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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> today is sunday, october 23rd. thanks for joining us. we'll get to those stories in just a minute. first, how about weather, chuck bell? >> how about a little fall chill in the air this morning. >> oh, yeah. >> our coldest start in six months. >> whoa! >> truly the change of seasons is upon us. you'll feel the fall this morning on your way out the door. not much in the way of fog in this particular shop but there is a wonderful deck of fog over the potomac just upstream from this shot right here. patchy fog in the shenandoah as well. the big story this morning in the brrr factor. 49 in washington. 52, annapolis. 37 in frederick, maryland. 36 in martinsburg. 39 in manassas. good news is we have sunshine out there. and the sunshine we get to keep all day long. a few fair weather clouds. low to mid-60s.
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cooler in the high spots. tomorrow, another lovely day. clouds on the increase tomorrow afternoon. a mild monday with highs closing in on 70 degrees. rain and potentially a lot of it before the week is through. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you, chuck. breaking news out of turkey. a 7.3 earthquake rocked the eastern part of the country. it was just north of the city of van, near the iranian border. two buildings collapsed from the quake. turkey state run news agency is reporting rescue workers are scrambling to reach people trapped underneath buildings. initials reports say 25 buildings collapsed, including one college dorm. >> right now the people of libya are celebrating their liberation from dictator moammar gadhafi. the interim leaders are holding a ceremony in two hours to formally declear the country
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free of the regime. the announcement is welcomed news for the people of libya. even though there are new concerns about gadhafi's death. an autopsy report showed the leader died from a gunshot wound to the head. >> the people of tunisia are voting in their free elections after an uprising ended decades of authoritative role. an assembly will appoint a new government and write a new constitution for the african nation. one person is dead and two others injured in a crash in charles county. it happened early this morning near the intersection of highway 301 and fairground road 1 in la plata. a driver was going the wrong way on 301 when he collide spwaod another car. the driver and passenger of the other vehicle were taken to the
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hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. a murder investigation is under way after a deadly shooting near howard university hospital. it happened at the intersection of georgia avenue and w street. the victim was taken to the hospital but died. at this time they are still looking for the gunman. howard university hospital tells us the shooting is not related to the hospital or the school, which was celebrating homecoming saturday. >> a maryland mental patient is facing murder charges for allegedly killing his roommate. he beat his roommate to death in the maximum security section of the clifton t. perkins psychiatric hospital in jessop. two years ago he petitioned to be released, saying he had been cured of his mental illness but was denied that release. tragedy at the fairfax
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county fire department as they mourn the loss of one of their own. he was found dead inside station 41. he was 49 years old. officials say there's nothing suspicious about his death but it remains under investigation right now. the redskins quarterback will be in the spotlight today as the team takes on the carolina panthers. they are handing the ball to john beck following a disappointing outing last week against the eagles. this will be the first start. it won't be an easy one with the offensive line pretty banged up. kickoff is at 1:00 in charlotte. today hundreds are lacing up their running shoes and hitting the pavement for the icc bike ride and 5k. it take place on the first
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segment of the intercounty connector. maryland transportation authority and the state highway administration are sponsoring this event. things just kicked off at 9:00 with a 10-mile bike ride. it's going to be a good time. >> all right. can't wait for that. >> speaking of the weather, it's 49 degrees outside. four minutes after the 9:00 hour. coming up, the ongoing hunt for a great white shark that killed the american. why some say the search for the shark needs to be stopped. a hail mary is caught right at the goal line right there. you make the call. is he in? well, we'll tell you comin
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next week some of the biggest names in the d.c. sports area and other local celebrities will be walking a run way to
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take a stand against domestic violence. walk this way fashion event. i'm joined by becky lee the founder and executive director as well as ronia, a domestic abuse survivor who is a supporter of becky's fund. thank you for joining me today. >> thank you for having us. >> you started this organization back in 2006. why is that? >> seeing that one in four women are affected by domestic and dating violence, realizing this affects so many people in our community regardless of race, background, status. i want to do something that focused on the prevention and education piece. we often only talk about domestic and dating violence when a tragedy occurs instead of saying those are the warning signs, those are things i can prevent by finding out the resources that are available. so i wanted to create a nonprofit. >> you are a domestic abuse survivor yourself. tell us a little bit about your
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story, what you went through and share how you were able to get out i don't have your situation. >> i started dating an american soldier in germany. and he asked me to basically fall in love and come to the united states of america with him. and i came. and he basically took me out of my environment, my friends, my family, my support group. and he took advantage of that situation and abused me mentally and physically. and one day i had enough and i went to the bank and took basically the first step to leave that situation. and i wanted to get all my money so i can leave and found out that he and his mother actually emptied it. so i had nothing. i called the police officer because i was really scared to go home to get my belongings. and he stated at the front door that i wasn't living there. and he took all my belongings,
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including my passport. >> how did you get the strength to leave that situation? >> i guess there's a little click inside that just says enough is enough. and you can't do this anymore. and you didn't come here to be abused. you came here for love. and you wanted to start a family. and you just have to think what is good for you. if this is not good for you, leave. if this makes you feel pain and hurt, love shouldn't hurt. so it was just a click. you just have to do it. and there was this one man that see me in distress in front of the bank crying that actually gave me his wife's telephone number and said call her. she's going to help you. and she helped me. she worked for a nonprofit organization. she helped me. she got me to the abuse persons program. they helped me get food, shelter and everything.
