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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i'm jim vance. >> they have photos of bin laden's corpse and his burial at sea. they have not yet decided whether those photos will be released. we're also learning bin laden was not armed during the raid but that he did resist before he was shot and killed. and pakistan is warning the u.s. not to try a similar raid again. steve handelsman is at the white house with more on all of this. >> reporter: good evening. let's start with the pictures. here at the white house, they admit they fear letting the world see bin laden's body could incite the kind of passions that have been muted since he died. president obama made the call to send in the s.e.a.l.s. now he's got to decide what if anything, to send out to prove bin laden's dead. should he release photos of the terrorist's corpse? or have video of bin laden's burial at sea? team obama is cautious, concerned about inflaming the
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muslim world. >> the additional release of information or any type of photographic evidence is something that we have to take into account in terms of what the reaction might be to it. >> in 2006 when musab al zarqawi, al qaeda's leader in iraq was killed by u.s. forces, the bush administration released a photo the next day. was osama bin laden executed or killed in self-defense? yesterday, some u.s. officials said bin laden fought back as the s.e.a.l.s attacked. today they said he was unarmed but shot during a firefight and it was justified. >> he resisted. the u.s. personnel on the ground handled themselves with the utmost professionalism. >> reporter: another tough obama decision. what to do about pakistan and what looks like a double-cross. >> why osama bin laden could be so close to islamabad, really in plain sight. >> the pakistani government
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today denied shielding bin laden and warned the u.s. to back off. looking ahead, u.s. officials fear retaliation, and that means president obama has to work with pakistan. despite the fact that osama bin laden lived there in luxury maybe for years, the senior oba obama counterterrorism official here today said pakistan remains a strong ally and a strong partner in the war against al qaeda. live at the white house, i'm steve handelsman. there are some details about some of the information seized from the compound. in addition to handwritten notes, the team took ten hard drives, five computers and more than 100 other storage devices. they include discs, dvds and thumb drives. it is not yet clear what might be on those devices, but a u.s.
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official says the information may not be encrypted since bin laden's mansion had no internet access. they are hoping that this data will force other terrorists underground reducing the threat of an attack. the message from cia director leon panetta today is that the war on terror is not yet over. nbc "nightly news" anchor brian williams talked to panetta today. >> is the world safer? >> brian, i don't think there's any question that, you know, when you get the number one terrorist in the world that we're a little safer today than we were when he was alive. but i also don't think we ought to kid ourselves that killing osama bin laden kills al qaeda. al qaeda still remains a threat. they are still going to try to attack our country, and i think we have to continue to be vigilant and continue the effort
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to ultimately defeat these guys. we damaged them, but we still have to defeat them. >> nbc nightly news will present a special one-hour program on the death of osama bin laden. that airs right after this broadcast. in our area, families of local 9/11 victims continued to react to the killing of osama bin laden. chris gordon spoke with a couple who lost their son in the attack at the pentagon. as he reports, this closes a chapter for them but it also reopens old wounds. >> reporter: carol and jesse reuben come to the pentagon memorial often, about once a month. but this time is different. it's their first visit since the announcement that u.s. troops killed osama bin laden. their 40-year-old son todd reuben of potomac, maryland, was a lawyer flying for business to los angeles when terrorists steered the jet liner into the pentagon. reuben left behind twin sons, then 11, now almost ready to graduate from college. a wife, his parents and a big
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hole in their lives that the news of bin laden's death does little to fill. >> i was happy. the crowds were happy and jumping up and down. they are happy about their country. and i'm happy for them. but at the same time, it's bittersweet for us. >> some sadness. loss, emptiness, feeling of never being able to see todd again and never having him in our lives visibly. of course, he's in our thoughts and our hearts all the time. >> reporter: many here say that president obama was right. what he said justice was done by killing osama bin laden. but for the reubens, they say that the use of the word closure, for them, really isn't appropriate. >> we are happy about what happened to bin laden. but we don't have closure as long as our son is not here. >> it's not closure for us. there will never be a closure
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because there's no way of bringing someone back, and todd was -- is gone. and the country, i think, as a hole, there will be closure for those who didn't lose a loved one. but not for us. >> reporter: at the pentagon memorial, this is chris gordon, news 4. the reubens are volunteers now at the pentagon memorial helping visitors and handing out materials. president obama is expected to speak at the pentagon memorial this september 11th on the tenth anniversary of the attack. the reubens say they plan to be there. stay with news 4 for our continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden. still ahead, not everyone is cheering about sunday night's celebrations theatwhite house and at ground zero. some people are already trying to capitalize on the news of osama bin laden's death. we'll explain how to prevent potential scams. keeping a close eye on the radar and conditions outside. doug, what's up? >> i do think we are going to see strong thunderstorms. maybe severe but this is not
