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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> right now at 5:59, we're learning new details about the attack that killed osama bin laden. the pentagon describes the photos it has as it weighs whether to release them. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this tuesday, the 3rd of may, 2011. let's take a live look outside. sunlight shown showing there among the clouds above us. tom is here to tell us it's going to get warm today. >> yeah. dress for a summer-like day. we should hit the 80s. right now it's on the cool side. low 60s in washington, prince george's, arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. farther west and north, though, just near 60. parts of prince william, loudon, frederick, maryland, virginia, panhandle, washington county, howard county. and we do have the sky generally clear over washington. that's the live view from the
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sky watcher camera overlooking northeast washington. off in the horizon is prince george's county. light haze in the air. by 9:00, near 70. sunrise, seven minutes away. by noon time, near 80. mostly cloudy this afternoon. there is a likelihood of storms moving through late afternoon and early this evening. unfortunately, an isolated storm could produce an isolated tornado or damaging winds and hail. stay tuned. we'll let you know what's going on. from 5:00 this afternoon into the evening is when we could get storms. a look at night planner in 10 minutes. good morning. how is the commute now? >> good morning, everyone. good morning to the hard-working folks at chopper 4 from route 32 headed towards laurel. moving along well both directions. good news, no accidents. dry pavement. we'll cheap chopper 4 busy this morning perusing for any traffic problems. let's head over ground level on 395. a little stop and go has developed inside the beltway at the lane drop as you begin the
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trip north. southbound 395 looking fine. the drive over on the maryland side, no concerns. but certainly getting heavy in a couple spots through montgomery village. travel lanes are open. out on the rails, no concerns. metro, vre no delays. >> 6:02 now. new details emerging this morning in the death of osama bin laden. a u.s. official says the 9:11 mastermind was shot above his left eye and part of his skull was blown apart. part of the kill photos were sent to washington as part of his proof of death. several lawmakers say it may be necessary to avoid doubt over the terrorist's death. meanwhile, senators will receive more specific details on the operation later today when they are briefed by cia director leon pan net ta.
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president obama will travel to new york city. to new york city later this week to mark the death of bin laden. the president will visit ground zero on thursday. the site of the attacks led by bin laden 10 years ago. he will meet with families killed in the 9/11 attacks. crowds have been gathering at the sites since mr. obama announced bin laden's death late sunday night. we are looking at the white house situation room. these official white house pictures show president obama and members of his national security team as they watched a live feed of the operation. you can also see secretary of state hillary clinton, secretary of defense robert gates and vice president joe biden. the commander of the navy s.e.a.l.s involved is giving strict orders to keep quiet about the details. but we are beginning to learn more about the operation this morning. news 4's kimberly suiters is collecting that information from our newsroom. good morning, kimberly. >> good morning, joe. the white house has access to
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photos and video of the raid and is weighing whether they should show a precision shot above his left eye. now, these are the only images the public has seen of bin laden's compound outside islam bad in pakistan. there's a lot of evidence the public has yet to see. many may never see it. we know a monitored phone call involving bin laden's most trusted aide led to the hideout of the world's most wanted terrorist. information about that courier was gleaned from captured terrorist suspects. the operation was rehearsed in a mock up of the compound at a u.s. military base. it was a near textbook operation despite the failure of one of the helicopters used in the raid. the s.e.a.l.s made it all the way into his compound sliding down ropes and darkness. it was s.e.a.l. team 6 which
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works secretly with the cia, started in iraq and active in afghanistan. kill or capture suspects and then gather evidence at the scene. members can be gone 300 days a year training around the clock, lasting about three years before burning out. u.s. officials reiterating that pakistan was not told about the early helicopter raid until the strike team killed bin laden and returned to afghanistan from where they took off. back to you in the studio, joe. >> again, very interesting to watch the details of this whole story as they come out. kimberly, thanks so much. >> 6:05. the cia is poring over a virtue treasure of intelligence gathered during the raid on bin laden. they are examining dvds, hard drives and documents collected at the compound. investigators are looking for any useful information, including details on al qaeda
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operations and bin laden's possible successor. "time" magazine is releasing a special edition on his death. bin laden's face with a big red x over it. the issue will be available on newsstands and on your ipads on thursday. stay with news 4 today and for continuing coverage of bin laden's death or become a facebook fan, follow us on twitter, search news 4 today. 6:06, 65 degrees. a fire at a house leads a call to police. new video overnight of a tornado hitting an area already reeling from a recent trapblg. meteorologist tom kierein said we could receive more severe weather. when the storms will role rever
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berkus show. today nate is the one interviewing oprah. get a tour inside her home this afternoon at 2:00 right here on nbc 4. i'm sure it's quite a house. >> everybody has to live somewhere. >> right. late night talk show hosts are providing comic relief to osama bin laden's death.
