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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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entire operation unfold in real time. kristin dahlgren has our story. >> reporter: a moment almost ten years in the making. >> our country has kept its commitment to see that justice is done, the world is safer, it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. >> reporter: the world's most wanted killed not in a remote cave, but a heavily fortified compound just 35 miles north of islamabad, pakistan. president obama gave the attack order friday and early monday morning in pakistan, u.s. special forces moved in. one helicopter making a hard landing as teams came under heavy fire before shooting bin laden and recovering his body. it took less than 40 minutes to bring the justice that 9/11 victims' families have waited so long for. >> it was disbelief mingled with the hope. i had actually despaired of ever finding this day to be a reality. >> reporter: in texas, near
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president george w. bush's house, crowds hung red, white and blue while the former vice president pradz the ised the op. >> it's been ten years and it's been worth all of that effort. >> reporter: in the midst of celebration there are stark warnings that the threat will likely outlive the world's most notorious criminal. >> we should not forget that the battle to stop al qaeda and its syndicate of terror will not end with the death of bin laden. >> reporter: it does appear that security's been stepped up some here around capitol though the department of homeland security says it has no plans to issue an alert. officials say in keeping with islamic tradition osama bin laden's body was quickly buried at sea. they say they have photographic evidence and dna test results. kristin dahlgren, nbc news, washington. news of bin laden's death sparked spontaneous and joyous celebrations across the country. >> usa!
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usa! usa! usa! >> in new york city thousands gathered at the site of the world trade center where the twin towers fell nearly ten years ago. the tone was patriotic with the crowd cheering "usa" and waving american flags. >> usa! usa! usa! >> it was a similar scene outside the white house where a crowd grew from hundreds to thousands shortly after the announcement. many were waving flags, singing the national anthem and "god bless america." the group grew so large it spread into lafayette square. >> tonight we have team coverage from new york to our nation's capitol help we begin with julie carey, shooee's live at the pentagon. >> reporter: for the families of those who lost loved ones, there is celebration, of course, but feelings of grief and loss are
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stirred anew and for one local family, coming here to visit the pentagon memorial was one way to deal with this sudden development. >> bass matty and bola bishop staid up most of the night awaiting the news they waited years to hear, osama bin laden was dead, the man they held responsible for killing their son romeo. a technology specialist for the u.s. navy he died in his pentagon office just three days before his 24th birthday. >> i was glad that we got him. justice was served, but you still lost a son. >> i have to say that. it took a while to sink in, with the mother's grief, it's a little comfort. >> today the couple knew what they had to do, they left their waldorf home and got in their son's jeep with the american flag and 9/11 license plates, they drove it to the pentagon memorial and arlington national cemetery, they took along flowers and champagne and held a
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small celebration in romeo's bench and his website. >> did i make a promise to romeo on 9/11 that after bin laden is caught dead or alive i will go to the cemetery and i will open a bottle of champagne, and i kept the promise. romeo was a party boy, and i thought if he's out there smiling that i've -- i'm doing that today for him. >> reporter: while bin laden's death doesn't lessen their grief, it does provide a bit of consolation and they are also very glad the terrorist mastermind was killed rather than captured alive. >> we don't need to waste any more time with him, don't need to put him in a spotlight. >> i am so glad what they did, bury him in the sea. so there will be no memory of nothing at all about him. >> reporter: many of the families, of course, are planning trips here to the pentagon memorial in september for the tenth year commemoration and they say they can think of
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no better tenth anniversary president and we'll hear about his thoughts. for now, reporting live from the pentagon memorial, i'm julie carey, back to you. >> thanks so much. >> as you can image, there's strong reaction to the death of bin latdlatteden in new york city. michelle franzen. mayor bloomberg visited ground zero and he described saurm's demise as a critically important victory. what does it mean for new yorkers, now ten years after 9/11? >> reporter: well t certainly means a big boost here emotionally as one victim's family member put it that for the last ten years they've been held emotionally hostage by not knowing where osama bin laden was and not knowing what was next. now at least they know that osama bin laden is no longer a threat and that's exactly the point that new york city mayor
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michael bloomberg was trying to make today that -- that he was evil, that certainly new york has a lot to be proud of. it's a resilient city and the spirit is certainly strong and he's made those remarks and you can see it in the people and how they came out here overnight and the steady stream that continues throughout here today. not just new york residents, but also people who commute in and out of the city daily. people who are visiting from all over the world, right here, right now, wanting to see what is going on. time for reflection and a time to mark that day when osama bin laden has been certainly pronounced dead and no longer a threat. pat? >> michelle, describe for us the mood there at ground zero and times square. it must be an incredibly emotional day for a lot of new yorkers, particularly fire fighters. >> reporter: well, it's been very uplifting all day throughout the day and certainly the mood has changed.
