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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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police chief. >> we had that little shred of hope that we would find william, that maybe the suspect dropped him off somewhere and said, you know, keep william. that's what we were praying for. >> reporter: after more than two days of searching the body of 11-year-old william mcquain found off the clarksburg road in the woods. it wasn't just luck. this came after diligent detective work. the storage center clue. police retrieved security video from a storage facility in germantown where william's mom jane mcquain rented a unit. on october 1st in the morning hours it shows murder suspect curtis lopez with his step son william. sources say it shows william roller blading in the parking lot. it shows william appearing to be in a playful mood and so it doesn't appear that he was
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under -- in any distress. >> reporter: police believe a short time after that video was taken curtis lopez killed william and left his body in the woods here. william found wearing the same clothes he had on in that security video. the clarksburg search. the search centered around thousands of acres of land but police say it wasn't random. they said they had some information but they won't say what it was. well, sometimes cops use cell phone histories to track a trail. they can do it days after the calls are made. now after this discovery the area turned into a major crime scene. they even brought in a fire truck to get overhead pictures to use in the investigation. curtis lopez is still being held in charlotte, north carolina. lopez, the estranged husband of jane mcquain. her body found in her germantown condo october 12th.
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she had been beaten and stabbed to death. lopez charged with first-degree murder in that case. he's now expected to be charged in the death of william mcquain. william, missing since september 30th. >> now on the scene here today william's half brother and his old football coach. we'll hear from them coming up at 6:00. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, pat. among those who showed up at the crime scene today were william mcquain's 30-year-old half brother marcus coleman who says he never met the young boy. also at the scene was his former football coach who along with her children have known mcquain for years. >> i'm broken, broken. this is breaking my heart, breaking my kids' -- they've done nothing but cry. i took them out of school early today. they are broken and can't be here right now. william was the greatest, most beautiful, wonderful, cheerful child in the entire world,
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entire world. and there is no reason this should have ever happened to him, ever. ever. >> reporter: sienna rain and her sons took some mementos to the scene, a football, caps, and some flowers. she said she has never met curtis lopez, who is charged in the murder of william's mother. mcquain's classmates are also learning of his death today. chris gordon continues our team coverage now from germantown with more on that. and the scene at the storage locker where the boy was last scene alive. chris? >> good evening. search teams have been looking in parks and on playgrounds for some sign of the missing 11-year-old boy but it turns out that video from this self-serve storage facility on wisteria drive in germantown was the best evidence that today led to the body being found. it was video from a surveillance camera here at extra space storage that led to the break in the case.
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there is no crime tape marking the unit where the camera recorded 11-year-old william mcquain here in the company of his step father curtis lopez on october 1st. renters reacted to the news. >> the whole idea of this child being treated the way he has been treated and to leave this earth the way that he has is sad. there is nothing good about it. >> reporter: it was a sad day here at dr. martin luther king jr. middle school in germantown, maryland. some parents took their children home early. there are students who were friends of 11-year-old william mcquain upset by the news announced by the principal. >> we're grieving for william mcquain, one of our children, one of our students, one of our members of the community. our focus right now is to really provide support for our students and staff members. >> they told us on the announcements that it happened. >> reporter: and the reaction in the school with his friends and
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schoolmates? >> everybody was just sad. i was crying. everybody else was crying. i mean, so horrible. >> reporter: grief counselors and members of the county crisis team are at the school. today some students needed to talk to them. >> i left class to talk to a counselor. >> reporter: did that help? >> yeah. >> reporter: you came to pick up your son today because? >> because i knew he would be upset because i wanted to be here if he needed to talk about it. >> reporter: and mlk canceled all after school activities and sports for today. a parent at the school who organized a weekend vigil for the 11-year-old says she may now turn to planning a community memorial so that this community can grieve together. that's the latest from germantown. back to you in the studio. >> all right. chris gordon, thank you. we invite you to stay with us for more on this story. coming up at 5:30 we'll hear from the best friend of the
