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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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shooting on the bw parkway. what led to the violence. >> and ground zero visit this morning. the president is getting ready to head to new york city to meet with first responders and founding members of the september 11 attacks. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. we're going to take a live lookout side right now at 5:00 a.m. we're not kidding. it's 49 degrees out there. the beginning of may, we had a summerlike weather. now it feels like it's winter once again. i packed all of my winter clothes away. i don't know what to do at this point. >> you have to go back to the attic -- >> dig it out. >> the calendar says may but feels like a march morning as we've had the temperatures plummeting overnight. skies are cleared out and down to the 40s all throughout the region from the shenandoah valley all throughout the atlantic beaches. 347 in re gan national. mid 40s in arlington, fairfax, montgomery, prince george's
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county. but didn't look farther west. temperatures in the 30s. parts of shenandoah valley dipping to the upper 30s. low 30s now. the blue area in the 30s. and that is much of west virginia and western pennsylvania. jefferson memorial under a clear sky. a chill in the air. a bit of a breeze in the north and the west. that will be increasing as the day progresses. the sunrise at 6: 06. then by 9:00, though, it will be up around 50. but still quite a chill in the air this morning. dress accordingly. but this afternoon, it should be mild. you'll be able to shed your fleece and temperatures will climb to near 70. bright sparkling sun and a blue sky. a blustery northwest wind this afternoon. the wind will diminish. look at your night planner in ten minutes. how's the thursday commute. major issue in prison
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george's county. continuing police investigation. more on that in a second. we normally use the bw parkway toward the capital beltway. all traffic will be diverted on 410 riverdale road. from there, north on kennelworth avenue and take that up to the capital beltway. north of the beltway, everything is okay. northbound and southbound, not affected. so if you're going to bwi, if you get to beltway and points north, you're going to be okay. southbound, all of your travel lanes are open. out to the cameras and take a look beltway south of route 4. no concerns here. and here in northern virginia on the capital beltway near the georgetown pike right now, both directions moving well. out to the rails, so far, so good, metro, vre, marc, no delays. joe, eun? >> thank, jerry. breaking news out of greenbelt, maryland this morning. all of the lanes are closed there after two people were shot.
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news 4's tracy wilkins was live. what's the latest, tracy? oh. >> good morning, joe. what's going on behind us here on the bw parkway. the investigation is happening as we speak. there, u.s. park police are moving toward the vehicle. the mercedes there where the shooting happened. two men inside of that vehicle. they have been transported to prince gorges county hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. both were shot. what investigators are trying to figure out, what's happening. where was it coming from? where is it going? and who fired shots to the vehicle. they don't know if it's an act of road rage or a hit. they need to figure out what led to all of this. what's this going to mean for commuter this is morning is very possible it will impact the morning rush. they do have the southbound lanes of the bw parkway shut -- or they do have the northbound lanes of the bw parkway shut down at this point between
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riverdale road and also 495 while they continue this investigation. at this point, that's all they're able to say about this. and as jerry mentioned, you're going to want to find the way around the bw parkway until they get all of this cleared up. tracy wilkins live this morning in greenbelt. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. president obama will honor those who died in the 9/11 attacks. the president will lay a wreath at the memorial of the trade center site now known as ground zero. ten years since bin laden masterminded a terrorist attack in new york city that killed 3,000 people. before today's ceremony, president obama should meet privately with family members of those who were kill in the attack. >> my number one thing is to thank him for being a man of his word. he said what he was going to do and told us and i'm glad he did it. one father to another, i can thank him for doing that. >> after today's wreath-laying ceremony, president obama is
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expected to visit the 9/11 memorial preview site set up not far from ground zero. new details emerging about what went down inside of osama bin laden's compound leading up to his death. at the same time, president obama has decided that photos of bin laden's body will never reach the public. aaron gilchrist has the latest from the newsroom. good morning. how events unfolds are becoming clearer as the navy s.e.a.l. team is back here. three of the four men shot and killed in monday morning's raid were not armed contradicting the original account that the s.e.a.l.s were engage in a large fire fight. there was small arms fire back and forth. they moved through the house and they found weapons and barricades throughout when they encountered bin laden in his bedroom, he was in his pajamas and the youngest wife rushed the
