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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 26, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the tears flowed freely today at the trial of michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray. >> they testified he was a knowledgeable physician not motivated by money. we have the latest on the trial from los angeles. >> dr. murray is present. >> reporter: it is day 18 of the involuntary manslaughter trial. today, defense tried to appeal to the jury's sympathy to call to the stand former patients. >> that man sitting there is the best doctor i have ever seen. >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring, ever. >> if this man had been greedy, excuse me, if this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an area or community of acreage home 75% of them poor, on welfare and social security
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where he was making less than where he was in vegas. >> do you have an opinion of whether dr. murray has the type of character to abandon patients? >> never. >> reporter: the passionate loyalty caused dr. murray to cry several times. one former patient kissed the defendant as he left the stand. a nurse practitioner helped him to obtain a brand name for propofol. >> he said doctors told me it's safe, i just need to be monitored. >> reporter: jackson was desperate for sleep and gave himself the fatal injection of
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propofol. court adjourned for the day. two experts are up next. defense could wrap up as early as tomorrow. gina kim news 4. hundreds of occupy wall street protesters clashed with police in oakland, california. they fired tear gas into the crowd after the protesters refused to clear out a camp they set up in front of city hall for the past two weeks. at least 100 people were arrested. things finally settled down by midnight. they needed to clear it because it was creating a dangerous situation for the general public. hundreds of camps have set up including here in washington. the afternoon rush hour is getting off to a rainy start. >> people need their umbrellas. doug kammerer is live in the storm center with more in store. doug? >> more rain in store, for sure. we are going to continue to see
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areas of rain throughout the evening tonight and more rain into the day tomorrow and really through the day tomorrow before a potential big storm for the weekend. out there now, you can see where the rain is. doppler radar showing the rain around the district, bethesda and prince george's county. buoy and laurel and up to the north and seven river. we are looking at rain in northern virginia, fauquier county and prince william county. most is on the light side. look tat wider view here. this is a train of moisture going due east. the rain from cincinnati will try to move through. more showers and more snow. get this, out there toward denver, colorado, they have seen three to six inches of snow. to the west, in the mountains, they have seen more than that. we have been out there all day. >> reporter: the stretch of indian summer came to a screeching halt here in
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colorado. transformed overnight into a winter wonderland. we started out with a heavy wet snow initially that you tend to get in october. as temperatures drop, you get a drier snow on top. easier to brush off the cars and shovel, of course. road conditions not too bad. we have c-dot out working overtime. 70 snowplows clearing the road. as you get higher up into the mountains, road closures, snowpacked and icy. it's going to be a tough go for the evening commute as well. >> the most amazing thing about that is denver was close to 80 degrees two days ago. they will be back to the 60s two days from now. 12 to 18 inches of snow. a lot of people have been asking me about the snow in our forecast. hmmm. i'll have to talk about it. the full forecast is coming up in a couple minutes.
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thank you, doug. almost three days since the 7.2 earthquake in turkey. people are still being pulled alive from the rubble. five more rescues today. but as the time goes on, the hope of finding additional survivors is beginning to fade. there are concerns of the lack of aid. we have the latest. >> reporter: good evening, we are at a shelter where tents have been set up for many people left homeless from the earthquake or too scared to return to the aftershocks. the rows of tents are not enough to meet the demand. all day long, people have been lining the route waiting for new arrivals of tents. certainly, they are hoping to meet the demands. we have freezing nights here. this is probably one of the coldest yet as hundreds of people are still missing. the rescue attempts continue. today, more rescues, some hope of others that might be found.
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at least five people rescued today. that comes on top of yesterday's miraculous recovery of a baby, mother and grandmother. they were sent for medical care and said to be doing very well. the needs now and the focus is going back to the many hundreds of people who are awaiting for that aid to arrive. international help is stepping up. prefabricated homes sent from israel as people in the region get ready to prepare for snow. back here in our area, opening statements began in the trial of a woman accused of killing co-worker at a lululemon store. an attorney acknowledged norwood killed her co-worker. her actions do not amount to first degree murder. norwood lost it following an angry fight.