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>> they wanted to be absolutely certain it was bin laden. you know who they brought in to do the dna test? mauery povivh. it turns out bin laden was shot twice in the face. so it looks like dick cheney may have been involved. oh, man. >> that is crazy. another funny line, conan o'brien says osama bin laden is dead which means the official threat to america is kfc double down, which i don't know what that is but it sounds really bad. a single down could be killer but double down. >> my mother the dietician would not be happy. >> no. let's go to weather now. tom says, look at that, beautiful sky, a nice warm day. but that could change as we move throughout the day. >> yeah. in fact, it will feel like summer later today. right now a cool start. pink and gold sunrise.
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weather and traffic on the ones. 6:11. our temperatures are cool this morning. we're down just into the low 60s in washington, prince george's, arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties. loudon county, mid-50s there. mid and upper 50s panhandle of west virginia, washington county and the shenandoah valley. farther south, prince william come county in the 50s. there's the sunrise over the potomac. partly cloudy sky. by 9:00, near 70. a little sunshine this morning in the afternoon. near 80 by noon time. midafternoon should be into the mid-80s. so quite a warmup on the way. dress accordingly. by late afternoon when you hear thunder, get inside. turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know if a storm may be threatening your neighborhood. in fact, there is a likelihood of storms from 5:00 this afternoon all the way until mid evening. unfortunately there is a risk that an isolated storm could produce damaging winds, hail, maybe even an isolated tornado.
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then much cooler and a wet start tomorrow morning. a look at the rest of the week, the weekend at 6:21. how's traffic, jerry? >> tom, chopper 4 checking for the report of an accident. reported to be westbound route 50 near 197 in buoy. don't see anything quite yet. chopper 4 on the job and we'll let you know what they find. headed for downtown, south capital street, doing okay. unfortunately this accident just popped up. police have just arrived in virginia, i-95 northbound on the approach to the beltway. left side of the roadway is blocked. more equipment i believe is headed to the scene you can see it is really jamming things up. let's go over and check the american legion bridge. both ways we're okay. out on the rails at this hour, some good news. melt row and vre with no delays. marc camden 841 and brunswick 870 both delayed right now. the new single day record
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set last week. >> a lot changed following 9/11
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welcome back at 6:14. homeland security officials say there's no plan to raise the terror threat level following osama bin laden's death. local agencies are stepping up security. news 4's tracee wilkins is live with details. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. d.c. police chief cathy lanier put it best when she said d.c. is undoubted the most important city in the world. it's important that washington be proactive. you will see increased uniformed security on union execution, on vre, marc, pretty row and airports. expect more bag checks and random screenings. d.c. police are working with federal law enforcement and reinforcing transportation security around the city. police are also keeping a watchful eye on area mosques and synagogues. tsa is coordinating with mass
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transit agencies around the country to duplicate efforts where it's necessary. it's not clear on how long or how much this increased security is going to cost. but all security officials are saying their first line of defense are the people. they're asking folks to report any suspicious activity they see specifically when it comes to mass forms of transportation. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much, tracee. and a tornado in new zealand. the tornado ripped across parts of auckland today. the funnel cloud cut across a suburb of new zealand's largest city around midday today their time. the roof of one small shopping mall reportedly collapsed. a hospital confirms one person was killed and 20 were injured. this area is the same area hit by an earthquake earlier this year. this is a waterspout in hawaii. they were seen near honolulu international airport. no reports of damage from the water spouts.
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but the island is under a flash flood warning due to heavy rain. and new numbers show there were more tornados in a single day last week than any other day in history. according to the national weather service, 226 tornados touched down from wednesday morning to thursday morning. that is a record for one 24-hour period. last week's twisters killed more than 300 people and did millions of dollars in damage. the previous record was in 1974 when there were 148 tornados in one day >> two major rivers are threatening the midwest. mississippi river is up to historic heights near the town of cairo, illinois. people are filling sandbags and stacking them near homes and businesses. army corps of engineer is exploding a levee in hopes of diverting up to four feet of water. the water is set to ruin a lot of farmland and destroy some homes.
