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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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wisconsin. >> al: good passer rating. and it's a little implicatcompl. as cris said at the top when i no if's, and's, or but's. through 2002 and had that rating
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has just been spectacular, no if the mvp balloting were to be he does it after a very slow the game and the other gone during the game. calling the game. capers, on the other side, does a great job of defensive their way to a wbig win. sherrod picking up a lot of experience. you have newhouse who had to
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caught by roddy white for a 1s. >> cris: adjustment by dom run, man-to-man coverage and pressure, just changed the complexity of this football game. it really did. they weren't getting any pressure. ryan throws and then it will be caught. holding, number 55 of the defense. penalty is declined. result of the play is a first down.
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tony has caught five tonight. gonzalez now with a half dozen. talking to dom capers about this he said after four weeks last year, we weren't very good either. started to come together and he thought one of the keys was b.j. he got so much better in the finally creating some pass rush he is just four shy of 400. be shaking their heads, the
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just go up and down the field and then the spigot got turned off. i mean, it was a goose egg after >> al: ryan started 8 of 10, and that is intercepted off the run it back. bush still going. finally coming in to make the tackle would be jacquizz rodgers. how about the depth on the >> al: how about another dropped >> cris: well, it was charlie peprah, a backup safety, who made the interception earlier. now it's jarrett bush, a backup cornerback who comes in and makes the play.
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i thought it was, to some degree, the corners and their playoff of tramon williams and sam shields and charles woodson a year ago that turned this team around defensively and maybe it to 2-3 so they have already lost nfc. they go home to face the winless meanwhile, atlanta stays here to cam newton, who almost pulled one out today against the year's nfc south champions. game and win it 25-14 in atlanta. postgame is next. .
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you know there's competition between us. [ caroline ] he's out in the observatory every night too, so i definitely need to find another one. ♪ after a spurtering start, the packers 5-0 with a victory. aaron rodgers continues to amaze. 26 of 39 for 396 yards and two touchdowns and remarkably 12 different receivers caught passes from rodgers tonight. he will receive questions from michele tafoya. >> michele: aaron, you guys were down 14-0.
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you lose your left tackle chad liveton and then you got to kind of shuffle the offensive line. how did you adjust not only to stay in, but take over this game? >> we just stayed patient. you know? it was a tough game. i took a lot of shots and had to move around a little bit and shuffled marshall to the left side and running derek to the right side. they did a great job. you know? it was one of those games. the rhythm wasn't there all the time but we just stayed with it and stayed patient and knew the big plays were going to come and the defense did a great job after of first two drives. >> michele: you found 12 different receivers tonight. ties a team record. how were you able to get so many guys involved? >> the way it went tonight. a lot of guys played. they were playing a lot of soft coverage and take what the defense is giving you. but guys made big plays. james had a great catch and run. greg as well. jermichael dropped a couple but came up with a big play on the last drive and proud of our guys.
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>> michele: play action so productive. how were you able to be productive even though the run game in the second half wasn't moving? >> it's about a good fake and the line keeping their pads down and us trying to make a play. it's been a staple of our offense. probably the last nine or ten games and it's no surprise winning those games. >> michele: aaron, congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, aaron, thanks, michele. packers 5-op. it only other unbeaten team is the lions 4-0 who play tomorrow night against the bears. tony dungy your reaction to tonight's game, coach? >> i thought it was a great job by the packers and cris and al talked about the defensive adjustments that they made, but i thought aaron rodgers was spectacular tonight. you heard him talk about staying patient when they got down and i thought he really did that. they had to kick field goals. jermichael finley dropped a potential touchdown pass. he didn't force things. he didn't take chances. he stayed within the offense and got them rolling in the second half. i thought he was tremendous. >> it's a pass happy league now.