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and since then i just -- it's been an amazing journey. i started a dance and fitness company. we have people every day to get healthy and be fit. and becky asked me to do a dance performance to basically show the different ways and the different arts of abuse that you can see in a domestic violence relationship. so it was a really powerful performance. >> that's mazing. i do apologize. we're running short on time. but i want to get to, becky, you have a huge event coming up on november 2nd. tell us about that event a little bit before we wrap here. >> it's very important for the community to come together. this is an issue that often we blame and we, you know, place judgment on the victims for not coming forward. blaming them for that situation. so we wanted to bring together
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community, corporate leaders, athletes. we have amazing athletes, redskins, deangelo hall, anthony armstrong, carl asner. >> here's the event from last year. this is a huge event bringing people together. how can people get involved in becky's fund. >> just visit www.beckysfund dot org. we have girl scout programs. a young men's mentorship as well. these are all way toss engage your skills, different background, your education to be able to reach out and help not just people who are going through this now but also preventing it for the future from our youth. >> thank you so much for joining us. very important calls. once again, the walk this way event is on november 2nd. angie, back to you. >> thank you, john. as someone who has been to walk
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this way a couple years in a row it is truly, truly an empowering show. >> right now brrr is the word. >> a little bit of a fall chill to get your sunday morning started. but the good news is the sun is shining.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. right now hundreds are traveling across the intercounty connector, but not in their cars. it's part of the second annual icc bike ride and run and walk. news 4's derrick ward joins us live at this event. derrick, what's happening? >> reporter: well, there are already some bikes out on the course. as you can see, we're at the starting line for the runners. they will get under way right after the ceremony that's going on now. the next time you see this many people they will likely be in cars.
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this is a great day. they did it last year on the first segment of the acc to open. here we are again all at the game of the special olympics. it's say great opportunity to take a ride on an excellent surface without traffic. runners and walkers getting under way. 10 mile bike ride and 5k for walkers or runners along the second segment of the icc. we remember all of the things that went together in this open. but i don't think anybody anticipated it would be used as such an effective fund-raising tool. >> this is great. we have about 400 runners. so 400 participants. 100 are bikers who are already out on the course doing a 10-mile tour. and the runners will get off here shortly. we just appreciate the maryland transportation authority support, special olympics maryland, maryland transportation authority police. state highway administration.
9:19 am
great supporters of special olympics in general. this is just another example of the great community efforts of lots of folks. >> reporter: and this segment that essentially stretches from 270 to 95 will be open by the end of the year. the runners get under way in just a few minutes. live on the icc. now back to you. >> i know it's not just runners. we saw little furry animals too. a little something for everyone. >> they're coming out of the woods i think. >> all right. thank you, derrick ward reporting live on the icc. and also saw people in sweat shirts. >> oh, it's chilly outside this morning. no doubt about that coming out of the woods. >> be careful, derrick. >> we're worried about you. >> we put him on the hard-nosed investigating. did that animal come out of the woods? a little chilly outside. if you're going out for the morning walk or jog, move briskly. temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. plenty of sunshine. so that's the good news.