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mother of william mcquain. now we turn to breaking news out of northeast washington where a metro bus was hit by a front end loader injuring six people. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon on north capital street. jane watrel is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: well, doreen, a lot of activity for an accident that happened about an hour ago. as you can see, they are really trying to piece together officials here what happened. we know that shortly before 3:00 a front end loader plowed broad side into the metro bus. the metro bus was coming along an access road here on the east side of north capital street when it was punctured. there is no other word for it. from there a mass casualty bus was sent here by a d.c. fire and emergency medical services. a representative talks about the injuries. >> we've got six passengers that were transported to local
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hospitals. we had the emergency evacuation vehicle and they were transported by way of that. we think they'll be all right. >> reporter: what commuters need to know is that new york avenue is fine. you can go up and down new york avenue, no problem. but this access road which is on the east side of -- i'm sorry -- the east side of north capital street, north capital side is fine for up and down -- it is closed. if you are thinking of taking the east side access road of north kaptd street it is closed but north capital street traffic is moving slowly. in the meantime the investigation continues. back to you. >> all right. jane watrel in northwest d.c. thanks, jane. president obama is in the second day of a three-day bus tour to talk about his jobs plan. at this hour he is in emporia, virginia, the president speaking to a crowd at greenville county high school there. this morning the president
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visited a ymca in jamestown, north carolina to talk about his jobs plan and also took part in a round table meeting with educators at guilford technical community college in jamestown. the president's expected to wrap up his visit to emporia within the hour and it's back to the bus tour. the republicans claim this is a campaign trip at taxpayer expense. mean while tonight the republican candidates for president will face off in a debate in las vegas. nevada's unemployment rate is above 13% and is the highest in the nation. the state also has some of the country's highest foreclosure numbers. so the economy is expected to dominate the debate along with immigration and border security issues. one republican who will not be there tonight is former utah governor jon huntsman who is boycotting the debate because nevada moved its caucuses ahead of the new hampshire primary. those engineers who rappelled down the side of the washington monument this month
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are inspecting another beloved d.c. landmark damaged in the august earthquake. this is the second day for the inspections at the washington national cathedral. today the team of architects and engineers rappelled down a 234-foot tower at the front of the building checking for damage caused by the summer's 5.8 magnitude earthquake. >> the cathedral has been deemed structurally sound so all the work being done is to ready the building to be reopened to the public on november 12th for the consecration of the new bishop of washington. the work they're doing we consider to be out of precaution. >> reporter: the inspections are expected to last two weeks at the cathedral. the engineers are hoping to get a lot of work done down there at the cathedral. before the rain stops. veronica is in the storm center with more on when that might happen. >> at least a few more hours here before the sun sets, guys. we did manage to squeak out another nice day across the area. just look how pretty and clean
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that sky is. nice blue sky. we've had high clouds come through the area. in fact a lot of those clouds are lifting northward. but today into the 70s so a couple degrees higher than yesterday. the wind out of the east at ten miles per hour. i want you to check out the satellite and radar loop here. that is our sky over the last couple hours. today's clouds, those have been coming from the west. i think our first rains will be coming from the south. so there is no way to get out of getting some rain showers tomorrow. we've got two weather systems that are going to be converging right over the area. right now, generally quiet. a few upper elevation light showers right around i-81 but down to the south is where the real big rains are. take a look at south carolina. even north carolina wet. you're seeing there some yellows, shades of orange and red where it's heavy rain right now just north and east of atlanta. how much are we going to get? you have to stick around and we'll talk about that and what is going to be the wettest part of the morning rush coming up. doreen, it should be a very nice evening.
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>> all right. that part sounds good. thanks, veronica. an israeli soldier held by hamas militants for more than five and a half years is back home tonight. huge crowds of israelis celebrated, danced in the streets outside the home of sergeant shalit. he was released to egyptian authorities this morning who then handed him over to the israeli military. from there shalit was met by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and then embraced by his parents. the deal to bring shalit home required israel to release more than a thousand palestinian prisoners. the exchange sparked celebrations in gaza and on the west bank. there was also some violence when prisoners who were supposed to be released at one border crossing were taken to another at last minute. waiting family members threw rocks. israeli troops responded with tear gas. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, d.c. takes steps to deal with the outrage over drivers being arrested for having expired tags.
