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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: wendy, it's important to remember this thing never got very far in reality. that from the beginning it was chaneled off into what became a sting operation. but here's what the government alleges. that in the spring, a man who holds dual u.s./iranian citizenship namedd manssor arbabsiar was conversing with his cousin. they were talking about targeting the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. that was in the spring. they got the idea of offering money to members of mexican drug cartels on the theory, they said, that those folks would be willing to commit crimes for money. so arbabsiar made several trips to mexico, thought he was meeting with a representative of a mexican drug cartel who was, in fact, an informant for the dea. so these conversations continued over several months. twice arbabsiar arranged for a
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total of $100,000 to be wired to this informant. and the informant had told him that it would cost $1.5 million to carry out this assassination plot. finally, arbabsiar was arrested at kennedy airport september 29th. within four hours of being given his miranda warning the government says he began to cooperate and told all. saying that he had talked with members of the iranian revolutionary guard about this and that they kept demanding that he take some action. so for all these reasons, the attorney general said today that this was an act that originated with officials in iran. here's how he said it. >> the complaint alleges that this conspiracy was conceived, was sponsored and was directed from iran. and constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law including a convention that explicitly protects diplomats from being harmed. >> reporter: now, the iranian government has denied any
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involvement here. but this afternoon p treasury department went further than the justice department did in its criminal complaint, naming the individuals in the iranian government or in this iranian military operation that they say were involved in this plot. and putting them on the known terror list. wendy? >> also i understand, was there a weapon of mass destruction involved in this at all? is that -- is that also something that we're reading about on the wires? what was that? >> reporter: well, that's a bit of a term of art in the federal government. it simply means a bomb. the idea was to bomb the target here. and according to the government, when the -- when the informant said to arbabsiar, you know, we're going to plant this bomb, it might be in a restaurant where the ambassador's known to hang out, it might kill some innocent people, does that bother you, he said, no, whatever it takes. i should point out the federal officials say there never was any specific restaurant discussed. that they just talked about the
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idea of targeting the ambassador in a restaurant. but they never got around to picking a specific one. >> all right. pete williams, thanks so much. we'll check with you later. the target of the terror plot is based here at the saudi embassy in d.c. john sh riffen is there with more reaction. >> reporter: we are here at the embassy. we've been here for quite some time. i'm going to step out of the shot and let you take a look at the embassy. normal business as usual. people have been going in and out of this building. we don't notice any added security at this point. i didn't get a chance to go inside. i talked to a person at the door. they did not want me to go further. we're told the ambassador is not available for comment to us at this point. once again, the ambassador to saudi arabia is the alleged target in this plot. the embassy has released a statement. i'm going to read that statement for you right now.
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the statement reads, quote, the royal embassy of saudi arabia would like to express its appreciation to the responsible agencies of the united states government for preventing a criminal act from taking place. the attempt plot is a despicable violation of international norms, standards and don vencons and is not in accord with the principles of humanity, end quote. once again, here live at the embassy. we are still waiting to see if we can speak to someone from the embassy in person. but we will be here at least for the next few hours to see what does take place. we're live here in northwest, back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, john. a woman is in custody tonight accused of stabbing a shopper outside a target store in prince georges county. and there's word tonight she may have done it before outside another department store. today's incident happened around 10:00 this morning at the vista gardens marketplace on martin luther king highway in lanham.
