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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 7, 2011 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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two. just keep that in mind. best chances of rain will be about 4:00 or 5:00, or 9:00 or 10:00 this afternoon and this evening. not everyone's going to get wet today. the further south and west you go, the better your rain chances go. >> how much area to you cover? >> from the bay to the mountains of west virginia and from the pennsylvania border down almost to charlottesville. >> have you ever measured the diameter of that -- >> i have never -- i would say it's about 200 miles in a square, roughly. >> yeah, okay, thank you, chuck. in our headlines now today, we expect to learn more about the life osama bin laden -- about life inside his compound. government officials say new unreleased propaganda tapes and video of bin laden strolling around the specially made compound in pakistan will be made public today. the cia has already gleaned a wealth of information from documents seized from the terror leader's hideout in the last week -- in last weekend's raid, including information that shows bin laden was actively planning attacks with al qaeda affiliates
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while in hiding. supporters of the 9/11 mastermind held protests and rallies across pakistan on friday. pakistan's largest islamist party called for the demonstrations. some burned flags and chanted pro-bin laden and anti-american slogans. one said, the assassination of one osama will produce many osamas in the future. some in the country say the u.s. raid on bin laden's compound is a violation of pakistani sovereignty. and the terrorist organization that bin laden founded has finally confirmed his death. in a message posted on their media website, al qaeda confirmed that bin laden has been killed in the u.s. raid and called on all muslims, especially those in pakistan, to seek revenge. the statement also allows the group to make a successor. today is national train day and while a full slate of events is planned at union station, the festivities are somewhat
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overshadowed this year by a possible threat to our nation's railways. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from union station this morning with more on train day and the heightened security from a new terror threat. derrick, can you tell from your vantage point? >> reporter: well, of course, there has been a heightened sense of security, ever since 9/11, and we've learned in recent days, that there had been the idea, at least, of doing something with the rail system. as you can see behind me, security is something we've gotten used to in this town since those events and something we've come to live with. of course, it is heightened, indeed, because of those events. but national train day is a day to celebrate the rail system. we want to take you back to last year's event. we have some pictures of the event. it's an all-day event here at union station that will be getting under way in just a few. it's actually held on this day to commemorate the inception of the transcontinental railroad, 142 years ago when that idea was hatched. and in the ensuing years, the rail system has been central to the growth of this nation,
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especially the westward expansion. if you look at some of the western states, those borders are actually drawn out based on railway easements and things like that. here on the eastern seaboard, travel, commerce, all those things have been a central part of the rail system. those are the things that are going to be celebrated today, as well as demonstrations and assurances of security measures that be taken to make sure that train travel is indeed safe. joining me now is christina leeds with amtrak. a big day for amtrak every year, but especially this year with national train day. >> absolutely. today's a really exciting day. we have national train day here that we're celebrating at washington union station, and across the country. this is one of four signature eve events, but we have 185 events going on throughout the country celebrating the rich history of trains and how trains are important to this country's future of transportation. >> reporter: and they've remained important. there was talk, of course, when the airlines became popular, that would be the death of the rail system. you did see a drop-off.
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where are things now in terms of ridership? >> ridership an great. in fiscal year 2010, we had just over 28.7 million passengers. in addition to that, we've seen 17 months of continued passenger increases. so today, you know, just raising awareness and creating more demand nor passenger rail here. so providing lots of opportunities for people to become more familiar with rail travel. we have lots of displays and demonstrations going on here today. 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and it's a free event here. >> reporter: and of course, you're not authorized to talk to us in detail about security. things are being done. but there will lwill be demonst today along those lines? >> yeah, we have lots of demonstrations, culinary demonstrations, k-9 demonstrations, you can see various trains from the long distance trains and private cars too. >> reporter: excellent. and i understand gladys knight will actually be here?
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>> that's right, we'll kick off today's festivities at 11:00 a.m., and miss knight will be here to kick off the national train day here in d.c. >> reporter: and it's free to the public? >> it is. it's free to the public, we'll be here from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today. >> excellent. thanks so much for joining us. and you know the song "midnight train to georgia" was almost midnight plane to houston, but it was her love of trains that got them to change the title of that song. would it have been a hit if it was "midnight plane to houston"? >> that's the first song title that rolled off of chuck's tongue, so it must be pretty famous. the combat units that carried out that now historic raid on osama bin laden's compound got a personal thank you from their commander in chief. president obama traveled to kentucky on friday to meet privately with s.e.a.l. team 6 and members of the helicopter unit nicknamed the nightstalkers. he told them on behalf of all americans, job well done.
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later, though, in front of a large group of troops back from afghanistan, obama said, bin laden's death does not mean the end of the war on terror. >> so our strategy is working and there is no greater evidence of that than justice finally being delivered to osama bin laden. >> some of our soldiers that didn't make it back felt like they did something for them and we got the job done for those guys. >> the president also awarded the units involved in the raid a presidential unit citation, the highest award a military unit can receive. thousands of men and women have given life and limb in the effort to find osama bin laden. now some of those wounded in the fight are spreading hope and pride through a spring pastime, softball. and by the way, they're also out to win. news 4's jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: the hits kept blasting across the softball field at george mason university in fairfax. it's a long way from the battle fields where these u.s. service men and women lost their limbs
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to improvised explosive devices called ieds. with the help of the veteran's administration and the louisville slugger company, the wounded warrior amputee softball team was created to help with rehabilitation. >> win on three! one, two, three! win! >> reporter: it's doing more than that as these players crush teams, well, more arms and legs. earlier this week, team members watched as world events unfolded in pakisn. >> some of the guys really, i was shot in '06 when i lost my leg, so we range out, but it's one big family. >> reporter: at tonight's game against the fbi all-stars, players said one of the most compelling things was the interaction on the youngest fans. raised on movies like "transformers," kids are fascinated by the prosthetics, seeing the wounded warrior amputees as a team of superheroes. the adults agree. >> we're the first amputee softball team in the world. the military bond made it really
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easy for me. if i tell them to be somewhere, they're there. the military background and history really comes into play here. >> reporter: people here in the washington area can get a chance to watch these guys and gals play on sunday at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. from then, they head north to new york. they will play the new york city fire and police departments near the anniversary of september 11th. jackie bensen, news 4. >> and listen to the final score of last night's game, fbi, 10, wounded warriors, 35. way to go, guys. the new york fire department is receiving an artifact from 9/11, but it's not from the twin towers. the department was presented with a stone from the pentagon yesterday. the 800-pound piece was originally part of a 19-foot-long stone. it was cut into three pieces and given to the fdny, the arlington county fire department, and the fbi's washington field office. a small airline is under
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fire in north carolina for asking two muslim imams to leave a plane with no explanation. masudr rahman and mohamed zaghloul boarded a plane in memphis, getting ready to take off for charlotte when the pilot returned to the gate. the two men were asked to get off the plane and be searched again, which they agreed to. when they were finished, the pilot refused to leave with them on that flight. >> the pilot said, no, no, no, i am not taking them. >> reporter: if they had asked you to do another check, would you have done it? >> yeah, sure. it is their job. it's doing their job, we don't have anything, you know. we are america -- we are living in america, we want the security of america. >> reporter: the two men say they want to turn this negative experience into a positive one, but they're still considering a lawsuit. the airline has already apologized for the misunderstanding. so, the cost of a barrel of oil has plummeted in the past week, falling $15 to about $98 a barrel.
