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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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detective work. the storage center clue. police retrieved security video from a storage facility in germantown where william's mom jane mcquain rented a unit. on october 1st, in the morning hours, it shows murder suspect curtis lopez with his step son william. sources say it shows william roller blading in the parking lot. the footage shows william appearing to be in a playful mood and so it doesn't appear that he was in any distress. >> reporter: police believe a short time after that video was taken curtis lopez killed william and left his body in the woods here. the clarksburg search. sources say police use cell phone activity to narrow their search for william to this clarksburg area. on the scene today, william's
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former football coach. she brought a ball and some flowers. >> it's killing my sons. it's killing their parents. their brothers. it's killing all of us. >> reporter: on the scene today william's half brother. he said they never had a chance to meet. >> i'm out here today for my little brother. lord knows he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: on the scene today anna mae smith who runs a snack shop nearby. >> i haven't smoked in 17 years and when i heard that on the news i almost picked up one because it is really hurting. >> reporter: curti lopez is still being held in charlotte, north carolina. the estranged husband of jane mcquain, her body found in her germantown condo october 12th. she had been beaten and stabbed to death. lopez charged with first-degree murder in that case. he's now expected to be charged in the death of william mcquain.
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william, missing since september 30th. now they say murder suspect curtis lopez has not cooperated with police in any of this. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting from clarksburg. thank you, pat. as noted surveillance video from a storage facility in germantown helped give police the lead they needed to find william mcquain. our coverage continues now. chris gordon is at the storage facility with more on that and reaction from william's classmates dealing with news of his death. >> reporter: this storage facility is not far from the 11-year-old's school just on wisteria drive, not far from his home in germantown where his mother was found murdered, not far from those woods just a short drive up 270 where it appears his body was found today. it was video from a surveillance camera here at extra space
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storage that led to the break in the case. there is no crime tape marking the unit with a camera recording 11-year-old william mcquain here in the company of his step father curtis lopez on october 1st. storage unit renters reacted to the news. >> i just texted a friend. i mean, it's really creepy. a really creepy situation because, you know, this type of stuff just doesn't happen in germantown. >> reporter: it was a sad day here at dr. martin luther king jr. middle school in germantown, maryland. some parents took their children home early. there are students who were friends of 11-year-old william mcquain, upset by the news announced by the principal. >> as principal of dr. martin luther king jr. middle school i am very proud of our staff as well as our students, how they supported each other, how we've had compassion for one another through this time, and how we will continue to do that throughout the coming days. >> they told us on the
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announcements that it happened. >> reporter: and the reaction in the school with his friends and schoolmates? >> everybody was just sad. i was crying. everybody else was crying. i mean, so horrible. >> friends with -- friends of their family and our community is just heart broken. it's a senseless tragedy. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: grief counselors and members of the county crisis team are at the school. today some students needed to talk to them. >> i left class to talk to a counselor. >> reporter: did that help? >> yeah. >> i was emotional, starting to cry and all that. >> today the community lost one of our very own and we are very saddened by it. but as parents, we come together to support our community, the students, the administration, and our staff here at mlk, to make sure they get the support and the needs are met. >> reporter: some parents at the school are saying that they hope to plan a memorial so that this community can grieve together.
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that's the latest from germantown. back to you now in the studio. >> thanks, chris. for those who watch william mcquain grow up the news today was particularly hard to take. >> i keep thinking about the last time he was here and when i hugged him and kissed him. god, if i only knew it was the last time i would have never let go. >> we have continuing coverage of today's discovery throughout news 4 and on nbc coming up at 6:30 jane mcquain's best friend reacts to the news today and talks about having to tell her son that her friend is dead. police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a bicyclist in northeast washington last night. it happened along lincoln road near the intersection of north capital and florida avenues about 8:00. the victim is 22-year-old eric kearny of northeast. he was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. no suspects so far. this is the same area where a man was shot to death in january while coming home from the shakespeare theater.
