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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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ago park in hanover county. sherri stone is in the newsroom right now with shomari stone is developments in this st latest >> this is great >> this is great boy's family, the boy's law enforcement officers and the countless volunteers. law enforcement officers who spent the past six days searching for the child in a 2000 acre area. now, the 8-year-old was found alive in hanover county as you stated. he was severely autistic. he's been missing since sunday. the sheriff said 6,000 volunteers that he thanked during the news conference searched for the child in the 2000 acre area. he wondered away from his family in battlefield park. now, moments ago t sheriff told us a citizen, one of the
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volunteers found this boy in a creek bed. what's interesting is he was relatively near, according to sources, where he wondered off. a short time ago, we received an update, a statement from governor bob mcdonal. he says today the best possible result to a very difficult situation came to pass when he was found alive in hanover county. he thanks the law enforcement officers, countless volunteers and people who took time to find this boy. back to you in the studio, i'm shomari stone. >> thank you. he has been reunited with his family at the hospital where he was air lifted to this afternoon. this child could not speak. it made it very, very tough to find him. they were concerned about screaming out his name, he might be skiddish and frightened off. we have the sound from the sheriff in hanover county.
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>> robert wood jr. has been found and reunited with his family. he was found at approximately 2:00 p.m. on martin marietta quarry property. it was approximately 3/4 to a mile from where he was last seen. the search is over. the investigation continues. there are a lot of people to thank. >> david hines from the hanover police with news so many have waited for. thousands of volunteers searched. now the little boy is safe and in a hospital. he's been found to the relief of so many. >> yes, huge relief. when they let out the word to thousands of volunteers, cheers erupted. you can imagine how emotional that must have been, that moment they have been waiting for and praying for, really. >> now, to the other big story
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of the day. >> we are talking snow, sleet, freezing rain. the northeast is seeing it all this weekends. a taste of winter in the middle of fall, folks. >> the real question is, who is going to see snow and how much snow. doug kammerer has the answer to both those questions. he's in the storm center. what about it, doug? >> some areas are going to see a lot of snow from this, especially this early in the season. those of us along i-95 and to the east, this is a mainly rain event. they will see a nasty saturday with a lot of rain. one to two inches of rain. winds 30 to 40 miles per hour. chilly, cold temperatures. 49 degrees is the current temperature with winds out of the east at 10 mirpsz. not much going on on the radar. showers back into petersburg and virginia suburbs. look at this. it is snowing in portions of west virginia and the higher
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elevations of the blue ridge. we are seeing the rain make its way toward the area. the rain will change the snow to the west. we are going to see very bad conditions. i mean, point-blank, it is going to be nasty tomorrow. the rain moving in around 9:00. dropping to 42 at 11:00. 41 by 5:00 a.m. with a heavy rain. this is for most of the region. it points off to the south and east. what to expect from this storm. here you go. mostly snow. i think it will start off as rain through martinsburg and west virginia. then it changes to snow early tomorrow morning. you wake up to snow in the area. in the area highlights here in the blue shade, you have that rain early in frederick, around portions of loudoun county and switching to snow there. to the south and east, it's mostly a rain event around gaithersburg, rockville toward
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sterling and to the east. we are talking rain and wind. i think we'll see a change over to snow in that area, too. maybe too late for accumulation. i'll show you the updated map as far as who gets what, coming up in a minute. >> thank you, doug. >> thanks, doug. with snow in the forecast and winter fast approaching, local governments are getting ready. d.c. and prince george's county held dry runs this morning to make sure snow crews are prepares. tracee wilkins has more. >> reporter: here inside the department of public works, they are preparing for snow. they are their trucks out and equipment. some of you are thinking it's early for that. to help get you in the mood, here you go. this is what they had to imagine as they drove around the county this morning. the roads are clear and there's not even a dusting of snow at
