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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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many streets there under water right now and sand bags are serving as the only line of defense for business owners. >> from flooding to hail, this video captured in leesburg. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is up in the storm center for you with watches and warnings now in effect. doug? >> you showed that video of alexandria, right now they are not under water at this time, but they will be seeing more flooded streets around 10:00 and moderate flooding during times of high tide. digital doppler radar showing just a few scattered showers and thunderstorm, but they have been strong. the areas affected today, prince william county, loudoun county into frederick county, berkeley, jefferson county into west virginia and very strong storms there and there are more storms firing just to the south. there it is live in digital doppler radar and into washington county around the haguers tourn region which did see a tornado last night. that was last night from the round of storms and they're
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about to get another round of very strong storms moving through the hairingstown region and right around fredericksburg into staff ford county. this one does have lightning associated with it and hail not quite yet seeing that hail out of that storm and we're watching that storm move toward the north and if you widen out now, the entire area out of a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight and there are more storms down to the east of richmond and those are expected to move right through our area as well over the next couple of hours and those, too, could bring us more severe weather. so out there right now. we have a flood watch in effect for everybody through the evening. we've seen numerous flash flood warnings during the day today and coastal flood advisories including the coastal flood warning along the potomac and also the shenandoah and potomac rivers. >> we've seen so much rain here and we've seen a lot of flooding and that does include the rivers over the next couple of days as well and i'll be back to tell you about what i think about the next round of storms coming up
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next. >> thanks, doug. four students in prince george's county are recovering after tense moments on a school bus. they're recovering from an attack from a bulldog. the injuries were bad enough to send them to the hospital. >> i was terrified. >> terrified to be 11 years old on his school bus and the target of a surprisingly aggressive american bulldog that looked a lot like this one. >> reporter: how many times do you think the dog bit you? >> well, i think he bit me about five times. >> reporter: fifth grader rasean ray and ten or so classmates tried to join a bus full of kids on their way to forest washington elementary school. he was one of three children bitten or scratched on the bus. >> the dog could smell fear. i was scared. >> reporter: a puncture flashing on his jeans and his shirt sflat
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splattered with blood, he was attacked. >> so i started running and that's when the dog chased after me and started biting me. >> neighbors who witnessed the scene were almost as terror iiz as the kids themselves. >> all of the kids were hollering and screaming, i'm screaming, you know? oh, my god! don't kill the babe, you know what i'm saying? >> i was standing in the door and i wasn't even dressed and i said shoot him and he cleared him away from the crowd he had to take him down. >> he shot the dog in front of all of the kids. >> he had to. >> reporter: three shots and the dog was dead, but the fear lives on. >> these are elementary children that was involved being attacked by this vicious dog this morning. y i'm still upset about that. >> i hope it won't happen again. >> reporter: two issues still remain outstanding regarding this dog. first of all, did it have rab s rabies? it's being tested right now. those results will come out friday morning and that could impact the children who were
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bitten, of course. the second issue is who owns this dog? animal control is investigating that part of the story coming up at 6:00. in clinton, i'm kimberly suiters, news 4. >> that dog's owner can be charged more than $1,000 in fines. he can't be charged for a violation, the animal has to be alive for that to happen. funeral services were held today for 18-year-old haley mcgwire. she and two of her friends died in an accident sunday when the car they were riding in slammed into the tree. the driver, 20-year-old kevin coffay was released from jail yesterday after posting bail. police tell us he ran away from the scene leaving his friends behind only to be arrested hours later at his house. president obama was onboard air force one when it aborted a landing at a connecticut airport this morning.
