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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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once again. u.s. officials now say there really was not a firefight and that osama bin laden was killed in his pajamas. in the meantime, security is tightening at ground zero ahead of the president's trip there tomorrow. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. for the third time in a row, new details about osama bin laden and his compound are emerging and they cricket public statements from the white house. u.s. officials now tell nbc news that three of the four men killed in the operation, including bin laden, were not armed. they took fire from and killed a man in a guest house. but the troops moved through the main house, which was full of weapons, without taking fire. according to the same officials, bin laden was shot twice in his pajamas inside a bedroom. president obama has decided not to release the photographic evidence. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of someone shot in the
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head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> i don't see a point in releasing the pictures. >> they have requested photos for the freedom information act. they have a month to respond. even people in the middle east are questioning the white house decision. here's our report from libya. >> the decision whether or not to release any photographs of osama bin laden after he was killed by that special operations raid is certainly a difficult one. >> what i've heard of the pictures, they're not ghoulish. >> i personally think it's morebid. >> reporter: that said, the u.s. military does have a history of releasing these kinds of images. after they killed osama's sons in iraq, the images of their
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bodies were give ton the en to people so they would know they were dead. when saddamn hussein was killed, they released photos of them looking into his mouth. and the really big al-qaeda killer to be killed before osama bin laden, the u.s. military leaders presented photographs which they blew up poster size and showed to reporters at a press conference in baghdad. some people in this part of the world are asking if all of this has been done in the past, what is the u.s. trying to hide this time? richard engel, nbc news. the code name used by navy s.e.a.l.s in the osama bin laden raid has angered some americans. the ford s.e.a.l. apachi tribe is asking for an apology using
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the name geronimo as a code name. they say it represents american tribes as being savages. president obama will be at ground zero tomorrow and tour the site. it will be his first visit to ground zero as president. there will be a special as soon as he arrives at ground zero. you can watch it here at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. a group of women was arrested. the group was protesting a bill that cut funding for women. they said d.c. should decide how to spend its own tax money. police went door to door in a neighborhood in fairfax county for the second time in less than a month. they're trying to find the man who sexually assaulted a woman
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as she took out the trash. jackie bensen is in tranconi, virginia for this story. jackie? >> they said he fled to a nearby neighborhood. fairfax county police detectives went door to door along forest lane, looking for information, people who may have seen something odd or unusual lately. the street abuts a heavily wooded area that separates it from a cul-de-sac on water lily court. that's where a 62-year-old woman was taking out the trash on april 12 when she was grabbed from behind by a masked man who assaulted her and raped her. >> if this individual is willing to commit this kind of act in the middle of the day, we have to be concerned that he'll do it again. >> a police k-9 tracked the suspect's path into the woods and onto franconia forest lane. neighbors say they are aware of the nearby assault and have been
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taking extra safety precautions. >> i have one that drives, and so she works around the corner at the church down the street, st. lawrence church, and she's -- we're very cognizant that she's, you know -- she has at least some -- >> no >> reporter: the victim says her attacker's face was covered but she was able to tell police a little about him. he was about 5'7" with a tan complexion and medium build. he was wearing a black polo shirt and black pants. an improperly installed gas clothing dryer is to blame for a massi massive house explosion today. that explosion happened in rockville. the two people were taken to the hospital. the man is in serious condition and the woman suffered
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li-threatening injuries. the man was trying to convert the dryer from electric to gas himself. the damage is at about $750,000. i wish the flyers were alive and well in the capitol, but oh well. >> no, it's like they entered this series and relapsed. the team's stars did not shine as bright as they could have and the urgency was simply lacking. the capitols swept from the lightning with a 5-3 loss. they were already down 1-0 in the first period. on the power play, alex ovechkin throws it in the net, and michael stern puts it past dwayne wallaceson. it's not the most gorgeous goal, but a goal just the same.
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but it was downhill from there. the caps turn it over. they rip it past and they win it 5-3. they talk about getting swept after the game. >> if you look at the series, i would say in all four games they had a better period than us at one point or another. but that wasn't necessarily that we didn't work for 60 minutes. they played better than us for 60 minutes. you know, it's simple. >> bruce boudreau and the capitols, their series is over. we'll have much more in sports, but i suspect a change is coming. still ahead tonight, an incredible discovery. >> it's about two karats. >> we'll meet the couple who found a $20,000 ring in a target parking lot. you may think your security system is keeping your house safe, but there is an expert who
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can prove otherwise. heart-stopping moments when pilots can't seem to get control of an airplane. how we looking, doug? >> temperatures going down. it will be a cold start to tomorrow. i'll let you kno [ male announcer ] with the most branches and atms in the dc area, it's hard to miss a capital one bank. alright, let's get ready to work alex. rosslyn! ♪ arlington! ♪ falls church! nice save! [ trainer ] tenley! k street! [ horn sounds ] herndon! mclean! cleveland park! capitol hill! [ groans ] sorry penguin. georgetown! [ metal dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. ovie. we still got maryland. what's in your wallet?