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a surging ohio river is threatening several illinois towns. it is expected to crest late tomorrow or thursday. a two-car crash in fairfax county on interstate 66 during the afternoon rush hour. from chopper 4 you can see the debris scattered everywhere. i bmw lost control, hit a guardrail, and hit a ford explorer, causing it to flip. the driver was killed. . and firefighters found what looked like a gun while battling a fire at a housing complex for american university students. it happened last night off wisconsin avenue in northwest. firefighters called in d.c. police and they determined it was a b.b. gun. well, today the caps will take on the lightning in what is a critical must-win game of the series. caps are in an 0-2 hole right now after losing two games at home. the primary culprit for the caps's lack of success has been their failure on the power play. they were 0 for 6 in sunday's game with that extra man. they will try to reverse the
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trend tonight in tampa. you can catch it on versus beginning at 6:30 this evening. and check out this missed opportunity, if you know to call it that. it happened in the first period of a game between the bruins and the flyers. ouch! adam tries to hit flyer mike richards with a high elbow, crashing the net but miss. he does a full face plant on the boards. that one had to hurt. but the flyers are still apparently found it kind of amusing. he had to be helped off the ice. in fact, he could have broken his neck there. the bruins wound up winning 3-2 in overtime that. could have been critical, if not deadly, injury. >> that's just hard to watch. oh, my goodness. it is time to turn to the forecast. we have a nice, warm day. it will feel like summer. then things change over. >> you can pull out your summer clothes for today. only just for today. big changes on the way. it's a bit of a cool start.
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low 60s in prince george's county. low 60s in arlington and fairfax, montgomery. and farther west and north, it's in the 50s. northern neck, mid-60s. there's the pink and gold eastern sky. sun is up behind a deck of clouds in the eastern horizon. by 9:00, 70. up near 80 by noon time. mid-80s midafternoon. late afternoon is when we have the possibility of a strong thunderstorm coming through. there's a slight risk that an isolated storm could produce wind damage, maybe some hail, an isolated tornado. that would have been from 5:00 this afternoon until 9:00 this evening. after that the storms should settle down. after midnight, some rain moving through. could get chilly rain off and on late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. wednesday morning, low 50s. afternoon highs tomorrow only near 60 after some morning and midday showers. a little sun back tomorrow afternoon. so quite a cooldown.
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down into the 40s on thursday morning. but should be clear. and sunny day on thursday, warming into the upper 60s. on friday, 40s in the morning. afternoon highs, mid and upper 60s. and a possibility of a passing shower friday. saturday, though, looking nice. partly cloudy near 70. 50s sunday morning. sunday might have a passing shower in the morning or the afternoon. otherwise, partly sunny. highs mid-70s. make it into the 70s again monday. and looks to be partly cloudy. you can check the weather any time weather channel on cable. jerry, good morning. how is the traffic now? >> tom, we'll head up. chopper 4 over in buoy this morning along route 50 coming from the 301 interchange towards 1297 en route to the capital beltway. had report of an accident. nothing found. travel lanes are open from davidsonville to the beltway, columbia park road. a little bit of an issue on 95 where there had been an accident
6:22 am
cleared. nothing left to look at. lanes open from blacklick road to the beltway. there are residual delays. again, everything has been removed from the roadway so that is a very good thing. one more stop. 66 eastbound in with no sunshine this morning. leading up very quickly as you begin the commute out of manassas headed towards fair oaks and vienna. no delays metro, vre. one delay on marc camden 841. joe, eun. >> jerry, thank you. >> 5:22, 64 degrees. why thousands of local students will be getting breakfast for free starting today. >> look at the sun coming up behind us. ♪
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welcome back at 6:25. another delay for the space shuttle "endeavour". it will be friday before they decide on a new launch day. they will need most of the week to make sure there are no problems with the shuttle once they replace a faulty switch. that repair is scheduled for tuesday.
