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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rifled that past howard. niclas wallin followed up. 2-0. on the power play, detroit fights back. datsyuk with a wonderful pass to zetterberg who snapped it past niemi for a 2-1 san jose lead with just under 3:00 to play. >> darren: one of the rare times niemi was in his net. gets to zetterberg and now there is too much space. great shot by zetterberg. >> dave: joe thornton was strong against him. he is pointing to his midsection
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saying he bumped it ahead. >> darren: does it with great class, doesn't he? >> joe: like everything else. >> dave: not showing up the officials, just making the call. murray with the shot. thornton able to clear it. won't go for icing. 2:30 remaining here in regulation time. red wings down one game to none in the series. >> joe: what did that hit? >> darren: the post. >> dave: i thought it might have hit the back bar. setting it up for zetterberg. making sure it's not broken. >> dave: poked ahead by heatley. this will go for icing. down less than 2:00. one-goal game. icing call. san jose will not be able to make a change. >> darren: look at the black
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sweaters. they are back. this is a give-and-go. lidstrom pass off. kept going. wrist shot right off the short side post. >> dave: quick shot here and pad save made by niemi. that was rafalski got that one through. bounces it back into the red wings' zone. keep an eye on jimmy howard to our right. he is looking at the bench. rafalski circling back. they are going to try to make a play. this is going to be icing. rafalski was trying to hit the stick of bertuzzi to get it into the zen. it missed the stick. >> darren: that is a huge icing. >> joe: detroit with 1:34 to go. >> darren: zetterberg is getting more and more active. if there hasn't been a time-out here, i'll get back on the ice
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in a hurry. >> joe: stuart trying to save time by going to the bench so mike babcock doesn't have to use his time-out. he goes to exchange sticks. the referee says, let's get going a few seconds buys them time. >> dave: it will be mitchell for the sharks. nice job. gets it to the boards. now bertuzzi. didn't make the play. sharks able to hold it in. kyle wellwood. talk about trust putting them on in this situation. they are protecting a one-goal lead. just over 1:00 remaining here. bertuzzi couldn't control. mitchell gets it back to douglas murray. got away with it. that was taken by datsyuk. couldn't get it deep. howard making his way to the
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bench. recovered by boyle. hands it off to marleau. open net. sends it across on the far side. this too far in front. holmstrom plays it around. datsyuk drops it back. empty net to our right. 45 seconds on the clock. extra attacker for detroit. 2-1 lead for sam jose. rafalski. hammered by ian white. that puck stays in. racing after it is marleau. rafalski trying to get there, as well. rafalski with a long stretch pass. 45 seconds remaining as detroit hits the offensive zone. wallin had it jammed away. datsyuk back to the point. rafalski with the shot. that goes off the skate over the glass out of play with 13:1 seconds remaining. two broken sticks on the ice.
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it's been a tremendous atmosphere all afternoon here in san jose. now detroit takes its time-out. the faceoff will come to the left of the goaltender antti niemi. >> dave: tonight stanley cup playoffs continue on versus. capitals host the lightning. lightning lead that series one game to none. nhl stanley cup playoffs tonight, coverage begins at 6:30 eastern. strategy being discussed both ways. red wings bench were asking officials to look at the clock and make sure extra time didn't tick off. it still reads 13.1.
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>> joe: joe thornton will take the all-important faceoff. datsyuk will take the faceoff against joe thornton. they faced one another an awful lot these first two games. >> dave: datsyuk and thornton. drops the puck. cleanly won by thornton. hammered by boyle. rafalski. sharks able to clear. five seconds remaining. detroit gets it at center ice. hammered by datsyuk. puck on the far side. the horn sounds to endgame two of the san jose sharks' home turf. they win both games in this building. both by 2-1 scores. >> joe: different type of game, game two to game one. this a nasty game. niemi especially early.