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we saw that celebratory mood from overnight just turn into what usually is a normal day. the start of a workweek, a commute where people are coming in and out of the path train that leads from new jersey underneath the river to ground zero trade site where people are here every day to walk by this construction site as it is being rebuilt. and also, that celebratory mood that also gave way to a certain somberness that still lingers in this city particularly with the fire fighters, the police, the first responders and of course, the family members who lost their loved ones on that day. this pain just not going away and certainly, they say even though osama bin laden is dead, this does not bring closure. >> michelle frandzen live at the world trade center this afternoon. thanks, michelle. homeland security officials say there are no plans to raise the terror threat level following bin laden's death, but
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some major cities including washington are beefing up security over fear of retaliation attacks. pat collins continues our coverage now live outside the chinatown metro station with the impact on our area. pat? >> reporter: jim, no specific threat, but out of a great sense of caution, police chiefs have deployed cops with those big guns. they did it in metro stations. they did it in the middle of downtown. in the city of washington, this was a day of cops walking around with big, long, intimidating rifles, a not so subtle reminder they're in a constant state of readiness. this is not a sight you see every day on connecticut avenue. >> does it make you feel safer? >> i didn't feel anything. >> reporter: you saw the guns, though? >> i saw them, and i just thought that it was something
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that they needed to do. >> it was a little scare, but i assume they're protecting us as best we can. >> reporter: what do you make of that? i don't know. i was wondering. >> reporter: does it make you feel safer? >> it does. >> reporter: metro, every day our city's subway system carries about 750,000 riders. public transportation always a possible terrorist target. here they've taken a number of steps to keep the subway safe. better security cameras, bomb-resistant trash cans, a chemical scent detector and today a high state of alert. michael taborn, the metro transit police chief says he decided to take it up a notch. >> as a result of increased security our customers are
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likely to see an increase in uniformed police officers in the system. we also have other security measures in place that are designed to be invisible to the public. >> reporter: most subway riders we talked to seemed to have no problem with extra police protection. >> i think it's a beautiful thing, you know? we have to keep everybody safe, man. especially during these times. >> it's day after. i don't know what's going to happen next? >> reporter: it makes you feel safer? >> yes, it does, yeah. >> reporter: see something? say something, on a message board near the city reservoir, a reminder to report all suspicious activity. these words tonight from police chief kathy linear, she said it would not be prudent to talk about increased security tactics, but she middle many of those tactics are designed to be visible by the public. >> jim, back to you.
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>> pat, thank you. >> stay with news 4 for koofrj of bin laden's death. just a few minutes, nbc's tom costello takes a closer look at safety post-9/11 and what it means for u.s. relations. we have some breaking news now along interstate i-66 in northern virginia. police are on the scene of a deadly accident there. this happened at 3:45 on the westbound lanes of i-66 near the fairfax county parkway, it happened about an hour ago. police say two cars were involved, i-66 is expected to be closed for at least another half hour. traffic, meanwhile, is being diverted on to route 50 as an alternate. again, the lanes of i-66 westbound near the fairfax county parkway closed until at least 5:30 this afternoon. >> busy stretch at a very busy time. turning now to the weather and temperatures hit the 70s
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today. >> bob, there's the threat of some severe storms tomorrow. chief meteorologist doug kammerer has a look at forecast and the weather today. >> so far so good. we saw sunshine early today, some areas, the 08s. 81 in manassas. 82 in fredericksburg and 75 in the d.c. area and baltimore coming in at 73 degrees and we do have a few showers around and north of the washington, d.c. area and back to the west there's a lot of that rain and that will make its way overnight into tomorrow night and with that we could see some severe weather. i'll talk more about that severe weather threat and what i think and when it might come coming up. thank you, doug, new at 5:00 tonight, the tornadoes are long gone, but the cleanup is just beginning. what's being done to help people in alabama rebuild after the storms. it wasn't a tornado that destroyed this northern virginia home. what caused all of this damage and how a neighbor managed to save a person trapped inside.
