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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  May 2, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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justice has been done. >> the fbi is updating its list of most-wanted terrorist this morning after president obama made the shocking announcement osama bin laden has been found and is dead. good morning, welcome to news4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, may 2nd, 2011. the crusade to capture the terrorist leader has been years in the making. the end game started in august last year, when president obama
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was briefed on a u.s. intelligence lead that linked bin laden to a compound if pakistan. the president determined there was enough to authorize an operation. u.s. special forces killed bin laden in a firefight at his heavily guarded compound. now live to brian moore. >> reporter: thanks. nbc news has learned that the remains of osama bin laden have been positively identified through a dna analysis and an official telling nbc news bin laden's body has already been buried at sea. >> reporter: this is where osama bin laden met his end, not in a cave, but a suburban mansion in pakistan. the world's most-wanted terrorist and the mastermind of 9/11 taken down by u.s. forces at the order of president obama. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed bin laden, the leader of al qaeda, and a terrorist who is
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responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. justice has been done. >> usa! >> reporter: impromptu celebrations erupted outside the white house. >> it was important to bring a wicked murderous person to justice. >> reporter: and at ground zero in new york, in towns large and small across the country, what can best be described as patriotic victory rallies. former vice president chainny expressed satisfaction but says it doesn't end the war with al qaeda. >> i think we need to maintain our vigilance, assume there will be other efforts made, mounted, try to launch attack against the united states. >> reporter: for nearly a decade, bin laden had taunted the united states. u.s. intelligence received a break last august. >> far from certain and it took many months to run this thread to ground. >> reporter: on sunday, the president gave the go ahead.
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>> a small team of americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden, and took custody of his body. >> reporter: a violent to end one of most extraordinary manhunts in history. former presidents bush and clinton who during they're terms said each tried to capture or kill bin laden learned of the latest developments in a phone call from president obama. brian moore, live in washington, back to you. >> thank you very much, brian. the president says that a small team of americans carried out the attack at a compound if pakistan. the u.s. did not share the information of the raid with allies nor with pakistan. and that's what brian moore has just told us. we're going to continue team coverage on the death of osama bin laden with thousands of local residents who are taking to the streets in celebration of the news that the dangerous
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enemy has been killed. tracee wilkins has more from the white house. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. we have thousands of people, not only from this area, but people who traveled quite a distance to come and try to take part in the celebration before it ended early this morning. for plenty of folks, this was good news. >> usa! >> reporter: moments after president obama announced osama bin laden was dead, students from george washington university hit twitter, announcing that the place to be was the white house. soon, thousands joined them. >> go to school fairly close, i figured, why not? an experience of a lifetime. might as well. >> reporter: is that what it felt like? did it feel like an experience of a lifetime? >> definitely, totally worth the trip. everyone's going to be talking about this day for a while and it's nice to be part of a moment of history. >> reporter: as the crowd grew, so did the chanting, singing, and celebration, which continued unearly in the morning. as the crowd began to dissipate around 4:00 a.m., more people kept coming. >> we drove up from virginia
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beach. >> reporter: really? you drove from virginia here to be a part of this? >> all three of us from virginia beach. >> reporter: many student here were just children when the 9/11 attacked happened with most have lived under the threat of terrorist bin laden. they didn't know a world without homeland security and police at every turn. for them, this moment symbolized so much more. >> for us this evening to know that that -- this might be the beginning of the end of that era, that everything we've ever known, that's so liberating for us. >> a big moment. i think that if obama can use this and, like, use it as a rallying point for the american people he can use it to sposhg the economy and all of the other stuff that needs to happen. definitely symbolic. it's symbolic. >> it's more symbolic than anything. it's great that we're here to be a part of history. >> reporter: d.c. home for one of the 9/11 targets with the attack on the pentagon. for adults and families coming to the white house last night was closure for them as well.
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>> i was one of the guys that put the flag up after 9/11 at the airport and this, for me, is closure. >> it's an excitement but it's still like it's ven did indication, vichlt . >> i ver all of the phone calls we made trying to find out who was where, checking on everybody that we knew and loved. >> i worked on k street during september 11th, bright blue sky day, sunshiner the world changed. today the book end closes. want to be part of history. great day for america. great day for the world. hopefully we can use this to bring people together. >> reporter: that is the question, what will the world look like now that osama bin laden has been killed? some of the students are hoping that we'll go back to the way things used to be here in the country but other people are standing by and watching, thinking that the world has forever been changed. tracee wilkins, live.