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but it doesn't mean they'll get a free ride. >> also tonight growing concern after an attempted abduction and then another suspicious incident on a path near a northern virginia high school. plus a new lower risk alternative to open heart surgery that's helping some patients. the effort to rescue a 3-year-old boy who fell into a well on his family farm. we'll be right back.
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how does this sound? open heart surgery without a single incision in the patient's chest. doctors at one maryland hospital are now replacing a type of heart valve by going through the arm or leg. >> i knew that something was wrong but i didn't know what. >> when we talk on the phone he seemed breathless. he seemed very tired. >> reporter: 92-year-old ralph was feeling weak and out of breath. his doctors diagnosed him with a common condition where the valve that connects the heart to the body's largest artery stopped working. >> the standard for treating such patients is with open heart surgery to take out that valve and put in a new valve. we have to put them on the heart lung machine, stop the heart,
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open the aorta. >> reporter: for older patients like ralph open heart surgery just has too many risks. so he decided to live with his heart condition knowing that one day it could lead to his death. >> let me have you take deep breaths. >> reporter: his family didn't want to stand by and watch him suffer so were thrilled to find an alternative that could save his life without putting him at too much risk. the procedure is called core valve and allows doctors to replace the valve without surgery. this doctor is an interventional cardiologist at john hopkins hospital. >> this new valve can be put in on a catheter going in from the artery either in the leg or in the arm. >> reporter: that means there are no big incisions and patients leave the hospital in two or three days. in the older surgical procedures patients could be in the hospital for a week or more before they're sent home. cardiac surgeon dr. john conti implanted the new valve. >> it allows us to offer this
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therapy to sicker patients who we can do the operation in anybody successfully. >> i came out of the operation or procedure as you call it, i had no pain at all. >> reporter: ralph says he immediately felt better after he got his new heart valve. daughter betsy noticed, too. >> his color is much better and he is back to his old stubborn self so it feels just like having dad back. >> well the procedure has fewer complications compared to open heart surgery. patients are still at risk for stroke and narrowing of the arteries. but this is a big breakthrough for a lot of patients. >> pretty amazing. a 3-year-old boy in china is doing well after a very close call. he fell into an abandoned well. the water at the bottom of the well was 21 feet deep. the boy grabbed a rope and held on for more than an hour until rescuers got there.
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the well was only 17 inches wide, too narrow for an adult to slide down and attach ropes to the child. after trying and rejecting several approaches the rescue team finally lowered a rope and told the boy to wrap it around his waist. then they used a pull with a hook on the other end to slowly raise the boy out of the well. he was rushed to a hospital to be checked out. >> he looks pretty calm. i think i'd have been screaming. >> exactly. he has some muscles on him. >> i know. glad to know he's fine. back here in terms of the weather we're doing great. we could just stand this for a little while longer. >> of course we could. >> we're not going to get it. i have to tell you i'm so tired of talking about rain. our umbrella arm that keeps getting a workout. so tired. i think i need to buy a new -- >> getting moldy. >> i need a new umbrella because i'm tired of the color of mine. friends out there, if you're listening, maybe you can help me out. let's talk about what is going on today.