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but what about those gas prices? they're actually going in the opposite direction. right now, the national average is $3.98, up 8 cents from last week. d.c. has flown past the $4 mark, averaging $4.17, up 7 cents in a week. maryland's hit $3.98, up $3.92. virginia creeping towards $4 at $3.88 up from $3.82. west virginia has jumped 16 cents in just a week, going from $3.99 to 4:15. still, some analysts expect gas prices to drop to 30 cents by the beginning of summer. can't come soon enough. >> and i'm cheap, so i'm one of those people -- i'll drive a ways to find cheaper gas. >> but you're generous. don't let people think you're cheap all the way around. >> okay. a bittersweet victory, an elderly woman finally wins her two-year battle to correct an outrageously wrong water bill, but see why this story does not necessarily have a happy ending. and does buying in bulk really save you money?
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two years ago, we brought you the story of jeannette
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cohen, a nearly 100-year-old woman with a shocking $1,000 water bill. >> well, cohen fought that charge, insisting the water company made the mistake. news 4's tom sherwood has a bittersweet update to this water bill drama. >> reporter: this was janet cohen two years ago, strong-willed, honest, nearly 100 years old. when we talked to her, she was mystified by and fighting the $1,000 water bill. her normal monthly bill, just $30. >> yeah, it's just so obvious. as the plumber said, you couldn't use that much water. >> reporter: jeannette cohen has been on brandywine street in northwest washington since 1954. she took care of herself and her house. she knew her modest house and its water use. but the water company insisted she pay up the $1,000. it says, there was no indication of error, so she appealed with the help of her son david, a lawyer. >> pretty feisty? >> she was. >> tell me something about her. >> stubborn as a mule.
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>> reporter: after a walk in mrs. cohen's backyard with all its azaleas, her david grew up beginning in 1954. david told nbc 4 the $1,000 water bill case is now resolved. a letter from the water department confirming it. >> that her position was correct, she had not used the water, and the bill is to be corrected. >> this is great, she's been absolved of owing this money. there's only one problem. >> well, she's gone. it's postmarked a year and a day after she died. >> reporter: daughter-in-law ellen is certain the water bill affected jeannette cohen's health. >> there's no question in my mind. she was having trouble eating, she was -- her blood pressure was spiking, she wasn't getting dressed anymore. she always got dressed. she was a lady. >> i think she would be very pleased. i can hear her saying, well, i don't understand why we had to go through all this. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington.
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>> ellen and david cohen do say they hope jeannette's story will prompt any water department or any agency to be more sensitive when someone challenges an extraordinary bill. well, everybody wants to look their best for the prom, but it can get pretty expensive, pretty quick. >> some fairfax county students are making sure every girl can be a princess at prom, and they've opened fair oaks prom dress shop. the students take donations of stylish, high-quality prom dresses and shoes, and then any girl needing a dress can stop by and pick one out for free. shoppers must show a student i.d., but can remain anonymous. the students say prom is a special occasion that every single girl should be able to experience, regardless of cost. >> because girls, we take clothes and jewelry very seriously and things like that, especially during prom, and it's really important for girls to look and feel good. >> it's nice knowing, like, friends could just come here and find a dress and they can still come to prom and not, like, not go because they don't have a
9:17 am
dress. >> the prom dress shop is located at fair oaks shopping center between sears and lord & taylor. it is open today from 2:00 until 5:00 this evening. >> look at some of those dresses. funny how styles change over the years. >> why -- i love the styles. >> they look very different from some of the dresses i remember girls seeing -- >> like fluffy? >> a little bit bigger. >> shoulder pads, all that good stuff. >> i don't know about shoulder pads. >> okay, that was my generation. >> exactly. shoulder pads is when we were in high school, i suspect. we have a little sunshine to get our weekend started, but i don't think it's going to stay sunny all week long. plus, i was out at a school this week, we'll have our weekly shout-out as well.
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welcome back. first, tornadoes, now, historic flooding. hundreds of people along the mississippi river have already left their homes behind as water has inundated several neighborhoods and farmland. and with the river well above flood stage and still rising, many fear the worst is yet to come. nbc's jay gray has more now from memphis. >> reporter: as the sun sets in memphis, there's a sense of apprehension rising almost as fast as the water here. >> i've never been in anything like this. this is all new to me. >> reporter: karen sutton's home at the back of this neighborhood has already been swallowed by the floodwaters. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm going to wait until this water goes down to see what i can do.
9:21 am
>> reporter: that will be a long and difficult wait. forecasters say for now the water will just continue to climb. >> 46.5, 7:00 p.m. on may the 8th, 47.1. >> reporter: it's already high enough that a section of the mississippi has been closed to barge traffic because wakes from the ships are pushing over flood walls and into communities along the river. >> when you close the mississippi river, it has an impact on the economy nationwide. >> reporter: the impact is much more immediate on businesses and neighborhoods like these, already under water. >> we're looking at the highest flood level since 1937 in most places. some people have called this a flood of epic proportions and i think that's probably accurate. >> reporter: and perhaps the hardest part of all this is that it's only going to get worse. >> the mississippi is already over 46 feet. that's considered a major flood stage here. it's expected to crest on wednesday at a near-record level of 48 feet.
