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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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night, the water is still not safe to drink for hundreds of thousandsf people. and now there'soncern aut other water pipesn the system. first, frken, now olbermann? we'll ll you who wants the former msnbc host to move to capitol hill. we do big things. the idea of america endures. ourestiny remains our choice. >> the predent tonight urged congress to me past its differences. and he urged americans to joi together. it was a message hear by an injured congresswoman a her husband tonight. good evenin i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with the ather. and a storm moving our way with the potential to dump signicant snow on us tomorrow. the national weather service has already issued a winter storm warning for part of our area. chief meteorologist doug kammerer has the updad forecast. what's the latest,doug? well, some of that area is under a winter storm warning mostly to the west.
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hagersto, martsburg, winchester. the rest othe areancluding d.c. and i-95 und a winter storm watch. although i d expect some of th to be upgraded to a warning by tomorrow morni for the potential of upwardsf five inches of snow in some areas. i think this wil be our biggest snowstorm of the area. temperatures now mginal for snow from d.c. t the south. 36 now. 37 in quantico. 42 in fredericksburg where most of this will start off a rain. hagerstownmartinsburg, y are at or below freezing. most all snow in this area. that's w we have winter storm warnings in effect. u can see on digital doppler radar the storm moving our way. the firstatch will be rain for the mostpart. but tn the big piece com through. i'll let you know about that later on and alsoow much you can expe in your area. >> thank you, doug. a boil-wat advisory remains in effect for about
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400,000 people iprince george's county. that advisory was prompted by that massive wat mai break yesterday in capitol heights. offials say it will te at least other day for the washington suburn sanitary commsion to confirm that tap war is safe to dri again. the advisory has led to spike in sales of bottled water. it's also l to men changes at dozens of schools. >> we ha switched to canned fruits bause of the possibility of contaminating the uits. >> our staff' fully trained because we have circumstances. occasially we have power outages at schools. we also have water issues at schools. >> water officials say one-fourth of the pipes in prince george'and montgomery counties are at least 60 yrs old. crews are equipping them wh technology that can detect weaknesses. but the work won't be complete until 2013. president obama stood in front of a joint session of congress tonight and said america mus come together to move foard.
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just weeks after the attemed assassinatioof a congresswoman, republicans and democrats t together tonight. but whetherhe unity of this night will move forrd will determine how much this congress can accomplish. steve handelsman reports now from capol hill. >> mr. speer -- >> reporter: president obama could see tonight's chans. more republicans than democrats now in congress. mr. speaker, republican john boehner. but because of the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, marked by her empty chair, as giffords and her husband watched tonight from houston, some democrats and republics broke tradition to sit together in bipartisanship that back obama hopes can last. >> what comes of this moment is up tous. whatomes of this moment will be determined not by whether we n sit together tonight but whether we can work together tomoow. reporter: stock prices an corporate profits are high, but so is unemployme.
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the president says our future's in ubt. >> the stake is whether new jobs and industrie take root in this country or somewhere else. >> reporter: he wants investmt in education, research, energy, the internet, roads and ra. >> we need to outiovate, outeducate and outbuild the rest of the world. >>eporter: to offset that spending and p off $400 billion of our deficit, the president would freezeomestic spending for five years, but small government, he saysis not the answer. >> we shouldn't just give our people a government that's me affordable. should give them a gernment that's more compett and more efficient. >>eporter: house republicans want to cut deeper tir budget chaihad their response. >> endless borrong is not a strategy. spending cuthave to come first. >> reporter: republicansre divided by the tea party. democrats are weaker. barack obama is making his new ve to assert leadership. but the message w
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birtisanship. the president even asked for suggestions on how to make his controversl health care pl better or cheaper. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. several groups across the area held watch parties tonight. democrats and republicans alike gatheredo listen to hispeech and to do some networki. some of th watch parties ao took collections for scholarship funds related to victims of the shooting in tucson. less than a week after his departure from msnbc, onli campaigns are urging keith olbermann to run for the senate. "the hill" newspaper reports liberal activists are pushing for olbermann to rlace retiring connecticut senator joe lieberman. olbermann used to live in connectit. today heegan aew twitter feed and he tweeted live during the state of the union address tonit. several dozen people turned out tonight to honor a m gunn down onhe way home from the shakesare theater.