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glued to the osama bin laden announcement of death.
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>> they all took in the news that the man who touched off the war they're currently serving in had been killed. there are currently some 150,000 foreign troops in afghanistan, many of them americans. america and its allies are on alert today for the possibility of retaliatory attacks for members of al qaeda who were upset over bin laden's death. the department of homeland security warns the group could take a symbolic, economic or transportation targets into mind. nbc's tom costello joins us in the studio with how the nation is responding. so, tom, what do you know about the dhs warnings or alerts, intelligence alerts that are out there. homeland security authorities are telling us at nbc news that there is no reason to believe that there is an imminent attack. deep in mind that the terror alert changed in the last couple of mothers you may recall that we have the color-coded system and you have orange whenever
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you're at the airport. the laid oat pa says we're at orange. that's been done away with. they felt that it was just too confusing so they're now three levels and nothing which is where we are right now, elevated and something that they believe is imminent, something that may happen immediately. we are still at nothing. in other words, there is tow no reason for us to believe anything will happen any time soon. you may have freelancers out there or people that feel inspired or that they may need to take retribution or that they may act. >> will we not see security changed, but know that it's happening anyway? >> that is entirely possible. what you are likely to see at airports around the country is an elevated presence of police officers, of dogs, behavior recognition officers that you're not supposed to be watching anyway, they're supposed to be watching for bad guys. we know the nypd went on tactical alert. if you spend time in new york
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you know they have rolling s.w.a.t. teams that seem to suddenly show up and they're all over times square or all over ground zero. those are hercules units and that is really a show of force. last night the commissioner ordered them deployed and they hit the streets. you may see some airports and decide that the dogs and what have you. systemwide, nationwide, there is no formal elevation. >> and the intelligence that spawned this green light was all from get mow, our sources, two of our investigative pros at nbc news say the original source for trying to figure out how they could get to bin laden came from guantanamo bay and some of the detainees there who specifically gave the name a courier and then the challenge and was it took them years to figure out okay, this is the alleged name of the courier. what's his real name? now we have to find the guy and then we have to follow him and
5:19 pm
track him. so it really was detective work at the highest levels here, and very patient work that took years and years and years. >> i've got ask you this one question because everybody's asking how could he then, under the pakistanis' nose and them not know it? >> everyone at every level of government are asking that and other governments are asking that as well. he was a mile from the pakistani equivalent of west point. how is that possible? granted, he was living a very quiet life there, but if you read a lot of the reporting that was being done internationally. i was just on the bbc news website, some of the neighbors said we knew that place. we knew something didn't smell right, but we also knew stay away, it wasn't a place where you wanted to hang around. >> more to come. nbc's tom costelo, we appreciate it. "nightly news" will have a special hour-long edition starting tonight at 7:00. turning to the weather this
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which has been pretty nice. >> not bad at all. we had a great saturday. sunday on the iffy side. today, not bad either. we saw partly cloudy skies and sunshine to start off. temperatures rose into the 70s, above average and that's where we stand right now, mostly in the mid-70s and a few areas in the low 80s. you can see the cloud cover as they continue to move on in, and we have a shower or two along live digital doppler radar, a couple of showers into montgomery county, near the hagerstown area and it will not amount to much and you may have to get the windshield wierp wip before you can turn them back off. a rather nice afternoon and we'll see a nice evening and that will translate interest a great tuesdays well. 72347 frederick or rather 23478 sterling. 81 in manassas, down towards culpeper. temperatures tomorrow will be 5