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in the parking lot, a ring worth about $20,000. eric picks up the story outside frederick's. >> since she was a person who normally looks down when she walks, she wasn't surprised when she spotted this ring outside a target. >> i spotted it at the car because it was up near the front wheel. >> ever the skeptic. >> it was too big. >> cubic zirconia. >> we'll stop at the jewelry store before we go to the mall. >> and she came back and said, it's real. i said, you're kidding. how much is it worth? >> this is what the $20,000 engagement ring looks like. so bound and determined to find the ring's right ful owner called the manager here at target. they were told nobody reported a missing ring on thursday, so the sado tirks s called back. they gave them the phone number
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for a desperate woman who called the store. >> she choked up on the phone. i could hear her. >> 45 minutes later, the couple was on their doorstep. >> i would feel guilty the rest of my life knowing i got rid of somebody's engagement ring. >> while their conscience wouldn't let them keep the ring in search of the owners, after 23 years of marriage, you value the symbols a lot. the couple who will start their lives together in less than a month left a message in this card with a reward. >> you will always be in my prayers. >> good for them. coming up tonight. local employers planning to lay off a third of its work force. two bumbling crooks try to steal a coin machine. they didn' promise me low prices.
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you can spend thousands of dollars on a home security system for safety and some peace of mind, but many of these systems may be giving you a false sense of security. steven luke has our report. >> our home was burglarized last year, so we had it put in for extra security and peace of
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mind. >> reporter: peace of mind until she met jim stickley of tres security. he's not an expert but a security guy who acts as one. >> a low-level job that anyone can get ahold of. >> reporter: with a lay of the land, an expert would know within seconds that there is a 30-second delay before activating the alarm. >> he comes through the front door, walks straight in. the alarm system that controls the whole entire house is 20 feet away. >> next she sdabdisables the ph and power lines. >> really just one is all that matters. that one and that and it's done. >> and the alarm company has no idea? >> reporter: because they never got the call. oftentimes criminals disconnect the phone lines outside ahead of
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time. >> i'm disturbed. if they can shut it off in seconds, it's not going to do me any good. >> reporter: stickley puts on a service shirt, something they do to avoid neighborhood suspicion. in a simulation, he orchestrates a breakdown and the vase race i. the problem here is the control box is upstairs. there's a mad dash to the closet, and while the alarm goes off briefly -- >> they won't be notified. i shut off the phone system beforehand. >> reporter: -- stickley has beat the system again, but just barely. >> there is no way you could get in this house if you didn't know where that box was, and that box is well hidden.
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>> experts say you should not put your security box in the garage because that's too easy to break into. also if your car registration is in your glove box, scratch out your home address if you plan to valet your car. >> okay. good idea. getting cold out there tonight. >> it's going to be a chilly morning. we were at 81 degrees today, lots of sunshine. >> forget that. >> forget that. tomorrow will be about 40 degrees cooler when you step out the door. some areas could even see temperatures in the upper 30s. see what we had earlier today. we had a couple showers move through the area. those showers quickly moved out and left behind some beautiful rainbows. this one right across the airport or right around the airport overlooking the potomac river. a beautiful day. most of those rainbows double rainbows. you don't see those too often. i think we'll stay in the all clear for the most part as we
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move through the overnight hours. i think there may be a small shower to the north, but most of us will stay dry and continue to do so. winds out of the west-northwest at 9 miles an hour, but notice the dew point. around 38 degrees. temperatures could get close to the dew point temperatures tonight and that means we'll cool off quickly. 47 in hagerstown, 49 in manassas, west virginia. the high today in pittsburgh was only 51 degrees and that cool air is settling in now. so 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, i think we'll see some sunshine as the sun will rise just after 6:00. temperatures around 48 degrees by 9:00, and by noon, that's when the jackets will start to come off with a temperature close to 60 degrees. we'll see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. a few clouds from time to time, but thursday is looking like a much nicer day than we had today. the rain that we had today is well off to the east, a few showers as an area of low pressure right in here continues to make its way across our
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reasonable. those showers have died off now and now we have high pressure that's moving on in. the cool air is going to stick in only for about the next 12 hours, but by tomorrow afternoon, it will move to the north and east. we'll see plenty of sunshine. temperatures a little below average during the day tomorrow but right back where we should be this time of year by the time we move into the day on friday. something else on friday, though, yet another cold front. that could bring us some showers and thunderstorms. i'm not expecting a lot and i'm not expecting anything severe, but you will need the umbrella most likely during the day on friday. mostly clear tomorrow morning. a chilly start. 38 to 43 degrees. some locations could see a wind chill between 34, say, 35. that's cool. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon, much nicer, warmer, breezy. 67 to 70 degrees and we just continue to warm up. 73 on saturday, 70 on sunday. right now i have most of the weekend dry but we could see some shower activity on sunday under mostly cloudy skies, and as your extended outlook which has pretty much rain most of the
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time. >> they're still time for that to change. >> still time for that to change. >> still ahead, the man who >> still ahead, the man who blogs at wendy's we grill fresh beef only from north america 'cause we believe that's the way you make hot and juicy hamburgers. like wendy's bacon mushroom melt with applewood smoked bacon and cheesy mushroom sauce. try one today.