9:22 am
jay gray, nbc news, memphis. 9:21 right now. as we sort of shift to talk about things here closer to home, we're looking at a nice day. the temperatures really jumped up in the last couple of hours. >> big-time. a lot of cool spots well down into the 40s, but that has all recovered. and amongst all the other great fun things i was doing all week, went out to ashburn, crayton's corner elementary school. look at this great big sign they made for us. i got a second picture. underneath there, creighton's corner, out in ashburn, virginia, and on each one of the raindrops is the name -- >> a name drop. >> it's a name drop! i just made up another new word! that's perfect. >> our resident mark twain. >> i was out there talking to the fifth grade students and got asked all kinds of great questions, as is usually the case. but this time, a little bit more of an international flair. asked about the floods in pakistan last year, a lot of questions about the earthquake and the tsunami. >> the kids are paying
9:23 am
attention. >> boy, are they ever. they really are. congratulations to them for all their great questions. thanks for having me out this week. had a ton of fun. hopefully they enjoyed and learned a little as well. here's what i can learn you about your weekend forecast, it's going to be mostly dry -- i know, that was bad english. it was funny, right up until the english teacher here penned in and said, excuse me, young man, that's not how we use the english in this neighborhood. plenty of sunshine first they think on a sunday. 62 at national airport with a north-northwesterly wind at 8 miles per hour. starting to get a little hint of a gustiness. breezy for the next couple of hours. temperatures warming into the low and mid-60s, and we're a little bit ahead of schedule on the warm-up. instead of low 70s today, we might be in the mid-70s by later on this afternoon. but, there are also still rain chances acoming. these showers up here, western pennsylvania and eastern ohio, these are on the move. so we'll have breaks of sunshine
9:24 am
early on in the day today. take a check on our futurecast model. there's a depiction on the computer model. as we step you forward through time, by 8:00 this evening on our futurecast, a little impulse. mainly west and southwest of metro washington, but by late this afternoon, early this evening, and again, most of that should stay away from town, but nonetheless, there will be a few isolated rain chances out there today, and again for tomorrow, but, again, most of your weekend will be dry. so for today, more clouds and sunshine by this afternoon. a quick shower possible late afternoon early evening. highs today, low to mid-70s. then for tomorrow, a little lower rain chance for tomorrow. partly sunny, nice and mild, but can't rule out a stray shower or two. highs both days, today and tomorrow, in the low to mid-70s. very pleasant, great weather for mother's day weekend. beautiful weather continues through monday and tuesday, and wednesday of next week. clouds start to sneak back in on thursday with maybe a chance for a thunderstorm coming in on friday as well. so your weekend will not be washed out, but you do need to
9:25 am
keep an eye out. running the virginia gold cup out in great meadow. so for all the horse races, most should be okay, but the mudders may have a little edge for the last race or two. >> you don't want to rain to come down ton linens. >> it will be mudder's day weekend. it's a horse joke. >> gotcha. see, you smiled on that one -- >> how long have you been waiting to share that one? >> i make them up as i go. >> i don't think so. one local college begins its search for a new basketball coach. >> hakem dermish has more on gary williams' retirement and gw.'s new coach in this morning's sports minute. >> good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins with a coaching legend. yesterday, maryland head coach gary william formally retired after 22 seasons at his alma mater. at comcast center yesterday, gary did his trademark fist pump in front of thousands of fans. gary williams coached basketball
9:26 am
for 43 years, and oh, yeah, he will be missed. the school plans on naming the court after williams, who led the terps to their only national championship in 2002. gary isn't going anywhere, though, for now, he'll stay on as an assistant to kevin anderson. meanwhile, one of gary's former assistants is coming back to town, bowie, maryland, native, mike lonergan, who had been the head coach at vermont for the past six seasons is going to be the new head coach at maryland. he made a name for himself at catholic university where he led the school to a division three national championship in 2001. talking baseball. nationals on the road against the marlins, top of the tenth inning, tied at 2. go ahead run at third and laroche comes up big. drives it deep to left. jayson werth ties and scores. not the most exciting play, but it is effective, and the nationals hang on to win it 3-2, snapping a three-game losing streak. and in baltimore last night, the orioles lose to the rays, 6-2. that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day.
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coming up on 9:27 right now. more suspicious letters found at d.c. public schools. why some investigators say the notes could be very dangerous, even though there was nothing harmful in them. and a major letdown for hundreds of area middle school students. the r&b superstar accused of standing them up. we don't just make a taillight... ..we make a sculpture. we don't just make a sunroof...
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you still hoping he might come? >> yes. >> they were promised a concert by an r&b superstar. all they got, though, was disappointment. good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> but they still have hope. i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, may 7th, the news is just ahead, but first, a quick check on our forecast with chuck who joins us with all his sunny optimism. >> some days take a little more effort than others, today will be pretty easy. it's a gorgeous-looking day outside. a great way to get your weekend started, everybody, no matter what you're doing for your mother's day weekend, bright and sunny outside for now. that is definitely welcome news. we will have a chance for some showers coming in late this afternoon and this evening, but certainly the weekend is not going to be a lost cause. temperatures continue to warm very rapidly now.