5:21 pm
degrees warmer than they are today and i think we'll see a little bit more in the way of sunshine as well. so our tuesday is going to be pretty nice. we have a couple of systems just off to the west and it's where that frontal boundary is that will see if we have any showers or not. the cold front just off to the west as well showing shower activity around the ohio valley and that front's going to move our way and with the warm air during the day tomorrow we could see some strong, maybe even severe thunderstorms the night tonight. i'm not expecting a widespread outbreak, but we'll see the potential for strong storms. so very warm air in place. here's our cold front and it doesn't track down to the south we see have an area of low pressure and a storm system along the cold front and that's what will give me the chance to help and the thunderstorms. i don't think yves seen stormness coming at 5shgs 6, 7,
5:22 pm
8:00 at night, continuing into wednesday americaning and that gets done whether it's cool kerr, not all that bad for a wz. mostly cloudy mild, of of 66 to 74 degrees and as we make our way through the evening, tomorrow starts off mild, 58 to 63. maybe a few areas of fog out there and watch out for that as you step out tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, partly sunny and warm, increasing rain chances most likely after sunset and by the way, sunset now after 8:00. how about that? >> 67 to 83 and a better day coming up during the day on thursday. >> all right. thanks, doug. >> thank you, doug. coming up, bin laden's death is a huge win in the war on terror, but what are muslims saying about it? i'm jane watrel, the osama bin laden story is the biggest in a decade. i'll h
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joy was not the first emotion felt by some of the first responders who were at the pentagon on 9/11. >> but as news 4's derek ward tells us, news of bin laden's death has also become a moment these local heroes will never forget. >> reporter: they were some of the first responders and here at station 8 on lee highway the memories of september 11th 2001
5:26 pm
are still fresh, captain edward blunt got to the scene just two minutes after the plane went through the pentagon. >> that day was just a horrific day. there was so much going on throughout the country it was hard to determine what was next and we had to shelter several times thinking we were going to be struck again like new york was. >> while many celebrated the news of the demise, jubilation wasn't the first emotion. >> it's a different kind of feeling because you bury a lot of what happened on 9/11 and this just opens that sore baaning, but this particular incidence is a good way. we're all about saving lives and not loss of life, but this is a way for the united states to show that if you do this type of thing to us and there are reprisals for it and we'll track you down and find you eventually. >> more than one of these men had resigned themselves that the instigator of the attack would never be brought to justice, at least any time soon. >> we figured eventually they
5:27 pm
would get them, and i'm glad it ended the way it ended and not taking him a live and saving all that going through a trial and whatever. >> reporter: while the first react horse different emotional responses to what happened on september 11th and what happened last night. there is one theme that runs constant and that is what they do here in this area, that's changed. >> it makes you be more aware of your surroundings and what's going on at all times and i think that's probably the biggest thing that stays with me even when i'm off duty, i'm always mindful where i'm at and who's around me. >> it's just part of the job. you're trained to do what you're supposed to do. >> derek ward, news 4. still to come after this short break, former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush share their thoughts today in the wake of bin laden's death. the attack in pakistan hitting close to new yorkers. nearly 3,000 people died in the september 11th attacks there. what's the mood like now? news 4's chris gordon was in the
5:28 pm
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>> fast forward through the headlines. u.s. officials have confirmed osama bin laden was the man killed during a daring commando raid in pakistan yesterday. white house officials say president obama was in the situation room and was able to monitor the operation as it unfolded.