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really nice evening. you know, we managed to get more sunshine here for the afternoon. temperatures also cooperating. those are a little higher than we were yesterday at the same time. reagan national, 72 degrees right now with wind out of the east at ten miles per hour. humidity right at 55%. now check out some of the other temperatures. up in olney and colesville 70 degrees in montgomery county. not too bad. off to the east 72 degrees. herndon now at 73. and mid to upper 70s down south. that's the one area that's had more sunshine today. just a few little spritzes around i-81. higher elevations south of frostburg, maryland. look at the big, big rains down to the south. showers and thunderstorms, that line of showers now the leading edge all the way up to the virginia/north carolina border. the big rains down to the south. look at what's west of jacksonville. heavy rain and also just west of miami, florida even off to the west we've got more rain so it all comes through this area
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tomorrow. some of the first showers showing up around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. but the bulk of that rain is going to be east of i-95. there is that area of low pressure moving through. so here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow. the low pressure system moves up. i think that we could see widespread rainfall totals of around 0.5. look at the high temperature for tomorrow. up to 69 degrees. so rain likely tomorrow. we'll hit a high of 65 degrees on thursday. once that secondary system moves out we're left with still some clouds on thursday and a whole lot of wind so it's going to be very chilly on thursday. high just 65 degrees. for friday right now it's 63. more sunshine coming our way. that'll be nice for friday night lights. saturday chilly. everybody wants to know what's the weekend going to be like? folks like to make those plans early. we're going to be looking at sunshine. if you haven't gotten the pumpkin, 60 to 64 this weekend but still chilly instead of like mid november, more like --
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instead of mid october more like mid november around here. i'm not sure i'm ready for the chill either. >> throw some logs on the fire place. >> of course. yeah. >> warm and toasty. you have an excuse now. >> way to be optimistic. >> thanks, veronica. when our broadcast continues some drivers could face higher prices at the pump and the dmv. the latest as lawmakers take up a plan. >> new guidelines that could have parents of young children sleeping a little easier. i'm liz crenshaw. why you might want to reconsider colored contact lenses this halloween. a serious wa
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the feds have shut down bogus marketers accused of misleading consumers. and not happy about those bank fees? what you need to know before making a switch. >> also a serious warning tonight about those fashion contact lenses that are so popular around halloween. liz crenshaw is here with the details. >> hi, liz. >> we begin tonight with the federal trade commission shutting down bogus marketers who allegedly misled consumers. the ftc says the company worked behind the name grant connect and is accused of using pictures of president obama, vice president biden, to bolster claims its grants were affiliated with the u.s.
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government. the ftc says marketers also pitched sham products including useless credit cards, fake work at home opportunities, and worthless dietary supplements. the ftc offers these tips by the way to avoid grant scams. never pay any money for a free government grant if you have to pay it's not free and it's not real. check the correct names of the government agencies. just because the caller says they're from one agency doesn't mean it really exists. take your time. scammers often pressure people into sharing their bank account information so they can steal your money. always keep your account information private. and simply eliminate telemarketing calls you don't want all together. don't forget to register your number on the do not call registry. now on to banks. many consumers are frustrated with all the new fees. if you're thinking about switching banks "usa today" reports some important things to consider. first, there is no guarantee your new bank or credit union won't raise fees as well.
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and bank hopping can be expensive. some banks and credit unions charge a fee for closing your account. if you open an account with a new bank and get hit with fees you may have to pay to leave that one as well. so ask questions. you may not have to leave your bank to avoid the fees. many banks will waive monthly checking account fees for customers who maintain a minimum balance or use direct deposit or pay bills online. so ask. finally, halloween is right around the corner and there is a warning against those decorative contact lenses that consumers find cool to use this time of the year. the u.s. food and drug administration and area opthalmologists say fashion or colored contact lenses can be dangerous if they're not prescribed by a doctor. the fda says it is illegal to sell them as a cosmetic or over the counter. never buy them from a street vendor. halloween store or at boutiques or salons. they are not one size fits all. a poor fit can cause serious eye
5:27 pm
damage including infection. scratches on the cornea, pink eye, and even blindness. you can see why the dresser uppers like them because they're kind of cool looking but very, very dangerous if you don't get them prescribed by a doctor. >> that's important to know. >> yes. halloween costumes are fun but you need your vision for a really long time. >> yes. so as cool as they look get them from the right place. >> thanks, liz. more to come tonight. some good news for motorists who drive in the district but forget to renew their car registration. >> also tonight a new gas tax could make it more costly to fill up your tank. we'll have details. >> we continue to follow our top story. the discovery of the body of an 11-year-old boy missing for m