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s.e.a.l. team and shot her in the leg. the same commando turned to bin laden turned and shot him twice. there were weapons but bin laden was unarmed. >> i think if he had attempted to surrender, we should have accepted that. but there's no indication that he wanted to do that. and therefore his killing was appropriate. meanwhile, president obama told "60 minutes" he would not release the photos or video of osama bin laden or his burial at sea. there is conclusive proof that bin laden was killed. he doesn't want to use the photos and incite anymore violence saying they're not to be used as trophies. eun, back to you. >> aaron, thank you. 5:06 is the time.  dc council member mary shea is out of jail. police arrested her and seven other women in a protest. they demonstrated against the decision to place a federal ban on taxpayer funded abortions for
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low-income women in the district. some of the protesters arrested alongside of mayor gray were due in court today. most of the people arrested that day paid a $50 fine to get out of jail and have charges dropped. mayor gray was one of them. 15 demonstrators chose to have a court date instead of paying a fine. three other demonstrators will appear in court. >> oh. >> 5:07, the time ahead this morning. lightning strikes again. >> what the caps are saying >> w[ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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5:09 now. it's 49 degrees out there. we're in the beginning of may. should be a lot warmer than this. we are chilly and tried to find my coat this morning. had to dig through the closet. i don't know what's going on. >> where do we file a complaint? >> exactly. right here on the office of tom tom kierein. >> i think so. >> then it will be duly filed. >> ready for the trash bin. >> yes, it's 5:10 in the morning. do you know where your gloves are? we have temperatures down to the 40s throughout much of the region. quite an abrupt change as we've had the northwesterly winds bringing in the chill. in fact, it's cold in the mountains, only in the 30s. staten, virginia there in the shenandoah valley. 35 degrees there east of the blewridge. all in the 40s. panhandle of west virginia. and reagan national, it's 47,
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mid 40s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. the clear skies in jefferson memorial. the sunrise is less than an hour away. lots of sun this morning. but dress for a cold morning. northwest wind will be gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour here in the next few hours and it will diminish this afternoon. lots of sun highs reaching near 70. then overnight, here's the night planner. after a clear sunset, a clear evening down to the 50s after sunset. then the 40s again tomorrow morning. not quite as cold as this morning. a look at friday to the weekend. a look at next week. we have the issues on the bw parkway. listen carefully. if you take the parkway inside the beltway, northbound, travel lanes are close because of the police investigation. northbound bw parkway traffic
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you'll be diverted to route 410 riverdale road. take that to the capital beltway. important to note, southbound unaffected from the beltway on in. but everything north of the beltway northbound and southbound are good to go. the bwi, in good shape. not affected. that stretch inside the beltway between riverdale road and the beltway northbound to bw parkway. let's head out over and see how we're doing. american legion bridge both ways. no concerns there. one more stop, downtown, along the mall lots of construction. both directions in constitution avenue. 23rd street. heading down there right now, pay attention. flashing signs out on the rails, good to go. metro, vre, marc, no delays. >> 5:12. it's no joke. steven colbert's major doe mags. >> creeping closer to a milestone. no one really wants to
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new overnight, people have entered the fukushima power plant for the first time since it was damaged a month ago. the plant told reporters that crews are planning to install a ventilation machine to absorb radiation inside the building. the radiation was high, but new levels showed some work hlevels dropped. improperly installed natural gas dryer caused the explosion. it happened thursday morning on ashley drive and garret park. two people were injured, one man is in serious condition and a woman has suffered life threatening injuries.
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officials say the man was trying to convert a gas dryer to electric by himself. firefighters estimate the damage to this and nearby homes to $750,000. new overnight, gas prices went up a cent. the national average is at $3.99. the average price of regular in the district is now $4.18. maryland is $3.97. maryland is $3.87. west virginia is $4.11. meghan mcgrath live in crystal city with more. good morning. more on the gas prices. they keep going up and up. up another cent. overnight you imagine, the national average $3.99. this gas station in route 1 in crystal city, folks are paying $4.17 for a gallon of regular. not good news for folks who drive, commute every single day creating crazy prices for a
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gallon of gasoline. the price of oil has jumped 20% this year. the highest national average was set at $4.11. we are expected to see. some analysts could see $5 by the summer. the prices have been driving. they have many people driving less. they can't afford it. other people are turning to public transportation. for the sixth straight week, the demand for gasoline has fallen. it can be a bad omen for the economy. typically what we see is when the demand for gasoline drops, people start driving less, they start cutting back in other areas in terms of activities and the like and that, of course, has been bad for the economy. good news overnight. not yet hit the all-time high of $4.11. but we're creeping closer and closer again. >> that's a lot of money.