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we all know that, tony. but, today, the steelers and the patriots were helped by their ground games. >> they really were. and i thought really, really critical. pittsburgh, ben roethlisberger, threw five touchdown passes but what really got them going was controlling the line of scrimmage again and getting that balance running the ball effectively, and the same thing in new england. tom brady, we expect to see the big numbers and the touchdowns but benjarvus green-ellis really won the game for them with a gutsy drive and pounding the ball in the fourth quarter to win it and i think that is what is going to happen. whoever comes out of the afc is going to be the team that gets that balance going and is able to run the football and be two-dimensional. >> tony, thanks. we turn to mike florio on at profootballtalk. tomorrow you will see the eagles lose again today and drop 1-4 with a mistake-filled effort against the bills. if philly can't turn this thing
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around who is the most accountable? >> the person no accountable is the man in charge of the football operations for the last 13 years in philadelphia and that is head coach andy reid. he is the person who is the architect of this team. the so-called dream team. signing free agent after free agent and almost showing off with some of the big names that he brought to philadelphia during the latter stages of off-season and andy reid is a man responsible for firing defense coordinator sean mcdermott and making the offensive line coach one castillo the new defense coordinator and andy reid is ultimately responsible for undisciplined team. bad penalties. stupid mistakes. untimely errors. bad tackling. you name it, andy reid is the guy ultimately responsible. doesn't mean he gets fired if they don't make the playoffs but when you go all in there has to be a consequence if if doesn't work out and so far it's not working out for the eagles. >> key injuries. mario williams with the texans.
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>> fear he has a torn pectoral muscle. if so he'll be out for an extended period of time. mri coming tomorrow in seattle. tarvaris jackson will have an mri tomorrow on another pectoral muscle injury and could be out for some time depending on the results of the mri in tampa, gerald mcgo, ankle injury. another mri coming tomorrow. no mri necessary for 49ers receivers josh morgan. a broken ankle suffered in garbage time of that 48-3 win over the buccaneers. they were up 41-3 when he went down with the broken ankle. >> here in atlanta a victory for the packers. in the process they lose offensive lineman chad clifton what appears to be a serious hamstring injury. nfl films all-access look at the raiders emotional win over the texans which came down to the final play of the game. it's on nfl turning point on
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anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> al: cris collinsworth, website football think back to last year, packers on the verge of not even getting to the playoffs. have to beat the giants. they do. have to beat chicago last day of the season, they do. win four games on the road in the playoffs, win five to start. the last 11 times they have played, whether it meant something, they have won and now you got st. louis and minnesota coming up. >> cris: and you also have to remember aaron rodgers was coming off of a concussion in the games before that. so it has been quite the remarkable run. it's always to watch anybody sort of grow up before your eyes in this league, but to see a quarterback mature the way that he has, it's just been spectacular to watch.
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>> al: he has been tremendous. now, in the division you have the two undefeated teams, green bay 5-0 and tomorrow night detroit plays against chicago. if chicago wins that game, very important game obviously, for the bears. minnesota next week. >> cris: and minnesota bounces back. when they got the big lead today, i thought oh, no, don't think don't tell me they will blow another one. they have blown huge leads. today they poured it on and finished the way i think everybody thought the vikings would play this year. >> al: always a good scene, shy town next sunday, the windy city. in atlanta tonight, 25 unanswered points by the green bay packers, as they win. the final score, 25-14. until next week, from chicago, al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. our crew headed by fred dugelly
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and drew essen cough. we say good night from atlanta. . -- captions by vitac --
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protestors have made themselves comfortable in d.c. for many of them their permits are expiring and they're making it clear they're not going t?ev
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day nine of the occupy d.c. protests others have joined the corporate greed and government corruption. one group's protest expiring. they say they're here to stay. darcy spencer lives to night. the question becomes what happens next? >> we simply don't know at this point, aaron. i want to point out to you, what is going on here. the maintage. there has been a dance party going on tonight. this its a 24-hour-a-day event. here they have spelled out the word occupy. now they're basically calling this, an occupation of freedom plaza. take a look at here. this is one of the food tents. one of the tents they say has got to come down by tomorrow afternoon. ♪ ♪ at freedom plaza, protestors staged a dance party as they
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prepare to spend another night here under the threat of possible arrest. >> brothers and sisters, if ever there was a tomb ime to risk ar this is it. >> a permit allowing the group, october 2011 to set up a stage and food tents was going to expire. many said they were not going anywhere? >> i will subject myself to arechlts if th arechlts -- arrest. >> the protestors have until monday afternoon to clear out. he says no arrests would happen. but it is unclear what authorities will do if they don't move out monday. >> we intend to stay. of what the police intend to do is not clear. we had the definite impression that they were going to allow us to continue to stay. now that appears to be in doubt. >> activist as cross the country are here as part of the october 2011 movement co-in siding with the tent anniversary the war in afghanistan. the group is anti-war.