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the death was not premeditated. jury selection wrapped up. six men and six women were chosen to hear the case. chris gordon has been in the courtroom all day. he'll have more coming up on news 4 at 5:00. president obama ordered changes in student loan programs. it could benefit more than 1.5 million americans. it's another presidential move to make popular changes without congressional approval. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: through the wintry weather in denver, president obama went to university of colorado for a campaign-style speech. >> even when it's snowing outside, i'm fired up. >> reporter: again, he urged his backers to pressure republicans in washington. >> like i said, tweet them. they are all tweeting all over the place. tweet them back. whatever works for you. tell them do your job. >> reporter: one issue is
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college costs, up 8%. over $8,000. that's part of the occupy wall street protests. >> kids can't work out of college. they have huge debts. >> reporter: student loans are weighing down graduates in a tough economy. >> somewhat limited in the jobs. i need to be able to make enough money to pay the loans back. >> i'll be paying back the loans until i die. >> reporter: president obama is providing relief. starting in january, maximum loan payments dropped from 10% to 15% of discretionary income. remaining debt is forgiven after 20 years, down from 25 and loans can be consolidated. >> it will save you money. it will help young people figure out how to afford college. it can put more money in your pocket after you graduate. >> remind college student who is voted heavily for barack obama
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in 2008 that he's running again. republicans objected saying in a statement it will mean more debt for students and more red ink for the government. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. now to the republican presidential race. some new polls suggest herman cain is solidifying his lead. a poll shows cain with a five-point lead over other republicans in ohio. voters in ohio prefer president obama to herman cain or any republican contenders. cain is leading the republican race in a national poll from "the new york times." survey of republicans find cain has a four-point lead over his closest competitor, mitt romney. it was a different kind of distraction for drivers in the district this morning. hundreds of kids blocked traffic in an effort to end homelessness. tracee wilkins has more on the
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march from northwest. >> reporter: today the children of meridian charter public school decided to give d.c. a surprise with a march in support of the homeless. if you were on u street earlier this morning, you probably heard them before you saw them. then the next thought was, whoo's going on? more than 500 students from the meridian public school northwest took to the neighborhood to -- >> help the homeless! >> some people don't have clothes or shoes, no house and no cars. so, they don't buy no -- not because they don't have no money. >> the average homeless person is 9 years old. our children made posters, wore t-shirts and help spread the message. >> reporter: they caulked a
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six-block route. they said this is by no means a one time event. >> sharing is caring. it's what we try to stress with the kids. you know, we have to share and care for one another. >> reporter: one teacher said when asked what effort to support, they said an effort to end homelessness. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> when we continue, "american idol" judge stephen tyler loses teeth in a bathroom accident. >> it's our viral video today. a baby's reaction to a snoring dog. plus you hear about different types of vaccines. up next, dr. jackie joins us with
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stephen tyler's dentist says he's doing just fine after a nasty fall at a hotel. the lead singer of aerosmith knocked out his two front teeth after falling in the shower. he says he was weak from food poisoning. they had to delay last night's concert. he was hospitalized several hours and received two dental implants. he's in good spirits. the dentist described him as humble and friendly. bruce willis is going to be a dad again. willis and his 35-year-old wife eming hemming are expecting their first child. willis has three children with actress demi moore. the couple got married in 2009.
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h & m is going dark and mysterious these days. they plan on releasing a new collection inspired by a character in the book "the girl with the dragon tattoo." the dark urban style is the idea behind the 30-piece collection. the designer, trish summerville created outfits in the upcoming movie. the collection will be available december 14th. ever imagine what happens when you -- when you pair a baby girl with a sleeping french bulldog? we always wonder that, don't we? >> think no more. >> that's a snore.
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talk about a cute combination. the 6-month-old joins thousands of people across the globe. hysterical. her family posted the video on u-tube and more than 170,000 people are helping it go viral today. have you gotten your flu shot, yet? tis the season for vaccines. vaccines can be very important to our health. there are many questions about vaccines and many myths. in get healthy for your life, we debunk these myths. welcome dr. jackie. >> thank you. >> it is the season for, you know, getting flu shots. this week, the cdc panel recommended the hpv for boys and young men.
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now, they are closer to developing a malaria vaccine. >> right. >> there's a lot of fear. some swear the vaccines give them the diseases. isn't that especially true of the flu? >> it's true people are worried about it, but it's not true. the way it works is it's a killed part of the virus or bacteria or piece of it. like the envelop of it. you have a piece and you are trying to make the immunization against it. you will feel your immune system revving. it's a good time if you are achy and tired. it's not the flu. >> the hpv vaccine is very controversial, of course. some parents think it's premature to give their kids this vaccine and can wait.
