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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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to traffic. commuters now need to use the right exit ramp to 66 west. the right exist lane will have two lanes. as you adjust to this change, here's what you need to know. if you're coming to i-66, move to the right lane on i-495 north as you approach the i-66 interchange and take exit 49a, i-66 west. the merge point onto exit 49a, i-66 west, has been relocated to just before the i-66 overpass. they're doing this to make way for the hot lanes exit ramp. that will built in place of the existing left exit for i-66 west. the bottom line is you no longer have that left lane option for getting onto i-66 for 495. you have to get over to your right and take the right lane. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in fairfax county. eun, back to you in the studio. it's a sign of the times. pretty soon it's going to cost a
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lot more to use a debit card. bank of america announced plans to start charging customers to use a $5 a month debit card fee. that's $60 a year. a spokeswoman for the company says customers will be charged if they use their debit card for a purchase in any given month. customers will not be charnled if they only use their debit card at an atm. this new fee is expected to begin this year. students at payne elementary in southeast are temporarily relocating so utility crews are working to restore power. buses will take students to the school along "c" street. the students will be returned back to payne elementary for dismissal at 3:15. all after school programs are cancelled today. officials expect the power to be restored by monday. it's 4:31 now. time for weather and traffic on the ones. you can kind of feel already there's going to be a change, right? >> and it's going to be a big change for the weekend.
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it was so nice driving in this morning, looking up and seeing the stars. >> it's so clear. >> i didn't even know what that was. >> exactly. twinkle, twinkle, the stars are out early part of the morning here. we've got a clear sky. clouds gone for now. boy, the air -- the humidity is way down. 62 degrees the temperature, feels very refreshing out there. there's a bit of snappiness about the atmosphere. while the wind is calm currently, we're going to have a breezy afternoon. we're 62 degrees right inside the beltway. waldorf in charles county, 60 degrees. 57 in olney and gaithersburg. 52 up in frederick. generally, low to mid-50s throughout the area. you can see on radar, we've got the clouds drifting through. more shower activity will be coming into the area around midnight tonight. breezy afternoon, high of 74 degrees. we'll hold around 73, 74, for much of the afternoon today.
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the only thing is we're going to see an increase in clouds, and that will give way to showers coming our way tomorrow. danella? >> good morning. driving in op the outer loop of the beltway, there was some construction right after you pass new hampshire avenue and make your way towards connecticut avenue. it looks to be gone now. seeing a lot of green in this area. if you're also taking 270, i don't see any problems for you there. if you look in both directions heading out of urbanna and making your way towards the spur, clear in both directions. here's a live look at father hurley boulevard. you can see the cars are moving quite nicely. if you're taking 95 in virginia, here's the view at prince william parkway. i don't see any issues in either direction on 95 and continuing on to 395. this is what edsall looked like. edsall all the way to the 14th street bridge, no problems in either direction. back to you both. >> thanks so much, danella. three new traffic laws will go into effect tomorrow in maryland. one is the result of a deadly
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accident a year ago. natasha pettigrew was killed while riding her bicycle along route 202 in largo, her bike found later still attached to the cadillac escalade that struck her. at the time of her death, maryland's vehicular manslaughter laws were continued to be too lenient. now they created a new misdemeanor offense, called manslaughter by criminal negligence, and it's punishable by a fine and jail time. >> the intent is that the person who does a hit, kill, and run as an example gets more than just $100 in fines, gets more than a traffic ticket or two. >> also starting tomorrow, state law will require the use of ignition interlock devices. that's when the ignition system is connected to a breath analyzer. the law will directly impact repeat offenders and some other drivers convicted of drunk driving. >> the third new law says police
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in maryland can pull over and ticket drivers if they're caught sending or reading text messages behind the wheel. under the existing law, it was a secondary offense. that meant police officers had to find another reason to pull a driver over in order to issue a texting citation. under this new law, anyone caught texting can be fined $70 and receive one point on your driver's license. nearly 70% of all texting adults confess to either sending or reading a text message while driving. starting tomorrow, you'll have to pay more at the dmv and the district. the agency is doubling its fees for several services. it is raising fees from $7 to $20 for duplicate driver's licenses, duplicate learner's permits, temporary driver's licenses and identification cards, change of address, and printing duplicate registration cards. the price for parking is going up as well. a residential parking permit is currently $15 a year and will increase to $35. unless you're a senior citizen.