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fast forward through the headlines now. an accident involving a metro bus injured six people this afternoon. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon near the intersection of north capital street and new york avenue. a front end loader ripped a hole in the side of the bus. all of those injured are expected to be okay. president obama is mid way through a three day bus tour to promote his jobs plan. he is scheduled to leave emporia, virginia soon and drive to hampton where he will spend the night. meanwhile most of the republicans running for president are getting ready for a debate tonight. they face off in las vegas. >> engineers continue to inspect the washington national cathedral today checking for
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damage caused by the summer's 5.8 magnitude earthquake. the group known as the difficult access team rappelled down a 234-foot spire searching for anything that might need repairing. it's the same team who inspected the washington monument earlier this month. now let's fast forward to the weather. veronica? >> thanks a lot. it's been beautiful today. in fact this evening is still going to be very nice and certainly dry. look at the temperatures. 65 degrees at 9:00. we'll be picking up more clouds though. 64 by 11:00. dry. those showers will start to develop well after midnight so for 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning it's just light showers. before you go to bed tonight, prepare yourself for a wet morning. increasingly wet weather in fact throughout our morning i think. here is a quick snap shot of the radar. you can see showers south, showers west, and they all will be moving in tomorrow. your evening forecast still a dry 68 to 63 tomorrow morning as far as the temperatures go 51 to
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59 with rain mainly east of i-95. we'll take another look at the seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. >> thanks, veronica. now back to today's sad developments in the investigation into the disappearance of william mcquain. this morning a search dog found the 11-year-old's body in a wooded area of clarksburg, maryland. the discovery comes less than a week after the boy's mother was found murdered. today's discovery confirmed the worst fears of those who knew the boy. >> jane mcquain's best friend has spent the past six days praying for a miracle. today's news shattered her only hope that jane's missing son william would be found safe. >> i just screamed and just, not my baby. >> reporter: for heather dow hearing police had found william's body is nothing short of devastating. >> i just think about what he went through, you know, trusting somebody and thinking why are you doing this? you're supposed to care about
5:33 pm
me. you're supposed to love me. why are you hurting me? >> reporter: she says finding out her best friend had been killed last week was horrible but she tried to stay positive and focus on the search for william. she last saw him over the summer. >> i hugged him and kissed him. god, if i only knew it was the last time i would have never let go. >> reporter: heather met jane back in 2005. they became fast friends. heather and her son later moved in with jane and william in rockville. their boys were the same age. >> they started their first day of kindergarten together and have been inseparable since. >> reporter: the two loved to play cowboys and indians, climbed trees, and go to the beach. >> i'm scared. i'm scared for my son because i know it's going to affect the rest of his life. >> reporter: heather's son attends school in pennsylvania. he doesn't even know william was missing. >> i haven't told him yet. i don't know how i'm going to. i just don't know how i'm going to tell him. >> reporter: heather says she now plans to take a trip to her
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son's school to try to explain to an 11-year-old boy the unexplainable. in westminster, maryland, news 4. >> stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of today's tragic discovery. we'll have live team coverage coming up at 6:00. stay up to date any time on nbc there is good news tonight for voters who drive in the district and forget to renew their car registration. you'll no longer be arrested and jailed if you're stopped by police. instead, you'll be subject to fines, big ones up to $250 and your car may be impounded. tom sherwood is in the newsroom with the story. hi, tom. >> some people complained the old law was too harsh but the police chief says don't think you can now just drive around with expired tags. tens of thousands of vehicles travel city streets every day until now anyone caught with expired tags would be arrested, handcuffed, and jailed. that law dates back to before the 1970s passed by congress to
5:35 pm
help fight drug trafficking with stolen vehicles. but growing complaints from forgetful citizens and an angry letter from virginia senator jim webb to mayor vincent gray prompted the mayor to ask the council to change the law, which it did unanimously tuesday. >> there is a lot of utility for police being able to do traffic stops. but that doesn't mean we should be arresting people. >> reporter: under the new law violators who are up to 30 days late will be fined $100. those over 30 days will be fined $250 and their cars could be impounded. d.c. police chief kathy lanier agreed it wouldn't hurt crime fighting to eliminate the automatic arrest of registration violators. >> i think the movement of the council is not going to weaken our ability to enforce the laws and make sure the roads are safe. >> reporter: she warned drivers it is still a serious offense to have expired tags, driver's licenses or insurance.