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meghan mcgrath, thank you. consumer alert right now, general motors recalled 2011 cruz sedans. it wants to check new models to make sure that the intermediate steering shaft coverage and the transmission shift linkage were properly installed. it's one of the hottest selling cars right now. the repairs on the endeavour are taking longer than expected. nasa found a blown circuit in the fuse box. fuel line heaters did not turn on in the final part of the countdown. the problem was traced to the switch box. nasa said the earliest is tuesday. >> one fairfax county neighborhood is still living in fear weeks after the troubling attack. a woman was attacked in broad daylight as she took out the
5:20 am
trash at her home in franconia. they're looking for clues. we have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: fairfax county police detectives went door-to-door on franconia forest lane. looking for something odd or unusual. the street abuts a heavily wooded area that separates it from a cul-de-sac on water lilly court. that's where a 62-year-old woman was taking out the trash on april 12 when she was grabbed from behind by a masked man who assaulted her and raped her. >> this individual is willing to commit this kind of act in the middle of the day, we have to be concerned he'll do it again. >> a police canine tracked the suspect's path into the woods and on to franconia forest lane. neighbors are aware of the nearby assault and are taking extra safety precautions. >> i have one that drives and so she -- she works around the corner at the church down the
5:21 am
street at st. lawrence church. and she's -- we're very cognizant that she's, you know, she has at least somebody going with her. >> the victim says the suspect's face was covered. she was able to provide something of a description. she says he's about 5'7" with a tan complexion and medium build wearing a brown polo shirt and black pants. jackie benson, news 4 today. president obama has declared a state of mind for three states who were suffering from major flooding. tennessee, mississippi, and kentucky are all eligible for helping fema and other disaster relief efforts. officials are working frant frantically to protect the city from rising flood waters. thousands are evacuated as the ohio and mississippi rivers continue to rise. the worst might not be over yet. the mississippi might crest sometime next week. >> 5:21 is the time again for a look at traffic and weather together on the 1s. tom has joined us on the studio.
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he'll be over with the really, really big weather map right now. live lookout side to talk about the forecast. look at that sunrise, a beautiful shot to the day. skies cleared out. there's the jefferson memorial. washington monument under a clear sky. a cold start this morning. temperatures down in the 40s in most locations in the shenandoah valley all the way to the beaches and the central shenandoah valley. it's in the mid 30s in stanford, virginia. fairfax in the mid 40s right now. sunrise, a beautiful pink and gold view on the eastern horizon. sunrise will be at 6:06. by 9:00 near 50. a blustery northwest wind and afternoon highs reaching near 70. lots of sunshine. the winds will diminish by later this afternoon. by dawn, a partly cloudy skies, the mid 40s. clouding up tomorrow afternoon. low 70s.
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a chance for a shower. partly cloudy saturday. highs in the low 70s. looking like a chance for a shower. mostly cloudy highs in the 70s. it's dry and mild. jerry, how's traffic. take you over to riverdale, maryland. live pictures at the baltimore-washington parkway. across the travel lanes, northbound, bw parkway has been and remains closed between riverdale and the parkway. northbound inside the parkway off to kennelworth avenue. continuing north. southbound lanes are open. everything north of the beltway bw parkway, no concerns. you head up to bwi at the beltway. get on at the beltway, you're okay. southbound, the lanes are open. out to the cameras they go. check things out.
5:24 am
beginning to load up quickly. no accidents or incidents all the way to the beltway. out on the rails, no delays. filmmaker steven spielberg will be spending time in va rah this fall. he'll shoot his latest movie "lincoln" in the rich monday and petersburg area. the film will star academy award-winning actors daniel day lewis and sally field. it's scheduled for release in 2012. >> the university of virginia received a donation from the famous comedian and his wife, steven colbert and his wife evelyn's donation will be used to set up an art scholar's program for students studying studio art, dance and music. colbert is a graduate of uva. they can receive a colbert art scholar's award between the third and fourth years up to $3,000 to spend on an arts-related project.
