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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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jay in florina murray. >> reporter: good evening. the lead detective in this case took the stand, and later told reporters in the hallway that things just didn't add up as brittany norwood changed her story from one police interview to the next. the story about two male attackers at lululemon. detective james drewry is on the right. the night he arrested brittany norwood. today he testified what changed his opinion that he was not a victim but the killer of lululemon co-worker jayna murray. he asked norwood for more details about the two men that she said attacked them. on march 18th, norwood returned to police headquarters and was again recorded. this time saying that she remembered more information. norwood said they made me move her car. they seemed to know where it was
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parked. i don't remember the exact lot, but i parked it on on wisconsin avenue. i saw a cop, but i was too scared to flag him down. detective drewry asked norwood why didn't you keep going, why did you go back to the store? norwood replied crying and sobbing, i was scared for my-. that's all i can tell you. they said they knew where i lived. what else have you been holding back, asked the detective? nothing, she replied. that day, she was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. the final witness of the day was jayna murray's mother, phyllis, who said jayna was very athletic. she identified her car and jacket found at the scene of the crime. mrs. murray left the courthouse just a little while ago. the lawyers went into meet with the judge to go over jury instructions. and that seems to indicate that closing arguments in this murder trial could come as early as tomorrow. that's the latest from the montgomery county courthouse. back to you. >> thank you, chris.
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in virginia, police are hoping that somebody recognizes the man in this sketch. they say this suspect is behind an attempted abduction last week. a 17-year-old girl was walking in the garrison woods apartment complex when a man told her to get in his vehicle. there have been three other attempted abductions in the last month. investigators are looking in to any possible connections. >> we're learning more about a man accused of impersonating a police officer and sexually assaulting women. police believe thomas kim was targeting latino illegal immigrants. in two separate case, police say he approached women and questioned them in spanish about their immigration status. investigators say he would show a badge and that he was wearing a gun. in both cases, he forced the victims into his car and sexually assaulted they will. police say kim is a suspect in several other cases. to politics now.
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republican presidential frontrunner herman cain is doing damage control tonight over some serious questions about his past. but the scandal doesn't appear to be hurting his campaign. at least not yet. he reportedly raised more than a quarter of a million dollars in online donations yesterday just as allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. steve handelsman is capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: how any candidate handles a crisis matters after all the presidency is full of them. so all eyes tonight remain on this frontrunning candidate in his first crisis. >> it is a smear campaign. >> reporter: herman cain is fighting back, but now facing two problems. charges of wrongdoing a dozen years ago and changing what he said about it yesterday. first denial. >> as far as a settlement, i am unaware of any sort of settlement. >> reporter: then admission. >> yes, there was some sort of settlement or termination. >> reporter: today explanation. >> i didn't change my story.
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i just simply got the wording right and the difference between settlement and agreement. >> reporter: cain's tone changed. from seeming to understand why one employee complained -- >> i was standing mere her and i did this saying you're the same height at my wavife. >> reporter: to this -- >> i said if she can make that stick, fine, but it doesn't stick. okay? >> reporter: cain admits his campaign could be hurt. so which of the republican candidates most in iowa today might grab cain voters? >> getting americans to work almost immediately is my goal. >> reporter: the guessing is rick perry gains most. >> the other strong conservative with a lot of money and a network and who is performing better than he was a month arrest so ago, perry, would be the biggest beneficial of all. >> reporter: herman cain claims he raised $300,000 on line
