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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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one-story residential completely destroyed. i have two medic units for two people burned. >> burned, injuries. trying to make my way back there to make a full assessment. i have active burning on the fire. be advised we do have wires down all around the house. >> heavy odor of natural gas. need someone here to shut off the gas now. >> john schriffen has been covering the story all day and he filed this report. >> i came out and looked out the door and said the house across the street is gone. >> reporter: around 3:00 this morning neighbors on the 11200 block of ashley drive in rockville were shaken from their beds by a sudden explosion. authorities say a gas leak at what used to be this house caused it to blow up. the force was so strong it threw pieces of this brick house throughout the neighborhood. the back door now hangs in a tree behind the house. metal siding litters the yard two houses away and all that's
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left is a steel beam. >> you could feel it. some of my friends from a couple of blocks away from here they didn't just see it, they heard it and felt it. >> reporter: he says it was an earthquake. once he realized what happened, he ran outside to check on his two neighbors who he says moved in on sunday. >> the guy is looking for his wife. if it was me i would do the same thing. i put myself in his position, so, i mean, let's find her first. i jumped over the fence in their backyard and i saw her laying on the ground. >> what was she doing? what was she saying? she was asking for help. i can't breathe. i'm having a hard time breathing. >> reporter: both were taken to the hospital and the unidentified man is listed in stable condition while the unidentified woman is still being monitored suffering serious life-threatening injuries. the explosions stem from a clothing dryer being converted from gas to electric. >> investigators believe that the occupant was working on the gas -- on the gas line which fed
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a dryer. he was in the process of converting and did not have all of the appropriate equipment and all of the appropriate tools. he did went and retrieve and two went to bed at night and at that point we believe the gas was leaking throughout the night and at some point found an ignition source and the home exploded. >> this is -- >> reporter: twont bed some time around midnight which means the gas was only leaking for a couple of hours. authorities say that's all it takes for a disaster like this to happen. now stay with us. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to an expert to make sure that this doesn't happen to your house. >> john schriff ebb live at the scene there. this is the second home explosion this week. on monday a gas explosion levelled this home in triangle, virginia. a neighbor heard that blast, pulled the homeowner to safety just seconds before that fire
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erupted there. >> i'm calling for him and calling for him, hey, man, i don't know where you're at. i can't see you. you have to keep saying something. i need to follow your voice. so i make it upstairs where the stairs aren't even there anymore so i have to climb around beams and he finally moves and i said hey, man, i've got you. i've got you. >> that homeowner is expected to recover. the home has just been completed after five years of renovation. a new tenant was in the process of moving in. investigators have condemned it and it will be further demolished. >> to several big developments in the death of osama bin laden. investigators are poring over computer files, flash drives and phone numbers collected from the terror leader's compound in pakistan, hoping to get new clues about al qaeda. the cia is also denying claims tonight by bin laden's daughter who says he was captured and then killed and the white house has decided not to release images of the terrorist's death.