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the plane was able to land safely in hartford on the second try. officials say the pilot decided to circle the runway because of the poor weather conditions there. after former california governor arnold schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock. several celebrity web sites are reporting tonight the alleged mistress is the family's longtime housekeeper. nbc news is not reporting her identity as of yet. sources say the child is a boy and about 13 or 14 years old now. he was born around same time as schwarzenegger and shriver's youngest son. meanwhile a democratic official in los angeles is pushing for an investigation into whether any campaign funds or state funds
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were used to pay the woman. schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver announced their separation last week. well, the calls keep mounting for dominique strauss-kahn to leave his post as head of the imf. strauss-kahn is charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid. treasury secretary timothy geithner wants the imf to name an interim chief. meanwhile, strauss-kahn remains on suicide watch in a new york city jail. there is new information about the corruption scandal that surrounds -- surrounding former prince george's countsy executive jack johnson. prosecutors unsealed three plea agreements from other defendants who admit to funneling $400,000 in bribes to johnson? exchange for political favors. chris gordon joins us now with the developments. chris? wendy, these three plea agreements say that the defendants who signed them
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admitted wrongdoing and could have been called as witnesses for the prosecution if jack johnson had chosen to defend himself by going to trial. form prince george's county executive jack johnson said that the stress on his family and his finances led him to decide to plead guilty, but it may have been the facts of the case that finally convinced him. these three plea deals were signed by a public official and two developers who agreed to cooperate with the government. james edward johnson was the director of the department of housing and urban development. he admitted funneling checks from developers for tens of thousands of dollars to jack johnson in exchange for official favors. mirza hussein baig admitted that she got an associate as a physician in maryland in return,
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baig agreed to provide $50,000 to jack johnson. patrick q. ricker was a developer who sought to build a mix-use development near the greenbelt metro station. in all, prosecutors allege that jack johnson received more than $400,000, but the plea agreements of these co-conspirators reveal that more than money was involved including rooms, airline ticket, rounds of golf, sexual services to state and local officials. >> jack johnson cheated the citizens of prince george's county through crooked deals and quick handshakes and under the table money. . >> some business owners and police officers in prince george's county have been charged and their cases are still pending. where might those cases lead? i'll have that part of the story coming up on news 4 at 6:00. jim, wendy, back to you.
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>> we'll see you then, chris gordon. thank you. it's the realization of a vision to strengthen a community. those words today as dozens gathered to open the doors to a new community center in ward 4. it's called mary center and run by the woman named maria gomez. the facility brings together educational and social services and health care all under one roof. redskins quarterback, donovan mcnabb and especially kids will benefit. >> if for a center like this where they can come in here and learn about different things to learn about responsibilities and learn how to cook to get the dental aspect of things together and get the aid that they may need medically, that's something that's special. >> the educational and social services are offered free of charge. healthcare is based on a sliding pay scale and the mary center says no one will be turned away because of an inability to pay. they do great work there. >> yes, they do.
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coming up next on news 4 at 5:00, the attack lasted seconds. police are hoping this video will lead to should. plus dozing dangers. the three things they want to change to keep kids safe. controversy over a plan that would shave time off your commute. some say the project could backfire and make things even worse. news 4 at 5:00 is just getting started. stay with us. we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. but what we should also be celebrating, are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day, but became extraordinary memories. moments when we learn about the world that came before us,
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dozens of children have died and thousands more have been hospitalized after overdosing on a key ingredient in tylenol. >> parents are caregivers mistakenly gave the wrong dose to sick kids. >> now the fda is proposing new changes that would keep everyone safe. >> erica edwards explains in tonight's "news 4 your health". >> reporter: long considered by parents as one of the safest drugs to give to a child, acetaminophen can be toxic to the liver or deadly if it's too much. >> my kid's fever is really high and i'll just give them a little more. if they give them little more than five doses in a day there's the potential that they'll be in the emergency room.
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sfwloo. >> reporter: advisers to the food and drug administration now recommend asscetaminophen produs come up with specific dosage guidelines for children younger than 2. ask a doctor for young kids, leaving caregivers to guess the dosage especially if they don't have a pediatrician. >> not having specific doeszing on the over-the-counter label, for those children who are most likely to be using the medicine, that's the root cause of medication errors. >> the recommendation would apply to products who contain acetaminophen as the only ingredient even though drugstore shefrls are filled with a dizzying array of acetaminophen and other drugs. >> many people overmedicate with combination products because they don't need all those ingredients. >> reporter: to help -- it has proposed an icon that would go right on the box. that group, the consumer healthcare products association also said all manufacturers of otc acetaminophen will soon phase out the higher potency
