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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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republican party both spoke out today saying that weiner should step down. in the meantime, house democratic leader nancy pelosi sent a letter to the ethics committee calling for an investigation. weiner confessed yesterday to sending a lewd photograph of himself to one of his followers on twitter and then repeatedly lying about it. kristen dahlgren on capitol hill now with more on this story. >> reporter: hey there, jim and wendy. a lot of people with a throlot say about this. republicans calling for his resignation, while from his own party, nancy pelosi has sent that formal letter calling for an ethics investigation. one day after representative anthony weiner's shocking mea culpa -- >> i've exchanged messages and photos of an expleasive nature with about six women over the last three years. >> reporter: the question now, did he also violate house standards? within hours of weiner's admission, democratic leader nancy pelosi was calling for an ethics investigation to see if government resources were used
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or rules broken. >> we have a code of conduct that we have to -- that we have to follow. so it's a much higher standard than people realize. >> reporter: eric cantor was republican republicans calling for even more. >> i don't condone his activity. i think he should resign. >> reporter: but the new york congressman has vowed to stay in office. >> i don't see anything that i did that violated any rules of the house. >> reporter: still, the photo fallout may have already had an impact. weiner wanted to run for mayor of new york next. >> i think this is all but certainly killed his mayoral campaign. >> reporter: conservative blogger andrew breitbart who broke the photo scandal says he has another x-rated picture he's not releasing. >> and if he wants to open himself to an investigation, there are a lot of women. >> reporter: ultimately, weiner's political fortunes will come down to voters. some unwilling to forgive or forget. >> something about these politicians. they feel that they are entitled
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to do whatever they want. >> reporter: while others -- >> i don't think we should be wasting our time and energy on this when we've got 9.1% of the public not working right now. >> reporter: wonder why the scandal is taking up any more time. and perhaps not a big surprise that some republicans are trying to turn this scandal into a campaign issue sending out press releases urging more than a dozen house democrats to return campaign contributions that they got from anthony weiner. jim and wendy? >> kristen dahlgren, thanks. extreme heat is to blame for the deaths of two seniors. a man in cecil county and a woman in arundel. the department of health and mental hygiene says this marks the state's first 2011 heat related death. both patients had underlying medical conditions. but this comes as temperatures are continuing to rise to dangerous levels. let's check in with doug in the
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weather center. >> once again, it's not just the heat we're going to be talking about. it's the humidity. temperatures today got up to around the 90-degree mark but the humidity was very, very low. right now the humidity only sitting around 43%. temperatures outside around 88 degrees. plenty of sunshine. we're looking at a very nice evening out there. temperatures around the rest of the region, 84 in sterling. 82 down towards ocean city and hagerstown, maryland, around 81 degrees. tomorrow, that's when we have that heat advisory in effect. could approach 100 to 105 degrees. actual temperature, i'm going for a high temperature tomorrow of about 98 degrees. if we were to hit 98, that would set a record. it could be even hotter during the day on thursday. i'll show you how hot i expect it to get thursday. plus, let you know when i expect this heat to let up if it will let up towards the weekend. >> thank you, doug. a majority of d.c. council members privately are encouraging ward five council member harry thomas jr. to step aside from a powerful committee
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chairmanship. at least until allegations of corruption against him are resolved. yesterday, the d.c. attorney general issued a blistering account of how thomas has allegedly converted more than $300,000 in government funds to his personal use. tom sherwood is here with the latest on this. >> this controversy has thrown the council into turmoil. and thomas is under heavy pressure to step aside from a powerful committee. it looked like an ordinary council session tuesday. ward 5 council member harry tommy thomas consulting and talking about various bills. >> i want to thank him for his committee and the work to get this out of committee. >> reporter: then kwame brown said in an off microphone comment, let's go deal with harry. and then chaos erupted when the media tried to follow the 13 members into a private conference room to discuss the fate of thomas. named by the d.c. attorney general monday in a stinging