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aaron gilchrist is in the studio to exclaim. >> they're described as gruesome showing part of his skull blown off and an empty eye jobbing socket. the president with the consensus of those at the highest in government decided will never hit the public arena. president obama said he will not release a photo of osama bin laden's corpse citing a risk to national security. his press secretary read part of obama's comments today. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. we don't trot out this stuff as trophies. >> the president's decision comes as new details, merge about the raid on that million dollar compound 100 miles from pakistan's capital. video shows furniture strewn about, blood on the floor, evidence the mansion was picked
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apart and the intelligence yield may be great. u.s. officials say navy seals confiscated computers, flash drives, dvds and documents and even phone numbers sewn to bin laden's clothes. those items now at the fbi lab in quantico. also revised details on the raid. u.s. forces killed three other men and a woman and found bin laden on the third floor of the compound, unarmed, but resistant. they were to take him alive, but only if he immediately threw up his hands and surrendered. >> the authorities we have on bin laden are to kill him and that was made clear. >> a daughter of bin laden says her father was captured and then killed which the cia denies. now the navy seal team is at andrews air force base being debriefed. meanwhile, janet napolitano appeared before a senate committee today and was asked yet nation's terror alert level was not raised after bin laden's death. >> right now we do not have any
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specific or credible intel that would lead us to issue an alert under this new system. >> still, tsa and mass transit agencies around the country have stepped up law enforcement presence and the attorney general held a conference call with u.s. attorneys nationwide detailing how they should prepare for retaliation for bin laden's killing. >> president obama will travel to ground zero to lay a wreath remembering the many lives lost there on 9/11 and then he plans to meet privately with several victim's families. back to you. aaron gilchrist. thank you, aaron. bin laden's death has been a morale boost for the military and cause of celebration around the country, but could it lead to a surge of volunteers in the service? jane watrel is live in arlington with answers to that question. hi, jane. >> reporter: hi, wendy. recruiters say it's too early to tell, but certainly all of the positive reaction and publicity surrounding u.s. commandos that killed bin laden isn't hurting. it was a history-making day for
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u.s. troops with osama bin laden's death coming at the hands of navy s.e.a.l.s. outside an armed forces recruiting station, was there a feeling of pride. >> it was good to know that we were on top of the whole situation. it was great to than we specifically had the ability and capability to do that. >> the dedication we put in and trying to find this guy and finally took him down. it's great news to hear. >> but will the euphoria over bin laden's death translate into more volunteers? experts say it certainly can't hurt. all branches of the military have made their recruiting goals for the first quarter of the year. >> it's been a helpful shot in the arm of the armed forces. 48,000 killed and wound. this is good news for the troops out there fighting these people. >> i tell you one thing, if i was 40 years younger and could swim better i would be out there trying to join the navy s.e.a.l.s. >> this recruit believes the killing of bin laden is a huge
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morale booster. >> it might attract younger guys to come out and be a part of history and at least be a part of it. that's what i'm looking, at least. that was a bonus. >> a newly minted airman agrees. >> for other people to say hey, i wouldn't be a part of this now. this is something for history. a lot of people probably want to be a part of what we're going through right now. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from a local recruiter who will talk about whether this spike in patriotism will mean something for the soldiers of tomorrow. reporting live in arlington, i'm jane watrel, back to you, wend. >> thank you, jane. coming up at 5:00, chris gordon goes on american university to find out how september 11th affected the so-called 9/11 generation. we have breaking news right now in the death of a 16-year-old north carolina girl. phylicia barnes disappeared back in december while visiting her half-sister in baltimore.
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her body was found last month near the susquehanna river 35 miles from the city. police now say they've completed an autopsy and have determined she was murdered. investigators say the cause of death has also been determined, but it's not being released because doing so could jeopardize the investigation. a school bus crashed in montgomery county injuring ten elementary school student. it happened on route 355 in clarksburg. the bus went off the road while trying to avoid a head-on collision with another school bus. the driver of the other school bus has been cited now for negligent driving. the children orp their way to little bennett elementary school. none of their injuries were serious. let's take a look now at our weather. the rain looks like it has stopped for a while. we have some interesting clouds out there and it's chilly. >> drastic drop in temperatures, doug? >> very cool out there during the day today. yesterday, highs in the 08s. today, we have struggled to reach the 60-degree mark.