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barbara, back to you in the studio. and the wake of osama bin laden's death, the state department put u.s. embassies around the world on alert, warning of possible anti-american violence. state department warned u.s. citizens traveling and living abroad of the potential for violence. late last night we spoke with the d.c. police chief about the security concerns in our area. >> this is a high security environment for us. though there's a lot of very happy people here, celebrating, we have to make sure everybody's safe and keep our guard up. yeah. there's a lot of threats here. washington, d.c., like most major cities, is it every day ongoing. >> metro is increasing security since the news broke. metro spokeswoman says this morning, metro transit police are working with law enforcement partners to increase security in the system. d.c.'s mayor is asking residents to remain vigilant. the washington area was deeply affected by the september 11th attacks, one of the
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hijacked planes hit the pentagon. megan mcgrath was the first local reporter on the scene when that happened and joins us live at the memorial site at the pentagon. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the memorial behind me, each one of the 184 benches bemine me representing one of the people who was killed in that attack. and as word of osama bin laden's death began to spread, a lot of people felt called to this memorial and came here this morning to pay tribute to those who were lost. >> i just brought the head lean, osama bin laden is dead, in honor of my fallen squadron mate, jack. >> reporter: tom donovan lays a newspaper on his friend's bench and snaps a photo. this is a big day. osama bin laden, the man behind the 9/11 attacks is dead. >> i come by here routinely just to stop by and sit on his bench now and then. today for me was a special day.
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>> reporter: the pentagon's 9/11 memorial is a quiet, almost restful place. a place where people can sit and reflect on those lost. this morning, visitors did just that. but this time with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that bin laden is no longer a threat and that justice has been served. >> just a good day to be a united states marine and american citizen. >> reporter: rolland came to the memorial to honor two co-workers killed in the attack. he's happy osama bin laden is gone, like many, he see is along road ahead in the war on terrorism. >> i think it's an important achievement for america and it's just one more step in the process of the war on terror. >> reporter: and some people we spoke to are concerned about the possibility of retaliation attacks and concerned people want to be vigilant, keep their
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eyes open, be very, very watchful. overall, there seems to be a sense of relief, a sense of happiness, that this man who caused the suffering of so many is finally gone. back to you. >> thank you, megan. stay tuned to nbc 4 and for continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden. you can follow nbc washington on twitter and facebook. we're following breaking news out of northern virginia this morning where firefighters are investigating a home explosion. take a look at this video from an hour ago. they arrived at home on wayne drive in triangle around 8:00 and smelled a heavy gas odor in the area. there was no fire, however. rescue crews say one person was in the home and is being treated for injuries. the gas company is also on the scene at this time. turning to the weather now, cloudy skies start the workweek out there now here in washington.
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tom kiernan joins us with the first forecast of midday. >> we've had a bit of sunshine breaking out over the last hour after a murky start to the day with low clouds, even a few sprinkles around 6:00 this morning. those are long gone now. as we look at radar, it is scanning the sky, no more precipitation now. and the temperatures, they're againing to climb as sunshine breaking out. hitting the mid and upper 60s throughout the region. right now 65 at reagan national. and it's already near 70 in the central shenandoah valley. ought to hit the mid-70s there in the next few hours. mid-70s in the carolinas and tennessee. farther to the north, cool, 50s, across the pennsylvania border. and over the last 12 hours, we've had the cloud cover coming and going but right now quite a bit of cloudiness over the mountains. that's going to move back in. not a lot of sun this afternoon. cloud cover in and out in the next hour but mostly cloudy after that. just a slight chance of a passing shower this afternoon. as highs climb into the low 70s
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around the metro area, warmer farther to the south. southerly breeze around 5 to 15. might get a shower tonight. we'll look that the and maybe strong storms tomorrow. details on that coming up and the rest of the week as well. and we're going to check the midday traffic with tanya hutchins. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. not so good of a morning on outer loop in virginia. an accident with a tractor-trailer on the outer loop near franconia, it's actually at eisenhower. you'll be able to see the slowdown with the traffic backed up due to the accident with a tractor-trailer. there you can see it's really backed up all the way to 95, as you leave the outer loop. if you're moving from franconia to alexandria, it's going to take you extra time. 95 north, the left lane is closed north of 123 due to road construction. back to you. it's 12 minutes after 11:00. we continue our coverage of the news of osama bin laden's death.