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yesterday. >> i believe it has backfired on those that are trying to put a cloud over my campaign because they can't shoot the down my ideas. >> reporter: but cain's relentless selling of his 9-9-9 plan has been interrupted. >> this afternoon the cain organization played the race card. cain's political action committee sent out an e-mail comparing what cain is going through now with what supreme court justice clarence thomas went through about 20 years ago up here on the hill. calling on what the e-mail called patriots to prevent, and this is a quote, another black conservative getting lynched. >> steve, we're also hearing that one of the alleged victims in this sexual thats r harassme issue wants to tell her side of the story? >> the "washington post" has put it on line that she has a lawyer that she still lives in this area, and her lawyer says it's frustrating that herman cain
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oig's going around badmouthing the two complainants and my client, who signed a confidentiality agreement is bound by it. her lawyer says the national restaurant association ought to release these women and allow them to respond to cain. no word on what the association will do. but we shouldn't hold our breath. you remember the national restaurant association has not commented on any of this or confirmed any of to politico who broke the story and everybody else who has been going to them since the story broke. >> it's also likely that there is a financial penalty pegged to these women. >> you have to figure about this woman has a lot to say, she can make more saying it than she'd lose by giving up the money. there's probably more to it. she said she wouldn't talk unless the restaurant association says she can. her lawyer seems to be saying she won't. >> steve, thank you. violent halloween night here in the district. police are investigating five
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separate shootings that left six people injured. one of the victims is a teenager clinging to life now. somebody shot him in the head in georgetown. >> prayers and thoughts for that 17-year-old shot in georgetown. he was struck in the head. his condition now described as grave. >> reporter: a bloody halloween night in the nation's capital. six people shot in five separate incidents around our city. five p of the victims, teenagers. two of the victim, fwgirls. one victim a 17-year-old young man shot in the head in front of don lobo's. franklin ramirez heard the shots, looked out the front window and saw the victim on the
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sidewalk with his friends near by. >> one of the guys was grabbing his will hand, telling him don't leave us, stay with us. and some other kids were screaming for help, calling the police like to help with him. >> reporter: a short time later, police arrested a 24-year-old man for carrying a gun. sources say the man is being questioned in connection with the m street incident. police spent hours working this crime scene. in fact they closed off a portion of m street morning so they could do a more thorough search for clues. so violent this halloween night that the mayor and police chief held a news conference to express their concerns. the chief says cold weather in october generally leads to more gun violence. >> when the weather changes and the coats and jackets and baggy clothing starts to come on, it's easier to conceal a handgun and
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go out in public. and i've always said especially with young people, having a hand gun available to you if an argument occurs is always a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: in the meantime, back on m street, concern about what happened last night. concern about safety on the city streets. >> it's kind of scary because you live from day to day, people like to have fun during the halloween and then they took to another level. >> it's scary. you think you can go outside and you can't sometimes. >> reporter: police say the number of assaults with guns so far this year, # 18. the same time last year, 510. the investigation in to all these shooting incidents, that continues on. jim, back to you. >> thank you, pat. economic news now. greece face as possible
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government collapse after a decision by the prime minister sent global markets plummeting today. he said he would put an unpopular economic rescue pack aunlg up f package up for a public vote. the uncertainty sent stocks plunging. the dow dropped 297 points. the nasdaq also fell 77 points. and the s&p 500 closed to 35 points lower. coming up tonight, a dramatic video as a plane touched down with no landing gear. more trouble for district lawmakers. scandals prompting congress to take a closer look at how things are run. and decision day in los angeles. a pretty good forecast, but a couple bumps in the road. let's hope tonight there's no bumps on the ice, huh? >> yeah, doug, down here also
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talking college football. randy edsel starting to take some of the blame. and here's a question for you. what do navy and georgetown have in common? also talking hockey of course, capitals back at home. a live report
