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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the president salutes military members after privately congratulating the individuals who got osama bin laden. >> wounded warriors who lost limbs on the battlefield take to an area softball field tonight. and there could be some good news at the gas pump coming up. oil prices have taken a tumble. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we begin tonight with a broken promise. area middle school students were told they'd get to see a music superstar as a reward for their academic achievement. instead, they got a difficult lesson in logistics. darcy has that story. >> reporter: students were told that this popular performer would be singing here at their school today. but he never showed up. school officials are blaming it on a miscommunication. usher, a grammy award winning entertainer -- what do you like
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about usher? >> i like his music, his style. how he dances. >> reporter: about 1,000 students at woodbridge middle school were hoping to see usher perform in person at their school today. but that didn't happen. >> at the pep rally they told everybody that usher was going to be coming. and so we were waiting around. we thought maybe he'd come at like 2:00 or something. but he never showed. >> reporter: it was a celebration of the school being named a school of excellence. the students were on the football field waiting and waiting and waiting. >> well, i waited for 1 1/2 hours right where he was supposed to perform. and i just kind of was disappointed. so was everyone else. >> reporter: school officials say an employee was working with someone who was not an authorized representative for usher. the entertainer was unaware that the school was expecting him. a statement on the school website says in part, woodbridge middle school is sorry for this miscommunication and apologizes for any negative publicity about
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usher and for the disappointment to students. in a phone interview, the principal says this will be a learning experience. >> this message was about anybody telling you that you can't, but it's also about sometimes stuff happens. and you move on. >> reporter: students and parents are still wondering what went wrong. >> she was bummed. she was really looking forward to it once they announced it. but then -- she was a little disappointed. but nothing you could do. >> reporter: are you still hoping he might come? >> yes. >> reporter: you can always hope. we were not able to reach any representatives with usher today. we're told he's performing tonight in new jersey. school officials say they're still trying to get to the bottom of just what happened here today. lo reporting live from woodbridge, darcy spencer. d.c. police found or intercepted ten more suspicious letters that were mailed to public schools today. that brings the total from the past two days to 39.
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all the letters had a harmless white powder inside. they were traced back to dallas, texas. a former homicide detective told us the letters could be a test run. d.c. police chief cathy lanier says she expects to find more letters on monday. the same protocol is being used in each case. president obama traveled to kentucky today to personally thank the military members who carried out the raid against osama bin laden. the president met privately with s.e.a.l. team 6 and members of the helicopter unit nicknamed the night stalkers. he told them on behalf of all americans, job well done. later in front of a big crowd of troops just back from afghanistan, the president said bin laden's death does not mean the end of the war on terror. but he said troop reduction in afghanistan will begin this summer. >> the bottom line is this -- our strategy is working and there is no greater evidence of that than justice finally being delivered to osama bin laden. >> some of our soldiers that
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didn't make it back felt like that they did something for them and that we got the job done for those guys. >> mr. obama awarded the units involved in the raid on sunday a presidential unit citation. the former president of pakistan called his country's failure to find osama bin laden a big slip-up. >> i believe that it is a big slip-up. indeed, it is extremely -- indeed, we have to find who slipped up and we must take action against those who did not deliver. >> musharraf was still in obvious when it was believed that osama bin laden moved to the compound in abbottabad. he could be the target of scrutiny. providing additional security at the pakistan embassy here in washington.
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the ambassador reported receiving several threatening e-mails and phone calls this week, angry that osama bin laden had been hiding in pakistan. metro riders saw added security today at t mcpherson square station. dogs were inspecting. d.c. police and amtrak officials say they're not surprised by information about potential rail attacks found in bin laden's compound. they say mass transit has been a known target for years. they remain at a heightened state after alert. a stone taken from the pentagon after 9/11 was given to the new york fire department today. this 800-pound piece was originally part of a 19-foot-long stone. it was cut into three pieces and given to the fdny. the arlington county fire department and the fbi's washington field office. all over the washington area, softball teams will take to the field this weekend. and we can say with some near certainty, none will rival the men and women you're about to
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see. >> they make up the wounded warrior amputee team. don't be fooled. they can really play. jackie bensen has our report. >> reporter: the hits kept blasting across the softball field at george mason university in fairfax. it's a long way from the battlefields where these u.s. servicemen and women lost their limbs to imp virovised explosiv devices. the wounded warrior amputees softball team was created to help with rehabilitation. it's doing more than winning, as tlooez these players crush teams with, well, more arms than legs. earlier this week, team members watched as world events unfolded in pakistan. >> some of the guys as early as '01, '02, '03, i was shot in '06 is when i lost my leg. we range out. but once we get together, it's
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one big family. >> reporter: at tonight's game, players said one of the most compelling things was the interaction with the youngest fans. kids are fascinated by the prosthetics, seeing the wounded warrior amputees as a team of super heroes. the adults agree. >> we're the first amputee softball team in the world. the military bond made it really easy for me. if i tell them to be somewhere, they're there. that military background and history really comes into play here. >> reporter: people here in the washington area can get a chance to watch these guys and gals play on sunday at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. from then, they head north to new york. thai they will play the new york city fire and police departments. and listen to the final score of tonight's game, the wounded warriors, 35, the fbi, 10. >> that's called stomping them. coming up tonight, a really bad situation about to get even
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worse along the mississippi river. that water is continuing to rise. >> experts tell us how quickly they think gas prices could begin to fall after the price of oil tumbled this week. and a front-row seat became dangerous when a horse veered off course just before a jump. we had a couple of showers out there this evening. could that translate into some showers this weekend as well? showe[ male announcer ] well? washington, d.c.