5:36 pm
>> with the new law they could get a fine over $200 and their vehicle could be impound aetd the scene which means you have to call a cab and get some transportation and then pay the towing and impoundment fee so don't take it lightly. get your tags up to date. >> reporter: lobbyists for triple-a praised the relaxed law which had been the toughest in the nation. >> the standard across the country is if a tag is expired for less than six months then it's considered an infraction and is treated with a fine. >> now you know anybody can forget to update their vehicle information. coming up at 6:00 a surprise ending to this story. pat, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. some local lawmakers are lending their support to a proposal in maryland to add 15 cents to the state gas tax. maryland governor martin o'malley wants the increase to fund more spending on infrastructure so he is asking a special session of the general assembly to approve the increase to fund road construction, public transit, and other
5:37 pm
transportation projects. county executives from montgomery and prince george's county spoke in favor of the governor's plan today on wtop radio. >> i've been in support for a long time. >> yes. >> you're hoping a lot of the money from that would go to ease congestion. >> well, that gas tax certainly would not address all of that. it's a combination of things. we'll have to do some things both locally, statewide, as well as federal. without the federal support there is no way for us to get to all of these projects. >> i, too, am in support of the gas tax and have been since becoming county executive. i think we have to offer revenue streams for the state, but county executive legg is correct the federal government has to step up also. >> adding 15 cents would make it 38.5 cents a gallon one of the top ten highest gas taxes in the country. tonight a new set of guidelines are out to help protect your baby from sudden infant death syndrome. the american academy of pediatrics says breast feeding is one way to reduce the risk
5:38 pm
because breast milk shields babies against some illnesses. they say infants with a higher risk for infection also have a higher risk for sids. doctors say vaccines for illnesses like hepatitis can also help protect babies. they aren't sure why but say the evidence for such a benefit is strong. >> babies who are immunized have half the risk of sids as babies who are not fully immunized. >> derachel moon of children's medical center here was the lead author on the new guidelines and also suggests getting rid of crib bumper pads and always putting your baby to sleep on his or her back. coming up, a late night text message ends up being a life saver for one family. and what's next for the american engineer evacuated from
5:39 pm
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here is something we haven't heard before. a late night text message may have saved a family from a devastating house fire in northwest iowa. investigators say the blaze started on the porch and quickly spread throughout the home overnight. but the family says one of the daughters in the house got a text message and woke up from the sound to see the fire. she in turn was able to wake everybody else in the house up and everybody got out safely. the house is a complete loss. it was one of the oldest buildings in town. if you are getting flack for being unable to get hitched, you can dial your way out of that
5:42 pm
situation. you can now carry on a nonexistent relationship with the help of technology. a new text messaging service called fake girlfriends allows you to send a stranger a text message and she'll respond with a series of loving messages to you. the number of conversations is unlimited and best part here is that you can trick your friends into thinking you've got a great new love. >> it's going to mess up a lot of relationships. i don't think it's a good idea. >> i think it's clever. >> would definitely use it if i wasn't married. >> this is an interesting idea. >> using fake girlfriend won't cost you anything more than a standard text message at least for now. the maker says he is hoping to keep this free and he is looking for ways to expand the service to women looking for fake boyfriends. >> yeah. how long do you think that'll stay free? if you're an nbc 4 facebook fan you could win a $100 amazon gift card. just like our nbc washington
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page on facebook and sign up to win great prizes. we pick a winner at 6:00 and make the announcement during the 11:00 p.m. newscast. we're not going to send you any fake texts. >> no. when news 4 at 5:00 continues fear grows in a fairfax community after the attempted abduction of a teenage girl. >> the caps are off to a hot start. one reason why. we'll be joining them when news 4 at 5:0
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♪ it was the best day woohoo! yes! ♪ it was the best day ♪ it was the best day yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ because of you [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors. we make a great pair. right, totally. uh... that's what i was thinking. hmm. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now that's progressive. call or click today. there is a warning being sent out to parents in fairfax county after the attempted abduction of a teenage girl a week ago. a suspicious man approached two other girls a few days later.
