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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> clearly there's some type of support network that provided him assistance and helped facilitate contact between bin laden and his operatives. >> while the u.s. and pakistan investigate, the spotlight is also turning to interrogation techniques used by the former administration. the cia was able to get the nickname of one of bin laden's couriers from 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed who is often waterboarded as part of his questioning. and that's what eventually led them to bin laden. >> the white house also released photos of the nail-biting tension from inside the situation room as they watched the raid unfold as it was happening. now they are deciding whether to release photos of bin laden's body and his burial. >> meanwhile today, cia director leon panetta told "time" magazine pakistan was not informed about sunday's raid in advance because of concerns that bin laden would be tipped off. >> and pakistan today criticized
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the raid as an unauthorized unilateral action and warned the u.s. not to do it again. we're joined by nbc news national investigative correspondent michael iskof for the latest on this. first, tell us your thoughts about the changing story, the changing facts of the story, that he wasn't armed. that he wasn't using a wife as a human shield. >> i was listening to the briefings on sunday night when the white house was first telling us about the raid. and the initial description was that bin laden had resisted. that there was a firefight. that there was a woman who was -- who had been -- was being used as a human shield to protect bin laden. now the new account we're getting today, none of that appears to have been true. bin laden was not armed. the resistance that was described was simply a woman running towards one of those navy s.e.a.l.s. she, too was unarmed. so the account has, as i said before, shifted, evolving. we may yet be learning some new
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details that -- in the days to come. >> michael, this photograph the white house today said, quote, it's gruesome. that there are sensitivities that they are weighing. how much of a risk is it to put it out there for the world to see? >> well, look. they are assessing what the reaction is going to be in the islamic world. and they did describe this as a gruesome photograph that, you know, could rile some sensitivities. and when you put it together with this new information about the fact that bin laden was unarmed and there really wasn't resistance, that could make this more explosive. on the other hand, people want proof. you want to nail down and shut down any of those conspiracy theories. so i think this is a real tough one. >> the pakistani government has denied helping bin laden to help -- hiding -- helping him to hide there. and they denied knowing that he was there. do you believe them, and how will this impact our relationship with the
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pakistanis? >> i think there is a lot of skepticism that there were not some pakistani military and/or intelligence officials that knew about this compound. this compound was on military land in a military area. less than a mile from pakistan's west point and the idea that it could have been there for that long, for years, as long as six or seven years without anybody knowing what was going on inside, strange. even the pakistanis. the pakistani ambassador was here today and saying we are skeptical. we are going to find out who in our government was complicit in this. >> learning a lot more hour by hour and day by day. nbc's michael isakoff. thank you for coming in and sharing your insights. news of bin laden's death sparked patriotic demonstrations from the white house to ground zero up in new york. but the relatives of 9/11 victims, there are, of course,
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mixed emotions. chris gordon spoke with a family whose son was killed when his american airlines flight crashed into the pentagon. >> carol and jesse ruben come to the pentagon memorial often, about once a month. but this time is different. it's their first visit since the announcement that u.s. troops killed osama bin laden. their 40-year-old son, todd ruben, of potomac, maryland, was a lawyer flying for business to los angeles when terrorists steered the jetliner into the pentagon. ruben left behind twin sons, then 11 now, almost ready to graduate from college. a wife, his parents and a big hole in their lives that the news of bin laden's death does little to fill. >> i realize that, of course, although we found him and it was joyful, it's t still wasn't going to bring todd back. and that made me sort gf high and low. >> i am as happy about the military, as successful they were and i was elated about
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that. we didn't lose anybody, which i thought was fabulous. at the same time, it's very sad for us. we never thought we'd be in this position. >> many visitors come here to the pentagon memorial to get a sense of history. to see one of the targets of terrorism of 9/11. and to pay their respects. >> this middle school class is from alabama. their teachers didn't know that this visit would take on historic significance because of bin laden's death. >> just proud of our military and our government and staying steadfast in that resolve. >> the pentagon memorial honors the 184 people whose lives were lost here. their families and all who sacrifice that we may live in freedom. but for families facing the tenth anniversary of this tragedy -- >> being here is very peaceful. being here in the park is serene, and we like it. >> at the pentagon memorial, chris gordon, news 4.