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going to be a widespread outbreak of damaging storms. what it's going to be is more rain. and that rain is coming mostly overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. live digital doppler radar showing thunderstorms storms around hampshire county making its way toward the north and east. you can watch that pop up. the pink box does include winchester, martinsburg and over towards hagerstown. the rest of us are not under any kind of a watch. we have the potential for strong storms. most should pass just off to the north. as we make our way through the rest of the night, we are going to be seeing temperatures fall. right now there's that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. we may see some of those strong storms come in. that will help those temperatures fall. 81 in culpepper. 79 in manassas. down to 53 by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's going to be nasty when you wake up on your wednesday. the woman charged with
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murdering a co-work at a bethesda yoga shop has no criminal record but allegations of domestic violence have emerged. court documents revealed a former boyfriend of brittany norwood was concerned about his own safety well before the march 11th murder. pat collins is outside the lululemon store with details on the mystery ex-boyfriend. pat? >> doreen, before this murder suspect brittany norwood had no criminal record. domestic violence, different story. we're learning more details about the past of brittany norwood. the suspect in the lululemon murder case. according to d.c. court records obtained by news 4, norwood was the subject of a stay away order after her ex-boyfriend made a domestic violence complaint against her. that ex-boyfriend, maury branch
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iii, a dentanist northwest. the stay away order dated back in october 2007. a month later, branch's new girlfriend filed another complaint against norwood. this time for stalking. there was a summons to bring norwood to court. but there was no court hearing, and the case faded away. now we tried to talk to dr. branch about norwood today but he sent word that he was unavailable. brittany norwood, charged with killing co-worker jayna murray last month at the lululemon store in bethesda. the prosecutor says murray was beaten and cut in an attack that went on for more than 20 minutes. and that norwood staged the crime scene to make it seem like two men committed the murder. captain dave gillespie is the head of the major crimes division for the montgomery
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county police department. he says he's aware of the domestic violence complaint against norwood but he says there's a big difference between the two incidents. >> these type of orders are issued on -- and through the courts sometimes on a regular basis. this particular instance would not be indicative of the level of violence that occurred that would show that she had a propensity for this type of violence on the night of this murder. >> apples and oranges? >> absolutely. >> reporter: suspect norwood still in jail awaiting further court action in this murder case. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting, thank you. investigators in loudoun county in virginia are trying to figure out what led to an apparent murder-suicide. it happened early this morning on south birch street in sterling. investigators have identified the victims as larry and
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mercedes perry. mercedes also known as kay. both of them were in their 60s. detectives say a man called 911 and told dispatchers there was a shooting victim in his house. and the deputies arrived, they found larry perry dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. his wife kay also had been shot to death. coming up on news 4, there was another tornado touched and another life was lost. former miss usa explaining in graphic detail why a security patdown at the airport went too far. a new terror scare near a nuclear plant. >> we'll show you what led to a water rescue on the potomac. >> lindsay, what's ahead in sports. >> coming up, the nationals get defensive against the defending world champions. also another nfl team begins players-only workouts. and how the capitals plan to [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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information. police carried out raids on at least four homes in london today after arresting five men outside a nuclear waste processing plant. the men are all in their 20s. they are accused of filming near the nuclear site in northwestern england. british counterterrorism officers are questioning the men but they haven't been charged yet. the arrests came hours after the announcement of bin laden's death, but authorities are not connecting the two incidents. a former miss usa is upset about an airport security pat down. her name is susie castilla. she says on april 21st, she opted for a pat-down at dallas-ft. worth airport instead of a full body scan. she said she wanted to avoid any radiation. but she says the tsa agent touched her genital area during the pat-down and minutes later she, made this video. >> the pat-down at dallas airport was completely different than the one i g at l.a.x. and i'm sure this woman was just doing her job.