6:26 am
french investigators say they found the cockpit voice recorder from an air france flight that plunged into the atlantic ocean in 2009. more than 200 people died in that crash. a submarine helped recover the machine that records cockpit conversations. crews raised it from the ocean today. they found the flight data recorder this past weekend. coming up at 6:30, they are responsible for killing osama bin laden. what it's like being a navy s.e.a.l. and why we may never know what happened inside the compound. a hot one today as the sun comes up right now. comes up right now. meteorologist tom kierein says bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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right now it's 6:29. the pentagon releases new pictures from inside osama bin laden's compound. and there are new questions about what pakistan new about bin laden's whereabouts and when they knew it. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, may 3rd, 2011. a live look outside first at 6:29, 64 degrees. a beautiful sky out there. and it is starting to warm up already. it turns out it's going to be a very warm day. it will feel more like summer. then the storms will move in. there's the sun as we move the camera over. there we go. beautiful. >> i thought the sun was moving side ways. thank goodness that's not happening. >> no. >> no, that's you, your listing.
6:30 am
well, good morning, as we approach 6:30, a beautiful dawn under way. it's on the cool side. the area in yellow in the low 60s in washington as well as in montgomery and prince george's counties. arlington, fairfax, near 60 degrees. farther west and north, green zone, temperatures in the 50s in western maryland and the highlands of west virginia. farther south and east around the bay, low to mid-60s. there's the pink and gold sky over washington. the national cathedral in the foreground. a little bit of haze in the air. by 9:00, near 70. by noon, near 80. and we'll have a mostly cloudy afternoon. but it should feel like summertime for a brief time by midafternoon. so dress accordingly. we should make it into the mid-80s by midafternoon. but then late afternoon we do have the likelihood of scattered thunderstorms moving in out of the mountains, heading east and into the metro area by late afternoon. unfortunately there could be some severe storms, some of which could produce damaging
6:31 am
winds, maybe even hail perhaps. a small chance of this, even an isolated tornado. so if you do hear thunder, get inside. turn on nbc 4. we will let you know if a storm is threatening your neighborhood. looks like the prime threat time again would be from about a 5:00 this afternoon into mid evening this evening. i'll show you the night planner in detail and when storms will be dissipating. jerry, good morning. how is the traffic now? >> i-270. volume only south from 109 on down towards germantown, gaithersburg and rockville. no incidents reported. virginia, a little bit of different story. we are pretty much crawling north of larton to springfield. had an accident 95 northbound as you approached the exit for 7100. everything has been cleared. so lanes are open. but, again, it's going to be a lot of stop and go north from the aquaquan river. see how the trains are doing. metro, vre, no delays.
6:32 am
one minor delay marc camden 841. we have new details emerging this morning in the death of osama bin laden. some of them pretty gruesome. 9/11 mastermind was shot above his left eye and part of his skull was blown apart. photos were sent to washington as proof of bin laden's death. however, this morning there are reports that the pentagon and the white house are still deciding whether to release the photos to the public. several lawmakers say it may be necessary to avoid doubt over the terrorist's death. meanwhile, senators will receive more specific details on the operation later today when they are briefed in a closed door session by cia director leon pan net ta. president obama will travel to new york city later this week to mark the death of the al qaeda leader. he will visit ground zero on thursday when the twin towers fell nearly 10 years ago. he will meet with families of those killed in the 9/11
6:33 am
attacks. crowds have been gathering at the site since president obama announced bin laden's death late sunday night. and take a look at these pictures. this is an inside look at the white house situation room during the tense moments of the raid of bin laden's compound. these official pictures show the president and members of his national security team as they watched a live feed of that operation going on. you can also see secretary of state hillary clinton, secretary of defense robert gates and vice president joe biden. and even though the mission was a success and bin laden is dead, one major question needs to be answered. how did the terrorist elude u.s. intelligence for 10 years. kimberly suiters takes a closer look from our newsroom. good morning again, eun. in that vane, what did pakistan really know all along? detailed information about bin laden's compound. these graphics from the u.s. department of defense you can see specifics about the compound, where the trash was
6:34 am
burned, where there were or were not people going in and out of the compound. did pakistan have these very same details. pakistan's president insists he and his government did not know osama bin laden was the terrorist living inside this compound, a home eight times bigger than others in the neighborhood just around the corner from the army's academy. former president per sred musharraf said pakistan's sovereignity was violated since u.s. officials did not consult with them in gathering intelligence or warn them it would act within pakistan's borders. some members of congress want to investigate exactly what pakistan did know. >> he was in a million dollar home half an hour to the capital of pakistan certainly brings a lot of questions as much as it does bring answers. how he was able to evade us the last 10 years stpwhrr american officials will probably release
6:35 am
video showing the at-sea burial of osama bin laden and could release photos of his corpse. some scholars have slammed the u.s. for burying bin laden in the north arabian sea, one saying the move was humiliating because islam says they place the body in a grave with the head pointed toward mecca. 6:35, the real story about the raid on bin laden's compound may never be told in full. the head of the navy s.e.a.l.s sent an e-mail congratulating his forces and warning them not to talk about the raid, saying the fight is not over. the men were from s.e.a.l. team 6 and will likely never receive public recognition. we did speak with the first commander, richard marsinko. >> they got invited to the world series and they won. nobody got hurt, so they won the oscar too.
