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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 19, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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upper 20s in some locations. especially in places like fauquier county, prince william, maybe down to the upp 20s. same thing for you folks. we could all be down to 30 degreesful it will be a fairly co night as you make your way out and about and as you make your way out. if you're thinking about heading out fo early soccer game, make sure the kids have on the hats and the gloves. they'll come off after the game for re but make sure you have them if they need them. we've seen temperatures down to the south, upwards of 60 degrees toward parts of. no knoxville, tennessee. 57 was the high in roanoke. 61 in raleigh today and i think some of that warmer air will make its way to our region as
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we make our way through the next couple days as well. that five-day forecast showing temperature on the cool side. aigh of 53. then 63 degrees on monday before a storm system moves in on tuesday. and changes everything. that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. the crime spree may be over for the guy they call the serial burglar. police say they got their man. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> the suspect is 34-year-old brad edmonds. police believe he stole fr some of the most expensive northern virginia neighborhoods. darcy spencer joins us from fairfax with more on the arrest. >> police are saying it was a phone call from a single residence in fairfax county that led to this arrest. she call police, repting a
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suspicious vehicle and it turned out to be the vehicle belonging to the serial burglar. policeay this man, 34-year-old edmos is the elusive serial burglar responsible for some 100 crime in fairfax, prince william and mogomery counties since august. he was finally nabbed this week during a surveillance praying in potomac, maryland. >> those four hours that he was in theneighborod, he committed a residential burglary here. attempted another burglary and broke into several vehicles. detectives gathered enough evidence and made the arrest. >> reporter: they identified him as a suspect earlier this month after a residentreported his olds mobile car in her neighborhood. he was pulled over and given a traffic warning. during a search of his car, police found handwritten addrses in areas where burglaries had occurred. police started following his movements. >> i think it is a person that's very brazen. he was parking, we believe, in
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areas and walking on foot a long way. probably stopping and listening and watching what was going on around him. dress in the probably very dark clothing, obviously, and people were sound asleep 2:00. 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: police say edmonds who has drug and gun convictions has stolen weapons but for the mostart he was after cash when he allegedly broke into homes and cars while the owners were asleep. >> they have a potentially dangous person off the street will our citizens i know ll sleep sounder and safer. we're very proud of that. >> reporter: according to the charging douments, he has been charged previously with burglary. he is currently being held in the montgomery count detention center on a $425,000 bond. he is facing 13 charges as of now in montgomery unty. again, fairfax county does plan to charge him also with the burglaries here in this county themselves say they hope to charge him very soon. reporting live from fairfax, darcy spencer, news4. >> go ahead.
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>> i'm wondering if they're giving you a sense of when they might charge him in fairfax. >> reporter: i interviewed the chief of police. he said he didn't want to give an ect time frame. they're still working the state attorney's office. as you can imagine, it is a huge case. we're dealing wth more than 100 crime that have been happening since august. some are crime where the suspect has gone into home when people were slping. in other cases, he's broken into vehicles. all of this happening in the dead of the night. they have to piece this all together and make sure they can actually prove that he was t person responsible for all these crimes. if you remember during the course of this investigation, there were no witnesses. no one actually saw him committing these crimes. there was no description of him or the vehicle. so police have a lot of work to do to try to actually piece together ts investigatioand make sure they have the right man, if they can prove it. we should mention in the court records, it indicated there were people who have home surveillance video of him.
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but he was wearing dark closeding. he was wearing a mask. so again, no actual description of anyone here in fairfax county. any of the victims sing the suspect or seeing his face. police to have make sure they can prove their case before charges are filed. they do say they hope that will happen sometime soon. >> all right. more to come on this. darcy spencer reporting from fairfax. the assistant d.c. police chief has been placed on administrative leave effective immediately. police chief said grooms has been aused of compromising a test given to members of the d.c. police command staff. and an internal investigation on all that is already underway. the jury in the chandra levy trial has ended its deliberations for the day. they've been dlib rating for thredays now. still, no verdict. late this afternoon, the panel sent the judge a note. pat colonlins is at the d.c.