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and the sunshine will help put the temperatures back up into the low and mid-60s for most of your sunday afternoon. so it's going to be a nice-looking day to be outside today. current temperature at national airport stands at 49 chilly degrees. light wind at 6 miles per hour. temperatures now climbing out of the thirds, into the 40s in most of the suburbs. 41 restin, rockville right now. even out of the 30s across parts of northern and western maryland. 36 in martinsburg. no rain on the radar. nearest drops a long way out to the west. so your sunday forecast filled with sunshine for today. there's the latest satellite picture. a lot of clear skies south and west. high pressure is in charge. as a result chilly start this morning with a nice mild day coming with plenty of sunshine and plenty of great fall color as well. so for today, mostly sunny. a lot warmer feel especially during the afternoon hours. highs today in the low to
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mid-60s. sun goes down 6:19 this evening. 6:18 tomorrow. these days continue to get shorter and shorter and shorter. even with the shortening days we have at least another one or two chances making it to 70 degrees between now and wednesday. after that the bottom falls out and rain showers return. chilly, soggy, rainy, windy weather. my fingers are crossed a week from today we'll have sunshine. a close call for the marathon next weekend. >> thanks, chuck. >> if chuck seems to be a little down this morning we can't blame him. we have to blame oklahoma. ranked number 3. lost to texas text. sooners weren't the only top team with a tough loss last night. did you see that ending to the wisconsin/michigan state game? the final few seconds. how about a hail mary toss by
9:22 am
michigan state. they caught it on the goal line. initially it was ruled short of the end zone. after review, overturned. they win 37-31. >> holy cow. >> wow. >> that was quite the pass. well, it was a wild one in texas for game 3 of the world series. >> you bet. >> and he hits it. here goes one into left. how about three on the night? >> how about it? cardinals first baseman albert pujols sluged three home runs as cardinals crushed the rangers. reggie jackson and babe ruth actually did it twice. well, caps are the only unbeaten team left in the nhl in their 7-0 start to the season is a franchise record. caps beat the red wings last night, 7-1. and washington play thursday
9:23 am
night on the road in edmonton oilers. >> let's go caps! a repraouview of what's in this week's kids post. here's eun yang. >> good morning. this week a special halloween edition of kids post on tv. some costumes you can make at home, scary books you don't want to read alone, and a train ride that amtrak would not likely condone. joining us once again is tracy graham from kids post. nice to see you as always. >> great to be here. >> first of all, costumes that won't cost you a lot of money. these are amazing. >> these are the winners of our home made costumes. this is zoe bell, 9, of north potomac. so much the idea is what makes the costume. she is a stink bug, which every kid knows about. every kid is frustrated by. >> timely costume. >> it's just made with some felt
9:24 am
straps, some cardboard. this is veronica lang, 9, mclean. she and her parents put together this christmas free costume. never too soon to think about christmas. really it's just some branches, some lights, some shoes, really clever. >> and how cute is he? >> jack shronk loves construction trucks as all kids this age do. he and his mom put together a front-end loader made from a cardboard box. and he helped paint it. part of the fun is doing it together. >> the creativity, just really the spirit of the holidays, not just going commercial. i think it's terrific. >> it's wonderful. we have more at and enough time that you could pull of some of these costumes between now and halloween. >> maybe in the future. >> some books you won't want to read at night before bed. i scare easily.
