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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is a cloudy, wet thursday morning. lots of w stuff out there and tom will tell us whether it's going to be drying up. it doesn't look like it, tom. >> not right now, anyway. we're going to have rain and drizzle throughout the morning commute. grab the umbrella before you head off to work and school. right now, we have showers advancing from south to north and a line that stretches from southern virginia up into maryland and into pennsylvania. that line has some embedded heavy downpours. those areas of dark red and orange, those are zones of some moderate to heavy rain. right now on the fairfax and montgomery county line, right over the potomac river near great falls and then right across the line into montana dpomry county, that shower, maybe thunder and lightning, that's advancing to the north. there's another pocket of moderate rain farther to the south in southeastern faulkier
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county. that's advancing through prince william over the next 10 or 15 minutes. temperatures in the region are down into the low to mid 60s, it's a cool morning. generally from the blue ridge west it's in the mid 50s. throughout the day, may have a shower, maybe thunder and lightning. highs low 70s. this is fender bender weather. don't make danella point her cam rat your car. danella, how is it looking? >> i think that would be so embarrassing. always think when i point out an accident it's not somebody i know. it is fender bender weather. other parts of our area, the roads are wet. you have to give yourself extra time this morning so you can drive slowly and cautiously to work. let's take a look at 95. this is the view, not seeing any problems traveling northbound or southbound on 95 in virginia. and if you continue on to 395, in fact, still checking that for
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you, still looking clear. volume is increasing just a tad bit. nothing major right now. and i'll be back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. now back to you both. >> thanks, danella. continue, breaking news coverage at 5:501, police are investigating the death of a murder and the disappearance of her 1-year-old son. jane mcclain was found inside her home in germantown last night. her son has not been seen for almost two weeks. tracee wilkins has the latest on the investigation. tracey. >> we are just outside of the kondo complex where the body of jane mcclain was found. this all started after a friend was worried about her and asked police to go check on her because he hadn't heard from her and wasn't able to get in contact with her. when they came here to the complex and entered her apartment, they found the body of 51-year-old jane mcclain inside her home, actually in her bedroom. they say there was trauma to her
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body. now they're trying to find her missing boy, 11-year-old william mcclain is considered missing. he was last seen in the neighborhood on september 30th. he's described as a light skinned black male, approximately five feet tall weighing about 85 pounds. police say the boy may be with his mother's van which is also miss. it's a black honda crv that looks like this one. the tag is maryland 5ag-945. if you're driving in maryland, you're going to see that alert pretty much anywhere you go. they're asking for anyone with information about his location or that vehicle to call 911. montgomery county police are asking anyone who may have information about this homicide to give them a call at 1-866-411-tips. now, there are lots of questions here and what we've given you is
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basically all ta police are telling us at this time. they're not saying anything about this young man possibly being with any other adults. there are no other lookouts right now. all of this is under investigation. hopefully as we approach morning, we'll have more answers. tracey wilkins, live this morning, back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much, tracey. more breaking news overnight. an apartment fire displaced eight families in prince georges county. it happens in the 11,300 block of cherry road beltsville. officials tell us several people had to be rescued from the fire. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. police in the district are investigating a stabbing in northwest washington. this happened near the intersection of 14th street and meridian place. they found one person stabbed in the back and it took that person to a nearby hospital. there is no word this morning on the person's condition. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are whether police
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have identified anywhere they're looking for. at least 18 people in california skrb injured after two amtrak trains collided. investigators describe it as a low speed crash with one of the trains stopped at the time of the collision. both of the lead engines on each train, however, did have wheels derailed. an amtrak spokesperson says none of the injuries are serious. work begins this morning to fix parts of the national cathedral damaged in the earthquake. starting next week, engineers from the same company that inspected the washington monument will scale the side of the cathedral to look for more damages. a 3.0 tremor hit around lunchtime yesterday forcing students of two schools in minute ra to evacuate as a precaution. this is the 42nd after shock to hit since the 5.8 magnitude
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quake hit on august 23rd and it damaged about 1300 homes and caused $15 million in damage there. >> right now, police are on the lookout for a groper in prince georges county. police say the man has inappropriately touched two girls. both incidents happened shortly after 7:00 -- the latest happened yesterday morning, rather. police say in both cases, the man groped the girl and then took off. police say extra patrols and surveillance will be added. police say they're looking for a man who tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl on her way to school. this happened in oakton, virginia, around the intersection of blake lane and palm mer street around 6:30 yesterday morning. the man began talking to her before asking her to get in his car. when she refused, police say the
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suspect grabbed her and tried to force her into his car. the teen managed to get away. they're looking for a while four-door vehicle with a baby on board sign. happening today, south korea's president will get a big welcome when he arrived at the white house. today's visit and state dinner come with a new category of guests that will be on hand. they're called tweets. people are being called to sign up to be guests at the event. the select few that were chosen will get the chance to attend and live tweet about the arrival ceremony. south korea is one of the most wired nations on either. 5:07 is the time. another frustrating commute for metro riders. the problem that left orange line passengers seeing red and details on whether that problem will affect this morning's commute. a massacre inside a southern california salon leaves eight people dead.