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chris? >> reporter: a police source tells me that the suspect in this stabbing is antoinettec. starks of buoy, maryland. that would be the same woman responsible for the stabbing of two customers back in may of 2005 at nordstrom's in montgomery mall. at the time of that attack, 2005, antoinettec. starks had just been released from jessop prison. today, the target steer here in lanham, maryland. it appears antoinette c. starks was released in the past few days from clifton perkins mental hospital. came here today, left the store angry and apparently stabbed a woman, a stranger, in what appears to be a random act of violence. police call it an unprovoked attack. one woman stabbing another right in front of the store entrance of this target in the vista gardens market shopping center. at the starbucks across the parking lot, a witness found an
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off duty police officer and reported the stabbing. the officer found a woman in front of the target who had been stabbed in the neck and shoulder. witnesses said the suspect ran toward the home depot. police cruisers responded and found the suspect carrying a plastic bag. >> she produced two knives. one in each hand. she did not listen to any of the orders given by the police officers to drop the knives or to halt. she proceeded to walk down the street. >> reporter: some employees who work at the shopping center saw the woman and about a half a dozen police cruisers. >> the whole entire time she's walking like this. she's walking and she's knocking the two knives together. it was two big, like, machete looking knives. >> i saw a lady come towards me with two knives. and i thought she was coming after me. >> reporter: officers tasered the suspect, causing her to drop the knives and fall to the ground. the suspect and the stabbing victim were taken to prince georges hospital. fire rescue crews hosed down the
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front of the target. the victim had lost a lot of blood. tonight is reported in stable condition. the suspect is in custody and was evaluated at the hospital after being tasered. the target store closed during the investigation. police took statements from witnesses and are getting surveillance video from the cameras above the target entrance to determine what led to the stabbing. once again, the headline, tonight, a police source tells me that the suspect is antoinnette c. starks of buoy, maryland, who's believed responsible for this stabbing. has yet to be charged, is in police custody, is out of the hospital. that she was responsible for the 2005 attack on two people, again a stabbing, at montgomery mall. at that time she was charged with three counts of attempted murder and first-degree assault. charges have yet to be filed against her with regard to today's attack. the target store is now open.
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customers tell me they are not afraid to go in and shop here because an arrest has been made in this case. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. >> relieved they must be. chris gordon live for us in lanham. thank you. president obama spent most of his day in pennsylvania as his job plan nears its first big test in the senate. the president met in pittsburgh with the council he appointed on jobs and competitiveness. that council gave him its interim report which includes a series of proposals meant to accelerate job creation. >> scour this report, identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization, and just get it done. >> jeff immelt is the chairman of the jobs council and he's also chairman and ceo of general electric. ge is a part owner of nbc 4. as for the president's jobs plan, the senate is expected to vote in about an hour on whether to move the bill forward as a
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whole. if it fails to gain 60 votes, senate democrats may try to break it up and vote on individual parts. house republican leaders have already said they do not intend to take up the bill as a whole, but may vote on some parts of it. republican candidates for the white house are preparing for their big debate tonight in new hampshire. it will focus primarily on the economy and fiscal issues. since the previous debate, both sarah palin and chris christie have announced they aren't running. godfather's pizza's ceo, herman cain, has surged in the polls. meanwhile, a big nod today in the world of politics. new jersey governor christie has endorsed mitt romney for the republican nomination. in a news conference this morning up in new hampshire christie says romney has the perfect mix of private sector and political expience. kind of a milestone today in those widespread protests in downtown d.c. six protesters got arrested, marking the first group arrest since they arrived ten days ago.
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tom sherwood live at freedom plaza with more on this. tom? >> reporter: wendy, things have kind of picked up in the last while. a few moments ago right here next to freedom plaza along 14th street, marches were going down from k street, mcpherson square down towards the national mall. they announced they were going to do this earlier. they got into the street. police got in front of them and behind them and said they would march in the street and dance in the street to call attention to their protest. we're into the fifth day of protests here in washington. we've had our first arrest. there may be many more days to come. >> we are the 99%! >> reporter: at midday dozens of protesters sought to shut down the u.s. senate park office building. >> end war now! >> reporter: u.s. capitol police said six persons were arrested and charged with unlawful
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demonstrating. protesters said it was part of the occupy wall street that have erupted in many cities. >> we're not going to stop until they hear our voices and change. >> we are here to express our displeasure with the continuation of war and spending money on war instead of on human needs. >> reporter: the confrontation on capitol hill contrasted -- >> we're hoping people will go down there and join them on the march. >> reporter: with more kwi it protest camps here on freedom plaza and mcpherson square a few blocks away. >> anyone who feel empowers to do anything, start a committee, are welcome to do so. >> reporter: late today the federal park service confirmed that a four-day demonstration permit that expired last night is being extended for up to four months at freedom plaza. the last minute details were being worked out and written down. >> there's overwhelming support for that. people are very excited. they want to stay here.