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in that incident the shooter escaped on a bike. six metro bus passengers were hurt when a front end loader hit their bus today. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon near north capital street in northeast d.c. the route 80 bus was heading north on an access road when it was broad sided. all six passengers are expected to survive. one of them has some serious injuries, though. neither the bus driver nor the front end loader driver was hurt. an accident reconstruction team is on the scene to determine if any charges will be filed. politics now. president barack obama just a few minutes ago began speaking at a high school down in emporia, virginia. the president is half way through a three-day bus tour to promote his jobs plan. some republicans in congress, though, say the president is promoting himself in an effort to keep his own job. steve handelsman on capitol hill now with more on all of this. >> reporter: jim, thanks. he does appear to be running. president obama in virginia tonight is talking about his american jobs act that he figures might be his ticket to a
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second term. on day two of his bus tour through north carolina to virginia president obama told teachers his half trillion dollar stimulus bill would help them. >> to provide $30 billion to make sure we've got teachers back in the classroom. >> reporter: in james town he charged republicans aren't being truthful about how he would pay for his jobs bill. >> don't be bamboozled. we haven't been raising taxes. we've been cutting taxes. >> reporter: back in washington republicans charged team obama is obsessed with raising taxes. >> we've been mired in the jobs crisis for three long years now. and all the democrats ever want to do is to throw more taxpayer money at it. >> reporter: jobs and taxes are sure to be the major topic tonight as republican candidates debate in nevada. when he was the gop nominee in '08 john mccain loved his campaign bus. but he is slamming the president
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cruising now in a million dollar armored plated coach. >> all of it being charged to the taxpayers of america. that's wrong. >> reporter: calling the bus trip a campaign the republican party put up a web ad. >> this is a campaign. the president is campaigning. >> reporter: it looks like a campaign. this was reed's house restaurant in reedsville, north carolina. >> and this is reed himself. >> reporter: meet and greet and eat. 13 months before barack obama figures he needs to win in this state to get re-elected. then on to virginia. another state on the obama 2012 wish list. there are actually two of those million dollar armored buses, the secret service says it's holding one in reserve for the republican nominee. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. jim, back to you. >> thank you. a truck carrying the president's podium and other equipment was stolen yesterday from a parking lot near richmond, virginia. the truck is unmarked. it was in virginia for the
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president's bus tour stops. it had the podium with the presidential seal inside as well as audio equipment. somebody took the truck from the parking lot of the hilton garden inn. that truck was found a short time later at another hotel. no word on whether anything was missing but officials say the truck did not contain any sensitive or classified information. today engineers rappelled down the side of the washington national cathedral and the second day of inspections after the earthquake over the summer, it's the same team of architects and engineers who inspected the washington monument this month. the group, known as the difficult access team, rapelled down a 234-foot tower at the front of the cathedral today. they're checking for any possible damage caused up there by the 5.8 magnitude quake that hit in august. >> the cathedral has been deemed structurally sound so all the work that's being done is to ready the building to be reopened to the public on november 12th for the consecration of the new bishop of washington. so the work they're doing we
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consider to be out of precaution. >> reporter: the inspections are expected to last two weeks. cathedral officials say it could take about a decade to fix the cathedral entirely. repair costs are expected to run about $15 million. coming up, a guy who made a bad choice when he got drunk and then another one in terms of who he chose to be his designated driver. >> finally, free, an israeli soldier released after five years in custody. details coming up. a brazen act near fairfax county school has parents and students on guard. >> plus a new push to raise the gasoline tax. could it create more jobs in the long run? >> the weather, doug? >> the weather today beautiful. the weather tomorrow, not so much. take a look at the radar. you can see a lot of rain making its way up from the south. i'll let you know how the rain will impact your wednesday coming up in just a minute. first though let's head down to dan. >> doug, capitals streaking toward a record here at verizon
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center but the guys say improvements can be made. and redskins players say that quarterback isn't the only position on the roster that needs improvement. so what's the language here in aruba ?
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papiamento. papiamento. yeah. so how would i say, uh, one happy island ? un isla feliz. un isla feliz. yeah... what about work related stress ? pssssh... there must be a word for it. i don't know that one.