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report that accuses thomas of converting $300,000 of government funds and grants to his own personal use. >> i am now going to move to close this meeting. >> reporter: council chairman brown had to take a formal vote to kick out the reporters. after a private hour meeting, brown said he would announce a decision wednesday. sources say a majority of embarrassed council members want thomas to step aside from the economic development committee voluntarily. but indicate they'll vote to remove him if he doesn't, fearing the council will suffer harm. >> what did you say in there? >> i'm not going to speak to it. >> thomas tells other members he's reluctant to step aside. he declined to talk to reporters as he left. the d.c. attorney general filed an unusual civil suit against thomas. he's seeking to reclaim $1 million in lost city money and penalties from the council member. very embarrassing for the council members who are worried about this. that's why they want him to step aside from that committee. >> is it irony or just odd that the guy in charge of
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investigating thomas is under investigation himself? >> well, the difference is, council chairman kwame brown is facing an investigation into his misuse of several hundred thousand dollars in campaign funds. in this case, the money that tommy thomas is accuse of misusing are government grants and other monies and buying luxury car and smrth things. that's the only difference. >> can we assume you didn't break that microphone? >> that was you -- >> i was hoping we wouldn't show me banging on the door like that. i'm sure i'm going to hear about it from the tech guys. >> you got in. >> we did get in. they weren't going to let us in until we virtually pushed our way in there and then they opened the door and did what was right and then they voted you out. police investigating the death of a 12-year-old honor student in montgomery county say she was stabbed to death. her name is jessica ngyuen. she was found dead late tuesday
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night inside her family's home in gaithersburg. they have not announced a motive in that case and have not made an arrest. ngyuen was a sixth grader at gaithersburg middle school. she was a straight-a student there. trial is under way for a woman accused in the deadly hit and run accident. prosecutors say jorida davidson was driving drunk when she hit and killed a woman in the dupont circle area last october. pat collins spoke to the victim's family today. they say they want justice. pat is at the d.c. superior court with more on this. >> reporter: a family out in force, watching a trial every step of the way, searching for justice for kiela ryan. >> reporter: the trial began in his daughter's hit and run death. he heard the details. he was there when they showed the pictures. >> i don't want to see those pictures. i'm just glad that i think she
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didn't know what hit her. so that's the only good news. the bad news is that she's gone from our life, and it's something that you just don't know until you're there and it's horrible because she was just our baby. >> reporter: the whole ryan family here. here in memory of kiela ryan. killed on her birthday. >> she was 24. she just started her life. >> reporter: it happened last october on a connecticut avenue service road just south of dupont circle. kiela was getting out of the back passenger seat of a car when she was hit by a lexus suv and knocked 20 feet in the air. >> just to not have her here, i mean, a part of me is dead honestly. >> reporter: the accuse, jorida davidson is charged with voluntary manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.
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davidson is from albania. her lawyer mike hanan says in her youth she experienced a lot of trauma and that she suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. he says that could be the reason for all of this. rocky ryan is not impressed with that version of the story. >> i want justice. oh, yeah, i want justice. i don't want this hocus-pocus, amnesia or whatever they want to call it. i want justice. this lady hit my daughter. my daughter was killed. she was drinking. there was enough evidence. and she needs to do her penalty. >> reporter: in the district, voluntary manslaughter, punishable by a maximum of 30 years in jail. the trial continues tomorrow. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. the virginia department of health says a deadly e. coli strain is responsible for the death of a toddler over the weekend. a 2-year-old girl from dryden, virginia, died on sunday and the
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lab results confirm the prchbs e. coli in her system. according to the coroner's report, the source of expose surbelieved to be a contaminated pool. this is not, however, connected to the deadly outbreak of koerks lie in europe. health officials in germany, however have seen 100 new infections in the past 24 hours. again, this is a difference strain from the bacteria in virginia. the european outbreak has killed 24 people and authorities believe the source may be an organic sprout farm in germany, but they are still not sure. in the meantime, spanish farmers are angry that the outbreak was initially blamed on cucumbers from spain. those farmers across europe are losing millions of dollars because people are afraid of raw produce because it could be infected with e. coli. coming up, a bar beatdown and the newly released video that police hope might help catch the woman who attacked another woman. we're revealing what really happens when charter buses go