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they want to continue this dialogue. we've had a lot of visitors coming through which is fantastic. so we're just in the final paperwork stages of that. >> reporter: now, major gray's office is going to -- along with d.c. vote is going to hold a big rally here on freedom plaza saturday for the part of the martin luther king memorial dedications this weekend. major gray said today, however, that he would share this plaza with the protesters who are here now. wendy, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you, tom. well, the clouds have moved in. and those beautiful days are going away. >> yeah. it's over, folks. for now, anyway. the c more on how wet we'll be getting tomorrow. >> this is kind of the scenario we've been in. three weeks to a month of clouds and rain. a great week of plenty of sunshine. now it looks like we're going back to a period of clouds and more rain again. i don't think it's going to be a long period.
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nothing like what we saw before. 70 degrees the current temperature. a few areas of drizzle right now. no real areas of rain. 70 degrees in washington. 70 in leaesburg. winchester, 66. doppler radar as i mentioned, not much in the way of rain. we told you today would mostly be on the dry side, though there were a few showers into southern maryland. look what happens when we widen out. a lot of rain in the southern portion of virginia, in towards the carolinas and back to the west. all of that is going to try to move through overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. expect showers around 9:00 and 11:00 tonight. then i think a better chance for some fog and some rain tomorrow morning. showers in there at 7:00 a.m. it does look like some of that could be on the heavy side. we'll continue to watch it and have the latest forecast coming up in just about seven minutes. we're just getting started on news 4 at 5:00. when we come back, what jurors heard today in the michael
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jackson trial that caused emotions to run high in the courtroom. a device that's helping patients get the treatment they need to battle asthma. plus, japan gives away free tickets to people who want to tickets to people who want to
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asthma. but now a device is helping patients get the treatment they need. doreen gentzler with more on the story. >> asthma is the result of swelling in the airways of the lungs. without proper treatment people can literally suffocate. without taking a look inside the lungs it's hard to tell just how severe someone's asthma really is. now doctors have a new tool to help them diagnosis and treat asthma. they say it's inexpensive, noninvasive and it can save lives. >> it's very hard to breathe. >> reporter: 10-year-old jaden gordean has been suffering from asthma since he was 2 years old. >> it was shocking. because when you realize your child's not breathing properly, you realize the helplessness you feel when there's really nothing you can do. >> reporter: it's forced the d.c. fifth grader to stay on the sidelines when it comes to sports and playing with friends. >> when i run, it's very hard to control my breathing.
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>> patients do experience shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, cough, tightness of the chest. >> reporter: typically doctors test for asthma by measuring how much air a person inhales and exhales. but allergist talal insuli says that doesn't always indicate how severe a person's condition is. >> not allow us to even read the degree of inflammation you do have in the airways. this is very important. we could be probably missing that the patient needs more medication because we are not measuring the degree of inflammation. >> reporter: now doctors have a new tool. it's a device called niox that measures the amount of nitric oxide gas in a person's breath. high levels can indicate your airway is inflamed. >> the patient could be suffering from a higher degree of my trick oxide exhale zbld a
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higher reading means inflammation is severe. in that case the patient may need a higher dose of medication. a lower reading could indicate their asthma is under control. in this office visit for jaden gordean, his niox test is showing his asthma meds are working for him right now. >> the treatments calm down my asthma. and asthma attacks. >> reporter: that's a relief for his mother, who's had to take jaden to the hospital for his asthma more than once. >> it's another step to knowing exactly what's going on with his lungs. >> it's a helpful tool. but it is one piece of the puzzle. it's very important that this niox test be given in conjunction with the other older tests as well as a comprehensive health history. doctors say all of those things combined with help them prescribe the best possible treatment for asthma. wendy, jim? >> that's good. boy, does that sound scary. >> it's very scary for a lot of people. but asthma can be controlled with the right medication. >> good. all right. thanks, doreen. doug joins us now.
