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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 3, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. monday, october 3, 2011. right now amanda knox is waiting to learn her fate. the american student proclaimed her innocence in court earlier today. knox and her former italian boyfriend are both convicted of murdering her roommate back in 2009. knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison. knox told the court i am paying
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with my own life for things i didn't do. i have had my future taken from me, i deserve my freedom. talking about her murdered room mate knox told the court she always wanted justice for her. saying, quote, i lost a friend in the worst most brutal and inexplicable way possible. in closing knox declared her innocence saying i want to go homings i want to go back to my life. a ruling is expected later this afternoon. today d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief lanier welcome recruits to the academy. the force is still losing numbers as they are losing members faster than they are replacing them. >> reporter: there is going to be a gap for a little while yet. that's new recruits have to go through their training and that will take a couple of months. they won't be on the street until around april. then we will start to see other recruit classes faced in have bd
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in as well. lit bring time to bring in 200 over the next year. chief captain lanier is hopeful it will boost up numbers and help them move forward. they are the first police recruit class in about a year. and they are excited about walking the beat in the nation's capital. >> when i was younger i always wanted to save the world, be a superhero. i guess when i got older, something i began thinking well, one of the ways i could fight crime, i decided to back police officer. >> sound like a boy it. i love people. >> reporter: a lack of funding brought hiring to a screeching halt at the police academy. raising concerns about understaffing as officers retire and quit. with these 35 new recruits, chief cathy lanier hopes to reduce that trend.
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>> able to handle calls for service pretty well. our response time is pretty good. crime is down. closure rates are up. those are all indicators that we are all doing okay. we just didn't want it to keep going down. this will help us get back up to, you know, strength of 3900 and keep moving forward. >> reporter: this isn't the only class entering the police academy. mayor vincent gray recently announced a funding plan that will add 300 officers to the force over the next year. training will take 28 weeks with the first new batch of officers hitting the streets sometime in april. >> 300 would allow us to replace those who are leaving an estimated 13 to 15 each month. at the top level that would be 180. so even if we have 180 leaving we are adding an additional 120 on top of that. we will have a larger force a year from now. >> reporter: there is no shortage of people wanting to be a police officer here in the district of columbia. the chief says they have gotten thousands of applications, far many more applications than they
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actually have openings. the candidates from really around the world and around the country, amazing number of people from a variety of different backgrounds, she says. she is very pleased with the candidates coming forward. >> thank you. new security measures are in place after an engineer was blown about 30 feet off of the washington monument while repelling down. nbc news shot this video of eric being blown off the monument on friday. fortunately he's okay. a live look at crews scour every inch of the monument that survey the damage done by the august earthquake. the project manager says they made minor adjustments to the safety plan and crews have had to postpone their work the past couple of days because of the bad weather. turning to the weather now, another chilly morning out there. more gray skies above us. veronica johnson is in for tom kierein. you can tell us if we will have this weather all day. >> yes, we are. we are going to have this
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weather all day. but not all week, barbara. we are at one of the tweets there on twitter, somebody said you know, if it is starting to flurry i would not sush priced. this is from the same low pressure system that's rotating around our area today. it was rotating around just west of the area. early part of the weekend. it covered the trees in western north carolina. this is boone, north carolina, snow. we have more video and pictures to show you of snow and there is pennsylvania and even in west virginia 37 we just have rain showers around the area. upper level low to the north of us and pinwheeling around. little disturbances. we have some showers around the area. d.c., little heavier south and west. a temperature of 51 degrees. it is definitely chilly. it is not comfortable at all out there right now. we have 47 degrees in montgomery county. rockville, 46. 51 right in the district. we will see highs today getting up into the mid and upper 50s.