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>> bringing the demand to tax the rich. cut the military spending. end the wars. invest in schools, green energy, infrastructure and jobs. >> the whole world is watching. >> reporter: some members were pepper sprayed saturday afternoon as they tried to enter the air and space museum with signs and banners to appropriate test a drone exhibit. you can see the demonstration continues here at this hour basically they say they will go all night long. now we still don't know what exactly is going to happen. whether there will be any arrests. some activists are not taking any chances. they have been advised to keep an identification with them, photo id. and $100 in cash in case they have to bail themselves out of jail. reporting live from freedom plaza, darcy spencer. back to you. >> thank you. in new york where this all started. day 23 of the occupy wall street movement, protestors there, protesting against corporate greed. and the demand of change in the way the government works.
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the movement has spread to dozens of cities across the country. thanks to social media outlets. tensions have boiled over on the streets of cairo egypt tonight. what began as religious protest erupted into violent clashes between demonstrators and military police. at least 24 have died. and this violence could overshadow egypt's first election since hosni mubarak was ou ousted. >> reporter: the scene reminisce enlt reminisce -- reminiscent of the anti-government uprisings. this time religion the catalyst. riot police and shields tried to hold back a mushrooming crowd of angry protestors. some threw stones. others used batons. some set vehicles ablaze. the spark igniting the chaos began last week after attackers partially demolish aid church. christians blamed muslim radicals for the incident and protests sunday. what started peaceful,
11:55 pm
disintegrated into outright violence. christian protestors say they fought back against military police who allegedly used heavy handed tactics against them. some muslims even joined the demonstrators in solidarity. late sunday, egypt's prime minister appeared on e jimenttion jimenttion -- e jimegyptian and called for calm. it showed the desire to hold to power as the country struggles to form a stable government. curfew in effect in the area while egypt's cabinet called an emergency meeting for monday. crash reconstruction team investigating a collision involving a motorcycle and pedestrian tonight. it hap bend before 7:00 at intersection of hungiford drive in rockville. a motorcycle hit a man in his 60s. both were hurt. the pedestrian has serious injuries. today police in kansas city,
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missouri focused on what neighbors might know as they continued their search for baby lisa irwin. in the meantime her family turned to race fans for a new lead. lisa's aunt spent the day hanged out fliers at kansas city speed way during today's nascar race. police spent the day going door to door questioning neighbors about the case. the 10-month-old vanished last week. her parents say she was taken from her crib in the middle of the night. at times police have said the parents have not qucooperated. police continue to investigate the death of a man and woman in what apores to be murder suicide. yesterday a family member of 38-year-old martin o'toole was concerned about not being automobile to contact him and went to his apartment in bethesda. the family them were discovered the bodies of o'toole and of a woman of silver spring. police have not said how the two new each other. friends say the woman was active in her silver spring church. and the first sunday some can
11:57 pm
remember missing her. >> i don't know what is going on? i have no idea. >> yeah, it is really sad. >> religion, very close together for everything. >> police say two guns were found at the scene along with a note. they're not saying what was in the note or how the victims died. d.c. public schools and teachers union will sit down to start hammering out a new contract. the washington examiner reports the teacher evaluation tool known as impact could be a sticking point in the negotiations. under impact, up to 50% of teacher ratings are tied to student test scores. a meeting is set for october 20th, the current contract runs through september 2012. the last teacher contract took three years of talks and a mediator to work out. it is the economy, not religion that the 2012 republican race should focus on. the message from gop candidates today. they're trying to shake a dallas