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4:00 a.m. this morning. perfect time for 400 of the department of public works employees to get out on the road and drill for snow. they are testing everything from safety inspections to communications systems, personnel preparedness and the routes. this year, every snow removal truck will be equipped with an automatic vehicle locator, an abl system. they can keep track of every truck to know what roads are plowed and when the truck goes off its route. it's helpful in the field. >> i'm going down the street and giving street names and everything. >> reporter: for workers doing the coordination back at the center. >> we wanted to know where our drivers were, if they were in distress or how they were making progress. that's what the system will help us to. >> reporter: the folks working
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in this office aren't the only one that is can follow the trucks. people who live in prince gorges county can go online and do it as well. next winter, you should be able to see those trucks and when they are coming to you. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. take a look at this. a daring deer rescue in the tidal basin this morning. the big guy got stuck in the water. park police, d.c. fire, ems and water rescue teams responded and helped fish the deer out. they had to tranquilize him this afternoon. they plan to release him once he's warmed up a bit. chilly waters today. more testimony in the trial of the woman accused of murdering her co-worker at the lululemon store last march. the evidence found at the scene and inside the victim's car. questions about evidence, contamination also surfaced
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today. britney norwood is charged in the death of jana murray. we have the report. >> reporter: from amanda kramer, she's one of the evidence technician that is processed the scene after the crime. the jury was shown a screwdriver. the crime scene tech testified she found blood on the sink in the bathroom and what appeared to be blood in the kitchen sink. jurors were shown pictures taken inside jana murray's car. there was blood on the drive shift. also, a baseball cap with blood on the inner sweat band. prosecutors said norwood moved murray's car after the murder. on cross-examination, the defense raised issues, questions about evidence contamination. the box cutter and other tools were not individually bagged by
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the crime techs. they were all put together in a tool box raising the possibility clean objects were bloodied later. in their effort to prove premeditation, they put the alarm company on the stand. at the night of the murder, the store closed at 9:45 p.m. and reopened 20 minutes later at 10:05. britney norwood lured her back to the store after they closed. she asked her to come back because she forgot her wallet. it's when the murder happened, therefore it was premeditated. the defense says it was not premeditated. they got into a heated argument and norwood lost it. the sloppy cover up proves the fact she didn't have a concrete, well thought out plan. the testimony continues.
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in rockville, megan mcgrath, news 4. jurors also heard from two apple store employees who heard the bloody fight that night. chris gordon talked to them as well. we'll have more in a live report coming up on news 4 at 5:00. rick perry was in the campaign spotlight up in new england. he stunned many republicans but they are still paying attention. >> that's because on paper, perry is the candidate who just might be able to unite the tea party and the old guard gop. steve handelsman has that story. >> reporter: rick perry in new hampshire signing up for the first in the nation primary. >> thank you. we're set. we're in. all right. very good. >> reporter: in fact, the texas governor's campaign is not in good shape. he's polling at 3% in new hampshire. actually, 37 points below mitt romney here. perry has the money to run ads.
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>> in texas we created 1 million new jobs while the nation lost over two. >> reporter: he insists that's going to sink in. >> they are going to come to the conclusion there's one person not about rhetoric, it's rick perry. >> i'm not supposed to be running. i'm not supposed to win. and i'm not supposed to be standing up here with this hat on, but i'm doing it. >> reporter: cain is doing six times better than perry in new hampshire polls. ron paul has almost four times perry's support. back in washington, team obama seemed to play a sympathy card. in an interview, obama chief of staff bill daley said the president's first three years were ungodly and brutal. daley did not mean for barack obama.
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>> terrible, terrible job. that was an ungodly situation. it's been brutal for the american people. >> reporter: it's been a brutal two months for rick perry. gop insiders say he still has a chance to come back. in a major mover that risks the ridicule of his rivals, he's considering skipping most of the rest of the republican debates. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. we are just getting started on this busy day in the news today. a big cat in the city. we are talking big. where neighbors reported a mountain lion prowling around d.c. jeans for women with hips and thighs. pant that is don't gap at the waist. cookie johnson is here next to talk about why her clothing line is flattering to women with curves. breaking new this is evening, an autistic child found alive after spending days alone in a rural area of virginia.