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that's it. it is going to be another mid november-type day. definitely chilly. definitely wet. we will talk about that pattern change that you are going to love. i know you are. coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> all right. thank you. new from overnight, police have one suspect in custody in connection with a double stabbing in the district. police say a man and woman were stabbed shortly after midnight in the 5200 block of connecticut avenue northwest. a news4 crew was on the scene as police searched for clues and investigators have not yet said what led to the stabbing. they also have not released any information on how serious the victim's injuries are. just about an hour ago, metro started a two-week long project that will cause delays during your midday commute on the red line. this week between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00, they will single track between new york avenue if and rhode island avenue. every other train traveling towards silver spring will end at new york avenue. next weeking from october 11 to
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october 14, red line trains will single track between rhode island avenue and ft. totten. every other train will still end up in new york avenue. metro suggests add being ten minutes to your trip. your cab rides could soon cost you more. d.c. taxi cab commission removing $19 cap on fare so meters will keep running until your ride is over. before long cab rides were $19 even and supposed to be more. the meter will also continue to run even if the cab rides go into maryland and virginia. fare cap didn't include the $1 fuel surcharge will remain in place despite falling gas prices. in the era of debt and unemployment, financial planning can be crucial. teenagers often aren't given the proper tools to handle their finances successfully. that's why one prince george's county school is bringing the bank to the students. news4's elaine reyes explains from riverdale, maryland.
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>> this is where our manager sits down. >> reporter: jennifer is in associate teller at capital one bank in riverdale, maryland. she's also a senior at parkdale high. the bank branch is actually inside her school. >> we learn about budgeting and how to dissect credit card debt. how to not get yourself in deficit and gave us a project. it was the deficit. you are a dentist and work here and here. we have to find out everything. get our own medical insurance. save all of our money. savings plan. have like -- how much you pay for 3406y tickets. >> reporter: this student-run bank is open 3 1/2 hours a day thre days a week. capital one employees manage and oversee the bank. it is only open to students, teachers and administrators. it adheres to the same federal regulations as other banks. >> you would be surprised how many students when they start to go off to college have no idea how to manage their money. the first account they had and their parents are typically far
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away. and they don't have the basic skills to understand how to manage their money. >> reporter: this is the mid atlantic's first student-run high school branch. capital one has three other offices in new york and new jersey. >> they will learn how to make a budget, how to save their money and learn the difference between a savings account and checking account. they will learn it is very important to check your credit history. >> reporter: for students like jennifer, savings and numbers makes sense. they hope their classmates feel the same way. in prince george's county, maryland, elaine reyes, news4. the redskins in a place they have not been since 2008. with a 3-1 record, after a not so pretty 17-10 win over the st. louis rams. defense was the star this week with seven sacks and holding the rams scoreless in the first half. it was also a breakout game for a running back playing his first game of the season. he ran for 135 yards and a
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touchdown. the skins say this was an important win. >> it is one of the most important wins i have had in a while here. i think it is huge for us to get to 3-1. we are just not in a position in -- our division where we can afford to give games. >> you have to keep pace. it is a marathon, not a sprint. we are going to come back and get back to work. >> the redskins have a bye week next week. that should give rex grossman time to recover after a disappointing game throwing just one touchdown and two interceptions. ten minutes after 11 is the time now. coming up, back to work for the supreme court justices. the major cases they will december thid session. protests gaining momentum around the country. when the protesters will be here in d.c. if you were hoping for a half smoke for lunch you will be out of luck. why ben's chili bowl is
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the supreme court begins its new term today and expected to take up any number of potentially landmark cases. the biggest is an appeal of president obama's health care initiative. 26 states filed the appeal together and arguing that forcing people to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. other high-profile cases include
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state's battles between gay marriage, immigration, affirmative action. the court term usually goes from october to sometime in june or july. decision 2012 coverage. republican presidential candidate rick perry is under fire after "the washington post" revealed a one-time family hunting camp containing the "n" word. it was paint order a rock. the texas governor's father painted over the name in the early 1980s but "the post" says it was still visible in the 1990s. perry's campaign also says his family didn't own or control the property and hasn't been there since 2007. republican presidential candidate herman kaine says no matter who put it there it was insensitive and wrong. >> if the governor allowed it to stay there, then the governor is insensitive and if he did not have anything to do with it then everybody involved -- very insensitive act to leave there.