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i am just really, really upset that as an american i have to go through this. and i do feel violated. >> they filed a complaint with a tsa. she also spoke with the tsa supervisor. the supervisor told her, she says, that the reason the pat-downs were so different was because a lot of the agents are uncomfortable touching passengers. that video has been viewed more than a million times now on youtube. a tornado tore through new zealand's biggest city today leaving behind a path of destruction. at least three people were killed. the funnel cloud cut a three-mile long path through auckland, a suburb of albany. it tore the roofs off homes, flattened trees and tossed vehicles. tornados are not uncommon in new zealand, particularly on the north island. mother nature is adding insult to injury in some areas suffering from the effects of last week's deadly tornadoes.
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jay gray reports now, more rain is just adding to the misery of people trying to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: dark clouds and heavy rains bring back painful memories of what happened here almost a week ago. and add to the misery and mess so many are dealing with right now. >> i'm getting a lot of water damage right now that wouldn't have happened if it were not for the rain. we've just really been able to get things out. >> reporter: lynn mcadams' foot was injured in the storm. doctors have told her to stay off of it, but she can't. there's just too much work to do. >> hard when you are going through your whole life, you know, shattered and dirt. thousands of volunteers have poured into the area. >> i don't know what we would have done without them. >> reporter: delivering food, water, basics so desperately needed by so many here. >> it's going to be a long-term
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recovery process. >> as is the overwhelming task of finding the more than 300 people still missing. >> you don't take any chances. you keep looking. you keep hope alive. we keep our prayers and we keep looking. >> while the survivors keep pushing through the rubble and raw emotions as the reality of what's happened begins to sink in. >> i think i was pretty -- i grew pretty numb right after it and then gradually, you know, you look around and you see different things that are gone or, you know, you just see it more clearly. a job that i thought would only take maybe a few days has -- it's going to take a long time. i don't know how long. >> no one here knows how long, but they are, unfortunately, beginning to understand just how difficult the recovery will be. of course, one of the major issues here is how to handle all of this debris. right now the city of tuscaloosa is working out a deal with the corps of engineers to oversee and pay for the cleanup which
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could start as early as the end of the week. jay gray, nbc news, tuscaloosa. coming up tonight, a circle of friends broke their silence one year after the murder of lacrosse player yardley love. i'm julie carey. alongside route 50 where a major construction project i
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> some kayakers were pulled out of the chilly waters of the potomac river this afternoon. a group was out kayaking about 1:00 or so when they got caught in rough water out there. at least two of the kayaks capsized. fire boats had to go out and pull everybody in. nobody seriously injured. >> been kind of a rough spring out on the potomac. >> it really has. another coastal flood advisory today. at times at high tide around 9:30, 10:00. one to two-foot tidal departures. if you know you are in an area that could flood you'll see that area again. alexandria, places like that. flooding is, though, a huge concern in other locations. this was an area that was hit by the tornadoes last week. out towards portions of tennessee. look at this flooding. this is the mississippi river that's now cresting. and it's going to crest in the
6:23 pm