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through a safety inspection, and why random checks are out of the question. president obama all smiles with the german chancellor at the white house. many americans, though, are not happy with more bad economic news. and they are ripping thousands of seats out of fedex field. why are they doing that? coming up in sports, jordan williams grades himself for today's workout with the wizards. also, a nasty hit will cost the bruins and canucks a player each for the rest of the stanley cup finals. and why tiger woods has decided it's not in his best interest to play in next
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secretary of state hillary rodham clinton heads to the persian gulf tonight where she'll meet with nato leaders who are intensifying their military action in libya where moammar gadhafi is refusing the relinquish power. today marks some of the heaviest and most punishing air strikes since this all began in march. nato war jets hit several targets around the central tripoli in a rare daylight raid on the capital. gadhafi responded by denouncing nato and the rebels who were challenging his rule and vowing once again to never surrender. angela merkel, the german chancellor is here in washington tonight for her first official visit with president barack obama. merkel and her husband just
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arrived at the white house for a state dinner in their honor. the president and first lady michelle obama greeted them at the north portico just a few moments ago. dinner will be held in the rose garden. earlier today, the president and the chancellor met privately. and while they talked about international issues, mr. obama is face something pressing problems on the home front. steve handelsman has our report. >> obviously, we're experience something headwinds. >> reporter: president obama was on the defensive in a news conference with german chancellor angela merkel. >> the recovery that we're on is not producing jobs as quickly as i want it to happen. >> reporter: the biggest problem is high fuel prices. the labor department reported private sector hiring dropped almost 5% in april. as he welcomed merkel today, the president was paying the price. his job approval that spiked up after the killing of osama bin
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laden is down below 50%. and 59% disapprove of mr. obama's handling of the economy. a new low in the washington post abc news poll. it leaves him open to attack by republican candidates like tim pawlenty today in chicago. >> the president wrongly thought the stimulus, the bailouts and takeovers were the solution. he says they worked. they did not. >> reporter: president obama takes credit for averting disaster and for future hiring. >> we have set a path that will lead us to long-term economic growth. and so our task is to not panic, not overreact. >> reporter: a plea for supporters to hang in, even though the recovery is stalled. >> "the washington post"/abc news poll found president obama running ahead of most republican candidates but not one, significantly perhaps. he's tied with mitt romney, accident seen by many
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republicans as especially strong on the economy. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. white house officials say the menu for tonight's dinner is focused largely on local ingredients, including vegetables and herbs harvested from the first lady's garden on the south lawn. that menu also will include ravioli made with maryland crab. traders on wall street extended the losing streak today. the dow closing down 19 points, finishing at 12,070. nasdaq down a point to 2701 and the s&p 500 closing off a point to end at 1284. the market started losing ground after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke acknowledged an economic slowdown but didn't offer any further stimulus ahead. coming up tonight -- metro has a new plan to help fix the broken escalators plaguing the transit system. there's a new view of that volcano. and it's fascinating people around the world. the heat, it's been blamed
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for the deaths of people in maryland. and doug has details on another
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> from outer space today, a new video of that volcanic eruption in chile last saturday. these satellite photographs show a plume of ash soaring from the andes mountains. it was more than six miles high.
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it blocked sunlight in neighboring argentina. about 3500 people were evacuated as a precaution. officials say the volcano was spitting molten rock but there was no visible lava flow. the last major eruption there was back in 1960. >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> isn't that something? >> that is incredible. >> well, we have another one -- another heat wave coming. but this is not going to be anything that we need to run and hide from. it's going to be a short one. >> last year, we talked about some of those lasting eight, nine, even ten days. this one will be similar to what we saw last week. a couple of 90-degree temperatures with the heat index over 100 and then back into cooler weather by the next couple of days. this is not going to be a long-lived heat wave. 90 degrees was the high temperature today, though. right now it is gorgeous outside. a little bit on the warm side, but the humidity has not been that bad during the afternoon. with that sunshine today, it's not bad at all.
