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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd this, is news 4 at 11:00. on the, a change of heart for chris christie?
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what's making him reconsider a run in 2012? a jogger attacked at dawn on a busy road in arlington in between a school and the pentagon city shopping mall. the first lady takes a trip to target. new pictures of her incognito outfit and who realized the truth about the lady in the shades? good evening, i'm dorene gentzler. >> i'm sitting in for jim vance. we begin with the swipe. it's something we do every day. coffee, gas, lunch, swipe it as part of our culture. it will cost a lot more money to use your money. bank of america announced plans to roll out a $5 monthly charge for people using debit cards for purchases. that's $60 for the privilege to spend your money. the new fee is scheduled to begin this year. and while the outrage is gone viral, the fee can't come soon
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enough for bank of america. here's cnbc's bertha coombs. the issue for bank of america and most banks is that they're now going to lose a lot of revenue. they used to be able to charge 44 cents every time you swiped to make a purchase with your debit cards. now they can only charge 24 cents. for bank of america, it will be a $10 billion in fees. they're instituting that fee to make up for some of that. bank of america in particular is saddled with a lot of potential losts when it comes to mortgages because they bought countrywide mortgage. they're intent on making sure to continue to make as much money as they can. they face lawsuits on that and they may have to write down even more as people continue to have trouble paying their mortgages. for news 4, i'm bertha coombs. trying to buy a car on-line
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led a family from fairfax county in danger. they were held up when they tried to purchase the cars two. in newington, one in clifton. one case, a gun was pulled out. if you're buying something from craigslist, meet in a public place during the day and bring something with you. it was just over a year ago that natascha pettigrew was killed riding her bike. her mother never gave up the fight to bring that driver to justice and now has helped to change the law all across maryland. darcy has more on that. darcy? we've learned that driver is facing serious charges. as you mentioned, the victim's mother has made it her mission to toughen maryland laws in her daughter's memory. 30-year-old natascha pettigrew was struck and killed while riding her bike in route 202 in
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larg one year ago. the bike later found still attached to thes can laid th-- escalade and fled the scene. >> i lost my daughter, the love of my life, and my best friend. >> maryland's vehicular manslaughter laws were too lenient. oftentimes when pedestrians and bike riders were hit and killed, the driver would end up with a minor charge. >> there was a big and glaring loophole in the law that allowed people to kill someone on the highways and get away. >> thanks to henry's lobbying efforts, lawmakers created a misdemeanor often, manslaughter by criminal negligence, punishable by a fine and jail time. the law goes into effect on saturday. >> the intent is that the person who does a hit-kill-and run as an example gets more than just
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$100 in fines, gets more than a traffic ticket or two. >> the state's attorney's office confirms the driver of the escalade faces multiple charges including fleeing the scene. they hope it will help the family get justice. >> i want to think they will do more to protect more families who become victims. >> anyone convicted under this new law could face up to three years behind bars. reporting live from largo, darcy spencer, news 4, back to you. now to some developing political news. the gop presidential field could be expanding once again. new jersey governor chris christie now says he's considering a run for president. christie has repeatedly denied any interest in running. but sources tell our nbc sister station in new york that christie may have a change of heart after the outpouring of
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support he receive in a cross-country speaking tour this week. sources say a decision from the governor could come as soon as next week. a trip to target is routine for a lot of us in the u.s. the first lady took the same trip, in different fashion, incognito. ball cap, jacket, one assistant. there were secret service agents in the store. no one noticed them until she made it to the register. target officials say they had no advanced notice that first lady michelle obama would be coming to the target behind me here in alexandria, virginia. some of the employees say they didn't recognize her. she was described as undercover. they're surprised by all of this. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama blends in at the target store in alex andry yeah, virginia. >> i think it's great. >> we showed the photos to
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janine pratt saying the first lady is just like her. >> like regular people. >> reporter: she shopped 30 to 40 minutes wearing a baseball hat, sunglasses, a button down shirt and she pushed her own cart. secret service agents arrived a half hour before she arrived through the main entrance. >> why not? where else is there to get cat food and bras and bananas all in one place? >> target didn't issue a formal same, the company did tweet, quote, first lady michelle obama may be incognito, but there's no denying those signature target red carts. >> really her? >> yes, it is. >> that's terrific. >> a registered republican disagrees with the obama administration's economic policies. can we put shopping aside? >> it's cynical to put political
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motives in to everything. i give her the benefit of the doubt. >> i shop here a lot. >> the e-mailer called the white house to find out if they tipped the associated press photographer here at the target before first lady michelle obama arrived. once they do, if they do, we'll post the response. it's worth menging that the fist lady is not the first first lady to do this. hillary rodham clinton was seen wearing sun glasses and a baseball cap while she was walking. i'm shamari stone, back to you. >> they should be able to get out once in a while on their own in a ball cap. >> you've got to be able to do some of your own shopping. you have to cruise the aisles and decide what you want. you have to have the right to do that no matter how big you are. >> indeed. police take to the streets after a jogger is attacked in arlington. >> a new report tracking sexual harassment claims on capitol hill has one member of congress
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calling for change. an explosion sends firefighters rushing to put out an ambulance, doug? out there right now, a little bit of a cooldown when you walkout side. a great evening. check this out, a frontal boundary is making its way to the area. a lot of rain and thundershowers
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police want joggers in arlington to be on alert after a woman was attacked this morning.