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when detroit came out putting pressure on the early part of the game, of course the big faceoff win by thornton. >> darren: i know i've got you winded. you're on the ice for another key faceoff. how big is this going up 2-0 against detroit red wings? >> you've got to keep home ice. will be tough winning there. we've got to take care of your home ice skating. >> darren: what's been the biggest change in your game personally? >> nothing. >> darren: that a boy. >> thanks, panger. >> dave: stanley cup playoffs continue on versus. coverage begins at 6:30. next saturday on nbc, our playoff coverage begins at 12:30 eastern with potential game five between the lightning and caps. at 4:00 p.m., the first jewel of the triple crown, the 137th
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running of the kentucky derby. for joe micheletti and darren pang and the rest of our nbc crew, dave strader saying so long from san jose. -- captions by vitac --
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angry mobs in libya set fire to the italian and british embassies following a nato air strike that killed moammar gadhafi's son and three of his
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grandchildren. libya is claiming that yesterday's attack was an assassination attempt on gadhafi. he was inside the building that was bombed yesterday with his wife. they both escaped death. nato insisting their intention was not to kill the libyan leader. brian moore starts us off from capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: libyan officials say one of moammar gadhafi's sons and three of his grandchildren were killed when nato miss sills rained down on this residence. they claim the libyan leader was the target. >> this was a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country. this is not permitted by international law. >> reporter: nato officials insist they are not trying to kill gadhafi. just trying to eliminate his war machine. >> if he is killed or injured because of that, that's fine, but we ought --
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>> reporter: but senator john mccain is not fine with president obama's decision to let nato do the fighting. >> we should be leading. we should not be following. we should not be behind. >> reporter: it's clear what the united states wants. >> the narrative we want to come out of this is that the libyan people overthrew a dictator. no the that we came in and toppled as despot. >> reporter: a despot who says he's suffered a terrible loss but not willing to step down. on capitol hill, brian moore, news 4. in virginia, alabama and six other states, ravaged by tornadoes, today was a day for mourning and healing. at least 342 people died in those storms. hundreds of others remain missing. the national weather service now says a tornado in the alabama town of hackelberry had winds of
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more than 200 miles per hour. it's been given an e-5 reading, the strongest classification for a tornado. they gathered to pray for all those who had been lost. >> pray together and hold strong. >> it's amazing, on everybody just helping each other out. it truly is, and it really touches our heart. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano and other members of president obama's cabinet are meeting with tornado survivors and local officials to get a better assessment of how much help is needed in the recovery efforts there. we're following the developing story in prince georges county. a man's body was fun floating near swan creek road in tantallon marina. the man has been identified but they will not release his name until relatives are notified.
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they only say he is in his early 60s and lived on a house boat anchored at the marina. at this point no cause of death just yet. the washington capitals are looking for home ice revenge after dropping friday night's game to tampa bay. the puck drops in less than an hour. i understand you got under bruce's skin today, huh? >> reporter: hey, hey, hey, easy, it was not me, myself, but the media did collectively possibly. that's part of what i enjoy about covering bruce boudreau, he can be extremely entertaining and also wears his emotions on his sleeves. this is a big deal. this is a big game tonight. they're already down one game in the series. his blood began to boil when he asked about the possible return of mike knuble for the capitals. he hasn't played since suffering a hand injury in game three against the rangers.
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bruce boudreau said he might take pre-game warmups to give his team inspiration. when coach was asked if that meant knuble would play, man, did he get irritated. >> reporter: you're saying mike knuble was not playing tonight? >> i didn't say anything. i just said he's here, he's taking warmup for an inspiration. i told you this morning what i told yous here. quit asking the question. >> reporter: "quit asking the question." get out of my face. in other words boudreau is ready to play tonight and it was not myself that got under his skin, melvin. >> c-a-p-s, caps, caps, caps. post john paul ii is on the fast track to beautification. one more path in the hurdle to become a saint. catholics atended ceremonies in his honor today. >> reporter: there are firsts and near firsts here. this is the first time a pope
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has been beautified by his successor and among the speediest paths to sainthood for the 1.1 billion estimated catholics including the local faithful it's no surprise the most modern pope is being considered for canonization. >> it made sense there would be an outpouring of support. >> i heard about all of his accomplishments so for me at this point i would say yes and if we can follow what he did and take in his example, sure. >> reporter: his mark has already been made in d.c.'s main catholic enclave, the pope john paul ii cultural center on harwood road and there's the soon to be blessed john paul ii seminary on the site of a now abandoned seminary nearby and washington's archbishop, now a member of the college of cardinals reflected upon the beautification of john paul ii. >> we need people we can look up to. we need people who achieve the very things that we are attempting to do.
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>> reporter: worlds in rome is a member of the college of cardinals, excitement and adoration usually seen around entertainment figures is springing up again for john paul ii. even among non-catholics there's some knowledge of what's going on, but not necessarily the same excitement. >> i think if they want to make him a saint and he did some good things with his life, they should go ahead and do that. >> reporter: being declared a saint requires two miracles. one involved the healing of a french nun. there is speculation this, too, could be vast tracked and the vatican could waive the second miracle requirement making the blessed john paul ii saint john paul ii even sooner. derrick ward, news 4. another setback for nasa. the new reason the shuttle launch has been delayed once again. darcy? >> reporter: craig, the avon walk for the cure just wrapped up here on the national mall. we're going to hear from one survivor who had a very aggressive form of breast cancer.