5:31 pm
while there have been no specific threats, authorities in major cities across the country including washington are beefing up security. riders on metro and people walking around downtown d.c. may notice an increased police presence. metro transit officials say it's important for all riders to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity. with bin laden gone, what will happen to al qaeda? most analysts believe the number two man, ayman al zawahiri hello take charge. he hasn't been seen publicly in years, but is believed to still be alive. al zawahiri is 59 years old and born in onlying i wants to an upper middle class family. she believed to be the logistical mastermind behind al qaeda. the citing of osama bin laden has many people flocking to 9/11 exhibits around the metro area. news 4's jane watrel is outside the newseum in northwest washington with that part of the story. jane? >> well, jim, the death of osama bin laden is the biggest news
5:32 pm
story in nearly a decade and you can tell by the number of people that have been coming down here all day to read the worldwide headlines and also go inside to attend a very emotional exhibit. sfwloot 9/11 exhibit, the melted broadcast an taken from the north tower of the world trade center. on this day after the death of osama bin laden, many say they felt coverampelled to be here. >> it gives closure to the victims of the attacks. >> brooklyn tourist was 10 years old in 2001 and watched the towers burn from his elementary school windows. he's part of the crowd that gathered outside the white house last night, reveling in the news
5:33 pm
that bin laden was dead. >> i'm very happy that he's gone. i wish it would have happened earlier, but at least we got limb. >> reporter: at the kensington volunteer fire department a memorial funded largely by donations is being built outside the main fire station to remember those who lost their lives in washington, new york and pennsylvania. word of bin laden's death was well received. >> this killing today is a testament to the resolve of the american forces to hunt down bad guys like that and terrorists and get them. god bless america. >> we also have a photograph here -- >> reporter: a piece of the world trade center can also be found at the air and space museum. those touring the dulles facility took time to reflect on the enormity of the death of the world's most wanted terrorist. >> i am glad to know that it was done with -- so he knew it was
5:34 pm
not a missile coming in, it was face-to-face and they were able to take care of him and take him out. >> i'm delighted. i'm very pleased that we finally got him. it's taken a long time, but we did it. >> reporter: not only are the headlines popular outside the newseum, but on its website as well. in fact, the newseum spokesman says that the website experienced its highest traffic volume ever, 2800 hits a second, causing it to crash. reporting live in northwest, i'm jane watrel. back to you, jim. >> that is amazing. people just couldn't get the information fast enough last night. jane, thanks so much. some muslim-americans are reacting to the death ever bin laden with a feeling of relief this afternoon. the leaders of several washington area muslim groups held a news conference in the district today. they say bin laden was not the characterization of the islamic faith. >> osama bin laden never
5:35 pm
represented our community, islam or muslims. in fact, osama bin laden and al qaeda, in addition to killing thousands of americans on 9/ 9/11/2011 he and al qaeda have killed countless of innocent muslims in the wars that followed 9/11. >> they hope bin laden's death will help to begin a new chapter in the u.s. relationship with muslim countries. before president obama told the nation about bin laden's death he had a few phone calls to make. mr. obama called former president george w. bush and form president bill clinton who were in office when he attacked our interests. bush called the operation a momentous achievement and i congratulated him and the men and women of the intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. they have our everlasting gratitude. former president clinton said,
5:36 pm
quote, i congratulate the president, the national security team and the members of our armed forces on bringing bin laden to justice after more than a decade of murderous al qaeda attacks. there has, of course, been heightened security all over the country especially in new york city where the all-clear has now been given after a suspicious package report in times square. >> but last night the city was the site of mass celebration. news 4's chris gordon happened to be in ground zero and joins us now on what it was like. tell us what it was like, what the scene was like and how in the world you wound up being in the middle of it. >> i was at a family wedding in a tuxedo, how can i contribute to news 4? i'm going go to a hotel, get in a cab and go to ground zero and armed with nothing, but a smartphone and started to do reports at midnight when we were on the air and started to shoot video and until 3:00 in the morning send it back here to nbc in washington and it was
5:37 pm
remarkable. it was historic. there were young people there who came with candles, waving flags, wearing flags singing patriotic songs "proud to be an american," "star-spangled banner," "national anthem," it was a party scene and celebration like when the redskins won the super bowl after years of frustration and the whole community was together, no politics, that's what it was like right at ground zero where they were trying to rebuild some of the towers. >> and your amazing video is getting a lot of play on nbc. you mentioned young people around. you were talking about people in their 20s, you think? who were probably 10 or 11 when all of this happened. >> one person told me he was in eighth grade and remembers when the towers tomppled. what you see here is people arm in arm and arm. the troops applauded and they're singing "god bless america"
5:38 pm
here, and the sign above said obama-1, osama, 0. they were singing this song and i was standing right in church street, right in the middle. the intersection is crowded. it's like new year's eve, they're shoulder to shoulder and most people didn't even get there, and just listen to this. the emotion, and then they would go from one song to another. usa. one chant into another. >> a fine moment and you were there to capture it all in your tuxedo. maybe you thought it was like new year's eve. >> i got into this outfit. >> and then came directly here. >> thanks so much. >> good work. coming up next on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, a close call in northern virginia, what sparked the destruction that reduced this house to rubble? also some call it the mountain of youth, the 20-minute mountain of youth, the 20-minute treatment mountain of youth, the 20-minute treatment not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed.