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the woman was running when a man came up and knocked her to the ground. it happened at 6:30 this morning along army-navy drive at 395 and a couple of blocks away from the pentagon city mall. he kicked her several times before touching her inappropriately. when the woman fought back and screamed, the man ran away. the attack is not thought to be related to any others in the area. more congressional employees are complaining about harassment and retaliation on the job. that's according to a report. the office of compliance monitors conditions on the hill. the number of employees reaching out to them for help with claims has increased in the last five years. the report calls for congress to require mandatory anti-discrimination training and whistleblower protection for workers. that's something all private employers must do, but congress does not. eleanor holmes norton said she's introduce a bill strengthening work place rights. >> we can't go out, go to the
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house floor or pass legislation that requires other employers what you don't do yourself. i call my bill called the leading by example act. congress has to do it first, then everybody will understand they're supposed to do the same thing, not the other way around. >> to read the entire report, we invite you to visit washington, and search for congressional work place. police continue to search for a husband or community activist who disappeared more than a week ago. >> people lie, politicians lie, what should you look for to know if someone is lying to you. one expert tells us
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well, you probably know somebody who's good at telling a lie. you can figure out how to find out if someone is lying to your face. most of us think we can recognize if someone tells us a lie. >> they get shifty in the eye. >> they try to overexplain. >> they tend to fidget. >> it's about the communication. >> the reality is there's no
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single sure fire tipoff and the average person can do only slightly better than flipping a coin. >> sure that people lie to me all the time and i don't catch it. it depends on how good you are. people don't catch me when i lie. >> you're not lying to me now, are you? >> i might be, can you tell? >> funny she should ask, here's the answer. >> there are things that you can do and skills that you can develop, but you have to ground them in good science. >> attorney mole ton told us he would show us what he does. >> you have to have a baseline. >> look for differences that may be clues. >> false, particularly untrue, ridiculous. >> this is john edwards when he was denying his affair. >> i've been in love with the same woman for 30 plus years. it's not the eye blinking. he duh not do that.
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he does not shrug his left shoulder. anybody who knows him says i love my wife. john edwards was a bad liar. >> being familiar may explain why it's easy to catch on to someone close to you. >> like my son. >> what about your son? >> i can tell when he's lying. >> you don't know the person, it's more difficult. >> you look for microexpressions. >> an eck presentation of emotion that is quelled. >> reviewer anthony weaner, mole ton caught a half smile. >> he's delighting in thinking that he's pulling a fast one on the people whom he's speaking with. >> use of liar's techniques such as anger at the questioner. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman, ms. lewinsky. >> the fact he's angry and the fact he refers to ms. lewinsky as that woman tells us he might
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be distancing himself emotionally from the truth. >> now the disclaimer, these tipoffs identify hot spots, clues to investigate further. alone they're not enough to tell for sure if someone is lying. >> patrick healey was reporting. >> we can watch doug's forecast very carefully. >> i know exactly, exactly what the weather is going to be like for the next 88 hours -- for the days, for the next few years. >> for all of us. bah you mean it! how dare we question you. >> exactly. >> we want good news, sunshine, dry weather the forecast, whether it's true or not. >> on the whole, it's a good forecast. for the weekend, maybe not so much a lot of you are saying bring on the cooler weather. this is near dupont circle, connecticut and r right now where the weather is fine. a little bit of a chill in the air this evening. a little bit of a crisp feeling
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too. that's what a lot of people have needed. a lot of people said get rid of the humidity. it's gone. that's the good news. high temperature, 78 degrees, the low, was 69 this morning. this low right here, 66. that's the current temperature out there. we copt to fall and we'll turn much cooler over the next few days. the temperature, 66. dew point down to 55. if winds are on the calm side. that will allow us to calm down. we're down to 55 in gaithersburg. 61 in fredericksburg. a much cooler night tonight. but nothing compared to where we'll be in a couple of days. no rain out there to talk about. we won't see any rain in the next 24 hours even though we have a strong cold front coming down. this cold front bringing a lot of rain and thunderstorms to ohio and columbus, in towards pittsburgh. it will dry out before it moves to our region overnight and into the day tomorrow. it will bring us cloud cover. i'm not anticipating too much in the way of shower activity.