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90 degrees. the high temperature today, low this morning, 68. average high temperature now up to 82 degrees. start of heat wave number two, yeah. i think it's definitely on the way. any time you hit 90 degrees this year, you look to what's going to happen the next couple of days. 88 degrees outside. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. once again that humidity really not a factor. only around 43%. that dew point below that 65-degree threshold. 63 degrees for the dew point. that's going to be coming up. that's what's going to make things uncomfortable the next couple of days. 83 in martinsburg. 91 in winchester and fredericksburg virginia. 86 degrees. leonardtown, maryland, 87 degrees. there's the heat advisory in effect for the day. enc encompassing most of the area. it's going to be extremely warm. it is also going to be extremely humid during the day tomorrow. any time you have a heat advisory, check on the elderly. make those plans now. you know it's going to get hot. think about what you're going to do tomorrow. bring in those pets and make
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sure you drink plenty of water. take an extra cooler with you to work tomorrow or extra thermos. we do have some rain well back to our west. that is now out of here. that was really all that we saw across the area. big time thunderstorms around pittsburgh. we actually saw some cloud cover from that today. but that's all we had. still been fairly dry. i expect it to stay dry right through the middle of -- right through the end of this week. warm temperatures, high pressure dominating the entire eastern portion of the nation. that's bringing that hot air all the way across the united states right over into our region. very hot weather during the day tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow will be at or near record high levels. the record high temperature tomorrow is 98 degrees. i think we're going to get close to that. the record on thursday is 102. it's well over 130 years old that record. i don't think we're going to break that one. it stays hot on thursday as well. this evening, a few high clouds, nice and warm. 79 to 87 degrees. that sunset at 8:31. winds on the light side. as we move in toward tomorrow
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morning, mostly sunny. a warm start. temperatures between 67 and about 70 degrees. starting off warm but i still think the humidity will be bearable tomorrow morning and then things will really start to kick up during the afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow, 96 to about 100 degrees with that heat advisory for that heat index over 100. especially between, say, noon and 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. that's when it's really going to be that hot. and then even thursday morning, thursday morning is going to be extremely humid with low temperature of about 74 degrees. that's where we're going to start the day. 99 the expected high temperature about a 30% chance of storms late in the afternoon. but most should stay on the dry side. a better chance of rain on friday and even better chance on saturday. unfortunately, the best chance of rain is going to be during the weekend, both saturday and sunday. looked like about a 60% chance of rain but we do need the rain. it will also help us to cool down. and it will not be a washout. so don't worry about that. monday and tuesday, things cool
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down. back down maybe even into the low 80s. and coming up on friday, we are going to be live in somebody's backyard. if you'd like me to come to your backyard, send us an e-mail. show us the pictures of your backyard and telluous you want us to come to weather at you think a little better picture there? >> i think you should step back from the grill. it looks hot. >> my shirt is a little too small there but we're working on that, too. >> i was going to say. >> you -- >> it will be perfect by friday. >> i'm too big for that shirt. thanks, vance. >> i'm helping you out. >> oh, goodness. coming up, security at the u.s. open golf tournament may feel more like security at the airport. a woman at a bar and behavior that was decidedly not ladylike. >> cemetery markers for loved ones lost or were stolen for profit and now someone is being held responsible. i'm julie carey. in the wake of last week's fatal bus crash on i-95, the spotlight
6:26 pm
is on inspections and safety. but law enforcement officials say there are too many loopholes. the story coming up. coming up in sports, tiger woods decides he will not play in next week's u.s. open. also, why nationals prospect bryce harper was in an affectionate mood on the baseball diamond last night. and how this hit in
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now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 6:00. >> virginia congressman eric cantor is among the growing list of people who want new york congressman anthony weiner to resign. today, house democratic leader nancy pelosi officially requested an ethics probe into weiner's conduct. he admits sending lewd photographs and comments to women online. on the d.c. city council, accusations of corruption and now the council chairman says he'll decide what to do with council member harry thomas jr. tomorrow. thomas is accused of spending more than $300,000 in city money, and he heads a powerful economic development committee. the state dinner in honor of german chancellor angela america cell under way right now in the white house rose garden. it is the fourth state dinner hosted by president obama and the first lady. howard county police have now released video of a beating and a robbery. they are hoping to find the
6:30 pm
woman responsible for this memorial weekend attack. >> she was seen punching another woman and then snatching the victim's purse. all of this while a security guard appeared to just sit there and watch the whole thing and walk away. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: now might call it a strong-armed robbery without a gun. the victim smacked so violently in the face by an unidentified woman she, falls to the ground. bar owner deck lan wood says it was unprovoked. >> that's ridiculous. never had anything like that happen in this area before. >> reporter: the smackdown happened memorial day weekend in the early morning hours inside the second chance saloon in columbia county. it was part of a group of 35 people who rented this room for a party. they had a dj. they had a security guard. the owner believes that the security guard stood by while the victim was attacked. the security video shows a man sitting in the chair and then running away. but police say they have no problem with that behavior.