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the plane's landing gear failed to open so the plane had to glide in on its belly. the pilots discovered the problem as they approached the arpts. they circled for an hour dumping the fuel. then made the emergency landing. sparks flew from the engine and small fires erupted, but firefighters were able to put them out. nobody was hurt. federal aviation officials are looking into what went wrong after 23 flights were diverted to the airport in hartford, connecticut during saturday's snowstorm. >> is there any way you can get a tug and a tow bar out here and get us towed somewhere to a gate or something? i don't care. take us anywhere. >> passengers on a jetblue flight spent seven hours in the dark on the tarmac, no food, no water, no working toilets. passengers on a diverted american airlines flight from paris were also stuck on their plane for seven hours because there were no customs officials in the airport. and passengers from at least two
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other jetblue flights were also stranded for hours. airport officials say the weather and diverted flights stretched their resources to the limit. jetblue officials have apologized and offered refunds. the airline may also be facing fines for violating federal rules. michael jackson's former doctor told a judge today he would not testify in his own behalf. this comes as the manslaughter trial depends dr. conrad murray is coming to an end after 22 days of testimony. stephanie stanton has the report. >> the people rest their case. >> reporter: after 22 days of detailed and sometimes tense testimony, both sides rested hair cases. >> subject to receipt into evidence exhibits, the defense rests? >> yes. >> reporter: jackson family members arrived for one of their file visits as the case winds down. the defendant has waived his legal right to testify. tuesday morning, the defense's
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propofol expert dr. paul white took the stand for the final time. white maintains that michael jackson most likely self injected the fatal dose of propofol that killed him. the prosecutor spent much of the day discrediting white's testimony, getting will him to admit that he would never give jackson propofol to treat insomnia in his bedroom. >> it's something that no amount of money could convince me to accept or take on as a responsibility because of time, because of just the responsibility for someone and the fact that this was a complete off label use of the drug. >> reporter: today the prosecution recalled its propofol expert, dr. steven shafer. >> failure of cardiac activity caused jackson's death? >> that's correct. >> reporter: both sides will get a day off to prepare their closing arguments which will be presented to jurors on thursday morning. the seven men and five women who will decide if conrad murray should be held responsible for
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michael jackson's death. he has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. he could face occupy four years in prison if convicted. stefreceiv receive stefani stand top stanton, nbcs news. november so far, we're okay. and i think for the next couple of day, we'll continue on the trend. want to show you a brand new poi fountain that's gone up in georgetown. a beautiful new park opening up and you can see right there, some people out enjoying this today. you may have needed the long sleeves, but with the sunshine it felt quite nice. high temperature did reach temperatures in the upper 50s in most locations, but 61 degrees out there at the airport.
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so looking if this week. i really think most of this week is going to be very, very nice. remember, 61 the high temperature today, still a little bit below average, average high is around 63 degrees. 55 degrees the current temperature out there, with the sun making its way down winds out of the north right new at about 7 miles per hour. temperatures, 52 in frederick, gaithersburg and fredericksburg. i think we'll start to cool off very quickly as a result of clear skies, as a result of light winds, so we're talking about a very chilly night out there tonight. around the metro area, we're currently sitting towards montgomery county, 52 gaithersburg, 56 rockville. 55 toward dulles. annapolis at 57. no rain to talk about. we'll be dry over the next couple days, we do have a pretty big storm, but it developed just off the coast during the night last night. you saw shower activity into southern portions of matter