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a major cleanup is under way at camp victory in iraq where there are remaining 44,000 american troops with just over two months now to pack up and
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leave. the u.s. military headquarters is set to shut down by the end of 2011. more than 2 million pieces of equipment have already been removed from the country and more than 500 bases have been shut down and handed over to the iraqi forces. an israeli soldier held by hamas militants for more than five and a half years is finally back home. sergeant shalit was released to egyptian authorities this morning who then handed him over to the israeli military. it was all part of a deal that required israel to release more than a thousand palestinian prisoners in exchange for shalit's freedom. >> reporter: after 64 months as a hostage, he starts a new day, a new life as a free man today, after a very long and painful period of negotiations. he was finally handed over by his captors from the hamas militant faction this morning first to egypt and then flown to
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an israeli military base for an emotional reunion with his mother and father. he is said remarkably after so long as a captive to be in pretty good physical shape. at the same time, israel began the release of what will eventually number more than a thousand palestinian prisoners -- 477 today, some convicted of very serious terrorist offenses. >> hamas is calling the people we've released today heroes. nothing could be further from the truth. these are people who have been convicted for some of the most outrageous murders, bombing pizza restaurants, cafes, blowing up buses. >> reporter: if we needed any reminder that the wider conflict goes on at one of the check points where there was due to be a prisoner handover, instead, there were clashes between israeli soldiers and palestinian youths. that is one thing sadly that has not changed at all in the five years that shalit has been held
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captive. nbc news, ramada, in the west bank. a team from egypt, germany, and turkey mediated the negotiations for this deal. israel refuses to negotiate directly with hamas because it considers it a terrorist organization. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton made an unannounced visit to libya today. she went to tripoli where she pledged millions of dollars in u.s. aid. the pledge is a sign of increased support for libya's interim government. most of that money will go toward securing and destroying weapons that were once part of colonel gadhafi's arsenal. the money also will be used to treat rebels who are wounded in the uprising against gadhafi. secretary clinton is the highest ranking u.s. official to visit libya since that uprising began. time for a check on our weather forecast, doug. awfully nice out there today. >> it was beautiful. 74 degrees. plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds. get out the umbrellas though. you'll need them.
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that's why we're here. somebody said, doug, you don't even need to come in today the weather is so nice but tomorrow it may not be nice. that's why we're here to tell you what it's like over the next couple days. it does look like more rain is making its way into the forecast area right now. you can see a pretty nice shot the leaves changing and a lot of good color now all across the mid-atlantic region. if you're thinking about taking a drive this weekend, really nice weekend i think to look for those fall colors because we'll see some spectacular color especially out toward the blue ridge this weekend. for the record today, high temperature of 74 degrees. nice and mild. warm as a matter of fact with our average high temperature of 68. but get those umbrellas out yet again. we've been needing them a lot over the past couple months and it just looks like we'll continue on that tomorrow. 70 degrees the current temperature right now. winds out of the east at about 6 miles per hour. not much in the way of wind. i really think this evening is going to be spectacular. currently in the upper 60s. hagerstown, martinsburg. 68 in winchester. 70 in washington. look at gaithersburg. temperature right now around 66
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degrees. a little on the cooler side in gaithersburg but rockville coming in at 74 degrees. dulles at 71. manassas at 70 degrees. out toward camp springs and prince george's county temperature right now there of 68 degrees. radar? all clear. right now. so you're thinking hey. what do we have to worry about? unfortunately it's all of the rain that is right now down to the south and out to the west. two storm systems trying to come together. here is one storm system. here is yet another storm system. this one has some tropical moisture and they are going to converge on our area but it's how they converge that really depicts what we're going to be seeing over the next couple days. we'll take you into the next few days on our future weather. here is the area of low pressure to the west but notice this one to the east. this is the one with most of the rain. i think around 9:00 tomorrow you could see wednesday at 9:00 this is when the showers will be around and really the most numerous i think we'll see the most coverage tomorrow morning. so tomorrow's rush hour could be a little bit problematic but watch where this area of low pressure goes. it goes just off to the east and
