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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 21, 2011 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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highly unusual for this part of town. shots rang out in the early morning hours here. it was about 5:30. otherwise quiet street became a crime scene. metropolitan police officers shot and wounded. d.c. pyre and ems transported two individuals from this scene. centered around a house in the low numbered end of the block. officer was conscious and breathe when taken away from the scene, no information on the condition of the other person that was transported. police do tell us that the officer was shot in the shoulder and he is in an area hospital. in northeast, derrick ward, news4. >> we are following a developing story out of howard county where a maryland state trooper was killed in a crash. police say he was headed south on i-95 near route 32 when the accident happened. the trooper was pronounced dead on the scene. we will have many more details on the story as soon as they become available this morning. let's help you get your day started. chuck bell is here with a look at conditions outside.
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nice start to the day. >> beautiful weather outside for your saturday. people have been struggling all week long trying on get rid of the clouds and rain chances and now finally better weather has returned. just in time for your weekend. full alert for outdoor barbecues and grilling for your saturday, everybody. find your favorite neighbor's yard and bring the hot dogs over. yes, indeed. good outdoor weather for your saturday. bright sunshine out there first thing this morning. temperatures are really climbing very, very quickly now. up into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. it is already 170 in manassas and cull pepper and charlottesville. 67 in leesburg and ashburn. 67 degrees also in capitol heights. 67 in brandywine. 67 at the naval academy in annapolis. very low pressure bringing us our rain chances all week is now off the jersey coastline and headed on out to sea. in its wake we will be left with plenty of sunshine today. temperatures will be up into the low 80s for high temperature this afternoon. beautiful day coming up. sun does not go down until 8:19
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this evening. beautiful weather. little chance for thunderstorms. second half of the day tomorrow. but most of your weekend is going to be very nice. >> thanks, chuck. fairfax county police need your help tracking down a serial bank robber. take a look at this surveillance video from one of the holdups. the thief jumps over the counter at cargo bank sunset hills road in reston. police say he pulls out a gun on the teller and demands money. there have been four similar robberies in the past five weeks. with each case police say this crook gets more violent. >> you will notice in the video that he assaults one of the tellers. and this is why we are concerned. there is propensity for violence something that is a threat that we need the people to help us catch this guy. >> police say that the thief has a stocky build and is about 5'6" to 5'10" in height. weighs about 250 pounds. call the fairfax county police if you can help out with the case. there is a $1,000 award leading to an arrest.
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friends and family will say good-bye to the third and final victim from last weekend's deadly car crash. john hoover, who is on the right here, will be laid to rest at john baptist church in much silver spring. he was in a car with three others last weekend when it slammed into a tree killing him and 18-year-old haley maguire and 18-year-old spencer deck. the driver, 20-year-old kevin coffey has been charged with five felonies. he has posted bond and awaits trial. police will reinforce driving safety with students at battlefield high school next week. this is in response to two deadly accidents. a crash killed 15-year-old savannah mortinas and kendra tucker last month when their car hit a deer and a tree on log hill road in haymarket. police charged the driver, 18-year-old christopher suarez, with reckless driving. none of the teens had on seat belts. last year two other battlefield students died on the same road when their car swerved into oncoming traffic while it was
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speeding. prince william county announced it will spend nearly $3 million to make the hilly log mill road flat and hopefully safer. registered sex offender in jail this morning. accused of trying to buy the anesthetic chloroform online. the fbi is investigating how he planned to use it. news4's julie carey has the exclusive story. >> reporter: 22-year-old hall jr., 2008 guilty plea to indecent liberties with children placed him on virginia's sex offender rej zpri that's what caught the attention of a new york chemical company. after hall tried to buy chloroform on the internet. the company alerted the fbi. >> apparently people at the company recognized that this was a registered sex offender who was attempting to purchase the chloroform. they contacted the fbi who in turn contacted the police department.
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>> reporter: detectives went to the computer repair store where hall was working to confront him. hall admitted trying to purchase chloroform. when asked when he knew about the substance, he told detectives it was used to knock you out. he also said he planned to test it on himself. police also discovered hall had failed to report a new e-mail address in violation of sex off ender registry rules. hall's probation from tin deese enliberties case was revoked and he was jailed. police credit the chemical company for its tip. a company's spokesman said because their products are intended for teachers and science experiments they routinely check up on buyers. >> operational guidelines in place customer information. including review of fair delivery. >> reporter: fairfax county police are busy now analyzing  hundreds of computer discs and electronic equipment seized from hall's home. at the computer repair store where hall was initially trained and later worked, he took the young man in as a favor to a
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customer who knew hall's parents. while the owner didn't like police coming by, he praised hall's work. >> he's very talented. a person that's very -- in technology. he loves internet. >> reporter: for now hall jr. remains behind bars in the fairfax county detention center. he has another hearing scheduled next month. julie carey, news4, fairfax county. >> bass i will hall jr.'s attorney declined a request for comment on the charges. dominique strass-kahn is out on bail this morning. but is not at his wife's manhattan apartment as first planned. the former international monetary fund chief was released on a $1 million bail after a hotel maid said he tried rape her. neighbors complained about the media frenzy outside the apartment. strass-kahn is at an apartment in lower manhattan guarded by a private security firm. the imf based here in d.c. says it will begin accepting nominations for a new chief on monday and pick a new leader
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next month. in just a few hours, animal kingdom and 13 other horses will compete in the 136th running of the preakness stakes. only one of those horses has the backing of maryland governor martin o'malley. o'malley visited animal kingdom yesterday and wished him luck. animal kingdom won the kentucky derby and also is the favorite to win the preakness. oddsmakers have him as the two to one five. ticket sales are up 17% from last year. thanks in part to this guy. well, a horse. kind of. meet kegasis, half man, half party animal and new mascot of the preakness who is aiming to bring in the younger fans. >> kegasis. i say there is no such thing as too much fun. >> you have to hope there is nobody in the back of that costume. sometimes it is a two-person costume. he says he is not promoting drunkenness. anyone that chooses to drink all
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day before the preakness must do it responsibly. it could take a little bit longer than normal to get around town if you are taking metro this weekend. trains are single tracking on parts of the red, blue, orange and green lines because of track work on the red line. trains are single tracking between friendship heights and grovener, strathmore. crews are doing work on the orange line between foggy bottom and clarendon. and green line trains are single tracking between navy yard and anacostia. it is 9:08 now. new details about bin laden's planned targets. attack he was coordinating officials say could have cost our country billions of dollars. >> this could definitely put a damper on your weekend plans. why thousands of people around the globe say the world will come to an end starting today. >> meet a real rosie renaissance woman. how a night out at a baseball