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something tells me tomorrow is going to be a bit of a payback for all the run of nice days we had last week. >> was it tuesday that we did the little dance and we were excited? >> we're not doing that anymore, huh? >> no. i don't think too many people are excited. believe it or not, i put out the question on my facebook page, the rain is coming back, boohoo. some people were saying we love the rain and we love cooler temperatures. bring on winter. >> they're doing a rain dance. >> what? they were doing a rain dance. it is going to be raining. probably by this time tomorrow morning. out there right now, just the cloud cover. we will continue to see those clouds right on through the night tonight in through the day tomorrow. that's going to eventually make its way in here as rain as well. temperatures outside, 70 degrees. plenty of sunshine. plenty of cloud cover out there. winds out of the northeast at seven miles an hour. temperatures about ten degrees cooler today than yesterday as expected. back to the west, 66 in winchester. 69 in hagerstown. 70 toward the eastern shore.
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what are we going to be seeing? once again, we're not seeing anything in the way of rain right now. we did see some shower activity down towards calvert county, st. mary's county into portions of southern maryland. a few sprinkles around town. that's about it. you've got to go well down to the south and really down to the south and west. through roanoke, charlottesville, really starting to see some rain move in here. heavier rain. i think that's where it's going to remain for tonight. we're talking about the blue ridge. in the mountains. we'll start to get into some of this action down here into eastern portions of north carolina as this all comes up in towards our region. we will see our rain chances increase overnight tonight. as a result of this area of low pressure. as the area of low pressure moves up, the rain will move in overnight and through tomorrow afternoon. this is 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. noets the rain around the i-95 corridor. some of that could be heavy at times. maybe even a couple of rumbles of thunder though we're not expecting anything severe tomorrow. what we are going to see on thursday is that system move out. we'll see some sunshine again on thursday. this is not going to be a
5:22 pm
prolonged rain event. but what is going to be happening after thursday, we get into another system that moves on through. yet here comes another area of showers on friday. friday a big transition day, too. we're going to go not only with the showers and milder temperatures, but then the showers are going to move through and a cold front is going to move through. that's going to drop temperatures fairly significantly just in time for the weekend. now, how much rain are we going to be seeing out of this storm? some areas could pick up upwards of an inch to maybe upwards of 2 inches. right around i-95, see up towards 2 1/2 inches. we're going to have to see just how much rain we get. i do not think we're going to be looking at flooding potential. but the biggest areas, maybe gaithersbur gaithersburg,. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see our temperatures rise only into the upper 60s. 66 to 69. rain likely. some of that will be heavy at times. there will be an occasional
5:23 pm
thunderstorm moving on through here. once again, nothing severe. nothing even strong. thursday, 75. looking pretty good. can't rule out a shower on thursday. right now i think most of us will stay dry. friday 73 with a chance of rain. on saturday, cold and windy. or let's say cool and windy with a high temperature of about 68 degrees. . not that kind of windy, either. >> i'll be around on saturday. >> i know you will be. >> i might be bothering people. you never know. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, it's not your usual stray. the story behind this pot bellied pig who's now in search bellied pig who's now in search of a new home. ture,
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dr. conrad murray was back in the courtroom today for week three of his highly publicized trial for the death of michael jackson. it began with a continuation of what jurors heard on friday. a never before released police interview. in it murray maintains he was trying to wean jackson off of propofol but felt pressure to give him nightly injections. jurors also heard testimony from the deputy medical examiner with the coroner's office. testifying that despite jackson's frail appearance, he had no major health issues, no buildup of fat in his heart. >> was that a factor that led
5:27 pm
you to conclude that generally speaking he was a healthy individual for his age? >> yes. >> dr. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he faces up to four years in prison if convicted. time is ticking tonight before attorney general eric holder is ordered to hand lawmakers documents highlighting his alleged relationship with a controversial gun smuggling operation. the subpoena is expected to come down from the house oversight committee any day now. it will ask for communications among senior justice department officials related to operation fast and furious. holder says even those who were aware of the operation including his current chief of staff didn't know the controversial tactic of letting guns walk into the hands of mexican drug cartels. u.s. border patrol agent brian terry was killed last december. two guns found at the crime scene were linked to the failed operation. still to come tonight, first
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lady michelle obama jumping for joy in an effort to set a world
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we continue to follow our breaking news. two men arrested in connection to a terror plot to kill an ambassador here in washington. attorney general eric holder says the target was the saudi ambassador to the u.s. according to court documents, one of the suspects is a u.s. citizen with both a u.s. and an iranian passport.