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the latest when we come
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well, we know the economy may be a little scary this halloween. >> how about creating your own costume with hair and make up. captain america, the swan and charlie sheen are a few ideas. >> how about rap star nicki minaj? throw on bright pink lipstick that lights up in the black light and you are ready to rock. >> you know we are going to see a lot of that. >> you know. >> a lot on monday. we women know it can be tough to finds a good pair of jeans. the more curves you have, the tougher it can be. you have options to flatter your
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figure and keep you up to date. >> we are joined now, we have been waiting all week by cookie johnson. she's gotten rave reviews from curvy women. welcome to news 4 at 4:00. >> thank you. >> what inspired you to start this line? >> i couldn't find a pair of jeans to fit me. i have the thighs and could never find a pair to fit right. i got frustrated. >> what is it about your jeans that makes them fit when all these other, you know, styles and brands don't? >> well, we added more room in the thighs. a lot of other brands do not add room in the thighs, they go to the hips. we went to the thighs, more room in the thighs, more room in the hip and come up in the back just a little bit higher so you have coverage when you sit down. a lot of premium denim lines on the market are very, very low
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rise. our rise is a little bit higher. it's not like, you know, not like your mom's jeans, but it is higher than the premium denim out there. >> talk about the trends for fall. you have an update on the boyfriend jean. >> yes. yes. we have an empowered chino jean, the boyfriend style that is relaxed with the cuff at the bottom. it's great for a woman with hips because it's loose fitting and, you know, very comfortable. you can dress it up or down with a pair of heels or boots. you can go all over town in it. >> i like skinny jeans, but flair jeans are in. >> it's like the bell bottoms but don't call them that. they are flairs. they are flattering for women with hips. it balances out the hips. they are fun. >> print is another big trend in jeans. >> yes.
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yeah, we have great printed jeans, we have leopard print jeans and python jeans. it's the new rage in jeans right now. denim is fun now. it's changed. it's not your basic black and blue. we are doing patterns, we are doing wax jeans and lots of color. you are going to see more color for spring. >> color and coating? >> they give you the illusion of a leather jean but it's not. it's a denim with a coating on it and gives it a sheen. we have it in black and brown. a lot of ladies like it because it gives the illusion of leather but more comfortable. it has the stretch. >> talk about what you are wearing. >> you are wearing coated. >> i'm wearing the joy jean. they look great in boots. you love the leggings, they are tighter at the ankles. it's easy to slip o boot on.
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it's very comfortable. >> you have changed your marketing. a lot of women can't afford the premium denim. >> right. when we originally launched we were $158 to $200. we have changed. because of the economy, we have come down a little bit for our premium denim. we are like $128 to $168. >> which is competitive? >> yes. very competitive. we still have a lot of quality. >> and comfort. >> that's right. >> everybody is going to like that. >> you are going to be at the neiman marcus tieson corner tomorrow? >> right. >> cooky johnson, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot. still to come, an update on if winter storm headed our way. doug kammerer will let us know how much snow we are going to get. >> you might need the boots for
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those jeans. we are following the breaking news, the wonderful news this friday. that autistic child found alive after spending six
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all right, doug, you have a busy weekend ahead of you. busy night, too. >> ready or not. >> you have nothing to say? >> i'm working tomorrow. >> the weather man is mum, can you believe it? >> i'm working tomorrow. we all have a busy weekend ahead, at least on saturday. if you have plans on saturday, hey, is the game going to be canceled. somebody in fairfax county has a softball event that's been going on ten years. you are going to have to cancel that. not because of the potential snow, the rain is what we have to worry abtd. one to two inches of rain and 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds. a major storm is making its way up the coast. it's developing just off the coast. yes, there's the winter component that's going to get
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us. the doppler radar is showing rain back toward the west. down toward charlottesville and petersburg. in and around our area, no rain yet. we are not going to see that. the rain is making its way in here. you can see what i'm talking about from the south. see the move there making us way up to the south and also snow. snowing in portions of west virginia and the mountains of the blue ridge so far. the highest elevations are seeing that snow, too. 49 degrees is the current temperature out there now with cloudy skies. the winds out of the east. current temperatures into the upper 40s. we are going to stay in the upper 40s for the next few hours before we really start to cool down. when i say cool down, look at roanoke. 36 degrees now in roanoke. 42 in west virginia. we have cooler air moving in. this time, it's going to move in from aloft. the cold air is going to come down as the rain comes down.