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william mitchell was killed in the bomingdale district. a neighborhood extremely concerned about safety. jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: they gathere in the park a north capitol street and florida avenue northwest. that's wre 33-year-ol bill mitchell jr. was shot and killed last wednesday nht while walking he from the shakespeare theater. the mitchell famil has long been part of theffort to revitalize their bloomingdale neighborhood. >> all of us have to step up and make it safer. i've been passing this corn sie 1967. it's aembarrassment to this communit >> any ls like this is a loss that we cannot stand. and i thi that's what sticks out more in this thaanything. is that we have to take our community back for the good people. >> reporter: mitchell's brother and sisters placed kamgcandles a tribut >> a great person, a great friend. we he that he didn't die in vain. we reay want the community to come together to make this a safer place. >> reporter: neibors gathed
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at a nearby church to discuss what could be done about proving safy in the park where bill mitchell jr. died. residents s this park has been aroblem for a long time. yoget spillover from the people hging out at theiquor store across the stre, bad lighting in the park itself. they say addressing these concns would be a great tribute to t man who gave his life here. jackie bensen, news 4. there's a scaal at the national archives after officials announced that a significant piece of civil war histy is not what it appears to b the national archives has been displaying aresidential pardon from president abraham lincoln. it was dated back to april 14th, 1865. that's the day the president was assassinated. that letter was discovered by a man named thomas lawley, an historian from virginia. but ahorities now say that he took a pen into a research pen and changed the oginal de on
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the pardon from 1864 to 1865. >> one year,t chaed everything. this became supposedly the last offial act of abraham lcoln before he was sassinated. that in ielf made it a highly sible, highly prized document. >> he signed a written coession earlier this month. but he tol "the washington post" that he was pressured to do that. and thate is innocent. when he was contacted today by news 4, h response was "no comment." ahead tonight on news 4, a nelawsuit challenges taco bell and whher the meat is advertisesruly qualifies a beef. reporter: no beef here. just falafel at this wildly pop har stand-in in bethesda. why the county wants it down. i'm craig melvin. that's coming up. a business in chicago is defendingts decision to fire
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an employee for wearing a packs tie. back i90 seconds.
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the iwo jima morial portrays a dramati moment in world waii and inspires most people who see it. but tonight tw groups are fightingver its future, the marine corps war memorial foundation claims the statuend it surroundings need to be cleaned and repaired. they want to partner with the
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national parks service t raise money for its furbishing. but the parks service says it spent $3.5 million to make renovations just a few years ago. and the memorial doesn't need repairs. the two groupsill meet on monday to try toind common ground. after years o billion-dollar losses, airline budgets se to be back on track. theiggest reason may be that airlines are flying less. they're grounding planesnd eliminating flights. that's how the airlis would cut costs, and it's allowed airlines to raise fares by as much as 14%. the country's eight large airlines could post profits this year for theirst time since 2007. projections show they could earn mo than $5 billion during 2011. a law firm i alabama has sued taco bell asking where's the beef? the lawst alleges that the restaurant chn's beef dishes only contain 35% ef.
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taco bell denies the firm us so many fillers thatheir claims of seasoned beef constitute false advertising. the w firm claims taco bell's advertising gives thehain a competitive enomic edge over other companies that sell mexican style food. thlawsuit isn't asking for money. it just demands truth in advertising. doug's coming up with the forecast on where the snow's going to fall and how mh and en. and a popular food truck that attracts customers from across the region could be gettinthe boot. anthey're trying to figure out how did the piano endp on
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implgts > a popular food tck may be on its las leg. the owners say it's all because it doesn't move. officis in montgomery cnty say they're motivated by health violions. craig melvin is live with more on this. craig? >> reporter: jim, the ali baba stand behin me uld verwell be the most popular food park in this ea. customers told me so much toy. so did the owner as well. the owner's license to run this std expires at the end of the month. and montgomeryounty says at is point they're not going to new it. >> could i get two chick cheesesteak.