5:31 pm
the two are also charged with conspireing to use a weapon of mass destruction. and watching the radar out there right now, not a lot of shower activity right now in our region. just down to our south and down to our west we are looking at a lot of rain. right now coming in towards portions of roanoke and starting to see it down along the blue ridge, too. that will be moving into our western zones overnight tonight. that's the area that should see the heaviest rain overnight. but then the rest of the area gets in on the action overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. the umbrella will be a necessity once again. we haven't needed it in about a week. you'll definitely need it during the day tomorrow and maybe one other day, too. we talked about it earlier. i'll show you again coming nup a minute. caught. a suspect is in custody tonight and charged in prince georges county in connection with attacks on women near a metro station. police tell us the victims were able to identify their attacker. pat collins joins us now live from the metro station with more on the story. pat? >> reporter: jim, in recent
5:32 pm
weeks in the dark hours of the morning near the suitland metro station, a number of women targeted. now two of those cases closed. closed in a big way. these are just some of the charges facing philip james fleming. armed robbery. robbery. first-degree rape. false imprisonment. assault in the first degree. and using a handgun in a violent crime. philip james fleming, 30 years old, charged with two crimes against women last month near the metro station in suitland. and it may not end here. julie park is with the prince georges county police. >> there have been a number of cases between september and october. some of them were attempted sex assaults. we are looking at every case in the area and looking at what we
5:33 pm
know and we are continuing to investigate what we don't. >> reporter: in court today, fleming charged in the september 27th rape of a woman behind this vacant building on silver hill road. the victim walking to the metro, sexually assaulted by a man with a gun. in court today, fleming charged with the september 15th armed robbery of a woman on parkway terrace drive close by the same metro station. the victim also groped by the suspect. in each case, police say, the victims looked at a photo spread and picked out fleming's picture. and identified him as the attacker. fleming lives in this apartment building on loring drive in district heights. cynthia gaines is the mother of his girlfriend. she says she's known fleming for some time. she says he's innocent. >> he didn't do it. because it's not in his character to do nothing like that. he didn't do it and he's here in
5:34 pm
the early morning hours. he did not do it. >> reporter: now, according to court documents, fleming has a lengthy criminal record, including multiple handgun arrests. an armed carjacking arrest. and an indictment for first-degree murder. he's being held without bond. jim, back to you. >> all right, pat collins. thank you. republican governor bob mcdonnell is inviting president obama to tour the virginia town damaged by the earthquake. the smalltown of mineral was at the epicenter of the quake that hit back on august 23rd. more than 40 aftershocks have rattled the area since. uninsured property damage issist maited at more than $15 million. last week the federal emergency management agency turned down virginia's request for assistance for people's whose homes or businesses were damaged. president obama is set to visit the commonwealth next week to present his jobs package. governor mcdonnell sent a letter today urging him to go to
5:35 pm
mineral during his visit to see the damage firsthand. student loans may be tough to pay back in this economy. but there are more affordable ways to go about it. and hundreds of thousands of strollers are being recalled. plus, you may want to travel before the holiday season if you are looking to save money. liz crenshaw is here to tell you all about that. >> wendy and jim, many recent college grads who deferred their student loans have to start paying them back. november will be the end of the six-month grace period the government, many private lenders give college graduates before they're required to start making those payments. "usa today" reports for every student loan borrower who defaults, two others are delinquent. it offers these ways to avoid defaulting on a loan. one idea, extend the student loan repayment. instead of paying back federal student loans in ten years, you actually may qualify to pay them back over 25 years. or consider what's called graduated repayment. you pay only the interest of your loan up to four years and then your payments will