6:36 am
>> no loss of life to u.s. forces. >> 6:35, 64 degrees. why thousands of local students will be getting breakfast for free starting today. >> and from the supreme court to a d.c. garden, what is on prince charles's agenda as he is making his way across the ocean. and it happened again. hackers once again accessed personal information of millions of playstation users. and meteorologist tom kierein says we're in store for a summer-like day today but then we could also be in for some strong storms as a plane lands here in the nation's capital.
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welcome back at 6:39. a bronze statue of president gerald ford will be dedicated in the capital rotunda. workers delivered the statue friday. ford was the only president to serve the office without being elected president or vice president. he represented michigan in the house of representatives before becoming vice president to richard nixon when agnew resigned. ford became president when nixon resigned. president ford decide in 2006. and a look outside right
6:40 am
now. hazy at this hour. 64 degrees. and we have some clouds maybe building overhead. we have storms headed our way. is that right, tom? >> not heading that way but developing on top of us by later this afternoon it's possible as we heat up. off to a cool start this morning. dress for a cool morning and be prepared for a warm summer-like afternoon. short sleeves. right now it's near 60, though, in arlington, fairfax and montgomery. low 60s in the district of columbia and prince george's county and much of southern maryland. mid-60s on the bay, northern neck and lower eastern shore. shenandoah valley, western maryland. there's that a little bit of light haze over washington now. our sun has been up now for half an hour. by 9:00 should be near 70. by noon time, near 80. sun in and out this morning. mostly cloudy this afternoon. and, again, if you have not heard we do have the risk of some severe storms late this afternoon.
6:41 am
if you hear thunder, get inside. turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know if a storm is threatening your neighborhood. the severe threat time 5:00 this afternoon until around 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. we have the threat of strong storms coming west to east as a front sweeps on through. some isolated storms could produce wind damage, hail, maybe even an isolated tornado. again, that would be 5:00 this afternoon until around 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. then much cooler after midnight. showers lingering. this time tomorrow, the 50s. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend. big changes on the way. details at 6:51. >> tom, had an accident quickly cleared by vdot. it was in the right lane 395. however, pull back and show you delays have developed north from the pentagon coming up passing army navy drive. stop and go along the way. but, again, the accident has
6:42 am
been cleared. so very good news there. top side of the beltway, outer loop is loading up pretty quickly as you come from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. inner loop, be careful. we're going to have sunshine delays eastbound as you head east from rockville pike. out on the rails, still having a good morning. metro and vre, one minor delay, marc camden 841. >> jerry, thank you. 6:42, 64 degrees. a spring-time tradition for coffee lovers is coming back. don't know what it is but don't know what it is but yooh [ male announcer ] before he changed the world... tear down this wall.