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we'll show you how people around our country and around the world were greeted with the news and how baseball fans reacted to the announcement when it was made. stay with us.
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display in d.c. the headline "justice has been done, u.s. forces kill osama bin laden." and from "the new york times," this morning, the headline "bin laden killed by u.s. forces in pakistan. obama says, declaring justice has been done." the times published this picture, fitting portrait of the joy felt in new york. a striking shot of firefighters celebrating the news of bin laden's death in times square. we are getting reaction from former president. george w. bush and bill clinton, barack obama call the former presidents to tell them about the death of osama bin laden. bush says, i congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. they have our everlasting gratitude. momentous achievement marks a victory for america for people who seek peace around the world, and for those awl those who lost loved ones september 11th 2001. the fight against terror goeses
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on but american has sent an untis miss takable message justice will be done. clinton says i congratulate the president, the national security team and the members of our armed forces of bringing osama bin laden to justice after more than decades of murderous osama bin laden attacks. emotion was not lost in the middle of a tight baseball game. >> it's an odd feeling in the ballpark right now, to be perfectly honest with you at home. some of the crowd chanting "usa, usa" aware of the news. >> usa! usa! >> the mets and phillies were in the top of the ninth inning when most of the fans heard of the terrorist's death. the entire stadium broke out of chants of usa. many can be seen checking cell phones and passing information on to other fans. in a fitting end to night, mets won what turned out to be a
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symbolic game in 14 innings, 2-1, the final score. and tom was asleep when all of this happened. he woke up to a busy morning. you've got a busy day in the weather center as well we've got changing weather. >> that's right. a few clouds around this morning. this morning we now as we approach the noon hour have had the cloud cover breaking up in many locations. sunshine breaking out. there's a plane approaching washington national airport over the jefferson memorial coming down the potomac river there now. it's coming out of a partly cloudy sky now. a little sunshine breaking out. potomac still muddy with all of the run-off from the recent rains. right now at reagan national, it's at 65 degrees. and the humidity, not too bad. a south-southwesterly breeze around ten miles an hour. right now radar not showing any more precipitation. we are rain-free for now. and the temperatures have hit
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the 60s all around the region. shenandoah valley, closer to washington, and in montgomery, arlington, fairfaxs, prince georges counties and the chesapeake bay, lower eastern shore, mid and upper 60s. near 70 in some locations out of the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. mid-70 in the carolinas. to our north, temperatures just in the 60s in pennsylvania. now over last 12 hours we did have a few morning sprinkles. they're long gone. breaks in the clouds now. quite a thick cloud deck over west virginia, that's advancing east. that's moving into the metro area in the next couple of hours. now the wider view showing showers this morning. thunder, too. right along the ohio river valley. now that's broken up. however, they're beginning to reintensify now getting some thunderstorms coming out of oklahoma, into arkansas, once again. they don't need any more rain in arkansas. they've been so flooded there. and that system is going to be coming our way late tomorrow as we go forward. the futurecast over the next 24
11:20 am
hours or so. we'll have one area of rain perhaps coming through late this evening. during the day tomorrow, cloud cover breaking up, sunshine, and during the late afternoon hours, we will make it to around 80. this front, this area of green and blue, a zone of potential storms. this is going to be approaching us but breaking up into tuesday night. however that front may reins tense reintense reintense. the second day of may, a slight chance of isolated shower as temperatures may reach locally in the local 70 and warmer just to our south through central virginia into the mid, maybe upper 70s there. tonight, we'll have our temperatures in the 60s through the even, low 60s by midnight. by dawn, we should be near 60, starting off tuesday morning. during the day, on tuesday, afternoon highs around 80. we have a possibility of an afternoon or evening
11:21 am
