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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  June 6, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to news4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, june 6, 2011. one person is dead, and two others injured after a stabbing in an apartment complex in virginia in the 13800 block of braddock springs road. megan mcgrath is live at the scene with details on the deadly incident. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: this happened around 5:30 this morning, very early in the morn when neighbors who live inside the apartment building heard someone screaming and banging on doors, crying for help. make its called 911. when police arrived on the scene, that's when they found three people suffering from stab woundser two women, one man. now one of the women and the man were taken to the hospital by ambulance. they are considered to have serious injuries at this point. so they were all suffering, we're told, by what appears to be stab wounds or suffering from stab wounds. a second woman pronounced dead on the scene inside that third floor apartment. in terms of what happened, police are still trying to piece all of that together. what they do say, though, they don't believe this is a random ability of violence. they believe all three people knew each other, that they were connected in some way, although they're not saying exactly how. and they're also saying that they are not looking for any suspects or anyone else. they believe that the three that
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were found here suffering from stab wounds are the only three who were rolfed in this incident. >> we do believe, at this point in the investigation, that this situation is contained, all of the people injured were the ones who were involved and we're not looking apparently for additional people. so it's not of a neighborhood concern at this point. >> reporter: you can see that investigators are still here on the scene. we have officers up there on the stairwell landing. this happened in one of the third stories, the third floor apartments here. three people stabbed in this incident, one person dead, two in the hospital, and police trying to piece together exactly what happened and why. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, megan. today, a former d.c. mayoral candidate will talk to members of the d.c. council about his allegations against mayor grays administration. own expected to testify before d.c. council committee about claims that grays' aides promised him a job and paid them
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to level a tax against then-mayor fenty. derek ward has the latest from outside the wilson building downtown. >> reporter: the investigation into the gray strugsadministrat hiring practices has been going on for some time. he's been at the center of controversy surrounding the executive hiring practices in the gray administration. former mayoral candidate, suleiman brown talking with federal investigators are about his allegations that he was paid by gray's campaign to sling mud at then-mayor fenty and he was again a job after the elections as a quid pro quo. city council has been trying to get him to testify about those allegations. mary chase has been looking into the investigation's hiring and brown has been the missing piece of the puzzle. later today, he's expected to testify. brown says he has evidence of the payments. he's told "the washington post"
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that he has $600 in money orders made out to his own campaign coming from the gray campaign and they are part of pay-offs. it took a judge to compel brown to answer a subpoena from the council, though he has indicated that federal authorities have told him not to speak about certain aspects of the allegations. if brown does testify later this morning, it could end some questions for the city council but it still leaves questions out there being asked by federal investigators are. at the wilson building, derek ward, news4. >> also today the district attorneys general will discuss the investigation of harry thomas. them day who ran against thomas last year accuses the council member of running a fake nonprofit. he claims thomas had been raising money for team thomas for years but he's never disclose who'd his donors are or said how their money's being spent. the group isn't registered as a nonprofit with the irs. thomas says day is trying to run