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let's break it down and show you what's going to be happening. this is midnight. expect rain across the region except the west. winchester to the front. right along the i-81 corridor, this could be almost all snow for you folks. it's why we are going to see so much there. to the east of 81, this is mostly a rain event, especially for washington to the east. we are going to see a lot of rain. some of it heavy at times. to the west, winchester, i think you may stay. martinsburg, charlestown, frederick. rain here. i would not be surprised to see the snow come down in your area earlier. rain in the district around 4:30. watch what happens by tomorrow night. starting to see the rain/snow line closer to the d.c. area. i think we'll see a brief change over before moving out. almost no accumulation at all in washington. all the accumulation is off to the west. it's why we have the winter storm warning. loudoun county, frederick county
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and northern fauquier and places to the west, winter storm watch for montgomery and howard county, nothing now. how much snow? maybe four to eight inches to the west of i-81. it includes wihester. two to four into frederick county. two to four in fauquier and less than an inch from washington to fairfax and montgomery county. not a lot there. to the south and east, it's all a rain and wind event dealing t. the rain will be moving in. most of the evening will be dry. the rain moves in late tomorrow morning. rain heavy at times. snow well to the west. temperatures starting off cold. 36 to 39. they are not rising much at all. windy and cold. rain to snow. 36 to 41 with the wind upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. there's the next four days showing this storm moves out
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quickly. sunday is much, much nicer with a temperature around 48 and sunshine. again, the next 24 hours we are dealing with the storm. >> all right. >> thanks, doug. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, a mountain lion spotted in d.c. the neighborhood is on alert. >> plus, the latest from the conrad murray trial in l.a. why the proceedings have been delayed unexpectedly. >> an autistic boy found alive after spending day
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. more good news out of virginia this evening. we continue to follow the breaking story. an 8-year-old autistic child has been found. he was discovered by a volunteer near a creek in battlefield park after six days of searching. >> he was found at approximately 2:00 p.m. on the martin marietta quarry property. it was approximately 3/4 to a mile from where he was last seen. >> again, that was after six days of searching. the sheriff said he was found
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lying in a fetal position. serious, but in good shape. he was air lifted to an area hospital where he was reunited with his family. we'll have a full report at the top of the hour on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. court wrapped up earlier today in the involuntary manslaughter trial with dr. conrad murray. >> the prosecution will have the weekend to review new evidence. they go into their sixth week. we have the latest on the trial from los angeles. >> reporter: the jackson family getting moral support from another famous family. paris hilton's family attended court sitting behind the jackson's. meanwhile, direct examination against the father of propofol. using bottles of propofol, he demonstrated why he believes dr.
4:32 pm
murray is not responsible for michael jackson's death. >> it's what it suggests and it's what he said he did. it's certainly a safe way of doing it. >> reporter: dr. steven shafer said he was giving it to michael jackson even after he stopped breathing. >> the scenario reconciled with all the facts in this case. does it reconcile with dr. murray's statement? >> no. >> does it reconcile with the physical evidence found at the scene? >> no. >> does it reconcile with the urine concentration found at autopsy? >> no. >> reporter: the defense contends jackson was an addict, so desperate for sleep, he gave himself the deadly bos of
4:33 pm
propofol which was 40 times more than what dr. murray gave him. have they swayed the jury, i don't think so but they scored points. cross-examination of dr. paul white begins on monday. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. bail denied. gary giordano will remain behind bars for another 30 days. giordano has been in custody since the 5th. after a detention hearing, the judge decided to hold him longer. he's not been charged with anything but prosecutors suspect him of being involved in the disappearance of 35-year-old robbin gardner who is presumed dead. he claims gardner was swept out to sea while the two of them were snorkling.