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temperatures over 20 degrees clear than where we were yesterday at this time. showers out there right now. most of the area is dry and let's do a zoom in. down around montgomery county just around river and the potom potomac area, you're seeing showers and charles county, around the river seeing rain as well. back to the florth and west around martinsburg, seeing rain in thattier and also over toward loudoun county and seeing rain there, too. these are light showers and they'll continue to be on the light side and by the time the sun goes down the rain will be out of here for good. 60 degrees, the current temperature with winds gusting upward of 24 miles per hour. temperatures on the cool side, but just wait. we're not going stay cool. we'll get cold. i'll show you coming up. >> thank you, doug. a dramatic water rescue in missouri. two national guardsmen saved a 93-year-old woman who was trapped in her car yesterday. she got stuck while trying to cross a highway that was covered with floodwater from the black river. they always say don't go through
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standing water. the guardsmen had to use a tow rope to pull the woman to safety. flooding in parts of western tennessee about to go from bad to worse. several communities near memphis are being warned to evacuate before the mississippi river crests. hundred are already staying in shelters after several feet of water rushed into suburban neighborhoods. six states may blow up more levees to open up spillways that would divert the rising waters mp. next and new tonight, a mother's heartbreaking mission. what she's been doing the past five years to bring a kill tore justice. we'll tell you where prices have already hit $9 a gallon. >> say what? trash or treasure. what a local couple found outside this target park lot that was actually worth $20,000. we're coming right back. because news 4 at 5:00 is just getting
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all right. how lower we going to go? you thought last night was cool, get ready. >> you wake up this morning and it's a shock to the system. we were at 81 degrees yesterday afternoon. this morning we were 46 and that cold, chilly rain that was falling, kind of a nasty
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afternoon out there and actually, nasty morning. my parents flew in from florida. >> they're flying right back. >> they said you're paying for it, too! >> exactly. out there right now things are starting to improve just a little bit. why is that? we have a little bit in the way of blue skies out there and we have seen some sun today. yesterday a mentioned we were in the 80s and today we struggled to reach the 60-degree mark and a cool shot as we look across the city of washington. live digital doppler radar showing activity, and this is courtesy of our upper level area of low pressure streaming through the region. a couple of light showers and not too much to talk about, bethesda, silver springs over toward the potomac area going through fairfax county and down toward fort bellvar. to the north and west, around martinsburg, seeing that to west virginia. loudoun county and right along the river see something showers
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as those showers are making their way from loudoun county into montgomery county and southern portion of frederick county. you may need the umbrella for 15, 20 minutes. you may need to turn on the windshield wipers for just a little bit, but it will not be that bad tonight. most areas will be on the dry side. temperatures have been cool. 60 degrees outside and that will be kind of nice if our average high temperature this time of year was at 72 degrees. at the north-northwest of 40 miles an hour and that will make things even cooler. 57 in hagerstown and 54 in martinsburg, west virginia and right now leonardtown coming in at 60 degrees. the wider view shows what's coming overnight. 49 right now in pittsburgh, 51 in columbus, ohio and the cooler air will sink in overnight tonight and we'll see the cloudy skies clear up fairly rapidly once the sun goes down and that will allow the temperatures to cool down in a big way. there's all of the rain, it is now well out of the picture. you can even see it right here
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spinning in the upper level it is of the atmosphere. that's what's causing the showers to come through. we'll clear out tonight and we are going to get chilly. get out the coats. mostly cloudy this evening and continued cool, breezy, isolated showers and 56 dropping down to 52 degrees. mostly clear, a chilly start and rather breezy. 38 in some of the cooler suburbs to 43 inside the beltway. we could be seeing windchills between 32 and 36 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning and there will be plenty of sun tomorrow that will help us to warm up. 67 to 70 degrees, much nicer and we will see the winds gusting upward of 30 miles an hour during the afternoon and not as warm as we'd like it to be. 71 on friday and about a 30, 50% chance of showers. how do i know that? because i said it in the four-day forecast? 70 on sunday, and i think the weekend's looking pretty good. there is going to be a chance of a shower and it's not enough of a chance to put it in the forecast.