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a smear campaign against him. turning to the weather, sun's out. tom kiernan joins us with his first forecast. welcome back. >> thanks, barbara. good to be back. we have the heat beginning to return. last wednesday we had a record high at reagan national, got to 9 8. this wednesday upper 90's enjoy the break from the high heat and the high humidity. right now, it's 81 at reagan national. and has climbed into the upper 70s elsewhere except near the bay, wind off the water cooler. it's in the mid 70s there inland, away from waters near 80 degrees. a wonderful late spring/early summer day under way. cooler in the mountains. western maryland, west virginia, many locations in the low and mid-70s. near 80 across the rest of virginia and into the carolinas this morning. we've had high pressure pushing in from the north and it's going to be with us here bringing plenty of sunshine throughout the rest of the day. and dry weather here for today as well. mostly sunny this afternoon,
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warm, with a light wind, highs reaching the mid 80s. we'll have a light northeasterly breeze around 5 to 10. big changes coming in midweek. i'll have details on that. a look at the end of the week and the weekend as well in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. we'll check the midday traffic now. let's see what tanya hutchins has to tell us about how things were moving out there on the roads. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. it has not. a good morning traffic wise. things are slow, 95 southbound in maryland. let's take a look top side of beltway in maryland through silver spring because it's very slow there, on and off as well. 495 at new hampshire avenue is showing some improvement. we have two parked vehicles on the right shoulder there. as you move around in the outer loop to colesville road a bit of a slowdown. delays from earlier accidents this morning, that were two, three hours ago. 95, north of the aquacon in virginia, we have volume running
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southbound but it is moving. i hope i'll have better news in a few minutes. >> we hope so. thank you, tanya. right now, divers are back in the water searching for a 21-year-old swimmer. bruce yasin disappeared friday, presumed drown. he was swimming with two others near route 97 georgia avenue when he -- the water got really deep, very fast. rescues are say he panicked and another swimmer tried to save him but couldn't. officials remind everyone, swimming is not allowed in the reservoir in that area. new today, a boy shot in the leg in what appears to have been a drive-by shooting in southeast washington. it happened around 11:30 in the 3400 block of minnesota avenue southeast. police say the victim's friends carried him home and a passerby saw them and called 911. our crew on the scene found out the victim is about 13 years old. he's expected to be okay. police are looking for suspects
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now. and arson investigators are looking into a fire that damaged an apartment building. it happened in the 5100 block of s street between 10:00 and 11:00 last night. one man was seriously injured and transported to the hospital. a firefighter also injured, suffering minor burns to his face. he went to the hospital and is already out this morning. into a man is in jail charged with drunk driving after a deadly accident in prince georges county. the accident on route 210 in ft. washington killed three people. police a say black gmc yukon hit the back of a gray mazda. the impact of the crash threw two women from the car, killing them. investigators identified one as a 55-year-old and the third person, the driver 55-year-old eugene johnson also died. the yukon driver could face additional charges in addition to dui. today, air france will begin
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a new daily service from washington to paris using the airbus a380. the first flight of the superjumbo a380 will arrive in less than an hour dulles from paris. it features 538 seats. air france is combining two flights into one with a larger jet, saving 20% in operating costs. a formal inaugural celebration of flights is planned for june 16th. also today the plane that landed on the hudson, remember that? it's making its way to its final destination now. right now knit delaware and headed to maryland in. but it hit a snag in new jersey. a flatbed truck hauling this airbus got stuck turning a street corner. crews took out streetlights and a fence to make the turn and move on. one the plane reaches the baltimore area it will head west interstate 70 and 68 into west virginia. the plane is on its way to north carolina where it will be on display in an aviation museum
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there. nine minutes after 11:00 is our time. coming up, new test results are in, we'll tell you if doctors and scientists are closer to finding out what's causing the deadly e. coli brought yaout br europe. we'll tell you what happened when the wind lifted several moon bounces off the ground.