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>> the reubens have heard president obama speak at the pentagon memorial on previous 9/11 anniversaries and plan to do the same this year on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy. usa! usa! usa! usa! >> the celebrations continued today in the wake of bin laden's death, but now some are questioning whether they are helping or hurting our image abroad. jane watrel will explore that issue coming up in our next half hour. we are on storm watch tonight. it's sunny here in the district, but other parts of our area are under a severe thunderstorm watch at this hour. >> don't get used to that picture. we could be seeing lightning and some hail. doug kammerer is tracking it all for us. >> i thing bigger focus will be the rain we're going to see overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. we have the severe threat out there. right now on the radar, not a whole lot to show you.
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we are all clear around the washington area. as we move toward the north and west toward cumberland and allegheny county and toward 70, they have some hail associated with those. that line is starting to make its way toward the south. we will continue to watch storms develop out ahead of that line. because of that we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the western areas. toward winchester and around the haguerstown area. that severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. the rest of the area, warm. 80 degrees right now in washington. 81 in manassas. 83 in fredericksburg. dry for now but look at all the rain making its way towards our region. i'll let you know about the severe weather threat and how long that rain will stick around tomorrow coming up. >> thanks, doug. several people in kayaks got caught in the rough current of the potomac and had to be rescued. it happened around 1:00 near thompson's boat house. witnesses say at least two of the kayaks capsized. fire boats had to be called in to pull the people out of the
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water. >> everything is cool. just stay out of the rough water and those little boats, man, wait for a calm down. >> the water's chilly temperatures, no one was seriously injured. well, gas prices are poised to hit an unwelcome mile stone. experts say the national average for a gallon of regular could top $4 a gallon this week. right now, drivers shell out $3.87 a gal none the commonwealth. in maryland, $3.97. almost there and we've already surpassed the $4 mark in the district. the d.c. government, meanwhile, is finding a way to cut back on that cast. tom sherwood explains. >> reporter: as rising gas prices has everyone looking at the escalating cost, d.c. water's general manager george hawkins has done something about it. he's driving the new chevy volt. the sporty electric car that gets 40 miles on a full charge at pennies a day. >> within a 40-mile radius, this
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doesn't use any gasoline at all. it's air emissions are zero. that helps in the big picture but also low level ozone, what is being produced we all have to live within. this is a clean vehicle. none of us hope gas prices stay as high as they are today, but i think the long-term prospect is that gas prices are going to stay higher than they have been historically. >> reporter: it's the first two of in the d.c. government fleet. both being used to cut costs and environmental damage. on ward 8's alabama avenue, the $40,000 car drew looks and comments. >> most of the trips i take around the city for d.c. water is within 40 miles a day. so i don't use any gas at all. >> isn't that neat. >> technology is something, isn't it? >> ward 6 council member tommy wells who is pressing the city government to be more environmentally friendly praised the new vehicle effort. >> it's not just the fact that it's a symbol. but it's also where we need to go. the number two polluter for washington, d.c., by air
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pollution are cars. moving towards vehicles like this, electric vehicles for a healthier, safer city is a great way to go. >> hawkins says electric cars are the future, not a fad. and d.c. should help lead the way. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. the 2011 teacher of the year got her award at the white house this morning. and she didn't have to travel far. michelle scheerer of urbana high school in frederick, maryland gorkts the prestigious honor. she teaches chemistry. president obama praised her for opening up the world of science to students who are usually underrepresented in the field. she said parents and the community are also key in providing students with a good education. >> doesn't get any bigger. congratulations. next and new at 5:00, roofs ripped from buildings. cars tossed around. destruction as far as the eye can see. why this tornado is creating problems for a region still