9:31 am
62 downtown, 62 at andrews air force base. also at the naval academy, 63 and win chester and new market and front royal. 63 at culpepper, up into charles town and inwood and the panhandle of west virginia, temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. a few showers up around eastern ohio. they are moving in our general direction. so we'll be keeping an eye on our northwestern skies. there will be a chance, about a 30% chance you'll get wait late this afternoon, later this evening, but it will be a mild one. sun does not go down until 8:06 this evening. got to love those late sunsets this time of the year. >> all right. thanks, chuck. >> okay. d.c. police are looking for answers after recovering ten more suspicious letters addressed to d.c. schools. six of the letters were discovered at schools yesterday, while four were intercepted by the postal service. all of the letters have the same features. a typed address, post-marked in dallas. they also have references to al qaeda and the fbi. they also contained what turned out to be a harmless white powder. duane stanton, a former homicide detective, says these letters
9:32 am
could be more than just empty threats. >> when operatives do these type of things, what they're doing is, they run tests to see how long it takes the establishment to respond and fix a situation. and this could very well be a test as well. >> d.c. police chief cathy lanier told news 4 that authorities are expecting to find more letters and they are preparing to intercept those on monday. students at woodbridge middle school thought they were getting a concert from r&b superstar usher to celebrate being named a school of excellence. instead, though, of an amazing show, the kids got a difficult lesson in logistics. news 4's darcy spencer explains. ♪ oh, my god >> reporter: usher, a grammy award winning entertainer. >> what do you like about usher? >> i like his music, you know, his style, how he dances. >> reporter: about 1,000 students at woodbridge middle school were hoping to see usher
9:33 am
perform in person at their school, but that didn't happen. >> at the pep rally, they told everybody that usher was going to be coming. so, we were like, you know, waiting around and we thought maybe he would come at 2:00 or something, but i guess he never showed. >> reporter: it was a celebration of the school being named a school of excellence. the students were on the football field, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. >> well, i waited for 1 1/2 hours, right where he was supposed to perform, and i just kind of was disappointed. and so was everyone else. >> reporter: school officials say an employee was working with someone who was not an authorized representative for usher. the entertainer was unaware that the school was expecting him. a statement on the school website says, in part, "woodbridge middle school is sorry for this miscommunication and apologizes for any negative publicity about usher and for the disappointment to students." in a phone interview, the principal says this will be a learning experience. >> this life message was about
9:34 am
don't let anybody tell you that you can't, but it's also about, sometimes stuff happens, and you move on. >> reporter: students and parents are still wondering what went wrong. >> she was bummed. she was really looking forward to it once they announced it, but she was a little disappointed, but nothing you can do. >> reporter: you still hoping he might come? >> yes. >> reporter: we were not able to reach a representative for usher. we're told he had a performance in new jersey friday night. school officials are still trying to get to the bottom of what happened. in woodbridge, darcy spencer, "news 4 today." it's 9:34 right now. a student at the university of maryland is charged with making and selling fake i.d.s right out of his dorm room. the indictment accuses 20-year-old theodore michaels of potomac of selling phoney virginia, ohio, and pennsylvania driver's licenses back in 2009. prosecutors say he charged about brought him referrals. "the balitmore sun" is reporting that michaels is a straight-a
9:35 am
scholarship student with a tribble major. the latest jobs report is out, and whether you think it's good news or bad news, it all depends on what numbers you're looking at. first, the good news. businesses added more than 240,000 new jobs, beating analysts' expectations, but unemployment jumped back up to 9%. experts say that while the increased unemployment number may seem discouraging, it means more people have started looking for work again, seemingly optimistic about their prospects. >> as we add jobs, we're going to get a lot of people flooding into the labor market, and that unemployment rate is going to come down very slowly. >> even with this encouraging report, at this rate, it will still take more than two years to get back to the 8 million jobs lost during the recession. if you're one of those people who's looking to get back into the job market, you may want to look into attending a job fair. and if you do go, here's some ways you can stand out. first of all, you want to dress professionally. if you want to stand out a little more, wear something bright. also, make sure you have plenty
9:36 am
of resumes to hand out, and then when it comes to an interview, be relaxed so your true personality comes across. finally, be open to different jobs so you don't pass up a potential opportunity. you don't have to eat unhealthy foods or spend hours clipping coupons to save money while grocery shopping. eun yang busts those myths and others to make sure you get the most off your hard-earned money. >> reporter: hi. we're at the safeway in georgetown and i'm joined by jodi deemer, the co-author of "pick another checkout lane, honey." what's the number one myth where we fall into a trap? we think we're going to save money, but ultimately we don't. >> the number one myth i got hung up on when i started clipping coupons, i thought i could save more by buying the generic brands. name brand items have coupons, i thought, i don't need these coupons, i'll save more by buying generics. >> what about buying in bulk? i have small kids, people with families tend to go to costco, the big box stores in order to buy in bulk and think they're
9:37 am
going to save money that way. what do you think about that? >> so, i love the bulk stores for some things, but they're so dangerous. people assume that since they're paying an annual fee just to shop at store but everything in the store's a great deal and that's not the case. two boxes of cereal for $8, not a good deal. stick to those stores for things like dairy, things like eggs and things you can't get in other places. i love their fresh tortillas, for example. but when it comes to the regular staples, you'll be better off shopping at a local grocery store with your coupons. >> reporter: can you eat healthy with coupon saving? >> yes. >> reporter: how? >> you absolutely can, as we're standing here by the cookies. you can eat healthy and get coupons for any diet. there are printable sites devoted strictly to organic, like is one of my favorites. >> reporter: what about, it's not worth the time to drive around to multiple stores? >> i think in many ways doing this couponing is saving me gas and time. i used to be running out at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. getting things for
9:38 am
dinner, now i'm stockpiling items and keeping them in my home. so i'm actually avoiding running to the store. but i don't think you need to go to five stores in a week like you mentioned. i think you probably need to go to two different stores every week to save the most money and you'll save way more than you'll spend on the gas. >> reporter: jodi deemer, thank you so much. i feel smarter and savvier in terms of coupon using already. thanks so much for joining us. now to spending a whole lot of money, u.s. troops finally caught and killed osama bin laden. it turns out, though, the terrorist mastermind's death was an expensive one. try $3 trillion over the past ten years. by comparison, world war ii cost america $4.4 trillion by today's dollars. this battle to find bin laden has also cost thousands of american lives and currently has 150,000 troops fighting in two wars. defense spending as a whole has gone up as well, 50% since twn. it's 9:38 right now. up next, we'll tell you how you can give a mother's day gift
9:39 am
that helps less fortunate women trying to better their lives around the world. and later, mixing sports and when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
9:40 am
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get fios tv, internet and phone -- for just $99.99 a month, plus $100 back. this is a limited time offer, so don't wait. call 1.888.884.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. it's 9:41 right now. if you're still looking for last-minute mother's day gift, why not give a gift that will also help women in need halfway
9:42 am