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what authorities say led the gunman to open fire in the first place. and we have another wet start to another day. will today's rain be worse than yesterday? tom will have our fore
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you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪ here is a look at washington under some low hanging clouds on this very wet thursday morning. >> kind avenue a pretty picture
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out there right now as long as you don't have to deal with it taking your morning commute. but you will have to, sorry to say. >> it is time for weather and traffic early on this thursday morning. good morning. we've had some passing showers overnight and they've continued to ride along a line from the north carolina/virginia border. there is one thunder shower just in and out in montgomery county from near potomac through bethesda and that's advancing to get north. it will be moving into rocksville, perhaps towards gatingersburg and maybe later in another 15 minutes or so towards silver spring, wheaton and ulney, so watch out for that. elsewhere, some drizzle and fog and we're in the low and mid 60s. much of the metro area, farther west we're in the 50s. we will have occasional passing showers here this morning and maybe a little thunder and lightning. cloudy mid day and maybe more showers and thunder showers this afternoon and early this
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evening, might have a lingering shower by midnight tonight. a look at friday and changes on the weekend. how is traffic now, danella? starting with the rails, looking good. open and all are running on time with no reported delays. on the beltway, seeing a lot of green on the beltway. however, if you're taking arlington boulevard, 50 westbound at the beltway, still seeing a crash there. 270 in maryland, seeing a lot of green. not seeing any accidents or any delays, but i am seeing wet roads and fog. i know it's perfect weather to sleep in and snuggle under the covers, but you have to get up early, give yourself extra time so you're not going to be rushing on these wet roadways. and local roadways in d.c. look good, as well. checking for crashes in d.c. and so far, not seeing any. back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> danella, thanks very much. ahead on news 4 today, not out of the woods just yet. why the death toll from that
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good morning and welcome back. metro says things should be back to normal on the orange line after two days of delays and frustrations. tuesday night, chaos after a person was hit by a train. last night, a nightmare commute after a mechanical failure. john has more from vienna. metro riders on the orange line rush to the exit wednesday night after yet another day of disrupted, delayed service. this time commuters at the vienna station said they had to sit on the tracks for close to
5:17 am
30 minutes leaving some to question whether to take metro any more. >> i usually ride the vre, the virginia railway suppress. they at least give you a free certificate when they're over 30 minutes late. this is ridiculous. >> metro says around 2:45, the mechanical switch went out causing four trains to stop and delayed a number of other trains on both lines. it's the same problem that delayed trains during the morning rush. metro rider nicki mendecino says it gets old. >> if i have to ride, it's $14.50 essentially to be late for work and miss your bus on the way home. >> this comes almost 24 hours after a commute on the oshg line that stranded some passengers for hour than four hours.