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we're learning more about the woman charged with murdering her co-worker at the bethesda lululemon store in march. >> a former boyfriend said he feared for his safety. pat collins is live in bethesda with new details on norwood's past. pat? >> reporter: the lululemon store here in bethesda still under renovation. there's a plan to reopen it. the lululemon murder suspect britney norwood still in jail as we continue to wonder what led to this vicious act of violence. you see, before this norwood had no criminal record. but she did have a domestic violence issue. we're learning more details about the details of britney norwood, the suspect in the
5:15 pm
lululemon murder case. according to d.c. court records obtained by news 4, norwood was the subject of a stay away order after her ex-boyfriend made a domestic violence complaint against her. that ex-boyfriend, maury branch iii, a dentist in northwest. the stay away order dated back in october 2007. a month later, branch's new girlfriend filed another complaint against norwood. this time for stalking. there was a summons to bring norwood to court. but there was no court hearing and the case faded away. now we tried to talk to dr. branch about norwood today but he sent word that he was unavailable. brittany norwood, charged with killing co-worker jayna murray last month at the lululemon
5:16 pm
store in bethesda. the prosecutor says murray was beaten and cut in an attack that went on for more than 20 minutes. and that norwood staged the crime scene to make it seem like two men committed the murder. captain dave gillespie is the head of the major crimes division for the montgomery county police department. he says he's aware of the domestic violence complaint against norwood but he says there's a big difference between the two incidents. >> these type of orders are issued on and through the court sometimes on a regular basis. this particular instance would not be indicative of the level of violence that occurred. we showed she had a propensity for this type of violence on the night of this murder. >> apples and oranges? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the brittany norwood case still in the montgomery county court system
5:17 pm
awaiting grand jury action. jim, back to you. >> pat collins with the new twist to this story. pat, thank you. the lululemon case and two other recent cases of workplace violence in the county prompted a security seminar on bethesda row today. business leaders and community members gathered to discuss safety strategies and ways to prevent violence. police stressed that being prepared and being aware of suspicious activities are the best defenses against workplace violence. turning now to the weather, going to be turning stormy again, doug? >> maybe a little stormy for some areas. i don't think everyone will see the severe weather. if you do, we could see locally heavy downpours and a lot of lightning from these storms as well. the big news will be the rain tomorrow morning. you want to see something really cool, guys? how about another tornado. this time, though in new zealand. not cool very often, but this one, a minor tornado. doesn't -- did not really affect too many people, actually. it did come through the auckland area which has been hit by a couple of earthquakes across the
5:18 pm
area. and you have seen that. but this is amazing video as that storm continued to make its way through the city of auckland, new zealand. just amazing to watch that storm on camera. live digital doppler radar showing not a whole lot. clear skies across our area, at least on the radar picture. i expect these to increase in intensity and in coverage over the next couple of hours. we'll be watching these very, very closely. as far as severe thunderstorm watch, it's well to the west of the washington area. but again, does go until 10:00. includes winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown. mostly to the north and west. does not mean we couldn't see strong storms here either. we'll continue to watch that storm make its way to the east. winds out of the south at 20 miles an hour. gusty at times during the day. and that's helped our temperatures bump up. 82 right now in frederick. 81 in manassas. frederic frederic fredericksburg, 83. you can see a lot of rain with this storm.
5:19 pm
but notice the thunderstorms in to pen. they just blossom over the past couple of hours. follow this line down through west virginia. this is what i'm talking about. this is where i think we'll start to see some of those storms come together and move on through the area. we'll break it down for you around 7:00. storms to the north and also right around the 81 corridor making their way toward the north and end. by 9:00, maybe around the district. heaviest rain just around the culpepper area. we'll see showers and thunderstorms on the increase over the next couple of hours. some could be on the strong side, maybe severe. a line around 11:00, 12:00. this is when we get rid of our severe threat and move to just rain. look what happens tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m., talk about a wet rush hour. that's exactly what we're going to see during the morning hours tomorrow. that rain may stick around right through the noon hour tomorrow before we clear out and get a little on the cooler side. increasing clouds this evening. isolated thunderstorms. 79 dropping down to 74 degrees. tomorrow morning, this is what you want to wake up for maybe a little early.