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israel illprime minister binyamin netanyahu had some sharp words for president barack obama as the two worked towards achieving peace in the middle east. thursday president obama suggested israel reshape its
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borders before the 1967 arab/israeli war. but netanyahu was defiant even in front of the cameras saying israel would not agree to that. the lines are indefensible. even suggesting the u.s. should bo back to the 1845 borders when ameri america took texas by force. >> as i told you in the conversation we don't have a lot of margin for error. and because, mr. president, history will not give the jewish people another chance. >> obviously there are some differences between us. the precise formulations and language and that's -- going to happen between friends. >> before 1967, palestinians controlled about 30% of israel. whereas now today they control just about 10%. documents seized in the raid on osama bin laden's compound show he wanted to hijack oil tankers and blow them up. the personal files taken from
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bin laden's pakistan compound indicating wanted to send oil prices skyrocketing and shake the world's economy. the documents revealed al qaeda identified d.c. along with new york, los angeles and chicago as important cities to attack. it also listed dates such as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and christmas day, july fourth and state of the union address. the documents did not list the specific attacks for those locations or dates. a california based religious group is certain that around sunset tonight the world will end and judgment day will arrive. this group has been spreading its message despite being faced with what we will call polite skepticism. we have more now on doomsday. >> reporter: harold camping said he came to the date through a series of calculations based on the biblical story of the great flood. according to his prediction a massive earthquake will hit the world at sunset saturday.
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christ will come and only those that believe in the prophecy will be spared from death. >> so there have been various people who talked about it. and expected it soon. but those who said it press -- set a precise date are not aware for understandable reasons. >> reporter: over the past few months group members and volunteers have left their jobs. some have even left their families to travel the world and spread his message. >> there will be an earthquake like never before. what's left behind will not be a very pretty place. >> reporter: these volunteers in the philippines last week holding susan handing out pamphlets. >> may 21, 2011, is not a prediction. it is a declaration from the word of god. >> reporter: the group says that they are doing the lord's work. trying to help save those who are not yet true believers. >> i don't know. i think -- you have to have something to believe in. >> reporter: most people we
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spoke with don't believe the end is near. >> i do believe that things will come to an end but not all of a sudden. >> reporter: but there are pages upon pages of predictions online among them those poking fun of the prediction. some in washington even planning post-rapture parties. >> certainly hope the end isn't tomorrow because i have a lot to do. >> reporter: the prediction is not new. >> i'm guessing there will be another date and another story and another behind, people getting excited about that one. >> reporter: pointing to an 1844 prediction and others made since then. >> i'm confident that if the world does not end on their date, they will reform the idea and go on. >> camping made two previous judgment day predictions. one in 1994. no word on what will happen to this group if the prediction doesn't come true. more now on the developing story we have been following all
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morning. news4 has confirmed the suspect in the shooting of a d.c. police officer was a teenager. we have also learned that the suspect was taken to the hospital. it is not clear yet why. we will bring you more details from the developing story as they become available. we do know the police officer has been hospitalized and is conscious and expected to survive. 9:16 right now. 72 degrees out. 9:16 and 72 degree. >> why. >> aaron already started early lean on complaining it is going to be too hot this summer. how happy are you about 90-degree days? he said not happy at all. >> today's the 21st of may. by the time we get to july 21, it will be 115. >> no, no, no, no. you can write that down and put tonight the book. tonight the book. we will talk about this
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we don't just make a taillight... ..we make a sculpture. we don't just make a sunroof... ..we make the heavens wide. we don't just make a crossover... ..we make a statement. the cadillac srx. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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more than 11,000 commuters traded in their four wheels for two yesterday. that's part of washington's bike-to-workday. the event featured 49 rest areas and in and around d.c. which had food and entertainment prizes for cyclists. d.c. mayor gray says his administration will try to continue to make bikes a priority in the district as the former mayor did. the biking fund continues today
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with a 20-mile community ride in washington. my mother was helping take care of my daughter this week. about 20 minut before school was about to start she announced it was walk your child or bike your child to school day. grandma did it. grandma did it. i would have been like get in the car and let's go. >> put the bike in the truck. >> we will bike home. >> you can always bike either way. >> if you do one you have to do the other, don you? >> unless have you friends. you can bike one way and call kimberly and she will come and get you. >> today will be a nice day for a bike ride. >> absolutely right. wonderful weather for outdoor activities today. a little bit on the warm side as we head through this weekend into early next week. get ready for a little taste of what early summertime in washington is going to feel like. earlier just about three minutes ago on this very desk aaron said it would be 115 degrees by the middle of july. not true. don't believe him. i have a factoid to back me up, why i think i'm correct. outside now on your saturday morning, bright sunshine out
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there. here is the lincoln memorial on the west end of the reflecting pool. downtown, beautiful day to get outside and see the sights. lots of beautiful colors out there to be looking at as well. here is why i'm so confident we will not reach 115. the hottest washington has ever been, this is a factoid i dug up. hottest d.c. has ever been, 106 degrees. only twice. july 20 of 1930. august 6 of 1918. i don't think we will get nine degrees warmer than that. we will be writing this down and we will keep track of his forecasting skills. outside temperatures are climbing into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees already. it is going to be a toasty warm afternoon with highs up into the low 80s by later on in the day. the cool air left back across parts of the interior mountains of west virginia. satellite picture, that little spin right there, that's the last vestiges of the area. brought us cloudy and rainy week. high pressure is building on in. as that storms pulls away we
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will get lift right along the eastern shores. you may get a quick five-minute shower right up alongside the bay. away from the waters today towards i-95, no real threat for rain today. high pressure continues to build on in. high-level clouds coming in this afternoon. the leading edge of warmer and noticeably more humid air starts to come back in tomorrow. 5:30 tomorrow afternoon, a possibility of showers and thunderstorms cooking up in the mountains of west virginia and rolling east of the blue ridge late in the afternoon. then very sultry weather arrives for early parts of next week. here is our microcast model. shower chance this afternoon. quiet and dry overnight. during the day tomorrow, again with daytime heating, there is the 4:00 time frame tomorrow afternoon just a little chance for a quick passing shower or thunderstorm late tomorrow. most of your weekend looking good. today plenty of sunshine and warmer. again, maybe a slight chance for a shower alongside the bay. highs today upper 70s and low 80s.