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an attack. the department of defense is not saying much how it happened or where. iraqi security officials say it was a rocket attack on an iraqi base in baghdad. this is the deadliest attack on u.s. troops this year. we're following a developing story out of pakistan this morning, where a series of u.s. drone strikes have killed 16 suspected insurgents, three missiles struck targets in pakistan's south tribal district, one target a compound where a top al qaeda leader was killed in an attack three days earlier. the missile hit a vehicle driving along the border between north and south waziristan. robert gates thanking troops in pakistan for their service to their country, as he continues his retirement tour. gates visited service members in afghanistan's heldman province u.s. the u.s. will withdraw combat
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troops slowly and responsibly. he served as secretary of defense for 4 1/2 years. the test results are back and show sprouts from an organic farm did not cause the e. coli outbreak in germany. officials will head back to the farm now to run some morest tests. officials are trying to track the source that killed 22 and sickened more than 2,200 people. the organic farm in northern germany shut down as a precaution. and tom is back with us, after having a week off. missed you, tom. >> thank you. good to be back. we've got the heat beginning to bill. it's going to back like it was midweek last week. yeah, here it comes again. but right now, though, a pleasant day is under way. enjoy. there are a few puffy clouds floating in a blue sky. live picture from the sky watcher camera. that's american university in the foreground. off in the distance on the
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horizon, we couldn't it this morning, it was hazy. but now it's dried out, we can see into virginia and fairfax in the distance as we look over there. we can see way off on the horizon is tysons corner and our temperatures around the reege aren't climbing to around 80. reagan national at 81. and the dew point a comfortable 60. whenever the dew point gets up to 70, it's sweltering humidity. it looks like it's doing that wednesday into thursday. right now it's near 80 degrees. throughout much of virginia and around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, cooler there, upper elevations, too. and the blue ridge only in the 60s. lower elevations in the upper 70s to near 80. month dpomry, arlington, fairfax, prince georges county in the upper 70s. around the chesapeake bay, the temperatures are cooler. bay water temperatures are around 70 degrees now. on the eastern shore, temperatures climbed into the mid-70s. a beautiful day there. just a few clouds around around the lower eastern shore and
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southeastern virginia. and it's near 80 and most of those locations the water temperatures at the atlantic beaches are still though in the 60s. and over the last 12 hours we've had a high pressure pushing in from the midwest. it's a large weak area of high pressure pushing over our region and will continue to be in place throughout the rest of the day today, tonight, and tomorrow. but then as this high drifts off the coast, we'll have winds shifting into the southwest and that will be warming things up as we get into wednesday and thursday. and as we go forward over the next 48 hours futurecast showing a few clouds around. during the day tomorrow, we'll have a weak front trying to ripple through northern virginia and parts of maryland. we might get isolated shower, tomorrow afternoon a small chance of that. otherwise more sunshine tomorrow but warmer. as we get into wednesday, we'll have winds shifting into the west-southwest and have that humidity building. for the rest of the afternoon, we'll have a mostly sunny afternoon, just a few clouds
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coming through. we'll have highs reaching the mid 80s by midafternoon. we'll have light northeasterly breeze and then overnight tonight we'll have mostly clear sky, beautiful evening coming up, we'll be in the upper 70s early evening. sunset at 8:30. after that, back down into the mid-70s and by midnight near 70 degrees. and we'll start off tomorrow morning down into the low to mid 60s like we did this morning but should be warmer tomorrow. afternoon highs climbing to around 90 tomorrow afternoon. still not too humid tomorrow but we'll see that humanity building on wednesday in the mornings, temperatures near 70. afternoon highs into the upper 90s and the steam heat will be with us on thursday, too. into the upper 90s. it will feel like 100 degrees for beth wednesday and thursday during the afternoon. so plan accordingly. a pool will be a great place to go, or if you have a chance get to the beaches. friday, saturday, sunday, we'll cool down. highs in the 80s to near 90
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degrees. you can go to this place, too, like i did last week. i went up on to skyline drive, i hiked up there at compton peak. >> beautiful, tom. >> i took this photograph from up there. it's about 3,000 feet up. this is when the temperatures at the lower elevations were in the 70s. up there only in the 50s. ifou have a chance to getbarbar. >> thanks a lot. 11:19 is the time. still ahead on news4 midday, meet a 7-year-old who survived leukemia and wants you to help families like his. a local woman who won a national cooking contest brings her award-winning recipe to us in the studio. @@@@@@ú@@@