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she was able to beat the odds and participate in the walk, that's coming up. also tonight, seth myers kept the crowd entertained and the donald is not laughing and now taking aim at the comedian. clouds a-plenty out there today but raindrops a-few. how long will this pattern stick
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the launch of the space
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shuttle "endeavour" has been delayed again until at least the end of the week now. nasa was hoping to launch the spacecraft tomorrow but technicians are still working to fix a problem with the heater system. mark kelly and the five other astronauts returned to houston. however kelly's wife, wounded congresswoman gabby giffords remains in florida. a teacher from frederick, maryland, has just been named the best in the nation. michelle shearer won the coveted teacher of the year award. she teaches chemistry at urbana high school. when she started there were only 11 students in it. now there are nearly 100. though who nominated her say her passion is behind her success. president obama will recognize shearer at the white house tuesday. every year a group of amusement park enthusiasts and preservationists came out with a
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highly regarded list of the most picturesque park. busch gardens williamsburg has been named the most beautiful amusement park in the country again, beat out walt disney world in orlando for the sixth year. still ahead tonight, donald trump responding to being the target of a night of jokes. >> gary busey said recently donald trump would make a great president. of course he said the same thing about an old rusty bird cage he found. i like the trump is filthy rich but nobody told his accent. he still sounds like a know-it-all down at the otb. >> after the break, why trump believes he was singled out and chuck is here with an update on where the
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it's a two-day journey to help the hundreds of thousands impacted by breast cancer. this evening, crowds of determined women wrapped up the avon walk here in d.c. darcy spencer live at the national mall with their emotional journey. >> reporter: it wrapped up. they're still breaking down the stage behind me. they say every three minutes in the united states someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. well this weekend with every step they took they were raising money to find a cure. it was the end of a two-day emotional journey, the avon walk
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for breast cancer. >> we raised over $5 million, we had over 2,200 participants who did 39 miles over two days, camped overnight and had a fabulous weekend. >> reporter: more than 200 of those walkers are breast cancer survivors. they received a hero's welcome at the grounds of the national monument, where the closing ceremonies were held. >> even though many medical oddsmakers wouldn't have given me more than two years to live, immediate surgery, intensive treatment, lots of love and support from my family, and friends, enabled me to beat the odds and survive. >> reporter: at von foundation presented more than $3 million in grants to nine local organizations to offer services to breast cancer patients as well as better treatments and strategies. johns hopkins received $750,000 for care and research. >> the johns hopkins breast center has several programs, including research, so a lot of
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this will go to research for finding a cure and better treatment for breast cancer. >> the majority of that money will stay in the d.c. and maryland and vrng area, which is nice because they worked hard to raise the money and nice to know the money is staying locally and going to organizations that they know. >> reporter: each walker raised more than $1,800 in donations. reporting live from the mall, darcy spencer, news 4, craig, back to you. >> thank you so much for that. "saturday night live" seth myers was a big hit at last night's white house correspondents dinner. not everyone is taking the jokes well. >> donald trump is saying he's running for president since february, which is surprising, i thought it was a joke. he often appears on fox which is ironic, because a fox often appears on donald trump's head. donald trump's head recently has a grant relationship with the blacks though unless the blacks
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are a family of white people i bet he's mistaken. >> donald trump called myers a stutterer on fox news. he said he was made the focus of so many jokes because he's "leading in the polls." "the apprentice" star has yet to declare his candidacy for presidency. watch that tonight at 9:00 on nbc. >> someone will be fired. a gloomy day outside. >> it was especially after yesterday. >> it was, and i said it would be more clouds than rain which is exactly what ended up happening. it wasn't much consolation for the folks who wanted to be outside without the raindrops. included that all the walkers for the avon walk for the cure and, ahhh, the first day of may, and that means it's cinco de mayo time, yes, indeed, one of its most festive holidays we get in washington every year, lots of people outside singing and dancing. they had to have the umbrellas up but as advertised it was a whole lot of talking about rain
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and thinking about rain and not a whole lot of actual raindrops which is good news. high temperature made it up to 61. current temperature 59. we didn't move much in temperatures today and the talk of rain added up to 0.01 inch down at national airport. temperatures upper 50s to near 60 degrees, area wide and rainfall amounts poultry at best. 0.02 in annapolis, and martin 0.07 inches of rain, a lot more clouds than anything else. still a few leftover raindrops, northern print georges county, frederick county, maryland, and a few more showers over parts of the eastern shore. these showers held us down into the upper 50s and low 60s. the real warm stuff carved to our south and west. we get the warmer air tomorrow. even though the clouds are probably goingst


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