5:20 pm
make sure you bring the umbrella as well. we'll see pretty good rain. some could be moderate and steady at times. 49 to 55 degrees. it's going to be on the cool side tomorrow. mostly cloudy with those rain showers continuing until around noon. high temperatures only between 59 and 63 degrees. as we make your way through thursday, much nicer. on the windy side. a high of 68. friday, high near 70 with a chance for thunderstorms but not looking at anything severe there either. >> okay. that's a relief. >> yes. >> thank you, doug. when we come right back, their missions are shrouded in secrecy. tonight, our camera goes inside a training camp for navy s.e.a.l.s to show you what it takes to become a member of this elite squadron. ♪ a surprise visit from the first lady who used beyonce to bond with local students and inspire them to get moving.
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>> i'm liz crenshaw. mother's day flowers. how do you know mom got what you paid
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all right, sons and daughters, a friendly reminder. mother's day is this weekend. >> how do you know what's really being sent for the money you
5:24 pm
pay? liz crenshaw conducted an experiment. >> getting flowers delivered is not cheap if you want something nice. unless you are very specific about what kind of flowers you want delivered you might be surprised what mom gets for mother's day. flowers and mother's day. a common combination. in fact, 60% of us send flowers to our moms on mother's day. but if you send flowers, how do you know mom will get what you pay for? we conducted an experiment. we picked four online florists and one local florist and ordered mother's day bouquets, spending about $70 delivered. >> they are all beautiful. >> we took the arrangements to the boston common mall in arlington, virginia. >> take a good look at the arrangements and the quality of the flowers and just tell me which one you would either want to receive or which one you might want your mother to get. >> letter "a, the ftd bouquet arrived boxed. we ordered a vase and arranged the flowers. online, it looks like this and
5:25 pm
listed 17 stems, including roses. here is what we received. >> i like the colors. and the mixture of the different flowers. >> letter b we ordered from teleflora. the description says roses, lilies, carnations and more. here is what we got. and it was delivered with the vase broken. the top edge, a dangerous shard. >> you don't like b. what's wrong with b? >> not enough flowers and the flowers are too small. >> letter c came boxed from pro flowers. we ordered a vase and arranged the flowers. the online photo shows a dozen roses and more. here is our bouquet. >> c looks the most -- >> looks healthy. a lot of roses. >> letter d from 1-800-flowers. the online photo shows a white ceramic pitcher with roses and more. the delivered bouquet looked like this. >> i just love the floral. the arrangement here with the
5:26 pm
snapdragons. >> letter e, we ordered from a local florest, picked at random. we asked for a mother's day bouquet but didn't specify what blooms we wanted. we got this arrangement of hydrangea, day lilies, lilacs and calla lilies. >> eye nice assortment of different flowers, different colors. >> then we started tallying the votes. >> i'm definitely going with e. >> what is it about e? >> it's unique. not very often do you see calla lilies. >> more roses in c. >> a looks pretty good. >> i like the variety in d. but i feel like the colors don't mesh. >> b doesn't look as full as the rest of them. >> and remember letter b from teleflora arrived with a broken vase. we contacted teleflora. it says it's committed to quality products and services and apologize the bouquet did not meet high standards. and teleflora said unfortunately human error can occur and we will always replace bouquets and
5:27 pm
products that do not delight customers. after 45 folks stopped to inspect, no one picked teleflora or letter b. letter d, 1-800 flowers got five votes. nine folks liked letter c pro flowers. ftd or letter a earned ten votes and letter e, our local florist, got twice that. 21 votes. >> are you sending flowers on mother's day? >> not yet. >> should i just remind you? >> maybe. >> don't wait too long. that's the point of this story. to remind people that mother's day. teleflora did send us the replacements bouquet and a couple of other bouquets for our trouble. for more consumer information going g to search liz crenshaw and consumer watch. flowers for mother's day, not a bad idea. >> i went with the winner. >> with the orange. >> thanks, liz. after the break, debate over celebrating the death of osama bin laden. why some say chanting "usa" sends the wrong message.