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then it will cost you $25. >> now to decision 2012. the gop presidential field could be expanding yet again. new jersey governor chris christie says he's now considering a run for the white house. christie has repeatedly denied any interest in running, but sources tell our sister station in new york that christie may have a change of heart after the outpouring of support he received during a cross country speaking tour this week. sources say a decision from the governor could come as early as next week. after 44 years, the iconic hawk and dove on capitol hill is closing this weekend. sunday, october 2nd, will be last call. the popular tavern has been sold and will be turned into a bistro. hawk 'n dove will auction off memorabilia and other stuff starting october 9th. you can own bar stools and neon signs from d.c.'s oldest bar. this morning we have a warning from women, be on alert. police tell us a man attacked a
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jogger in arlington. it happened around this time yesterday morning along army navy drive right next to 395 and just a couple of blocks from the pentagon city mall. a man came up behind a 37-year-old woman and knocked her to the ground. he kicked her several times before touching her inappropriately. when the woman fought back and screamed, the man ran away. investigators do not think it's related to any others in that area. a warning for would be car buyers. police in northern virginia say someone is using fake craigslist ads to store quick cash. fairfax county police say two incidents happened in newington and one in clifton. in one case they showed the victim a gun and demanded money. police advise you to use caution if you're buying things off craigslist. they suggest meeting during the day in a public place and try to bring someone with you. one of michael jackson's
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bodyguards says he was told to hide vials of a powerful anesthesia that were factors in the singer's death. alberto alvarez took the stand and testified for the prosecution in the murder trial of dr. conrad murray. alvarez says murray told him to put the vials of propofol in a bag before paramedics arrived. the bodyguard said he assumed murray would take them to the hospital. >> he then pointed towards the iv stand, and he said, now, get that bag, or move that bag, and put it in the blue bag. >> prosecutors are trying to show that murray intentionally hid evidence that he gave jackson propofol. the defense is expected to argue jackson gave himself the final fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic. time now 4:38 on this fall-like morning. ahead on "news 4 today," the tweet that launched an investigation at the capitol.
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meteorologist veronica johnson here. time now 4:41, weather and traffic on the ones. 62 your temperature. the wind now calm. boy, oh, boy, when you step
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outside, you're likely to need a jacket. even this afternoon you might need a jacket as we see high temperatures push up towards 74, 75 degrees. it will be a breezy day coming our way. an increase in clouds. and then later tonight, maybe even some showers developing around 11:00 p.m. or midnight. emphasis on the light showers that we're going to have coming our way. a breezy weekend. it will be cool with highs getting up to about 58 to 60 degrees. starting out in the mid and upper 40s, feeling a lot like mid-november, and our coolest air we have had around here since probably the early part of may. 67 on monday. monday now is looking dry. extended forecast coming up. let's get a look at traffic is danella sealock. >> good morning. we're looky pretty good in our area. the overnight construction in the process of getting picked up. so it's been a nice commute for you so far. starting at the beltway in maryland, this is colesville
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road. inner loop and outer loop, no problems here. earlier, there was construction pl blocking the right side. looks like the cones are up. and in virginia, gw parkway, clear commute for you. and i-66, the view from sully road. both inside and outside the beltway on i-66, not seeing any sha issues in either direction. >> 4:43 now. 62 degrees. still to come, the new privacy complaint against facebook getting attention on capitol hill.