thunderstorm tomorrow and slight risk that an isolated storm would be severe. and then, as we get into wednesday morning, maybe some lingering showers, perhaps thunder. and that may linger through midday wednesday. then sun back wednesday afternoon with highs reaching around 60. as we get into thursday, sunny, up around 70. and then on friday and into saturday and sunday, we'll have our temperatures climbing perhaps just to near 70 friday and saturday, maybe a shower friday. the weekend is looking dry. might have a passing shower saturday night. this is the hurricane plane, a p-30 ryan a plane that highs into hurricane. a free public tour, the hurricane plane at the naval air station saint mary's tomorrow, a free tour at the pax river naval air station. the hurricane plane. that's great. i got to fly on that once. >> i bet you would like to do it and you've done it. >> did not fly into a hurricane
11:22 am
but got to fly when they visited washington a few years ago. it's the safest plane in the world. it's like a tank. it will go right through hurricanes and amazing. it's on tour tomorrow. you can see it for free at pax river naval air station. >> the midday traffic. tanya? >> all lanes closed on the outer loop. 495 at eisenhower. all of the lanes remain closed. if you're traveling from the franconia spring field area to alexandria, call ahead, you're going to be late. that's still jammed, 495 at eisenhower. new york avenue at new jersey doesn't look too bad but after new jersey the right lane outbound is blocked. a funeral at the church there. it's going to be slow out of the third street tunnel and we still have the left lane closure, 95 after route 1, across the aqua c
11:23 am
c conwith delays but slow down to 123. it's 11:22. still ahead, show you how to make a great taraimsu. first, a look at what's hot on
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they score! lecavalier won it overtime. >> they look pretty happy. you can be struck twice by lightning. ask the capitals. scored 6:30 in the first overtime to put the lightning up 2-0. the capitals tied the game with over a minute left, only to fall in the extra frame. after the game, washington head coach bruce boudreau gave the lightning all the credit for the win. >> they came in here and did the job. they got the lead. we think we had two shots on goal or three shots on goal in the third period until we scored. you know, i mean, they're playing a very disciplined game right now and they're getting most mileage out of all of their players. they believe. they won five in a row.
11:27 am
they're a difficult team to play against. >> the series shifts to florida. game three is tuesday night with game four the very next night. a chemistry teacher from frederick, maryland, the top teacher in the u.s. michelle sherrer named national teacher of the year. she teaches at urbana high school. she has a true passion for teaching and a belief that every student can act sell, if given the opportunity. >> encouraging students, yes, they can do this, it is difficult, it is challenging but if they take ownership, they can succeed at rigorous, difficult, challenging academic work. >> president obama will recognize her at the white house. she'll take the next year off to travel the country as a national advocate for public education. 11:27 is our time. in the next half hour, a closer look at the secret operation in pakistan. that led to the death of osama bin laden. including the scary moments when
11:28 am
a u.s. helicopter went down during the mission. we'll take a look at our forecast.
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you cannot wait us out. you cannot defeat us. but you can make the choice to abandon al qaeda and participate in a peaceful, political process. >> that was secretary of state hillary clinton's direct message to terrorists groups, after u.s. special forces tracked down and killed the most wanted man in the world. american intelligence officials say the operation took more than four years from when they identified bin laden's trusted courier. they followed him for two years and track him down to the compound north of pakistan's capital. the mansion did not have phone or internet access and it was so large, officials guessed it was built to hide someone important. president obama was actively
11:32 am
involved in reviewing all facets of the operation and listened to live updates from the situation room as it unfolded yesterday. >> reporter: friday morning, minutes before departing the white house on his way to inspect tornado damage in alabama, president obama gave the order to launch the operation to kill osama bin laden. more than two days later, u.s. special operations forces attacked bin laden's heavily fortified compound at agot bo a bod. in a scene straight out of an action thriller, u.s. helicopters loaded with american commandos closed in for the kill. on approach, one helicopter had mechanical problems and crash landed but no one on board was hurt. within seconds the and two special forces flooded the compound and came under heavy fire. u.s. officials say armed with an automatic rifle, the al qaeda
11:33 am