11:58 pm
pastor's comments last week that texas governor rick perry is a true christian and that mitt romney's religion is a cult. >> mormonism christianity. >> is mitt romney a nonchristian? >> i am not running for theologian in chief. >> in comments today, the reverend, said he would vote for mitt romney over president obama because obama supports abortion. mitt romney said the candidate best qualified to solve the country's problems should be the one elected regardless of his religion. we turn now to the weather. you can't really ask for a nicer weekend. but, we all know this stuff can't last forever. change is coming. chuck bell in the weather center with a look at columbus day and the rest of the week. hey, chuck? >> hey, yes indeed. a beauty of a day outside today. that's five days in a row without any rainfall around here. that is a nice change of pace when you kid the fact that, both august and september, had more
11:59 pm
than 8 inches of rain. first time ever in recorded history. high clouds moving in from the west. and south. as a result. temperatures are holding in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. tomorrow, yes indeed a lot of folks don't have to go to work or school tomorrow. it's columbus day. your forecast. start off temperatures in the mid 50s. high temperatures, tomorrow, about 81 degrees. like you said, aaron, can't last forever. talk about when the end arrives coming up in the seven day. >> thank you, chuck. we are following several big stories in the week ahead. 11-month-old vienna boy will be laid to rest thursday. he was with a care taken when he became unresponsive. police are calling the death suspicious and have questioned family members and caretaker. the family tells news 4, the me listed coughs death as blunt force trauma to the head. police are not xhengcommenting. president obama, send his jobs
12:00 am
act to the senate for a vote. the 447 billion plan could help create millions of jobs. republicans though call the a bunch of repsyched programs that didn't work the first time. even if the jobs act does pass the senate it faces almost certain failure in the house. tomorrow is columbus day, national park service will commemorate the holiday with the annual wreath laying at columbus statue in front of union station. all federal offices will be closed and no mail will be delivered tomorrow. motor vehicles closed in maryland, departments of motor vehicle that is, maryland, virginia and district. many banks are also closed. cl columbus day a national holiday since 1971. tonight the music world, mourns the loss of a talented bass player. the ominous message, the formers w weezer member sent. and a misstep lands an
12:01 am
unsuspecting horse in a hole full of mud in montgomery county. >> coming up on "redskins final" we catch up with mike shanahan, who plays eagle scout during the bye week. we rewind to 1987 for a match up. redskins/eagles. in houston, raiders try to just win, baby and make their late open proud. all coming up on "redskins
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♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. miky welshwasfound dead in chicago. hotel staff discovered him unconscious inside his hotel room at the raffaello. police say no evidence of foul play. they're awaiting toxicology results. early evidence points to a drug overdose. welsh performed with weezer from 1998 to 2001 and was in town to
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see a weezer concert. he tweet heed had a dream about dying in chicago. he was 40 years old. routine traffic stop, turned into a major marijuana bust for maryland state police. early friday morning in hagerstown. a trooper pulled over a 1979 cadillac for not having a working light on the rear license plate. the smell of wet marijuana kicked off a car search. the trooper found nine pounds of fresh marijuana. the driver, joshua cunningham, and passenger, thomas desmond both charged with possession with intent to distribute. the exhibit phone the chile mine. attracted visitors and two miners themselves. considered the captain of the miners and credited for helping the group survive keeping them calm. and the other, the miner who pro posed to his wife. both rubbed elbows with visitors checking out hard hats. a bible and


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