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infant drops. >> when parent goes to the store shelves, they will see one concentration whether they're buying them for their infts and their children. >> those products can include calibrated dosing instructions that measure medicine in milliliters rather than tea spoons. it's a move the fda committee said should be mandated as it would help deter parents from using kitchen spoons and streamline dosing. erica edwards, nbc news. >> the advisory panel suggested the fda make it mandatory, the dosing for kids products address both the child's weight and age. the fda is not required to follow the panel's advice, but it usually does. well, we've had some gully washers out there today and hail and flooding and we just had it all. >> you really name it and we've seen it across our area. saying that most of our area has seen sun shine and has seen a nice day. we have seen a ton of rain and severe weather. take a look at this video. this was a tornado that touched
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down around maryland around 8:00 last night. that's right around haguers town. there were reports from emergency management officials that a tornado was actually on the ground here. the national weather service will still go out there to confirm that. that was into washington county. we've had a couple of tornado warnings today as well. fortunately, not right around the d.c. area, also toward the eastern shore. outside right now. look at this. this is a gorgeous picture and you say what severe weather? they're still out there and now a new severe thunderstorm warning just as i'm coming here, new severe thunderstorm warning for charles county and also down into stafford county and fredericksburg. this is the next area that i'm watching to come across the region. this was the area that we saw earlier come through loudoun county and frederick county and portions of washington count we very strong thunderstorms and a lot of hail with those storms as well. we'll zoom up toward haguerstown
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first and we'll show you where the storm is, starting to die out just a little bit here, but it did have a lot of hail associated with it when it came down through brunswick and the leesburg area and now we're watching the storm just to the east of fredericksburg and it's moving toward the northeast right now and it will cross over the potomac and in towards charles county. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect most likely until about 6:00 tonight as it will continue to move off to the north and east. more storms into fauquier county and making their way to the calver torn area and further down to the south as we widen out here, more storms gathered to southeastern virginia. this is where i'm looking for the storms to make their way up to the north and they could make their way to the north and west. washington, we're not out of the woods yet. most of it, actually from flood concerns. first off this, is a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight for the entire area. once again, you have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. flash flood watch in effect as a result of the storms will
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produce very heavy rainfall and everybody in that as well. flood warnings, the green is where we have flood warnings,  rivers, streams are flooding and the red is where we have flash flood warnings where we've seen streets flooding and things like that. those expire and the flash flood warnings expire in the last couple of hours and the flash flood warnings expire. we have a lot of flooding and the koefrtal flooding along the potomac and chesapeake. we could see minor to moderate tidal flooding. so if you live in an area that's prone to flooding, and you one you are, watch out. 70 degrees and winds out of south-southeast at 8 miles an hour and 70 degrees and 72 down toward manassas and there's the storm system and a big storm system that's just going sit here again for tomorrow. so we can expect more storms. look for partly cloudy skies this evening and most of us on the dry side and a few strong storms with heavy rainfall and scattered showers and 50 to 56 degrees on the mild side as we
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move through the day tomorrow. showers likely and some of those will be heavy at times and once again especially in the afternoon, but it won't be all day. more showers on friday and right now saturday and sunday, things really calm down and i think we see dry conditions and right now a pretty nice weekend. >> thank you, doug. >> coming up, charlie sheen stirred up a whole lot of trouble for d.c. police. turns out he's not the only celebrity that's been given a police escort. a prescription for trouble. money for viagra is now at the center of a budget battle. you're never too young to get into a routine at the gym. up
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juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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that means we're asking washington what's your workout. doreen gentzler joins us with a story of a 100-year-old man. he's 100 and he's still hitting the gym. that's an inspiration. >> indeed. i'm anxious for you guys to meet this gentleman. ray clark actually just joined the gym about a year ago when he was 99. we caught up with him recently and he showed us just how tough his workouts can be and that age is just a number especially when it comes to exercise. >> i just took it easy. and we're taking it easy too
5:23 pm
long. that's why exercise is so good for me. >> reporter: they say it's never too late to start a fitness program. ray clark is living proof. >> he was 99. >> he was 99 when i first started training him. >> reporter: clark now 100 years old joined the fitness club last year. after seeing how much his son and daughter-in-law got out of coming here. his grandson works out here, too. ray's always been a hard-working guy, but working out was never really part of his lifestyle. >> clean living and hard work. >> there are a lot of people from any age group who might feel intimidated coming into a big, fancy gym like this one for the first time, but ray clark is not one of them. >> i looked around, and i -- oh, boy, look at those people and what they're doing. i get on a machine and i tried it. i didn't do too well. >> then he started working out with a personal trainer.