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tomorrow upper 80s to near 90 degrees with a real shot of late-mayhew midty coming our way. 40% chance of late-day storm tomorrow. another scattering of storms around monday with a high near 90 degrees. 91 on tuesday. i think that will be the hottest day of the week. we trend backward. wednesday and thursday, though aets are more like the 86, 87 numbers. be ready for warm and humid weather. >> i love it. thanks, chuck. >> okay. >> he will make another forecast. i can tell he wants to. 115. battle of the beltways turned out to be historic night for the nationals. >> hakem dermish explains why in this morning's sports minute. good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins, baseball. nationals taking on the orioles. battle of the beltway last night. after not scoring any runs the last two games, the nationals busted out big time in baltimore. erupting for 17 runs.
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that's a nats record. danny espinosa was a double shy of the cycle. finished with five rbis. jayson werth had two home runs on his birthday. nationals finished with six home runs in all. that sets a record. they crushed os 17-5. baltimore has given up 42 runs this week. subway series in the bronx. yankees, mets. top six. game tied at 1. daniel murphy is up and hits solo home run to right. that proved to be the difference. the mets defeat the yankees 2-1. 136th running of the preakness is today at pimlico racetrack in baltimore. derby winner animal kingdom will try to keep the hope alive. attempting to become the first horse in 33 years to win the triple crown. he needs to win today and at belmont. you can see the preakness on news4. nbc 4. coverage begins at 4:30. that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. a virginia woman is getting national attention now for being a super mom. check out why.
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tiffany goodwin caught a foul ball while holding her baby. news4's darcy spencer caught up with the mom who made the incredible catch. >> this is the one i caught sunday. >> reporter: some are calling tiffany super mom. the ultimate multitasker. she has the bragging rights in this family. on sunday she was photographed in a perfect moment catching a foul ball. holding her glove in one hand, her 8-month-old baby boy in the other, her 3-year-old clinging to her leg. >> i stood up and reached out. i grabbed it. >> reporter: the picture was taken by a photographer at the flying squirrels minor league baseball game in richmond. she said she always takes her glove to games to protect her kids from flying balls and to catch them. her son, jerry, wears a cranial helmet to help correct skull damage that happened during his birth. >> it is just -- the right place at the right time, right moment. amazing. it was great. great photography.
9:26 am
>> reporter: in the picture you can see her husband making an earnest attempt at grabbing the ball. he says he called it but his wife snatched it away. now he's getting some ribbing at the office. >> saying that's -- comparable to a lady dunking on a guy in basketball. they will there something at me and say catch. >> reporter: the picture has been picked up by news outlets around the world. this is the second time in one week tiffany caught a ball at a baseball game. her husband, let's just say his record isn't so good. her good fortune is fueling light harded family competition. >> maybe next time may judgment in front of her or something. >> give my husband the next one. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >> she said that so innocently. maybe i will give him the next one. >> i thought it was rubbing it in. thanks. >> pretty cool. >> it is. nice picture.
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still ahead this hour, drama in the courtroom. outburst that brought jury selection to a salt in the casey anthony trial. >> he may seem harmless but we will tell why you this guy
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dangerous waters.