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one of our neighbors, a local woman, now getting national attention for her cooking skills after winning chr crisco's contest. jen beckman joins us share her winning recipe. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. it's really exciting. >> now, you are not a professional cook, is that right? >> no, not at all. eem i'm a home cook. >> ever entered a contest before. >> i have. i started entering contests a
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yearing aas a creative outlet, while i'm home with my little kids. >> you've always been a good cook, i guess your family would say? >> i love to cook. i love to play in the kitchen. >> not many of us will steer away from the cookbooks and try something new, but you did in this case. why did you enter this particular contest? >> this particular contest caught my attention because olive oil is avirtual ingredient i use in cooking already. i saute with it and you know roast with it, grill with it. so i knew i could have a lot of fun developing different recipes to enter into the contest. >> i learned two things from this, and that is, number one, that you can make something sweet with olive oil. number two, krisco makes olive oil. >> i'm excusing the pure olive oil. like you said i like that for sweet applications, because it has -- it's a mild olive oil
11:23 am
flavor and plays nicely with sugar and orange and other flavors. >> show me how to do it. >> absolutely. here are our dry ingredients. you start off with a cup and 3/4 of regular all-fur flour. >> what else? >> baking soda and salt. you're going to want to whisk those together. i try to make as few dishes as possible. i use the same whisk over and over. then in a separate bowl, you want to distribute the sort of interesting flavors we have. a cup of sugar with freshly grated orange zest, culinary lavender and black pep. >> culinary lavender? can i go out in my yard? i do have lavender growing out there. >> you can use it out of your garden if you haven't sprayed and buy it dried in farmer's markets and all over the internet. >> i see you've got some over there. so pretty. what you don't use -- >> so, you want to whisk these together like the dry ingredients. >> orange peel, sugar, and?
11:24 am
>> black pep. >> black pepper. is it a special black pepper? >> no. you want to use a fresh cracked pepper, not the stuff that's a little dusty. >> okay. then what? >> next thing you want to do is add in your wet ingredients. there's the olive oil, about 2/3 of a cup of olive oil. i'm using yogurt. you need asset to get the baking soda to lift and yogurt adds a nice tangy -- >> you know about the science of cooking. >> i'm a big food dork. >> three egg. i like to give them a little shush before i add them to the bowl. >> zhush. >> it's a whisk, you know, when you get the egg in. reach on in with your fingers. it's all good. >> i know it is. i saw my mother do this many times. i love to cook, too. three eggs. >> give it a little zhush.
11:25 am
>> mix it altogether. >> and just a bit of vanilla to round out the flavor. give that a wivg. and you want this combined. only way to mess this up is overbeat the dry ingredients once in. once they're in, you want to get them lightly combined. >> that looks easy. get that mixed up. >> mixed up. then what? >> pour into a baking pan. you want to get it more than this. >> okay. but then. >> you get the idea. >> how long does it bake? >> until it tests clean with a toothpick. it's going to be 55 to 60 minutes. you want a toothpick to come out with -- >> a regular bread pan. >> regular bread pan and give it a spray before you put the cake in it. >> comes out looking like? >> comes out looking like this. you cut a slice. i'm serving it with a honeyed ricotta cream. it's whipped cream with ricotta
11:26 am
cheese and honey beat noon it. >> i don't know if your camera can see the way it looks out there. so beautiful. you've garnished with orange slices. this is beautiful. tell us where to get the recipe. >> available the and click on the mediterranean inspirations recipe contest. >> let me make sure that's the right address? yes. that's right. and another prize that you got for this, right? >> yes. my husband and i are going to italy and we're really looking forward to it. >> congratulations. it's the best prize you've won? >> it's definitely an exciting prize and we're looking forward to the trip. >> i'm looking forward to this. fantastic. a few things i have to say before i eat. thanks a lot, jen beckman. congratulations with your crisco olive oil. 11:27. coming up, he says he's in it to win it. the latest republican to announce he will run for president. plus, a dangerous day of play,
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wind sends a moon bounce skidding across a field. what happened to the children who were inside. and tom kiernan is back with when the summer heat and humidity are coming back. stay with us.
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fairfax county police are investigating a stabbing that left one woman dead, two other people with life-threatening injuries. it happened around 5:30 in the 13800 block of braddock springs road in centreville.