leader fired on the americans, who then shot and killed bin laden. >> the first bang came, three on consecutive bangs came, one fifth, final bang, which made the whole sky orange. that's when i had to duck. i thought, this is something very big. >> reporter: the navy s.e.a.l.s kill two al qaeda couriers and one of bin laden's adult sons. one woman was also shot and killed. when the shooting stopped the americans loaded bin laden's body on a helicopter to be transferred to afghanistan. nearly ten years after 9/11, the operation to kill bin laden was over in 40 minutes. >> a top al qaeda member vowed revenge today for the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. forces. joining us, larry johnson, anti-terrorism expert and former cia expert, agent. welcome. >> i was an analyst at the agency. >> maybe you can tell us, how
11:34 am
important is this, this killing of osama bin laden? >> well, ethink it's significant because he really was the first global terrorist from the standpoint of trying to bring together a bunch of desperate elements. the fact he was thumbing his nose to us for ten years, getting him, killing, him, i regret we're not in the mid ages. it's be nice to put his head out on the pike in the front of the white house. someone who lunges those attacks won't get away with it. >> never any doubt in your mine he was still alive. some people thought perhaps those voices that we heard in recorded messages from him were not really him. >> new york he wo, he was alive. the attack highlighted showed the fact he was protected within element of pakistan, pakistan's intelligence service, military, government, protected him and enabled not only him but terrorist groups. they've done it for 30 years
11:35 am
pakistan's been our best friend and worst enemy at the same time. elements to fight terrorists but elements in pakistan who enable these guys. >> how big a deal was it that the u.s. acted alone, that's what we're hearing without talking to allies about this? >> no way the u.s. did this on its own. u.s. did this with the cooperation of pakistan. you're not going to fly helicopter as far into pakistan as we did without pakistan military air controls are being in on it. you've got a forward staging base someplace in pakistan where the u.s. forces who carried this operation out were put in position beforehand to be able to plan it and then to launch the attack. >> the news of that we're hearing even pakistan was not informed is not true? >> that may be -- i'm not sure -- there are a lot of behind the scenes activities going on now. the united states indicted three top pakistani military intelligence officials four days ago for their role in the attacks on mumbai, india, december 2008. there may be quid pro quo trading going on behind the
11:36 am
scenes. paks new. >> why should we be worried about a revenge attack. >>? >> i don't think we should be worried about a revenge attack. why do we keep pretending bin laden and this crew are zombies from the night of the living dead? no matter what we do, they get bigger and stronger? once we started focusing on them in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, once we started killing and capturing these guys their capacity to conduct operations has severely eroded and we've gotten down to this character in yemen, who is -- he's tried to mount his version of spectaculars and they've been abysmal failures. they're not ten feet tall, they're not supermen. >> the fear of sleeper cells all over the country that are going to come out now, you think that's unwarranted. >> they've been taken ambien. they are so far asleep they can't be woken up. >> thank you for joining us, larry johnson, anti-terrorism
11:37 am
expert and former cia analyst. thank you for being with us. this morning on the "today" show, former secretary of state donald rumsfeld stressed osama bin laden's death does not mark the end of al qaeda. >> we have, in a given region, killed the -- killed or captured the head of daed and within hours someone took his place. we have to assume this isn't the end of radical islamists trying to kill americans. there are others out there. he will be replaced. and the key is the fact that the bush administration and the obama administration have put pressure on the terrorists and that's what resulted in the intelligence and the information that led to the killing of osama bin laden and over time will lead to the killing of whoever succeeds him. >> rumsfeld say u.s. intelligence and military should be attentive right now to avoid possible retaliation. with the death of bin laden, some are worried about what this
11:38 am
will mean for america's relationship with the muslim world. today a reporter for arabic tv news channel al arabiya said muslims will most likely not be upset with bin laden's death because of his murderous past. >> in the arab world there's a good deal of welcome. the jordanian government and the palestinian authority and others are welcoming the news. so far, it was handled properly. if he was given a muslim burial, that's very fine. i don't think there will be the kind of reaction that some people in the west are expecting. celebrating, if you will, the killing of a murderer is not going to be seen as insulting to many people in the arab world. >> other countries are speaking out in for of america's actions against bin laden. saudi arabia has said it hopes bin laden's death will boost efforts to fight global terrorism. >> usa!