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gradually increase. there's also an income-based repayment. graduates apply for a reduction in payments and make payments based on a percentage of their income. that could really help. on to a recall involving jogging strollers sold at popular retail rs. the consumer product safety commission announced the recall of b.o.b. strollers. single and double jogging strollers. cpsc says the logo patch located on the stroller's canopy can detach and poses a choking hazard. the patches read either b.o.p., iron man or stroller strides. there have been six reports of children putting the detached patch in their mouths, gagging and choking were reported in two of the incidents. rei, babies are us and between november of
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1998 and this month. finally, fall is here. before holiday travel season is upon us, one website based travel site says take advantage of falling rates. but you've got to do it now. the fall season often means cheaper air fares and cheaper hotel rates. says this time of year you can also take advantage of rental car companies before they reduce inventories and airline travel picks up for thanksgiving. in hawaii car rental rates have plunged 50% since the peak of the summer. tell your family you want to do thanksgiving in the next couple weeks. save a bunch of money. >> avoid the craziness, too. it's dinner on a thursday. >> we could start something here. >> yeah. that's what i've always said. >> thanksgiving and relax. >> a weekend in october. i'm liking this. >> followed by halloween. and easter. >> then i want to do christmas sometime around december 1st. here is a travel deal.
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japanese officials are proposing an unprecedented campaign to lure tourists back to japan. thousands of free plane tickets. the earthquake and tsunami that triggered a disaster in march have been catastrophic for the tourist industry. they're now proposing a giveaway of 10,000 free round-trip plane tickets. but there's a catch. the selected applicants will have to publicize their trips on blogs and social media sites. i could do that. if lawmakers approve the funding, visitors could begin signing up as early as next april. that's not a tough catch, i don't think. a lot of people might do that. >> tons of people are going to do that. at least 10,000 people are going to do that. when our broadcast continues, parents rally to save a school in danger
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a gaithersburg man detained in aruba is making an appeal for his release. robyn gardner disappeared while traveling with him in aruba. he says she must have been swept out to sea while they were snorkeling. the search for gardner does continue.
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the you would like to move, today we are giving away an xbox kinect. all you need to do is like our nbc washington page on facebook. then sign up to win great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00, then make the announcement during our 11:00 p.m. newscast tonight. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, the story of a pot-bellied pig who got to be too much for his owner to handle.
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a group of worried parents are heading to the falls church city council tonight. they're trying to save a unique preschool program in their community. julie carey is live there now with more on how our tough economic times are making for some tough decisions. julie? >> reporter: for 25 years this sweetheart lease with the city of falls church has enabled easter seals to operate the center and keep costs in check. with budget pressures mounting on the city, officials there are now rethinking the deal. ♪ q, r, s, t, u, v >> reporter: for a half century, it's included special needs children. funded by the easter seals, it's a unique program. >> the program is really critical to the easter seals mission. it's important to us to enable people with disabilities and special needs to live and work and play in their communities. >> reporter: but the center is suddenly in jeopardy because an unusual lease agreement expires
5:46 pm
in 30 days. 50 years ago the school was built through easter seals donations on city-owned land. under the lease easter seals maintains the building, spending about $70,000 a year. in exchange, the city charges just $1 for the use of the property. but that's about to change. the city wants to hike the rent to $120,000 a year. >> in the current environment that our view of being the stewards of public assets and of the taxpayers money, that we need to have a discussion about a market-based rent. >> reporter: the falls church school district is also eyeing the building to expand its early childhood education program. now housed in trailers at an elementary school. easter seals officials say the higher rent could force them to close. >> the reality is that amount of rent would force us out. we would need to find something else. and that's obviously difficult on short notice. >> reporter: parents of children at the center will take their concerns to the city council tonight.