5:46 pm
both incidents happened on lake lane near oakton high school. we have more on who police are looking for. elaine? >> reporter: pat, they're certainly keeping their eyes open and have stepped up patrols in the area and are trying to determine if the two incidents are related. here at oakton high school officials alerted parents by e-mail yesterday. on blake lane in oakton you'll find walkers, bikers, and generally plenty of car traffic. >> very surprising. this is a safe neighborhood. it's the first time i've heard of something like that happening. >> reporter: blake lane is also a popular path for students walking to and from oakton high school. on friday afternoon two teenage girls reported a man in a car stopped and tried to talk to them. police say the girls screamed and the man drove away. earlier in the week same street a man grabbed a 16-year-old student and tried to force her
5:47 pm
into his car. she broke free and called police. >> we do have increased patrols in that area especially during arrival and dismissal of the school. we've also communicated with all of our school resource officers and our youth services division so that this description has not only gone out to the schools in that area but all of the schools in fairfax county. >> it was frightening to hear because i don't really expect that kind of stuff to happen around here. >> reporter: at oakton high school word of the incident spread. investigators say they're getting more calls about suspicious people because of them. still, students are encouraged to travel in groups and stay alert. >> i haven't really done anything differently but i'm definitely more aware of my surroundings. my mom is the one that showed me the e-mail but she was just -- told me to be careful and look out for things. >> reporter: in the first case the suspect's car is described as a four-door white sub compact with a baby on board sign attached to the driver's side
5:48 pm
window. police have not released a description of the second car or suspect in the case. reporting live from vienna, virginia elaine reyes, news 4. >> thanks. now here is veronica with a final check on our weather. >> thanks, doreen and pat. it's dry right now. we have a fantastic evening but it seems like we get at least one day each week with rain in the area. well, tomorrow will be that day. take a look. showers for the morning mainly along and east of i-95. we'll start out in the 50s from 51 to 59 degrees. then by tomorrow afternoon, still going to be rather mild. 66 to 70. boy, is it going to be wet and even breezy with scattered showers and even a few thundershowers. now we get rid of the rain on thursday but it'll be windy with a high of 65. your weekend? 60 to 64. look at the sunshine back but it will be chilly this weekend. >> okay. thanks, veronica. wounded warriors who are recovering at walter reid got some special encouragement today from a group who knows what it's like to overcome adversity.
5:49 pm
the haigs amputee soccer team held a clinic at rfk stadium today. most of the men and women on the team lost a limb during the january, 2010 earthquake in haiti. they say they're now able to play soccer in part thanks to american charities who came to haiti and fitted them with prosthetics. today they hit the soccer field showing their injuries have not slowed them down. >> they don't need to let the loss of a limb slow them down. it is possible to play soccer. it's possible to play soccer at a very high level. >> the knights of columbus and project medi share cosponsored the team and also organized today's clinic. good to see them out there. >> that's great. turning now to sports, a hot start to the season for the caps. dan hellie is at the verizon center talking to one of the players responsible. it is not who you might think. dan? >> reporter: the caps, 4-0 taking on the florida panthers
5:50 pm
tonight. a pretty good team. capitals trying to go 5-0 at the start of the season for the first time in franchise history. not everything has been perfect despite the record but they are the highest scoring team in the nhl and the leading goal scorer right now surprisingly a guy by the name of jason chmura. >> well, sounds good. hopefully stays for the whole year. it would be nice. >> reporter: you got a couple goals in that tampa bay game and your wife kind of changed things up a little bit for you on that day didn't she? >> yeah. she kind of said why don't you get your hundredth goal? i didn't even know i was at 99. she reads stats more than i do. i didn't know she reads stats. i thought she jinxed me but it turns out mary gave me some luck so it's good. >> reporter: she has to say go get 101 and 102 and 103? >> i told her i can't do that
5:51 pm
every night. can't do what she says every night but it would be nice if most nights would come true for sure. >> reporter: you fwot tgot two t game and your son asked for a goal as well. >> he always asks for goals but he thinks every time i score we score so every time if we score five goals he thinks i got all five. that's good. >> reporter: scary moment the other night with jay beagle going down. what was your take on that incident and some of the peacocking afterwards? >> i don't think ashton really knew the gravity of the situation afterwards. i think goal scorers celebrate after they score a goal. i don't think he knew the gravity of the situation. in the penalty box you could tell he knew when he got there. he is not that kind of player. i played with him all through juniors. you know, everyone feels bad. when we see something like that happen it just, you know, your heart drops quite a bit. you're worried about the kid. but he's coming around so it's good. >> reporter: you guys are 4-0, the highest scoring team in the