6:31 pm
>> it's a tough situation when you see an assault in progress like that. we don't want anyone to endanger themselves and put themselves, you know, their safety at risk but we do want people to call 911 immediately. and that did happen in this case. >> reporter: the 230-pound suspect stole the victim's purse and ran. police have been looking for her for over a week. finally releasing the security video in the hopes that someone will turn her in. >> looking at the tape, it kind of looks like she was waiting. i've never seen her before. none of our employees recognized her. so we're asking the whole community if anybody recognized her to come let us know. >> reporter: the suspect and the victim didn't know one another. and so far, they have no motive in this bar brawl. in howard county, jane watrel, news 4. police are offering a reward of up to $500 for information that can help them make an arrest in that attack. there are new developments today in the investigation into the stolen bronze markers and urns from grave sites in prince georges county. nearly $500,000 worth of this
6:32 pm
metal has been stolen from cemeteries in laurel, clinton and silver hill. police say they've been investigating the thefts for the past two years. today a grand jury handed up indictments against four men who were suspected in these crimes. two of them worked at the cemeteries. investigators say they stole the bronze items and then sold them to scrap dealers. >> we will seek justice in these cases and we will prosecute to the fullest xents of the law. this is sacred. graveyard markers and urns are off limits. they really are. we hope we send that message. >> reporter: the four suspects could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. johns hopkins university today gave a special honor to a graduate student who was murdered just two months shy of her graduation. jana murray had worked at the lulu lemon store in bethesda while working on dual masters degrees in business and communications at johns hopkins. she was killed inside the
6:33 pm
lululemon store in bethesda last march. hopkins has awarded murray her degrees posthumously. her parents accepted the degrees on her behalf during last month's commencement exercise. a form core-worker at the store, a woman named brittany norwood has been charged in the murder. for the third straight year, montgomery county public schools have the highest graduation rates among the country's largest school districts. 85% of montgomery county students graduate high school as compared to 71% of students throughout the country. retiring superintendent of schools jerry weist says the education that students receive prepares them for college or for a career. >> when they come across that stage, i not only want them to graduate. i want them to be able to go on and do something with their life. and i want them to be inspired to reach to new heights. >> dr. weast will be retiring
6:34 pm
after attending the last graduation of the season which will be held next wednesday. he's going to be replaced by incoming school sprnlt joshua starr who ran the public school system in stamford, connecticut. just days after a deadly bus accident on i-95, virginia state police are out in force conducting safety checks on commercial vehicles. and as julie carey reports, they are using some new high-tech tools to help them make sure these vehicles on the road are safe. >> turn off your four-ways. >> reporter: alongside interstate highways and busy local roads like route 1, operation road check 2011 was in full force as state police spend the next three days conducting random safety inspections of commercial vehicles. the annual enforcement comes a week after four people were killed when a sky express bus driver fell asleep at the wheel on i-95 and drove off the road. >> there are too many lives lost to the careless and reckless actions and behaviors of some
6:35 pm