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>> a neighbor rescued a man trapped inside this, what was a house, in triangle after a big explosion. it happened along wayne drive around 8:00 this morning. fire fighters tell us when they arrived there was no fire, but there was a strong smell of gas. the man pulled from the home was flown to a nearby hospital.
5:46 pm
neighbors say no one was actually living inside the home because it was undergoing renovations. now back to our top story and the death of osama bin laden. >> tom sherwood joins us live from lafayette park with reaction from tourists visiting the nation's capital, tom? >> reporter: many americans are glad that bin laden is dead, but all around washington today with police on alert even ordinary citizens and tourists were quick to tell us the fight against terror is far from over. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: sunday night an impromptu flag-waving celebration erupted outside the white house. >> all right! >> reporter: monday afternoon the crowd was far more subdued, but feelings were still strong here in the nation's capital. >> i think it was great. i think it was time for closure, and i am glad that president obama and the troops were able to catch him and get rid of him. we know this isn't the end, but this is a start.
5:47 pm
>> it's a tremendous day in history here. we'll look back on it as a historic turning point in our fight against terrorism. >> reporter: sprinkled among the normal crowds of spring time touri tourists, common this time year, police from capitol hill to the white house were more visible and on edge, but not shutting down the city as tourists were proud to be in their nation's capit capital. >> i didn't see it until this morning. i was kind of surprised. it was interesting to see we finally got him, but think, that doesn't end anything, right? it's a step along the way. >> i mean, this is not going to be the end of the war on terror, but it definitely puts closure to what happened back in 9/11 almost ten years ago. so it does put closure on that. >> you were outside the white house last night. what did you think? >> we were. it was an amazing time. the happiness and the joy, the american flags and just an am e amazing time to be in washington, d.c. >> coming up at 6:00, coming up
5:48 pm
at 6:00, was there a small peace demonstration in front of the white house today and they didn't get the best of all receptions. i'm tom sherwood live at lay fayette park, now back to you. in just one hour we had 57 responses to this question, so you've had a chance to sleep on it. would you have rather osama bin laden been caught dead or alive. >> >> priscilla writes, quote, dead. it saves the american public the burden of a trial and having him in jail. chris counters, alive, drop him off at new york city at the world trade center site and note fight public. >> ellis wrote, it's good that bin laden was caught dead over alive. a lot of groups staged terrorist attacks in order to have one of their own released. and now to sports and who says lightning's not supposed to strike twice? >> wow! that's pretty creatcreative, ha. >> it was interesting to heart coaches with their different sort of philosophies after this
5:49 pm
game. i was listening to tampa bay's coach and he said i told my players that rest is at a premium and i don't want to see you until tuesday. the capitals and the players didn't take advantage of the time off. instead the capitals ended up hitting the ice today where they had an optional skate and many of the guys said after that loss last night even though they were disappointed what the they had accomplished they still felt that they had played better than they did in game one of the searies. >> we probably didn't deserve to win in the first game, but i thought tonight we deserved to win, but playing along after a win isn't always enough. you have to bear down and you can't make any mistakes and part of it is also the power plays and we didn't do that. we have to regroup and get ready to play good hockey in tampa. >> i thought we had the momentum, quite frankly, for 45 minutes of that game, but i felt very comfortable going into overtime, you know? rolling four lines in six
5:50 pm
defensemen, as long there weren't any penalty, but it didn't work out that way. the most frustrating part for this loss of the capitals is that the opportunities were there. the team won 0 for 6 on power play chances. players know that will not win you a championship. >> you like to get a few goal to get our confidence going and we have to reevaluate it and and keep shooting pucks. >> we have to coming up with something like we were doing last year and it was a difference that helped us get through the series. it's prettio obvious because they took one each night and you get a power play and that's a bonus. that was -- that was what propelled them today. got the crowd quiet and end up with a lead and play with a lead where they're pretty comfortable. >> i think we have to win the special teams battle to win game three. i'm going to put pressure myself to do that and get that job done, but you know, it's 2-0,
5:51 pm
big deal. there's still a lot of hockey left. we are by no means out thereof and the guys aren't down and we'll come back in game three. >> guy, boucher says rest is a weapon and he doesn't want to see them until tuesday. the caps are on the ice to correct their mistakes in hopes of turning this around and salvaging the series. >> it's a challenge and they've got a lot of energy from the two wins and coming back, but i mean, we -- it's what we have to take every game at a time and make sure we do something good about it. >> we're going there and we're going win two games and, you know, it's going to be hard, but we have to win. >> alex o vefrp kin and the capitals will play game three in tampa tomorrow night. the players themselves meanwhile, didn't heartbreaking news that osama bin laden had been killed until they left the arena. in philadelphia, it was a much different scenario.