9:25 am
there's no way i could read any of these books. >> we're totally into halloween. so wednesday's kids post we have suggested scary reads. scary children is the story of three girls. they're a little unusual. one looks like a werewolf, one can talk to ghosts, and one is incredibly strong. but when their school gets into real trouble they come to the rescue. >> okay. >> the exquisite corpse adventure is a story of 20 chapters each written about a different author. some of the greatest. it's really a fun read. and then this is a great read allowed for all ages. substitute creature. it's really fun. little kids. everyone in your house would enjoy this. >> wonderful. >> and finally a train ride that will give you plenty of chills and thrills. >> anybody who has ever ridden
9:26 am
the sweet train ride at wheaton regional park. >> we've been on that one. >> when halloween comes it becomes truly frightful. i have been known to scream on this train ride. >> no way. >> but it's great for ages 8 and up. 8 to 12. it's really fun. a little scary. it's going on weekends now. we tell the tale of one family who rides the train and lives to tell the story in sunday's kids post. >> i could never. not at my age could i go on that train. traysy, thank you so much. visit or and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv. i'm eun yang. >> creative costumes there. >> very talented people in the district. >> coming up next at 9:30, breaking news. a major earthquake rocks
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breaking news at 9:30. a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocks turkey sending people running for their lives. we are getting in new damage reports to our newsroom. good morning, everyone. thank you for waking up with us. i'm angie goff. >> i'm john schriffen. today is sunday, october 23rd. chuck bell has our chilly, chilly forecast. >> a little fall chill first thing this morning and literally frost on pumpkins first thing this morning as well. most of the frost has melted away. we have plenty of bright sunshine. that's the up side of the forecast after a very cool start this morning. you look live over washington. memorial bridge. u.s. institute for peace all in sunshine this morning. temperatures are on their way up and moving up quickly now.
9:31 am
41, manassas, 49 in washington. 51 down in beautiful southern maryland down by california, leonardtown. plenty of sunshine for everybody today. a couple fair weather clouds from time to time. they're not going to rain on anybody. temperatures mid-60s today. closer to 70 tomorrow with a few more clouds around. the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, chuck. >> thank you. we're following breakinging news out of turkey. a 7.3 earthquake rocked the eastern part of the country and hit just north of the city of van near the iranian border. turkey state-run news agency are reporting rescuers are scramble to go reach people trapped under buildings. no overall casualty figure is available just yet. >> right now the people of libya are celebrating their liberation.
9:32 am
in a little more than an hour, the country's interim leaders will hold a ceremony officially marking the end of moammar gadhafi's 42-year reign. new concerns are being raised about his death. a new autopsy report shows the dictator died from a gunshot wound to the head leaving many to speculate that he was executed. a murder investigation this morning in the district after a man is shot to death near the howard university campus. police responded to the scene around 10:00 at georgia avenue northwest and w street just one block from the howard university health center. police say the 20-year-old victim was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead. at this time they are still looking for the gunman. howard university tells us the shooting is not related to the hospital or the school which was celebrating its homecoming. well, not too far away another shooting. police say just after 2:00 a.m., a person was shot near the intersection of 11 street and otis place northwest.
9:33 am
the victim was shot in the leg and is expected to be okay. >> the woman accused of murdering her co-worker in maryland is set to stand trial tomorrow. brittany norwood is accused of killing jane that murray at the lululemon store in bethesda. norwood killed murray after murray found suspected stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. the attorney said he's still open to negotiating a possible plea bargain but is preparing for trial. right now shark hunters in australia are continuing their hunt for a great white that killed an american diver. police say george wainwright of texas was swimming alone near a popular tourist spot when the shark attacked him. researchers are planning to kill it but zoologists say there's no way to figure out which shark is actually responsible. the beaches near the attack will be closed until monday as a precaution. this is the second fatality
9:34 am
shark attack off the australian coast in less than two weeks. old german satellite landed on earth overnight, but no one knows exactly where it landed. german tine activities believe it broke into as many as 30 pieces as it reentered the earth kwaeps atmosphere. this is the second to fall in the last 30 days. an old one plummeted into the pacific ocean september 24th. new from overnight, police arrested at least 100 people in chicago. the arrests were part of the occupy chicago demonstrations. grant park. this is video right before the park closed. they were violating a city ordinance. they refused to leave so police began arresting them one by one. occupy d.c. protesters are putting their money where their mouth is. 99% is on you. >> protesters demonstrated yesterday outside the wells fargo on p street in northwest
9:35 am
d.c. two of the protesters actually went inside and closed their accounts with the bank saying the company didn't need their business since they were, quote, too big to fail. nevada is moving its presidential caucus back to february 4th. they were planning a january 4th caucus but that caused a shuffle between new hampshire and iowa. if nevada had not moved the date, new hampshire threatened to hold its primary this disease. a new memoir from secretary of state condoleezza rice is due out next month. in it she said she was close to resigning from the bush white house. it paints a picture of tension between rice, dick cheney and secretary of defense donald rumsfeld. the former secretary of state says she threatened to quick after the president issued an order authorizing commissions without telling her. this is the latest from bush era
9:36 am
staffers who paint a picture over how to protect post 9/11 america. tomorrow the much anticipated biography of steve jobs goes on sale and it offers insight into how the apple co founder operated in business and his personal life. the author asked jobs why he delayed getting surgery goins his pancreatic cancer. >> he tries to treat it with diet. goes to spiritualists, through various ways of doing it macro biotically. and he does not get an operation. >> i asked him that and he said i didn't want my body to be opened. i didn't want to be violated in that way. >> jobs's biography included extremely harsh words for his rival bill gates. he called him unimagine active and said he ripped off other people's ideas and slammed
9:37 am
google saying they wholesale ripped apple off in creating their android phone. >> will things be warming up any time soon? we have meteorologist chuck bell with his entire forecast. and google is reportedly in talks for a really big purchase. what the search giant is doing that could res [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits ithe morning is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the ovebiscuits.