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>> meanwhile, maryland governor martin o'malley is wading into the presidential race criticizing new jersey governor christie. o'malley says if christie decides to run it would bring, quote, tremendous entertainment value. christie has said he has no interest in seeking the gop nomination but people close to the governor says he may be reconsidering that decision. the occupy wall street protest is entering the third week this morning and despite major setbacks over the weekend the movement is gaining momentum. as many as 700 proceed 'tissers were arrested over the weekend for clogging the brooklyn bridge. the setback only inspired more people to join the protest and similar demonstrations are bring springing up around the country. protesters have been camping out at mcpherson square for occupy d.c. labor ebb perts say the screen protests overseas have encouraged young people here to stand up. >> those movements, revolutions, led by young people.
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i think that they have been unemployed and wonderdering what to do. that's another, let's say, inspiration for why they are sitting in now. >> we are nowhere on that same level and nowhere facing the same kind of opposition. but what we can still be inspired by that. >> demonstrators are protest everything from corporate influence in government to their disdain for social inequality and the economy. occupy d.c. is expected grae later this week when the protesters move to freedom plaza. it definitely feels like fall here in the district but some places are seeing the first signs of winter already. take a look at this. you aren't seeing things. that's snow. it is not too far away from either that's centre county, pennsylvania, the name as it suggests smack dab in the middle of that state. veronica joins us to tell us -- we hope that stays over there in centre pennsylvania.
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>> i showed you images in north carolina. i will show you some from west virginia. whole side of the mountain, appalachians, west of us this weekend. it did get the snow. it was mazing to see. >> it was feeling like it could happen here. over the weekend. >> were you able to get to your coat? was it within reach? >> yes, yes. i just could not bring myself to put it on. if i'm wearing my coat at the end of september, first of october, what am i going to do in february? >> that's true. >> i didn't want to go there yet. >> some folks -- >> i was cold and shiver. >> they were going for anything this weekend to keep warm, hoodies, fleece, even some -- went ahead and breck out the coats for sure to stay warm. anything and everything. let's take a look around the area. lot of folks bundling up as they make their way around. this is tinley town area. you can see that lady has on her -- what looks like fleece, lot of folks with the long sleeves and scarves and anything to keep warm here in our fall chill where we are -- today was
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more like mid november. but the promise of a warmup. we have nice weather coming right around the corner. just hang on. 51 degrees is the temperature. little wet weather, too, falling throughout the area. light showers. west-northwesterly wind at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow i think wind may be an issue for some. especially there folks that are scaling the washington monument at 46 degrees at frederick now. low 50s now in south 52. fredericksburg, again, with very light wind. let's talk about what is going on because the same system that produced the snow in the mountains is up around pennsylvania. watch all the spin taking place here. main low in pennsylvania. couple of little disturbances that are pinwheeling around that, showers around d.c. right now. there is more to come for the afternoon and evening. baltimore, wet, i-9 a through montgomery county. through fairfax county. and then it is a little heavier just down to the south around i-17. hartwood area.