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is it equally effective as you age? >> it's not. one is, if you go on a trip and have to get a yellow fever vaccine, you don't wait until you get back. do it before you do the risky behavior that could cause a problem. basically, you need to get the vaccines as early as possible in life. all vaccines stick better when they are given to young children. >> many parents do not believe you should give young kids, pre-teens the vaccine. it works younger in a younger body? >> a younger immune system works better with vaccines. we give hepatitis vaccines to babies in the nursery. they are a few days old. >> childhood vaccines can cause autism or mental retardation? >> that is completely false. it has a lot of glamour behind
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it. every single medical authority came out and said over and over again, it does not cause autism or mental retardation. >> you can be allergic to vaccin vaccines? >> that used to be true. they used to be made from chick embryo. the most popular is measles and flu vaccine. you can get both. this year, you can get the flu vaccine. it's worthwhile sto get it in a allergists office to be watched. take motrin before you get a vaccine. it will help with the pain in the arm. >> many swear vaccines don't work. >> last night on "nightly news" they had a piece that talked about, depending on the year, 20% to 65% of people respond to the flu vaccine. what people don't know is let's
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take another category of antibiotics. there's no silver bullet here but they are better than the disease. >> thank you so much. i did get my flu shot. >> good girl. >> i get it every year. >> it's worth it to get the vaccines, not the disease. jim? >> we dare you flu, to take us on. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, new details about what killed amy winehouse. yesterday, we showed you a dust storm during a wedding. today, we hear from the newlyweds. n[ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place.
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they had a blast last night in dupont circle at the high heel race. several racers fell at the start of the race but that didn't stop them. thousands watched as the men in drag raced down 17th street northwest. before the race, participants showed off their elaborate costumes and they were
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elaborate. it's one of d.c.s most enduring pre-halloween traditions. >> a lot more would fall if they were out there tonight. >> i want to see it lengthened a bit for those guys next year. add a mile or two. >> a mile or two? >> a half mile. >> what is this, marine corps? >> we are getting rain out there? >> we are. >> 70s and sunshine are gone? >> they are way gone. say hello to the 50s and 40s. whoa! okay. got your attention. we are looking at the cloud cover. in the district, we are not seeing the rain anymore. we are seeing it in parts of virginia and maryland. right now, most of us starting to dry out. it's good news for folks in vienna. they are having a halloween parade tonight. if you are going out there, dressing up the kids, you are going to be okay.
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the rain is going to the south of vienna now. maybe a shower or two, but nothing too big. right now, right in fauquier, prince william and stafford seeing the rain. if you zoom in, you'll see what i'm talking ability. we allow the radar to do that as i press the many, many buttones i have on my control. when it doesn't work, i go to my trusty computer and then i can do it. waldorf, woodbridge, quantico. you can see the moisture train making its way in from the west. south of cincinnati, showers and thunderstorms there. we had a couple of random tornado warning that is went out earlier. you may have seen them on the radio or online. that was not -- that was not for our area. they were test issued. do not expect severe weather for
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us during the evening tonight. we had calls about that earlier. they are not from the national weather service. 63 degrees out there with the cloudy side. as the temperatures go, we are falling down into the 50s where we see the rain. 58 in baltimore. 59 in leesburg. the warm stuff just to the south. 72 degrees in fredericksburg. 73 for the river. that's a frontal boundary across the region. it's going to stay across the region during the day tomorrow. expect more showers and rain during the day today. tomorrow is going to be a good area, at least early for rain and tomorrow afternoon, i think we'll see showers as the band of or cold front moves down to the south. something behind this cool air. look at the snow in pennsylvania and new york. what about for us? are we going to see that? believe it or not, it is possible. i'll talk about it coming up at
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5:00. friday is going to be very, very cool. the evening forecast looking like this with the temperatures into the 50s in most locations. we'll see the areas of showers from time to time. it will stay on the mild side. right now, right now, my computer is having so many problems. this is interesting to talk about. i wanted to show the seven day forecast. instead, we are talking hurricane rina down to the south. it was expected to become a major storm. i will have that forecast for you coming up. one thing you need, the umbrella and the coats. >> the coats, too. >> and the coats. >> got them handy. still to come, former presidential candidate, john edwards says he did not violate any laws. today, a judge decides whether or not he did. keeping traffic moving while giving
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welcome back at 4:30, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here is ha's happening at this hour. character witnesses are being