5:47 pm
>> the investment that people have put into this for decades demands the council -- >> reporter: still, the city manager remains hopeful a deal can be struck to bring more money to falls church while giving easter seals a few more years in the building. >> that was julie carey reporting. a growing number of virginia students are staying in school and graduating on time. virginia's on-time high school graduation rate rose a point this year to nearly 87%. on time is when a first-time freshman graduates from high school after four years. at the same time, the dropout rate statewide fell one point to 7%. according to the virginia department of education, also 55% of the diplomas earned by the class of 2011 were advanced studies diplomas.
5:48 pm
congratulations. on the right track. let's get our latest forecast or an update, a final, whatever. doug, what you got? >> let's do it all, wendy. we can do sport. we can do weather. whatever you want to do. we'll talk about the rainmaking its way up here right now. that rain now down to our south. you can see out there we are looking at a little bit of a breeze out of the east. that's contributing to a little bit in the way of some fog out there and a little drizzle, too, in some locations. some of that drizzle moving into portions of montgomery, howard county. down to the south, a few showers there. fredericksburg area down to your south. we'll continue to watch. look at the wider view. just rain to the south and west around charlottesville and roanoke, down towards the virginia tech area. we'll continue to see the rain moving up the mountains. i think most of the rain tonight will be over the mountains. then overnight and into early tomorrow morning we'll see that rain around the rest of the area. 60 degrees the overnight temperature in washington, d.c. back to the north and west, frederick, maryland, coming in
5:49 pm
around 56. all the way down to south around fredericksburg, 58. expect to see some shower activity tonight. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms likely throughout the day. although we don't expect anything too strong as far as those storms are concerned. a high temperature right around 68 degrees. so get out the umbrellas. you're going to need them. not just for tomorrow. my extended forecast coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. thank you, doug. three, two, one, go! >> and they're off. that is the voice of former olympic ice skater michelle kwan. she's cheering on first lady michelle obama and hundreds of d.c. children. they performed jumping jacks for a solid minute on the white house lawn today. the first lady's leading the effort to break the world record for the most people doing jumping jacks in 24 hours. it's part of her let's move campaign to fight childhood obesity. that's a cool shot. they are all in sync there, too. >> well, not really. you know what?
5:50 pm
the jumping jack is so underrated. it is such a great thing. >> it's a good cardio workout. >> the jumping jack is great. >> it's a great thing. >> there are no jumping jacks in the plays of the week. i wish there were. jumping jacks are good. >> work on it. >> we'll try. we'll talk to some nfl guys and see if they can put some jumping jacks in their repertory. the detroit lions are 5-0 for the first time since 1956. the redskins remained in first place in the division by just watching football. however, there were several former redskins on the field this week making some big-time plays. time now for week five plays of the week. and let's start with something that redskins fans probably thought they'd never see. buccaneers quarterback josh freeman gets intercepted by 49ers quarterback carlos rogers. not only does the former redskin hold on to the ball, but he returns it 31 yards for the touchdown. and the guy who couldn't hold on to the ball in washington has now intercepted a pass in each of the last three weeks.
5:51 pm
and the touchdown, his first since 2007. in foxboro, this play looks unremarkable. joe mcknight running off tackle against the patriots. ferguson. first it looks like he's injured. in a tug of war with the official. that's because ferguson's cleat got stuck in the side of the helmet of patriot's patrick chung. ferguson's leg whips up. nails chung in the head with his cleat, getting stuck in the face guard. the former virginia cavalier gets a kick out of it. literally. no laughs. i'll laugh. ha. you be the referee on this one. the broncos tim tebow throws for brandon lloyd, former redskin. grabs it with his right hand. manages to maintain control as he falls out of bounds for the chargers. refs immediately call no catch. take another look. less than two minutes left in the game. an automatically reviewed play. with all the evidence, the officials get it right. it's a catch.