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so i think most of us -- >> did you get a souvenir from wendy? >> i did not. you came back. you did a great job out there. >> didn't she? >> it was fun. it was fun. >> you had to stay for the honeymoon. >> i thought i was, too, and suddenly a car picked me up and said head to the airport. you're out of here. >> it's interesting. prince charles followed me back here. >> camilla! >> he misses me. i can feel it. >> he's here. >> yes, he is. >> the prince is making the rounds. he's spending three days here in washington and this morning he spoke to a conference about sustainable agriculture at georgetown university. >> also something you like. >> it was riveting. >> students put studying on hold for a chance to meet a prince. >> reporter: not exactly the huge crowd that gathered for will and kate's wedding, but these georgetown students braved the cold and rain in order to catch a glimpse of prince charles. >> i've been obsessed with the royals for a long time and
5:19 pm
especially with the hype from the wedding i really want to see prince charles and let him know i'm here for prince harry. >> it will be cool to see prince charles. i don't know when i will get an opportunity to do so again in my lifetime. it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> he's promoting his favorite causes, sustainable organic agriculture. he came to the georgetown campus to deliver the keynote speech at the future conference. >> if we do not work with the nature system then nature will fail to be the durable, continuously sustaining force she's always been. only by safeguarding nature's resilience can we hope to have the resilient form of food production and ensure food security in the long term. >> despite the dreary weather, prince charles did stop to chat with the students. vanessa doorsman talked to him and snagged several photos. >> he was very polite and very
5:20 pm
nice. he was really talkative and everything. almost like he wanted to get to know us. very dignified. i would expect nothing less from him. he's royalty, the prince. been around for a while. so it was nice to see that. >> the georgetown student are going into final exams. one student i talked to said that prince charles apparently seemed to know that and actually expressed a little concern that the student were outside waiting for him and not in the library. from the georgetown campus, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> it is very cool he is spreading the word on sustainable agriculture. when you look at it, it just makes a lot of sense and it is the best way to feed the world. >> you have that in common. >> he loves it here in washington. >> coming up next, college student were able to pinpoint osama bin laden's exact location years before the military did, and tonight they reveal exactly how they did it. hackers tapped into millions of accounts swiping people's personal information. why it was so easy and what congress needs to learn about the security breach.
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>> she packed on the pounds during pregnancy. sound familiar? tonight she shares
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if you love salt, new research may have you feeling better about using it, a study by the american medical association says if you're healthy there may be no reason to skimp on salt despite the
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decades of warnings. belgian researchers found low-salt intake can increase your heart problems. cutting back is still a good idea especially if you're at risk of high blood pressure because there's salt in everything, loads of it. d.c. is one of america's fittest cities and looking around on any given day, no matter what the weather you can also always find lots of people jogging, biking, packing the gyms. >> it is not easy work to do that. we're taking a look at fellow washingtonians and we have asked them what's your workout? >> my name is karen reyes, a stay at home mother of three boys and each preg nancy i was gaining more weight. at my biggest point i was 230 pounds. >> she was extremely overweight and very unhealthy. we sat down and worked out a workout regimen based on her abilities and strengths. >> mondays and tuesdays i'll come in and i'll do at least 30 minutes of cardioand 30 minutes
5:25 pm
of weight training and lunges and stretching at the end. wednesday, thursday and friday is when i take classes. >> not everybody can afford a personal trainer so group fitness is ideal for those that want to workout, want to get an effective, safe workout, show gains with whatever goal it is. i think what was also very important was learning how to weight train and incorporate that into her workout regimen. women need to lift. we need to lift weights, and the more that you lift and the more lean muscle mass that you have the more fat you're able to burn. >> i lost 73 pounds since october 1st. >> it's crazy. she was a regular to all of my classes and every week, you know, it started in her face and then you would notice it in her body and all of a sudden she was wearing different clothing and
5:26 pm