5:24 pm
>> tom hirnt, a seasoned 68-year-old himself, he believed ray was fully capable of pumping some iron. >> senior citizens are underestimate order overestimated, but underestimated in their capabilities and where they can get to. >> clark needed to focus on flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength. >> all of those things nied lead to a health, productive type of life and missing any one of those things and you're at risk. >> so this pair works out together every friday. >> first there's cardio, the rowing machine and the bicycle and then they build muscle and flexibility with weights and strength exercises and work on balance with core exercises. >> it seems difficult, but toms you can do this. >> hunter is a bit of a tank ma task master, but in a good way. oh, boy, that's over. tom says we're doing it again. >> last time he was here he did
5:25 pm
100 pounds on the crunch machine which is remarkable for a guy that weighs 144 pounds. >> i feel like i'm getting in better health. i feel good after the exercise. and maybe it's what's keeping me going here. >> i do hear he takes a bit of a nap after a visit to the gym. a lot of people at the gym say they were nervous about having a 100-year-old man working out. they were afraid he might get hurt, but once they saw how successful ray clark really was they stopped worrying. if your just beginning a fitness plan, though, no matter what age you are, it's always a good idea to consult with your doctor first. wendy and jim, it's very fortunate for ray clark to hook up with such a good trainer who's got the right skills to push him a little bit, but not overdo it. >> there are excuses now,
5:26 pm
doreen. >> started going to the gym at 99. it's never too late. >> go, mr. clark! coming up next, conned by three teenagers on craigslist. the mistake that led to a college student's murder. it could be virginia's next super highway. why some are fighting plans to improve the commute for thousands of drivers. a legal debate inside a national land mark. a woman
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fast forward through the headlines and the search is on for the owner of an american bulldog that attacked students in clinton, maryland. the dog started biting and kraching them opinion one child needed stitches and police shot and killed the dog at the scene. >> a close look at the corruption scandal that rocked prince george's county. news 4 got the plea agreements of people charged in connection with the pay to play scheme. documents show johnson received more than 400 grand in exchange for official favors. the co-conspirators also offered airline tickets and rounds of golf and sexual services to state and local officials who had a role in decision making in the county. celebrity web sites are reporting the mother of arnold schwarzenegger's love child is the family's longtime house keeper who left the job in january. nbc news is not naming the woman. and the child, the boy, is 14 years old.
5:30 pm
now let's fast forward to the weather. most of us are dealing with a nice afternoon and others are dealing with severe weather. let's take a look at live doppler radar and you can see where the rain is, and stafford county and king george county until 6:00. there's the strong thunderstorm and making its way very close to the potomac river and if it does cross over toward graden and wide water beach and friters corner. in the next 15 minutes to half an hour there has been quarter-sized hail reported with this storm. we'll continue to watch out for the storms and more on the way tonight coming up in my full report in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. >> it's a $4.4 billion budget, but montgomery county still needs to come up with 300 million in cuts if it's going get there. libraries, troirgz and rec programs around the county can all take major hits. >> and that's not all. news 4's john schriffen, cuts
5:31 pm
are coming in unusual places. >> call it a sign of the economic times and a sign of desperation. either way, montgomery county is going after its employee's use of viagra. >> reporter: how many little blue pills does it take to close a $300 million budget gap. viagra is now in the crosshairs of montgomery county lawmakers looking to save money wherever they can. county employees can take a hit to the health benefit plan. >> given the enormity and the scope of the issue it's a drop in the bucket, quite frankly. >> it's large enough to get the attention of ike legit. he's proposed for cutting the coverage of 10,000 government employees. the pill falls under the category of lifestyle drugs meaning nonessential to maintain everyday health. cutting it from the plan would save $400,000. but county council members say they don't want to get into a debate about what's essential and what's not. >> we don't want to get into those battles.