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by doing so could keep us a little bit drier during the afternoon. here we are at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. this area of low pressure stays well to our west. this one is off to the east so we could be in a little bit of a dry slot here. that would be very good news for us so not a washout during the day tomorrow. this as little bit weaker, this one a little bit stronger we could be talking about a little bit more in the way of rain but we're not talking about too much anyway. behind this, though, very windy during the day on thursday. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour on thursday. then on friday both systems move out and we're looking rather cool but still nice with abundant sunshine i think on friday and right on into the weekend. the weekend right now looks good. at least on the dry side. potential forecast as far as rain is concerned, i think most of it will stay to the east with that area of low pressure so we're talking about half inch to an inch and a half including the washington area over toward baltime. a little bit more out toward the eastern shore and southern portions of maryland. back to the west about a quarter to a half inch of rain. so once again not a big rainfall but just enough to get those
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umbrellas out and get those windshield wipers going a little bit on your drive in to work tomorrow. this evening increasing clouds, still mild and still dry. 68 dropping down to 63 degrees. as we move into tomorrow morning, temperatures are going to be on the mild side, i think temperatures around average 51 to 59 degrees. a little bit cooler than it was this morning. showers mainly along and east of i-95. then as we move into the day tomorrow plenty of cloud cover, rather breezy if not windy. scattered showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms. high temperatures in the upper 60s, winds 10 to 20 miles an hour out of the east but those winds could gust upwards of 25, maybe 30 miles an hour tomorrow. maybe 40 miles an hour on thursday. and then you see the cooldown. saturday i told you i think we're dry with a high of 60 but it's going to be chilly. overnight lows in the low to mid 40s both saturday and sunday. i think some locations could be in the 30s. maybe even seeing our first frost. >> my goodness. >> well to the west. >> all right. still october you know. >> i know. >> thank you, doug.
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we are following breaking news out of montgomery county tonight. police have just announced an arrest in the murder of an 11-year-old child in gaithersburg. jessica nyguen was found stabbed to death inside her house on raven avenue back in may. a short time ago police announced they have arrested her step father. his name is david hung and he is 42 years old. he has been charged with first-degree murder. we'll have more on the story as information becomes available. coming up next on news 4 shock and sadness tonight. a close family friend talks about the enormous loss as police find the body of a missing 11-year-old boy. leaders in d.c. have passed emergency legislation. it's going to stop people from
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shouldn't grow faster than the ability of american citizens to pay for it. >> dozens of people gathered outside the maryland state house in annapolis this afternoon for a tea party rally. they were protesting new taxes and what they call reckless government spending during the current special session. the tea party group is also opposed to congressional redistricting plans. lawmakers are currently debating the proposals during today's event organizers also collected signatures to get the constitution party back on
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maryland ballots. >> steny hoyer is a member of the u.s. congress from maryland and also in fact the house minority whip. he is defending the character of maryland state senator who has been accused of bribery. hoyer testified during senator kerry's trial today in baltimore, called him a friend, and political ally of 30 years. he is a democrat and charged with using his political power to benefit the shoppers food warehouse supermarket chain. shoppers, the company that is, paid him more than $245,000 between 2003 and 2006. prosecutors say those payments were bribes. his lawyer says that he acted as a consultant. that he did nothing wrong. a special election is being held in prince george's county today. residents there are choosing a successor to former council woman leslie johnson. the polls will close at 8:00. democrat derrick leon davis and republican day gardner are running for the sixth district
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seat. johnson resigned from the council this summer after pleading guilty in a federal corruption case that also targeted her husband former county executive jack johnson. coming up a warning for parents about what they say is a potential threat in their local school. >> a new survey shows just how much time drivers waste behind the wheel commuting to and from work. thousands of kids attending a college fair in the district forced to evacuate today. we'll tell you why the cops got involved. coming up in sports the caps taking on the panthers down at the verizon center. looking for their fifth straight win. in the nfl donovan mcnabb riding the pine once again in a huge raider trade involving a quarterback.
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just a few moments ago police announced an arrest in the murder of an 11-year-old girl from gaithersburg, maryland. jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death inside her house back in may. today police say they arrested her step father 42-year-old david houng who has been charged with first-degree murder. somebody stole a truck near richmond yesterday, a truck that had the presidential podium in it. the unmarked truck was headed to one of the stops on the president's bus tour.