around the world? it's all through the nonprofit organization opportunity internationals banking on mothers campaign. joining us now to explain is christian henry, she's on opportunity international's board of governors. kristen, thanks for being with us. how does this particular program work? >> opportunity international has a mother's day gift card, and it is called banking on mothers. 100% of the profits goes directly to women who are working their way out of poverty. >> so you go to your website, which is -- >> >> and you click on which area? >> well, it's so you can actually pick a mother in a developing country, in southeast asia, africa, and latin america. >> they have profiles there? >> yes. they might be wanting to make pocketbooks, or they might want
9:43 am
to purchase some seed to farm or to develop a school to educate their children. >> and this is one of the pocketbooks here? >> yes. >> how did you get involved and inspired by this? >> my husband and i were living overseas in london, england, in 2006, and we learned about opportunity and thought it was a fantastic program, because it is an international program. it mainly focuses on women. and they provide savings accounts, insurance, training programs, and small business loans. >> so you just answered my next question. here's some video from some of the people who have been benefited from these loans. microloans are very popular, but what you are explaining is that opportunity international gives even more of a safety net than just a loan. >> yes, exactly. they provide the training programs, which instruct the women, mainly women, 85% of the 2 million people that opportunity has impacted, 85% of those are women, and they will be able to educate their
9:44 am
children. >> and these loans can start as small as $10 and go up to any amount that you want to donate? >> with the banking on mother's day, the actual gift card can start as $10, and the loans to the other -- to the women in the emerging markets, their very small loans. >> right. but they make a big difference, especially in third world countries, where that money goes far. >> yes, they do. >> you are a mother of three young children, how do you involve them in opportunity international to inspire them? >> well, this summer, we are actually taking our three young children to the philippines, and we're going to see how opportunity directly impacts women in the lives -- in their lives, over in the emerging markets. so we hope to be able to see the women that opportunity funds. >> and did you want to tell us anything about the purse before you go? >> this is just one example of some of the items that the women work hard to sell in markets. should i tell you a little bit about the or there's a 1-800 number, if you
9:45 am
would like to learn more about that, and i think they have, the number, hopefully will be posted, but that way, if you would like to get involved and to donate, there's a lot of information on there. >> well, we'll make sure to put that number on our website, or people can go to and they can do that today, get that gift card, print it out, give it to your mom and say, you are basically giving a loan on behalf of them to -- >> or it can be e-mailed to them directly. >> fantastic. kristen henry, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> okay. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, kimberly. chuck's here now. we're looking at different glasses there? >> i was sitting in kimberly chair, i thought i would put kimberly's glasses on, have a different view on the world. >> the weekend forecast is looking cloudier all of a sudden. i'll come back with the right glasses and give you all the
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
drivers, listen up. a traffic alert. if you're planning on using the wilson bridge this weekend, because crews are installing a storm drain across the bridge, multiple lanes are going to be closed. the through lanes on the outer loop of the beltway between telegraph road and route 1 will be closed. drivers will still be able to access telegraph from the outer loop and there are still two local outer loop local lanes that are still open. the work should be completed some time by tomorrow morning. and there will be moisture delays on the red, blue, and
9:49 am
orange lines as well this weekend as crews will be making repairs. the red line will share one track between grosvenor and twin brook stations as well as between new york avenue and rhode island avenue. on the orange line, every other train heading toward vienna will end at the boston station, and on the blue line, every other train heading from franconia, springfield, will end at the van dorn station. everything should be back to normal for your commute monday morning, or you could just walk. >> chuck, you don't like my $20 preston pharmacy magnifying glasses? >> they're good. they're blurry though. >> well, they're only for this. >> ah. how close are you holding this paper, i guess, is the next question? >> much, much too close. >> well, i've got a real mild prescription, so anytime i put everyone else's glasses on or anyone's reading glasses, it makes my head all swimmy. i spent all this money on these lenses with with the progressive lenses and then i found these
9:50 am
little $20 things that -- >> me too, but i like mine. >> we have a little balance. no matter how you look at the weekend forecast, with visual aid or without visual aid, there'll be something for you to like about it this weekend. plenty of sunshine to to get your saturday started. there is some risk of some rain showers this afternoon and this evening, but i think the majority of everybody will be able to stay dry. keep that in mind. outside, sunshine streaming down into the nation's capital. a beautiful saturday morning under way. 62 degrees, our current temperature at national airport. a little digging back through the record books. only three out of the last ten mays have been warmer than average. so seven out of the last ten have been cooler than average, last year, of course, may was 3.7 degrees warmer than average last year with three days in the 90s. let's hope we don't have any 90-degree days this may. right now, temperatures are hopping up into the low sand mid-60s. a beautiful late morning, early afternoon time frame. the clouds start to roll in well
9:51 am
after lunchtime today. here are these showers now, southwestern pennsylvania, eastern ohio. most of these are going to be developing down along the line here, towards the southern end of the blue ridge. these showers moving on through by later on this afternoon and this evening. they don't look like much, but put a little daytime heating on there, i think they'll expand in coverage. here's our futurecast model. i've got it stopping at 8:00 this evening. you can see that opportunity for rain in the blue and the green shading out here, primarily west and southwest of washington. that is between about 4:00 and 10:00 this evening. overnight tonight, the raindrops dry up and the skies will try to clear out a little bit first thing in the morning, and i think tomorrow will be generally a better day than today, although i think we'll have a little bit more cloud cover, a slightly lower chance for rain tomorrow, but as high pressure builds on in, beautiful weather returns by monday and tuesday. if you're headed on out to great meadow, the plains, virginia, for the virginia gold cup, there's a slight chance for a
9:52 am
shower, mainly later on in the day. most of the showers should be done by the time the rain chances start to sneak up. more clouds and sun by later this afternoon, with a shower possible. mainly late afternoon, early evening time frame. sunday looks like a nice day, partly sunny, nice and mild. a stray chance at a shower coming up for tomorrow as well. but, again, better rain chances today than tomorrow, but more clouds tomorrow than today. so sort of a mixed bag in the forecast there. monday, tuesday, wednesday with thursday all look very, very nice. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. another chance for a shower coming in on friday. so anytime you need the forecast, you can always go online, or scan our little qr code there and that will bring you right to our home page. we'll show it again at 10:15, aaron, so you can get your scanner going on the phone. >> do i wave my camera -- >> if you point the -- yeah, the camera feature on your smartphone, if you point it at that, it will take you right to >> you just point it, you don't have to push any buttons? >> that's the beauty of the
9:53 am
code, you can do that and then bookmark the page -- >> maybe i'll just call you. >> just give him the phone. just pick up the phone -- >> i'm available saturdays and sundays. >> thank you, chuck. one of the hottest stars in country music is darius rucker. you may remember him from his former group, hootie and the blowfi blowfish. rucker's success moving from pop to country has surprised a lot of people, but not the artist himself. he's got as much confidence in his music as his golf swing. he recently sat down with lindsay czarniak at his charity golf tournament in myrtle beach. >> so you and your band mates from hootie and the blowfish became known as the golf guys. >> yeah? >> how did that happen and was that strategic so you could play wherev wherever you wanted? >> nothing we ever did was strategic. there was never a moment we sat down and said, we're going to do this, so that's what happened. we weren't that smart.