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6:44 our time. here's the latest on the death of osama bin laden. one u.s. official says the 9/11 mastermind was shot above his left eye and part of his skull was blown apart. there is photographic proof but the pentagon and white house are still deciding when and how to release those pictures. meanwhile, senators will receive more specific details on the operation later today when they're briefed in the closed door session by cia director leon pan net ta. >> you may catch a glimpse of british royalty today. prince charles is headed to d.c. georgetown university is one of his stops this week. news 4's megan mcgrath has a preview of his royal visit. >> well, just a few days ago prince charles was in formal attire attending the wedding of his eldest son. later today he's going to be
6:46 am
here in the nation's capital and he's going to keep a busy schedule. one of his appearances will be here at georgetown university where he will be the keynote speaker on sustainable agriculture. prince charles have become very involved in modern green agricultural techniques. he will visit an urban form in northwest. prince charles arrives this afternoon. as i said, he has a very busy schedule. let's take a look. today he will attend the marshall scholarship alumni reception. that's a program allowing students to do graduate work in the uk. he will tour the common good city farm which grows food for low income d.c. residents. he will attend a reception at the british ambassador's residence. and he will be here tomorrow at georgetown university attending a conference called the future of food. as i mentioned, he will be the keynote speaker at that conference. he has a variety of other embassy functions. very busy schedule.
6:47 am
and he will leave on thursday. in georgetown, megan mcgrath, news 4. britain's daily mail says he and kate middleton postponed their honeymoon. still no word where they might travel or when. montgomery county council will take up a bill that could add a few pennies to your grocery bill. they are expected to vote on a bag tax proposal by ike leggett. it would add a five cent charge for each bag to customers in the county. bob mcdonald moves to times square today. he is not sight-seeing. he is representing the state. he will ring the closing bell for the nasdaq this afternoon at 4:00. any cal lapin joins us with
6:48 am
details. good morning. >> reporter: this is an incredible story, eun. good morning to you. more trouble for sony today. hackers have struck again, stealing data from 25 million users on its online pc game system. we're talking names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, other information taken from sony servers as well as an outdated database from way back in 2007. you're not imagining these things. the company did just shut down the network just yesterday afternoon. so this latest attack comes only a day after sony said it had implemented new online safety measures. all right. we're watching that story very closely. also this morning, honda is expanding a recall so it can check driver's side air bags on 833,000 vehicles. 2001 and 2002 accord and civic, 2002 odysseys, 2003 and 2003 cr-vs, and two and 2003 acura 3.2 tl and 2003 acura 3.2 cl models. air bags that were replaced a after a crash could inflate with
6:49 am
too much force. so watch for that. back to you guys. >> nicole, thanks so much. and you know the saying it's always happy hour somewhere? well, beginning friday that includes starbucks. the coffee chain is bringing back its happy hour specials this friday from 3:00 to 5:00 you can get a half-priced frappucino. it runs every day until may 15th. in the day ahead, prince george's county schools will kick off breakfast in the classroom as part of five major school districts across the country receiving the share of a $3 million walmart foundation grant. the money expands free breakfast to all students and moves it from the cafeteria to the classrooms at 21 prince george's county schools. this program is designed to improve grades and childhood development for all schoolchildren. well, today president obama will pay tribute to the top teach herb in the country. >> and she doesn't have to go very few to receive that honor.
6:50 am
>> michelle shearer is an urbana teacher. she will be honored at an event in the rose garden. she will travel around the country as national advocate for public education. congratulations to her. >> indeed. let's take a look outside. 64 degrees. a very warm start to your morning. looks like things will heat up today. it will feel more like summer in the afternoon. and then the storms are developing, tom says. storms developing. >> looks humid out there already. >> yeah. it is kind of steamy this morning. you may need a light spring jacket. you'll be comfy in short sleeves later this afternoon. a live picture from city camera. radar scanning the sky. no precipitation this morning. and temperatures are cool farther west and north when we're in the 50s. closer to washington in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince joran's, low 60s. low 60s in the district of columbia. southern maryland near the bay, northern neck of virginia, lower eastern shore.
6:51 am
temperatures there are in the low to mid-60s. over the last 12 hours, look at that line of rain that stretches from mississippi and alabama all the way into tennessee, kentucky, ohio. this is the front that's going to be coming our way later today. and it may be triggering strong storms late this afternoon into early this evening. so it is very important that you pay attention to the forecast because we could have severe storms developing later. right now, though, it is a tranquil, serene morning. there is the jefferson memorial lit up by the sun that's been up now for about a little over half an hour. and we'll have our temperatures by 9:00 near 70 by noon time near 80. and then by midafternoon and actually may feel more like late june, early july. mid-80s. late afternoon we'll likely have some of the storms developing. and we'll have the possibility unfortunately that some of those storms could be producing damaging winds, hail, perhaps maybe even an isolated tornado.