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superior court house with more. >> reporter: the jury has left the superior court building. they got off to a late start this morning but they made up for with it the working lunch. then they asked the judge for the legal definition of assault. this is way it work. you see, you have to prove an assault in order to prove an attempted kidnapping. if you prove an attempted kidnapping, that gets you to the felony or first-degree murder charge in the case. and that is why the definition of assault is so important here. ingmar guandique, charge in the murder of chandra levy. the skeletal remains of the 24-year-old intern found inock creek park in may of 2002. she had been missing for about a year. this trial has been going on for a month. the deliberations for three days. still no verdict. they are going to try again on monday. jim? >> three days now. what are you hearing from th
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lawyers in terms of whether that is normal or expected or not? >> reporter: well, you know, trials of this consequence prg has been going on for a month, that has been in the making for nine years. it is not unusual to have deliberations that go on for maybe four or five days. but here's the problem. next week is thanksgiving week. so if they let this jury go wednesday, and they have no verdict, third off thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. they have a jury in a deliberative sta, outnd about for four days. and that could be problem attic. >> this never was an ideal case for a prosecutor, was it? >> reporter: no it wasn't. there have been many missteps in this case. there have been searches and search that found nothing when there was something there to found a. there was evidence that has been washed away by the weather. evidence that has been deteriorated by time. and so what turned out to be a
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case here in court, this murder case turned out to be pretty much a circumstantial case with no real hard evidence. no real cause of death. no murder weapon. no dna. no blood. no fingerprints. none of the things that you would expect to find in a real high profile case. >> pat collins at the court houxs appreciate it. >> animal control ficers are looking for a case of hoarding after at least 70 cats were discovered in a house in annandale. it is in the 71 hundr block of village drive. the homeowners say they were running a cat adoption rescue in the house. the investigators say thing just got out of control. julie carey has more on the story. >> reporter: the fairfax county animal control officer say they lost count at 69 counts. when they entered the home to respond to a report have possible animal hoarding. >> that would be great.
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>> reporter: they brut out cage after cage containing cats of every size and color. the home was the headquarters for an animal adoption group called kitty headquarters. now they've declared it uninhabitable. >> conditions are prettbad. the air quality is very unsafe for humans, as well as animal. >> reporter: watching the operation unfold, the home owner, eleanor. her house made and fellow cat rescuer was away at work. the women took cats to nearby pet smart each weekend. >> they said the air quality is horrible and dangerous. and the cats can't live there until the air gets cleaned up. and i've been living there for years. and i don't see anything wrong the air. it is not my choice to make. >> reporter: animal control officers say some of the cats were sick, that a respiratory infect had spread through the colony. they say the women ended up with
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more cats than they could handle. >> people because of the kindness of their hearts, they want to help as many animal as they can. it is very easy to get overwhelmed. >> reporter: neighbors say they never knew so many cats were in the home. >> never been a nuisance for us. i've never heard anyone complain. >> everybody loved them. >> reporter: she is hopeful she'll get some of her beloved cats back. >> you was very worried. that we would not get them back and now they saynce the house gets cleaned up, we can have the cats back. >> reporter:. in control officer say there is a chance eleanor will be able to have pets back in her home again in the future. but they say it is likely a judge will limit the number of cats she can own. >> news4, annandale. >> the home owner has en served with an unfit owner petition. that's a civil charge. she could also face criminal charges. coming up, a verdict in a
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deadly dog park shooting case. cool air coming in. temperatures will dip ito the upper 20s. lower 30s, it is going to be a very cool morning tomorrow. whatbout the rest of the weekend? i'll have it for you in a minute. big temps for the terps. meanwhile down sow, showing the top dog in charleston. the skinefend their defensive sc
