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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television ♪ and i say >> we had somebody in the house. first of all it's fun day monday. >> sara barieles. it's called "going to get over you." if you have a heart broken, this
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is a song we like. >> this is a real deal. we make a lot of fun about the songs and music today that is manufactured. she is the real deal. she is a fantastic musician and sweetheart. >> she is the best. she co-hosted. >> a couple of years ago when she first came on the scene. >> and she co-hosted with me. >> i know it. we all had big, big busy weekends. thank you, everybody, for coming and being with us while we taped two shows. >> we had a nice crowd out there. they especially enjoyed our lack of skills when it came to tossing the fish. >> i made an interception. frank was impressed. >> they throw the fish because they don't want to have to walk it around the counter. >> efficient. >> efficient. >> yeah.
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look at that baby. that poor baby behind me was right in the line of fire. i'm trying to get to the end zone there. >> those guys were the sweetest guys in the world, weren't they? fish mongers get a bad rap and they are the sweetest guys in the world. >> there is something i was unaware of until this morning. we had a special clam on the set called a dewy duck. what i didn't know while it was sitting on that plate, that disgusting thing was that -- >> it was alive. >> it was alive. >> i would have never hurt it. put it down. it is nasty. >> apparently they cut that guy up and serve it, fry it. >> they fry and eat it in clam strips or goes in stew because it isn't tender enough. it was like holding on to the end of -- i don't know. i don't know. it wasn't loveable. then the amazing carolee sang for us.
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♪ make it mine ♪ by my own design ♪ life was made for thinking >> she rehearsed at 6:00 in the morning the day we opened. nobody can believe this woman's voice. her stamina. >> look at her. >> and let's talk about the main reason we went to seattle. it had to do with carolee and kathie lee. the show opened, "saving aimee." we've been waiting for this big night, opening night. just so you know, the place was packed. the performances were crazy, out of this world. carolee sang like an angel. >> the whole cast got great reviews. i was so thrilled for them all. they worked so hard. >> that's the end. the lights went down, the lights came up after -- sorry, ed. was someone talking?
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>> can we go back and still frame it, please? >> it was just a great standing o for the entire performance and kath. it was so fun to watch it that night. it was one of those things, you've been waiting for that big night and it was really fun. >> sondheim once said to me years and years ago, you did the work and the joy and satisfaction is truly doing the work. and working with people that are so talented that you're basically in awe of them. what i gave to everybody, 150 people worked on this musical. we are still running through this saturday night. i'm going to seattle this weekend. this little hat that says "hope equals purpose." if we wake up every morning and we have a pulse, that means god's not finished with us yet and there is a purpose in our life. this is for you. on the back says "saving aimee." >> i love it. >> that's yours, toots. >> i love it. >> rob is here. he was at the show last week.
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he'll be here in a little bit. >> you had a surprise. >> i didn't expect cody or cass to come. cass has a lead in her play. it's senior year in school. it's a long way to go. i didn't want to put pressure on her. cody is in college, as well. he hurt himself. he ripped a tendon in his left leg. i didn't want him. he showed up with his crutches. he called me when i was coming out of the matinee and goes, mom, how did the show go? just great. he said, i'm so sorry, mom, i can't be there. it's tough to travel, mid terms. i said code, it's fine, honey. i get to the hotel room. the door opens and cody is standing there. sorry, but that was -- that meant the world. we were supposed to go out to dinner with our dear friends to one of the most fabulous restaurants in seattle.