5:18 am
this photo shows hundreds inside and thoses outside. >> i was texting my husband, it's yet another day at the metro. the fares go up, they're undependable and i don't think they listen to the commuters. >> if metro was listening, what would you want to tell them? >> figure it out. it's worked in new york city for a long time. it should be able to work here. >> metro says it understands some riders may be frustrated, but at this point, metro still doesn't know what caused the power outage. the crews have been out on the tracks all night trying to make sure this problem is fixed for this morning's rush. here at the vienna metro station, i'm john schriffen, news 4 today. new this morning, we know the name of the gunman who shot and killed eight people at a shooting in california. the shooting happened southeast of los angeles. the gunman, 42-year-old scott
5:19 am
decray walked into the salon and opened fire. >> how many guns did you see? >> i saw at least five. >> then they took his shirt off and he had a chest protector, body armor on. >> terrible tragedy for all of them and all of us and all of us. >> eight people were killed and six others were injured. one of the victims is listed in critical condition. police are calling this the result of a domestic dispute. friends of the sa long owner say de-cray was the ex-husband of a stylist that worked there. umar if a rub abdulmutallab pleaded guilty in a detroit courtroom yesterday. he planted explosives in his underwear hoping to blow up an airliner on christmas day 2009. the bombing failed. he was badly burned and faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. now the latest on the trial of dr. conrad murray.
5:20 am
the prosecution will call two more witnesses. an anesthesiologist and a sleep expert are expected to take the stand later today. in a surprising move, lawyers for conrad murray dropped the claim that michael jackson may have swallowed the fatal dose of propofol. the move comes after the defense admissioned a study that showed any effect of swallowing propofol would be trivial. dr. allen steinberg told the court he found six missteps that directly contributed to the pop star's death. >> dispensing propoe follow in someone's home without the proper equipment, medical perpendicular nell or backup was an extreme deviation from the standard of care. >> dr. murray just spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep. now you're telling me he should awaken him? >> he awaken him.
5:21 am
he shouldn't have been putting him to sleep in the first place if propofol is not cleared for sleep. >> it's still not clear whether or not jackson might have injected himself with the anesthetic. so far, listeria has been linked to 23 deaths across the country, including one in maryland. the cantaloupes, grown by jenson farms in colorado should be off stores now isn't they were reallied in mid-september. but experts say the number of deaths and illnesses can still grow because the symptoms can take up to two months to appear. the cause of the outbreak is still being investigated. the occupy wall street movement is now drawing attention overseas. iran's top leader says the wave of protests reflect aes serious problem that will ultimately topple capitalism in this country. ayatollah ali kumanie says
5:22 am
americanism has been exposed. the group is rallying primarily against corporate growed. they say that's the primary cause for the country's failing economy. it is time now to take another look at our forecast and the traffic will start with tom who is looking at the cloudy skies out there. tom. >> yeah. low clouds out there almost obliterating the monument. 65 degrees at reagan national. looking at the radar, residents in montgomery company awakening to booming thunder this morning. right there is a thunder shower, right near rockville and that stretches from near potomac through rockville and it's vapsing to the north-northeast. it's heading up toward silver spring, the northern part of silver spring and up towards ulney. that's heading toward howard county in the next 15 minutes or
5:23 am
so. and temperatures are generally low and mid 60s around washington by the bay. farther west, we're in the upper 50s. as we progress through the day, sunrise at 7:15. perhaps a morning shower, maybe thunder and mid day just clouds it looks like right now. but then showers and more thund ur showers possible later this afternoon and off and on through this evening and in the 60s through this evening. tomorrow morning, maybe more drizzle and fog. a passing showers mid day. sun tomorrow afternoon. low 70s for highs and cooler with sunshine back for the weekend and first part of next week. danella, good morning. how is traffic? >> good morning. getting busy. no major delays just yet, but a lot of you are getting out of the house early and you want to get to work safely so you're giving yourself extra time. take a look at the american legion bridge. so far, no major delays and no accidents to report. moving around to the woodrow wilson bridge, clear, as well. again, traffic in that area, a little heavier than normal for
5:24 am
this time of morning. southeast bridges are clear. as you shoot over to the 14th street bridge, so far, no accidents. and on the rails, no reported delays on the metro, the marc or the bre. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. the nba and players are calling in help in hopes to find a way toned the lockout. the players union says it will sit down with the league and a federal mediator next week in new york in an effort to resolve the ongoing dispute. the mediator george cohen once worked as outside counsel for the union. nba owner david stern has already canceled the first two weeks of the season. we could find out today which american league baseball team will make to the world series. the texas rangers and detroit tigers had to wait for hours yesterday due to rain.