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two of the largest internet search engines could soon become one. a new report in the wall street journal said google is trying to buy its troubled rival yahoo!. it claims google has talked to at least two private equity firms about help to go finance the deal.
9:41 am
any deal would face anti-trust scrutiny from the federal government. are you craving a big mac and fries? maybe your little ones are bugging you for a happy meal? your next fast food meal might cost a little bit more. mcdonald's is looking to raise prices again. the fast food giant said the rising cost of beef and higher labor costs are the big reasons behind the price hikes. if they go through with the hike, it will be the third this year for the golden arches. altogether mickey d's raised prices 2.4% across the board this year. hour wednesday's child this week just had a birthday. his name is darnell. while he has a lot of challenges right now those who follow his progress say he's made leaps and bounds. on top of that they say the 3-year-old just happens to be a really nice kid. barbara harrison takes us to meet darnell. >> well, there's darnell. there he is. hi. darnell arrived for his
9:42 am
wednesday's child shoot dressed for the chilly weather. recently turned 3-year-old darnell was invited to spend the morning at the be with me children's playseum. miss elizabeth and miss rachel showed us around. this had brightly colored costumes to try on. and down the hall. >> great room. this is red, white, and blue. it's a place filled with room after room for fantasy fun for little ones. >> grandma and grandpa's place. look at that. and look at the farm. >> darnell wasn't too sure about the rooster. he's a little insecure about things unfamiliar. but those who know him say -- >> darnell is an amazingly happy, chirpy child. loves to sing. sings everywhere. he loves colors and tv. he can scoot. he is a lot -- he just is a very
9:43 am
joyous child. >> what he did like was the farm puzzle. and he did well in putting the pieces in the right place. >> but he does have this natural curiosity. he is starting to talk more, using more words. so i really think that with a lot of love and attention he will reach nice potential. >> darnell was very happy when they put his chair together. he seemed to feel more secure here and ready to experiment with some of the fun toys like the drum and the piano. before we left there were some surprises for darnell to take with him. including some books and puzzles. now he just needs a family to help him grow and to develop all the wonderful things he will learn to do in his life. and who are ready to get a lot of love back from a little boy ready to go home with a forever family. barbara harrison, news 4, for
9:44 am
wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and heart for darnell or another child who is waiting for a forever home, please call our special adoption hotline. 1-88-to-adopt-me or logon to what an adorable little guy. i love when he banged on the drum. >> and he can sing and play the drums, one-man banding it already. >> i like when barbara put the hat on him and he said, no, you wear the hat. >> a little bit of a chill out there. but this is the coldest start we need to worry about at least for a little while.
9:45 am
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very chilly start to our sunday morning. >> no doubt about it. we mentioned last night if the skies cleared overnight i mentioned it would be a cold
9:48 am
start on a sunday morning. even though we fought the clouds all day yesterday, just as we got towards the afternoon, skies started to clear out. we had a mostly clear sky overnight. man, did it get cold for your sunday morning. a little bundle up factor. now that we are a couple hours past sunrise it's warming up very, very quickly. a little deck of mid and high-level clouds out there. more than enough sunshine getting through that pesky deck of clouds. so it's going to be a good-looking day to get outside and enjoy the fall color that is getting close to peak. it's just about tpaebg now for folks in the shenandoah valley, mountains of west virginia. another week or so and a peak in washington. 49 degrees. sun shining. breeze at 6 miles per hour. places that were down way into the 30s early this morning, lees pwurg, dulles, ashpwurpb, into a tick or two of the freezing mark are now back in the mid-40s.