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we ended up because cody was there sitting in the hotel room watching usc beat notre dame -- regis must have had a fit, ordering room service. i didn't watch the game, i just did this. mom, please. he hates it. >> did he stay that night? >> he saw the show that night. thought it was awesome. life is good. >> it was a really fun trip. >> you had to leave very, very early the next day because you had a speech to give in augusta, georgia. >> great people in augusta. the augusta "chronicles" sponsored this speech. it was a breast cancer event. that crowd was raucous and crazy. they were all wearing their pink. they were a fun, fun group. i wanted to give a big thank you. >> you are one of the greatest speakers ever. >> you are insane. >> yes, you are. >> let's talk about national forgiveness day. if there is someone in your life
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you have not forgiven for whatever reason, a long-time feud or a friend who did something bad a long time ago, this might be the day to forgive. >> it is national forgiveness day. >> for people, the people who don't forgive end up with -- >> international. so you have no excuse if you're watching from canada. you or mexico or wherever. >> people watch us in the philippines. >> hey. >> i think it's a good idea. >> they say the people who are more neurotic and angry are less likely to forgive. >> they had to do research to understand that. >> it gets exhausting. >> some people love the drama. they let the drama in their life define them. they love being a victim so much they feel that gives them attention. they live off it. to what -- for what purpose? you're miserable. >> sometimes people don't even remember what it was that caused the riff. they just know they are angry. >> what they don't realize, it
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hurts you the most. let it go. let it go. somebody who let it go, i was impressed, over the weekend john and elizabeth edwards daughter cate married her long-time sweetheart. her dad ultimately did walk her down the aisle. she stood up with him at that press conference, that infamous press conference he gave, stood by his side, and while we wish her a lifetime of happiness because this young woman deserves it, she showed great forgiveness. she loves her father. it's also one of the things in "saving aimee." you cannot let your entire life be defined by one incident. the world tries to make you feel like everything is over, there is no hope because this is what you did. >> most things don't define you, they just shape you. some people choose to let that be their whole world, whether they lose somebody, they're angry at somebody. then there are people, ever met those people who start conflict so they can resolve it?
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they're like fire starters? what are you doing? they're like, there is a huge commotion. i'm taking care of it. okay. it wasn't a problem until you created it. i have some of those. those are hard to deal with. >> they are. >> if there is somebody in your life you have not forgiven, do yourself a favor and forgive. >> today's the day. >> you want to talk about where you're going later today? prison. >> yes. >> hoda may not be here tomorrow. we'll get sara barrelies to stick around. hoda may be carted off in chains today. >> it could have happened to anybody, it happened to happen to me. >> people that answer their mail it doesn't happen. >> i don't check my mail as often as everyone does. >> once a year. >> every now and then. the guy's like here is a bag. i forget about it. i'm racing. within the bag was a jury duty summons.
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it was for october 19th when we were in seattle. it was the third time you had not -- >> no. i called the other times. you can call in. >> hoda is going to go down today, get through all the occupy wall street people to get to where you're going to beg forgiveness. >> i feel terrible. i do. i might have to serve tomorrow. there you have it. i feel bad about it. it's my duty and i do want to do it. but i just -- >> she's in love. you can't expect her to do things like answer her mail. have a heart. >> am i in trouble? >> it's international forgiveness day. they should forgive that summons! >> good one. i'm going to bring that card, the national forgiveness day card. >> it's international baloney day. >> why is that? and cookies. >> it's national cookie day. >> let's do our favorite thing. here's mine. if you want to give someone, this is a $25 gift.
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it's by, i'm sorry, what is it? bank by melissa. you slide it out. look at these mini chocolates. >> they're beautiful. >> there is peanut butter and jelly. they are delicious. if you like yodels or hohos, they're like that, but so much better. $25. >> you should do a hoho commercial. i'm hoda for hoho. i think it would be great. it would be huge. >> what is your favorite thing? >> a little book that comes out tomorrow, everybody. it's called "the three gifts." it's one i wrote. it's got gorgeous illustrations by michael storings. i tease him about his balls because he is one of the world renowned christmas balls, christmas ornaments designers, but i have to have fun with him of course.
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we did the ornament last year. i did these little poems. all my proceeds go to child help, an organization that battles child abuse. i've been involved for many, many years. they do extraordinary work. it was such a big success they said would you expand on it and make it into a little book. let me show you a couple of these beautiful -- >> those are cute. >> it's a story for all ages. it will make a beautiful holiday gift. >> what's it called? >> it's called "the three gifts." three angels come and say i want you to take a separate gift to the baby jesus. i wrote it in about five minutes, honestly, i did. it can have a lifetime and it can change little kids' lives. every ten seconds a child is abused and every day four children die because of child abuse or neglect. when you see this little book, think about them. sara is gone today.