11:19 am
rotating through. likely to be spinning towards areas into dale city around i-95 where it will continue to be wet. that low pressure system heads out of here by tomorrow morning. start with clouds but then we will see clearing skies and we are going to start to not only warm up but also dry out. that's what we need around here. we are going to have days, i think, of sunshine and a chance to warm up very nicely. the forecast then for this afternoon, we are cloudy and still chilly with showers coming through the area. nothing too heavy. we will get highs into the mid and upper 50s today with west wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. meanwhile, your evening forecast still wet. still showers around the area. but not quite as widespread by the evening. temperatures will be dropping from the low 50s to the upper 40s this evening. looking at your 7-day forecast for today, again, 50s. 57 degrees. then almost 10 degrees warmer for tomorrow. but tomorrow we are going to start to get wind around here. still going to be a bit of a
11:20 am
chilly day. it is really on wednesday that we get the break and look how long that break stays with us. close to 70 degrees wednesday, 70 thursday. dry for the end of the week and through the weekend. this, everyone, will be the nice stretch of weather that we have had around here. going all the way back to august. >> plan accordingly. finally we get out and do yard work. >> that string of sunshine. i can't wait for that. we haven't seen it for a while. >> long time. not exactly. it has been teasing us. >> let's see it for wheel. thanks, veronica. we will see you shortly. it is now 11:20. still ahead, breast cancer awareness month. latest on when and how often women should get mammograms. plus, a dream come true for one virginia student. a whole new look for her homecoming dance. homecoming dance. first a look at what's hot on
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high school homecomings are important nights. one girl was given a homecoming experience she will never forget. lee mcdonald is here to explain and has advice on making homecoming special for your teen. welcome and good to see you again.
11:24 am
>> hi there. >> now, this all started when you invited schools around the washington area to -- nominate a special girl for homecoming makeover. >> that's right. we made school administrators aware. anyone can nominate a deserving girl in the district of northern virginia or northern maryland. >> how is the girl chosen? >> there were a group, the dream team, a group of women and men that put together various services to make this homecoming special for her. all the people that participated in providing the services had a vote. our vote was unanimous. >> did the girls have to write something? just nomination came from the school? >> actually nominations came from whoever. someone they new through the service project, it could be a school administrator and a parent. really it could have been anyone. >> that's great. you chose someone. >> we did. >> tell us about the girl you chose. >> she is a sophomore at heritage high school. she's a rock star. total overachiever. someone that's had more than her share of heartache. >> how did she find out she had won? >> she found out on friday.
11:25 am
we went to her school and that school is ever so slightly -- heritage high school and right before their pep rally, the -- right before the pep rally, the school showed from last week where we announced the giveaway. >> that's where it happens. does anybody in there know that they are not the person -- >> no. >> she just finds out just now. >> yes. she didn't even know she had been nominated. >> in 2008 she lost her father to diabetes. her mother works two jobs, full-time jobs. she works in order to make ends meet. she's maintains a 4.17 gpa, sophomore class president, she is a gem. >> she looks excited and happy. tell us what did you to find the perfect dress for her. >> you know, it is the same for anyone should do in trying to find a dress for a special occasion. think about the things for important you. i'm a huge advocate for color. there is no need to blend in. color is part of the story. shine is part of the story this
11:26 am
season. sparkle, on your shoes, dress, your accessories. so she did that. she found a dress she felt very comfortable in and pretty in. >> she picked the dress? >> that's right. we went to the store and found a dress, shoes and handbag and accessories. we even -- even sporting a fur chubby to -- there she. >> what a pretty dress that is. tell us about her hair and makeup. >> her hair was done by artisan hair design and pulled it up. as you may see she has relatively short hair but pulled it up and added curls on the back. >> before and after. >> very beautiful. >> her makeup, you know, the focus really for anyone is -- you want a nice soft look. you want to look natural but have that shine, that smile. sparkle. >> look like you are a teenager. >> absolutely. >> any advice for moms taking their daughters out shopping for a dress? how do you get them too your way and not their own way? >> well, you know, i -- i think when you are -- you are there with your daughter you want to
11:27 am
keep in mind that this is a special night for them. strapless dresses are part of the story now. i'm a huge advocate for the one-shouldered dress. it keeps everything where it should be and comfortable and you can dance all night long. i would -- steer in that direction. yeah. the shoes, dress, bag, all of those things. you want them to speak as if it is her. >> yeah. i agree. i remember may mother brought may home dress home and it was beautiful. i liked it. i thought it was great. looking back on it. thanks so much. >> thank you. it is 11:27. coming up in the next half hour, the manslaughter trial against michael jackson's doctor begins its second week in just a few minutes. emergency room physician is back on the stand. why prosecutors say the doctor's testimony is important. closed for repairs. we will tell you how long ben
11:28 am
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right now amanda knox is waiting to learn her fate, the american stun proclaimed her innocence in court earlier today. knox and former italian boyfriend were convicted of murdering her roommate in 2009.