5:28 pm
traffic is already bad, but a new construction project promises to improve your commute with only a few minor backups in the process. the media is in place. the band right now is on stage warming up. and the fans as you can see have lined the streets all we're waiting for is for prince charles to arrive. i'm john schiffen. coming up. why the future king of england is coming here t
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> and welcome back, everybody. right now, on the dry side. we have some showers and thunderstorms out there. some of those starting to develop into west virginia. making their way towards the east. some areas are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. mostly to the north and west of washington. but everybody is going to get in on the rain. some of that rain could be heavy at times. especially during your rush hour tomorrow morning. i'll have the complete details and once again show you that four-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, doug. we have new details about the military operation to take down osama bin laden. >> from the beginning, the plan was to kill, not capture, the terror mastermind. we've learned navy s.e.a.l.s stormed the million-dollar complex and cornered bin laden who was not armed on the third floor of his residence. one commando recognized him and immediately put two bullets into his head. >> for a successful kill or capture, the code word was simply geronimo, but the ground operator took it a step further
5:32 pm
transmitting for god and country, geronimo, geronimo, geronimo. >> news of bin laden's death sparked celebrations from ground zero to the white house and beyond. but could there be criticism over that response? news 4's jane watrel is here in our studio with that story and the controversy. jane? >> well, pat, some of the people we talked to said they were uncomfortable with the thought of celebrating someone's death. but experts say this was no ordinary figure. osama bin laden was an avowed enemy who was defeated, prompting an outpouring of emotion and relief. >> the other one is saying verses of the koran to support bin laden. >> reporter: radical islam expert reads one of the comments from an al jazeera website protesting the u.s. military's killing of osama bin laden. it's a death with the exact opposite effect in washington and new york where improompto celebrations erupted from the white house to ground zero. days later, reactions to the elation are mixed. >> i like the fact that, you
5:33 pm
know, people were gathering, but then you really do hate to celebrate somebody's death. >> it didn't bother me. i thought the celebration was appropriate considering, you know, what happened 9/11. >> could there be a backlash created by the rejoicing over bin laden's death? hamid says no. the terror threat is always present. those who hate the u.s. remain unchanged. >> you can't increase it more. they already kill and behead human beings and burn human beings, explode mosques, kill innocent september 11th and many other attacks. so you -- it's not say situation where you can accentuate their hatred. it's maximum already. >> others agree saying america isn't safer following the death of the 9/11 mastermind. >> i thought it was a bit much. i didn't think it was really necessary. i mean, it is a small victory, but i don't think it's really going to stop anything.
5:34 pm
>> one side effect from all the celebrating could be the image that america has defeated its enemy. hamid believes it could have a profound impact on muslim youth who might be thinking about following radical islam. >> young muslims must see america with this image so that they feel that they want to follow american way of thinking. the more they see victorious, the more they become attracted to follow the american way of thinking. >> the white house is still considering whether to release a photo of bin laden as definitive proof that the al qaeda leader was killed by u.s. commandos on sunday night. jim and pat? >> jane watrel, thank you. we've gotten dozens of comments on our facebook page over whether the u.s. should release any images of bin laden's body. victoria says, as long as it's not overly graphic, yes. randy writes, no. let's pretend we're civilized just for a minute or two. kimberly disagrees writing,
5:35 pm
absolutely. then there will be no doubt in our minds. it will also dispel all the rumors. kevin says we should keep international tensions down by resisting the opportunity to view the body. the reputation of the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s has never been higher following the death of bin laden. and certainly not everyone can be a member of the legendary and very secretive fighting force. s.e.a.l. candidates begin their training at the naval special warfare center in coronado, california. the course is designed to test their mental and physical toughness along with their courage. >> whether it's parachuting, diving, hooded box drill or just a scenario change-up that's delivered to a platoon as they go through and exercise, all those things make you much more capable and much more likely to survive the unforeseen when you get overseas. >> despite the extreme danger and bravery that come with the job, navy s.e.a.l.s seldomly share any information about their missions. some family members say they don't even know the details of