5:52 pm
league right now but it doesn't seem like you're playing as well as you can play. you can even play better. i assume that's a good thing right? >> it's a good thing. when you win ugly i think it's a good thing. we haven't played our game that we want to. a lot of guys have gotten off to a slow start and want to play better. i know as a team we want to play a whole lot better. we've played bits and pieces of good games but not the whole game so it's just, we're looking to improve on that and get better. if we can win ugly that's good. if we can win pretty it would be good too. >> finally, what is the biggest difference from this year to last year in terms of the team? >> i think guys know they got to put their hard work in. i think it's just, we know we got all the skill in the world and everyone knows that and i think the hard work pays off and money comes down to crunch time in the playoffs. we can do the little things through the year and it'll become habit in the playoffs. that's what we're working on. >> as jason chmura the capitals' leading goal scorer through three games with four goals capitals trying to get to 5-0 to
5:53 pm
start the season for the first time in franchise history. how nice is it to be the capitals to be a perfect 4-0 and you win ugly. still not perfect. nice feeling huh? >> yeah. still early in the season though for the caps. >> real early. thanks, dan. here is a check on what we're working on for news 4 at 6:00. coming up at 6:00 tonight a fight broke out at a college fair in the district. thousands of students told to get out of the convention center after that. president obama pushing his jobs plan down in virginia today. and we'll tell you again about the guy who got drunk and then made a really poor choice in terms of his designated driver. those stories and more in a few minutes. >> my goodness. >> thanks. still to come tonight, a little boy who survived a three-story fall from a burning building talks a
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
an american engineer evacuated from the south pole because after medical condition is still waiting to find out what's wrong with her. she was working at a remote research station in august when she suffered a possible stroke. she asked for an emergency medical evacuation but the request was reject ed because o bad weather. after seven weeks of pleading she was evacuated to new zealand and finally arrived on monday. doctors are still trying to figure out what's caused her
5:57 pm
problems. a massachusetts boy survived a three-story fall from a burning building on monday. now that 6-year-old is talking about the firefighter who caught him and saved his life. ron mott has our story. >> reporter: when you plunge three stories and are caught by a firefighter, what do you say? >> i said, thank you. >> reporter: this 6-year-old owes his life to this boston firefighter whose waiting arms just happened to be in place when xavier's grandmother judith dropped little xavier from their third floor window with the apartment building on fire. >> i was just, happened to be in the right place at the right time and that's what we're here for. >> reporter: for xavier's relieved grandmother it was a night she'll not soon forget especially the man who nabbed her grandson. >> i thank god because i don't know what i would have done. i thought that was the end. and i thought we would die in that fire. it was so bad and so scary. >> reporter: everyone made it out of the apartment building
5:58 pm
safely. more than a dozen in all. the survivors said there were plenty of screams. >> i couldn't take it. >> reporter: little xavier said his wasn't among them though history may argue otherwise. >> i didn't do no screaming. >> reporter: no matter. he survived. thanks to a hero waiting. >> he landed in my arms and that was a good feeling. >> and that's it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. a young boy found several miles away from where his mother was found. a soldier released after being held captive by hamas militants for five years. >> president obama takes aim at critics as he rolls into virginia for day two of his bus
5:59 pm
tour. good evening. >> i'm doreen gentzler. a kplunt's worst fears have been confirmed. a body found in a wooded area today is believed to be that of 11-year-old william mcquain. the remains were found in clarksburg this morning. the discovery comes more than two weeks after the boy's mother was found stabbed to death in her germantown home. her estranged husband has been charged in her murder. we have team coverage. chris gordon is live with reaction from friends of mcquain and a crucial piece of evidence in this case but we begin with pat collins in clarksburg with more on how the discovery was made. pat? [ audio difficulty -- stand by ] >> reporter: after more than two days of searching the body of 11-year-old william mcquain found in the woods about 50 yards off clarksburg road. it wasn't just luck. this


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