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police are saying this was a domestic incident. a former d.c. mayoral candidate is preparing to answer questions about allegations he's made against mayor gray's administration. brown is scheduled to testify against a committee investigating the gray administration's hiring practice. brown says gray's aides promised him a job and agreed to pay if he stayed in the race. gray and his aides deny those accusations. the former chief of the international monetary fund pleaded not guilty in a strong voice in court. dominique strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in new york city. the maid said he came out of the bathroom naked. char strauss-kahn is on house arrest. his next court day is set for july 18th. if convicted he faces up to 25
11:31 am
years in prison. he resigned from his imf job after his arrest last month. former new york giants star plaxico burress is now a free man. he was released from prison this morning after two years behind bars on a gun charge. in november of 2008 he went to a manhattan nightclub with a gun in his waistband of his track pants. the gun slipped and fired, hitting him in the thigh. burress is heading to his home in florida now. he'll spend time with his family and work out while the nfl labor dispute continues. burress wants to get back to pro football. we have a new name added to decision 2012 this morning. any minute now, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is expected to formally announce he's running for president. he's speaking in somerset, pennsylvania, right now. the republican is considered a favorite among conservatives for his opposition to abortion, gay marriage and imbrie onic stem
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cell research. santorum used to be the senate's number three republican. he's been out of elected office since 2007. sarah palin is defending her version of the story about paul revere's famous ride. listen to how she explained while visiting boston last week during her one-nation bus tour. >> you know, he who warned the british that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and making sure, as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells, that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free. >> the historical paul revere house website has a different version. it says paul revere rode through lexington on a secret mission to warn samuel adams and john hancock that british troops were marching to arrest them. palin told chris wallace on fox news sunday, quote, part of his ride was to warn the british that we're already there, that,
11:33 am
hey, you're not going to succeed, you're not going to take american arms, you're not going to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia that we have. sarah palin went on to say, quote, and in a shout out, gotta type of question that was asked of me i answered candidly, i know my american history. 67 years ago today, allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy france to free nazi occupied europe during world war ii. senator john kerry and veterans are commemorating the d-day landing across the coast of france. eisenhower gave the go ahead for d-day. the u.s. joined western allies with a total of 155,000 forces on the beaches in normandy. the operation, of course, was a success. right now in arizona, the weather is not helping firefighters battle a massive fire there.
11:34 am
forecasters are calling for wind and possible lightning in the coming days. more than 2,000 firefighters are trying to contain the blaze that has scorched more than 287 square miles in the last ten days. homeowners say the fast-moving flames gave them little time to get stuff out of their houses. >> when i got down in there, another sheriff came pulling up and said i had to get out. i said i had an escort. he said you have to leave now because the fire was right there and we had to turn around and leave. >> the fire, burning near the new mexico state line, is considered the third largest ever in arizona. and midwest is bracing for record flooding, melting snow and rain has the missouri river swollen. the arm corps of engineers is trying to push water prevent r overflooding. several midwest states are under a flood emergency. >> we'll check in with tom kiernan for the latest on our
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forecast. good morning. >> good morning. a beautiful late spring, early summer day under way. here's a live picture from our sky watcher camera overlooking washington, and off in the distance prince georges county on the horizon, we do have some happy, white cumulus clouds, a blue sky. we're near 80 degrees. throughout most the region not too much humidity in the air. over last 12 hours, high pressure moved in and has given us this subtle weather pattern with us today, tonight, most of tomorrow. highs in the mid 80s, not too humid. tomorrow, a touch more humidity, afternoon highs warmer around 90 degrees. small chance of isolated thunder shower tomorrow. and then on wednesday, mostly sunny, hot, humid, hazy sunshine into the you upper 90s. upper 90s, clouds th s thursday. friday, increased chance of mainly afternoon thunderstorms. highs around 90. should be a bit cooler saturday
11:36 am
and sunday, highs in the 80s. cloudiness around, a chance of shower or passing thunderstorm both days. that's the way it looks now. >> tom, thank you. we'll check in with you again shortly. right now, four kiddie pools in the district closed after a pool drain was recalled. kiddie pools at harry thomas, upshire, theodore hangens are closed waiting for new drains. the current drains were called because there's a risk swimmers could possibly get trapped in drain covers. officials don't know when the new drain will arrive. the kiddie pools can't open until new drains are installed but the regular pools are still open. today, pepco crews will continue to work to finish repairs on underground cables that lost power last week, cables on north capital, first street between l and m will be closed as well as pierce street. a section of the curb lane on
11:37 am
north capital at intersection of l will be closed through rush hour. we'll check in with tanya hutchins to see how things are moving on the roads around here. things looking pretty good? >> they are moving much better, so i do have good news. top side of the beltway, improvements in maryland. 95 at springfield interchange, we have steady traffic in both directions as they get ready to turn around the hov lanes. a few minutes ago northbound. no problems to report here. let's take a look at 395 at the 14th street bridge which has light traffic now but starting tomorrow, we're going to have a new traffic pattern and make sure that you look at all of the signs because the right center lane is going to be blocked. 495 at the north of the american legion bridge, traffic moving smoothly in both directions. we still have in the district construction on new york avenue and north capital street left lane is blocked. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, tanya.