next couple of days. it's going to come -- it's forecast to crest just inches below the record for the mississippi which was set back in 1937. those are homes right now that you are looking at right there. just amazing video. they have seen feet of rain over the past couple of weeks. and it looks like more rain is still to come. live digital doppler radar. we could see some flooding. it's not going to be around our area at least the direct area. i think off towards the west. west of 81 where we have pretty big thunderstorms right now into west virginia, into portions of maryland. could even see flash flooding up here. watch out into this area west of i-81. that's where we have the best chance for seeing some severe storms during the evening. we have the severe thunderstorm watch in the area until 10:00 tonight. it does not include the washington area. does not include southern portions of maryland or to the south of washington. but i still think we can see a couple of strong storms here as well. we'll continue to watch out for them. 79 the current temperature out there. winds out of the south-southwest
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at 20 miles an hour. and those winds have been gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour today. bringing in that nice warm air. that's why we hit temperatures into the 80s today. 81 in frederick. 83 towards fredericksburg. lenoredtown around 80. annapolis, 75 degrees. look at the temperature transition. 82 in richmond. 48 in columbus. you see what's coming our way? much cooler air. temperatures tomorrow will be about 20 to 25 degrees cooler than where they are outside right now. and this is why. it's our frontal boundary. a lot of rain associated with this frontal boundary. as it moves across our region we'll see that rain move in over the next few hours. then it's going to stay here into early tomorrow morning. some of that rain could be moderate to heavy at times. we'll start off the clock at 7:00 with the futurecast. a few showers around. most areas this evening will stay on the dry side unless you are into portions of west virginia or western maryland. by 9:00, starting to see numerous showers and more numerous thunderstorms coming through. and here we are around midnight.
6:25 pm
you see one line of showers come through. maybe some thunderstorms. if they did hit the d.c. area, it would be around the 11:00, 12:00 hour when those thunderstorms could come through and everybody gets in on the rain by 6:00 tomorrow. tomorrow morning is rush hour. i think you'll need to leave a little early. could see a lot of rain during rush hour tomorrow. at least a quarter inch, maybe a half an inch of rain during the early morning hours gfr all moves out of here. even by 11:00, still seeing shower activity. i think things get better tomorrow as the day goes on. this evening, increasing clouds. isolated thunderstorms to the west. mild with breezy conditions. 79, dropping down to 74 degrees by 7:00, 8:00 tonight. cloudy with rain likely early tomorrow. some of that rain could be on the moderate side. 49 to 55 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest at 20 miles an hour. at least 10 to 20 miles an hour. they are going to be gusty tomorrow. upwards of 25 to even 30 miles an hour. so that's going to make things very cool. very breezy. with those rain showers early. but i think after around noontime we'll start to clear out.
6:26 pm
at least from the rain. maybe some sunshine late in the day. it's not going to help a whole lot. wednesday, just throw it out. thursday is looking a lot better. plenty of nine. high temperature of 68. 70 on friday. a chance of a shower or thunderstorm but not a big deal at all on friday. right now saturday is looking great. high temperature around 71 degrees before yet another chance of showers moves in during the day on sunday. and then on tuesday, things looking pretty good there as well. i think the day we see the most rain and those other chance of showers that i showed, friday, sunday, tuesday, just passing showers. nothing like what we saw last week. >> this will be enough to clear out the pollen that is so high and annoying today. >> and it's going to help the grass really start to grow big time. >> as if it's not already. >> yeah. i want to thank my neighbor for mowing my yard. thank you. coming up, the new road project may not be all bad for drivers in virginia. usa! usa! usa! >> there are new concerns that
6:27 pm
some of the spontaneous celebrations of bin laden's death might have been inappropriate. >> we'll tell you why shopping in montgomery county is about to get a little more expensive. and some royalty in d.c. coming up in sports, the capitals in tampa fighting to keep their postseason alive. also, how a nationals pitcher shut down the san francisco giants. and what saints' quarterback drew brees has tho say about the potential for the 2011 nfl season.