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we won't see much of anything with that front. the first front is the one we saw today that did bring us a couple of showers, really, tw in the portions of maryland. here's the next storm. as it makes its way down, the cold front will bring us clouds most likely by 11:00, 12:00 this morning. here comes the cool air behind it in the afternoon. tomorrow afternoon and evening, you're going to notice a difference when you step out the door from what you did earlier in the afternoon. cool and windy for the week ernernnd. because of this area of low pressure, we'll see shower activity. not everybody will see the rain. a scattering of showers. tomorrow morning, a few clouds. nice start, 51 to 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the mid 70s. a nice day tomorrow. increasing cloudiness in the afternoon. winds out of the west at 5 to 10 mile-per-hours. those will be increasing to 15 to 20 by late in the day. high on saturday, only 58
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degrees with a 50% chance of shower activity. best chance in the portions of maryland. on sunday, windy and 60 with winds up to 30 mile-per-hours. here's the best part of that forecast. monday, all the way through the end of next week is looking really, really niles. we've been through the rain, the clouds, a little bit of a cooldown. then -- a nice stretch. >> a whole lease on life. >> bring it on. >> everything is great. still ahead, a new pizza in virginia so big it doesn't fit in the car door. >> the redskins take i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler.
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oh. >> what's going on. a little redskins. it's still early. a lot of people want to make this game to be very, very important. only week four. not a must-win game for the redskins. but it is a must-win game for the ram. that warns redskins coaches going to st. louis. they're going against a rattlesnake that just got its tail stepped on, the rams. 0 and 3, bludgeoned 37-7 by the ravens. so the redskins need to put this play out of their minds. dallas is over. it was a wasted opportunity. but the redskins still have a chance to go to the bye week 3 and 1. the importance of the rams' game is not lost on the players or the coaches. they know the difference between 3 and 1 and 2 and 2 is a big one, especially when it's the record that will define you for the next two weeks. >> look at us at 2 and 1 and waning to be 3 and 0, going to
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the bye week, that's the best it can be. that will put us in the position they can be on. >> don't want to go to the bye week at 2 and 2, you want to go in at 3 and 1. the football team playing a football team in paris a week before. that's a talented football team. probably the best young quarterback to come to the league in a long time. a pro bowl running back plus cadillac williams. they have a lot of talent. we've got to put our best shot forward and get the job done. so much turnover on the redskins roster that every week the skins have somebody playing against their former team. this week it's otogweye. he doesn't have the flash of landry but he's been a salad addition of the secondary. to have them playing together is something redskins' coaches have
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been waiting for the entire offseason. for otogeye is going to be nice but nothing personal. >> i left st. louis in a good place personally. i'm here in washington because i feel that's where god wanted me to be. there's no bad blood. >> we talk quite a bit. a great veteran guy for me as a rookie to bounce things off when i had questions, especially since we play defense. and i have a lot of respect for juice. and it's going to be interesting playing against him this week. after going against them all last year, i learned a couple of things. >> sam bradford has been sacked 11 times so far this year. soccer time, five matches left in the regular season for dc united and the playoff push just got a little tougher up in philly tonight. a late goal did d.c. united in. d.c. united fans showing up in
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philly. 2-0 early. but in the 22nd minute, dwayne derosario off of the corner kick making things happen. you can barely see that. take a look. the header. making a case for mls mvp. gets united back in it. the 11th goal of the season. if fans liked it until the 57th minute. oh, no, hit him hard. look at that. tied up at two. so we go to the 57th minute. and roger torres delivers this ball. look at this rifle off of the left foot. not going to stop that. that gives philadelphia a 3-2 lead. united missed a key time to change some ground in the playoff race. four games to go. we need to win two of them to hang in there. hang in there. >> thank you, ture,
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police released new surveillance photos of a person of interest linked to the disappearance of a community activist from alexandria. the man used a credit card belonging to 53-year-old lenny harris. he's been missing since september 21. the van was seen early on the morning of the 22nd in prison george's county one hour before the man in the van tried to use the card in the a trk mtm. not clear what caused this explosion inside this ambulance. it caught fire 2:30 yesterday afternoon. no one was inside at the time. the ambulance was parked at 38th and ireland avenue near the fire station. the crew was on another car.
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if you've been to adams morgan late at night, you know about the jumbo slice. pizzeria is serving up what it calls the virginia slice. vinny is in blacksburg, virginia. a virginia tech alumn opened it because he said there wasn't enough post bar food in the town. the pizza is 28 inches wide, big enough for a dozen people. it's so big the box doesn't fit through a car door. we called pizza mart in adams morgan, at 32 inches, their pies are too big to fit in >> announcer: it's "the tonight show tonight, jay welcomes -- from "dancing with the stars," chaz


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