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land, but halves aboutthat was it. clouds will continue to move out of our region. so very nice weather. it will be cool tonight. but then the sunshine will return tomorrow, we'll see high pressure and very nice weather on on our wednesday. that will stay for the day on thursday, too. we'll see thursday being very nice with mostly sunny skies and then we have to watch this system here for friday. this system i think will move down to the south, but if you remember, the last snowstorm that we just saw came from denver. this storm coming from denver and we'll go back to denver and show you what this storm is expected to do tomorrow. blizzard warnings in effect just down to the south of denver for 4 to 8 inches of snow. and winds upwards of 30 to 50 miles an hour. glad we don't live there. our weather, much, much nicer. that storm will not affect us like the last one did. mostly clear this evening, chilly but nice, 54 dropping down to about 45 degrees. tomorrow morning, sending the kids off to school, it will be a cold one, 27 in some of the
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cooler suburbs to about 38 inside the city. winds out of the north/northeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. when you get down to 27, low 20s. but sunshine. temperatures a little below average. 56 to about 60 degrees. and then as we move on through the next couple of days, you can see that thursday we warm up back to 62 degrees. friday, who are clouds. a chance of a shower, but the best chances will stay south from that storm. 56 on friday, 54 on saturday. and right now we have the longevity walk coming up on sunday. the weather this weekend is really looking nice for that. come out and join me for that one. >> looks good. thank you. coming up, mar in-flettin f here to talk about his new book. a new study find as link
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between alcohol and breast cancer. and a man
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mar tifftin fletcher's work taken him all over the word and
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now he's taken on a new challenge. he's telling the story of his own family. he joins us now. i want to ask you about the latest things that are happening. it's been such an eventful time in the middle east, but here recently, palestinians are firing at israel and there's some increased tension there. what do you make of that? >> it's been about a week of rocket fire into israel. israel has been killing leaders of islamic jihad. israel's retaliating. the big issue today in israel is what to do. should there be a ground invasion again. so that's the issue that the israeli leaders are dealing with right now. but the problem is what do you do. what would america do if it was being fired on by canada? you have to do something and israel is deciding whether or not to go back into gaza. >> so far it's a moderate
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response. >> it's moderate, it's defensive. but it could get a lot worse quite quickly. but i don't think the israelis want it and gaza doesn't want it either about. >> you've covered all kinds of conflict and been in war zones. now you're writing books. and this new one is kind of a departure for you. tell us about the list. >> it's definitely a different experience from covering war that is correct's for sure. my previous two books were nonfiction. this is a novel, my first attempt at fiction. and it's about what happened to the jews who survived the holocaust this london. and the title, the list, came from the list that i found of my father's which was a list of his family members on one side of the piece of paper, and my mother's family's on the other side. and the idea was to take off
6:26 pm
those who survived and cross out those who did not survive the holocaust. and everybody was crossed out. and i found that piece of paper after my parents died. and i thought i want to find out what was it like in 1945 to go through that process. so it's very much an emotional roller coaster, but it became a political thriller also based on research i did. >> and it's a combination of if i can fiction and auto biographic biographical. >> it's based very much on my family, but my family is part of the whole jewish refugee experience. so a lot of information from my family, but overall, the research i did at the time, there was an attempt to assassinate, also, so that became part of the novel. >> we're looking forward to it. it's available now. and gladded to see you doing so well and having such an interesting adventure. martin fletcher. >> thank you very much.
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coming up, a setback for an 8-year-old autistic boy. we'll tell you what he did to survive in the woods. a man who once called george allen a mediocre senator, now he's endorsing him. find out why scorery stewart had a change of heart. and bank of america has taken an action after mounting criticism over those debt card fees. in sports, the capitals back home looking to snap that two game slide. gw basketball ready for a fresh start. and the redskins trying to find
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twh are growing fearses that a series of city government scandals could prompt congress to take a more active role in how the city's run. >> one committee is prime ministering to rewrite the city's personnel laws to require criminal back ground checks on city workers. >> scandal high school a way of hurting good relations. there's been a parade of problems. was assume map brown paid off to attack mayor fenty last year?