drivers. there is no room on our highways today with the volumes of traffic for equipment failures or fatigued drivers or for careless and reckless behaviors. >> reporter: but rarely do these inspections apply to bus drivers. that's because while state police can pull over truck drivers any time for ranom checks, federal rules forbid it with passenger buss. evidence gathered after the crash shows the sky express driver's log was two days out of date. something a random inspection would have revealed. so safety officials plan to use the accident to support their call for new federal standards. >> we're not prohibited to do that for trucks. so we have put more of an emphasis on cargo than on people. and we think that that's an oversight that's been made that needs to be corrected. >> reporter: state police can conduct inspections if they pull a bus over for a violation. they demonstrated the kind of thorough check that would be conducted. only this bus is from a local company that puts a premium on safety. and there are high-tech tools
6:36 pm
now to help with safety checks. this special dmv van is equipped with a thermal imaging unit that can identify trucks most likely to have problems. >> you can see the tires here. see the heat coming off of them? right inside here you can see those brakes are working because they are producing heat. >> last year in virginia, commercial vehicles were involved in more than 4600 accidents causing 86 deaths. and those are numbers safety officials hope to keep reducing. julie carey, news 4, dumphries, virginia. they are hoping to address the problem of escalators always breaking down. the agency wants to assign ten additional employees to work in its maintenance division. and we assume they are asking for money to cover that in the new proposal. right now, more than 130 metro escalators are broken at train platforms. that's about 1 in 5 of them. an independent consultant has said poor maintenance led to
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that problem. still ahead, fedex field clearing out for a party. and airport security could [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> good afternoon, everybody. welcome back.
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meteorologist doug kammerer. right here in storm center 4 looking at a very warm day today. but a hot day over the next couple of days. 88 degrees out there right now. winds out of the south at about 10 miles per hour. yes, it's warm today. but it's not too humid. that's been the one area where we've been able to stay a little on the comfortable side. 84 in sterling. 87 in annapolis. out toward ocean city, maryland, current temperature 82 degrees. looking at a very nice evening tonight. a nice night overnight. down to 69 in the district. 62346 frederick. 64 in warrenton. down toward st. mary's, around 68. but that humidity is going to creep in here tomorrow. a high tomorrow of 98 degrees in the district. 93 in annapolis. 96 in winchester and fredericksburg. you'll be near that 100-degree mark and that heat index for everybody could be over100 degrees. that's why we have that heat advisory in effect for tomorrow. it will most likely be extended into thursday as well. it's going to be a little bit of a hot time over the next couple of days. >> thanks, doug. big change coming to fedex
6:41 pm
field. crews are removing thousands of seats. the redskins announced they are adding two party decks to the top level of the stadium. once completed, fans will be able to buy standing room only tickets. they can also enjoy pre and postgame festivities on these upper level decks. the team says fedex will still be able to hold about 85,000 people. the new decks should be ready for the 2012 season. pack your parachutes. >> how much beer are they going to sell up there? >> oh, boy. >> hi. >> hey. >> what are you looking at? >> you hearing about some golf news going on. everyone was waiting to hear about tiger. next week's u.s. open will be tiger-less. also, former terp jordan williams struts his stuff for the wizards. and why bryce harper was in such an affectionate mood last night when news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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i'm reading lindsay's copy. and it occurs to me that none of us here at nbc is going to receive a raise at any time in the next couple of years. now she's going to telluous. >> we might get a cool little gift. >> a mug. >> a gym bag. >> all right. all right. >> they are saying this because the olympic games are staying right here on nbc.