5:25 am
the players didn't end up taking the field until after 6:30 p.m. the rangers ended up winning the game, 7- 3. if they win tonight, they will be in the world series. it is the st. louis cardinals inching ever closer to the world series. starter chris carten ter did not have his best stuff, but it was enough to beat the milwaukee brewers, 4-3. they now lead the series, three games to one. game four is tonight in st. louis. you can make a real fashion statement with today's nbc 4 fandamonium prize. we're giving away five tee shirtds. like our nbc washington page on facebook and sign up to win great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00 p.m. and make the announcement during the 11:00 p.m. news cast. time right now, 5:25.
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good morning. i'm pat lawson. >> and i'm joe krebbs. it is the 13th day of october. we're unlucky if you like clear skies. look at all those clouds and drizzle out there at washington reagan international airport. let's talk to tom about what kind of day we're going to have. >> we have fog around 2:00. it's being illuminated by lightning. we've had a couple of houses that may have been hit by lightning in the last hours or so. quite a bit of lightning. i'll show you that on the radar. all this is lining up from pennsylvania through maryland down across virginia into north carolina. it's a narrow line of showers with some embedded thunder and the thunder right now and lightning coming from a thunder
5:30 am
shower that is just now crossed 270 and is advancing toward ulney. again, expect some thund er and lightning there. that's between now rockville and ulney and it's just now coming near leightonville, as well, in northern montgomery county. elsewhere, we have light rain for the most part with patchy drizzle and fog. temperatures are cool, down into the low 60s in washington and the nearby suburbs farther to the west into the mid to upper 50s in many locations. shennendoah valley and into the mountains, there's the fog bound and national airport scene from our city camera. we'll have perhaps some passing showers and a little thunder or lightning or so through mid morning. mid day, we may have the rain stopped for a bit. more showers and thunder showers perhaps later this afternoon and into the evening. how is traffic. the earlier accident, arlington boulevard at 50 west.
5:31 am
i still have to give you your checklist. you leave the house, grab your umbrella and grab your patience. it's going to be a tough commute this morning. a lot of people are getting out on the roadways trying to avoid a lot of traffic. you know the roads are wet. it's going to be tricky for you. here is a view at the beltway. iper loop and outer loop in this area is clear, but your volume is increasing. checking over i-66 within i am seeing as you head east around fairoaks to make your way inside of the beltway, your volume is starting to increase early this morning. and on the rails, we have a slight delay. this one on the mark. only five minutes. east train number 870. metro and erie aren't reporting delays at this time. now back to you both. our time is 5:31. we have breaking news coverage. police in maryland are investigating the death of a mother and the disappearance of her 11-year-old son. 51-year-old jane mcclain was found inside her home last
5:32 am
night. her son has not been seen for almost two weeks. joining us now on the telephone is news 4 trace tracey wilkins. >> good morning, joe. jane mcclain is 51 years old and evidently a friend of hers was worried about her welfare, called police and asked them to check on her and make sure that she was okay. this happened around 8:30 last night. they discovered her body inside of her apartment. she was in the bedroom area. police say she had trauma to her body and they're calling this a home. and now they're looking for her missing 11-year-old boy. police say he was last seen in this neighborhood on september 30th. he's described as a light skinned black male approximately five feet tall, weighing about 85 pounds. police believe the boy may be with his mother's vehicle, which is also missing. police say it's a black 2011 honda crv that looks like this
5:33 am
one that we now have up on the screen. the tag is maryland 5ag-9405. an amber alert has been issued for william. if anyone sees him or if anyone see that's vehicle, they're asking to call 911 immediately. if anyone has any information on this investigation, they're asking you to call police at 1-866-411-tips. they are offering a reward for any information that could help police with an arrest in this investigation. but it's still ongoing here this morning. police are still actively investigating the condominium building where this all unfolded and following all leads. >> chris tee, it sounds like police are not saying anything about whether they're looking for anyone kekz with the homicide or in connection with the boy's disappearance. is there someone else that they're looking for? >> you know, with cases like this, joe, there's no telling. i can tell you that they're not releasing that information to us.