6:31 pm
why did mayor gray's administration hire so many expensive aids and why were their children hired, too? and will ward 5 council member harry tommy thomas face criminal charges? these and other scandals have been percolating in the city for months and are beginning to affect the city standing on capitol hill. >> it's unfortunate that once again congress is medal manage d.c. business. it sends a strong message to us that we have to get our act together, that we have to come up with strong ethics reform. >> reporter: on capitol hill, california republican darrel eye a threatened to pass renllegisln to require background checks. city activists say city
6:32 pm
officials can act to stave off more interference. >> it's unfortunate that congress is starting to think again about meddling in the strict affairs. i think the leaders know what the problems are, they're working to fix them, we can do it ours. we don't need congress' intervention which probably would just make things worse and harder to fix. >> reporter: mayor gray has said a congressional report help willed hip, but still the major of a federal probe. >> are you concerned that the atmosphere may be changing? >> no, i've worked very closely with mr. issa myself. certainly there may be questions that are raised by people, but we certainly i think have demonstrated our ability to make the decisions on behalf of the people of the city. >> whatever the city does, whatever congress does, everyone is waiting to see what u.s. attorney does with his investigations. back to you. thank you, tomorrow. police are investigating a deadly crash involving a pedestrian in prince george's
6:33 pm
county. it happened during the morning rush near route 50 and garden city drive. a woman was crossing the street when she was hit. she later died at a nearby hospital. police have identified the victim as 57-year-old bonnie ashton brooks. an 8-year-old boy who is autistic will have to say in the hospital longer than expected after getting lost in the woods in virginia. robert wood jr. sk treated for a hole in his esophagus. his grandmother believes the tear was caused by something robert ate while he was lost in the woods. the child disappeared on october 23rd. he was found in a creek bed on friday and is expected to be okay. relief on the way for thousands of people who get
6:34 pm
stuck . >> bicycle lanes will be added. the new road is expected to improve access to the road and accommodate the increased traffic that's been generated by the base realignment and closure project. construction could begin in 2013. expected to take up to three years to complete. a high profile northern virginia republican who once considered challenging george allen for a senate nomination next year has decided to endorse allen instead. corey stewart now calls allen an inspirational leader, but as julie carey reports, that's a different assessment from the one he gave earlier this year. >> i hearby endorse and give my full support to governor george al for the united states senate in 2012. it's a major political turn about, an effort to present a unified republican front just the week before voters cast
6:35 pm
ballots in important state legislative races. but earlier this year -- he was critical of george allen's first senate term that ended in 2006. >> he was a very good governor of virginia, but when he got to the u.s. senate, i think washington changed him more than he changed washington. >> reporter: but they've reconciled and stewart has changed his assessment. >> all in all, i have to say that i'd retract that statement and say he had a very good senate roord. >> reporter: winning prince william county is key to anyone seeking statewide office and allen says stewart's endorsement is critical. >> we're working together and it is really invigorate to go have cory executive art. >> reporter: allen is seeking the gop nomination against several challengers including this tea party leader. her assessment has not changed. she calls allen a terrible candidate for the republican
6:36 pm
party in 2012. tim kaine is the democrat's candidate. >> they've had a love-hate relationship. corey stewart has blamed george allen for the problems in washington. so this this is clearly a marriage of political convenience recognizing the importance of prince william county to statewide election. >> reporter: but the county could be equally important in the 2011 elections next week. four state senate races are close and their outcome could determine whether democrats keep control that chamber or whether republicans succeed in their bid to take over both the house and the senate. julie carey, news about 4. democrats hold a four seat majority in the senate. republica republican control the house. there's a new state chew ew ronald reagan unveiled today. it is the fourth to be dedicated
6:37 pm
this year to commemorate the 1 ooth anniversary 00th anniversary of reagan's birth. coming up, why bank of america is giving up on plans to charge the debit card fee. and having just three alcoholic drinks a week may ♪ [ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale.
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we're in storm center4. a very nice day out there and that will lead to a thighs evening, too. temperature 55 degrees. winds out of the north at about 7 miles per hour. no rain to talk about. overnight tonight, the temperatures will go down big time in some areas. down to about 27 in frederick, 26 in martinsburg. and down towards fredericksburg, a temperature of about 34 degrees. so a cold start to the day, but tomorrow afternoon, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. a high temperature of around 59 in washington, culpepper coming in around 61 degrees. frederick coming in around 55. if you have any questions about the weather, if you want to stay connected, you can always do so at or you can find me there. and i'm still waiting for you to accept my friend request, jim. >> stay tuned.