6:52 am
that would be between 5:00 this afternoon until about 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. after that, much cooler. northwest wind coming in. chilly rain after that. by dawn tomorrow, low 50s. a wet morning on wednesday. rain should dissipate by midday. a little sun back in the afternoon with highs only near 60 tomorrow. so a huge change. into the 40s on thursday morning. but should be a bright and sunny day thursday with highs upper 60s to near 70. 40s again friday morning. friday afternoon, upper 60s. might have a passing shower. the all-important weekend. extended outlook for the weekend. partly cloudy. could get showers saturday night and perhaps off and on on sunday. otherwise, partly cloudy sunday, into the mid-sundays. jerry, good morning. how's traffic? >> head out towards davidsonville on route 50. chopper 4, live look here. from 424 to the 331 interchange to capital beltway, parkway
6:53 am
moving along nicely. north on i-270, loading up and slowing down very rapidly now headed south out of germantown. haven't had any incidents reported. just volume right now but a ton of it. one more stop for those of you headed downtown. an accident very quickly cleared. props to vdot getting it out of the roadway. 395 at the 14th street bridge. the accident is now gone. out on the rails at this hour, metro, vre, no delays. 841 remains slightly delayed. eun. >> jerry, thank you. new details emerging this morning in the death of osama bin laden. some of them pretty gruesome. a u.s. official says the 9/11 mastermind was shot above his left eye and part of his skull was blown art. photos were sent to washington as proof of his death. however, this morning there are reports that the pentagon and white house are still deciding whether to release those photos to the public. several lawmakers say it may be
6:54 am
necessary to avoid doubt over the terrorist's death. senators will receive more specific details later today when they are briefed in a closed door session by cia director leon panetta and members of the national security team. and president obama will travel to new york city later this week to mark the death of the al qaeda leader. he will visit ground zero on thursday where the twin tours fell nearly 10 years ago. he will meet with families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks. crowds have been gathered at the site since president obama announced his death late sunday night. and the daily lives of americans change in so many ways since the 9/11 attacks. following the death of bin laden, there are no known immediate threats to the area. news 4's tracee wilkins is live with details. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i think about those students who were demonstrating in front of the white house hoping there would be a change in the strong security we have in this
6:55 am
country. here are the effects of what happened on sunday today here at union station increased security here. and i can tell you that the officials who are charged with protecting all of us here are being very proactive about what may happen. you will see increased uniform security and police officers at union station, vre, marc, metro. metro may consider bringing back its random bag checks as well. d.c. police working with federal law enforcement and reinforcing transportation security around the city. and a watchful eyes on area mosques and synagogues. they will duplicate similar security efforts where necessary. they're reminding the public they are their first line when it comes to defending this country. they're asking people to pay close attention to their surroundings and report any suspicious activity. outside union station, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. back to you all in the studio.
6:56 am
>> tracee, thanks very much. let's get a look at our out-the-door forecast. >> it's feeling a little bit more humid around our region this morning. and we do have our temperatures beginning to warm up just a little bit. right now they are in the low 60s. and we will see it climb later today into the low to mid-80s by midafternoon. and there is a risk of a strong thunderstorm developing later this afternoon into early this evening. and unfortunately one of those storms could produce damaging winds, hail or perhaps even an isolated tornado. if you hear thunder, get inside. turn on nbc 4. we'll let you know if there is any threat to your neighborhood from 5:00 to around 9:00 or 10:00 as that storm threat. much cooler tomorrow. could get showers in the morning through mid kay. then on thursday, sunny, upper 60s. looking like maybe a few showers. >> 395 is pretty bell jammed from just inside the beltway to the 14th street bridge.
6:57 am
earlier accident quickly cleared by vdot. once again, lanes are open. sunshine delays developing on the inner loop east from rockville pike to i-95. outer loop of the beltway typically heavy from i-95 to silver spring. travel lanes are open. have a wonderful day. >> thanks very much. that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> "today" show is next. right back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. hope you'll join us then. until then, have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bye. [ female announcer ] mother's day is not for celebrating moms. it's for celebrating all they've given us. really?! [ female announcer ] the tough love... okay, don't do that on your test. [ female announcer ] ...invaluable guidance... [ mom ] go, turn, turn, turn! [ female announcer ] ...and a lifelong friendship. do it again. [ chuckles ] ♪
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