11:31 am
knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison. week two of the trial against michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. accused of giving the singer a loathal dose of an anesthetic in 2009. n . >> he's not breathing. we are trying to pump him but he's not -- >> reporter: whether paramedics arrived they say he already appeared dead. >> describe dr. murray's demeanor, please? >> frantic. >> reporter: on the stands friday those paramedics suffer offered damaging testimony against dr. conrad murray. >> what i said initially, of course, what's his underlying condition. at that point he said no, he's not taking anything. and then he followed that up with i just gave him a little bit of lorazipan to sleep. hay never mentioned the word
11:32 am
propofol. >> reporter: prosecutors say that murray gave jackson a lethal dose of propofol. just before his death. >> did you ever hear dr. murray state that hay had given mr. jackson propofol? >> no, ma'am. >> the blowout for conrad murray is not only that he was not truthful with the paramedic and the fire fighter but alsoing the fact that had they had been given the right information, there was a chance of saving michael jackson's life. >> reporter: dr. murray has his supporters. >> how is he doing? is he scared? >> no. he's doing very well. >> reporter: stacy ruggles was murray's medical assistant at the time and saying the only man to blame for michael jackson's death is michael jackson himself. >> no way, shape or form could i even imagine dr. murray causing a death to anyone, anyone. and to say that he's to blame for this, do i not believe that. >> reporter: was he negligent?
11:33 am
>> i don't feel he was negligent. >> reporter: when cross-examining the paramedics murray's testimony tried to paint dr. murray as well-intentioned physician. >> would it be fair to say dr. murray did everything in his power to help mr. jackson at that time? >> yes. he wasn't just standing around and talking on the telephone or researching the computer, correct? >> no, he was not. >> that was jeff rossen reporting from los angeles. there was also drama involving a member of murray's defense team. he gave an zber viinterview on e "today" show last week. he has now ruled that both sides cannot comment on the case publicly. a ranger at the shenandoah park is on the stand in the murder trial after virginia grandmother who says she was insane when she tossed her 2 year old granddaughter to her death. 15 50-year-old carammela dela ra
11:34 am
pleaded not guilty. she tried to kill herself two months before the incident at tysons. prosecutors say that her videotaped confession shows she planned the crime to get even with her son-in-law. they say she resented him for her daughter's out-of-wedlock pregnancy. she is facing life in prison if convicted. deer can cause major headaches on the roadways. turns out a chance after deer winding up on your headlights or in your headlights is dropping. according to a new study out this morning, the number of deer and vehicle collisions has dropped across the country for the third straight year. it estimates about 1.1 million collisions happened in the past year. down 7% from a year before. our area, virginia, maryland ranked 12th and 13th respectively for state northeast likely to have deer collisions. west virginia is first on the list.
11:35 am
d.c. ranked number 46th. some smelly neighbors are causing a stink in sterling, virginia. they see the skunks everywhere. cami says her cat was sprayed by a skunk. he gave her cat -- she gave they are cat a tomorrow eight owe juice bath to get the smell off. she told the homeowners association but she told them to contact the wildlife group. trappers want $150 50 for the first cage they put out and $75 for additional cages and 20 bucks a day to check on those traps. >> we don't see as homeowners or tenants that we should pay that fee. it is astronomical. >> residents say the homeowners association also told them to secure their trash cans and put out ammonia soaked rags to ward away the skunks. it is a yucky day out there today, overcast, gray. let's find out from veronica, not a great day for skunks even.