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in mt. rainier, maryland, an ambulance explodes. it happened while the crew was responding to a call. fortunately, no one was inside at the time. a volunteer fire crew from bladensburg put out the fire. investigators are looking into what caused the ambulance to catch fire. this year d.c. marion berry's turkey giveaway comes with a few strings. if you're wanting to get a turkey, you have to show up to a few meetings. he's asking people to preregister and commit to three community meetings or to attend every pta meeting from october to november if you are a parent of a school age child. the preregistration should avoid last year's turkey distribution mess where some people were left turkeyless after a billing dispute. the giveaway is november 22nd. final rebuttals are under way this morning as lawyers for amanda knox make one final push
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to overturn her murder conviction. both prosecutors and the defense are expected to speak one last time before the italian court. knoxay also read a statement, something that was expected yesterday but was delayed. knox was convicted of the murder of her roommate. a verdict is expected by monday. another recall this morning because of concerns about listeria. a california farm is now voluntarily recalling bags of chopped row ma romaine lettuce e western states because of possible contamination. the food and drug administration says a random test sample from the farm tested positive for listeria. listeria has contaminate ed cantaloupe. it's been blamed for 16 deaths across the country. so far no one has died from contaminated lettuce. ken yu chung pled guilty to falling asleep behind a bus in
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may. it went off the road in richmond and four people were killed. he's set to go on trial in january for four counts of involuntary manslaughter. the man accused of impersonating vince young could be extradited to texas. they're trying to decide if stefan pittman violated his probation. he swindled people out of money for thinking he was the philadelphia eagles quarterback. 4:48 now. new clues in the disappearance of a community activist from alexandria. police released these surveillance photos of a person of interest linked to the disappearance. the man in this white dodge caravan used a credit card belonging to 53-year-old lenny harris. harris has been missing since september 21. the van was seen early on the morning of the 22nd in prince
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george's county. one hour before that, the man tried to use the card at an atm in alexandria. the onion newspaper is famous for its very realistic take on fake news, but their latest stunt might have gone a bit too far. yesterday morning the onion tweeted out that armed congressmen were holding schoolchildren hostage. capitol police immediately responded, debunking the alarming news. the satirical news site posted footage of the hostage situation and continued to post fake updates throughout the day. capitol police said they understand the onion's satire, but this wasn't very funny. facebook's recent changes are getting criticism everywhere. now the privacy groups asked the federal trade commission to investigate the social networking site. earlier this week, an australian
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blogger had discovered facebook followed users even if they leave the site and go to other websites. these changes could allow stalkers to access personal information of users. the redskins leave this sunday for a matchup against the 0-3 rams. while st. louis is winless on the season, the skins are not taking this game lightly. the rams got stomped last week by the ravens. so the players and coaches are aware the rams will come out firing. they also know that after this game, the team's bye week is next. so there's a big difference between going into the week off 3-1 and going in 2-2. >> you don't want to go in at 2-2. you want to go into the bye week at 3-1. we also know we're playing a football team that was embarrassed the week before. it's a very talented team. probably the best young quarterback to come in the league in a long time. they've got a lot of talent, and they beat us here last year. we've got to put our best shot forward, and we've got to go out there and get the job done.
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>> redskins and rams kick off 1:00 sunday afternoon. >> you can't count out the rams. you've got to be prepared. >> you can't. you've got to. >> it is football weather finally this weekend, veronica. >> big time football weather this weekend. >> the terps are playing too. >> the terps play saturday 3:30. if you're going to that game, i'll be there. >> all right! >> my daughter's band is marching. >> are you wearing red? >> of course i'm wearing red. what kind of question is that? but you'll need a coat because not only is it going to be very chilly on saturday it's going to be breezy, and we'll have a few showers coming through. you asked about a 9:00 a.m. soccer game, i believe, on saturday. it will not be rained out. nothing will be rained out this weekend. chance of showers you'll see in a moment. 62 degrees the temperature. still a calm wind out there. a mostly clear sky. a lot of stars you can see when you look up. temperatures from 52 in frederick, maryland. 55 in leesburg. loudoun county.