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you're watching nbc news 4. now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 6:00. >> u.s. officials are now altering some of the details from the earlier accounts of the raid of osama bin laden's compound. the white house spokesman said today that bin laden did not have a weapon when he was killed but they say he did resist attempts to capture him. news 4 has learned a previous allegations of domestic violence against lululemon murder suspect brittany norwood. a former boi eer boyfriend file away order. orders like this do not indicate a tendency toward the type of violence seen in the bethesda case. more stormy weather rolling through some parts of the country already devastated by the deadly tornadoes last week. this storm system is more of a nuisance, though, than a threat for tornado victims. sunday night there were impromptu celebrations from washington to new york after president obama announced the
6:31 pm
killing of the founder of al qaeda. >> many are expressing a bit of discomfort, though, with the thought of rejoicing over somebody's death. jane watrel has our report. >> the other one is saying the verse of the koran to support bin laden. >> this radical islam expert reads several comments from an al jazeera website protesting the killing of osama bin laden. it's a death with the exact opposite effect in washington and new york where impromptu celebrations erupted from the white house to ground zero. >> killing bin laden is not just simply killing a human being. it's a symbol. a symbol for radical islam. a symbol for hate. a symbol for evil. >> but days later, reactions to those celebrations remain mixed. >> i like the fact that people were gathering, but then you really do hate to celebrate somebody's death. >> it didn't bother me. i thought the celebration was
6:32 pm
appropriate considering, you know, what happened with 9/11. >> media experts agree saying the impromptu gathering were fueled by relief. >> i didn't see anything wrong with those demonstrations. i don't think they were morbid or blood thirsty. i think -- and, after all, bin laden, a mass murderer, had been taunting the united states for nearly ten years. >> reporter: but could there be a backlash created by the rejoicing over bin laden's death? hamid says no. the terror threat is always present. those who hate the u.s. remain unchanged. >> it's not a situation where you can accentuate their hatred. it's maximum already. >> others agree saying america isn't safer following the death of the 9/11 master mind. >> i thought it was a bit much. i didn't think it was really necessary. it is a small victory, but i don't think it's really going to stop anything. >> reporter: the white house is still debating whether to
6:33 pm
release a photograph of bin laden after he was killed by u.s. commandos in sunday's raid. jane watrel, news 4. it's been one year now since university of virginia lacrosse player yardley love was found dead in her off-campus apartment. authorities say that 22-year-old maryland native had been beaten to death. on the an vensary of her death, they sat down with some of yardley love's closest friends to reflect on their loss. >> not a day goes by that i don't think about yardley. but it's the good things. >> she lived life to the fullest. i feel like she was always trying to make everything the best it could possibly be. >> we're so fortunate to have each other. so fortunate to have yardley in our lives. she forever changed all of us. >> reporter: love's ex-boyfriend george hughley of chevy chase faces six charges in connection with her death including first-degree murder. his trial is set to begin next
6:34 pm
february. one of the most congested areas in arlington is scheduled for road work this month. the plan is to improve a stretch of route 50 around courthouse road. that's going to cause a lot of lane closures, but transportation officials say it might not be as bad as some commuters might think. julie carey reports. >> reporter: whether you call it arlington boulevard or route 50, this is the home stretch of sorts for many drivers headed into the arlington county courthouse area or the district. 62,000 motorists pass through here daly. with its left-hand ramps and no room to merge into high speed lanes it's treacherous. >> the interchange was definitely getting to the point of being dangerous. getting to the point of being old. >> within days, the face-lift arlington county has long been seeking will get under wear. drawings show how the new project will add acceleration and deceleration lanes and local traffic will be celebrated from those passing through. >> it will be less confusing as you are getting on and off and
6:35 pm
there will be standard distances to accelerate and decelerate. so the safety of the interchange will greatly improve. >> reporter: a big part of the project will be rebuilding two bridge ramps that run over route 50. they were built back in the early 50s. from the looks of it, they need some rebuilding. here the deck is crumbled, creating a peep hole to the road below. even though construction will bring staggered closings of the tent street and courthouse bridges. they promise rush hour traffic will continue to flow. >> all three lanes in both directions will be opened during all morning and afternoon rush hour. >> this arlington county staffer who spends a lot of time en route 50 for work is prepared to adjust her route if traffic slows. still she's eager for the upgrade. >> i'm looking forward to it. hopefully in the end it will be better off. >> reporter: julie carey, news 4. the project is scheduled to be completed by november of 2013. it will soon cost you more money to go shopping in