11:39 am
usa! usa! >> the reaction outside the white house early this morn was nothing but pure joy. hundreds, if not thousands, rallied downtown packing lafayette park. many students unified through social media like twitter and facebook. thousands flooded the streets near ground zero in new york city. those celebrations throughout the night. christ gordon was there when new yorkers heard the news and caught the emotional reaction interest the city that bin laden led an attack on nearly ten years ago. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: i'm standing at the base of the world trade center, ground zero. i'm surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of young people who all converged on downtown manhattan, ground zero, with american flags flying. somebody climbed up a street
11:40 am
pole at church street with a sign that said "obama, 1, osama, 0" they've been singing god god bless america, the star spanginged banner, god bless the usa. the crowd was so big the police came through and said step to the right, step to left, and applauded the police. i haven't seen that possibly in years going back to the vietnam war that people in the street applauded police. they applauded when world trade center crews came through here. they're rebuilding an area of -- called wtcp, world trade center project, and the people all who came here waving flags, wearing flags, singing songs, feel that they came together at an
11:41 am
historic moment for history, that some of them who are now grown were in eighth grade when the world trade center towers were attacked and destroyed. and tonight, they gathered in celebration, into the early morning hours it continues. streets are jammed. i'm in the middle of it. it's like being in times square new year's eve. i can't tell how big the crowd is. it goes in every direction at an intersection here, standing in the middle of the street. this is the situation as people gathered to celebrate, to come to the world trade center, almost ten years after the tragedy to celebrate victory. this is christ gordon, reporting from the world trade center, for news4. >> stay with nbc 4 throughout the day. for more details on the
11:42 am
operation that ended with death of the world's most-wanted terrorist, osama bin laden. a special hour-long edition of nbc "nightly news" begins at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. tom is back with us to talk about what we can expect from the weather today. more rain on the way, tom. >> after a cloudy beginning, we're getting sunshine breaking out. we could get storms tomorrow into tomorrow night. right now, no storms around. and it's still rather cloudy. a live picture from the sky watcher camera over looking montgomery county in the distance. friendship heights in the horizon. no precipitation now. temperatures are warming into the 60s, all around the region to near 70. in the shenandoah valley and from culpepper south it's already exceeded 70 degrees. fredericksburg, 73. 65 reagan national. low 60s near the pennsylvania border. slight chance of isolated shower today and tonight. high around 70, low 70s around
11:43 am
the south. tomorrow, partly sunny, mid 80 tomorrow afternoon. likelihood of storms developing late afternoon and evening tuesday. unfortunately, some of those storms could be severe with damaging winds. then by wednesday morning, cooler, near 50. could have showers wednesday morning through midday wednesday. some sunshine back during the afternoon. but much cooler, highs only low 60s. into thursday, friday, saturday, sun, highs near 70 each day. a chance of showers friday, perhaps again saturday night. >> thank you, tom. now to the roads. tanya hutchins, problems? >> yes. i whereby i had better news for you. outer loop on south side of belt weigh is a parking lot. let's take a look right at van dorn street. all lanes are blocked up ahead at eisenhower. outer loop traffic is going to be forced to exit at telegraph road. quite a backup. this is what it looks like north of van dorn. all lanes closed on the outer loop, forced to get off at
11:44 am
telegraph. no problems on the inner loop. back to you, barbara. >> 11:43. still ahead on news4 midday, we'll check on wall street beginning the week. how to make a traditional tiramisu. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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osama bin laden and strong earnings reports. we'll check in with brian schactman, live with more on that and the headlines. good morning. >> good morning. very interesting to watch what's happened post the news of osama bin laden being killed. last night we saw stock futures rise, gold pull back, oil pull back, now in a situation where stocks are moderately higher but gold rebounded, positive. the same case with oil. markets seem to have reacted in a confusing fashion. a lot of people thought we'd get a big spike in terms of gold going down but it has not transpired here through the day. blackberry research in motion's blackberry, a huge hit because of apple's iphone and ipad, awe new blackberry model as well as updating the tablet computer to have video chat. trying to get market share back. stock was one point 73 a share in the last 52 week. it's trading at around 48. chrysler, lost in general motors
11:48 am
and their ipo and everything going on in the auto seconder to with ford. chrysler turning a profit. of course, not a publicly traded company right now but fiat, the owner, looks to be moving quickly towards a potential initial public offering because of the news. only 116 million for a new company but for a brand that almost went away completely it's construed as positive news. dow up 30 points. have a great day. 11:48 is the time. a sweet cooking lesson. plus, meteorologist tom kiernan back with another check of the forecast.