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it had the podium with the presidential seal inside as well as audio equipment. the truck was found a short time later. there is no word on whether anything was missing. >> the president just took the stage a short time ago at greenville county high school in emporia, virginia. the president is part way through a three-day bus tour to talk about his jobs plan. republicans in congress say that the president is campaigning at taxpayer expense. tonight the republicans running for president will have the floor. there is a presidential debate tonight in las vegas. back to our top story now the search for william mcquain ended today with a disturbing discovery in rural montgomery county. this morning a search dog found the body of the 11-year-old boy in clarksburg. police say they were led to that area after they discovered surveillance video showing the suspect curtis lopez with mcquain at a nearby storage unit on october 1st. they believe the boy was killed later that day. >> the developments today come less than a week after the boy's
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mother was found murdered. we talked to jane mcquain's best friend. >> reporter: jane mcquain's best friend has spent the past six days praying for a miracle. today's news though shattered her only hope that jane's missing son william would be found safe. >> i just screamed and just not my baby. >> reporter: for heather dow hearing that police have found william's body is nothing short of devastating. >> i just think about what he went through, you know, trusting somebody and thinking why are you doing this? you're supposed to care about me. you're supposed to love me. why are you hurting me? >> reporter: she says finding out her best friend had been killed last week was horrible but she tried to stay positive and focus on the search for william. she last saw him over the summer. >> i hugged him and kissed him. god, if i only knew it was the last time i would have never let go.
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>> reporter: heather met jane back in 2005. they became fast friends. heather and her son later moved in with jane and william in rockville. their boys were the same age. >> they started their first day of account account together and have been inseparable since. >> reporter: the two loved to play cowboys and indians, climb trees, and go to the beach. >> i'm scared. i'm scared for my son because i know it's going to affect the rest of his life. >> reporter: heather's son attends school in pennsylvania and doesn't know william was missing. >> i haven't told him yet. i just don't know how i'm going to. >> reporter: heather says she now plans to take a trip to her son's school to try to explain to an 11-year-old boy the unexplainable. in westminster, maryland, news 4. heather dow says if and when there is a trial she will be there for every day of it sitting in the front row. a college fair is going on at the d.c. convention center after an earlier session was
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forced to shut down early. nearly 12,000 students were evacuated after a fight broke out this morning. police say the fight only involved a small group but nobody was arrested. the fair gives students an opportunity to meet with nearly 300 college recruiters and financial aid representatives. the current session runs through 8:00. a bold act near a fairfax county school is getting a lot of people's attention. two girls say they were approached by a suspicious man on friday off of blake lane in oakton, virginia. the man ran off. the warning comes after another case where police say a man tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl who was on her way to school. elaine reyes has the story. >> i see a lot of kids working around. i see a lot of people running up and down the street jogging like i do. >> reporter: on blake lane in oakton you'll find walkers, bikers, and generally plenty of car traffic. >> very surprising. this is really a safe neighborhood. i've been living here for ten years. it's the first time i ever heard of something like that happening. >> reporter: blake lane is also
6:34 pm
a popular path for students walking to and from oakton high school. on friday afternoon, two teenage girls reported a man in a car stopped and tried to talk to them. police say the girls screamed and the man drove away. earlier in the week same street a man grabbed a 16-year-old student and tried to force her into his car. she broke free and called police. >> we do have increased patrols in that area especially during arrival and dismissal of the school. we've also communicated with all of our school resource officers and our youth services division so that this description has not only gone out to the schools in that area but all of the schools in fairfax county. >> it was frightening to hear because i don't expect that kind of stuff to happen around here. >> reporter: at oakton high school, word of the incident spread. investigators say they're getting more calls about suspicious people because of them. still, students are encouraged to travel in groups and stay alert.
