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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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just in the bathroom in the closet praying. >> caught in the fury. terrifying tales from that massive tornado outbreak.
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good saturday everyone. i'm craig melvin. those twisters ravaged the south. today the national weather service confirmed two more touched down in virginia bringing the total to 12. a twister that hit mississippi is classified as an e-5, the strongest rating for tornado damage. the death toll is now more than 340. 600 are still missing most in the alabama. chris clackham has the latest on the recovery efforts there. >> the massive relief effort to the help victims in alabama is matched only by the massive need. >> we have some of the greatest people that care about their neighbors and it was evident today. every place that we went, we saw so many volunteers. >> with a tattered flag recovered from the rubble of tornado ravaged tuscaloosa raised for inspiration, the mayor calls this a humanitarian crisis. >> although we have been ravaged
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beyond comprehension, we still remain that shining city on the hill because the world has seen our faith in god and our faith in each other. >> the searches here have intensify because tuscaloosa cannot account for close to 600 of its residents. >> looking for those that are missing, we are taking the list of 570 that we have now and cross referencing it with sites and mapping to insure that we track down every ingle lead. >> you know of people did not survive or who remain missing? >> i do not. we have not heard heard no names. >> bet a and earl survived with granddaughter andrea in the basement of their now leveled house. >> we were all right. just standing like this. >> there are so many people out here who weren't as lucky as we were. >> some luck is needed for a daunting recovery and clean-up, too, expected to take months and
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to be remembered forever. plus, early estimates have that tornado that hit here and 40 miles away in tuscaloosa as actually being on the ground for 80 miles. in pleasant grove, alabama, chris clackham, nbc news. >> two students from ashburn were at the university of alabama when the tornado tore through and are back home tonight. they say the storm is something they will never forget. >> just really thankful to have survived it and made it out alive. >> you see people carrying backpacks and trash bags. that's all they have left. >> the best description i've heard so far how it looks is antom mick bomb went off. >> despite the ordeal, both sounds say they will return sometime next month to take their final exams and both plan on returning next year, as well. a gruesome discovery outside a home in virginia. police in gloucester county found remains of a young child
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buried under a shed. police made the discovery last night. it was one day after they found a 5 or 6-year-old girl inside the same house caged in a crib. police say the child was badly malnourished. they found a newborn in the home but the baby was unharmed. police identified the parents as brian gore and shannon gore facing felony child abuse charges tonight. the mother is also charged with attempted murder. neighbors say they're shocked. >> knew she had the new baby, conner. >> but no one knew about the. >> the other two, yeah, nobody. everybody that i know that knows shannon, nobody knew she had two other children. >> investigators say the little girl was suffering from severe starvation. if she had not been rescued she might not have made it another week. there's no longer a place for d.c. residents to register a gun in the city. the one person licensed to do so has closed his shop.
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news4's darcy spencer tells us why some are pointing fingers at elected officials in the district well. >> the problem boils down to the fact there's only one dealer to handle the district's gun sales. some are saying the district is making it too hard for more to operate here. the one council member says there's not enough demand. the u.s. supreme court overturned d.c.'s ban on guns in 2008. but now it's become not illegal but impossible to buy a gun if you live in the district. that's because the sole person in d.c. who can make that happen, charles sikes, has stopped operating his gun registration business and told radio that he lost the lease for his second story office space on good hope road in southeast. closing up shop will effectively shut down would be gun owners hoping to get their hands on a firearm. phil mendelson sits on the public safety committee.
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>> there's one federal firearms dealer in the district and in order to purchase a handgun, if you live in the district, you have to go through that federal firearms license dealer. if he's out of business because his lease ended, then one cannot purchase a handgun. but it's temporary. >> d.c. officials say even with a gun ban lifted, district residents still can't buy a gun in the city. there are no gun stores here. they have to buy a gun elsewhere. then sykes facilitates the transfer of the gun for a fee. residents cannot buy a gun and bring it into the district themselves without using sykes as a middle man. he has a federal firearms license. some are blaming the district for their temporary halt in transfers. they say officials are making it too difficult for more dealers to set up shop in the city because of zoning restrictions on where they can locate. but mendelson says it's a matter of supply and demand. >> there has not been a huge demand. it's not the demand we thought.