11:36 am
>> no. probably hiding out somewhere. hopefully for the neighbors they are hiding out somewhere. but, you know, the weather is dreary as it has been, chilly and wet and damp and all that yucky stuff, it has us thinking about winter. take a look. they have been experiencing winter in west virginia. this is snowshoe. some of the snow that fell saturday. you can see there by the date. that's always a good idea. look at the date of your car. there's more there in snowshoe mountain resort in west virginia just enough to coat the ground and coat the cars and, again, really have them thinking about winter and shoveling. we just have rain showers moving through the area right now for howard county and montgomery county and fairfax, too. you are wet. little heavier just down to the south and west. that's what is going to be rotating back up to the east and eventually to the northeast. areas like hartwood to fairview beach and eventually towards laplata. some of that more moderate rain
11:37 am
showers. for the area here, 46 to 51 degrees. gaithersburg and olney. 51 right inside the beltway. 52 at ft. belvoir. afternoon, cloudy and chilly and it is still going to be wet. wet for the evening, too, before we get a chance to dry out and your good night forecast, rain probably tapering off around midnight or so. as we drop to 50 degrees. a look at your extended forecast. >> veronica, thank you. new from overnight, two separate flights reported violent turbulence that left several people injured. the latest happened when crews diverted a fright to boston. on its way to germany from north carolina when several passengers were injured from the turbulence. as many as 11 people were onboard, who were onboard were checked out for injuries once it landed. nobody appeared to be seriously injured. earlier, a jet bureau flight hit turbulence on its way from san juan, puerto rico, to boston.
11:38 am
passengers say there was a huge drop that came out of nowhere. nine people were checked for injuries from that flight and no one seriously hurt there either. the dulles rail project is behind schedule. as much as six months even despite statements from officials who say it is on time. the washington examiner obtained an audit saying the project's contractor reported it was 188 days behind schedule. in july, zuldulles found an underground gas line in the project's path. it also had problems installing communications systems along with some of the setbacks. delay could mean the first phase of the so-called silver line would open in june of 2014 instead of late 2013 as folks had been expecting. we have a sad update to a story that was new today. just happened today. canadian born scientist who won the 2011 nobel prize for medicine with two other scientists has died. we understand.
11:39 am
the prize went to u.s. scientist hoffman and ralph steinman. their research helped lay the foundation for new wave of therapeutic vaccines that stimulate the immune system to attack tumors. ralph died on friday from pancreatic cancer. and there is a new report out that americans are all talk when it comes to healthy food. 47% of americans say they would like restaurants to offer healthier options like salads but only 23% tend to order those foods. that according to the food research first lady technomic. many restaurants report healthier items sell decently but burger and fries still rule. october is national breast cancer awareness month. time to get dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of early breast cancer detection. important information on how to do that, we are joined this
11:40 am
morning by the executive director of southern maryland professional radiology and dr. robert page. welcome to both of and you great to have you with us. this is a time every year that we try to remind people that they have to get out and do something so that they can be aware of what is actually going on in their breast. start by telling us how often should a woman have mammography. we heard different stories over the years. >> there are differing opinions on the frequency. the american cancer society says that women over 40 should have a mammogram every year. >> and the importance of a self-breast examination, how often should that be? >> the more p -- of everybody's awareness of their own body, it is very important. if you do a self-breast examination every month, then you get to know what your breasts naturally feel like. naturally go through cycles and
11:41 am
then if there's something that pops up and stays present, then they can have that checked out by their health care provider. >> when there are different types of mammograms, you understand, tell us about that. >> yes. we use digital mammography. the digital mammography has a compression paddle that's flexible. and the flexible paddle actually con forms to the woman's breast tissue that helps alleviate discomfort they have when they have a mammogram. >> it is kind of an uncomfortable situation. my mother thinks it is the worst thing she has ever been through. flattening it out like a pancake and you have to stand so close to that thing. so this new digital monitor makes it's easier? >> correct. flexible compression paddle that con forms to the breast tissue and it moves with the patient's actual tissue. it does eliminate some of the discomfort. >> what type of imaging is used if the patient has an abnormal mammogram? >> there are different modalities we can use to examine the breast. the mammogram is the first line