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>> there's been this weird shoe walking behind us. >> we're used to weird stuff but this is different. >> this is the nbc station in d.c. has been sponsoring the d.c. aids walk. this is lacy because of the laces. is the mascot. the proceeds for this aids walk will help go for a cure for hiv. 500 teams are going to be involved. hey, lacy. >> have a good weekend. i hope it's a nice weather weekend for them. >> quickly, we are going to orlando coming up soon. we want, we are going to take four lucky people with us. >> we'll take a family on november 11th. 11/11/11. it will be a great day. >> you're going to watch our broadcast. >> you'll meet the stars of the harry potter world. they are going to be there. >> it will be a week-long celebration. you're going to travel five days and four nights at universal orlando in florida. it will be a family. the winner and three guests.
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>> go to klg& and sign up. we'll tell you more as the weeks go by. >> we have a lot coming up. if you don't have a halloween costume, we have crazy. >> bobbie thomas. >> birthday girl bobbie thomas. >> yes. and all the scoop on your favorite celebrities. ♪
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time for today's buzz, keeping you in the know and all things celebrity from jennifer lopez's onstage breakdown. >> covering it all is the naughty but nice columnist rob shula. what happened? did you actually see it?
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>> i wasn't there. she put together this love medley of about five songs. she had backup dancers, one dressed like her, one looked like p. diddy, one that looked like marc anthony. a very skinny one. at the end of the segment she broke down on stage and started to cry. they put up a picture of her twin and they said that's love. so i think she really had a moment. you know as a performer you get carried away from the emotion. >> it's fresh, too. i wonder. we weren't there. we can only wonder what goes on in a person's heart and soul at a time like that. >> what about prince harry and the tattoo? >> harry, harry, harry. >> nothing's going on. >> harry was here two weeks. the brits are surprised it's taken him this long to get into
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trouble. he found a young lady jessica. there appears to be photographs of them kissing. she looks almost like kate middleton with a big tattoo on their tummy. they say they were not kissing. the pictures were a little bit from a funny angle. they are not dating, but he has been nothing but a prince and gentleman. that's a nice story. >> maybe he's sick. jet lag. >> i was reading in "the post" about madonna's brother living under a bridge in michigan? >> one of the brothers of madonna had been living under a bridge, homeless over a year. the press just found out about it. there have been several interviews. he says he wants nothing from his sister. he doesn't want a tell-all. madonna is in london opening a new movie and hasn't responded. he is in bad shape. he lost his job. he used to work for the father who had a wine business and that folded. for a year he's been living under a bridge in michigan.
2:26 am
>> he says he does than want help. >> she is a multimillionaire. does not want a penny and doesn't want to sell his story. which if you remember, one of her brothers did a tell-all book. he worked for her for many years and made a fortune from madonna. he did do a tell-all book. this brother says he doesn't want to do it. leave him alone. the reporter offered to buy him a meal and he said, i'm fine. >> he said the churches take care of the people on the streets there. >> it was quite a birthday weekend. >> your friend kim kardashian had an extravaganza. >> in two cities. >> was kris with her? >> absolutely. these rumors are so silly. she had a low-key dinner in new york for kim. they all went to vegas. met up with the sister of a friend of hers having a fabulous 31st birthday for kim. i hear they were together, kissing, hugging. this couple is the real deal. ignore that.
2:27 am
>> and reynolds turned 35. >> 35. he was seen going for a morning stroll with blake lively on his birthday weekend. he was certainly hanging out. >> wonder what he got for his birthday? >> when i called bobbie thomas yesterday for her birthday, she was in bed with that little doggy of hers. >> aw! >> rob, thank you, hon. >> what's up? >> imagine your husband is a chippendale dancer. oh, yeah. >> frank? >> anyway. >> we've got creative costume ideas for halloween. i am running the ing new york city marathon.