5:34 am
and if they are looking for someone else, we don't know about it. what we are reporting is what they know. there's no telling if they have leads that they're following that they haven't shared with us. at this point, police aren't releasing this information. eight families in prince georges county have been displaced because of an apartment fire. it happens in the 11,300 block of cherry road in bellsville. several people had to be rescued from the fire. a news 4 crew was there as firefighters were wrapping up. the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. construction crews will begin removing parts of the national cathedral damaged in the earthquake. once removed, the work will begin unstabilizing the grand pinnacle and the tower. engineers from the same company
5:35 am
that inspected the washington monument will scale the side of the cathedral to look for any more damage. and weeks after that earthquake, the aftershocks continue to hit central virginia. a 3.0 tremor hit around lunchtime yesterday, forcing students at two schools in mineral to evacuate as a precaution. this is the 42nd aftershock since august 23rd that damaged about 1300 homes and caused $15 million in damage. right now, police are on the lookout for a groper who is targeting young girls in prince georges county. they say the man has inappropriately touched two girls near hyattsville middle school. both incidents happened shortly after 7:00 this morning. in both cases, the man groped the girls and took off running. extra patrols and surveillance will be added. they're urging crews to stay alert.
5:36 am
more than a dozen people have been injured after a collision of two amtrak trains in california. investigators described it as a low-speed crash with one of the trains being stopped at the time of the collision. both of the lead engines on each train, however, did have wheels derail derailed. an amtrak spokesperson says none of the injuries are serious. in indonesia, balhi has been a 6.0 magnitude quake. at least 50 people have been injured, three of them critically. withins say the wall oefs some temples along the coast crumbled and the roof of some homes collapsed. the quake would not big enough to trigger a tsunami. indonesia sits on a series of fault lines, making it prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. in the reign race for the
5:37 am
presidential nomination, cain is now the new front-runner. 27% of republican voters think cain is the best choice, mitt romney was second with 23rd%. rick perry continued to collide. pollsters say this is likely not the last shake-up in this race. a new poll in virginia shows voters are happy with hr governor, but not with his plan for more toll highways. 62% are happy with the job that governor bob mcdonald is doing so far. however, 52% say that the governor's plan to collect tolls on i-95 at the north carolina border is a bad idea. our time is 5:37. and right now, a breakfast battle on capitol hill. the controversy thavkd have landed snap, crackle and pop on the endangered species list. and a circulation scandal at one of the world's most
5:38 am
prominent newspapers. what the "wall street journal" is accused of doing to exaggerate how many people bought the paper. and there's more rain in our forecast. tom will be back to tell us how long this nasty weather will stick around.