just how she cared herseried he. >> there's a certain goal i haven't reached yet, to continue to eat health, to she my children, mommy feels better when i eat healthy. >> karen says her new body is really the result of weight lifting and strength training. experts say it's something a lot of women tend to skip at gym, but if you're trying to lose weight, the more muscle you have and more calories you burn even when just sitting around. >> good for her. >> that's a lot of weight. >> even though it's millions over budget why mayor vincent gray says building an underground metro at dulles airport will pay off in the long run. driver beware, more speed cameras are being installed out around the area. we'll tell you where they're watching you. it's a class project, tonight it's a class project, tonight studentswhat do we have here?ty
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fast forward through the headlines tonight. a devastating scene in rockville this morning where a home was reduced to rubble. the explosion sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries. investigators tell us a renter was trying to convert a dryer from gas to electric, sparking the blast. >> president barack obama has decided not to release the death photo of osama bin laden in part because of concerns it could be used to incite violence. white house officials say bin laden was an enemy of the u.s., but his death was not a trophy
5:30 pm
and they confirmed his identity in multiple ways. military recruiters say the death of bin laden may help their effort. all branches of the service have already made their goals for the first quarter, but say the euphoria over bin laden's death could translate into more volunteers in the future. a local mother is holding a one-woman crusade, to find her son's killer. it has been five years since he was murdered. pat collins is live now in northwest washington with more on her mission. pat? >> reporter: jim, this is a story of a strong woman seeking justice for her son. a mother's day story you're not likely to read in a hallmark card. mildred johnson is a mother on a mission, out to find out who killed her son. she goes to the scene and hangs up flyers and if they get torn down she puts them up again. she's been doing this since the
5:31 pm
murder five years ago. >> they left my child in the street to die. pain, that's all i have. that's all i have left is pain. >> reporter: mildred johnson has three sons. maurice, a former tight end for the philadelphia eagles. he's in the pharmaceutical business today. sean, a longtime employee for "the washington post" he's been there more than 20 years, but the son she thinks about every da day, that's marcus, her baby boy. >> that's the son that looks so much like me. that's the son that -- if i'm sick the other two would back away. not him. >> reporter: marcus didn't have a fast track to success. when he was 16 he got involved selling drugs. he shot a guy who didn't pay up. he did time, four years' time.
5:32 pm
>> i took him to the youth center. i did because he had to stand up and take responsibility for what he did. >> reporter: when he was 26 marcus got lucky and landed a job at the washington hospital center. he was a patient transporter there. >> when he got there it seems like he had made peace with the world. he wanted to just be able to be a productive person. >> reporter: marcus johnson worked that hospital job for nine years until the day he died, that may day 2006. he was down in his first street neighborhood visiting his aunt. he heard gunshots and they went outside. there were children out there. he went to protect the children, they say, and that's when he was shot himself. shot nine times. >> you didn't just shoot him one time. you shot him until the gun
5:33 pm
couldn't shoot anymore. you wouldn't kill an animal the way you killed my child. >> reporter: so mildred johnson will continue to hang flyers, continue to call police until justice is done. jim, back to you. >> such a sad story. pat collins. pat, thank you. wendy? virginia governor tom mcdonald wants to reverse the decision to recall the metro rail project. that means it will cost an additional $300 million. the governor prefers an above-ground station. it would cost less, but it would be farther away from the terminal. mcdonnell appealed to d.c. mayor vincent gray to support the above-ground station, but today mayor gray seemed to side with the three district representatives on the airport authority who backed the underground option. >> i would continue to make the case and i think a fairly
5:34 pm
compelling one for doing this under ground. when you think about the fact that it's going to be there for decades and decades, i realize that the costs are substantial up front, but when you start to amortize that over the period of time that this station will be there you start to see that it probably even makes good economic sense. >> the mayor says there haven't been any discussions yet with the other jurisdiction about the point of sharing the additional cost of this project. >> speak of costs we share every day, gas prices continue to climb. the national average tonight, $3.98. gas will cost you a whole lot more than that at this exxon station by the watergate. yep. take a good look. gas is going for $5.09. according to aaa that's more than the average cost which is $4.15. in maryland it will cost you $3.98. it's $3.90 in virginia. for some drivers that rent cars at the airport the price of
5:35 pm