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we are scaring up creative halloween costumes with
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do-it-yourself bobbie thomas. >> and newest comedy action with two of the funniest guys. >> and sara bareilles performs her latest single live.
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we are back on this fun day monday with happy halloween for you today. we've got great ideas. >> today's "style" editor bobbie thomas says there is plenty of time to get your creative juices going. and to make your own costume. love this segment every year. you knock it out of the park. >> i love this. we think of fun ideas. >> if you want to go in a group, you say brides maids would be a way to go. >> yes. >> who are these people? >> these are banged-up brides maids. all you need to do, we found these dresses hanging on the
2:37 am
rack at loehman's. the discount department store. so really inexpensive. burn one dress, scrape up another and we're really good. >> i love it. all right, ladies, thank you. >> look at you going that way. >> these are my girls, by the way. my team. i have to thank them. >> you say people who come in pairs. you've got two sets here. >> being nerds. this was easy. get cardboard and have fun. tape logo on it. you can be a nerd couple. >> i love that. >> it's easy. >> if you really are nerds, just come. >> thank you so much. >> i like it. celebrity combo platter. >> at the last minute, just a play on words, we have nicole dancing it up and her husband being a fan. >> that's cute. so she's the celebrity. he's the fan.
2:38 am
he's making sure she gets the spotlight. >> how did you make that? >> use a water bottle, cut it up and duct tape and just wear black. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> you've got concepts for adults. what do we have here? explain. >> this is last minute. this is pathetic bride and a peeping tom. just a play on words. easy. find a white dress in closet and get some fedex labels. >> mail order bride. adorable. >> picture frame, curtains and you're really good to go. >> so far nothing's been expensive at all. >> nothing. >> for the kids, what do you have? >> this is the whole family. >> what is this? >> we have papa smurf. >> blue man family.
2:39 am
>> this is such an easy costume. we got a white dress, tights, layered it on and he loves the sticky blue paint. don't you? >> where do you get that paint? >> you can get it at the drug store today. these are just a couple of bucks. that paint probably one tube for the whole family it comes off easily. >> it comes off easily. >> cute. thank you. >> thank you. >> next for the kiddies. who do we have for the kiddies? >> one of my favorite categories. we have bea and lilly. >> he's a devilled egg. >> come by me. >> and he's our little devilled egg nate. >> these are little devilled egg nate. >> come on, girls. >> the black swan and the white swan. >> spin around. >> yeah!
2:40 am
>> then nate was was having fun with his devilled egg. you look so awesome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> new you've got a mini-me option. >> yes. this is if you have a little baby and you were looking for something to do to incorporate the fact -- oh. first we have dr. raj. i love this. she wanted to bring her son in. he is 4 years old. we wanted to make him a doctor. all the pieces we just velcroed on pajamas. you can take them on and off. he can use his little tongs and take them off. >> watch out for the charlie horse there. >> careful. >> this is the baby idea. >> this is so cute. >> you have holy cow. >> and then the pig in the blanket.
2:41 am
>> you can also find those shirts that have the spray painted abs like our model. >> our model is hot, sean. >> they are all great. >> thank you so much, everybody. >> they are wonderful. >> happy birthday to bobbie thomas. >> happy birthday, bobbie. we love you, love you. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, we're going to talk to brian granger and bret ratner right after this. on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up!
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and it stays there after the lozenge has gone. tame your painful sore throat with cepacol.
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in the new film "tower heist" they team up for the first time. >> ben stiller wants to steal back the pension money he lost to a corporate investor while murphy plays the professional robber. who puts the wanna-be thief to
2:46 am
the test. >> got that? >> i think so. >> in this mall right now, each one of you individually steal $50 worth of merchandise, put it on the table, then we'll talk. >> you guys can do it. just shoplift. 15 minutes. >> let's go. >> those two pair of drawers don't cost $50. >> $12 scented candle. >> okay. we'll get to work tomorrow. >> great. you guys are here. first time you teamed up together or no? >> we've known each other 22 years. i knew bret when he was going to nyu. >> i was 12. but we've known each other that long. i tried to hire him as my assistant. and he wouldn't do it. he said, i want to be a director. come on, $25,000. no. i'll give you $28,000. you're not understanding.