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orientation is coming to an end for the lawmaker in january. for all of them today, the message was clear. seniority reigns on capitol hill. the newcomers are left to pick over the crumbs. today it was all about office space. steve handelsman has our report. >> they took a pictur as a team. then 85 incoming house freshmen lawmakers competed for office space. >> number eight. >> reporter: the lower the number, the better. number 85. >> the republican from virginia,
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the biggest loser. colorado republican number one. >> he gets the best of what's left. lawmaker with seniority already have the good offices. congressman-elect from oklahoma and his wife cindy looked at possible picks. some not too small or remote. when it was lottery time, langford, his team was bad. >> mr. langford drew number 72. >> reporter: a bad number and a bad office a the least of your prlem. freshmenave no clout, right? >> freshmen will have clout based on our number and based on the idea. thats the fun of it. we're carrying the ideas of the american people. to say we have no clout is to say americans -- >> reporter: what is the plan right away? >> our null one thing to do is ask thequestion why. >> reporter: mostly on tax and spending? ? on every issue. >> reporter: they say their main issue will be job. >> we have to make re that not only are we actually focused on
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the entire nation, growth and competition will. >> james is focused on settling into his new office. on the top floor of the oldest, least desirable building o capitol hill. >> if his ideas and his personality stand out in a few years, he could move into republican leadership. that's possible up here these days. even with the bad office. news4, capitol hill. >> as for finding a miss to live, some of them say they are feeling sticker shock on the rent that's they see for apartments in this town. one new house member said he planso sleep in his office until can find a like-minded freshman looking for a roommate will. federal authorities say they've thwarted a malaysian hacker. he is accused of trying to sell more than 400,000 stolen credit card numbers. prosecutors say he got into network at the federal reserve. a defense department contract
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and other corporations. if indicted he could face up to ten yes in prison. road work could put a wrench in holiday tral plans. >> and doug returns with a look at the wther. some good news will our big traffic story of the ening it was dulles airport access road. blocked after the serious accident. you're now getting by one. big delays do remain. this is capital beltway. innernd outer loops are jammed. leaving bethesda? it is slow all the way as you make your way into virginia. the slow pace continues. beau sides continue, into virginia. that's the pace. thouter loop is tremendous in the 38 department. those delays d pick up after the toll road and then continuing into virginia. 95 not to be outdone, we're mmed. heavy friday volume into
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newington. after that interesting pace does improve but we're still dealing with big delays through stafford into fredericksburg. ♪ ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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another dramatic rescue in chile today. children were pull from a hole nearly 50 fe deep. they were gathering firewood when they fe in. they could not see it because it was partially covered by
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vegetation. the children are 8, 10, and 11 ars old themselves had some cuts and bruises and bodier line hypothermia but they're all expected to be okay. of course, this brings to mine the last month of the 33 miners in the ground. >> those kids a lucky to be alive. cold out there. you warned us and you were right. chilly and the temperature are really falling. tonight is a friday night and a lot of people going out and about. going to catch a movie. if you go anywhere tonight, make sure you check it because it is down to the 30s in some locations will we're down to 6:00. the temperature today, high temperature at 54. a low of 30. today was the first day below normal in just about two weeks. we've been on a roll over the past two week as far as temperature. yesterday a ttle on the cool side. today, once again, the first day
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below normal in almost two weeks. i think we'll go back above, believe it or not, tomorrow. when it hasn't bn this cool, 48 degrees out there. the winds are calm and skies are clear. that means temperature will plummet in some locations. do to 39 in frederick. down to7 in manassas. it will be a very cool night. 45 in kwanco. down toward lenard town and saint mary's county, 43. here's what we speck for overnight lows. down to 38. 30 in frederick. 31 in martinsburg. around 28 toward warrenton. some areas will be in the upper 20s overnight. saint mary's coming in around 36 degrees. a very chilly saturday morning. and that's because we're going to see those clear skies. clearingkies overnight. allows for any radiation to escape into the atmosphere, allowing for radiational cooling. it then temperature to drop. they'll drop big time.