5:36 pm
what their loved ones are doing. one of arlington's busiest areas is due for more construction. and lots of lane closures this month. the plan is to improve the stretch of route 50 around courthouse road and julie carey is live there to tell us why this latest project may not be as bad as some expect. >> whether you call this arlington boulevard or route 50, this is one busy stretch of road for commuters. 62,000 drivers pass through here etch day. and they are about to notice some big changes. changes vdot hopes won't slow them up too much. with its left side ramps and no room to merge into high speed traffic, this stretch of arlington boulevard can be a hazardous road to navigate. add to that two aging bridges overhead built in the early 1950s. but it's all about to get a $39 million face-lift. >> what this project is going to do is separate that local traffic from the through traffic. >> it will be a two-year project
5:37 pm
that eventually will bring closures of both the tenth street and courthouse road bridges and fairfax drive between the two. but vdot promises rush hour traffic won't be impacted. >> all three lanes in both directions will be opened during all morning and afternoon rush hours. >> project planners say some nighttime closures will be needed and detours will be supplied for that. the payoff will come by november 2013 when the new ramps and bridges will be open. bike and pedestrian paths added. this commuter welcomes the improvement but worries about the impact of so many construction projects also under way in northern virginia. >> the 14th street bridges. this is a project. 66th towards tyson is a project. it's good they are getting it done but the schedule could be a little better. >> thit arlington county staffer who spends a lot of her time back and forth en route 50 is eager for the upgrate. >> any construction project here causes havoc. but i'm looking forward to it because i know that this intersection is kind of hazardous when you are turning from route 50 on to courthouse
5:38 pm
road. so hopefully it will make things a little safer hopefully in the long run. >> coming up on news 4 at 6:00 from arlington county officials. i'll let you know whether they are celebrating or dreading the construction ahead. >> julie carey, thanks. still to come, getting stuck at a dui checkpoint can be a real hassle. for one couple it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. ♪ they are having some fun and they've got the moves. the first lady puts on her dancing shoes today to inspire some local students to get some local students to get healthy.
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take home a shopping bag in montgomery county is soon going to cost you more. the council voted in favor of a five-cent bag tax. it will be tacked on to every paper and plastic carry-out bag bought at a retail location starting next year. the move mirrors a similar measure in the district aimed at reducing all the trash in our waterways. officials say it will generate about $1 million a year for litter cleanup in montgomery county. the debate over when to get a mammogram continues. new research shows fewer women in their 40s are getting mammograms and fewer doctors are recommending them. experts say the drop could be a result of guidelines released in
5:42 pm
2009 recommending that women wait until the age of 50 to begin breast cancer screenings. experts say treatment risks like radiation exposure are stronger for women in their 40s. but some doctors say the later the cancer is detected, the hard ter is to treat. >> still to come, just days after the royal wedding, prince charles is on the move. in fact, he's spending the next three days right here in town. >> and lindsay sits down for lunch with country music singer darius rutger to discuss how his music and passion for sports go - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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♪ ♪ everybody move your body ♪ talk about dance with the stars this afternoon. first lady michelle obama danced with students at deal middle school in northwest d.c. look at them go. they performed the moves featured in the new beyonce music video called "move your body." it's part of mrs. obama's ongoing effort to keep kids active. at first mrs. obama stood on the sidelines of the football field and just watched the kids dance. but then, she decided to join in all the fun. we're told the first lady's appearance was a surprise. a big surprise. they got a good workout there. >> they did. royal watchers are getting another dose of the royal family. >> they sure are. just days after attending his son's wedding, prince charles is here in washington for a
5:46 pm
three-day visit. john schiffen has our story. >> less than one week after the royal wedding which captivated billions of people from around the world, prince charles, the father of the groom is now visiting washington, d.c. his first trip to the united states since 2007 started with a visit to the supreme court. the future king of england is here to promote one of his passions. organic and sustainable farming. >> we're excited. we are really honored to have him visit the farm and support our work. he's been a longtime supporter of sustainable agriculture. >> reporter: prince charles' next stop will be here at the common good city farm which is tucked in northwest d.c. just blocks from howard university. executive director pachula george has known about his visit for the past three weeks. the local kids and other volunteers who help run the farm have been preparing and are ready for this special day. whoongets the most exciting part? >> that i get to get down and get dirty. >> is he going to get dirty with