2:47 am
i'm going to be your director like your partner ron howard. 22 years later, here we are. >> whose idea was it to put eddie murphy together with ben stiller and this terrific cast you guys have? >> it was eddie's idea for the movie. bret and i heard it at the same time and decided we wanted to nurture it into a film. >> that takes a long time. one person had an idea and the next thing you do, you've got to find the writer. >> cast it. it took several years. it was definitely rth the wait. this is something that took a few years but literally was 20 years in the making. i wanted as a kid wanted to be directing a brian grazer production. >> so it's a dream come true for you. >> what about for you? not so much. >> there is a sense of being able to work with bret is a dream come true. >> what do you think he brings as a director -- excuse me for pointing. what does he bring that makes you say i want brett for this? >> relevancy.
2:48 am
cultural relevancy for movies. that's the number one thing. >> this is about corporate greed which we are all experiencing a lot on the streets today. >> we are. it's a very hot topic. oddly enough, our movie, the theme is intersecting with what's going on. >> is this a coincidence it came out at this time? >> it is coincidence, actually. >> eddie murphy is going to be hosting the academy awards, you're producing. we are excited about that. give us a lint -- little hint. >> in 2 my wildest dreams, i never thought i would be producing the academy awards. when i saw "the tower heist," i gets excited. i didn't have any clue i was going to be doing it. i called my friend brian and said, what would you do if you were producing the oscars? he said the three greatest hosts were stand-up comedians, bob hope, johnny carson and billy crystal. he said go get a comedian. then i'm staring in the face of eddie murphy. i said, would you do it with me?
2:49 am
he goes yes. >> and people like eddie murphy. there has to be a likability quotient. he can say something a little edgy, but he doesn't come off mean. >> he's a comedic genius. >> we wish you great luck with this film. when does it come out? >> november 4th. >> good luck with the academy awards. >> men like it, women like it, kid's like it, go see it. >> thanks, guys. we wish you all great success. >> you're so gorgeous in person. >> isn't it amazing? >> what do you mean in person? >> so much fun. thank you. up next, to refrigerate or not? here's a look at your forecast. we have some big changes for the rest of the week. for today we'll have a beautiful day in the south. it's going to be mild in the northeast. notice we'll start to see some more rain developing in the great lakes and northern plains and here throughout the rockies. as we go through the next few days, we're going to see the
2:50 am
blue, the cold air really push far to the south. but ahead of this system we have that warm air. kansas city today 82 degree, denver after a record-breaking high of 80 degrees on monday back down to 57. by wednesday talking snow for the mile high. a chance for some rain throughout much of the nor east, all the way through the middle, mississippi valley. it could be eight inches of snow in denver. you get in the foot hills, even more snow will be possible. here is where we see the division between the very cool air and much warmer air. as you see the swing front swing through, ahead of it we're going to have the rain. then we'll see temperatures drop back into the 50s. might not get out of the 40s there in denver. friday cool air really expanding
2:51 am
across the eastern third of the country. atlanta, that's going to be it for you. mid to upper 40s into boston, 50 in new york and plenty of 50s as we look here in the west. possibly be even snow? the england locations in the northeast. we'll keep you posted on that. should be interesting as we head into the weekend. you can see that chance for some showers will be with us. ther on right here, i go to the weather channel. [ ding ] dirty mouth, huh? what have you been up to?
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[ party goers ] go! go! go! yayyy! go! go! go! yayyy! go! go! go! go! how do you like them apples? he didn't do nothin'. orbit. for a good clean feeling. no matter what.