9:54 am
our manager wasn't that smart. and we -- so it just happened. you know, it just happened, because we played a lot of golf. golf was something we play a lot. ♪ sometimes you're crazy, and you wonder why ♪ ♪ i'm such a baby >> that all came about because i wanted to meet dan marino. and they asked me what, you know, what -- we had made a couple of videos they had done and i said, what do you want to do? i said, i want to do something where i can meet dan marino. and it was awesome for us, so we became the golf guys. and i liked that, man. i get to play some great golf courses. when i wrote that song, i was talking about the miami dolphins. and dan marino even, long before i met him, was my favorite athlete ever. we hang out a lot. we're going to ireland together in a few weeks to play some golf. i was just down hanging out with him, playing golf down there for a few days and threw my back ow
9:55 am
trying to hit it long. and, you know, his kids call me uncle, my daughter's named after him. >> really? >> we're pretty tight. ♪ i've got a baby girl sleeping in her bedroom and her mama laughing in my arm ♪ ♪ the sound of rain on the rooftop and the game's about to start ♪ ♪ i don't really know how i got here, but i'm sure glad i did ♪ >> you've made the transition from country music, it's gone so well for you, six singles, all have been top five. has it been yooereasier than yo thought? >> i wouldn't say it was easier than i thought at the beginning, but once radio accepted me, i wouldn't say it was easy, because you've always got to fight and work hard to get your spot and to move up the charts, but i'm a little bit more relaxed, because i just know they're going to give me a legitimate shot. that's all i ever wanted.
9:56 am
>> dan marino never won a super bowl, what would be your elusive quest that you hope to be able to conquer? >> wow. you know, the thing for me is, i guess that elusive grail for me has always been the same thing, playing music until i want to quit. a lot of people are forced out of the business. i want to play music until i say, man, i just don't want to play anymore. ♪ >> it is nice to be able to follow a passion like that. >> and it's nice to hear more, because hootie and the blowfish seemed sort of like a one dimensional college band, and there's obviously a lot of depth. >> lots of layers. >> yeah. well, there is much more to come still here on "news 4 today." layers. >> it's a theme. an alert for new parents included there. the important changes drug companies are making to infant painkillers. and where you can see the work of several of the area's best interior designers in a single house. single house. the answer, when "news 4
9:57 am
bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
9:58 am
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9:59 am
freight rail delivered caterpillar to peoria more than 100 years ago. and they're still delivering cat machines today. you can find us on every continent. and the journey starts here on freight rail america's freight rail companies. helping deliver jobs across this country and goods around the world. reinvesting billions of their own money every year to build a rail network that powers our economy. nobody moves more dirt than caterpillar. and we rely on freight rail to move us. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, may 7th. the news is just ahead, but first, a quick check on our
10:00 am
forecast. our friends out in the twitterverse are saying it's a great day out there. >> oh, yeah, just step one step outside the door, and nature is providing a beautiful -- >> that's not how kids do it nowadays. >> i know, they want to experience nature virtually. but that's a waste of time. there's no computer substitute for sunshine, no doubt about it. beautiful weather outside to get your weekend started. all the trees have turned green, the grass is green, everything's greened up nicely. 64 right now at national airport. 61 in quantico. 60 in hagerstown and martinsburg. not too much in the way of cloud cover to worry about just yet, but we'll have more clouds by later on today. there will be a risk of a couple passing showers for this afternoon and this evening. don't completely turn your back on mother nature, but nonetheless, a more dry than wet weekend for sure, and there's a better chance of rain today, but there's a better -- in addition to our sun, and tomorrow,
10:01 am
there's a little lower chance for the rain, but we have more extra clouds around. >> okay. that makes sense. what's your pick today? >> the front half of today and most of tomorrow. >> sounds good. thanks. today the history of trains will be on display at union station, but the festivities are somewhat overshadowed this year by a possible threat to our nation's railways. news 4's derrick ward joins us live now from union station this morning with more on train day and the heightened security from a new terror threat. good morning, derrick? >> reporter: good morning, kimberly. well, of course, as we're saying, that has always been now a part of life, part of transportation in this country, since september 11th. but with the news of those ideas of a threat against the rail system, it is top of mind and a lot of folks going, hanging out down here at union station today. but travel is, indeed, going on as usual here at union station. and of course, security is ever
10:02 am
evident. today's event here is actually in observance of national train day. it remembers the day when 142 years ago when the transcontinental railroad got its beginnings. and in the nrly century and a half that have ensued, trains have pulled their weight throughout u.s. history, facilitating travel and commerce. and of course, now, in modern times, security is more of an issue than ever. but that comes amid planned threats from al qaeda against the u.s. rail system. today, it's all about celebrating the resilience of that rail system. >> today's a really exciting day. we have national train day here that we're celebrating at washington union station and across the country. this is one of four signature events, but in addition to what we have going on here today, we have 185 events going on throughout the country, celebrating the rich history of trains and how trains are important to this country's future of transportation. >> reporter: and of course, that will be evident here if you happen to come down here. the events are free, and don't be surprised if you do see
10:03 am
stepped up security. there are a number of reasons, obviously, they expect crowds here today. there's a usual security stance by authorities here. what you see and what you don't see. and of course, those threats from al qaeda, at least those planned threats from al qaeda. but authorities are expecting that you'll have the pleasant experience here. there'll actually be some demonstrations of some of the k-9s that are used for security throughout the system and that may put some people at ease. this event goes on until about 3:00. gladys knight will actually be performing here. of course, she made that song, "midnight train to georgia" famous, and as we told you in the last hour, that song was almost "midnight plane to houston," how things might have changed if they'd taken a different track. and this is amtrak's 40th anniversary, so a lot of reasons to come down here today. live in union station, now back to you. >> i like that phrase, if they'd taken a different track. we can always rely on you for wordsmithing. thanks so much, derrick ward. >> yep.