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the justice department is asking the ncaa about the bowl championship series. they sent a letter to the office asking why there is no college football playoff system. there are serious questions as to whether the bcs violates antitrust laws. 21 college professors have asked the department to conduct an investigation. but the director of the bcs slammed the letter saying, quote, it seems like a waste of taxpayer money to have the federal government looking into how college football games are played. a former redskin is speaking out against the team saying it did not put 100% in to winning football games. the 38-year-old signed with tin asks but never played a regular season game. if he had a choice, he would go back to is it steelers, a team he played for six seasons before
5:26 am
signing with washington. >> just like that, the dream is over. stanley cup dreams are swept throughout the playoffs. such a big bummer. what went wrong and who's to blame. the caps were knocked out in four straight games against the tampa bay lightning losing 5-3 to end their season. washington could not shut down tampa's dynamic offense. and the rookie goalie was a little shaky landing five goals on 37 shots. they told reporters that motter their regular season accomplishments, not winning the cup this year is viewed as a failure. >> where we finish in the regular season. measure ourselves by the ultimate goal. and you don't achieve it, it's tough to take and tough to accept that you're not quite there yet. >> well, tampa now awaits the winner of the boston-philadelphia series.
5:27 am
this is the fourth straight year washington has lost a playoff series to a lower seed tampa bay. fifth seed. a team base in florida. >> hockey -- >> it doesn't even freeze down there, does it? >> no, it does not. >> a lot of questions, whether or not there will be coaching changes, player changes. who knows what will happen. >> likely something. >> time right now is 5:27. a dc council member gets arrested for a cause. a new warning for the fbi. why ♪
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5:30 is our time. we are breaking news for you. a double shooting on the baltimore-washington parkway. the scene is south of good luck road and the northbound lanes of the parkway are shut down there. this is inside the beltway. tr tracee wilkins is on the park waive. what's going on? they're paying close attention to what's happening on this scene as they try to figure
5:31 am
out what led to this shooting. a double shooting. two male victims taken to prince gorges county hospital. we're told those are nonlife threatening injuries. because of this, they closed the northbound lanes of the bw parkway between riverdale road and the beltway. this is a mercedes vehicle. the police don't know where it's coming from and where it's going now. here now from david schlosser. >> right now we're not sure what the motive was for the shooting. that's something that the detectives are going to be sorting out. obviously it's a serious crime. >> are there shots exchanged between the two. if there was a gun found in that vehicle that's still here in the parkway? >> not sure about that. they're looking to all of the elements of the defense. that's something that's going to be figured out as they interview the people. >> at this point, no suspect information, no looking at this point. but they're hoping to get that
5:32 am
kind of information. what happened here at the bw parkway. we do expect this to impact the morning rush. jerry edwards has all of that information. jerry? >> the map, the activity northbound on the bw parkway inside the beltway. right now the authorities have the northbound lanes closed. traffic northbound bw parkway will be diverted route 410. take that to kennelworth avenue, route 201. and you can continue that up to the beltway. southbound lanes are unaffected. everything north you need to go. up to bwi, to baltimore, if you get to the beltway, you'll be okay. all of the activity northbound on the short stretch between riverdale road. 201 is the route. not bad, 270 on germantown. beltway to northern virginia. springfield and i-66 will move
5:33 am
along. out in the rails this morning. head on out, check the trains. metro, no delays. one minor delay popping up. vre. no delays. >> thank you. feeling more like a winter -- maybe we can push to early spring. but it's really cold out there, tom. >> it's march rather than may this morning. quite a chill in the air. so dress accordingly as you head off to work and school this morning. temperatures around the region. hold steady in the low to mid 40s here in the next two or three hours and a rapid warmup later. radar not picking up precipitation. we have a clear sky. it's down in the mid 40s in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties in the mid 40s. and parts of the shenandoah valley dipped in the 30s and areas east of the blue ridge also dip in the 30s. there's the clear sky over washington. we'll have our sunrise at 6:06.