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why flood sing not the biggest concern this weekend along the potomac. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." >> it is saturday, may 21. and we have more now on that developing story out of northeast washington where the suspect in the shooting of a d.c. police officer is now in custody. police arrested him shortly after the officer was shot. just after 5:00 this morning in the 700 block of crittenden street northeast. no word on the officer's condition. news4 learned he was conscious and breathe when he arrived at the hospital. we also just learned that the person, suspect, taken into custody here is a teenager. that coming from d.c. police. more information as it becomes available. >> we are also following a developing story out of howard county where maryland state trooper was killed in a crash. police say he was headed south on i-95 near route 32 when the accident happened. the trooper was pronounced dead there on the scene. we will have more details on
9:31 am
this story as they become available. >> 9:30 now on this saturday morning. let's get a check on the forecast. chuck bell is here with us this morning. >> something for everybody this weekend. finally a little chance to get outside and mow the lawn or wash the car, whatever up want to do. break from mother nature to keep your car clean for more than a five or six minutes. nice change of pace. outside temperatures are climbing very, very quickly. it is going to be a toasty warm day. temperatures this afternoon about ten degrees warmer than yesterday's high temperatures. big improvement over friday. there is a live picture from city camera view. lot of folks getting ready to undo the morning lines. take the boats out. be extra careful if you are boating on the river today. lot of submerged debris floating downstream. potomac running fairly high and quick. be careful if you are out and about enjoying your saturday afternoon on the water. temperatures are climbing quickly as well. into the upper 60s and low 70s we already reached. 70 in manassas and 67 degrees in
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downtown. storminess pulling away from us. as a result it is going to be a beautiful afternoon today. highs up into the low 80s with plenty of sunshine for today. one of the many things you can do today and/or tomorrow. andrews air force base, open house today and tomorrow. today will probably be the better two of the days. little better visibility and lower rain chance. tomorrow an opportunity for a few thundershowers late in the day. it is free admission and down to andrews air force base. i have been down there a couple of times in the past. that's a lot of fun and if you like loud things like jet planes and propellers and all that kind of stuff, take the kids on out. wonderful. don't for get the sun block and extra water. >> thanks, chuck. >> no rain expected for today. that's great news for the potomac river. for the past few day it is river was at flood neville but now presenting another problem. chuck mentioned, debris. debris has been spotted floating lazily down the river. more of it is anticipated this
9:33 am
weekend. not just because of mother nature, though. d.c. fire and ems crews say the nice weather means more people will be out on the water. and more people means more trash. >> there's -- high level of pollution in the water. we do often go out. we do have hazmat detection on our boat. and we are able to -- if we get a call we are able to identify what those hazardous materials are. and if they are significant or not. >> d.c. fire and ems says they are at normal staffing now but are capable of increasing the number of boats on the river if necessary. southern louisiana is getting decimated by record floodwaters as more and more towns are destroyed by the mississippi river. nbc's jay gray tells us about one town that's preparing for the worst. >> reporter: late friday the rising mississippi caused problems in baton rouge when several barges slam flood a bridge closing the river for five miles.
9:34 am
the water continues to push to the south at some point as fast as 13 miles an hour. more than double its normal speed. now pouring in to the basin. >> at the present time we are on the verge of a big flood. >> reporter: curtis grew up in the basin. he guides tours there now. his son, david, owns the landing, a restaurant and tour company. >> people come from every corner of the world. >> reporter: but they aren't making the trip as much lately. concerned about the floods washed away business. >> our business is down probably 50% to 60%. >> reporter: business dropping as the water rises. >> mother tonight will do its course. >> reporter: it is a struggle that continues to intensify as the water continues to climb here. jay gray, nbc news, louisiana. police are looking for clues into a stabbing in temple hills that left one person dead and another person in critical
9:35 am
condition. the stabbing happened late thursday night in the 3500 block of leslie avenue. police say 21 year old tiara cable got off the bus after work and was walking down leslie avenue when she was attacked and murdered. her ex-boyfriend who was in the neighborhood was stabbed as well and is in critical condition. tiara left behind a 1-year-old son. her family is shocked by the tragedy. >> tiara is a very, very quiet girl. she had dreams. she's only 21 years old. for her to die this way is very, very shocking and very tragic. >> another twist in the case involves tiara and her ex-boyfriend's relationship. back in february she filed a stay away order against him. then had it dismissed in march. investigators say that they are sifting through all of the evidence before they make any arrests. the trial against casey anthony will start next week in florida. after a spectator temporarily stopped the last day of jury
9:36 am
selection. >> and -- >> she killed somebody! >> that woman yelled "she killed somebody anyway." she later apologized and claimed to be mentally ill. the judge sentenced her to two days in jail of -- 180 days she could have gotten for disrupting court. the judge dissed the potential juror that lawyers were questioning at the time. casey anthony's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. opening arguments will begin tuesday. the test results are back for a dog that attacked a school bus full of kids just a few days ago. the health department said the test was unsatisfactory and cannot determine whether or not the dog had rabies. that's not the dog but it is the breed of dog that bit at least two children. officials suggest that the two students who were bitten by the dog do get the rainy shots as a precaution. the adult american bulldog followed a group of students on to a bus in clinton wednesday
9:37 am
morning and started scratching and biting the kids before officers shot and killed the dog. federal, state and local police all responded to a call of a suspicious boater who was floating on the james river in virginia. turned out the man just had too good a time the night before. yesterday morning, crews got a call near the nuclear power plant for a suspicious man chained to a black box floating in a dinghy. when they arrived the authorities say the man was disoriented and once they were onshore they found the box was filled with sand and the man was drunk. investigators still don't know why he was on the river or near the power plant. but again, he was drunk. there you go. >> sounds like he was set up. we will find out. blame it on high gas prices. first time in about a year americans are driving less. that's according to the transportation department. it now says highway travel dropped 1.4% in large compared to last year. check out the spike in gas
9:38 am