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have you ever opened a jar of jelly or ketchup and thought should i put this in the fridge? >> we're going to help you clear up the confusion with matt dean. >> how's it going, guys? >> this is not one of the greater questions in life, but
2:54 am
it's an important one. >> in some families, wars have started over what we are going to talk about today. >> what about condiments, things like that? >> read the label. anything that says refrigerate after opening. it means put it in the fridge. the one exception is ketchup. when you open that, keep it in the fridge. >> is there a shelf life on this? >> i wouldn't keep that longer than a few months. >> jellies? >> there is so much sugar, make sure the bad guys don't start eating them. keep them in the fridge. >> eggs? >> this is a tough one. a lot of people keep eggs on the counter because they like that it's room temperature, cooks better. a lot of scientists are debating the micro structure of the shell. you want to keep them in the fridge if you're going to keep them for a while. anything else delicious when fresh, get six, leave them on the counter. not for weeks. you can do days. >> people leave butter out. >> this is politics, right?
2:55 am
look at that butter. that was in the fridge. try to put that through bread and you're a lumberjack. keep it on the counter a couple of days. >> why do you throw food around? >> i like that in a man. >> do you like that? >> i do. throw it around, yeah. >> leave it out only a couple of days? >> cover it. >> what about potatoes? >> i keep them in the fridge. i figure it's soft, it's starch. if you keep it in the fridge, the starches turn into sugars, then you get a sweet potato. but the wrong kind of sweet potato. it's going to taste funky. >> that's why people keep them out. good. >> tomatoes. >> this one i've been doing wrong my entire life. keep them in the fridge, they are a warm vegetable. keep them out. you're going to stifle them. they're not going to metabolize oxygen. >> and it's a fruit. >> peppers, tomatoes, don't refrigerate them. >> peanut butter and honey? >> honey is a natural preservative.
2:56 am
>> you should put organic peanut butter in the fridge. honey you don't need to. it's going to be difficult to spread. honey, has all natural preservatives. keep that out. >> oils? >> if it's almond or nut oil, you want to refrigerate it. it can go rans id. canned food are fine. keep them in the bunker. but if you open them up, put them in tupperware. >> we've got to run. thank you. >> up next -- a live performance from grammy-award nominated sara bareilles. ♪
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2:59 am
♪ ♪ >> our good friend sara bareilles is a grammy nominated singer/songwriter whose first album sold 1 million copies. >> she is one of the judges of the hit show "king-off." >> she is part of our family because she co-hosted our show. >> i know. >> i was nervous. >> when you're out of your comfort zone. >> you rocked it and your friends, your backup singers rocked it.
3:00 am
tell us about the cd. it's terrific. a lot of fun. >> the whole cd i'm super proud of. this is my version of a doo-wop song. >> the hair, the polka dots and the guys. you don't mess around. the name of the song is "gonna get over you". >> okay, take it away. ♪ good-bye should be saying that to you by now shouldn't i ♪ laying down a law that i live by ♪ well maybe next time ♪ i've got a thick tongue ♪ brimming with the words that go unsung ♪ i simmer then i burn for someone ♪ the wrong one ♪ and i tell myself to let the story end ♪ ♪ but my heart will rest in someone else's hand
3:01 am
♪ but why why not me philosophy began ♪ ♪ and i said ♪ ooh who i am i gonna get over you ♪ ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ but some day ♪ i wish you'd want me to stay ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ but some day ♪ maybe it's a vicious little word that can slay me ♪ ♪ keep me where i'm hurting ♪ you make me hang from your hands ♪ ♪ but no more ♪ i won't beg to buy a shot at your back door ♪ ♪ if i'm aching at the thought
3:02 am
of you what for ♪ ♪ that's not me any more ♪ i'm not the girl that i intend to be ♪ ♪ but i dare you darling ♪ just you wait and see ♪ but this time not for you but just for me ♪ ♪ i said ♪ ooh how am i gonna get over you ♪ ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight but some day ♪ ♪ oh i wish you'd want me to stay ♪ ♪ i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ but some day ♪ whoa ♪ whoa
3:03 am
♪ whoa ♪ oh ♪ ♪ ♪ hey i'll be all right ♪ just not tonight ♪ some day >> yeah! >> sara bareilles. >> you guys were terrific.
3:04 am
thank you so much. >> love it. >> diddy tomorrow. have a great day. [ gasps ] [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]


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