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>> reporter: sure, you can get a chicken eesesteak, but at ali baba's the specialty is in the name. some crave the chickpea tucked a pita wrap often. >> twice a week at least. >> reporter: others so much they've be nicknamed. >> falafel monster. >> reporter: when he shod up to get his fafel fix tuesday, he noticed the sign. >> tmove it. reporter: they set up shop in this bhesda parking lot about 18 months o. despe the hitch in wheels, he said moving the stand every day would be virtually impossible. >> but tuesday afternoon the montmery countyf health said that was not the only problem. a countypokesperson iued a statement ying, quote, we work
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as hard as we can to correct problemsnd issues in food establishment so the owners do not have to shut down. there have been a series of issues that have not been resolved. among them, thisarden hose that used to transfer water from a nearby building to the falafel stan a county spokesperson said th've also toldhem that they were improperly disposing of waterwater and cooking o. hehowed us aninvoice he said he uses to disposef the wastewat and also that he's working with montgomery county. >> never. >> reporter: now, the owner of the standlso told me today that area business, particularly brick and mortar restaurants, those businesses have beenomplaining loudly as well. they don't like the nontraditional competition tha a od cart brings to bethesda. we are live tonight in thesda, craig melvin, news 4. back to you. >> thanks, craig. being a die-hard green bay packers fan cost one car salesman in chicago his job. john stone say he wore his
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packers t to his job at a local carealership yesterday, the day after the pacrs beat the chicago bears in thenfc championip. he says he was jus celebrating his te's success, but the manager at the car dealership ere he works sawt a little differently. >> hsaid, "take that tie o or you'r fired." and i looked at him. he said, "get the [ bleep ] off my showroom floo" >> had he worn it the saturday before the game, it's in the spit of good sportsmanship and the rivalry, and that's acceptable. e day after the loss didn't feel it was in the spiri of good sportsmanship, so he was asked to take the tie off. >> sinceeing fid, stone says he's received job offers from sevel other dealerships. maybe in gre bay, huh? he's also been told he'll b allowed back at the one where they justet him go. stone said thanks but no thanks. >> lighten up. >> kind of cranky, huh? >> my god. so what a change, single digits yesterday. >> yeah. >>0 or close to it today.
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>> close to it. >> and now we've g snown the way. >> and the bgest snowstorm of thyear during theay tomorrow. it is a lot to take in. as a matter of fact, rn moving into the area now. that mos likely will change t some snow to the north and west of the region. but the biggest impact will be tomorrow afternoon. outside right now, not a whole lot to deal with. and it's actually fairly nice night outside. as temperatures are sll above whe they have been over the past couplof days. we've reached a high today of 46 degrees. it w a veryice afternoon. but yes, as wementioned, we are nowetting ready for snow. current temperatures outside now,6 degrees. winds out of the north-northeast at seven. it'shat north-to-noreast component that will bring in cooler air tomorrow. windchill now at 30 degrees. so still a lite bit of a cooldown out there. 30 now in frederick. 30 inhagerstown. 32 in martensburg. this is the area where we' see l snow. areas to the soh, fredericksburg at 32.
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38 in la plata. he is the rain making its way up toward the noh. you can see pinks back toward the west. we will see a little mix bore we see that change over to all snow. the mai system is still well ba to the west. and it will continue to makity way towardsuregion overnight. by tomorrow morning or by tomorrow ternoon, say right ound noon, it will be just o the coast. the upper-level low, though, will still be back towards the west a littlebit. and that is where the cold air resides. so as the surface low moves off the cold low moves in. everything changes ove to snow. and ihink everydy will see at least a little bit of accumulation. othe to the north and west will see a whole lot more. and behind this storm, we just get cold again. wier storm watch in effect for tomorrow. for everybody here in blue. winter storm warning to the south. nchester, martinsburg. i'm surprisedhe national weather seice is waiting to issue the warning but i wouldn't be surprised if you woke up to
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warnings here as well. our warning threshold is the chance of five inches. i think you definitely have that ance back to the we. what to expect for tomorrow morning's a.m. ru, no problem. think we'll be fine. rain or snow to start? most of that not stickingo the ground. all snow by late afternoo and it will start to stick to the ground because it's goingo come in fairly heavily. and th could mean a slick p.m. rush. weould see snow tomorrow afteoon coming in at one to two ches an hour. maybe even some undersnow out of this. that's the kind of upper-level system we're working with stly snow to the north and west. rain, sleet and snow, i-95 corridor. more rain to t south. changing snow for everybody eventually fouro eight inches in the areas of blue. eight as you move west. tw to four. and one to two farther down to the south. but i ha washington right arnd that four t five-inch mark. so once again, watch out tomorrow night. cloud county and cool. m. rush, 27 to 33 degrees. tomorrow afternoon we'll see that rain, snow and set change
