of here by then. for tonight still some pockets of fog around the area. still a little wet. then tomorrow morning, it's going to be windy already. we'll have gusts tomorrow morning about 20 to 25. by the afternoon, about 30 to 35. 62 will be the high temperature tomorrow with the westerly wind. and then 57 degrees on thursday. 52 on friday. sunshine's back, and sunshin will be with us too this weekend. the high on saturday probably running around 55 to 56 on sunday. also sunshine is in the 60s by tuesday next week. >> looks like a cool one on friday. >> starting to trend that way. >> going to start feeling like winter rightuickly. >> turn the switch. >> we'll get ready.
4:48 pm
>> order the oil. >> thanks,veronica. coming up, family and friends keep up hope that police find a family kidnapped almost a week ago. thousands of people attending the groundbreaking for former president george bush's new presidential center. coming up, closing argument notice chandra levy murder trial. we'll have the developments tonight at 5:00. plus, $400,000 in cash stashed in a closet. stay tuned for the sunning developments in the latest corruption scandal to hit prince georges county. some call it blackout in a can. now th fda is takingaim at a popular alcoholic energy drink banned in several states. they're married to famous athletes. lindsay sits down for lunch with the wives of donovan mcnabb and the wives of donovan mcnabb and chris cooley♪ ♪
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[ dad ] yea [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in uall.
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police in italy say they've made the largest drug bust in the last 15 years in the country. 2200 pounds of puerco cane was seized just soh of nape els. it's valued at about $340 million. the drugs were found on a shipping container carrying farm equipment from brazil. the area where the bust happened is notorious for organed crime and drug trafficking. the space shut el mission has been delayed once again.
4:52 pm
nasa fou crack number four in the shuttle's fuel tank. the launch was first halted earlier this month. nasa says a new launch date won't be set until all of the repairs are completed. a special building is about to take shape to honor the nation's 43rd president. a groundbreaking ceremony was held today for the new george w. bush presidential center. it will be located on the grounds of southern methodist university. the president and mrs. bush along with 2,500 donors, friends and former administrion officials will attend the event. the building will include a library, classrooms and a policy institute. >> today's groundbreaking marks the beginning of a journey. we take the first step toward the construction of this presidential center which will be a dynamic hub of ideas and actions base upon timeless
4:53 pm
principles. >> the $137 million center is being built with private donations. it's expected to open in about two years. still ahead on news 4, the latest othe suspect accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl and holding her captive in h apartment.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
today a judge in ohio set bond at a million dollars for
4:56 pm
the man accused of keeping a 13-year-old girl bound and gagged in his basement. police are still searching for the girl's mother, her brother and a family friend. nbc's peter alexanr reports. >> reporter: at a vigil monday night this small ohio community gaered together holding the candles and on to hope. >> it's a tight knit community and it's devastating what's happened. >> a lot of people are scared. >> it's something you never think about happening in this little town. >> with three of theour still missing, sheriff david barber struck a somber tone. >> you just have to be realistic that there's a possibility that these folks are dead. >> the key witness in this case survived the kidnapping. 13-year-old sarah maynard herman's daughter who polic say was found tied up and gagged in the basement of hoffman's home sunday morng.
4:57 pm
investigators prai sarah for her extraordinary courage. >> a 13-year-old girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger. would call her the epitome of bravery. >> the 30-year-old suspect is an ex-con, having served time in prison for arson. hoffman's now bend bars again. and they say not cooperating with detectives. >> he's a weirdo. he has a hammock where he would sit and watch people, he's just different. searchers pulled an abandoned car from a pond. they ler determined that car was unrelated to this crime. earlier investigators recovered suspicious items from a nearby park. but still no sign of a missing three. >> a person sees something, clothing, something out of the ordinary, it could contain evidence that we need to further this iestigation. >> this bizarre mystery began last wednesday when his co-workers became concerned when she hadn't shown up for work.
4:58 pm
the next d, deputies found unusual amounts of blood inside the family home. >> were they all alive when they left that home? the investigation shows that all four of them did not leave by their own choice. >> reporter: investigators say they're reviewing surveillance tape from this walmart where hoffman reportedly bought a tarp. while the search grows, a cruel wait for this entire community and this brave young girl. >> that was peter alexander reporting. the tarp and trash bags were taken from the suspect's home. they're hoping that will help them find the rest of the family. that's news 4 at 4:00, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. closing arguments today in the chandra levy murder trial. jurors could get the case soon. bringing closure to a criminal
4:59 pm
investigation that's captured the public's attention for nearly a decade. it's the home stretch. hello, everybody. >> over the last three weeks, jurors in the chandra levy trial have seen the evidence, heard from a string of witnesses, cell mates, pen pals a former congressman, and soon this high profile case will be in the hands of the jury to deliberate the fate of ingmar guandique. pat colins is live outside d.c. superior court with the latest. >> reporter: strong words today in final arguments as this case moves closer and closer to jury deliberations. holding a large picture of chandra le in her hand, prosecutor amanda haynes faces the jury, and fighting back tears she said, justice is what needs to happen here. juice for this young girl