11:38 am
have a great day. as tanya just mentioned you may want to leave early for work on wednesday morning, if you take the 14th street bridge. the traffic pattern will be change overnight tomorrow, as part of the bridge's two-year reconstruction project. construction zone will shift to the right center lane of the north half of the bridge. three lanes will be routed to the left and one lane to the right. this is the final phase of the bridge project. it should be completed by this fall. police are looking into what appears to be a string of assault as long the metro branch hiking/biking trail in northeast washington. reports of multiple incidents along a mile and a half section of the trail, including a woman who claims she was tased with a taser on that trail. another victim says they suffered a broken wrist during a robbery. complicating the issue, some police officers don't know where it is taking five to eight minutes to even find the location on the trail when they get a call. >> several incidents, both this year and last year, people
11:39 am
either attack order reporting suspicious activity, and mpds, unified call center was unable to identify the area where the trail was. >> police are currently trying to figure out how many crimes have happened 0 on this trail and if if they're connected. a community meeting on this issue is planned for later this month. a d.c. police officer accused of killing a prince georges county woman is due in court this afternoon. richmond phillips faces first-degree murder charges in the death of wynette wright, found dead thursday in hillcrest heights in prince georges county. wright's daughter who would have turned 1, was found dead nearby in wright's suv. wright maintained phillips is the girl's father. prosecutors are awaiting autopsy results before deciding whether to charge phillips with the baby's death. there's new concern over bounce houses, after a number of reason incidents, those houses
11:40 am
blowing away. just over the weekend, some strong winds picked up three of them with children still inside and tipped them right upside down. nbc's john yang has a look at that case and what they caught on tape. we'll show you. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: it was a terrifying sight caught on cell phone video. three inflated bounce houses, or moon walks, picked up by the wind at a long island soccer tournament and tossed into the air with kids playing inside. >> where's my daughter? >> i couldn't believe it, it's like something out of a movie, kids being knocked over and kids lying everywhere. >> reporter: lara waiting to go in when she got tangled in a rope that was supposed to anchor houses. she had rope burns on her neck. >> a rope got caught on my neck and drag immediate over. >> reporter: one bounce house kartz wheeled along the ground. >> everyone ran over and jumped on top of them, probably 100 people, each one holing it down. >> i tried to grab on to it and it knocked me down. >> reporter: police say 13 people were taken to hospitals,
11:41 am
with minor injuries. it's not the first time something like this has happened. in the tucson, arizona area, three separate incidents since february alone. the most recent, caught on cell phone video. parents and teachers evacuated the bounce house before wind whipped it around a light pole. six kids were slightly injured by debris. in february at a birthday party, two sisters in a wind-blown bounce zblous i closed my eye and felt myself bumping and being tossed around. >> reporter: her sister ended up on a roof two houses away. >> she was crying, she was full of blood, you know, her head, her face. >> reporter: she had a concussion and required staples to close a cut in her scalp. in april, strong winds blew a bounce house away in rockland county, new york. four children had minor injuries. federal consumer product safety commission says between 2005 and 2007 all types of accidents sent an average of 6,000 people a
11:42 am
year to emergency rooms, most of them age 5 to 14. the most frequent injury, broken bones. they warn operators to anchor properly but not all states regulate their use which concerns parents. >> never in my mind imagined the thing would take off and fly. >> reporter: a popular attraction with an unexpected danger. for "today," john yang, nbc news, new york. >> scary. 13 people ended up in the hospital after the weekend's bounce house incident on long island. most injuries were minor. time right now is 11:43. ooh a. head on news4 midday, help families of children with cancer. now way to access digital songs and information on smartphones and computers from apple. @@@