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called to the stand in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. they are trying to build their case dr. murray was a caring, knowledgeable doctor who was not mote vited by money. five character wnszs are expected to be called to the stand. the lululemon murder trial. the death of her co-worker was the death of a horrific fight, not premeditated murder. a panel of six men and six women were chosen to hear the case. we'll have more coming up on news 4 at 5:00. at an appearance in denver, the president announced changes to the student loan program. the maximum students will be required to pay per year will be capped at 10% of their income. the current cap is 15%. borrowers will be able to consolidate government loans and
4:32 pm
private loans to pay a lower interest rate. stocks rebounded to close higher. investors were encouraged by progress in the european debt talks. attorneys for john edwards asked a judge to drop campaign finance charges against the former presidential candidate. >> using donations to cover up an affair during the 2008 presidential race. lisa myers has more on the case. >> reporter: it's a return to hard reality. four days after the joyful celebration of his daughter kate's marriage. prosecutors said edwards received money to hide his involvement in an extramarital affair. >> no other candidate has ever
4:33 pm
been charged criminally with any case that approximates this. >> reporter: ken gross, the former head of election and previously a consultant for edwards defense argues the case goes against the law. >> none of the money was used for campaign events. no tv ads, to pay campaign workers or advocate his election. >> reporter: the government says edwards broke the law by not reporting almost $1 million provided by two supporters. >> i don't think it's that novel. >> reporter: former prosecutor says the government laid out a strong case. >> the defense doesn't want the case to go to the jury. they are trying to get out of the case on a technicality. >> reporter: edwards insists he did not violate the law and
4:34 pm
claims case is politically motiva motivated. >> edwards pleaded not guilty. a trial is scheduled to start in january. pat? accident alcohol poisoning is ruled amy winehouse's official death. a coroner made the announcement saying the singer's unexpected death was the result of drinking too much. her blood alcohol was five times over the legal drunk-driving limit. she was found dead at her home in july. there were jefrl empty bodies of vodka in her room. two italian politicians exchange punches in parliament today. there they are. looking less than friendly. the fight erupted after a heated discussion in rome. they are members of different political parties. the night before the fight, one
4:35 pm
made sarcastic remarks about the other's wife saying she retired at the age of 39. the comment was made in reference to italy's generous pension system which is under consideration for changes. a cop in nigeria is helping take the edge off rush hour and commuters. take a look. >> he dances to the music in his head while he's directing the traffic. check out his moves. one of his favorite songs, michael jackson's "thriller." every morning he gets up and does this, he gets his dance on to keep the traffic moving in nigeria's capital. his moves keep drivers happy and him happy, too. >> is he listening to an ipod? >> maybe he has it in his head.
4:36 pm
>> the hand, the feet. he's all in sync. >> hands and feet. there is more to come this afternoon. just in time for halloween, a new app for costumes. i'll explain, next. why kids will be living in a cruise ship for the next few weeks. tune into nbc washington nonstop. catch nonstop foodies d.c. find out if matthew peterson is able to handle his culinary challenge from our own liz crenshaw. later at 9:30, check out nonstop scene d.c. the history of rock and roll on wheels. the place celebrating 30 years
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there are two prizes up for grabs today for our facebook fans. head to nbc washington facebook
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page and like us. you can win an hd camera or tickets to the red hot capitals. the winner will be announced tonight at 11:00. heather won a sony blu-ray player last night. hundreds of college students are feeling the impact of recent storms in the area. they have been forced off campus at st. mary's college of maryland because of a serious mold problem. jane watrel has more on the clean up there. >> reporter: it's a dorm cleaning like no other. two residents halls on the campus of st. mary's college are virtual ghost towns. students forced to move out on friday after a mold issue was discovered. >> one of the roommates had to go to the hospital because of the mold. >> reporter: caroline and prince george residence halls are the
4:41 pm
only with air-conditioning. mold was found. now, the investigation begins. >> we have pipe insulation above the ceilings. we know that has mold on it. the piping insulation failed. why? we don't know yet. it's part of the evaluation. >> reporter: there's no question the storms in maryland were a factor in the mold outbreak. of the 350 students evacuated. 200 are living in area hotels. in addition to hotel rooms, the college is providing a free shuttle bus to and from campus. >> a lot of people think it's inconvenient but it's a hotel. it's luxury. i love hotels. >> reporter: something st. mary's president is happy to hear but -- >> it's a serious matter. we want them to maintain their studies and focus. the reason they choose a residential college is they don't have to worry about
4:42 pm
housing and food. we want them to return to that. >> reporter: the college has an innovative solution. all living in hotels will be moved to this boat. putting the students back on campus while the mold removal continues. in st. mary's, maryland, jane watrel, news 4. stay there. when we come back on news 4, the dangers the jurors in the casey for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing,
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the great thing about this app is you will have the order by the end of this week. it's in plenty of time for halloween on monday. you can search for the app. if you don't see the costume you want, go up to the corner, open up the keyboard and search for the app of the costume you want. the other great thing about this application is that you can get female costumes. you can also get costumes for boys. there's one. wow. he's a number two pencil. isn't he cute? i'm going to order him. if you don't want to order it, you have a great idea. doug, do you know what you want to be? >> a television anchor. >> there's an app for that. >> yeah. i have the outfit all picked out. i'm borrowing jim handly's tie. >> i want to be a meteorologist. >> come on over. as far as the weather is