prices in that same time period. according to aaa national average is $3.86 right now for a gallon of regular. it was only $2.84 this time last year. we thought that was high. as for local averages right now d.c. is at $4.12 a gallon. maryland is at $3.91. virginia payg $3.82. the average in west virginia is $4 even. nasa's shuttle program now has an official end date. the at lap advertise is set to launch july 8 from kennedy space center. it will deliver supplies to the international space station. american astronauts will still travel into space for now they will ride aboard russian spacecraft. nasa will turn its attention to deep space travel next. ♪ >> the crew of endeavour is up and going on their seventh day of the mission. wakeup song was "in view" from
9:39 am
the tragically hip. today is the second space walk for the crew. they will also take a closer look at the underside of the shuttle to make sure there is no damage. 9:38. 73 degrees outside. still ahead, no need to be somber here. why this may be the happiest funeral you will ever see. lindsay czarniak sits down to lunch with football star marvin austin. valuable lesson he learned during his senior year of college that didn't come
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you have to see this video. brazilian security experts criticizing the training of two police officers after a botched arrest. take a look. tv news crew captured this incident. you can see the officerses weral man to the ground and one of their guns fired by accident and looks like the officer just stood there, distracted by the gunfire. as the man took off running into traffic. you see him there. eventually the officer cornered suspect in a car and put him in handcuffs. security experts say the incident shows the officers were not properly trained. wisconsin company found a unique way to mark the end of economic hard times for them. oem fabricators declared the recession over and held a funeral to symbolize it. there was a procession. eulogy, burial ceremony during the recession. oem fabricators slashed its
9:43 am
force by almost half. the company recovered and started adding jobs six months ago. i guess they couldn't exactly have a party to celebrate because of all the people that lost their jobs. >> kind of a weird thing to even make happen. the tv cameras showed up. there you go. it seems everywhere you look in d.c., history, democracy and freedom are looking back. >> you know what else is looking back? naked people. news4's tom sherwood expose it is naked truth on the not so modest statues around the district. >> reporter: the tourists are here. our busy season, time to see all that washington has to offer and we do mean all. >> you look closely at the statue area? >> not until right now. >> reporter: the court of neptune in front of the library of congress is pretty frontal itself. the cool frontal nudity of women and men. these junior high students just took it all in. do you prepare the students for that? >> actually, they are in the 14
9:44 am
or so sxraeng we will let them see it themselves and kind of -- adjust accordingly. >> reporter: there is a whole montage of statues here that doesn't raise an eyebrow. for example, this baseball scene on the state department lawn. but many others, that's a different story. here's the boy scout memorial right near the white house. near naked man representing love of country, clean living, escorts the scout. the classic nakedness also draws snickers as an unintendedly minder of anti-gay policy. >> i can also see why people -- quite funny. >> reporter: john ashcroft once called the national sensation covering up classically revealing statues behind him. he has gone. in this small naked female stands right outside of the u.s. attorney's office for the district. over at the famous lafayette park, a naked woman thrust a
9:45 am
sword to the sky. while across the park, this near naked military instruction scene seems pretty intimate. whether it is colorful modern dancing girls or memorial bridge in the 1950s naked statues, everyone seems to take it all in stride. we are doing a story about all the naked statues in washington. you are running around half naked. what do you any? >> i'm doing it because it is a beautiful day. you know, statues are great. >> it is art. >> reporter: any worse than cable? >> no. not really. not worse than the cable i watch. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> did we really have to blur that out? >> it is funnier that way. >> who knew? so much nakedness. >> you don't pay much attention to it. you are right. you can't believe people are walking around like that -- you know, these statues are period statues. what? what?
9:46 am
you know, you see guys in battle. i have may sword. and my -- >> loincloth. >> or not is what i'm saying. >> you know, it is the beauty of the human form and it is art. you show it in its best form. if have you clothes on it covers up all the beauty. >> i'm not fighting make. >> you are not? >> this is something we should pick up on the other side of the break. >> or not. >> or[ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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check out all these people in line outside of nbc studios in new york. they are there for a chance to see lady gaga. she will be the musical guest on tonight's season finale of "saturday night live." a good chance these fans will not get a seat. waiting for standby tickets. they are only available if someone backs out. p of these fans have been camped out since tuesday. you can catch "snl" from your own home tonight on news4 after the news at 11:00. >> crazy little monsters out there. they can see lady gaga in person tonight in new york. but fans everywhere can interact with her. thanks to gagaville. it is an online community. all lady gaga fans will have to check out. by will explain how it works tonight on news4 at 11:00. >> looks like another game i won't be playing online.
9:50 am
>> if you have paws, how do you do it? >> keyboard. i'm sure there is a way. >> paws up. >> it is the famed monster. isn't that what she is talking about? trying to consume all the fame there was? >> i didn't know there was a deeper meaning. >> a lot more to gaga that you apparently don't know. you should tune in to the young folks that and bring you up to speed and hip you up a little bit. >> chuck will teach us. >> i guess so. >> we made it to the lady gaga concert. >> we did. >> a good time. i had the worst seat of the group. outside on a saturday morning, yeah, saturday everybody, sunshine coming down through a blue sky out there. going to be a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy a little respite from the rainfall. after a week filled with shower chances, rain chances into the weekend are diminishing. out there now with just a few fair weather cumulus clouds over the capitol building.
9:51 am
temperatures 67 degrees over national airport. dew points in the mid 50s today. that number will be climbing into the low 60s tomorrow. that's going to be the feeling of a little bit of summerlike humidity coming back into the picture. 67 at dulles international airport. 69 in waldorf. 67 in shady side. chesapeake beach, 73 already frederick, maryland. 67 degrees in martinsburg, west virginia. last cool pockets in the mountains of west virginia. that will soon be erased. everyone will be way up into the 70s and low 80s for high temperature this afternoon. that's the last of the storm center that brought us all of the unsettled weather all week. in the wake high pressure building in. the last little impacts of the storm may be able on generate one, two lonely showers today alongside the chesapeake bay. that's about it. as high pressure knowsnoses in. as high pressure settles off the eastern seaboard we get the return flow. that means warmer and more humid air mass coming back in for tomorrow.