5:39 am
5:40 am
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5:42 am
passing showers through mid morning and mid day, we may settle down with clouds around and late afternoon into this evening, we could get showers and thunder showers again, lingering showers until around midnight. a look at friday, improving news for the weekend and into in us next week and my latest school visit, that will be in ten minutes. how is traffic? >> good morning. if you're taking 270, we have two separates accidents slowing you down this morning. 270 northbound, we have an accident blocking your three lanes there. 270 southbound also at montrose road, it seems as though a car hit the jersey wall. i'm going to show you the scene
5:43 am
at falls road. you can see a lot of brake lights. it's going to to be a tricky commute on 270 this morning. not a lot of traffic. right now, you have your three right lanes block and you're going to see traffic in both directions on 270 aroundmontrose road. prince william parkway heading out of dell city, that's where your volume starts. continue as you make your way towards prince georges parkway. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. back to you both. time now is 5:43. talk about having a good year coming up, a look at exactly how much money billionaire warren buffett earned last year. you're this trouble now. why commuters may be complaining about one rail line's new ♪
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[ caroline ] i'm caroline moore and i'm a junior at warwick valley high school in warwick, ny. since i was a little girl, i've always been curious about the world around me, and i think that definitely plays a big part
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5:46 am
[ dad ] so, yeah, very proud, but again a little jealousy, you know there's competition between us. [ caroline ] he's out in the observatory every night too, so i definitely need to find another one. ♪ good morning and welcome back. a second person has died from
5:47 am
last week's helicopter crash in new york. the 43-year-old woman died from her injuries at the hospital. her partner was killed when the helicopter went down in new york's east river. the couple is from sydney, australia. they run a helicopter tour when something went wrong. the national transportation safety board is now looking into whether the weight of the helicopter and perhaps strange winds played a role in the accident. new today, some child safety seats pose risks. >> this morning, the institute for hay safety released its study. half of the booster seats got a good rating. the results show booster seats do work when the shoulder and lap belts are properly positioned. >> it's not rising up on the abdomen. the shoulder belt is sitting snuggly across the center of the shoulder. you don't want it riding off the shoulder or riding up on the
5:48 am
neck. six booster seats were so bad, the insurance institute for highway safety recommends parents avoid them. check out specific results at >> among the seats that got the highest ratings are the chico key fit stratya, the costco fronto and the eddie power booster. here are the six seats not recommended, the even flo chase, the even flo express, the safety first all in one and the safety first alpha omega elite. cartoon characters on cereal boxes will live to see another day. government regulators working on guidelines for marketing food to children told a congressional panel they would not recommend that brand characters be removed from cereal, yogurts and other food products. the government proposed voluntary guidelines for food
5:49 am
manufacturers this year. they include setting maximum levels of fat, sugars and sodium. walmart may be moving to the sherlington neighborhood in arlington. he says a developer is trying to acquire industrial land near four mile run in south sherlington road for the purpose of building a walmart. the county hasn't been approached by the world's largest retailer yet. but whatever is proposed needs to fit in with the surrounding community. if you live in maryland, some of you will soon have to get used to dialing another area code. residents of 15 counties starting next year will have to dial 667 as their area code before their telephone number. the state had to make the addition because two of the state's area codes, 410 and 443, are running out of numbers. the reason is the growing number
5:50 am
of mobile devices. the new area code will allow another 8 million unique phone number toes be created. the so-called underwear bomber admitted he tried to bring down a u.s. jet liner to get back at americans for killing muslims. umar farouk abdulmutallab planted a bomb in his underwear. the bombing failed but abdulmutallab was badly burned. he's now facing mandatory life. and in the trial of dr. conrad murray, the prosecution will call two more witnesses who are expected to testify today. in a surprising move, lawyers for murray dropped the claim that michael jackson may have swallowed the fatal dose of propofol. this move comes after the defense commissioned a study that shows any effects of swallowing propofol would be
5:51 am
trivial. dr. allen steinberg told the court that he found six missteps that could have directly contributed to the pop star's death. >> distilling propofol in someone's home unmonitored without the proper medical equipment, personnel or backup was an extreme deviation from the standard of care. >> dr. murray just spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep. now you're telling me he should awaken him? >> he shouldn't have put him to sleep in the first place. >> it's not clear whether the defense will still try to argue that jackson might have injected himself with the anesthesia. the recent outbreak of listeria in cantaloupe is now the deadliest outbreak of food born illness in more than 25 years. so far, the bacteria has been linked to 23 deaths across the country, including one in maryland. the cantaloupes should be off