11:42 am
of defense. if there is something that's of concern either based on mammogram or sometime it is mammogram will see something and patient has symptoms he can go to the next step which is usually ultrasound. high frequency sound waves that penetrate the breast. >> what are some symptoms women should look for other that once a year mammogram? >> women should do monthly breast self-exams, of course. she should become familiar with their own breast tissue. the more they become familiar with their own tissue they are able to recognize if there are any changes in the breast tissue and notice any differences in the skin and if they feel a lump, any changes and nipple discharge or nipple inversion. >> and tell us again now the -- i know you can buy a little book and -- sort of shows you how to feel for. what should women feel for as they use both hands, right? and then their fingertips to feel their breasts. what should they try to feel for? >> it is important to use the
11:43 am
pads of the fingers, most sensitive. the -- it is good to start right at the nipple, to press down firmly, and make in small circles, starting at the nipple and working around to cover the entire breast. >> just feel for anything, even something small. and if you are doing it all the time you will notice if there is something new that's there. >> that's right. >> what do you say to a woman who is afraid of a mammogram? have y maybe they are afraid of what the news is going to be. is that generally what it is? >> that's usually the case, barbara. what i would tell all women is early detection is the best detection. so the sooner you find something, the better you are as far as treatment options and as far as your prognosis. i know recently your colleague, andrea mitchell, announced her breast cancer. wonderful prognosis with hers. my mother is a breast cancer survivor and has wonderful prognosis. i told women to have their
11:44 am
breasts, mammograms, and do them early. >> thank you to both of you for coming. thank you. thanks so much for coming. we will remind everybody to get out there and get that mammogram. thanks a lot. >> thank you. 11:44. new reports on apple's planned announcement tomorrow. it will include the unveiling of the iphone 5. two of the world's most popular people as young ki
11:45 am
state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue.
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local restaurant ben's chili bowl is closed today. some plumbing type repairs are needed. he said they hope to reopen the restaurant by this weekend. ben's chili bowl is in the 1,200 block of u street northwest. they have been in business since 1950. local food vendors are getting a new home in d.c. for years local vendors set up shop in missile park along columbia road and adams morgan. under the deal with the fenty administration. restaurant owners complained about that saying they were losing business and that it was than pair. the program was shut down. now a 1,500 square foot building in columbia heights will house some of the displaced vendors. >> probably place in -- be the
11:48 am
business for everybody and we incorporated their business and we are still going to help them with the assistance they need. >> vendors will have to pay for the space which will be called the international market. no word yet on when the new location will open. iphone fans and fanatics. we have bad news for you. there is a chance the much anticipated iphone 5 doesn't even exist. the website reports that apple could be releasing an iphone 4s tomorrow rather than 5. the clues from itunes and the apple inventory system that reference only iphone 4s. in matter what is being released, though, apple has plenty of buzz going into the big announcement coming up tomorrow. >> a lot of have you sent me wonderful letters and said good things to me when you meet me in the street. i wasn't always gracious about it. it is hard to accept being liked. i don't say this often.
11:49 am
but thank you. although if you do see me in a restaurant, please just let me eat my dinner. >> legendary tv reporter andy rooner said farewell last night to "60 minutes." the curmudgeonly 92-year-old had been with the show and started his career in 1949. last night's commentary was his 1,097th essay on the show. this morning, we are getting a rare look at prince william and harry when they were little kids. the newly released video shows the royals with their parents, prince charles and lady diana. it was shot from british television. nbc's michelle kosinski reports. >> reporter: too cute. little princes, william, age 3. harry, 1. try to behave for the cameras. with limited success.