9:52 am
as a result, you add daytime heating to all of that moisture and there may abchance for showers and thunderstorms bubbling up mid to late part of the day tomorrow. as early as 3:00, 4:00. probably 4:00, 5:00, in and around town. temperatures tomorrow flirting with 90 degrees and that kind of warm weather will stick around through much of the upcoming we. here is our check of our micro cast model. by 3:00 this afternoon, one, two lonely shower chances west of the chesapeake bay. then during the overnight hours, all will be dry. then tomorrow, showers, thundershowers possible after about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. for today, plenty of sunshine and warmer. highs today upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow start out with sunshine. clouds will be on the increase later tomorrow afternoon. could lead to a scattered thunderstorm or two tomorrow afternoon. not looking for anything in the way of sphere weather tomorrow. better chance of stronger thunderstorms on monday with a high near 90. yes, 90 degrees. first 90 since last september. temperatures hovering around the
9:53 am
90 degree mark. not just then but all the way into the middle parts of the week. there will be an opportunity for a slight chance of a shower each and every day. i think better rain chances will be focused on monday and again on friday. >> people walking around half naked all week. >> still on that kick. >> yes. managed to -- >> drag you back there with me. brought it all the way back around. yes, we have. >> are you going to complain about that? >> let's read this. >> we are not even in the 10:00 hour yet. >> so early in the morning. >> former ballou football star marvin austin did not realize his road to the nfl would be so rocky. he was suspended his senior season from receiving improper benefits from an agent. austin says he learned from those mistakes. and was drafted last month by the new york giants. he sat down to lunch with our own lindsay czarniak to talk
9:54 am
about the lessons he has learned. >> defensive tackle. ballou high school. >> last we saw you in this area, were you a star at ballou. now here you are a new york giant. who is marvin austin now? >> i'm pretty much -- i learned a lot in the past year. from my different situations i have been through. i'm an adult. i'm a professional. somebody, you know, ready to go out and set an example. i can do the right thing. >> 2 5 2nd pick, 2011 nfl draft. >> take me somewhere where i can play. wherever that is, that's where i want to be. next thing you know i'm sitting -- giants.
9:55 am
answered the phone. call from the giants. giants. they say a lot of things. you know. when they said it, it was like -- what a feeling. my childhood dreams come true. ♪ >> reporter: unc, a superstar there. then you hit the rough part. right? which was where you were suspended along with other players because of receiving improper benefits from an agent. when that happened, after an all-star junior year, what was that thought process like immediately? >> we didn't -- you know, it was -- it was tough. to come back and get my degree, come back and play the championship. knowing i hurt my team, it was
9:56 am
extremely tough. not able to play football, not being able to practice. not being around the game. lowest part of my life. >> reporter: a part of that would be so difficult is there are so many expectations that follow you. that followed you from high school and so it is like for someone to have those expectations and then -- right, have to deal with a situation like that, even if you know you are going to get through it and come out on the other end in a good place, that's tough to deal wi with. [ inaudible ] in the locker room, luke at the film and stuff like that. people don't get to see that. tv perspective which is totally different from a game
9:57 am
perspective. the scouts saw my work. a lot of people who -- the way i played, that position. stuff like that. when you watch it, it is not something you can picture. >> coming up on 9:57, who says talk is cheap? wait until you hear how much former president bush is making just by giving speeches. >> and he may very well be the world's oldest gym rat. think it is amazing he is 100? wait until you hear how first p.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. saturday, may 21. we begin this half hour with a developing story in d.c. right now authorities have a teenager in custody after a police are involved shooting. >> that officer is recovering in the hospital right now. this all happened overnight. this morning, as a matter of fact. crittendon street northeast. news4's derrick ward has more from the scene. >> reporter: police are still investigating a shooting here in the 700 block of crittendon street northeast. metropolitan police officer was wounded. shots rang out in the early morning hours here. 700 block of crittendon street. about 5:30 with when this otherwise quiet neighborhood became a crime scene. police officer shot and wounded. d.c. fire and ems say they transported two individuals from this scene. one was a teenager and the other
10:01 am
was an officer. the scene centered around a house in the low numbered end of the block. we only know at this point the officer was conscious and breathe when taken away from this scene. officers still continue to investigate and we understand that the officer was shot and wounded in the shoulder. in northeast, derrick ward, news4. we are also following a developing story out of howard county this morning where maryland state trooper was killed in a crash. police say he was headed south on i-95 near route 32 when the accident happened. the trooper was pronounced dead on the scene. we will have more details on the story as they become available this afternoon. one minute after 10:00. 74 degrees here in upper northwest d.c. couldn't ask for a better start to the day. >> beautiful way to get the weekend started. stretching their ham objection out for preparation of summer season. today would be a good day to test the hammock. put it out and -- take a check, see it is it is nap worthy or not. >> sounds very relaxing. >> doesn't it, though? if you have room in the hammock let us know. we will come out and test it for
10:02 am
you. diet coke and hot dog for me. anything for you guys? >> lemonade and sushi. >> sushi at an outdoor picnic? are you crazy? >> eat it first, right away. >> immediately. no doubt. anyway, outside on a saturday morning, beautiful weather. turn to washington in time for your weekend. anything you want to do outside today will be a fine day to do it. temperatures are climbing very quickly now. out of the 60s and into the 70s. already now 70 degrees at national airport. 70 degrees at andrews air force base. big air show today and tomorrow. free admission. lot of folks going out that way. watch out. there may be traffic congestion in and around andrews air force base. definitely the air show is worth your time to get on out there and enjoy it. hardly a cloud to be find out there now. high this afternoon into the upper 70s and low 80s. wonderful weather for the open house today. and for tomorrow as well. a lot of great things going on this weekend. tomorrow the weather will be warmer and more humid and as a result we may have to contend
10:03 am
with showers or thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon. that means at least 75 or 80% of your weekend will be dry and sunny. >> thank you, chuck. >> it is 10:02. a look at your top stories. john hoover on the right will be laid to rest in silver spring, maryland, today. hoover, 18-year-old haley maguire and 18-year-old spencer were all killed in a car crash last weekend. the driver, 20-year-old kevin coffey has been charged with five felonies including leaving the scene. fairfax county police want to hear from you if you can identify the man in this bank robbery. investigators say that he's held up four banks in the last month. this is from cardinal bank on sunset hills road in reston. a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. as president obama suggested israel move its borders back to prove 1967 levels, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu was defiant saying israel will not change its country and the lines are indefensible.