5:52 am
store shelves by now since they were recalled back in mid-september. but the number of deaths and illnesses could still grow because the symptoms of listeria can take up to two months to appear. the cause of the outbreak is still being investigated. time is now 5:51. time again for traffic and weather on the 1s. it's cleary out there. >> and it's flashing brightly with lightning in some cases. many residents in montgomery county didn't need ring tones to wake up. they had the flashing thunder and lightning. now it's advancing to the north. there is quite a bit of rain that stretches from pennsylvania through maryland. the district, all the way across virginia into north carolina. closer to washington, we have those areas of green, drizzle and light rain. but that one patch of orange and red, that's the thunder shower that is now begin to go diminish. but it stretches from near rockville all the way up between ulney and leightonsville, near
5:53 am
ashton, virginia, and that's advancing now, just coming into howard county, up towards ellicot county. maybe a little bit of thunder and lightning. most of the lightning has dissipated with that. and temperatures are in the low to mid 60s in washington and montgomery. southern maryland, near the bay, northern neck eastern shore, many locations there. farther to the west, much of frederick county, louden county and points he west, we are in the 50s and it's in the mid 50s out in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. that's a live picture. sun right at 7:15. might have a chance of showers and thuntder showers this morning. reaching the low 70s. overnight tonight, lingering showers and maybe thunder through mrid evening. tomorrow, a littleaps drizzle. a passing shower is possible.
5:54 am
sun back friday afternoon. saturday and sunday, looking great. 40s in the morning, afternoon highs near 70. this weekend, sunshine. should be dry monday. could get showers on tuesday and turning cooler next week. recently, i visited this school in prince georges county, lanham's high road academy. and i want to thank the school administrator for the invitation to talk to these students about weather. we had a great time at the acade academy. how is our traffic doing this morning, danella? 270 north, had a three-vehicle crash there. that's moved into your right shoulder lane, now on 270 south at montrose road. we're seeing delays heading south. it's a slow commute to you. i'll give you a look at falls road. please be patient on the roadways. perfect weather for fender
5:55 am
benders. i am seeing a few accidents this morning. now, traveling 395, at edsel, i am seeing some volume in this area. but your volume starts as you make your way to 95 heading north towards 395 and continuing on to 3935 here at edsel, but no accident in either direction. now on the rails, big delays. first on the mark, eight-minute delay and camden south, 8:41, 23 minute delay. back with you in ten for another update. the publisher of the "wall street journal" has reziebed. a report in today's european version of the journal says the publisher resigned on tuesday after an internal investigation shows that he cut a circulation deal with executive learning partnerships. that deal allowed that company to pay one euro cent apiece for 12,000 copies of the paper's daily. that's about 16% of the paper's
5:56 am
european circulation of 75,000 papers. the paper typically sells for 1 euro, 71 cents. your blackberrys still may not be working that well this morning. an outage affecting e-mail and instant messaging starting monday overseas and spread to the u.s. yesterday, frustrating million of blackberry users. research in motion which makes the phone says the problem started when a route er switch failed and caused a massive data jam. the service both overseas and here in the u.s. have improved significantly, but there's still delays you can expect today. warren buffett calls himself mega rich and he evidently knows whereof he speaks. he made close ton $63 million last year. buffett and representative tim hulescamp have been sparring in recent weeks over buffett's call for higher taxes on the wealthy. buffett has said the 17% tax
5:57 am
rate that he paid on his earnings is too low when compared with middle income wage earners. you can't eat or drink on metro, but on a commuter train in the netherlands, pass ngers will be able to release them. the dutch railway company which has no bathrooms on the trains have introduced bags for people who have to go and can't wait until the next top. the investor says once used, your urine will turn into a gel. passengers can use a department behind the engineer. so far, reactions to this have been a mixture of laughter and disbelief. and howls from all the engineers, i would imagine. 5:5 7 is that time. ahead, the local high school get ago visit trt first lady. and in maryland, a mother has been murdered. now there's a frantic search to find her missing son.
5:58 am
and we're going to keep an eye on weather and traffic on the 1s, as well. taking a live look outside, we have low clouds, even storms around the region. stay with us.
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