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over to all snow late. it will become heavier as well. and it's going to be coming down pretty good. 35 on your thursday. 39 on friday with a chance for me flurries. and then not a bad weekend saturday and sunday. and watch another srm as it headin next tuesday. >> okay. >> why t? >> what'sne more? thanks,doug. still ahead tonight, a look inside a house fl of hollywood history fromoward hughes to elvis. and it's on the maet. the wizard the nuggets, verizon center. do you thi
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so if the wizards he any chance a winning, it's got to be at home, right? >> the fac that the wizards are about to embark on a four-game road trip, it's like swimming intoshark-infested waters. considerinthe wizards are 0-21 on the road. they had one last chance tonight to use home courtadvaage. but a fewndividuals stood out, and the wizards didn't have to worry about collapsing bause they never got going. flip saunders and the owner
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chatng before tonight's game. first quarter. nuggets up by tw work it aroundhe perimeter t carmelo anthy. he pulls up, drains the three-pointer. he had 23 points. the nuggets tk control early. they never lookedback. undefour minutes to go in the first. wizards down 14. blatche getshe loose ball. kes it all the way for the m. blatche had 25 points. th wizards were able to do something. still in the first, the wizards claw back into the game. blatche to nick young. look at that 360. yep. that is nice. he had 26points. the wizards only down four, then. that's as close as it got. ty lawson, clinton, maryland, native, making the wizards play. takes itll the way for the layup. lawson had 17 points off the bencfor denver. the nuggetsruise to a 120-109 win over the wizds. the georgetown women's basketball team committed 28 turnovers tonight and the still beat a top ten team for a second time this season.
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the hoyas admitted tt they had the case of the butterfingers, but they scrapped their way, upsettingighth ranked west virginia, 65-60. wee at georgetown. coach terryilliams and the hoyas trying to get a statement win, they said. second half, higoyas down. that's our intern. you know monica? oh, yeah. >> she's sharp. take a one-point lead. less tn a minute to go. ti at -60. sugar rogers drives hard t the sket, gets the layu to fall. she ha30. enough for the hoyas to upset west virginia, 65-60. and on the mes side, seth greenberg and his hokies visiting georgia ch. midway throu the second half of the game, t hokies are down two. lcolm delan gets it. spins the lane, then goe up and under for the layup. we're tied at 49-49. delaney had eight for the hokies. under three minutes to go. the hokies down five delaney turns it over.
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shumper. there's a scramble. virgin falls to georgia tech. the hokies are now 3-3 in the a.c.c. exciting college hoops,sn't ? >> good stuff. thanks. comi up, a car chase ends with a violent collision, but it's not the end for t driver
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a police chase nealos angeles came to a dramatic end overnight. theriver of a volkswagen tried to outrun police after being cited for a minor traffic violation. he ran a lig and plowed into another car sending both vehicles spinni. the suspect tried to run aft that and continued struggling with police after they caughup with him. a lot ofuestions about an unusual sit off the coast of miami. there's a betten-up 650-pound grand piano out in the middle of a sandbar. folks who live there and officials aren't sure who put it there or why they did it. at this point authorities do not pl on hauling it away.
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unless it becomes a hazard to wildlife or the boers. look at th. >> maybe that's what the mermaids use. you think? we'll beight back.
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well,ou can own your own piece of hollywood history if you're wilng to fork over 28 million bucks. zsa zsa bor's sprawling mansion isn the market. her husband, prince frederick von anhalt says they are only using two of the dozens of rooms in the mansion,nd he needs money to help care for his wife who is now 93 yes old. zsa zsa gabor has had numerous health problems. d earlier this month doctors d to amputate most of her right leg. the mansion wasuilt by howard hughes and elv lived in it for four years. a lotf history there. one more check on our weather for torrow. >> and we know we have that winter storm watch. we know that winter storm is on the way. winter storm warnings bac toward the west.
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and this one's going to be the biggest of the season so far. fo to eight inches back to the west. i-95 corridor west, you can pretty much count on at least four, mae upwards of eight aroundrobably frederick county, northern montgomery, also int pts of loudo county. that's where i think we could e eight inches. two to four down to the south andeast. farther down, st. mary's county, one to two ihes there. as we move through the next couple days that snow may sck around a ltle t. maybe a littleelting during the day. but probay lasting through the day on surday. >> here we go again. thank yo doug. >> i hope it lks better inside than outside. >> ally. >> that thing is ugl


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