10:04 am
back in 1967, palestinians owned you a round 30% of the land where now they control 10%. days after revealing that he fathered a child outside of his marriage, a cartoon featuring arnold schwarzenegger has been delayed. the cartoon called the governor naturor was about a super here or that must balance crime fighting with every day family duties. the spin-off have been put on hold. earlier this week schwarzenegger said he was zellation his upcoming film projects to focus on his personal life. president george w. bush has been out of office for 2 1/2 years. it is safe to say he is in enjoying retirement. since leaving office he earned more than $15 million for delivering 140 speeches. the 43rd president has an average fee between $100,000 to $150,000.
10:05 am
in 2009 alone clinton raked in $7.5 million for just 36 speeches. both of them are doing just fine. >> no problems. what do you plan on doing when you are 100? if you are ray clark your daily routine includes hitting the gym. >> even more amazing than that is the fact he just joined the gym a year ago when he was 99 years old. if you think he's just doing those light wimpy exercises, doreen gentzler shows us how grueling his workouts are. >> i have been taking it easy too long. that's why i think exercise so good for me. >> reporter: they say it is never too late to start a fitness program. well, ray clark is living proof. 99 when you first -- >> reporter: clark now 100 years old joined the lake forest sport and health fitness club last year. after seeing how much his son and daughter-in-law got out of coming here. his grandson works out here,
10:06 am
too. ray's always been a hard-working guy but working out was never really part of his lifestyle. >> hard work. >> reporter: there are a lot of people from any age group who might feel intimidated coming into a big fancy gym like this one for the first time. ray clark is not one of them. on the machine, i tried it. i didn't do too well. >> reporter: they started working out with a personal trainer. tom hunter, seasoned 68-year-old himself. he believes ray was fully capable of pumping some iron. >> senior citizens are often underestimated or overestimated. underestimated in their capabilities. where they can get to. >> reporter: hunter says clark needed to focus on flexibility. range of motion, balance and strength. >> all of those things lead to a healthy, productive type of a life. missing any one of those things
10:07 am
and you are at risk. >> reporter: this pair works out together every friday. first there's cardio. rowing machine and bicycle. then they build muscle and flexibility with heavyweights and strength exercises. and work on balance with core exercises. >> you can do this now. >> reporter: clark says hunter is a bit of a task master but in a good way making sure he gives it his all during every workout. >> glad that's over. >> last time he was here he did 100 pounds on the crunch machine. 100 pounds on the back press machine which is remarkable for a guy that weighs 144 pounds. >> i feel like i'm getting better. i feel good after the exercise. that's what's keeping me going here. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4 today. >> it is never too late.
10:08 am
>> there's hope for me still. i have 40 years before i start working out. >> i wasn't looking at you for that reason. >> you certainly were. >> 40 years? we won't do that math. yeah. lot of people at the gym told us they are nervous about having a 100-year-old working out because he could maybe get hurt. once they saw how successful ray clark was they stopped worrying. >> if you are just starting a fitness plan no matter what your age is, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first. >> i think they were worried he would outbench press him. >> show them all up. >> still ahead this hour, we are going to tell you how you can help make homelessness in our area a thing of the past. >> have you ever wondered where all that unclaimed luggage goes at the airport? [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
10:09 am
meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪
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here is a good reason to go
10:12 am
bargain shopping today. taking in a lot of that lost luggage at airports. one salvation army in dallas ended up with all kinds of things including ipods. workers say sometimes unclaimed -- unclaimed keepsakes arrive by the crateload and some stuff like documents and medication can't be sold. it is taken to hospitals for proper disposal. 10:12. fairfax county, third richest county in the country still has a problem that plagues communities everywhere. homelessness. there is a waiting list to get into shelters for homeless families and victims of domestic abuse in northern virginia. the deputy director of shelter house joe meyer joins us live with ways you can help eradicate homelessness. thanks for coming in. that's one of the things. i took a tour of shelter house in -- falls church. and i was shocked to hear how many families don't have a place to go and -- you are considered an emergency shelter for families. >> absolutely. we have approximately 1,500 people in fairfax county that
10:13 am
are homeless at any given night. >> so where do they go if they can't go to an emergency shelter? there is no room. >> we certainly work with them while they are on the waiting list. we have approximately 100 families are our shelter waiting list for families to get in to one of our facilities. however, we do continue to work with them. we try to get them in working -- we still work with them while they are -- waiting on the list with family and friends. >> partner with other community organization. >> absolutely. we work very close with faith based organizations who may be able to put them up for a few nights. >> is the need greater now than it was, say, five years ago? >> it is, it is. we are seeing a different population than we have seen five years ago. >> what do you see now? >> we are seeing a lot of -- working adults. working adults. >> working adults who aren't making enough. so they are home zblst correct, yes. >> but they have jobs. >> yes. >> so what's the -- new -- what do you have to do when you are faced with this new kind of -- >> we as fairfax county, as a
10:14 am
collaborative, have -- come up with a strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness. local leaders -- within nonprofits and -- government representatives, faith based organizations. we all rally together several years ago to come up with this plan to -- prevent and end homelessness. >> you can read about the plan. it is on your website. >> yes. absolutely. >> and the goal is to end homelessness by december 2018. >> 2018. >> why that date? >> well, the local fairfax county board of supervisors adopted the plan that the collaborative put together. in 2008. so ten years from that would be 2018. >> i'm sure the recession did not help with trying to achieve those objective. >>o, did it not. >> you are trying to tick them off one by one. >> absolutely. average length of stay in the n a shelter is between 70 and 90 day. >> which is good. you shortened the duration. let's talk about ways you can get involved starting right now tonight if you have nothing to
10:15 am
do tonight and there are still tickets available to your main fund-raiser. >> we welcome all guests to our gala tonight. we are -- celebrating our 30th anniversary as a nonprofit organization helping homeless families. our gala is taking place at the gannett building in mclean, virginia. >> beautiful location. 7:00 tonight. tickets are $125 for individuals. if you bring a date, you get a discount. $110. lots of great prize dls, too. also what else can people do? they can -- write checks, can't they? >> absolutely. >> tax deductible donation. >> we accept monetary donations. through our website and -- you know, if you like to get involved, please come visit us at one of our shelters. we can give you a tour, have you find out a little bit more about what we do. so you have a better understanding about the homeless needs here in their fax county. >> joe meyer, thanks for joining us thank you very much. >> 10:15. we are fast on our way to
10:16 am
80-plus. >> absolutely right. a great day outside today. i think tomorrow is not going to be so bad. we will talk about rain chances for your weekend. and
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
it is 10:19. 74 degrees outside. we are going way past 80. >> oh, yeah. i was hoping you would bring it down a little bit. >> no, no. you told me you like 85-degree weather. >> that's my cap. >> we will be under the cap today. tomorrow we may be able to get over the cap. and 90-degree weather is not all that far away. meteorological summer begins june 1. that's when we start to expect 90-degree days. haven't had any since september. we may get our second and third 90-degree day coming up within the next seven days.