gas is passed at $9 a gallon. hertz rent a car is charging $9 a gallon for those that drop off a car without a full tank. the service is offered as a convenience and consumers can avoid the fee if they fill up the tanks themselves. drivers there are getting new speed cameras. they'll be arriving in the fall. eight of them will be installed in school zones and if you're caught driving 12 hours or more over the limit you'll get a $12 tick ticket. it was proposed by the police chief and county executives. they're concerned about children being hit in school zones. a local couple is being praised tonight for returning a $20,000 ring they found. the diamond caught sadie sidotti's eye at this target parking lot in frederick. it was so big the couple thought it was a child's toy. when the jeweler told them what the ring was worth they returned it to the store. it turns out it belonged to a woman who was getting married in
5:36 pm
just a few weeks. the woman who lost the ring gave the couple a $300 ri waeward. that was nice. >> a study that ranks the best places in the world if you're going to be a mother and you might be surprised how the u.s. was listed. you did not on. >> no, no, no -- >> oh, there they "celebrity apprentice" star nene leaks was in our studio tonight. she's not holding anything back. what she says about
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
"celebrity apprentice" star nene leaks is speak up on the blowup between her and co-star star jones. she was a guest on news 4 at 4:00 today and she refused to be intimida intimidate, she says, by the former "view" co-host. i asked her about the possibility of donald trump rung for the white house. >> i am a barack obama fan and with that said i worked with mr. trump and he was very real and seemed to be very genuine. i didn't know that he had any of these feelings about our president. i have a lot of respect for him so i don't know where all of this is coming from. >> leaks is in d.c. to take part in a stage play "loving him is killing me." it's at the lincoln theeter this week. >> i thought she was very real in the studio and in the makeup room, she had her own music and she was getting -- >> the makeup room has never been so rocking. >> she had a whole entourage. >> yes, you did and you were able to get in and out and no one knew you were there.
5:40 pm
>> don't mind us! >> as we approach mother's day many us are reminded of how important our mothers have been in our lives. >> our wednesday's child hasn't known the love of permanent parents, but at 16, she's still hoping. >> barbara harrison takes us to meet michelle. >> reporter: picking a prom dress is not easy, especially when there is no mom there whose taste you can argue with, but usually depend on for being the best for you. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> good to see you all grown up. >> thank you. >> looking for a prom dress? >> yes. >> well, let's look together. >> michelle is still waiting for the family she told us she was wishing for, at 9 years old when she first appeared with us as a wednesday's child. back then she wanted to be a chef. today she has some new ideas. >> well, i want to be an artist, and i want to go to school to be a doctor. >> how are you doing in school? >> i'm doing good.
5:41 pm
>> that's great to hear. >> reporter: at 16 now michelle is still waiting and hoping for that family. right now she's living in a group home. >> what's it like living in a group home? >> horrible. all my life i've never had a family to care for me, so i always wanted to be adopted by a family that would care for me. >> reporter: someone to care about the things she cares about like what dress to wear to the prom. >> i have some wonderful ideas. >> jc penney merchandise specialist offered to give michelle some help in her selection. >> she picked some dresses, shoes, bags and accessories to try on. >> how do you envision yourself at the prom? >> beautiful. the belle of the ball. >> it was off to the fitting room. >> you look gorgeous in that. >> fantastic. >> that's a good one. >> and the one she liked best. >> you look absolutely fabulous.
5:42 pm
>> do you think this is the one? >> yes. >> well, on behalf of jc penney's, the dress, the shoes and all of your fashion accessories are yours for prom. >> thank you. >> you are so welcome. >> it was hard for michelle to hold back the tears. we all agreed she was destined to be the belle of the ball and one day there just may be a family around to tell her that, too. >> barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> that's the dress we loved, too. >> i know. she looks great. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for michelle call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me or go to there's a new report that ranks the best and worst places to be a mother and here they are. the best someplace norway and the worst place is afghanistan. no surprise there. the u.s. came in 31st. the rankings came from the save the children organization who looked at things like health, education, economic conditions
5:43 pm
for women and for children. right after this short break, growing up in the shadows of 9/11. how a class project here at american university shows the unexpected ways that terror attacks shaped a generation. up in sports it's do or die not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns.