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communities along the mississippi river from ohio to louisiana are bracing for severe flooding. some families in memphis, tennessee, have been urged to evacuate. nearly 1,000 homes are expected to be flooded there as the water keeps on rising. officials say dozens of neighborhoods have already been swallowed by floodwaters. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i've got to wait until this water goes down to see what i can do. >> the river crests at 48 feet in the memphis area. it's already at 46 feet. oil prices have dropped significantly over the past two days, a signal that perhaps prices at the pump might have peaked. crude oil prices now sit at $97 a barrel. that's tonight. that's a drop of 15% for the week. that is the steepest decline in 2 1/2 years. aaa says we could see gas prices follow suit, potentially dropping to $3.75 a gallon by memorial day. and as low as $3.50 later this
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summer. the demand for gas is down nearly 4% year to year. still to come, the death of a star basketball player led to calls for mandatory team heart screenings. why do some doctors think it's a bad idea? a young woman said "yes" to a spray-painted proposal. the problem was, it wasn't her hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health. rich amador, our capital one commercial banker really rolls up his sleeves to help keep our business growing. he's done hands-on research to better understand our growing cash flow needs. rich, i am very excited about what you've put together. and with the strength of the largest bank headquartered in the dc area, he's able to fiercely protect our bottom line. plus, he always looks for new perspectives on the club to help us grow. 75 by 16! [ laughs ] [ all ] what's in your wallet?
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sudden cardiac death among teens is rare. but when it happens, it can shock and sadden a whole community. in news for your health tonight, some are calling for mandatory heart screenings for teen athletes. but others wonder if the tests are a waste of money. >> loved basketball. if i could have played year round all the time every day, i would have. >> reporter: but at age 13, jessica was forced to stop playing the sport that she loved so much because during a championship game, her heart suddenly stopped. she collapsed on the court. >> i just remember waking up and being extremely hot and being like, what's going on?
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>> reporter: the west virginia teenager was air ds liftlifted hospital where she was diagnosed with long qt syndrome, a condition that causes the heart to beat out of control. doctors told her she could no longer play intense sports, including basketball. >> i could have potentially died. >> reporter: long qt syndrome is just one of a number of heart abnormalities that can cause death in children. it's a birth defect and many people don't even know there's anything wrong until it's too late. >> those children are the ones that grab the attention of the community. >> reporter: in one case recently, a 16-year-old high school basketball player from michigan, wes leonard, collapsed and died on the court just moments after hitting a game-winning shot. his cause of death? an enlarged heart. while there are only 50 to 100 of these cases in the u.s. every year, deaths like leonard's have sparked calls to get all high school athletes screened for possible heart defects.
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>> i feel like whenever you hit puberty, you should be getting tested. that's when they said it hit me. >> reporter: but this doctor who is a pediatric cardiologist believes screening is a waste of time and money. she says giving teens the standard test for heart defects would cost americans $2 billion a year. and those tests, she says, aren't very accurate. >> there's about a 10% false positive risk. >> reporter: she says a false positive could lead to further unnecessary testing. instead, parents and children should watch for key symptoms including fainting, chest pain while exercising and seizures. parents should keep track of the family history since many of these conditions are genetic. after jessica was diagnosed, the rest of her family was also tested. >> my mom has it. my brother has it. i have it. my aunt has it. but they were glad that i got tested and that they knew before
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something else could happen. >> jessica had a defibrillator implanted so if she were to go into cardiac arrest again, it could automatically restart her start. she and her other family members are taking medication to keep their heart rates under control. still a lot of debate on that subject. how about our weekend weather, doug? >> little debate on that, too. speaking about whether we're going to see rain on mother's day. right now, i think we're going to see just a little bit. take a look outside right now. we saw a beautiful day out there today on this friday, really a fantastic friday. high temperature of 71 degrees. we saw some sunshine. then we saw some cloud cover as well. the average high for this time of year, 72. right around average. the low this morning was 46. we saw sun and clouds. yes, even a few evening storms with some pretty good lightning out there. pretty intense lightning at times. and those drops, fairly big drops when they were coming down around the bethesda area.
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58 degrees, the current temperature. winds out of the south at about 9 miles per hour. we are going to see the temperatures drop as our skies continue to clear overnight tonight. 50 in fredrick. not quite as cold as it has been the past couple of mornings. but we should warm up quite nicely. the rain we saw earlier is out of here. no rain to talk about. we're not going to be seeing any rain throughout the next, say, 18 hours or so. we do have another storm system, the storm system that provided us with the shower activity came through a little bit earlier. you can see the rain in here making its way off to the north and east. our next storm, still off the map. but it should be here by tomorrow night. i think temperatures at or a little bit above where they were today. tomorrow should really be a repeat of what we saw out there for today with clear skies and some cloud cover and then the chance of showers. the chance of showers moves in around the 8:00 a 9:00 hour tomorrow night.