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a mountain lion may be on the louis in northwest washington this afternoon. >> several people reported seeing a large cat that resembles a mountain lion around the edge of glover park. the most recent sighting happened on wednesday. some saw it as far back as february. the washington humane society is going to patrol the neighborhood today. someone may have had the animal as a pet and let it go. >> don't try here kitty, kitty. this photo of kate middleton had tongues wagging. she wore a half up, half down hair style on wednesday. look closely and you notice a three inch scar. as a result, a spokesman says it's a scar from a childhood operation. no word on what kind of surgery it was. prince william has a scar on the
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forehead as a result of being hilt with a golf club when he was 13. there's more to come on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. an app that will wow your friends for halloween. i'm liz crenshaw. can eating black licorice make you sick this halloween? that's the question. the answer is coming up on ask liz on news ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase.
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>> it's not easy. >> when we continue, we are still in the halloween mood. your pet costume pictures are coming up. doug will be back with more on the winter stuff headed our way,
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>> and cain twittered. he wants to hear you say get ready to hunker down. >> hunker down, one time. a hurricane hunker down, we don't have? >> no, it's a nor'easter that affects it entire east coast. we are talking big time rains and big time snows in our area. right now, no rain until you get well toward the south, charlottesville. starting to make its way toward the area. it's filling in around washington but it's not reaching the ground. west virginia, we are seeing in the way of snow that started in the mountains of west virginia. it will continue to come our way. 49 degrees is the current temperature now with winds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. current temperatures down to 39 in elkins, 36 in roanoke. we will see the temperatures fall once the rain starts to fall. it's why we have winter storm warnings in effect. this includes loudoun county,
4:44 pm
northern fauquier, northern culpeper, frederick county, maryland and all the counties to the west, a winter storm watch is in effect from montgomery county to howard county, especially for the higher elevations. watch out. i think we could see easily, three to six inches of snow in some areas there. washington, d.c., fairfax county, prince george's county, not under any watches or advisory ashis will be a rain event. four to eight inches. right along i-81 including front royal and la ray. heavier totals in the higher elevation. less than an inch in rockville, herndon and down toward ma nma manassas. we could see a lot of power
4:45 pm
outages to the north and west. good news, this is a fast mover. it's out of here sunday with a high temperature of 48 degrees. it's still cold, but not too bad. >> no costume adjustments, halloween is looking good? >> halloween is looking great but a lot of trick or treating is going on tomorrow night. just going to be cold but i think the storm will be gone. >> see you at 5:00, thanks so much. so can black licorice really make you sick? what is the best way to keep kids safe on halloween night? and how do you get rid of old medication? we have tricky questions for ask liz today. >> hi, pat. >> hi, liz. we love to ask you all the tricky questions. the first is about halloween candy. viewers heard eating black rick risch can make you sick. is there truth to that?
4:46 pm
>> there is truth. the food and drug administration helped us with this. some people can overdose on black licorice. if you are 42 or older and eat two ounces you could end up in the hospital with an irregular heart beat. there's a sweetening compound that can cause potassium levels to fall. they return to normal when the consumption stops. they advise everyone not to eat large amounts of black licorice in one sitting. >> i did not know that. i eat red licorice. >> not the same thing. next question comes from concerned parents in the area. how do you keep your children safe on halloween night? >> a couple tips for keeping kids safe. have them use costumes made of
4:47 pm
flame retardant costumes. choose a fabric like polyester or nylon. have them wear bright, reflective costumes or tape on them so they will be more visible at night. paint their face with festive make up rather than masks that obstruct their vision. face paint is a better idea. >> good advice. susan asks, what is the safest way to get rid of old medication. >> this is a timely question. we contacted the drug enforcement for your answer. tomorrow, october 29th is national prescription drug take back day. that means you can bring your unused meds to different collection sights all over the region. it lasts from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. to find the sight nearest year, it's posted on search take back.