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this morning, wall street is struggle, after losses mounted last week. we'll check in with eamon javers. he's got the business headline as well. >> good morning. the dow is down, off 12 points. nasdaq down by two. and s&p 500 off by four. markets may be feeling overhang by friday's disappointing jobs report which saw 54,000 jobs created last month and unemployment rate rise to 9.1%. in a new york court appearance, former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn said he's innocent of sex charges, pleading not
11:46 am
guilty to charges of sexually assaulting a hotel maid during a previous appearance in a packed courtroom today. peter diamond is withdrawing his nomination for the federal reserve board in an op-ed piece for "the new york times," he seemed frustrated by the confirmation process noting president barack obama nominated and renominated him to fill the vacancy, on the seven-member board. today, all eyes will be on apple. steve jobs takes the stage at apple's global developers conference in san francisco. he's expected to unveil the icloud which lets users store music and media online and play them from any apple device. analysts think icloud may make itunes stronger against dole and amazon. jobs will show off apple's newest operating system software for the mac and iphone. a year ago, on our show, we introduced you to a young man fighting leukemia, ryan darby, now 7 and fighting his own
11:47 am
battle with cancer inspiring others raising awareness for cancer. he's back with a new story. ryan and his mom who were here last year, dr. schad from georgetown university hospital. all joining us. we are happy to see you today. >> thank you. >> especially because you have something that you didn't have last year when you came. do you know what i'm talking about? >> yeah, my line. my central line. >> yeah, that's right about you also have hair. when you came in last time you didn't have your hair. i didn't know you were a redhead. but you look great. you looked great then. there's a picture of you as a little guy without your hair. there you are playing. you are feeling better. tell us about what happened over last year. >> it was tough. i was in and out of the hospital. i had to go to the hospital a
11:48 am
lot because i wasn't feeling well. >> we hear you're doing much better now. are you all well? >> yes. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're so happy to hear it. molly, tell us about his leukemia, what's happened sense we last saw you. >> well, he is -- he's out of his intense phase of the treatment but he's now in what they call. >> maintenance. >> maintenance. thank you, a blanked for a moment. he's doing better. he will be in treatment until february 23rd, 2013. so he'll -- he's still receiving chemotherapy every day. >> looks terrific. i think he's really happy boy. he's been telling us. doctor, you've treated ryan through his leukemia. >> yes. >> is leukemia curable? >> yes, it is. >> tell us about that. >> in fact, leukemia is becoming more and more curable every day and the kind of leukemia ryan has, which is standard risk leukemia, a survivor today is
11:49 am
close between 80% and 90%. most of the children do well. and as you can see, he's back in school. he's got his hair back, nobody would be able to tell the difference. >> he's feeling well from what he tells us. you were named boy of the year by the leukemia and lymphoma society. what does that feel like? >> it feels pretty good. >> do you have any special duties that you have you to perform for that? >> i have to go -- i go to all of their -- >> events? >> yeah, all of their events and they're pretty awesome events. >> do you have to make speeches or anything? >> no. >> what do you tell kids who may be going through what you have gone through? >> never look back. go forward. >> that's a really good thing for all of us to know. always look forward. that's great. molly, tell us about the -- what you're doing. why you're here today. you've got -- you're doing it again, it's called just trying it. >> it's a children's triathlon,
11:50 am