6:35 pm
>> i haven't really done anything differently but i'm definitely more aware of my surroundings. my mom was the one that showed me the e-mail but she was just telling me to be careful and look out for things. >> reporter: oakton high school officials alerted parents by e-mail yesterday. police investigators are still trying to determine if the two incidents are related. in vienna, virginia elaine reyes, news 4. fairfax county police have given us a description of the car seen in last tuesday's abduction attempt. they say the suspect got away in a white, four-door sub compact vehicle. there was a baby onboard sign on the driver's side. anyone with information should call the police. some maryland lawmakers want to add 15 cents to the state's gasoline tax. the governor wants the tax hike to pay for more spending on infrastructure. he is asking a special session of his general assembly to approve the increase in order to pay for road construction, public transit, and other
6:36 pm
transportation projects. county executives from montgomery and prince george's county spoke in favor of the government's plan today. they were on wtop radio. >> i've been in support for a long time. >> you're hoping a lot of the money from that would go to ease congestion? >> well, that gas tax certainly would not address all of that. it's a combination of things. we'll have to do some things both locally, statewide, as well as federal. without the federal support there is no way for us to get to all of these projects. >> i, too, am in support of the gas tax and have been since becoming county executive. i think we have to offer revenue streams for the state but county executive is correct. the federal government has to step up also. >> reporter: adding 15 cents to the gasoline tax would make it 38 1/2 cents a gallon. that would be one of the top ten most expensive in the country. 40% of commuters in our area spend at least an hour a day behind the wheel. that's one of the findings of a new beltway poll from
6:37 pm
it also found one-third of drivers in our region travel more than 30 miles every day. d.c. drivers tend to have shorter commutes with the majority traveling less than 30 minutes a day. most maryland and virginia residents spend at least 30 minutes a day driving and usually cover at least ten miles. coming up we'll tell you what will happen to you now if you get caught with expired tags in the district. plus a 9-year-old behind the wheel. what? she had her parents' permission. tonight we'll tell you what her fath
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when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead... to what's next, to what's possible. confident that taking action now, is the way to create a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband
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to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been... and always will be a smart investment. at&t.
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and hello everybody. i'm meteorologist doug camer right here in storm center 4 watching a very potent storm system right now down to the south bringing a lot of rain. take a look outside right now. no rain right now and a very nice evening. we looked at a lot of sunshine during the day today and right now you can see a lot of color out there. 70 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the east about 6 miles per hour. the sun has just gone down. it will continue and get nice and dark tonight. doppler radar showing we are going to see a few showers but not right now. take a look. this is 6:30. we're not seeing anything out there. at least it's 6:40 rather and as we look toward the south there is where all the rain is in toward north carolina, south carolina, and georgia.
6:41 pm
then more rain and thunderstorm activity back to the west into tennessee and kentucky. all of that rain will move into our region overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow about 69 in the d.c. area. 67 down toward culpepper and up toward frederick. temperature of about 68. just about everybody will see a good chance for periods of rain tomorrow. i don't think it'll be a washout especially in the afternoon. best chance of rain it looks like early in the day and then we get a lot cooler. i'll show you that seven-day forecast in case you missed it coming up again in about ten minutes. >> thank you, doug. a guy from michigan who used his 9-year-old daughter as his designated driver when he was drunk appeared in court this afternoon. this is video from browns town, michigan earlier this month. the van has a 9-year-old girl behind the wheel. after parking almost perfectly the girl and her father went into the convenience store where the father bragged about his daughter's driving skills.
6:42 pm
>> i got a designated driver. 9 years old. nine. dad drinking? listen. we're leaving. and she's driving. >> another customer from the store called 911 and then followed the van until police arrived. the father appeared in court on child abuse charges today. the judge continued the case and banned him from seeing his daughter. we're down at the verizon center with dan hellie now. there is a hockey game tonight. >> reporter: some history could be made tonight. the capitals actually trying to get off to their best start ever. we're also going to be talking maryland football. they're staying with the hot quarterback and the redskins say it's not all on rex, not on the quarterbacks. we have to make improvements elsewhere.