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concerned, not too bad out there now. we saw the showers earlier. for the most part, we are done with the rain. a few showers down to the south and fauquier. watch out for the showers. if you are in and around vienna for the halloween parade there, looking okay for you. clouds. 63 degrees. looking at calm winds at the moment. current temperatures 65. 72 in fredericksburg. nice and mild to the south. cooler to the north. we have showers in the area. the front is going to stay across the region through the night and into the day tomorrow. more showers overnight and into tomorrow morning. rush hour, 7:00, 8:00, i think we could see the heaviest showers. most of them light to moderate. i don't think we'll see too much in the way of rain. cool air for friday. watch what happens for saturday. a coastal storm develops. not sure what this is going to
4:48 pm
bring us. i know it's going to be cold and i know we are going to see rain from this. this is the question mark, the snow toward the west. we could see snow west of washington in the higher elevations. areas of rain this evening. 57 to 64 degrees. as we move on through the next couple days, we are going to see temperatures on the cool side. when i say cool, let's take a look at the cool temperature day. tomorrow, 54 on friday. 46 and rain on saturday. sunday, temperatures around 56. so, cooler out there. i told you i would show you the four day. i didn't say you would like it. >> i should tell you, there's an app, identical app for adult costumes. we'll work on your anchorman and weatherman costumes. >> coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a dust storm couldn't stop this couple from going down the aisle
4:49 pm
and getting married. today, we hear from them. >> the bird that can speak english and another language. coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, a man robbed in a d.c. park. how an app on his phone led police right to the suspects. i'm julie carey in fairfax county. virginia's legislative race is drawing political figure who is have their eye on 2012. that story is coming up. find out what d.c. councilmembers want to do to
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yesterday, we showed you a marriage that started off stormy. last month, gus and jennifer were tieing the knot in arizona when all of a sudden, the wind picked up. it kicked up. in a matter of moments they were blanketed by dust. during their vows, they were barely visible. after their kiss, they ran for cover. they talked about the ordeal on the "today" show this morning. >> i looked up and saw the dust storm. it was about to hit us. you can see my face noticing the dust about to hit us. >> the thought was just let this, you know, we need to keep this moving and speed this along. we are going to get hit really bad in 30 seconds of less.
4:53 pm
>> it was eventful. it happened. but we got married. the end result is we are married and it is what it is. >> it is what it is. they are expecting their first child, a girl. they have no plans to name her sandy. they needed goggles. >> or dusty. >> there you go. a $150,000 investment for a man in china. >> he says he refuses to part with his bird. >> i love you. i love you. >> they were well known for their ability to mimic people. the owner trained his bird to speak phrases in english and mandarin. the bird mimics the man's ring tone and then says pick up the phone. the owner says he's turned down a number of offers for the bird because he loves his chatty
4:54 pm
little pal. >> coming up on news 4 at 4:00,
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4:56 pm
the names of the jurors in the casey anthony trial are now public. >> we have the report on the judge's decision to release the names.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: their faces never shown, identities secret. the 12 juries who found casey anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old remained anonymous. >> one chose to do an interview, releasing her identity. tuesday, the court followed florida law and revealed their names. the ids were there, on twitter. someone using casey anthony's picture posted all 12 and the five alternates names and addresses. on facebook, names like this. yes, now we know who the stupidest people in the world are. >> our landscape in this country has changed. people have no reservation or hesitation about walking up to an individual, pulling the gun, knife or any other type of
4:58 pm
weapon. >> traditionally anonymous juries were to protect from organized crime mobs. here, it's a different mob, it's an internet mob. it's hard to know if it's malicious chatter or threats. >> reporter: why does florida make juror's names public? to keep the legal system open to outside inspection. >> i do feel for the jurors. i feel they are innocent victims in an internet world gone wild. i also feel very passionately about our democratic right to keep court records open. >> reporter: news reporters went door-to-door hoping a juror might explain how they came to the verdict. having names as part of public record was not something they
4:59 pm
realized was part of the law. will it impact you? >> no. >> if i am on a big trial, i don't want to be identified. >> that's news 4 at 4:00. stay there, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. opening arguments today in the lululemon murder trial. for the first time, the defense lays out its case. attorneys aren't denying that britney wood killed jana murray. tens of thousands of dollars of student loans. the plan to enable millions of americans to take control of their debt. >> we think we have the guys. >> a man robbed in a d.c. park. how an app on his cell phone led police to the suspects. >> good evening.


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