ages 6 through 12. we raise money for the georgetown hospitals pediatric oncology family assistance fund. it's for families like ours. when ryan was diagnosed in 2009, our whole world was turned upside down and not every family is lucky as we are, and the family assistance fund pays for anything from food, transportation, for families that just need a bit of help. >> this is something, doctor, you feel there are a lot of families out there who need help with? >> a lot of families. actually, many more over the last few years since the economy isn't doing well. when one parent has to stay in the hospital or bring the child to the hospital all the time, they literally have to give up work. the other parent's working to support the family and making sure needs happen. this fund allows us buy gas cards and food cars, pay for mortgages, car payments, electric bills, and actually very recently, a child
11:51 am
treated -- she wasn't a child anymore -- i started treating her and unfortunately she passed away at the age of 23. that family had spent so many years taking care of her, this fund made it possible for us to provide for her all of the expenses so that she could be buried with dignity. >> wonderful. molly, again, tell us how people can sign up to participate. >> the children are 6 to 12, and our website and it's tryan, like ryan. >> tryan it. >> 6 to 12. how much does it cost to participate? >> it's $35. and all of the monies raised goes directly to the family assistance fund. last year we raised $63,000. this year we're hoping to beat that. that's coming up this weekend? >> june 19th. >> june 19th. >> is that where you sign up? you do it over the internet?
11:52 am
>> over internet. are you going to participate in. >> yes. >> which is your best event? >> probably the bike. >> the bike. you are spending a lot of time on your bike. it's great that you're home and can spend time on your bike. so glad you came back and brought your mom and doctor with you. thanks again. good to see you. good luck. >> thank you. our time right now is 11:52. coming up, mascot smackdown. plus, meteorologist tom kiernan is back with the return of summer-like heat. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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tack a lack at some of the stories following for news4 this afternoon. at 4:00, reese with spoon offers up advice to women hoping to make it in hollywood. third week of the casey anthony trial. we'll look at people who make it their mission to grab a seat in the courtroom for that trial. and then at 5:00, it's supposed to be the fastest way to make your summer salad. but does the salad chef really do that? liz crenshaw has the aenser to that. join us for that and all of the big stories of the day on news4 starting at 4:00 this evening. and we'll take a look at weather one more time, tom, for the midday. >> with pleasure, too. what a wonderful day under way. there's the live picture from the sky watcher camera. looking toward washington. and you can see those clouds
11:56 am
floating through. they're just coming through now off and on, especially south and east of us, a few more west and north. not as many. temperatures around 80. it will climb another five degrees for a high by midafternoon. not a lot of humidity today. tonight, clear, in the low 60s by dawn tomorrow. during the day tuesday, afternoon highs around 90. there is a small chance of an isolated thunder shower, west and north of washington, tomorrow afternoon, otherwise a sunny day and more humid. big heat and oppress inhumidity as we get into wednesday and thursday both days, afternoon highs into the upper 90s. and hazy sunshine. end of the week, though, looks like a break from the high heat and humidity. we ought to make it near 90. highs mid 80s, passing shows and thunderstorms. have a good morning. >> see you in the morning. it's not unusual for a little
11:57 am
fight to break out on the field of a baseball game. it is a little more unusual, though when the dust-up involves mascots, not players. it appears the washington nationals presidents aren't happy with the arizona diamond backs for stealing their act which features a race of the team's former players between innings. the real presidents, not the inflatable ones, confronted foes during saturday's game between the nationals and diamond backs. cooler heads prevailed. some interests out there on the field other than just the game. that's news4 midday. thank you for joining us. tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. i'll be back tomorrow with tom and the gang for news4 midday at 11:00 a.m. until then, have a great day. see you in the morning.
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