5:47 pm
you? >> yes. >> what do you think it will be like for a prince to get his hands dirty? >> like what i'm doing here. i'm a prince. >> prince charles didn't exactly roll up his sleeves and get dirty here in this compost area but did take time to meet and greet all his fans. now back on schedule, he's getting a tour of this facility which grows more than 100 edible plants from blueberrys to spinach. he'll plant a tree here in this garden so future visitors can sit underneath and enjoy what nature has to offer. >> organizers hope prince charles' visit will bring awareness to the importance of eating healthy food grown locally. >> the food sometimes in the grocery stores are not as fresh. obviously, they have travelled a long distance. the nutrition is not as high. and food right from the ground just tastes better. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., john schiffen, news 4. >> he's among us. the first lady. prince charles. >> and still don't know if he's
5:48 pm
going to get his hands dirty, though. >> not with his suit on. >> maybe he'll have a little help. we've got a little help telling us what's coming in the weather department. >> thank goodness the weather was good for them today. out there today, we have a pretty nice day. temperatures into the 80s across much of the area. look at this doppler radar showing the showers and thunderstorms developing into west virginia and right along the west virginia/virginia line. that pink box, that's a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 well to the north and west of washington. but does include winchester, martinsburg and hagerstown. 80 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the south at 20 miles per hour. a little on the breezy side. that's going to remain. 53 the overnight low. this is what you wake up it tomorrow morning. showers. maybe a few thunderstorms. but tomorrow, early, expect the rain for rush hour. not thunderstorms. just rain. tomorrow is going to be a little bit of a nasty day. highs only around 60 degrees. a little on the breezy side. cool and most of that rain will come early in the day.
5:49 pm
i'll have the complete forecast, including the extended outlook at 6:00. >> thank you, doug. time to dig out tonight. now the quest for the stanley cup. the caps face the tampa bay lightning in game three of the playoffs. >> going to be a must win game. lindsay is here with details. >> hey, there, guys. the bottom line if the capitals do not win tonight, this second round series may not come back to washington, d.c., because then the lightning could win it all tomorrow night. if any team has proven it can perform under pressure, it's the caps. dan hellie is live from tampa where game three is about to begin. dan? >> as you said, the capitals have struggled a little bit on the power play. actually a lot on the power play in this series. 0 for 11 in the first two games. they've had troubles with it the entire season long. don't forget, that they've had a couple of bad breaks in this series. it's easy to say, oh, they are down 2-0. the capitals are in huge trouble. in two games they've had two
5:50 pm
goals bounce off their own player and into the net. take a listen to what bruce boudreaux had to say. >> one tweak here and a break there and it would be a different series right now. but, you know, they are ready to play. they're definitely not in a defeatist mood. that's for sure. more of an angry mood. >> you have to play a little angry, a little on edge. that's playoff hockey. and you can't think too far ahead. you have to think you are in the moment. you got to think from tonight from the drop of the puck and not think any farther past that. >> all right. that's jason arnott. a couple of wins and they'll flip the script in this series very quickly. lindsay, back to you. >> thanks, dan. there are a few capitals that are big country music fans. one of the hottest stars in country music right now is darius rucker, former front man of hootie and the blowfish. rucker's success moving from pop to country has surprised a lot
5:51 pm
of folks but not the artist himself. he's got as much confidence in his music as his golf swing. we sat down for lunch at his charity golf tournament in myrtle beach. ♪ >> so you and your band mates from hootie and the blowfish became known as the golf guys. >> yeah. >> how was that and how was that strategic so you could end up playing anywhere you wanted. >> nothing we ever did was strategic. there was never a moment we sat down and said, we're going to do this so this would happen. we weren't that smart. our band wasn't that smart. and we -- and so it just happened. you know it just happened because we played a lot of golf. we play a lot. and it really happened -- ♪ >> that all came about just because i wanted to meet dan marino. and they asked me -- they
5:52 pm