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>> an entire generation has grown up in the shadow of 9/11 and as the tenth anniversary approaches, many are reflecting on just what that means. >> a new survey by american university school of communication found serve out of ten students say their lives were changed by the terrorist attacks, but as chris gordon reports now, this week marks a
5:46 pm
turning point for some. >> reporter: the reaction to the president's announcement sunday night that osama bin laden was killed drew crowds of cheering people to the white house, many of them were young people sometimes called millennials. they have lived in the shadow of 9/11. >> usa! >> reporter: that's the title of a new report and survey compiled by students at american university's school of communications. >> and i will never forget that. >> reporter: which examines the impact of the terror attack on young people between the ages of 18 and 29. >> the majority of the millennials who took our survey said that they were affected but do not live in fear of another attack. >> i was in fifth grade. >> reporter: growing up in the shadow of 9/11 features young voices of both american and muslim students. >> on september 11th, i was in school and i remember i was in my math class in fifth grade. >> we were watching the news together with my parents and it
5:47 pm
was really confusing at first because especially because to see that it was muslims who had done it and as a muslim i'm not used to seeing myself in the media before then. >> it gives me chills and it reminds me of the things that i felt growing up in the shadow of 9/11. >> reporter: this report was published just days before the death of osama bin laden. so i asked the reporters who worked on it what they would add if they could write one more chapter. >> do millennials feel like this is the turning point and chapter? what do they think will come next? >> for the journalism students, it was a chance to examine their own feelings about 9/11, by surveying and reporting on the feelings of others. at american university, chris gordon, news 4. now the students say 9/11 was the defining moment of their generation much like the assassination of john f. kennedy or the vietnam war was for their parents. researchers at ucla were
5:48 pm
pretty close to predicting osama bin laden's hideout in 2009. the two geography professors and the undergraduate class conducted a study using information from satellites and some fundamental principles of geography. they concluded there was an almost 89% chance bin laden was hiding in a walled compound in a pakistani city. they were about 200 miles off target. let's get another check of the forecast, our chilly forecast. it's going to get cold, doug. >> it is going to get chilly tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning you may need the coats, not just the light jackets, but the coats. >> live digital doppler radar showing a couple of showers out there. one that came through the washington area and these are very light showers. don't expect many of those to pass overhead and if they, do don't expect a whole lot of rain from them. 60 degrees, the current temperature out there. winds out of the north-northwest at 20 miles an hour and a bit on the gusty side as well.
5:49 pm
overnight lows down into the upper 30s. martinsburg, 37 degrees. 43 in washington and 42 in fredericksburg where we'll be seeing clear skies and by tomorrow morning it will be a cold one and by tomorrow afternoon, with plenty of sunshine, we'll warm back up to the upper 60s to 70 degrees. we will be on the windy side during the day on your thursday and there will be another chance for some rain and maybe an extended chance. i'll explain that in the extended forecast at 6:00. >> thank you, doug. as long as there is no lightning, we're talking tampa bay lightning. it is do or die tonight for the caps. >> they are already now down three games to the tampa bay lightning, but their quest for the cup, while it gets more difficult, they can do this. >> they can do it, but the odds are certainly not on the capitals' side. only three teams in nhl history have come back from a three-game deficit to win best of seven series. tonight the capitals have to beat the lightning to have a
5:50 pm
chance at becoming the fourth because if they lose their fourth straight tonight, then their season is over. experts are speculating coach bruce budrow's tenure as head coach could be over as well. dan, is it fair to say ooh there's more on the capitals' minds than just the game down there tonight? >> reporter: yeah, lindsay. i definitely think that's fair. no one in the organization, the players, the coaches, the gm want to think about the ram if i kagdzs if the capitals do get swept tonight. they have to win four in a row which is something they've done a couple of times in the season. and the last team to do this in the playoffs, the flyers just last year so it has been done in recent history. as for what bruce boudreau is telling his play, it's the old cliche, you have to take it one game at a time. >> you don't think of it as four. you think of it as one. four seems like a daunting task. one doesn't seem as daunting. if you look at it and say it's
5:51 pm
only been done three times in the history of the nhl teams will be going, boy, that's really tough. we can't do that. you to stick with the program, and think of it as one game and you have three days off to regroup to get another game. >> we have to do everything we can to win and just take it that one game at a time and you do look at what can happen if you don't play a good game especially against these guys. we have to make sure we're doing our job tonight. >> other games have done it. in previous, i was down 3 to 1 in philly and we came out wing the stanley cup. we have to stay positive and focused here. the good news is we have some goals and we'll work off that. >> the lightning hit the capitals in the mouth repeatedly and they're a knockout blow away from possibly costing bruce boudreau his job. a subject he did not want to talk about this morning.