5:52 pm
the phillies were hosting the new york mets. it was ironic as broadcasters calling that game pointed out that fans began to learn the news on their cell phones & in the ninth inning with the score tied at one. let's go to filly. this is what the fans were doing instead of watching the game in the ninth inning. you could see people check the cell phones and closely spreading word that osama bin laden had been killed. what happened next was chilling. a unified crowd showing their american spirit as thousands began chanb began chanting usa together. >> usa! usa! usa! >> a satisfy thousands of baseball fans joined together and for the baseball players themselves it was a sight to see. even mets' third baseman said filly fans known for their rowdiness got this one right. >> brought them all together. >> let's get an update on the weather with doug. it will be a great evening and a great flight to take a walk
5:53 pm
outdoors and sit outside for a bit of dinner. tonight temperatures into the 07s. live dij talg doppler radar. we are all clear for the most part and light showers into portions of west virginia and northern maryland and not a whole lot going on there. 75 degrees and we are seeing sunshine, winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour and clouds from time to time as well. overnight tonight, 62 in the district and 59 toward fredericksburg and tomorrow, look at this, 82346 fredericksburg and a chance of storms coming in very late in the day, pat? >> all right. doreen is here now with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> coming up on news 4 at 6:00, a behind the scenes intelligence story of how osama bin laden was located in pakistan. people still have questions about just how the government tracked him down and killed him. a traffic mess shut down part of the beltway for some drivers, we'll get an update on what's happening on the roads in virginia right now and there's more trouble for the space shuttle endevour. we'll have the very latest and a
5:54 pm
whole lot more coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then. >> thanks, doreen. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, still ahead, the cleanup continues along the south. >> see what it will take for the nation's southern region to get n[ male announcer ] want to get achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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south was severe and it was widespread. today we learned why. >> according to a new government report out today there were more tornadoes in a single day last week than any other day in our history. here's nbc's john yang. >> reporter: five days after the tornado ripped through the center of tufsscaloosa, we're learning the names of those who died. they cut across all ages from 5-year-old nakeema edwards to 80-year-old annie sayer. ashley harrison hilleded in a closet with her boyfriend, football player carson tinker is the star approach. he sur viefred, she didn't. >> i think it was one of the worst things i've ever seen in terms of i guess the statistical nature of the storm it was indiscriminate of what where it wreaked havoc. it fears for the more 400 it still can't account for in the unending rubble.
5:58 pm
>> if you've seen the debris fields and you've seen the tragedy my heart tells me that we will have many more fatalities. >> reporter: grief has not paralyzed this city. from the utility workers restoring power to the faithful who at churches on sunday relied on the power of prayer. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: people are finding ways to move forward. >> we are in this not just for one day, but we are here for the long haul. >> reporter: a pledge the federal government is making as well. >> we will stand with them all of the way. >> reporter: the worst natural disaster since katrina, the obama administration is determined to get it right. the president himself was here on friday and on sunday five federal agency heads including homeland security napolitano toured the disaster zones in alabama where 250 people lost their lives.
5:59 pm
>> john yang reporting. the government is reporting a steady stream of federal aid to help the victim snoops and we thank you for watching news 4 at 5:00 tonight. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. usa! usa! >> the emotional outpouring when the world learned the most wanted terrorist osama bin laden is dead. many families have been forced to relive the pain of losing loved ones back during the 9/11 attacks. president obama believes times have changed. >> this is a good day for america. our country has kept its commitment to see that justice is done, the world is safer, it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. nearly a decade after the deadliest terrorist


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