10:20 am
be ready for a hint of what it will be like here for the real summer months. june, july and august. out there right now, beautiful morning under way. bright blue sky. few fair weather clouds drifting on by. they are not bringing anything in the way of rain chances just yet. may have a slight shower chance or two over the chesapeake bay later this afternoon. certainly nothing heavy and nothing all that long lasting. anything you want to do outside today, no weather related problems whatsoever. 70 degrees, current temperature. dew points are climbing into the upper 50s. tomorrow that will be into the low 60s and any time the dew point which is the measure of moisture in the atmosphere, any time that number starts getting above 60 degrees you start to feel a touch of humidity as well. 67 now in hagerstown. smithburg, 70 degrees. martinsburg, west virginia, 70 degrees. andrews air force base, don't forget about the open house. great time for everybody. free admission as well. temperatures are warming quickly. i think most locations today will be within one, two degrees of the 80-degree mark.
10:21 am
very nice day today. high pressure building on in. last of that storm is starting to pull out to sea. good riddance to it. as this area of high pressure moves along to the east, we get into a bit of a warming trend around here. so today a light breeze out of the northwest. winds go light and variable overnight tonight as that center of high pressure xws goes almost directly overhead. tomorrow as we get you started 6:30 tomorrow morning, through the course of the day, warmer and more moisture laden air starts to sneak back into the area. that could fire off showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. primarily shenandoah valley and mountains of west virginia. as we get late near the afternoon some of the showers may drift all the way east to the i-95 corridor. then to get the workweek started, more heat, humidity and thunderstorm chance on monday as well. here is our microcast model. sliver after shower chance right alongside the chesapeake bay this afternoon. we are quiet overnight. then tomorrow, with the daytime heating, shower and thunderstorm chances return. another great thing you can do today, this is out in dulles, virginia, greek orthodox parish
10:22 am
of loudoun county. greek festival from 11:00 to 9:00 today and 11:00 to 7:00 tomorrow. live greek music and dancing. not to mention a sandwich or two. sunshine and warm today. highs into the upper 70s and high spots to low 80s around town. then tomorrow starting off with sunshine but clouds will gradually increase by later on in the afternoon. that will lead to a chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow. but most of your outdoor activities this weekend should be able to go off without a hitch. 90 degrees, i suspect by monday. and tuesday as well. highs in the upper 80s through wednesday and thursday. maybe a slight chance of cooling things down just as we get into the beginnings of memorial day weekend. which is next friday, beginning of memorial day weekend. >> for those of us stuck at home over the holidays, it is nice to get some heat. >> i agree. thank you, chuck. >> new allegations against lance armstrong. latest former colleagues that accuse the cycling legend of
10:23 am
10:24 am
[ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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one of the most popular professional wrestlers was killed in car accident in florida. randall, better known as macho man randy savidge was killed
10:26 am
earlier this week. police believe he had a heart attack, lost control of his car, ran into a tree. he was also known as a spokesperson for slim jim and his wild outfits and wide-eyed enthusiasm. he was just 58 years old. there are more accusations that lance armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. it was said in an interview with cbs he told federal authorities he saw the seven-time tour de france winner doping. he is known as one of the most loyal teammates. another teammate made similar accusations. tyler hamilton said he used performance enhancing drugs with armstrong. armstrong never tested positive for those drugs and has repeatedly denied doping. during a college baseball game between clemson and davidson, the two teams had to deal with a very long rain delay. >> pliers took full advantage of that down time to entertain the
10:27 am
fans. tigers took part in the little game of human bowling. take a look. looks like they needed more practice as they left a 7-10 split. two squads squared off in dance competition and what they called rain delayed jousting. by the way, clemson won the game easily. 19-0. >> weren't focused on the game. having too much fun. >> yeah. >> i saw it. that looked a little scary. >> human jousting. >> never saw human bowling like that. that's fun. >> they are college kids. what do you expect? >> i kicked a bowling ball once. >> you kicked a bowling ball? >> yeah. >> you regret it still, don't you? >> walked with a limp ever since. >> we will
10:28 am
10:29 am


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