10:04 am
also this weekend, you can see some of the area's most talented interior designers and help raise money for a good cause. >> the fourth annual d.c.'s annual design opened this weekend. news 4's eun yang explains what we'll see inside this year's home. >> reporter: so, what does it take to make over a room from old to new? from drab to fab? aside from a tape measure and a sketch pad, 20 talented designers. >> we really select the designers based on their talent and skill. i think we get more designer applications because they really like our cause, and know that children's hospital is a worthy cause. >> reporter: the d.c. design house was the brainchild of skip singleton. >> first of all, we do select a house. they are gracious. they allow us to come in and basically take over their house for three months. >> reporter: 200 designers sent in submissions this year, all
10:05 am
vying to make their mark on this hidden gem at 34 ellicott street in northwest. the english tudor home was built in 1925. 20 designers made the cut and each was assigned to make over in just 30 days. >> i think i pulled the final board together by the end of january and we started plastering the walls around, i think we had to start the first of march and be done by the end of march. >> reporter: liz levin with liz levin interiors in georgetown transformed the grand foyer and stair hall. >> the first thing we started with in this space, because it is a foyer and a two-level entry space, the walls are a big part of the main design element. so we have a large scale pattern that was hand-painted. it goes both levels, and it's subtle, but reflects light and this particular piece is made out of razor blades. it is made of metal, and as you can see, captures and reflects a lot of light here. >> reporter: levin says the foyer was also a big task, because as the entrance of the home, it must flow with the other rooms.
10:06 am
>> one of the biggest transformations in the house was watching the living room happen. patrick sutton was the designer of this space, and i was watching it from the foyer, of course, working on my space. we both have tables and chandeliers, yet both rooms still a very different effect while still working together. this table features a beautiful white finished wood. it's almost a driftwood finish. and ours is very dark and slightly smaller, but you can see the chandeliers allow you to see through the spaces and appreciate what all the other designers have done branching off of our space. >> reporter: the designer created this beautiful space quickly, all while expecting. >> i mean, so, a little bit slower going up and down the stairs and i've had to be careful with all the fumes and things going on in construction, some of the days i was here, people would kick me out. i had my associate designer, stuart, helping me, and she's
10:07 am
actual also expecting, actually. so two pregnant ladies better than one. but we did it. >> reporter: and they did. so did she. >> here we're showing some of my favorite modern lighting features. this is called the blow and this is a ceiling light and fan. and what we love about it, this moves the air around, but does not blow papers. this is also a pendant perfect called the agave. we love the transparency of it. we love that it doesn't block the light, the natural light that comes in, and you know, you've just got to love the italians, because they are so creative with design, that you can take the blades out and clean them very easily, which we love. >> reporter: but fashion doesn't take a backseat to functionality. >> we love stuff that is adjustable, that has versatility, because the people that work in the kitchen are going to be various sizes and shapes, and we want something that fits for all. these are fantastic bar stools called window.
10:08 am
they're from georgetown and we love that they can go all the way from kind of a tall barstool height all the way down to table height. and for those youngsters who want to be a little bit interactive, they're fantastic, because you can really have some fun with them. and there you go. >> reporter: want an up close look at the rest of the house? tickets are on sale and proceeds go to the children's national medical center. you can also do a little shopping while you're there. >> all those furnishings will be for sale, as well, and a percentage of those sales go to children's hospital. last year it was in the $200,000 range. children's gives about $50 million a year for uncompensated care. you know, they won't turn any child away. so we like knowing that money the going for, you know, helping the children in our community. >> and the design house is open today and tomorrow from noon until 5:00. tickets are 20 bucks. the cool thing about that design house compared to others i've seen across the country, a lot of times they stuff the rooms with all this stuff.
10:09 am
and this, i think, they really honor simplicity. >> enjoy some of the space too. >> and the light. really lovely. >> like my house. lots of open space. >> you don't have a house. >> my apartment. where there should be furniture, there's lots of open space. use your smartphone to get smarter. we'll explain how, when we return. and it could give you more
10:10 am
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acetaminophen. they'll only make one formula for children under age 12. acetaminophen is a widely used painkiller used in tylenol and other medicines. too much of it can cause liver damage. something as simple as sipping your cup of coffee or blowing your nose could increase your risk for stroke. researchers in the united kingdom have identified eight risk factors that could cause bleeding on the brain in patients who have an aneurysms, and in turn, a stroke. sex and being startled are also considered risk factors. doctors say each of the factors cause a quick increase in blood pressure, which could lead to the burst. if you've got an iphone or another smartphone, you might want to get it out right now and then you can get all of today's big stories wherever you go on your mobile device. scan the qr code you see on your screen right now using one of the scanning apps on your phone.