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okay? >> yeah. coming right up, my friend. bank of america is dropping its plans to charge a fee for the use of the debit card. an executive at the bank released a statement today that said our customers' voices are most important to us. thousands of people across the country has expressed outrage at the fee. but what many analysts say forced the change is the fact that many of them closed their accounts and switched to other banks. other major banks in fact who were considering the fee quickly changed their minds about doing so. bank of america's $5 monthly fee was possess supposed to go into effect in january. the company says it was trying to recoup money that was lost after new federal limits were imposed on what they call swipe fees. >> owners of the new iphone 4 s are hoping for a quick fix to their dying batteries. many people are complaining about a lower than advertised battery life and say their their
6:42 pm
fully charged devices are running out of screof juice arel use. apple has stayed silent. some people say these issues are reminiscent of the iphone 4's antenna issues. >> what's a form thread? what does that mean? >> that's a lot of complaints. that's what it is. i think. dan, you know what that means, don't you? >> reporter: no, no complaints here, guys. we'll be talking about the capitals back home for the first time in a while after a rough western canadian road trip. also a conference shakeup that has local ties. and a hometown boy is back with
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
dan, are you there? >> what's up? >> doreen asked how scary can a team be with the name anaheim mighty ducks? >> well, that is a good question, but they're not the mighty ducks anymore. they're just the ducks. i think that's the reason why. because they weren't very scary when they were the mighty ducks. they're 5-5-1, so they are a decent team,s about it doesn't really matter who they play when they're on their game. they are freshly off of a road trip in canada where they struggle losing two straight.
6:46 pm
so not riding nearly as high as when they left. it started in edmonton where the caps were trying to become the sixth nhl team to start the season 8-0. caps suffer their first loss of the season. things didn't get better in vancouver either. gave up three first period goals. they fall 7-4 to the canucks. now it's time for home cooking. >> some of the loss was at tributed to taking penalties. tough to win when you're in the box. so then other areas were exposed, as well. tonight we'll be looking to rebound and have a better game at home ice. >> you don't like to make excuses for anything, buts it is
6:47 pm
two in a row and we want to get off the slide as quick as possible. it's a long year. you'll go through these little valleys and hopefully we can get out of it and get back into where we want to be, which is at home winning. >> reporter: that's where everybody wants him to be. cody ekin will mac his first nhl appearance tonight. and their tough guy back for the first time since terry his l labrum in the playoffs. it's hard to put a positive spin on the way things are going for the redskins especially with the 49ers coming to town. the redskins offense in a three game losing streak averaging 11 points her game. getting skunked up in toronto didn't help that average. but as we've seen in the nfl, anything can happen. i mean anything. we've seen it, right? the rams beat the saints. the chiefs start the season 0-3, they're now 4-3.
6:48 pm
so the players looking for inspiration anywhere they can get it. >> i read tony dungy's book and he talks about when he's with the colts, they talk about doing the little things better than everyone else and that's what we have to do, we have to do no dramatic changes, just the thing has we do, but do them better. >> i don't think coach shanahan will let anybody phone it in. if he sees the first sign of somebody folding if in, whether on the practice field or in it a game, i'm pretty sure the mentality he has, they'll be out of here quick. so he's not going to stand for that. the leaders on this time won't stand for that either. so we'll just keep pushing. we'll keep working. if anything, we'll demand a little bit more out of everybody. >> reporter: deangelo hall and the guys off today. back at work tomorrow to get ready for a dangerous 49ers team.
6:49 pm
college ball now. many thought the big east conference was headed south, but they're actually heading west. mining for some new members among the academies and wiester schools. they'll invite boise state, navy, air force for football only, and smu, houston and central florida for all sports. the big east of course has been reeling since losing syracuse and pitt to the acc. and how about that maryland football team? now bringing up the rear in the atlantic coast conference. randy edsel and ter terps have rock bottom. they desperately need a win. maryland has settled in to last place in the acc with a 2-6 record.
6:50 pm
fewer than 10,000 fans in the seats when the second half started against b clchc with th danny o'brien relieved c.j. brown, but neither player stood out. o'brien o'brien seemed destined to play next season somewhere else. >> i think sometimes that expectations on young people can make it tough, as well. and maybe i didn't do a good enough job of minimizing expectations for him. i've talked to danny and i've talked to him and brought him aside just like i have everybody else. and i told him even on the field the other day, just go have fun. and i think that's all you have to do. just go out and have fun. prepare the right way.