5:34 am
by 9:00, near 50. a blustery northwest wind will be gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. and then with mid afternoon, we'll be soaring into up thor 6 -- the upper 60s to near 70s. chilly again. the planner coming up in a few minutes. joe. ground zero in new york city to honor those killed in the september 11 attacks. it's been ten years since osama bin laden masterminded the terrorist attack on the world trade center in the pentagon that killed 3,000 people. president obama will lay a wreath on the world trade center towers and ltalk to the family members of those who were kill in the attack. the white house decided not to release photos showing oles's's death. the pictures are gruesome. they say bin laden was shot twice by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s,
5:35 am
once in the chest, once in the head. releasing the photos would not represent who we are as a country. the followers will incite violence. despite confusion, no one has seen the photograph. three members of the armed services committee scott brown said they had seen the photograph. but now they're saying what they saw was not authentic. the chairwoman, dime ann finestein confirmed that no senators have seen the actual photographs. and the fbi has a warning for anyone who may be searching on-line for pictures of osama bin laden. scammers are now sending e-mails and posting links on facebook that claim to have photos of the late terrorist. but when you click on those links, they often contain computer violences. the fbi is rep minding everyone that no such photos exist, so avoid any of those links. stay with us throughout the day for more on osama bin laden's death including a live
5:36 am
report from ground zero coming up in ten minutes. you can get the latest information on the website, this morning, dc council member mary shea is out of jail. she walked out late last night. police arrested her and seven other women in a protest to demonstrate against the decision to place a federal ban on dc using its own tax dollars for abortions for low income women in the district. lawmakers took away the district's ability to spend money on abortions as part of the federal budget deal. some of the protestors who protested alongside of mayor vincent gray are due in court today. most people paid a $50 fine to get out of jail and have the charges dropped. mayor gray was one of them. but 15 of the demonstrators
5:37 am
chose to have a court date instead of paying the fine. three other protesters arrested later that same week will appear in court. the last known combat veteran of world war i is dead. claude stanley choles was in brit tape and began training with the navy four days after his 14th birthday. he died at the age of 110 in a nursing home in australia. 5:37, our time ahead. a very, very good samaritan. what a woman found in a target parking lot. a terrifying takeoff caught on tape. what caused this plane to shake
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
when it might warm up. stay with us. our time now is 5:39. 49 degrees in the nation's capital. what a glorious picture of early dawn here in the nation's capital. what a nice picture, tom? >> it really is. >> clear skies. >> fresh but very chilly this morning. feels more like a march morning than it does may. right now throughout much of the region, you're going to need your winter coat to stay comfortably warm on this thursday morning. right now we're down to the low and mid 40s throughout much of the region, 46 at reagan national. mid 40s prince george's county. low to mid 40s, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. some of the locations have hit the mid and upper 30s. it's near freezing out of the mountains out of this clear sky.
5:41 am
lots of sunshine. our sunrise is at 6:06. we will have our temperatures by 9:00 near 50 by noon. the low 60s. northwest winds gusting at 25 miles per hour. this afternoon as we reach near 70 degrees with bright sun in a blue sky. and it will be clear this evening in the 50s in the effect. mid 40s by dawn tomorrow. might get a shower on friday. look at that. the mother's day weekend as well. the photos of the latest at 5:51. live to riverdale where the northbound lanes of the baltimore-washington parkway remain closed. continuing police investigations for that stretch inside the beltway. northbound bw parkway is closed. all of the traffic will be diverted to route 410. riverdale road take that to kennelworth avenue. and continue on up to the capital beltway. southbound your lanes are open. everything north of the beltway, you're okay. the airport, from the beltway on up. good to go southbound out of laurel all the way to northeast.
5:42 am
no hangups to report. just that stretch northbound. let's head south of town to the woodrow wilson bridge. no worries there. the travel lanes are open. over in virginia, northbound, picking up volume now. awfully dark. seems dark. 395, very dark. get v-dot to turn the lights on from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. you're okay. on the rails right now, you're doing well. one exception, vre, fredericksburg. >> thanks so much. >> 5:42 the time right now. dramatic video up this morning. a plane wobbling up back and forth dangerously appears.