5:52 pm
brandon lloyd and the broncos lose to the chargers. some other spectacular catches this week. chiefs and colts. m matt cassel. a pass interference call. holds on for the touchdown. that's nifty. at the meadowlands, giants, seahawks. eli manning goes long for victor cruz who's in double coverage. no problem. tips it to himself. makes the catch. goes 68 yards for the touchdown. >> what an arm. >> cruz did a little salsa. pretty good dancer. i like that. see it again. see the 6 foot cruz outleap 6'3" cam chancellor to make the tap in. manning's pass into the hands of seattle's brandon browner. looked like the giants were going to come back and win. not anymore. browner races down the sidelines for a 94-yard touchdown to seal
5:53 pm
the game. manning stunned as coach pete carroll celebrating a seahawks victory. he was looking like a kid jumping up and down. love that. finally, the jaguars try to pull out all the stops in the final seconds of their games. the bengals ended up costing them. little razzle-dazzle lateral action. marreese jones drew throws it backwards. jaret dillrd gives it back to quarterback blaine gavert. he drops it. geno atkins picks i.t up, rumbls in for a touchdown. jaguars lost by ten. they would have only lost by three. embarrassed along the way. those are the week five plays of the week. no jumping jacks. >> you can't practice that stuff. >> no jumping jacks, but those were pretty good.
5:54 pm
let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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when you think of pot-bellied pigs, you think of the little guys that run around your house or someone's house. sometimes those pot-bellied pigs can get quite big. we have the story of one who got so big he needs a home. >> he's a whopper. found wandering along a road in prince william county. wilb wilbur. >> if you want to add a furry friend to your family, chances are you'll find the one at the prince william county animal shelter.
5:57 pm
>> typically we have dogs, cats, occasionally birds. right now we've got five rats. we've got some chinchillas. then there's wilbur. >> reporter: you have to go out back to meet him. he's 5 years old, 200-plus pounds, strong and a little on the stubborn side. oh, and he eats like a pig. >> he is an escape artist. most of them are. he was released to us because they couldn't contain him and couldn't take care of him the way that they needed to. >> i grew up in southwest iowa. i grew up on farms. it's not the first i've handled other pigs and other livestock before. >> reporter: this is lyndon hawkins. the animal control officer whose goal was to capture wilbur. >> he was walking down the road. i grabbed on to his back legs, picked up his back legs, pulled him over to the ditch and rolled him over on the side. i held on to him sitting in the ditch making friends with him until a supervisor brought a life stock trailer out. >> reporter: we learned a couple
5:58 pm
things about wilbur. he loves dog biscuits. and he loves to be scratched behind the ears. >> he's a little temperamental. after a while, he's a pig. he wants to do what he wants to do. >> he's cute. he's cute. but he is a pig. >> reporter: wilbur isn't the only misfit at the shelter. his neighbors include sierra the mini horse and star the mini donkey. two strays also found wandering down a road together. but we'll save them for another story. in prince william county, elaine reyes, news 4. >> pigs are supposed to be even smarter than dogs. >> very smart. >> wilbur is strictly an outdoor pig. if you're interested in adopting him, contact the prince william county animal shelter. >> my dog would be all over that pig, circling him. >> your property, you would have to be zoned agricultural. >> got to be big.
5:59 pm
news 4 at 6:00 starts now. we're following two breaking stories tonight. six people arrested after refusing to leave a senate building on capitol hill. first up, two men facing charges now. authorities say they've broken up a plot to assassinate the ambassador -- saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. good evening. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we begin with the million dollar assassination plan. john schriffen is live with the details. >> reporter: gor redoreen, good evening. not much unusual activity at the embassy so far today. we've noticed people going in and out, conducting regular business. we haven't seen any increased security. the details in this alleged plot very shocking. but


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