5:32 pm
what we want to make sure is we're doing the best we can for all of our county employees who we know are doing more with less. we're asking them to pay more so at the same time we don't wanted to vilify any of them. their solution is to have county government employees pay a high premium and only get six doses of viagra per month as part of a prescription. >> i'm not a doctor to second-guess what a physician prescribes. >> if it's a marital issue and a mental health issue why would i want to complicate that? >> in a unanimous decision, the council decided to go against ike legget's recommendation opting instead for the scaled back medical plan for viagra. the council will have to look over all of the numbers as part of the $4.4 billion budget and it will be adopted next week on may 26th. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thank you, john. metro is considering cutting some of its services and the move to close a $66 million
5:33 pm
shortfall and some of the proposed cuts include a reduction of train service on weekends and that would have riders with and they're eliminating bus routes in the district and metro is hosting three public meetings this week to discuss the possible changes. the man accused of stabbing a red skins player is in court on other charges. the suspect is jason short and he was arrested last night. police pulling him over for speeding and reportedly finding a gun and ammunition inside his car. shorter is accused of stabbing redskins kick returner brandon banks and another man outside a nightclub in february. banks suffered a collapsed lung and he has since recovered, but shorter will be back in court for this case in july. turns out other celebrities have been given police escorts in washington similar to the ones d.c. officers gave actor charlie sheen. records obtained by the a.p. show bill gates, jay z and others have been given the treatment even though police
5:34 pm
initially said it was reserved for the president, vice president and visiting heads of state. last month police blared the sirens and flashed the lights and escorted sheen to a performance downtown. it is a controversy that appeared to die down about a decade ago and now virginia's governor bob mcdonald is trying to resurrect plans for a highway that would connect northern virginia's southern highways in loudoun and the highways. this commonwealth transportation board is meeting in richmond to try and determine if that route to connect the stafford area to route seven near leesburg. jane watrel has more. >> the evening commute from d.c. to loudoun county is just getting under way along i-66, one of the most congested roads in northern virginia. >> state transportation officials say they might have a solution, create a corridor for what's been dubbed the outer
5:35 pm
beltway, connecting prince william count toe western loudoun county. a north-south road that's highly controversial. >> this is a surprise proposal. >> members of the coalition for smarter growth say the outer beltway idea is a bad one. while northern virginia commuters face challenges getting to their jobs a new road won't help. existing roads will need the fund. >> this is not addressing travelers' problems today. this is diverting resources to build a new outer beltway that will really -- we just think it's more of a land development scheme. >> environmental groups are concerned about the road's possible impact on historic landscapes near the manassas battlefield. the idea for an outer beltway was studied by the board of supervisors in the late 1980s, but was taken off the table by 2001 when the mcdonald administration resurrected the idea in richmond. in april, the loudoun county
5:36 pm
board adopted a resolution opposing any attempt to build an outer beltway, but supporters of the road say there's no direct link between dulles airport and the rest of the state and the outer beltway would help ease congestion in northern virginia. during the rush hours, morning and evening both route 66 and route 28 and i-66 is very congested if. so for the future growth of the airport we need a direct link between western prince william and the back side of dulles airport. >> any plans to build a roadway has to be approved by the commonwealth transportation board. so far, the state has not revealed exactly where the proposed outer beltway would go. jane watrel, news 4. >> right after a short break, a violent purse snafrping in virginia and investigators hope this video will help them track down the suspects. >> it is the million dollar question in one local city and for month the winner's identity has been a mystery until now. h[ male announcer ] want tow. achieve more with your money?
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hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. a new severe thunderstorm warning just issued until 6:15 for culpeper, rappahannock and fauquier and warren. this is right around warrenton. this storm is just about six miles southwest of warrenton. the biggest potential from the scene will be hail, 06 mile an
5:40 pm
hour winds and hail up to to a quarter sized and we've seen that for a couple of storms and we'll continue to keep you updated on these storms over the next couple of hours right here on nbc 4. >> thanks, doug. from toddlers to teenagers we've introduced you hundred of children to for perm nents loving homes over the last 20-something years. >> here on nbc 4. >> but tonight we have a first-here's barbara harris. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> meet dakwisha, singer, songwriter and foster child who at 20 hasn't given up. ♪ >> reporter: not giving a hope on the hope of finding a loving family even though she's about to age out of the foster system. >> you're older than our traditional wednesday's child. how did this happen? >> she was invited to be a guest on wpgc's morning show with