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lasts through most of the evening into the most of the overnight hours and maybe into early on sunday. but i think that storm will move through fast enough that most of the day sunday should be dry as well. so right now, i think we're going to get off with a pretty nice weekend out there if you have any plans for anybody to be outdoors, don't cancel thm them. may just want to carry the umbrella just in case. mostly clear tomorrow morning. 42 in some of the cooler suburbs to about 49 inside the beltway. sunrise, 6:04 in the morning. isolated shower possible tomorrow. 71 to 74 degrees. winds out of the west at about 10 to 15. that's going to make things feel a little bit warmer actually. 71 on your sunday with that 30% chance of showers early in the day. monday looking great. next week, an unsettled pattern here. temperatures still in the 70s but chances for rain definitely go up as we make our way through the end of the week. but it's definitely a pattern to watch because it's all about fronts and where they move and
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what a career he's had. >> what a career. just a coaching basketball legend. we are going to miss him. college basketball is going to miss him. maryland is going to miss him. for 43 years, coach gary williams turned boys into men. his passion for the game was matched by his love to teach the game. and while we won't see him jumping up and down on the
11:23 pm
sidelines like a crazy man, that man leaves an indelible mark on maryland. today at comcast center, gary williams formally retired after 22 seasons at his alma mater. if gary was anything in his career, he was authentic. he loved his players. gary williams will be missed. the school plans on naming the court after coach williams who led the terps to their only national championship in 2002. during his career, gary never hid his emotions. no different today. >> when you start playing basketball when you're 5, -- thank you. and you've done your whole life, that's been really a focal point in your life, i've seen coach coaches -- that you're always looking at other coaches to learn, steal things from them to use to help your program.
11:24 pm
and i've seen coaches where they just stayed too long. and so if you leave a little early, it's better than leaving late. >> and gary williams will stay on at maryland and serve as an assistant to athletic director kevin anderson. meanwhile, one of gary's former assistants is coming back to town. mike lonergan is the new head coach at maryland. made a name for himself at catholic university when he was the all-time winningest coach in school historiment he led them to a division 3 national championship in 2001. he'll be introduced at a noon conference at g.w. on monday. extra, extra, read all about it. the nationals have a 3-1 record in extra-inning games this season. tonight in florida, the nats trying to make headlines after losing three straight in philadelphia. in miami, jerry hairston, jr., up with two outs. had a runner on first. drives one to left.
11:25 pm
and it doesn't get out. but it goes off the wall. pudge rodriguez, he's 39 years old, he can still move. he scores all the way from first base, the nationals take a 1-0 lead. game now tied at 2 and it stays that way thanks to reliever tyler clifford. strikes out the side in the seventh and eighth innings. clifford threw 22 pitches, 19 were strikes. that's impressive. we go to extra innings tied at 2. 19 strikes, wow. top ten, adam laroche up with two on and one out. getting it done here. lifts one deep to left field. jayson werth is at third. and that's deep enough. he's going to tag and score. i know, folks, it's not the most exciting play but it is effective fundamental baseball. nationals up 3-2. bottom ten, nats need one more out. burnett in the game. on his first pitch gets chris coghlan to fly out to end the game. the nationals defeat the marlins 3-2 in extras. nats are now 4-1 in extra-inning
11:26 pm
games this season. after the game, the team placed rick ankiel on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained wrist. up in baltimore, the orioles lose to the rays 6-2. brandon guyer, local kid from here, homered in his first at-bat. big moment for him. coming up next, look out, one horse goes in the wrong
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at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. a 2-year-old girl suffered a broken collarbone when a race horse jumped a safety fence and landed in the crowd in australia. it happened yesterday during the grand annual steeplechase in a place called warrnambool. the horse named banna strand lost its jockey and leaped into
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the crowd of 50 people. seven of them take ton a hospital. all have been discharged now. the horse was not injured either. what might have started as a romantic gesture is now costing a couple in florida thousands of dollars. this message turned up on their garage door recently in spray paint "will you marry me." but the homeowners say they don't know who allison is. also in spray paint, she said yes. the couple who owns the house have been married for 23 years. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that.
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some of the original freedom riders are back here in washington now 50 years after their historic journey. they arrived today in a specially designed bus that will retrace their trip from washington to new orleans on
11:34 pm
mother's day. back in 1961, despite being beaten and thrown in jail, their nonviolent movement ended the practice of segregation on buses. tonight, pbs hosted a special screening of a new documentary on the riders. it was held at the museum. that documentary will air on the 16th. >> good weather for mother's day? >> i think so. mothers are going to be happy. i think the kids are going to be happy. 74 on your saturday. 71 on sunday. again, there is a slight chance of a shower both days. but i'm not looking at a washout at all. >> thank you, doug. >> we'll be happy. it sha


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