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this morning, we continue our series, show me how to do it. a famous dessert, tiramisu. and chef joins us. nice to have you with us. >> thank you. >> you like this dessert so much you named your restaurant after it. >> exactly. it's the heart of the dessert in italy now. it's a positive work. tiramisu means cheer me up, pick me up. >> cheer me up, pick me up. >> we all want to be happy. this make me happy looking at all of this. what's in the recipe. here what happens you're going to need. eight whole eggs, ten ounces of sugar, a upon of mascarpone cheese, three cups of espresso
11:52 am
coffee made with water, a teaspoon of vanilla, pack of lady fingers, 24 pierces in all. walk us through it. >> let's assemble this beautiful one. we already whipped in the yolk eggs with sugar. probably whip for three minutes. >> electric mixer. >> ween corporated it because of the show. a pound of mascarpone cheese. >> separate the eggs? >> exactly. the egg as loan in the one before. what we're going to do, we're going to assemble. you can do at home very easy. >> you mixed the egg yellows with sugar? >> exactly. >> mixed for? >> sugar like two minutes, once they become creamy add the mascarpone cheese, wait for another two, three minute, give or take, depending the speed, you do the whites. >> egg whites go into the mixture. >> exactly. >> of the egg yellows and sugar
11:53 am
whipped together. >> mix altogether. this is nice and easy process that you want to do at home. i have to go fast here because we don't have too much time. at home you do a version like this. >> you certainly sound like you know what you're doing. italian chef at his best with his famous tiramisu. >> thank you. >> the egg whites go in, all the way to the bottom. >> almost all of the way. we're done with that. >> okay. >> so we're finished with this. we'll make like basically takes two or three layer, depend on the containers that you use for the tiramisu. >> we can see then side. let's show how beautiful. >> let's mix that. once you do that, of course, at this point we have the express sow here which is in this container here. take the lady finger, dip inside. >> oh, that's what you use the coffee for. >> it's warm, do fast because otherwise the lady finger is going to absorb and be melting fast. if this is room temperature, it
11:54 am
takes longer. okay. >> keep the coffee warm, if you can, right? >> yeah. it's fast that way. >> get the lady fingers into the -- >> a couple layers. >> all right. >> i guess i could help you with this. do you use all 24 lady fingers? >> well, depends like how many portion you want to do. this recipe i give to you is about 14. so at this point we do like this. put like if you were doing a lasagna, you do a layer like this. >> i see. so it's layered. >> exactly. it's layered. >> and okay. you've got your -- but you haven't used the mascarpone cheese. >> we mixed before. >> that went in with the sugar. >> exactly and the egg and the sugar. after that one become creamy you add the mascarpone, incorporate gently and at this point once you do that.
11:55 am
>> start on another lay. >> if you want to do different, it's probably better. >> let's skip across to the ones that's finished. >> you see -- it doesn't have to be baked. >> ready to go in. >> yeah. ready to go when finished. it's room temperature. one of the tip i wanted to give 0 to you, it's better the day after you make it because of the ingredients, the lady finger have to soak the expresso. very tasty. >> let's take a look at the one. >> like italian family, if you want to go to picnic or buffet. >> let me turn it over, tell us what is on top? >> a cocoa powder at the end -- actually before you serve, don't put in vents. we see the humidity come in that spot. >> some holes in it. >> exactly. >> so many ways to share. >> first date. because tiramisu means cheer me up, as we said, this is like a martini, offer a martin.
11:56 am
>> make it here with the lady fingers at the bottom and layter. >> this fizz you have a container like this or glasses, do this version. otherwise, if you have this one and you don't have the other containers, then you can cut -- let's do a nice presentation. >> i think we're just about at the end, we've got to see what you do. you'll make a beautiful thing. while you're telling us that you're on t street for tiramisu, right? in washington. >> watch this as he does this. go ahead, quickly. quickly. >> easy. easy. >> there we go. >> hold on. hold on. not finished yet. we have to quickly go to jim handly standing by waiting to tell us what to expect this afternoon. >> you're going to want some of this. i'll try to give you another picture before we say good-bye. >> it looks amazing. a very busy afternoon today at 4:00 and 5:00. we've got the latest on the death of osama bin laden. his neighbor was tweeting as the
11:57 am
military operation was unfolding. find out what he was saying at that time. we'll have the very latest from the white house as well. also ahead at 4:00, designers make quick work in getting a knock-off of princess katharine's wedding dress. botox at a fraction of the price. starting first at 4:00. we'll see you then. back to you. >> thanks so much. let's get a quick check on the forecast. tom? z>> tom is not quite there. let's take one quick last look at our tiramisu. we have a moment to show it. that's a beautiful design. celebrating your 15th an verse. >> 15th anniversary of tiramisu. >> we get to have showers later this afternoon. we'll be talking to him about that again. join us for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. a lot coming up as we continue to follow breaking fuzz that we
11:58 am
have seen that has shocked the world and caused for a lot of celebrations around the country. hope you'll join us later. see you tomorrow morning at midday, 11:00 a.m. have a terrific day. see you in the morning.
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