5:52 pm
>> you guys have been asking me that. is your job on the line? >> i don't want to answer that. >> stupid question. stupid. >> i don't really think about that all that much. that's not my job to think about anything along those lines. it's just about trying to play well and stick to what we're told to do and just work hard. that's all we can control. >> you can't be thinking about that. zee we have to sit here and focus on the game. we have a lot to do to play better. it's close. like we were talk about, a few bounces, but those bounces are working for those driveing to the net. >> we know we can win four games. we have the talent to do that. >> they're battling history. the exact odds. 81 1/2 to 1 for the capitals to win this playoff series. you can feel the tension in the room when bruce boudreau was
5:53 pm
asked about his job, though. a writer told me teddy does not like to pay people who work for him. he's signed a multi-year contract. i don't know if that means anything. we'll find out very soon. >> he is also known for his patience and that goes to bruce budde ro's favor as well. we'll hear again coming up at 6:00. >> they certainly have the odds stacked against them. >> this was not supposed to unfold against them. >> the players were saying we're not playing our game. what's going on then? that's why it's maddening. that's why you wonder is it a coaching issue or what is it? >> thank you, lindsay. >> let's take a look at what we're working on for news 4 at 6:00, doreen? >> we now know where harry reid had to go to the hospital this morning. we'll have details on that. the virginia couple accused of caging a child in a crib and
5:54 pm
they explain to investigators what they were thinking. we begin to get detail about the awful house exscomploegz what should have been done to prevent this disaster. those stories and a whole lot more. join jim vance and me for news 4 at 6:00. >> thanks, doreen. when we come back on news 4 at 5:00, tonight, congress demands answers after millions demands answers after millions of gamers have personal
5:55 pm
freight rail delivered caterpillar to peoria more than 100 years ago. and they're still delivering cat machines today.
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>> sony is under fire after hackers got access to the personal information of 100 million people. >> and as chris clackemreports the u.s. justice department is investigating this data breach. >> reporter: turns out when sony's playstation network was, they weren't the only ones kept in the dark, the fbi wasn't called for two days. a meeting with agents didn't occur until five days after the hacking episode was uncovered. >> i recognize myself -- >> sony made those admissions in a letter to a congressional committee that held hearings on the hacking that sony executives refused to attend. >> sony meanwhile says it was too busy with its ongoing investigation to appear. well, what about the millions of american consumers who are still twisting in the wind because of these breaches. >> reporter: it could aren't
5:58 pm
counter a claim, but gene staff ford that internet safety expert his warned sony months before the hacking that a security software was outdated. >> they were running on very old versions of a patchy software that were unpatched and had no fire wall installed. >> reporter: sony's data breach turned up when attorney general eric holder told the senate committee the justice department will investigate although he thinks the damage has already been done. >> the focus has to be on prevention. that is the way in which you offer the maximum protection to consumers. >> reporter: sewn didn't tell its customers about the massive data breach, targeting its popular playstation gaming network until last week, but in the letter to congress it says it's the victim of a very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack. the company says it has shut down the affected systems while it investigates the attacks and
5:59 pm
beefs up security. chris clackem, nbc news. that is it for news 4 at 5:00, thanks for joining us. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> i've got a house that has blown up. >> heavy odor of natural gas. i need someone out here to shut off the gas now. >> there's been a second house explosion in less than a week in our area and this time it could have easily been prevented. the race is on to save lives as floodwaters wash away roads and homes and the worst may be yet to come. get ready for a dramatic change in our weather. >> we begin tonight with the white house decision tobts release the death photos of osama bin laden. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. here's the latest. the white house decided not to release the photos of bin laden after his death saying it would incite violence. meantime homeland security secret


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