said -- we made a couple of videos. they asked what i wanted to do. i said i want to do something where i can meet dan marino. it was awesome for us. we became the golf guys. and i like that. i get to play some great golf courses. when i wrote that song, he was with the miami dolphins. he was my favorite athlete ever. i was just down hanging out with him playing golf down there for a few days. threw my back out trying to hit as long as he does. and, you know it was -- my daughter is named after him. >> really? >> yeah. we're pretty tight. ♪ ♪ there's a sound of rain on the rooftop and the game's about to start ♪ >> i don't really know how i got here. but i'm sure glad that i did ♪
5:53 pm
>> you made the transition to country music and it's been so good for you. six singles. all of them have been top five. has it been easier than you thought? >> i wouldn't say easier than i thought at the beginning, but once radio accepted me, i would say it was easy because you always have to fight and work hard to get your spot and get -- move up the charts. but, you know, i am more relaxed because i just know they're going to give me a legitimate shot. that's all i want, a legitimate shot. >> dan marino never won a super bowl. >> yes. >> what would be your elusive quest that you hope to be able to conquer? >> wow. you know, the thing for me is, i guess the elusive goal for me has always been the same thing. playing music for me until i want to quit. a lot of people are forced out of business. i want to play music until i say
5:54 pm
i just don't want to play anymore. >> keep doing country, but hootie and the blowfish are going to tour again in 2013. he's been doing that golf tournament for 17 years. monday after the masters. there's a lot more that he had to say including the biggest adversity he faced making the transition to country and you can find at on our website. >> what about this marino connection. he named his daughter dani after dan marino. coming up at 6:00, a discovery inside osama bin laden's compound in pakistan may help in the struggle against terror. a former miss usa complaining about an airport security pat-down that ended with her in tears. and hacking of electric science. sony may be even worse than first reported. those stories coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, vance. a surprise ending for a a surprise ending for a couple swhat do we have here?
5:55 pm
oh, it's scotts naturescapes advanced mulch. advanced huh? ehh...mulch is mulch. oh, not so, pops. ordinary mulch can fade after a few months. that's mulch! naturescapes holds its color for a full year. a whole year? guaranteed. plus, it's water smart. water-what? water smart. it channels water directly to the roots... reducing runoff, so you can water 30% less. saves water...holds color... you're sure this is mulch? ♪ [ male announcer ] scotts naturescapes advanced mulch.
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5:57 pm
dui checkpoints can seem like a real hassle. >> for a connecticut couple expecting their first child it was a god send. jeff sapperstone has the dramatic ending. >> reporter: this is little christian hairston, 5 pounds, 7 ounces. the proud parents trevor and bethel were certainly planning for a baby, but never thought he would come into the world this way. >> this was not the plan.
5:58 pm
>> the hairstons were in their home saturday night. bethel knew it was time. so they got in the car and headed for the hospital in new briton. trevor had heard there was a dui checkpoint in town so he thought about going a different route. but he decided not to. >> i kind of did like a california roll. i didn't really stop. i just rolled down the window and said my wife is in labor, we're going. >> when i first heard she might be in labor i honestly thought we'd have plenty of time. she'd be able to make it to the hospital. >> i said we've got a baby coming over here. >> he concentrated on helping her breathe while we just took over and did what we had to do. the baby is crowning. the baby is here. >> ten minutes after stopping at the checkpoint, christian was born at 1:00 a.m. in the passenger seat of the hairston's car. mom and baby were taken by ambulance to new briton general. >> what happens when they ask what hospital you were born in, what is he going to say? my mom's car. the family couldn't be happier. not only for having a healthy
5:59 pm
new baby, but that they made that turn through the checkpoint. >> this is one checkpoint i'll never forget. >> you made mommy and daddy very nervous. but he was just -- it all came together. >> sure did. that's it for news 4 at 5:00. "news 4 at 6:00" starts right now. you are watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is "news 4 at 6:00." >> a line of storms headed our way. the harbinger of a dramatic change in the weather over the next 24 hours. >> a woman accused of murder in a yoga shop still sits in jail. but somebody thought he was dangerous enough to alert the authorities well before that attack at lululemon. ? >> people in the south have a lot more than tornado damage to deal with now that yet another potential disaster is emerging. we begin with the latest on the death of osama bin laden. and word the terrorist was not armed during a deadly u.s. raid. good evening. i'm


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