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5:45 am
next. . usa! usa! usa! today, president obama will visit ground zero, a place where four days ago, people gathered
5:46 am
to celebrate the death of osama bin laden. it's been nearly ten years since bin laden masterminded a terrorist attack in new york city that killed ab3,000 people. now the president will return to that area for a ceremony to remember the victims. michelle franzen is at ground zero this morning. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, joe. the president's visit to ground zero comes four days after the announcement that u.s. forces tracked down and killed osama bin laden. the president's focus today is to return to this area to honor the 9/11 victims and their families. >> reporter: president obama's ground zero visit will focus on 9/11 victims and survivors. it will be a tone far different from the spontaneous eruptions that broke out after ground zero. the president will meet with 9/11 victims' families and first responders privately and will participate in the reclaim
5:47 am
ceremony at the ground zero 9/11 memorial. the site still under construction draws hundreds of visitors each day. since bin laden's death, many have felt the need to come here. >> after 9/11, i had no desire to visit the site until there's something to celebrate. i think something positive has happened. so i made it a point to come down here and visit the site. >> we don't really celebrate anyone's death. but we know that justice in a way has taken place. >> a memorial at a nearby fire house honors the firefighters who died. >> i was still in kindergarten. >> for the visiting eighth grade students too young to remember that tragic day, it is history. >> former president george w. bush was said to be invited by president obama to attend to today's ceremony. he declined and said he'll honor the 9/11 victims to hor the tenth anniversary of 9/11. joe?
5:48 am
>> reporting live, thank you very much. nbc news will have a special report as soon as president obama does arrive at ground zero this afternoon. live right here on nbc 4. more than 100 people will be out of a job in prince william county by the early summer. budget cuts at the pent gone are translating to layoffs for a defense contracting plant in woodbridge. temperature marine corps has decided not to buy 600 amphibious fighting vehicles from general dynamics. the company's plant will lay off 112 employees because of that decision. a their of the workforce. the layoffs will happen on july 1. whether to appeal an arbitrator ruling that a teacher was wrongfully fired. the school district fired denise hamilton two years ago. she must be reinstated and receive $200,000 in back pay. >> i look forward to going back to work and i can work with the children and pick up where i
5:49 am
left off. >> the school system claims it fired hamilton from her job teaching visually impaired children at the sharp health learning center because she had not submitted proof of a valid teaching certificate. hamilton claims she had reached an agreement with the d.c. department of public schools to complete her license as her provisional license expired. the yearlong battle to reach a contract agreement for nurses at washington's hospitals -- washington's largest hospital may be over. officials from washington hospital center and the union represent a 1700 nurse announced a deal, but it needs to be approved by union members. the nurses have been working without a contract for a year now. you may remember the one-day strike back in march after negotiations broke down. it ended with them being locked out of work for an additional four days. the nurses will hold an official vote friday or saturday on whether to ratify the contract. now to decision 2012.
5:50 am
republican newt gingrich has a campaign headquarters in atlanta. he's renting office space above georgia's republican party headquarters. he's set to address the georgia republican party's convention next friday. the latest poll shows gingrich has some catching up to do, at heiss in new hampshire. republican mitt romney is ahead there. the new poll gives the former massachusetts governor 35% of the support so far, giving him a 27-point lead over his nearest competitors. donald trump, rudolph giuliani, and ron paul received only 8%. none of the other 17 potential candidates reached double digits. prince charles wraps up a three-day trip to washington today. he'll preside over what's known as an investiture ceremony before he heads back to england. he'll present honors from his mother, the queen, to three
5:51 am
americans. he spoke yesterday to georgetown university. he touted the important of sustainable farming in a one-hour speech. charles met with president obama at the white house and had a private dinner with senator john kerry at his home. 5:50. 48 degrees out there. brrr. it's a shock to the system when you go outside. >> it's refreshing. quit your belly aching. >> i want my 70s back, tom. >> we have our weather watchers -- weather watchers, we're working on our phone system. we'll get that up shortly. mid 40s in prince gorges, arlington, fairfax, new carroll ton, chantilly, kensington, montgomery heights, it's quite