4:48 pm
if you aren't able to drop your meds off tomorrow, they recommend crushing solid medications or di- solving them in water. put them in a sealed plastic bag and toss them in the trash. remove personal information from the medication container. if you have a question you would like us to consider for ask liz, send it to coming up on ask liz at 5:00, how can you make carved pumpkins last longer? how do you keep squirrels from eating your jack-o-lanterns? is it safe to use your cell phone to dial 911? >> schoolgirls like pumpkins? >> yeah. >> i'm trying to get a photo of liz and zombie it.
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the punishment for a teacher accused of having sex with several students. we are coming right back. next on news 4 at 5:00, an update on the winter storm warnings from much of the viewing area this weekend. we'll break down what's coming. the amazing discover in hanover, virginia. the little boy missing for nearly a week has been found alive. we have an update. keeping tabs on the calories you burn. all the machines at the gym claim to calculate how many calories you have burned off. are the numbers accurate? that story at 5:00. tonight at 6:00, would you be willing to pay for a quicker commute? the span is set
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all right, everybody is getting into the halloween spirit, right? even our four-legged friends. >> of course. we have been asking to see your pet pictures. here are some of our favorites. >> charlie is dressed up in his uncle sam hat getting ready for halloween. >> isn't he cute? >> up next, this is tequila. all ready for halloween with his owner who dresses up like jason, complete with a chainsaw. >> this is willow dressed up as
4:53 pm
an adorable unicorn. the picture was sent in by the owner. >> this is honey, the italian greyhound wearing her finest wig and bikini, heading for the beach on a day we are expecting snow. >> that's tragic. cute by tragic. >> we have costume ideas on no charlie sheen, yet. i'm surprised. i thought it was the number one mask. coming up, the latest on a teacher accused of a series of crimes. she was accused
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a former high school teacher has been found guilty of having sexual relations with five of her students. >> she was convicted after an ohio judge rejected her insanity plea. >> kevin tibbles has more on the story now. >> reporter: as her trial came to an end, she sat composed and quiet, appearing as if she was praying. the 33-year-old former gym teacher admitted to having sex in her home with five students. prosecution said she deserved to go to jail.
4:57 pm
>> they trusted her and she violated that trust. >> reporter: during the trial, the court heard from the students. it permitted them to not have their faces shown. >> they were making out and she pressed her body against mine. i was towards the -- my back was toward the back of the wall and then, um, we started having sex. >> defense team claims she was not guilty by reason of insanity, creating a picture of a caring teacher. prosecution argued she knew what she was doing was wrong. it took the judge just over an hour to return his verdict saying he could not accept the insanity plea. then his decision on the 16 counts of sexual battery and three of serving alcohol to minors. i find you guilty of all counts.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: before the sentencing parents described how it hurt their sons. >> she played on their emotions. >> he suffered depression. >> she represent while the parents were speaking. when offered the chance to speak in her own defense, she declined. the judge sentenced her to four years in prison. she was cuffed and led away. outside the court, a former student said she felt sorry for everyone involved. >> on behalf of her, she needs something different than prison. i feel she needs help. >> that was kevin tibbles reporting. that's news 4 at 4:00. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts now. the outcome everyone was hoping for, a little boy missing
4:59 pm
for more than a week has been found alive in virginia. snow in october? a winter storm warning has been issued for parts of the washington area as the storm moves in, it could drop the first measurable october snow in more than three decades. a lululemon employee takes the stand in the britney norwood murder trial setting the time line for the night jana murray was killed. if you feel like you have seen more than your share of deer this year, you are not alone. thousands searched and tonight, he's been found in good shape. hello, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for wendy rieger tonight. we begin with the happy ending for a six-day search for a missing boy in virginia. robert wood jr. was found


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