6:36 pm
montgomery county. today the county council passed a 5-cent bag tax that kicks in at the start of next year. the move mirrors a similar measure enacted in the district. this impose an extra fee on all retail establishments, just not those that sell food. it applies to both paper and plastic bags. it's expected to reduce litter and generate about a million dollars a year. part of that will fund reusable bags for the poor and elderly. the 2011 teacher of the year got her award at the white house this morning. she didn't have to travel very far. michelle scheerer of urbana high school in frederick, maryland, got the prestigious honor today. she teaches chemistry. president obama praised her for opening up the world of science to students who are normally underrepresented in the field, including minorities and students with disabilities. scheerer said parents and the community are also key in providing students with a good education. coming up tonight, the sony playstation data breach is much
6:37 pm
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6:00. >> hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. most of us will see a great evening out there tonight. feel free to get outside. take a little walk around the park or get something outside because most of the rain is still off to the west. live digital doppler radar showing that rain along the -- or back towards the west of the shenandoah river along the west virginia/virginia line and portions of west virginia will continue to see that rain make its way toward the east. we will see that rain overnight. right now 79 degrees. winds at 29 miles an hour. look for temperatures in to the low 50s with rain likely early tomorrow morning. rush hour is going to be a mess. >> thank you, doug. just days after their wedding, it's back to kwork for the world's most famous newlywed, prince william and his new wife kate middleton. they are spending this week on anglesy island in wales. he works as a search n rescue helicopter pilot at the royal
6:41 pm
air force valley base. they spent last weekend in britain. the couple have decided to take their honeymoon at a later date. william's father prince charles is here in washington for a three-day visit. his first stop is the supreme court where he attend a reception for a scholarship program. then it was off to the common good city farm on v street in northwest washington. that center grows food for low-income residence. the prince of wales is a big supporter of organic and sustainable farming. tonight he'll attend a reception at the british ambassador's residence. he is also expected to meet with president obama. it's the first time that prince charles has visited the u.s. in four years. >> i wonder if that reception will be as fancy as the one he just attend over the pond. >> i'm thinking not. >> what's up? >> coming up in sports, the big night for the capitals. dan hellie talks to the caps' defenseman john carlson about trying to get their first win
6:42 pm
against the tampa bay lightning. >> also drew brees talks about his team and how they are dealing with the lockout. and pitcher tom gorzelanny has his bester if formance to
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> it's kind of unthinkable that they won't win tonight. they really do need to win this game tonight. >> yeah, and i think it all comes down to tonight. the capital goes in there and take it, this series could be done on wednesday because that's when they will play game four. game two saw a significant struggle for the capitals on the
6:45 pm
power play. that was the downfall of the capitals in their playoff series last year against montreal. this series, and in the last game they went 0 for 6 on power play chances. dan hellie is in tampa for game three. he caught up with caps' defenseman john carlson as carlson prepared for the game. >> here we are down in tampa where over the course of the next 48 hours, the capitals could decide how their season ends up. joining me now, defenseman john carlson. john, this has been, obviously, not a position you guys wanted to see yourself in down 0-2, but it's far from over, isn't it? >> oh, yeah. this team has shown a lot of resiliency throughout the year and even in the postseason so far. so, you know, we've won in this building before and we felt good about how we played last game. just tweaked a few things. we win tonight and carry the momentum into tomorrow. >> right back into it if you win tonight. back-to-back games, do they help you guys? if you can carry that momentum in and win, this is a whole new
6:46 pm
series. >> that's the goal. that's why we came here. we win both of these games and we've got the home ice back and it's possible for this team. we've got the guys in the room to do it. and, you know, we believe that we can do it. >> do you feel like you've been unlucky in this series? two games in a row you've had a goal that went off one of your guys and into the net. doesn't happen very often. >> they were doing the right things. i thought we played a good game. but, obviously, not good enough to win. and in the postseason, that's all that matters. we've got to find a way. that's what it's all about. finding a way to win. >> power play we've talked about a lot. the lack of power play support for you. 0 for 11 so far in this series. is that something coach is focused on? >> it's something we always focus on. but i think the way the past two games went, you know, it's a little more in the spotlight. that will help us, i think. >> that's defenseman john carlson of the capitals taking on the tampa bay lightning.