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caps could go tonight where they have never gone before. that would be totally cool. wouldn't it? >> it would be awesome, guys. they're trying to get to 5-0 for the first time ever to start a season. kind of hard to believe they're actually doing it without alex ovechkin. not literally without ovechkin because he is playing but he is off to his slowest start of his career just one goal and one assist through four games. yet the capitals still finding a
6:46 pm
way to grind out wins and that is the good news. you can do it without ovie you  fwot to like it. not scoring but it seems like everybody else is. the capitals the highest scoring team in the nhl. once again averaging 3.5 goals per game. they're also doing well on the power play which if you may remember has been the achilles heel in playoffs past. but they know there still is plenty of room for improvement. >> i don't think we'll ever be satisfied unless we win everything. but the nice thing is we are winning. of course there is room for improvement. we have made some, had some breakdowns defensively, a few mental errors. hopefully that's just the beginning of the season and guys still take a little time to get into it. i mean the main thing is we are winning games. >> definitely happy we're 4-0. i think it's a good start and a good kind of -- a lot easier to make adjustments when you're
6:47 pm
waiting than in the panic mode. >> the 4-0 is good. i think as a team we can be better. we can't expect vokie to make 40 saves a night and win a lot of hockey games. i think the 4-0 is great and good but we know in here we got to be a lot better. >> reporter: all right. so the caps and the florida panthers here. puck dropping in just about 15 minutes or so. meanwhile out in ashburn redskins players are off but redskins coach is hard at work and the shanahans kyle and mike might be the only two people in the entire country who know who the redskins' starting quarterback is going to be this sunday against the panthers. rex grossman or john beck. we'll hear for sure about the quarterback decision wednesday after practice. the rest of the players anxiously awaiting decisions just like the rest of us but they know there is still plenty of work to be done. can't lay all the blame on the quarterback here. both sides of the ball need to pick it up. >> honestly, you know, more than just a quarterback position
6:48 pm
thing. it's kind of everybody needs to take the onus of the offense and do their job and find a way to improve. we've got to be better, you know, our receiver, tight end, you know, running back, fullback, everybody across the board has to take leadership and say we're going to get better and have our defense back and once they shut them down the second half we had ample opportunities to make plays and come back and came up short. >> i think guys are not pointing a finger or turning against each other. i think we'll be just fine. it's still early. we still need to just go back and watch the film and make the corrections and just come out from the end and play strong. we can't turn it on. we don't have that luxury to just turn it on at will. we're not that great a team. we'll grind it out and win games in the fourth quarter when they're close. >> reporter: all right. donovan mcnabb. we knew it was going to happen at some point or maybe we didn't but might have suspected donovan
6:49 pm
mcnabb would eventually get the hook that the minnesota vikings weren't doing well and that is exactly what happened. mcnabb benched in minnesota in favor of rookie first round draft pick christian ponder out of florida state. ironically, mcmabe coming off his best performance of the season. the only problem, it was in a 29-point loss and his minnesota vikings now 1-5 on the year. meanwhile oakland looking for a new quarterback after losing jason campbell to a broken collar bone. campbell had surgery yesterday and the best case scenario is that he's back in six weeks. the raiders didn't just find a replacement. they paid a king's ransom for him. the raiders sent a first and a second-round pick to the bengals for carson palmer. palmer, if you remember, has refused to play in cincinnati so he wasn't playing anywhere. just sitting out and the raiders gave up two -- a conditional first-round pick and first-round pick amazing.
6:50 pm
monday night football. fireman ed leading the jets faithful last night. it's the jets hosting the rival dolphins. matt moore quarterbacking for miami these days up 3-0 in the first. moore on third and seven looking for brandon marshall. instead, he finds doral revis. revis just owned brandon marshall last night. he's fast. not really this fast but he did get a lot of good blocking as we speed it up. a hundred-yard interception return for a touchdown. jets up 7-3. fourth quarter jets up 17-6. mark sanchez hooking up with holmes and holmes takes care of the rest. nice move there. gets a good block. 38 yards. doing some house work. the jets snap a three-game skid with a 24-6 win. the dolphins fall to 0-5 and now are leading the way for the andrew luck sweepstakes the
6:51 pm
quarterback out at stanford who would have been the number one overall pick last year but he chose to go back to school. he is highly coveted. up next for those winless dolphins, a date with the denver broncos who are going through a quarterback situation of their own. tim tebow set to make his first start of the year in denver. all right. for other news and nuggets from the sports world let's hit the helipad. the maryland head football coach named c.j. brown his starter coming off a pretty good game over the weekend against clemson. at caa basketball media day george nayson under the new head coach picked second in the conference. last year final four cinderella. the bcu rams picked to finish third. drexel is your preseason favorite. while the nba lockout is still going on the philadelphia 76ers are under new ownership. part of that ownership team includes actor will smith who has invested as a minority share
6:52 pm
holder. that'll do it, guys, from here at verizon center. capitals trying to go 5-0 against the florida panthers. who knows? maybe they get the win and ovie busts out of his slump at the same time. >> looking forward to it. thanks. coming up, time to start thinking about holiday shopping. already? what do you get for the person who has it all? a sneak preview of the neiman marcus christmas book next. >> for all your news follow nbc 4 online.