5:41 pm
hoechsts tigger and free to tell about her quest for a permanent family. >> as a 20-year-old i'm looking for someone who is understanding, humorous and also hip, who is aware of what's going on in society. >> yes. someone who is supportive and, un, just there for me. >> she explained that in september she will turn 21 and be turned out of the foster care system to be completely on her own. she says she knows that many foster children end up falling into a cycle of failure. >> i have always chosen, to like, rise above statistics and just, like, be better because i want to break the cycle. >> tigger asked if she felt at 20 she still needed parents. >> at this point do you still feel that you need is it that you want? >> it doesn't have to be an adoptive parent. aye a mentor, supporter and someone who is there for me. >> as far as a lot of the
5:42 pm
children that are still in the system, do you have advice, it seems that you have a strong inner core and shouldn't let things tear you down going on around you. >> this may sound corner, but just believe in god. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this song she wrote tells her own story, she says. >> "tell me have you seen her riding on this hope bus ♪ ♪ she's been in it long enough and no, she's not giving up. >> barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. if you have room in your home and heart for dakwi odakweesha, to nbc washington.dom. >> up next, freedom of speech. they a fine line when it comes they a fine line when it comes to danci[ horns honking ]
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♪ verizon fios can. get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. the loudoun county sheriff's office wants everyone to get a good look at this video. someone in a car approached a woman, snatched her purse and threw her to the ground. this happened april 25th at the tri-state exxon station near the west virginia, virginia line. the victim, a 39-year-old woman from d.c. was knocked unconscious. the suspect's car, a teal pontiac sunfire with west virginia plates and a missing hub cap was last seen on route
5:46 pm
340 heading into west virginia. don't plan on taking your dancing shoes to the jefr sofer memorial or any other memorial. the it has upheld the arrest of a woman in 2008 for quietly dancing inside the jefferson memorial. tom sherwood with more on the ruling. >> it was a spring time lark, april 2008, midnight. a group of about 20 young people descended upon the jefferson memorial and began quietly dancing to music, music only their ear phones could hear. >> you were dancing in here. >> park police on duty were not amused or interthained by the flash dance tribute to jefferson and told the dancers to disperse. most of them d but one participant, mary was arrested when she didn't stop dancing, charged with a misdemeanor offense of interfering at the memorial. she went to court arguing the low-key dancing was protected speech and at of all places, the
5:47 pm
feet of thomas jefferson. the auther of america's declaration of independence, you know, freedom. >> there are a lot of different ways to celebrate the ideas of thomas jefferson and we thought wield dance kwie thely for 20 minutes. school groups are more floizy and disruptive than dancers. it has a duty to maintain decor rum, that all demonstrations by one person or many are band inside any memorial. a lower court agreed and now the court of f fa peels of the distt of columbia tuesday falls into prohibited activities. the park service has a substantial interest in providing a tranquil environment at national memorials. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> neither the woman who was arrested nor her lawyers could be reached for comment and it's not clear whether they will take their dance suit to the supreme
5:48 pm
court. don't dance there either. i don't think they like that too much. >> let's get a final check of the weather with doug. how are we looking now? >> still watching for the showers and thunderstorms. most of us on the dry side and a pretty nice evening, but for those of us seeing the rain it is coming down hard and we're seeing hail out of these storms as well. hail around the fauquier county area. it's right to the west of warrenton. a severe weather threat until 6:15. mostly for fauquier county and it includes the northeastern portion of rappahannock and culpeper county as well and it does move into warren county back toward the royal area along 66. the next one down to the south as we track that storm, the next storm is going to be making its way in towards charles county over the next couple of hours. we have to continue to watch out for these storms around that area in nanjamoi and there are
5:49 pm
strong storms down there as well. we'll continue to keep you updated at 6:00. >> thank you, doug. now to sports and hall of famer earl. >> he knows everything from back in the day and now, too. not very often you get one of the 50 greatest players in nba history to just stop by the studio and chat, but that's what we did have earlier this afternoon. former bullet, earl "the pearl" monroe stopped by to talk about the wizards, the playoffs and diabetes, a disease that not only affects him, but more than 20 million people in this country alone. >> people with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to get heart disease. it's good information to know, and as i'm going around to these different cities, that city is desing nated as, you know, diabetes restaurant or city. we here in washington has been a real jam. >> pop, i hope you're listening at home.