6:47 pm
we'll have complete highlights tonight at 11:00. lindsay, back to you. >> thanks, dan hellie, from tampa where game three is just getting under way. if you think luck doesn't matter, you don't know the boston bruins. so far 4-0 in overtime this postseason. they've grinded it out but they've certainly had a few lucky breaks. left night they took a two-game lead in their series against the canadiens in boston. the bruins trying to take the first two games on the road against the flyers. i said canadiens. i'm thinking last year. very nearly this, philly wasn't going to let that happen. flyers with the two on one. they get it in there and beat tim thomas. the flyers would later take a 2-0 lead. but the bruins would force overtime tied at two. in overtime, flyers can't clear their zone. boston's david krachy shoots and appears to score but the refs didn't see it so play goes on 18 seconds before they'd review the play. when they did it was clear that the shot, yeah, that thing went in.
6:48 pm
bounced off the back support and out so quickly. the bruins beat the flyers in overtime. they take a 2-0 series lead going back to boston. nationals third baseman ryan zimmerman had successful surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle today. the team expects he'll need six weeks of recovery time. they have gone 11-9 since his absence. meanwhile, the nats are in philly tonight where jayson werth returns to his former home for the first time. he hopes to help his new team follow up a decisive win last night when the nationals were honoring all military personnel before the game at the ballpark. top of the fifth, no score. tom gorzelanny facing miguel tejada. lifts a liner to shallow center. rick ankiel charging. makes the catch. take another look at this. just a fantastic play. gorzelanny you say in that situation, thank you. i appreciate you very much, my friend. top of the sixth, still no score. the giants' pitcher bumgartner.
6:49 pm
the nationals playing some solid defense behind gorzelanny. bottom of the seventh inning, now for some run support. runners on the corners for michael morris. he singles to center. wilson ramos would score and the nationals add another run to make it 2-0. then, top of the eighth inning and this game truly was all about this guy. tom gorzelanny gets eli whiteside swinging. eight shutout innings. three hits no, walks for gorzelanny. strikes out four as the nationals win, 2-0. the redskins were the first nfl team to hold a players' only workout in the midst of the nfl workout. today the new orleans saints followed suit as drew brees organized his workout on the college campus of tulane in new orleans. brees was joined by 36 teammates at the tulane weight room and practice facility where the cents a went through strength and conditioning drills. with the reinstated lockout, players are not allowed at team facilities. today an appeals court set a
6:50 pm
hearing date of june 3rd to hear the owners' lockout appeal. brees, one of the players named as plaintiff spoke about the upcoming season. >> i am very optimistic. but then again, there's only so much we can do as players and our class counsel as we work towards a settlement agreement and really, at the moment, just try and get this lockout ended. none of us know how long this is going to last. we hope this ends tomorrow. it could go into the season. obviously, it's what none of us want. all we want to do is play football. this gives us the best position to be successful once the season does start. >> drew brees does think that the lockout, obviously, will end. he also added his wife britney was going to be the team mom and come to the practice with capri sun juice drinks and maybe orange juice slices. that's hard work, though. >> i was thinking that the saints' players workout looked a little more hard core than the redskins. >> maybe london fletcher should
6:51 pm
take some ideas. >> is that what you do each morning, vance? >> some of that. not as well as they do it or as long as they can do it. that's a killer. try it some time. >> that's why you are so buff. >> look out now. coming up -- sony is fessing up to a bigger problem for its customers than we thought. >> for all your news, follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and on twitter.