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high pressure over the area. cool conditions for sure. tomorrow, however, the high will make its way to the south and east. we'll see the cold front makes its way across the area. that will help the temperatures to rise. they will reach the mid to upper 50s during the day to near economy and so locations. that cold front will bring back, guess what. more cool air. as we make our way into the day on sunday. high pressure will settle in. then on monday, high pressure moves off to the south and east and guess what. more mile air come in. a little roller coaster pattern. l in all, the weather will not be too bad. it will be dry for the most part. next week, a completely fferent story. our first taste of winter. here is the current pattern. the jet stream coming across our area keeping the northeast into a coolif not cold area. that's where the warm air is concerned. watch what happens next week. that frontal boundary will colonel through wednesday and thursday will change thing up in a big way. most of the eastern ha of the nation will then be under that
6:24 pm
extremely large area of low pressure. it will be cold, cold, cold next week. and we're talking about places like chicago. like up toward montana. places like that will be well below freezing. some areas near zero. up toward the canadian border. it will be the first day with sunshine and highs only in the 40s. we could be talking about windchills in the 30s during the afternoon. so yes, thanksgiving. we're going to see some big time change. tonight in tomorrow morning, a chilly start. winds out of the southwest at 5 to ten. they've been ver very light. as we make our wayhrough tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. warming up nicely. a nice afternoon. 56 degrees. out of the west, 15 to 20 miles an hour. rir road, unitarian church in bethesda. saturday between 11:00 and 3:00,
6:25 pm
58 degrees. the temperature we're expecting by around the 2:00, 3:00 hour. we'll coinue to see a nice day throughout the afternoon. it will cool off tomorrow night. and then on sun, a high of only 53 degrees. 63 on monday. we'll warm right back up. on tuesday, a high of 68. some areas on tuesday could be near 70 degrees the 30% chance showers late in the day. that's going to lead us to our next storm system that will come in on wednesday. maybe a lot of rain on dnesday. highs in the mid to upper 60s. thursday, a good chance of rain. maybe even some thunderstorm activity will start off maybe around 60 derees. we will drop to about 40 degrees. that may be in the daytime time frame. highs only in the mid to upper 40s. we could be talking about windchills. all day long friday. that is black friday. the will be no place better to be thaa mall. it is going to be cold outside.
6:26 pm
that leads us into winter. speaking of winter, we've got our win forecast. that's coming up on monday at 11:00. it looks like it will come throh. the earliest portion of winter could be wherewe see the most chances for snow and some of the coldest temperatures. i mentioned the finnish bazaar guys? you cannot do it. m not in the studio. >> come now. right away. >> i'm bringing it. >> we'll se you in a few minutes. coming up, protesters calling for justice for the dog that was shot and killed. d speaking
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it's been a week since the shocking arrest of jack johnson and his wife leslie. while the county executive has less than three week left in his term in office, his wife is poised to assume a seat on the county council. >> today another incoming councilmember and two state delegates spoke out about whether leslie johnson should or should not assume her council office. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: the scene one week ago today. county executive jack johnson
6:30 pm
and his wife leslie johnson under arrest on evidence tamping charges after federal agents converged on their home. part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of bribery involving a county developer. today on wtop radio, the politics program, then personally he believes incoming councilmember leslie johnson should now forego taking the seat to which she was elected. >> i hopelessly chooses not to take the oath of office. legally she can. but it would help save prince george's county from further embarrassment. >> reporter: so far there has been no rmer overture to johnson not to assume the seat but franklin said that could change sometime before the inauguration. >> i'm sure that will happen before december 6, yes. >> reporter: two sta delegates so addressed the matter. look at it from this point. suppose she is completely 100% innocent. would you give upour job if there were allegations out there? you have to make a personal decision of dgment. being a constituent know my
6:31 pm
opinion would be the perception out there has done damage >> reporter: no charge against the johnsons have been proven but if leslie johnson did not assume the seat, how would it be viewed? >> they uld be required to conduct a special election. >> reporter: that mean candidates would have to get on the ballot. there would be another primary, then another general election. >> we estimate the cost would be about $400,000 to $600,000. >> reporter: for some, it would be the price for peace of mind and a positive perception about prince george's county going forward. >> there is a better prince george's county coming. we're taking every step we need to take to make sure we have the quality government that's as good and honest as its people. >> reporter: news4. >> the cncil has to officially declare a vacancy before a special election could be held. so far there has been no word from cocilwoman-elect johnson on what her intentions might be. an offduty federal officer has been found guilty of shooting and killing a dog.