5:50 pm
i can take you to one of these restaurants that have recipes for diabetes. my father has diabetes, so a lot of people are affected by this disease. let's talk about the wizards for a moment. you were great with the bullets and the wizards just had the nba lottery and they didn't hit the jackpot again. they had the sixth overall pick. you were the second overall pick when you were drafted. they also have the 18th, right? >> you get 30 picks. if you're getting the sixth you have to be somewhere in the ballpark, but, you know, it's real tough because most of the times the teams are drafting guys who are fresh mern, you know, sophomores in college and what not. guys that haven't made the grade, so to speak. last year you got a guy here with john wall who was a freshman coming out and now his success is coming out again. so, you know, it takes time to
5:51 pm
season these guys somewhat, i think. guys don't just come in and be anymore. the wiz ashgsd i don't know who they're going to pick, but i know they're hoping for someone good. >> how do you stop dirk? he scored 48 and only took 15 shot snoo shots. >> obviously, he's in that zone and one of the things that i like to say, when you're zoning, just keep on zoning, you know? >> you know about that. >> absolutely. but here's a guy, you know, he's a great shooter. he's a real -- you can't really match him up with anyone because he's a 7 footer, he shoots outside and if you come outside then he'll go inside and post the smaller guys. so it's a hard matchup for most teams and you've got that matchup that throws off the rest of your team because now you have to concentrate on dirk. i thank in the old days it used
5:52 pm
to be a situation where if a team -- if a guy was that good on a team you try and cut him out and make somebody else beat you and that doesn't seem to be the case at all. >> before we let you go, of course, in the eastern conference finals, you have the bulls and the heat and the bulls have a 1-0 lead on miami, game two will be tonight. how do you see this thing ending up? is lebron and dwayne going to wake up here? >> actually, i think they will wake up because i thought that taj gibson, is that his name? >> yeah. >> he looked like boozer last year. >> especially with those dunks. >> exactly. >> could the old timers dunk like that back in the day? >> gus johnson used to break backboards. >> silly question from this guy here. earl the pearl, thank you, sir. >> they can definitely dunk like that after the day. i'm lucky he didn't give me an elbow after that question.
5:53 pm
>> let's find out what's up for news 4 at 6:00, tonight, doreen? >> the senate has taken a vote on an important mrepleasure tha can expand offshore oil drilling. o.j. simpson is appealing his kidnapping and robbery convictions. a court will determine if he could be set free. >> a man and his horse just wanted to go for a train ride and it was an adventure that people watched around the world. we'll have those stories and a lot more coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> that wasn't the acela, was it? >> i don't think so. a college student is targeted trying to buy something on craigslist. >> what happened after the >> whanyone who grows things for a living will tell ya... a plant is only as good as the soil you put it in.
5:54 pm
look, both these potted plants got the same sun. same water. only difference? this. miracle-gro potting mix. rich organic ingredients with miracle-gro plant food mixed right in. it even feeds plants for six straight months. want this result? gotta start with this soil. miracle-gro potting mix. success starts with the soil.
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5:56 pm
a family in southern california is in shock tonight and it's issuing a warning after a college student was murdered after answering a craigslist ad. here's kristen walker with the story. >> i've lost a part of me. i have a hole in my hurt. >> derek burky's family may never feel whole again. last week the 18-year-old was shot and killed by a trio of teenag teenagers, just 17 years old themselves. >> there's nothing to say. it's just so devastating. i don't think we've really come to terms with it yet. >> reporter: it all started when
5:57 pm
the college freshman logged on to craigslist looking for a new computer. >> he bought most of his stuff online. he was always online looking for the cheapest way to get things. allie fedoa, derek's girlfriend said last wednesday she drove with him to a san diego neighborhood to meet the so-called sellers. they turned out to be three teenagers who police say robbie and -- >> he felt bad to be put in a situation like that. >> she and garrett chased the thieves in their car and that's when the teens opened fire, killing garrett. >> i was trying to get the license plate number and it happened incredibly fast and looking back on it now, there's, you know, if -- if the littlest things change it would have made the biggest difference. >> it's not the first time a craigslist transaction has ended in murder. last year a washington state man was shot to death by home
5:58 pm
invaders posing as buyers after he advertised a diamond ring on the site. in 2007 a 24-year-old woman was killed in minnesota after offering nanny services on craigslist. in this latest case the suspects were charged as adults with murder and have pled not guilty. garrett's family says they don't blame craigslist, but they want other people to be aware of the dangers of meeting with someone they only know online. >> kids don't understand, and just because they all think that everybody is just like them and not everybody is that good. >> i don't want someone else to lose their child. >> garrett burky was supposed to takae ali to the prom next week. >> heel be laid to rest tomorrow.
5:59 pm
>> there are more health concerns for kid attacked by dogs on a school bus and neighbors watched the whole thing happen. >> they're screaming. i'm screaming. oh, my god, don't kill the baby! >> maria shriver made her first public appearance since arnold schwarzenegger admitted having a child with a form household employee. now a fight over offshore oil drilling is heating up on the hill. >> we begin tonight with another round of severe weather and concerns about flooding. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. spotty storms are causing trouble again across our region. hail was falling in leesburg, virginia, this afternoon. while the sun may have been shining in the district. doug's here with a look at conditions right now. >> we were talking about this yesterday that you would need the sunglasses in some areas and the umbrellas in other areas and even some shovels out there with some of the hail. we did see hail c


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