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advair is not for people whose asthma is well controlled with a long-term asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled your doctor will decide if you can stop advair without loss of control and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, such as an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take advair more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. is advair right for you? ask your doctor. get your first prescription free. advair helps prevent symptoms. this is really bad news, and the fact they got to the second round before they got stumped doesn't make it a whole lot more comfortable. >> this wasn't supposed to happen for this team who is extremely talented. we all know that this team in the last three seasons has had extremely high expectations, an extremely talented roster, but one exit is now sandwiched
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between two losses and it's just ridiculous. you can say the capitols didn't look like they wanted it near as much as the lightning did. they suffered a 5-3 loss. bruce boudreau so badly wanted to keep it alive. ovechkin gets it on net, and they get a goal. it's not pretty, but it's a goal. they tie it. second period, it's 2-1 lightning on the offensive. dominic moore shoots backhand. the rebound gets in there. 3-1 tampa, but bruce and the guys do not quit. later in the second, top of you're screen, john erskine gets it in for the caps. the caps cut that lead to one. then late in the third period,
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tampa bay up 4-2, and this is when they seal it. he rips it past norberg and the capitols lose it 5-3 and they're swept by the tampa bay lightning. had this series gone seven games, i wouldn't think there would have been big changes, but now we're not so sure. the capitols lacked the urgency this series, and the team who under top seed was live in tampa. dan, what was the feeling in the locker room after this loss? >> reporter: lindsey, just do downtrodden, to say the least. the question has to surround bruce boudreau. 59% of the games during the regular season he has won. that is the best winning percentage -- >> you try not to hang your head after being swept, you know, and commended us on a good year. we had a lot of ups and downs
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this year. he's telling us to walk out with our chins up, and that's very, very difficult to do. tough time in your life as a hockey player, that's for sure. >> we don't measure ourselves by where we finish in the regular season, anything like that. you measure yourself by the ultimate goal, and when you don't achieve it, it's tough to take and tough to accept, but you're not quite there yet. >> if you don't come to play 60 minutes every single night, you're not going to win anything. hopefully they take the experience away and look at it that way and, you know, have a horrible summer and come back hu hungrier next year. >> jason, a big addition to the team this last season, is going to be a free agent.
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will he come back? time will tell. boudreau says there will be many new faces in the locker room next season. lindsey, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, dan. safe travels back from tampa. it will be interesting to see what happens, we don't know. it could have been something based on last season's performance that there was a mandate. we won't know that until the next couple days. >> thanks, lindsey. >> you're welcome. coming up next, the remarkable video of a plan's remarkable video of a plan's rough riwhat do we have here?
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on america's largest high-speed wireless network. verizon. budget cuts at the pentagon will mean layoffs for a defense contracting plant. the marine corps decided not to fight 600 amphib yann fighter
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jets. they will lay off 112 employees because of that. that's about a third of the work force there. the layoffs will happen on july 1st. police hope that releasing security video will help them find a pair of burglars who stole a coin machine down in jacksonville, florida. as the men were leaving, one of them took a bad step and the 200-pound machine fell on top of him. >> ouch. >> yeah. the robbery happened at a car wash last month. there was another surprise for the burglars. the machine had been emptied earlier that day. the russian military is taking a hard look inside a plane that flew out of control shortly after takeoff. amateur video of the incident last friday near moscow appeared on youtube. there were no passengers on board. we're told the flight was only a test run. the tu-154 had not been used in ten years. pilots eventually were able to land that plane as people on the ground
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the blogger who unknowingly tweeted about the raid of osama bin laden has become the world's media sensation. >> i did not report him or i did not -- i wasn't involved in the operation directly. all i did was hear a helicopter. >> so haib was working late that night. he said he's barely been able to eat or drink since. 100,000 people are now following him on twitter. that's our b


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