6:32 pm
it happened in early august at an anne arundel county dog park. 32-year-old keith shepherd claims he was protecting his own pet from a siberian husky name bear-bear. he sa bear-bear attacked his dog. on the stand today, the brother of bear-bear's owner said no one was in danger. shepherd will be sent to probation for the shooting. three people were hurt when flame ripped through a building that house as church in apartments in northwest d.c. the fire started about 10:30 last night in the 100 block of ken street northwest. two women and a man were rushed to the hospital suffering from oke inhalation. a firefighter twisted his ankle. it clause church on the first floor and apartments on the second. the investigats are still trying to figure out what caused it. west potomac high school is reversing the recentchanges to its grading and cheating licies. last week the school eliminated fs from report cards and said would it allow cheaters to
6:33 pm
retake tests. today the principal said the school would reinstate the fs and he said, west potomac will not tolerate cheing or plagiarism. and anyone caught will receive a zero on the assignment. the change come after intense public scrutiny which the principal called distracting. federal workers will soon have more flexibility to work from home. that could mean less congestion across theusy d.c. commuter roads. the bill has been approved in congress. it was unanimously approved, in fact, by the senate in september. the bill requires federal agencies to set up a program and guidelines. they must become part of agency's emergency weather plan. it is expected to be sign president obama. for years, the delaware toll plaza north of the border has been one of the worst bottleneck
6:34 pm
areas of the northeast. if your plans take you through, there transportation official are warning you ahead of time, the transportation authority said construction on the toll plaza could cause major dela on i-95, ginning tuesday morning and lasting through sunday after thanksgiving. to avoid the traffic, they recommend you time your trip to avoid peak travel hours and easy pass users can take the express lanes. plans to bring four walmart stores to the district are drawing some praise. for bringing jobs and more shopping convenience to the redents of the city. but not everybody thinks the stores will be good for the city. tonight, d.c.'s mayor-elect is weighing in on that. tomherwood reports. >> reporter: this is one of the new uan walmart stores. 80,000 square feet. about half the size of the original big box store. the new wmart like this one that just opened on richmond highway is design to still provide many goods and
6:35 pm
groceries, butt is smaller urban spaces. >> i would drive 20 miles. >> i don't know how they'll fit. >> i'msurprised. >> i love walmart and we have to drive out of d.c. to go to walmart because we don have one in the inner city. >> reporte they announced the machine to open as many as four urban walmarts in the district order the next two years. includinone at this old dealership oneorgia avenue in northwest washington. walmart says it will bring 1,200 jobs and more retail access from many neighborhoods. some retailers who have battled over working conditions say they worry walmart could have a negative effect on the district even if the company is providing jobs. they make a lot of promises about what kind of jobs they have. what kind of commitment they'll make to the communicate. what we've seen in places whe they do actually operate, that is not always the case. >> the d.c. mayor elect vincent
6:36 pm
gray who told the business group friday that creating a bs is his null one goal said he welcomes walmart but wants any company to be fair to its workers. >> this is an opportunity to be in the nation's capital. i'm certain walmart wants to be here as so many do want to in the city. we need to make sure. >> tom sherwood, news4. coming up, a homeless man found more than $3,000 in a bag. >> i knew in my heart is wasn't my money. i [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to inw fresh, delicious cfee in under a minute. way to brew,on. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, includg green mountain coffee. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew.
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[ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. we saw a pretty nice afternoon with men of sunshine. temperatures were below average for the first time in about two weeks. right now, the durant temperature at 48. with clear skies and calm winds, we are going to see temperature fa. and they're already doing so across the area. 37 in manassas. 39 in frederick. sterling at 40 degrees. la pta toward south eastern maryland at 41. clear skies all across the regi. a few clouds trying to stream in. into the day tomorrow. your good night wake-up to about 44 degrees by 9 clog in the city. 43 at 11:00. by 5:00, temrature rising,
6:40 pm
rather falling. by 7:00, i think we'll see men of sunshine and the temperature will rise a little bit. it will be a little warmer day. i'm expecting a nice afternoon on your saturday. sun looking pretty good as well. we do have some cooler temperatures. one more time we'll show you that extend forecast coming up a little later on. it gets very tricky. >> a lot of us headed to the mall early tomorrow morning for that walk to help the homeless. about 30, 40 degrees at start time? >> it will be cold for you. so ke sure you're wearing whatever you have. >> lots of layers. >> wally served up some holiday cheerful he was at bar seven where he gave out almost 100 holiday dinners to families in the area. those include turkey and all the fixings. he said it is important for him to give back to the community.
6:41 pm
>> we know at least one turkey that won't be on the menu this win. the farm breeds the bird traditionally pardoned by the president. handlers chose two of the turkey this is year to present president obama this thanksgiving. the tuey and its vice presidential alternate will be pardon during a ceremony in the rose garden next week. a little college hoops and some college football. who would have thought the maryland terrapins could be the acc champions this year in football. it could happen. and enjoying some southern hospitality. the redskins defend their defense. almost indefensible after monday night.