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welcome back. 10:16 right now. 67 degrees outside. >> did you get it? >> i'll be ready when chuck puts his up there. the next qr code is coming up about 2 1/2 minutes from now. >> we'll try not to give the audience at home 20 seconds of silence as we sit here and try to figure it all out. >> last week, when we debuted our qr codes thing, i just download whatever the free one
10:17 am
is. one was 99 cents or whatever -- 99 cents is from suckers. >> our friends, the greens from ashburn wrote in about that. >> i don't pay for anything unless absolutely necessary. >> you two need to have a talk. >> you know, money is too hard to earn. you don't like to just give it away. so outside for us, we've got some sunshine to get your weekend started. a beautiful way to get your weekend started for sure. temperatures are really responding quite nicely. oh, look at that! the rowers. not the rowers -- rowing, it's crewing. crewing. stroke! stroke! only if they've had coffee, apparently. i'm just -- i'm trying to relate the last story to this one. yes, indeed, a good day to get out there and get rowing along the potomac. the waves out there on the river, not too bad this morning, not too much of a breeze either, out of the north right now at 12 miles per hour. a little hint of a gustiness. here's the boat i want to be in right here, yelling, harder,
10:18 am
harder, faster, faster. meanwhile, i have the throttle. every time we have to go faster, push the throttle forward. outside, temperatures are moving towards the mid-60s. 64 at national airport. 64 also in prince george's county. 66 in frederick, maryland. 66 out towards culpepper in the blue ridge. no clouds over washington just yet, but there are a few mid- and high level clouds down towards culpepper and madison county, green county, down towards charlottesville, and a few clouds into far western maryland as well. they're all part of a little ripple that's coming our way in the atmosphere. as this ripple starts to interact with some of the daytime heating, i think those showers will gradually increase in coverage and slip farther down to the south and southwest. so showers on the move. they'll begin to increase by mid- to late afternoon. not looking for any heavy rain and not much in the way of thunderstorm risk either. that is welcome news, but a chance of quick, passing rain showers, especially west and southwest of washington. that should all dry up by 8:00 tomorrow morning. then tomorrow, i think, once again, a mix of clouds and sunshine. and as this little weak weather
10:19 am
front comes through, might kick off an isolated shower tomorrow. but i think rain chances are fairly low. headed out to the virginia gold cup today, great weather out at the plains virginia. temperatures in the 70s. we'll call it a mostly cloudy day today, with clouds gradually increasing for the second half of the afternoon. again, watch out for a shower chance late afternoon early evening, but certainly not a washout. and again tomorrow, a stray passing shower is all you really need to worry about. 70s as we go through the rest of the work and school week. next chance of a thunderstorm rolls in as we get towards friday. now we've got our scanner code there and we're going to activate our bar code scanner. i am scanning it right now in my little phone and it worked right away. did you get it? >> yours worked too. it captured it. >> now if you've scanned it in instead of typing, you can save that as one of your favorites. >> lovely. look at that modern technology and what not. >> a miracle it works when we need it to. >> thank you, chuck. a local sports legend calls it a career.
10:20 am
it a career. >> gary williams explains his
10:21 am
10:22 am
[ male announcer ] before he changed the world... tear down this wall. [ male announcer ] ...or led a nation... i ronald reagan do solemnly swear. [ male announcer ] ...or governed a state... you and i have a rendezvous with destiny. [ male announcer ] ...he inspired our company... with his optimism, his belief in innovation, and his entrepreneurial spirit. [ man ] for general electric, here is ronald reagan. ♪ gary williams calls it a career. and the nationals hope to cool off one of the hottest teams in the majors.
10:23 am
>> it's all in this morning's sports with hakem dermish. good morning, everyone. for 40 years, gary williams turned boys into men. his passion for the game was matched by his love to teach the game. and while we won't see him jumping up and down on the sidelines like a crazy man, that man leaves an indelible mark on maryland. and yesterday at comcast center, gary williams' formally retired after 22 seasons at his alma mater. love that, his trademark fist pump in front of thousands of fans. if gary was anything in his career, he was authentic and he loved his players. gary williams will be missed, no doubt about it. the school plans on naming the court after coach williams, who led the terps to their only national championship in 2002. during his career, gary never hid his emotions. no different on friday. >> when you start playing basketball when you're 5, that -- [ applause ]
10:24 am
>> thank you. and, you know, you've done, you know, your whole life, that's been really a focal point in your life. i've seen coaches that, you know, you're always looking at other coaches to learn and steal things from them, to use to help your program. and i've seen coaches where they just stay too long. so if you leave a little early. it's better than leaving late. >> and gary williams will stay on at maryland and serve as an assistant to athletic director kevin anderson. meanwhile, one of gary's former assistants is coming back to town. bowie maryland native, mike lonergan, who had been the head coach at vermont the past six seasons is the new head coach at george washington. lonergan was a maryland assistant under gary in 2005, but made a name for himself at catholic university, where he's the all-time winningest coach in school history. lonergan led catholic university to a division three national championship in 2001. he'll be introduced at a noon press conference at george washington on monday. talking baseball, now.
10:25 am
extra, extra, read all about it. the nationals have a 3-1 record in extra inning games this season. last night in florida, the nats trying to make some headlines after losing three straight in philadelphia. we're in miami. top of the second is where we pick it up, no score. jerry hairston jr., up with two outs, and hairston jr. with a runner on first drives one to left. off the wall. pudge rodriguez is 39 years old, but he can still move. scores all the way from first base. the nationals take a 1-0 lead. game tied at two and stays that way thanks to reliever tyler clipperet. clipperet threw 22 pitches, 19 were strikes. that's impressive. six ks in two innings. we go to extra innings, tied at two. top ten. adam laroche up with two on and one out. and this is a good piece of hitting. lifts one deep to left field. that's deep enough. jayson werth tags and scores from third. it's not the most exciting play,
10:26 am
but it is effective. fundamental baseball and the nationals up 3-2. bottom ten now. nats need one more out. sean burnett in the game and on his first pitch, he gets chris cogland to fly out to end the game. thank you very much. the nationals defeat the marlins 3-2 in extras. nats are 4-1 in extra innings this season. after the game, the team placed rick ankiel on the 15-day disabled list with a sprained wrist. in baltimore last night, rays against the orioles. big night for brandon guyer, making his major league baseball debut and in his first at bat, a two-run home run. guyer is the 107th player to homer in his first career ab. and the first ever in the rays organization, and when he gets back to the dugout q, gets mobb by his teammates, he'll never forget that. that's pretty cool. the rays go on to beat the orioles 6-2. that's your morning sports, i'm hakem dermish, have a great day. there are plenty of unique ways to pop the question to your sweetheart.
10:27 am
>> most of them are not illegal, though. >> one love-struck men spray painted "will you marry we, allison?" on a garage door, and she sprayed back, "yes," but the problem was, it wasn't done by the couple who live in that house. in fact, the two who live there that be married for 23 years and she isn't named allison. not only that, the vandals also damaged to the garage door to the tune of $1,100. the couple says the newly engaged couple should hold off on getting married until they're more mature. >> maybe they're just exuberant? >> yeah! >> they should spray paint
10:28 am
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