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and therefore, there isn't the market which is why there's one dealer. >> sykes will have to go through a permitting process to be able to set up his business in a new location. mendelson says that process will be expedited to get these registrations started once again. he also says another potential dealer has expressed some interest in operating here in the district, as well. back to you. >> darcy spencer for us tonight. thank you. we are following a developing story in libya tonight. a nato air strike in tripoli has killed moammar gadhafi's youngest son and three of his grandchildren, as well. colonel gadhafi and his wife were in that home when the missile hit but were not hurt. earlier today he went on state television to ask the united states and other nato forces for a cease-fire. an official says his forces would have to stop attacking its own people before peace negotiations could start. tonight, catholics from around the world are gathering
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in a room on eve of pope john paul ii's beatification. a million pilgrims are expected sunday where pope benedict xvi will perform mass. beatification is the first formal step before possible stanthood. a french nun who says her prayers to the late pontiff cured her of parken son's disease put him on the fast track to sainthood. he died in 2005 making this the fastest beatification in modern times. will and kate's plans are put on hold tonight. why prince william is going back to work instead of on his honeymoon. also, mariah carey giving birth as only she can. just wait till you hear how she got to the hospital and what she had playing in her delivery room. ing. >> matt damon said he was disappointed in my performance. well, matt, i just saw the adjustment bureau so -- right back at you, buddy.
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>> the comedian in chief. president obama taking shots at movie stars, politicians and just wait until you hear what he had to say about donald trump. and in sports, we'll take you to maryland's spring game. hakeem's got the highlights and lots more. then chuck bell has our forecast. >> well, we will not have the quite as much sunshine as today. but what about rain chances? is it going to rain? i'll talk about that and the back to work and school not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns.
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a 5-year-old boy was found
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alone inside a vacant home in jess up today. his father's body was there with him. police do not know what the two were doing at the home or how long they'd been there or how the man died. the boy was not hurt. his father's 26-year-old najib abdullah. they were last seen leaving a relative's home on tuesday after what police are calling a domestic incident. >> got drugs? polices in dea agents sponsored a drug takeback program that allowed residents to turn in unused or unwanted prescription drugs. hundreds of volunteers tacked the beautify indication high school today during comcast cares day. volunteers planted trees and flowers at the school and turned the courtyard into an outdoor picnic area. comcast donated $25,000. comcast, of course, the new parent company of nbc4. today, great day to be
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outside. the question though is how long will it last? chuck's forecast is straight ahead. also, president obama firing back at the donald. lexus holds its value
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fwlaepd's royal newlyweds released their official wedding pictures. the photos taken in the throne room of buckingham palace. this morning, the new duke and duchess of cambridge were seen walking around the palace gardens. they have delayed their honey moon cliting privacy issues.
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mariah carey and nick cannon are the proud new parents of twins tonight. carrey gave birth to a baby boy and girl today in los angeles. her spokesperson says cannon drove the singer to the hospital in their rolls-royce phantom. no word on names. we have heard that, i kid you not, they listened to carriy's "we belong together after being born. president obama showed his lighter side tonight. though he's no professional comedian, the president got a rousing response to his well-timed remarks. among those in attendance tonight, possible presidential candidate donald trump. >> but no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon
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landing? what will really happened in roswell? and where are biggie and tupac? >> saturday night live's seth myers headlines the event and was able to poke fun at every media group in attendance. his employer included, as well. took a lot of pot shots at nbc. >> we can take it. >> we can take it. fantastic, get online and watch excerpts, as well. great day to be out and. >> plenty of sunshine. we had a few clouds roll in mid to late afternoon but they did not dampen anyone's spirits. beautiful weather out there for the remainder of the overnight hours, as well. tomorrow will also be a more good than bad day, but there will be some more clouds to contend with. i'm afraid we may have a chance of a quick passing shower. live picture out at ronald reagan washington national airport. a few fair weather clouds hang overhead. 55 our current temperature. a light breeze at 5 miles per
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hour. most everybody drifting back down into the low and mid 50s. some of the usual cool sports toward manassas down into the upper 40s already. over the last couple hours, there's that little clump of clouds that drifted overhead. will be mostly clear for the overnight hours tonight. as a result, clear skies, light winds, very dry air in place. expect a chilly start tomorrow morning. a lot of the cooler suburbs back out to the west of washington into the low and mid 40s. intown and alongside the bay probably holding closer to the 50 degree mark. tomorrow after a cool start, clouds will gradually be on the increase. skies going from partly to mostly cloudy. most of the rain chances hanging back till late afternoon or early evening time frame. even if you get rain tomorrow, we're only talking about a few hundredths of an inch at the most. no one with more than a tenth inch tomorrow. then the weather front hangs up to our north and west leaving us
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i think dry for monday before more rain chances monday and tuesday. the timing here on our microcast, not much going on overnight tonight. rain showers an arriving 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow very, very light, less than a tenth of an inch. most of are you going to have a dry sunday. partly cloudy and chilly. 42 to 52. then tomorrow, becoming cloudy by early afternoon, one or two lonesome showers possible mainly to the west of town. highs tomorrow in the upper 60s and low 70s. not a bad day at all. clouds for monday, rain showers return tuesday and wednesday. then we dry it out once again for thursday and friday. so a nice pleasant start to the month of may. >> thanks, chuck. how giants closer brian wilson made the nationals fear his beard. beard. look at
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hey, my headache's gone.