9:49 am
sunshine aplenty will put temperatures into the low and mid-60s for most of your outdoor hours. 39 in frederick. 50 already in gaithersburg. 45 in la plata. no rain on the radar. closest rain drops to us will be following these as well. these are back across western indiana. that's all part of the next system which will bring us our next chance for rain. we have a couple more dry days between now and the first drop. so no need to worry about that. sunshine and nice. here's a look at the satellite picture. all those clear skies around here for now. a couple of mid-level clouds. that's the blue sky that's coming our way for later on this afternoon under this big area of high pressure. chilly start will lead to a pleasant afternoon with plenty of sunshine. it will feel 10 degrees warmer today than it did yesterday afternoon because of the addition of the sunshine. not quite as chilly because of clouds coming our way.
9:50 am
as we get into monday this weather front might train traoeu bring out a rain drop or two. good color. near peak color in the shenandoah valley. this is the best picture to get out and get a look at the leaves. sunny. mild. low to mid-60s. tomorrow, partly sunny, another mild day with highs closing in on 70 degrees in many neighborhoods tomorrow afternoon after increasingly cloudy sky. those clouds won't last long. high near 67. wednesday, that's going to be a nice day. sounds will be in the picture. rain returns wednesday night. rain and wind and chilly and ugliness for thursday night and friday. fingers are crossed we can get them out before the marine corps. marathon but that's going to be close. >> see if you can work your magic. >> i have to do something. i will hear bit. >> thanks, chuck. we'll be right back after these we'll be right back after these messages. big!
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in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. good morning, washington. coming up on the chris matthews show, mitt romney is increasingly the inevitable republican choice but is he the
9:55 am
most unliked nominee since nixon. will tea partiers get enthusiastic when they realize he really is all there is. plus, new polls continue to show many americans are not just evangelicals are hesitant about a mormon president. will the obama chain use that issue against romney? here's david gregory. david? >> thanks, chris. good morning, john and angie. the president's foreign policy briefly overshadz doughs america's economic troubles this week. in libya, gadhafi is dead. what now for the united states in the region? joining me, secretary of state hillary clinton. then our meet the candidate series continues with texas congressman ron paul. this week he unveiled his plan for the economy. can he energize voters and break into the top tier of candidates? plus, our political roundtable. it's all this morning on meet
9:56 am
the press. and be sure to stay tuned after the program for my special press pass conversation with award-winning filmmaker ken byrnes only here on nbc 4. i've been reading some of the tweets, secretary of state hillary clinton had interesting comments. i'm looking forward to that. >> yeah. it's going to be a good show. >> good stuff. >> john, you had your stab at it yesterday. we're talking about pumpkin carving. i was happy to host a class with executive chef eddie at wildfire at tyson's corner. jude and owen and mom lynn cut that pumpkin up in three different ways. you don't see the end result there. but also a lot of people from the area showed up including the youngest there. that's my 10-year-old adora. she was more scared of the pumpkin. we finally got her to touch it. >> she's not ready to touch it just yet. >> yeah. we actually did finish that up. &made it into a ghost. so it was kind of cool. but we have another shot of one
9:57 am
of the kiddos that showed up. i just loved his hair. no costume necessary. really there were dozens. everyone ranging from 3 years old up to tweens that came out. wildfire hosts these classes throughout the year for kids. >> excellent. >> cooking and -- >> looks like a ton of fun. good stuff. >> and it was inside. >> that's good. a lot of people have been teasing me about the oklahoma sooners losing. i took my mug home to wash it and i for do's got to pwreupbgt back. i'm not washing it again. >> how often does oklahoma lose and dartmouth win? i would venture to say never. thanks for joining us. >> have a great sunday, everybody. don't forget i will awaken you with a song.
9:58 am
i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated.
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