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i think ey've narrowed it down. clinton portis. and ryan will be out. let the running back shuffle continue. you're looking at me like you dot know how to feel about that. >> i'm not so sure. the impression i got is that he is not near 100%. >> clinton hasn't ful tested the pulled groin. to be honest, he is a little nervous. he practiced. he's been throughout and they think he is good to go. >> they always say game
6:45 pm
conditions are vastly different has not what do you in practice. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens with clinton port and ryan. he missed five games because of that torn groin. but he has been deemed good to go. mike shanahan said today, expected to play against the titans. cp's return is timely since his replacement won't be playing at all of terrain was expected to go last game but he has been battling hal string issues. shanahan has not said how much portis will play but barring setbacks, he will be out there. the defense is coming o a horrendous performance against the eagles. the redskins allowing 415 yards per game which is dead last in the nfl. they've been dead last the entire season. more importantly, this game defense is giving up 25 points per game. that rks 26th in the nfl. so now, nine games in. the 3-4 defense continues to be a work in progress. >> we've been a good defensive for years.
6:46 pm
and now we're learning this game, 3-4. i don't like that we're giving up a lot of yards. i don't like that. i d like the turnovers. i don't make decisions aut what we'll run on defense. at the same time, we have to make it work. i think guys have to tru everody around them. trust the guy next to you. >> i'm not making excuses. we didn't reply well. t's put ithat way. i think we got good football players. we just got beat the first play of the game. >> they came out. they ran a west coast friend. we replied for that. they ran a shovel past. so i'm that making excuses. let's talk the defen. we didn't play well in the game. >> i would love to see the defense go down there and drop the hammer. fortunately, they got a guy named chris johnson, vince young, and they have somebody you may have heard of. randy moss on that offense.
6:47 pm
>> they're seven-point underdogs. tennessee is a very good team d they've lost two in a row. that might make it tougher. much more tomorrow. a special time. 5:00 p.m. here's a snippet of our conversation abo donavan mcnabb's new contract being a win-win for both the redskins and the quarterback. they have control of mcnabb. they can decide whether they want to keep him or let him go. it seem like a good deal. if he plays well, he'll get paid. >> in my opinion, for what happened in detroit. >> doubted they got rep vag repairations? >> that was no money. okay? >> i want to get benches. >> it is not working. you can look at it anyway you want to. it is more than just donavan not working in this. >> doc is right about that. much more on showtime tomoow
6:48 pm
at 5:00. it is lindsay, me, doc, and mike wise on showtime at 5:00. imagine if the redskins lost them. they would be starring john beck. that's what happened iniami which ironically happens to be e of beck's old teams. the dolphins lost their first two quarterbacks and started a third stringer against the bears. and it was ugly. three new quarterbacks trying to learn the offense. check out who else is this. patrick ramsey. remember him? this game wasn't fun to watch. the first touchdown in the third quarter courtesy of tt. chicago was up 16-0. this isn't exactly the monsters of the midway defense. sacked six time. the dolphins lose 16-0. chicago improves to 7-3 on the
6:49 pm
year. the capitals down in atlanta. >> they will not play again. the number one overall is three game with an injured foot. georgetown down in charleston where they took care of business against wallford. they are the favorites to win this event. he just wants to see the efforts. he is first to turn over on defense and they are, check this out. th is so pretty. a great touch pass. later in the first half, freeman to chris wright. back to hi he drops in it from deep. freeman ship in 14 points. second half, thompson turns it over. never fear, chris wrightis here. gets it right back. takes it to the cup. a good game for georgetown as they winter 74-59 advancing to
6:50 pm
the tournament title game. meanwhile, in new york, gary williams and the terps place th game of the 2k sports classi against illinois. the second straight top 25 team. a seven foot center meyers leonard in to give them a 40-36 lead at halftime. they made a good rally in the second half. adrian buoy gets it. up and in. right now, late in the second half. maryland is trailing by ten. we talked about this. excuse me, a little bit yesterday. ralph is back another year. >> good for him. >> a lot of concern about that. >> a new president and it was really the unknown. >> a good start to the season. >> there you go. >> 7-3 now. and the season far from over. they are in contention for a trip to the acc championship
6:51 pm