6:45 pm
the international olympic committee awarded all of the olympic games through 2020 to nbc, which outbid two other u.s. tv networks. they did $4.38 billion -- >> there you go. >> there you go. >> there's your mug. >> nbc already has the rights to the 2012 games in london, but now will also air the winter olympics. you'll have to watch your suits. no more for you. in 2014. in 2018 as well as the summer games in 2016 and 2020. moving on now to golf. tiger woods is listening to doctors for once and looking ahead. woods announced he will not play next week at the u.s. open. he adds that the injuries to his knees and akichilles tendon hav not improved enough to play. this is when tiger aggravated his left knee and achilles. it was in april. his second shot on the 17th hole of his third round saturday at the masters. he didn't play again until a month later when he played only nine holes at the players championship on thursday and
6:46 pm
then pulled himself from the tournament after reinjuring himself on his opening tee shot. since that time he's been in a walking boot. he's been on crutches. he's been unable to practice or work on his game. and he tweeted shortly after 2:30 this afternoon on his website. he said not playing in the u.s. open. very disappointed. short-term frustration for long-term gain. a sensible plan but certainly to the dismay of a lot of fans hoping to see him at the u.s. open. sometimes the tough decision is the best decision. that's what former maryland star jordan williams said about choosing to leave maryland after his sophomore year and enter the nba draft. today he had an opportunity to backup his belief in himself in a workout for the washington wizards. a chance like this, exactly why williams left the teammates and the fans that had shown him so much support. williams set the single season record with 25 double-doubles. he says he lost 18 pounds since he lost immediate head. experts predict he could go as late as the first round or drop
6:47 pm
somewhere in the seconds. williams says he loves being back in d.c. >> it's crazy. i missed it out here. i haven't been here in so long. like three months. i lived here over two years. so i missed everyone around here. got to see some old friends. it was definitely a good trip. i feel comfortable here. you kind of forget where you were. you are always moving, always doing things. you forget where you were. to be back here, just to be in the atmosphere. even though it's not college park, it's right up the road. it still feels like i'm home. >> jordan williams took a gamble deciding not go back to maryland his sophomore year. he's very, very confident. jordan williams there from connecticut. the nationals jason marquis has been suspended for five games because of intentionally hitting justin upton with a pitch in sunday's game. he is appealing. meanwhile, last night, the nationals let one slip away as the giants rallied from a four-run deficit to take the ball game. we're in san francisco. michael morris, this guy has
6:48 pm
been on a tear the last month. it continued last night in san francisco. top of the third. nats up 2-0. he sends it into the gap in right center. roger bernadina scores and laynce nix comes all the way around. nationals were up 4-0. morris drove in three of the nats' four runs. could the nationals bull pen hold it on? the answer, no. to freddy sanchez. the wing run on third. lined that to right field and the game was over. chris stewart scores. the giants win in 13 innings. their eighth walk-off win of the season. you'll love this. last night in hagerstown have you seen this yet? nationals prospect bryce harper was back in the lineup after taking a pitch off his left knee on sunday. bottom of the sixth. crushes his 14th home run. he takes some time to admire the shot. he's very confident. runs around first. then as harper turns for home, he looks toward the mound and
6:49 pm
puckers up to blow a kiss to the pitcher. take another look. look at that. that's confidence in a big way for a nationals prospect. >> that is suicide. because the next time he comes up to bat against that guy or some other pitcher, it's coming higher and hard. isn't it? >> the nationals it is. the nationals' subpoena is thre is a teachable moment. they're going to use this as a moment to say don't do this again. >> they're going to put their foot up his butt. actually it's going to be both. >> i don't think anyone is going to put their foot up his butt. >> but pitchers are coming high and hard at his head. >> they'll make a man of him real quick. >> or something. moving on to hockey. >> ex-baseball player. >> there's your nationals prospect. i don't know if you want to say that. that's all they got going right now. the boston bruins wreaked havoc on the canucks last night after one of boston's stars, nathan horton, was knocked from the game after a vicious hit in the first period. boston rallied to score eight goals and crush vancouver in
6:50 pm
game three of the stanley cup finals. today, aaron rome, the player responsible for the hit was suspended for four games. that means he will not play the remainder of the playoffs. meanwhile, horton was released from the hospital this morning after suffering a severe concussion. he will miss the rest of the playoffs because of this. in the first period, nathan horton had the puck center ice. he passes and it leveled by aaron roen. look at him laying there on the ice. you can tell it looks like he's about to lose consciousness. he wants to express his concern for nathan's well being and wish him a quick and full recovery. he did not return to the game. he will miss the rest of the playoffs. and should this series end early, that suspension will roll into next season. so good news is that horton was released today again from the hospital but that was one of the most vicious hits anyone has seen in quite a long time. no tiger, but the u.s. open will still go on at congressional next week. here is director of golf john