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60 the temperature right now in waldorf. a generally light wind throughout the area. so for today some clouds drifting through. we're dealing with yet another upper level low pressure system, that one over ohio. it will be making its way through pennsylvania. for us the chance for some scattered light showers on saturday. there will be a chance early on saturday. i think east of i-95. and then around washington county and down into loudoun county in the morning. then a better chance for those showers coming through on saturday during the afternoon. they're not going to amount to a whole lot. probably only .is in1 inch and after that. the emphasis on how cold it's going to be. here's a look at our morning readings as we dip down to the low 50s. take a look at the 40, state college, pittsburgh. and some in the higher spots around west virginia. could have a few snowflakes mixing in with rain showers. saturday morning even colder as temperatures drop to the upper
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30s in a lot of locations in western pennsylvania. big fall-like weekend coming our way. it's going to be dry today. getting up to 70 to 75 degrees for your evening forecast. 70 to 65. so falling off with chilly conditions for the evening. four-day forecast, slight chance for a few light showers on saturday. that's it. but the big thing is how chilly it's going to be this weekend. we'll start to see the mercury rise a little bit on monday with a high of 67 degrees after a chilly weekend and a very coat-like weekend, sbinto the l 70s most of next week. i'm happy to say that all of next week right now, all of next week for now is looking dry. let's get a look at traffic now. hit the roadways with danella sealock. >> that sounds great, veronica. we've had so much rain. looking forward to dry roads. right now not seeing a lot of congestion in our area. happy friday to you. this is a look at the american legion bridge. people are starting to make their way about. nothing is slowing them down.
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they're driving at a good speed limit. shooting over to the 14th street bridge exit. 395 as you make your way across. i'll be back in 15 minutes with a look at your rails. back to you both. >> danella, thanks. this weekend expect a lot more traffic on the chesapeake bay bridge because of nascar. the aaa 400 is on sunday, and the maryland transportation authority tells us there will be long delays. the mta will monitor traffic conditions and allow two-way traffic on the westbound side to cut down on delays. drivers should travel during off-peak hours, before 7:00 a.m., after 5:00 p.m. >> a lot of fast driving and nascar fans in our area. 4:54. 62 degrees. coming up, why a trip to the department store turned into a great story for some local people.
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there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. no way. >> oh, my goodness gracious.
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conservation officers are on the hunt for an unusual criminal in canada. take a look at this scene. a black bear caught stealing pizza. onlookers at this pizza parlor in the ski village of whistler from outside as the bear grabbed slice after slice after slice of pizza and quickly ate it. workers were eventually able to scare the bear off. don't know how they did that but not before he got a much needed meal. >> what does he get on his pizza? anything he wants. >> how about go away? like that's going to work. go away. go away. it's a big black bear. >> what a sight. next week businessman donald trump will roll out a new winery in virginia. trump estates in albemarle county will make its debut. trump and his son will be on hand for the invitation only reception. eric will serve as the winery's president. trump bought it back in april from former socialite patricia
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klug and her husband. attention target shoppers, you could have been standing in line next to first lady michelle obama. the first lady stopped in at the target along route 1 in potomac yard yesterday. she dressed incognito wearing a nike baseball hat, sunglasses, and a button down floral shirt. target officials say secret service agents arrived 30 minutes before mrs. obama. she walked in the main entrance with an assistant and shopped around for 30 to 40 minutes. there's no word on what she ended up buying. no one seemed to notice the first lady until she got to the register. >> shopped at target. where else is there to go to get shampoo and toilet paper and bras and cat food and bananas all in one place? >> exactly. target's headquarters did not issue a formal statement about the shopping trip. however, the company did tweet, "first lady michelle obama


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