game. maryland controls its own destiny. went out and they are in for the first time. first up, 25 ranked florida state. the good news, at bird stadium. i don't want to jinx it. i'm going. to terps this year, coming off the wind over virginia. and feeling now like they can do anything. thing are starting to click. especially on offense. how about the freshman quarterback danny o'brien. this kid is the truth. he has already set the season freshman passing record. hearries himself like a senior. listen to danny o'brien here. >> 4-6 overall. if wean win out one game at a time for two week know we're in the title game. we're treating this like a quarterfinal game almost. we know that we control where we want to go this year. >> we've had one game, we won that. weere in the change-up game and did not win it. then we had the game against
6:52 pm
boston college. we had won that game, we would have been in it. we've been close before. we have to fina way to get there. >> first up, florida state. an 8:00 game. then nc state to wrap up the season. if they win both, they advance to the acc championship game for the very first time. and the thing that's fun, you listen to sports radio. people are talking about, are you going to the maryland game? are we going to tailgate? it ishe first time we've heard it all year. >> thank you. coming up, the new plastic is made from plants. d our food for milies drive is monday. we hope you'll drop off canned goods and
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
petroleum truly does permeate our lives. it is in everything from cars to skin care products and it is the main ingredient used to make plastics. but the new plastic is made from plants. wendy rieger look at packaging from the ground up. >> reporter: this sim many tire. most of us have four. this sttire is traveling in a n
6:56 pm
age. >> it is rubber. it comes from agricultural feed stock turned into rubber. >> reporter: at a recent biotech trade show, it was clear plans are the new plastic. resins now made from plant sugars, not petroleum, are become more common on our grocery stores will. >> in food packaging but also single use products like ba wipes, diapers, to mre durable products sufficient as carpets, apparel, various apparel products like software and sporting wear. >> reporter: the beauty of this plant plastic, ty're greener all around. they biodegrade in compost bins. >> consumers are making conscious choices to buy packaging that's green. >> reporter: these plant polymers are still a little more expensive to make and they don't just biodegrade. they need air, sunlight and rain. if you bury they will, they just languish. it is being done here in
6:57 pm
manager. >> it is already the norm today. we have been growing at a rate roughly 30% per year. >> reporter: on earth day we were reminded in the gulf of mexico of the risks of petroleum production. but there is something much cleaner coming up from the ground. consumers are ready to get their hands on it. news4. washington. coming , by the year 2050, one in 85 people will have alzheimer's disease. now doctors at one local hospital are trying an experimental brain surgery that they hope will offer a cure for this disease. richard smith has suffed from alzheimer's disease for the last 15 years. it is a conditionthat has taken over his life and his wife. but instead of sitting back and waiting for thing to get worse, they're tryingut an experimental treatment that they hope can turn thing around. find out if the treatment is working and what it could mean for the future of alzheimer's disease tonight on news4 at 11:00. final check? i told you guys, i would
6:58 pm
bring that you food. i did not forget you. i didn't forget you. it is. good it smells good. doesn't it? >> the ginger bread house is awesome. a christmas bazaar for tomorrow. you've got an event tomorrow. >> the walk to help the homeless on the mall. thousands of people better bundle up. >> bundle up big time. it is going to be othe cold side. look at that thing. i made that up. let's look at what's going. on we do have temperature that reached 54 degrees during the day after a morning low of 38. today was thefirst day below normal in about two weeks. it has been amazing how warm we've actually been even though yesterday did feel a little bit cool. down to about 36. manassas, 39. that's at 7:00. you know it will be cold in those locations. 47 in the d.c. area as we move through the next four days. a high of 58. i think tomorrow afternoon will be very nice. plenty of sunshine, more cloud cover. stl a miss the day. 63 on monday then highs near 70 on tuesday.
6:59 pm
a chance of showers late in the day on tuesday and that leads us into what could be a very rough wednesday, thursday, and friday. pretty potent storm system moves in in time for thanksgiving travel and very cold air on the back se of that storm. >> travel early if you can. dave lives near arizona state university. he recovering drug addict. he stays in a shelter for the holeless. doesn't have a car. his bicycle broke recently. he didn't have any money to fix it. and yet when he found a student's bag that had more than $3,000 cash money in it, do you know what he did? he turned the bag in. then something happened after he did that. his luck seemed to change. people heard his story and sie then, they have been donating money to him and to the shelter where he stys. and the one that also, tha help