6:51 pm
lyberger with a look at hole number 12. >> 12 holes. it's a dogleg left. par 4. but it's going to provide two unique challenges to the players during the open championship. mike davis has the opportunity to mix it up using a tee box from the 15th hole as well as the tee boxes from the 12th hole. so he can stretch the hole to 470 yards and then he can bring it up to 401 yards to the other tee box that they're going to play which is cut a little tighter to the left side of the hole which, on a dogleg left, forces the players to really shape the shot along the contour of the hole and leave themselves somewhere, you know, inside 150 yards to a green that plays a little downhill and it's guarded
6:52 pm
by bunkers on the left, front left and right and a little collection area in the back left. two totally different looks at it for the players. something that they're not going to get comfortable if they are playing all four days. they'll play a couple of days from here. a couple of days from the back tee and two great unique challenges. >> john lyberger, ever the source of information. congrtulations to him for trying to make the cut at the u.s. open. formidable effort. >> he did. thanks, lindsay. coming up, security is going to be tight at the u.s. open. we're going to take a look at that. >> for all your news, we invite you to follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on face
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> try to imagine getting through airport security in as little as five seconds. the international air transport association has unveiled a checkpoint system that would do away with the one size fits all screening. passengers would be directed to
6:56 pm
one of three lanes. known traveler, one, normal, the second one or enhanced security, the third one. the travelers would not have to remove either clothes or shoes and the passenger with the least security risk would get the simpler of the screening. the international air transport association is hoping to see the technology implemented in the next two years. and you don't have to remove your clothes or your shoes to go through security at the u.s. open at congressional country club when it starts, but once it does get under way, no cell phones and no cameras allowed in the tournament. elaine reyes takes a look at what else they're going to be doing. >> we were able to play the course and the course is playing very, very difficult. >> reporter: longtime congressional country club member says next week's tournament can't get here fast enough. >> and with all the great players out today, anybody -- it's anybody's game. let's see who hits it down in the middle and stays in the fairway. the course is just in fabulous
6:57 pm
shape. >> reporter: he'll get to hell cigars to fellow members and be a marshal at the event. but he's also 1 of 200,000 people expected to crowd the exclusive bethesda golf course for the u.s. open. because of anticipated crowds, 300 federal, state and local law enforcement officers will keep things safe and moving. >> this is a marquee event. and it's not just a local or national event. but this has international attention. the last time the u.s. open was at congressional was 1997. things have changed. the world has changed since then. >> work is already under way at the montgomery county fairgrounds. one of two main parking lots for ticketholders. before anyone can even board a shuttle bus to the club, they'll have to go through a security checkpoint. the other lot is located near dulles airport. although the open is still a few days away, the warning signs are everywhere. >> all the roads leading up to
6:58 pm
congressional country club are one lane in each direction. those lanes just aren't built to handle that kind of volume. >> this is huge with the number of people. it's also big for the club because it gets great worldwide attention. and it's just fantastic f for everybody and for the washington area, the economy and d.c. >> reporter: elaine reyes, news 4. the 2011 u.s. open starts on monday. for all things u.s. open go to let's get a final check, doug. >> the weather looking really nice monday and tuesday. but for the next couple of days, it's looking very, very hot. temperatures today, 90 degrees. temperature, up to 98. but it may feel more like 102, 103 degrees. even warmer on thursday. high of 99 degrees. only a slight chance of some showers or thunderstorms. friday and saturday, a better chance of rain and better chance for things to start to cool down a little bit. still on the humid side on friday. high of 93. 88 degrees coming up on saturday. not a washout this weekend, but
6:59 pm
do expect a chance to see some rain. >> thanks, doug. it is now been 40 years, can you believe it, since the late marvin gaye first asked the question, what's going on? ♪ ♪ talk to me so you can see what's going on ♪ ♪ what's going on what's going on ♪ >> what's going on is the title track from an album that has become part of the fabric of american music. it is, in fact, iconic. to mark the 40th anniversary of its release in 1971, a remastered edition of the original marvin gaye album is in the works. it's going to include some previously unreleased tracks and a vinyl lp of gaye's first mix of the album. marvin gaye grew up here in southeast d.c. "what's going on" marked a new turn in his career. the album's social commentary on the vietnam war,


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