5:52 am
chilly this morning under a clear sky. a blustery midwest wind. it's on this thursday morning for a clear sky there. we had high pressure moving over in the last 24 hours. it's going to be in place. clear skies through most of region. plenty of sunshine. here's the gorgeous orange goal on the horizon. you can see the wind swept water of the potomac river. winds gusting now. they'll be blustery throughout the day. sunrise at 6:06. noontime, 60s, near 70 by mid afternoon. the winds will diminish by then. a clear evening. 50s in the evening, mid 40s in dawn tomorrow. in the day on friday, a sunny start. the clouds building this afternoon. small chance of an isolated shower or thundershower. then on saturday, partly cloudy to the low 70s. a nice day. on mother's day sunday, looks
5:53 am
mostly cloudy. highs reaching upper 60s. monday, tuesday, wednesday next week, we'll have a partly cloudy sky. last week i visited the rock creek forest elementary school in montgomery county in chevy chase and talked to these students. we had a lot of fun at the rock creek forest elementary school. i want to thank the counselor jennifer hitchcock invitation to talk to the smart students, studied weather and we had fun talking about all different kinds of weather. good morning, how's traffic? >> good morning, good morning, everyone. live pictures. the baltimore washington beltway remains closed. the police activity, all traffic on the northbound parkway is being diverted. all of this activity occurred earlier this morning. update you on the details coming up. what you need to know, take the bw parkway out to the capital parkway northbound. all traffic will be diverted on to riverdale road. take that up to the capital
5:54 am
beltway. southbound, the travel lanes unaffected. the northbound side, north of the beltway, no concerns. northbound and southbound on the bw parkway. outside of the beltway, your lanes do remain open. all activity inside the beltway. the beltway inner loop, an accident. it ties up the right side of the roadway. the police are there. there's a delay. the traffic is getting congested trying to get past the accident. inner loop of the beltway near kennelworth avenue. keep you updated on that. in virginia, 66. no delays quite yet. getting on the heavy side. eastbound of manassas, centreville, fair oaks, and vien vienna. though delays, vre was of train movement is running ten minutes behind schedule. it is on the move. and, mark, no delays. joe? thanks, jerry. video out of russia that you have to see this morning. the russian military says that the steering system of this plane malfunctioned causing it
5:55 am
to tilt and wobble back and forth during a flight after it took off. this is amateur video. whoa, hold on tight. the military plane had no passengers. it was only a test flight. the pilots were there trying to get it under control. they landed the plane safely to a round of applause to those watching on the ground. i'll bet. >> very scary. >> yeah. >> the world's largest passenger airline will soon be landing at dull let international. air bus a-380 will be making direct flights to and from paris out of dulles beginning on june 6. the superjumbo jet is two levels and designed to fit nearly 800 passengers. dulles will be the third to use the mammoth plane. l.a.x. and kennedy already have flights with the a-380. >> trips to paris soon? >> no, i wish i were but i'm not. >> sounds huge. i wish, we're going the have to
5:56 am
take care of that. a a trip to target was more exciting than one couple in maryland could have imagined because of what they found in the parking lot. a ring worth about $20,000. this is where we pick up the story outside of frederick. >> since she usually looks down when she walks, she wasn't surprised as something caught her eye as she and her husband stroll in to this frederick target. >> i spotted it from the back yard. >> she and joe, ever the skeptics. >> too big, cubic zirconia. >> i said it'll well made. let's stop at the jewelry store while we're doing our stuff in the mall. >> she came back and she said, it's real. i said, you're kidding. how much is it worth? >> $20,000 ring. >> this this is what the tiffany c
5:57 am
ka karat ring looks like. they were bound and determined to find the owner. no one reported a missing ring. sunday the target employee gave the number of a desperate frantic woman who called the store. >> she choked up on the phone. i could hear her. >> 45 minutes later, the couple was on their doorstep. >> i felt guilty the rest of my life knowing that got rid of somebody's engagement ring. it's -- just couldn't do that. >> conscience made them keep the diamond and search for the owners, there's something else. they told me after 53 years of good marriage, they value the sentiment and symbols a lot. the thankful couple who will start their lives together in three weeks is one heck of a story with the cash reward and this card. >> we're simply so very thankful to you. you two will be in my prayers. >> oh, man, what a great story.
5:58 am
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