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we need the capitals to catch fire tomorrow again. >> i think they will. >> okay. >> i'm confident. i think you know, i'm going to rock my red tomorrow. fans are going to rock their red. the caps are going to go we didn't play that well in game one. we're going to get it going. game two tomorrow at verizon center. if the caps don't shape up, they'll be down two games to one before they ship out to florida. that likely won't happen according to history. when trailing in a series, washington has a 7-5 record in game twos. that's the nugget of the night. in game one, the capitals missed out on several scoring opportunities going 0 for 5 on the power play. it's a credit to tampa bay. the lightning killed off 39 of 40 penalties in the postseason.
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cruise bruce bow bu drew says the caps will try again in game two. >> i think it's the key to every game and series. i'm like you guys, i watch tv. every time you listen to another coach's press conference that loses, we didn't win the battles. we didn't get the loose pucks. when you don't do that, you're not going to be successful. i thought they got more than we did last night. we'll try to do better tomorrow. >> stay with news4 tomorrow. we'll have pre and post-game coverage of game two from verizon center. the redskins selected 12 players in the draft but none of them were quarterbacks. apparently coach mike shanahan really likes john beck saying tonight "i think the world of him." there's no doubt john is a hard worker but he hasn't played in a regular season game since seven. in the fourth round, washington took six foot nebraska running back ray hailu junior. and he ranks fourth all time in
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the cornhusker's rushing list. his father was a captain for the rugby team. the redskins took two of his teammates selecting da ongomes and niles paul. in the sixth round with the 177th pick overall, redskins selected penn state running back and former westfield high school standout evan royster. the running back is the all-time leading rushner penn state history. he was originally a cowboys fan growing up, but he told us on the his family converted him into a redskin fan. he's a good kid. here's a look who else they drafted. they select al drick robinson from smu. in the seventh round, they tap brandyn thompson out of boise state. maurice hurt, a lineman from florida. with their next pick, the skins draft markus white and chris
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neild from west virginia. none of the draft picks can sign because of the restored nfl lockout. the maryland spring game, beautiful day for poobl for coach randy ed sell and the terps. i think chuck bell ordered this game up. david maggie goes 15 yards for the touch down. he led all rushers with 73 yards. red team leads the white team 21-0 at halftime. second half, more red team. danny o'brien finds ronnie tyler for the score. nice play. o'brien threw for 199 yards, two touch downs. the red team beats the white team. the red squad as treated to steak and shrimp for dinner. the other team had pork and beans. former running back dorell scott was selected in the seventh round by the giants today. tyrod taylor was taken by the ravens in the sixth round. college basketball news. george mason hired former
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georgia tech coach paul hewitt today. he was fired by the yellow jackets last month after 11 years at the school. he led georgia tech to five tournament appearances including a run to the 2004 national championship game. however, hewitt's record in the acc was 72-104. is he receiving a $7.2 million buyout over five years. that works out to be $130,000 a month. according to the "washington post," he agreed to a five-year deal at george mason. he'll be introduced on monday. talking baseball, ryan zimmerman will have surgery on tuesday to repair a torn abdominal muscle. on the field, nationals hosting the giants. bottom two, no score. rick ankiel up with the bases loaded. off the glove of mike fontenot. ian desmond scores. nationals take a 1-0 lead. that's a nice break fortunates. john land pitching to aubrey huff with the bases loaded. walks in a run.
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giants up 2-1. and that was all for john lannan. bottom of the ninth, nats still down. giants closer brian wilson and his beard on 0 close it out. get him a razor. but that beard is sweet apparently. that's what he says. facing adam la roche. gets him swinging and the game. 2-1. same two teams tomorrow at 1:35. you like the beard, right? that's his playoff beard. >> i hate that thing. looks like zack galifianakis like that. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. that's the news. good night.
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you are watching cable 10, aurora, new york, community access channel. [ cheers and applause ] >> wayne's world! wayne's world! party time! excellent! >> all right!


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