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drivers will no longer be arrested and put in jail in the district if they get caught with an expired vehicle registration that's more than 30 days overdue. after many protests the d.c. council today changed the law that had been unique to d.c. tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: tens of thousands of vehicles travel city streets every day. until now anyone caught with expired tags would be arrested, handcuffed, and jailed. that law dates back to before the 1970s passed by congress to help fight drug trafficking with stolen vehicles. but growing complaints from forgetful citizens and an angry letter from virginia senator jim webb to mayor gray prompted the mayor to ask the council to change the law. which it did unanimously tuesday. >> there's a lot of utility for police being able to do traffic
6:56 pm
stops. but that doesn't mean we should be arresting people. >> reporter: under the new law violators who are up to 30 days late will be fined $100. those over 30 days will be fined $250. their cars could be impounded. d.c. police chief cathy lanier warned drivers it is still a serious offense to have expired tags, driver's license, or insurance. >> with the new law they could get a fine over $200 and their vehicle could be impounded at the scene which means you have to call a cab and find some transportation and then pay the towing and impoundment fees to get your car out. don't take it lightly. get your tags up to date. >> reporter: lobbyists for triple-a praised the relaxed law which had been the toughest in the nation. >> the standard across the country is that if a tag is expired for less than six months then it's considered an infraction and is treated with a fine. >> reporter: we asked the triple-a spokesman to show us his current car insurance. where's proof of insurance?
6:57 pm
in your car? >> there it is. >> reporter: okay. let me see this. >> all right. >> reporter: i hate to tell you but this says it expired in 2008. triple-a's spokesman has an expired insurance card for 2008. >> well, it's updated in my car. >> reporter: it better be. >> it is. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> busted. the new law will go into effect as soon as it's signed by mayor gray. a hands free texting is available now for more ford owners. the feature already exists on some of the company's newest vehicles but now owners with older cars with sync technology can use a flash drive to download the audible texting feature. it uses a bluetooth connection to read the driver's incoming text messages out loud. it also lets the driver respond with 15 preset responses including, yes, no, and i'll call you later. the features are all part of the ongoing efforts to stop texting while driving. >> how does that work? >> there is a flash drive and
6:58 pm
sync technology. if you need the explanation then, you know, not going to happen for you anyway. >> i understand. if you do you're probably too young to drive. coming up at 11:00 house speaker john boehner confronted by occupy wall street protesters on a golf course. we'll show you what happened there. also, we'll tell you why parents are so upset with the school system after police found 11-year-old william mccain's body today. and an employee tribute to steve jobs. it means the stores are going to be shut down for a while. we'll tell you where and when. >> let's get one final check on our weather. not going to be pretty tomorrow. >> it is not going to be pretty. not going to be that bad. we'll see some showers and some periods of rain. some may be heavy especially east of i-95 but most of the day not too bad out there. i would carry the umbrella. 69 degrees tomorrow. and then windy on thursday. winds upwards of 30 to 40 miles an hour. 65 degrees on thursday. then friday is 63.
6:59 pm
60 for a high on saturday. most areas will remain in the 50s. we're talking about a fairly cold weekend especially saturday and sunday morning but again with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. not a bad fall afternoon at all. >> okay. thanks, doug. today neiman marcus released the 85th edition of its christmas catalog. they call it the christmas book. every year there are some ridiculously expensive items for sale. here's one you can get from me if you'd like. a hand crafted mahogany boat for sale. that thing is sweet. it'll only cost you $250,000. thank you. there are ten limited edition ferrari sports cars for sale. each one $395,000. >> whoa. >> no big deal. there is an item that begs the question is it art? or is it a pingpong table? that's not it. not talking about her. neiman marcus officials say it is both. it is a work from tom burr. >> looks like a pingpong table to me. >> yes.


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