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> honda says they are facing a possible shortage of necessary parts to put together their cars. the japanese automaker says the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit the country back in march has slowed production. honda likely will cut back on production of the 2012 civic. the company says they'll also delay the release of the new 2012 crv crossover by at least one month. the shortage is predicted to hit the u.s. this month. they say normal production may not start up again until the end of the year. the d.c. government is investing in the hybrid electric car as a way to offset escalating gas prices. the city now has two chevrolet volts in its fleet. the volt can go about 40 miles on a full charge at a cost of pennies a day.
6:55 pm
d.c. water general manager george hawkins is driving one of the cars. >> in a 40-mile radius, this doesn't use any gasoline at all. that helps in the big picture of greenhouse gases but also in the big picture. this is a clean vehicle. >> ward 6 counsel member is pressing the government to be more environmentally friendly. and he's praising the new effort to go with more energy efficient vehicles. privacy problems for sony have gone from bad to worse. the company announces this week thatty in number of people whose personal information is now in the hand of hackers has grown to more than 100 million. chris clackum has more. >> reporter: with last week's news that sony's playstation network was hacked, compromising the personal information on 77 million users -- and sunday's bow of apology and a promise of help from sony
6:56 pm
executives, some gamers were still willing to give sony the benefit of the doubt. >> if we have technology, somebody is bound to figure out a way to screw tup for everybody. >> reporter: now with sony admitting the online entertainment and music service were also hacked, exposing another 25 million customers to identity theft, criticism has become brutal. >> yes, they screwed up. they screwed up bad. they didn't invest in security over the last decade. >> tuesday, sony confirmed the second attack and said it occurred around the same time as the one on the playstation network. in both cases, information stolen by the hackers may include a user's personal info as well as logins and passwords. >> sony gets an f for taking care of people's information. >> there is hope that the customers may end up more annoyed than harmed. >> as we know it right now, we're not talking about social security numbers. and in most case not talking about credit card numbers left
6:57 pm
in the clear. >> reporter: however, sony can't say for certain some credit card info wasn't part of the theft so affected customers need to stay vigilant. >> it's really important to not overreact if you are a consumer. it's sensible to look at your credit report today and in six months and make sure nothing unexpected has occurred. >> for now the playstation and entertainment networks remain offline. chris clackum, nbc news. sony says once its service goes back online it will give current customers at least 30 days for free. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll report on the heroes who rushed to take a man out of debris after a house exploded in virginia. parents are demanding to know how it came to be that three teens were tattooed at school during an art class. and we'll report on how the generosity of strangers will help some girls who lost everything in those tornadoes last week. how it will help them go to the prom. one more check on our wet weather forecast, doug.
6:58 pm
>> that's really what it's going to be, wet. we have a chance for strong thunderstorms. i'm really not too worried about them. what i am worried about is that rush hour tomorrow morning could be kind of a mess out there with a lot of rain, some wind and cooler temperatures as well. live digital doppler raid sarshowing strong storms back to the west. toward the west virginia/virginia border. they'll make their way to the east. the wider view shows more rain toward the south and west. if you are thinking of going out to dinner tonight, i think you are safe for the next two hours through the 9:00 hour. i expect to see some of those showers and thunderstorms move on in. a few of those could be strong with lightning and damaging winds. i'm not expecting a widespread outbreak of any severe weather around our location. wednesday, 60 degrees. the high temperature. a lot cooler than it was today. rain most likely nearly the day. then i think clearing out. thursday, high of 68, rather windy. 70 degrees on friday. good chance for showers. we're not looking at too much in
6:59 pm
the way of rain. saturday, a high temperature around 71 degrees. that day comes with a lot of sunshine before our next little system makes its way in here on sunday. that will give us a chance of rain late saturday into all day sunday and mostly into the day on monday as well. those showers coming in late in the day. so kind of an up and down roller coaster. one day dry. one day wet. this is spring. >> thank you, doug. if you can't change what you do then change how you go about what you do. that's what we're talking about here. a guy works at a dry cleaners in china and decided his job did not have to be boring. ♪ in any event, the guy's 29 years old. he presses pants for a living. he does it with style. he says it took a lot paragraph to get this good with an iron. he highly advises do not try that a


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