11:50 am
there's prince charles playing peekaboo. princess diana radiant young mother. this was 26 years ago. diana was only 24. she married at 19. and describes william much as he is today. >> pushes himself right into it. very polite. >> patience prince charles gets william to come out from hiding under the table. here goes harry for the same spot. >> groundbreaking. we have prince charles goofing around. you've got the late great princess diana. up until this point everything to do with royals' children was very staged and very stiff. you would never have seen a level of sort of intimacy. >> reporter: charles and diana talk candidly about their royal wedding. >> did you get the idea it was becoming an enormous success so
11:51 am
that you could enjoy it? >> it was terrifying. such a long walk up that aisle for start. >> reporter: when you came out what did you say? >> do you really want to know that? >> i enjoyed it enormously. i kept telling myself remember this for as long as i could. it was such a unique experience. >> reporter: not the love match everyone dreamed. but their two boys have been close from the beginning. now all grown up, both in the military, part of london's society. here's harry's ex-girlfriend, chelsea davie, the same weekend with pippa. royal cousins, beatrice and eugenie. all the glamour makes these old videos so sweet. listen to what this anchor, uncanny resemblance, to ron burgundy, says after the
11:52 am
interview with diana. >> young women of different days become people. i now think she is a very impressive young woman. >> reporter: 1985. >> that was michelle kosinski reporting. part of the interview princess diana talks about how excited she is to visit the united states for the first time. time right now is 11:52. coming up, where d.c. ranks among the manliest cities in america. met meet veronica johnson will be back with a better looking forecast for the week ahead.
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don't miss out on the fandemonium. like to win prizes. you can win $100 at starbucks. winner announced this evening. d.c. has the redskins, the caps, nats and wizards if and some of the best college teams in the country. none of that matters when it comes to ranking the manliest cities in america. washington ranked 42 out of 50 states. the rankings were based on the number of pro-sports teams nearby nascar tracks and the number of pickup trucks,
11:56 am
motorcycles, and number of construction workers and barbecue joints. nashville, charlotte, oklahoma city were the top three. we lost points apparently because of the number of cupcake shops and cafes. combo brand snacks commissioned the study. take a look at the stories we are following for news4 this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us for that. >> coming up on "news4 at 4:00," the latest the verdict in the amanda knox retrial from italy. also, at 4:00 today the clue to a woman's age is her hair. experts reveal simple and cheap ways for your hair to look younger. plus, it is a battle of the brownies. tonight at 5:00, we put a specialty brand, store brand, and an old school staple to the test to find out which one tastes best. find out who wins tonight on news4 beginning at 4:00. >> can't wait to find out. thank you. final check on the forecast. >> can't wait until tomorrow.
11:57 am
that's all i'm going to say. you will see why in just a moment. let's head down to the washington monument. folks are all bundled up, even the technicians scaling the monument. of course, you know, doing their evaluations. so tomorrow i think will be a day they have to worry. it is going to be pretty breezy if not gusty tomorrow. winds there could be gusting up to 25 miles per hour. let's talk with about what's take plagues here. the overall weather pattern. any time you see a dip in the jet stream, that means cold and it has been just that. chilly and unsettled with low pressure here. an area of warm, dry air, that will start pushing eastward. starting wednesday, we will get a chance to dry out. farmers are going to like that around here and pumpkin farms need and it vineyards, too. sunshine, full sunshine starting wednesday. for today, rain showers continue. we get up to 56 to 57 degrees. and your good night forecast will head down to 50 by around 11 cloak p.m. and showers will be ending by then.
11:58 am
and then for tomorrow morning, and for the evening hours, we will drop from the 40s all the way down to once again 47. 66 the high for tuesday. by the time we get to wednesday up to 70 degrees. we are going to hold with sunshine through most of the week. remainder of the week, sunday we could hit maybe 75 or 80 degrees. >> that sounds really nice. good to have you with us today. that's "news4 midday for today." thank you for being with us. tune in for news44:00, 5, 6:00 and 11:00. i will be back at 11:00 tomorrow. until then have a terrific day. we will see you in the morning. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes
11:59 am
to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.


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