6:51 pm
go out and work hard and have fun. >> reporter: to college hoops. gw ready for a fresh start and it begins with their new head coach and hometown kid. he attended archbishop carroll, 15 winning seasons under his belt already. despite the challenges at gw, he says he's ready to roll. >> being home is awesome. my kids are all going to go to the same school write went. a along tilong time ago. you don't realize how special they are until you do them. my kids get to hang out with their grandfather, he picks them up from school twice a week. so that is pretty cool. >> it's going good. we had a lot of time to bond are him and talk to him and learn
6:52 pm
his philosophy. >> i think it was stuff at first. but, you know, you make adjustments. and it's good right now. >> reporter: love seeing mike back in town. it's the caps here taking on the anaheim not the so mighty anymore ducks. >> all right, thanks, dan. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase.
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learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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the county republican committee is apologizing for a controversial cartoon that they released of president obama. the graphic depict as president as a zombie with a bullet head in his forehead. that graphic was included in an e-mail to members asking for help decorating a float for last night's halloween parade. governor mcdonnell called it shameful. the group's chairman said it was an attempt at satire humor and he apologized to anyone who found it offensive. drinking a few alcoholic benches a week might increase a woman's chance of developing a potentially deadly disease. researchers at brigham and women's hospital in boston studied 100,000 women over 30 years. they say those who drank wine, beer or liquor at least three times a week over most of their
6:56 pm
adult lives had a 15% higher chance of getting breast cancer. scientists say they believe alcohol's affect on estrogen might be the link. lung cancer strikes one in 14 americans. even more unsettling, about 55% of lung cancer patients have never smoked or had quit smoking all together. on sunday, lung cancer survivors and their families are holding a 5 k walk called breathe deep d.c. to raise awareness and money for the cause. >> i had a physical with a chest x-ray. i was pronounced perfectly healthy. three months later, i was coughing up blood, i had a scat scan and i was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. >> reporter: what's even more frightening is jerry was never a smoker. the bethesda father of two had beaten hodge kips lymphoma twice as a teen and was enjoying an active and full-in his 40s.
6:57 pm
now this. >> it's the number one cancer killer. it is twice as many women die of lung cancer as they do of breast cancer. and yet nobody talks about it. >> reporter: so jerry started talking about it with his doctor and friends. and a 5 k walk was born. hundreds of people touched by lung cancer coming together on the national mall. andrea lost her mother to the disease. >> the part what have we're trying to do is nationwide create places for people to go, things that they can join into, become part of the community. >> reporter: and there is reason for hope. doctors say lung cancer is treatable if about not curable. if found early must have. but more research is needed. the overall five year survival straight only 15%. >> jerry is an example of the changing face of lung cancer. he is a never smoker he is beating the odds in a lot of
6:58 pm
ways. >> reporter: jerry here pictured with bruce springsteen is hamming cancer the only way he knows how. head on. already longevity has aerded $2 million in fund research grants. jane watrel, news 4. news 4 is a sponsor of breathe deep d.c. if you'd like to participate in the walk, go to and search lung cancer. doug kammerer will be out there walking with you. >> and of course that means the weather will be nice. >> or you'll go in disguise. >> exactly. but takes greit is a great caus out and walk with us and it looks like right now sunday will be a great day. 59 degrees tomorrow, a nice day for plenty of sunshine. 62 on your thursday. 56 on friday. a slight chance of showers friday, but it's looking more and more like it is going to be on the dry side.
6:59 pm
saturday and sunday, looking good. sunday temperature around 60 degrees for the afternoon with a lot of sunshine out there. another chance of rain next tuesday. but it looks like we're entering a pattern that is going to be a little bit calmer for us at least for the next week or two. >> that's just what we need around here. >> i think so. the latest youtube video to go viral stars cameron and brittany. he staged her is surprise party and was even more shocked a minute later when fought down on one me. there she goes. girl down. fainted dead away. you can't see it in the video, but she fainted a second time after he tried to propose again. eventually he got -- there she goes -- he got all of way through it and she of course


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