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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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wife to get her car so he could give it to his girlfriend. jane mcquain, killed in her sleep. her son, william, at a friend's house when it happened. william murdered in these woods, beaten to death in the head with a baseball bat. the suspect, curtis lopez brought to court as we learn more details about this gruesome double killing. in court, prosecutor john maloney described it as a ghastly, violent attack on two innocent people. a possible motive, jane mcquain's honda crv. they say lopez promised his girlfriend in north carolina a new car. before the murder, before the murder, he sent pictures of miss mcquain's honda to his girlfriend in north carolina. >> we now know from witness
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interviews that the defendant was texting photographs of the vehicle in advance of mrs. mcquain going missing. we know after we believed her death, he texted photographs of the car to his girlfriend who was found in possession of the car saying here's your car, we're on our way. >> reporter: curtis lopez charged in the murder of his estranged wife, 51-year-old jane mcquain. she was found dead in the bedroom of her germantown condo. her skull crushed with a 30 pound weight. she had been stabbed in the back. it's believed it happened sometime on the night of september 30th. on that night, the prosecutor says her 11-year-old son, william, was at a sleepover at a friend's house. on the morning of october 1st, the prosecutor says lopez picked up william at the friend's house and took him to jane mcquain's
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storage locker in jermantown. security video shows both of them there and lopez taking a baseball bat from the locker and putting it into jane mcquain's suv. the prosecutor says lopez used that bat to kill william in these woods in clarksburg. now after the murders, that north carolina girlfriend ended up with the suv but she got into an accident in north carolina. there was a police report and that led to the arrest of curtis lopez. jim, back to you. >> pat collins with the disturbing details for us tonight. live in rockville. thank you. a barber in howard county is charged with sexually abusing a 13-year-old client. this is the barber. he works at scissors hair salon.
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he's charged with sexual abuse, sodomy. there may be more victims who went to the shop without an adult. if you have information, you are asked to call the howard county police. new information about the halloween night shooting in georgetown that left a 17-year-old in critical condition. d.c. police chief says her department is closer to making an arrest in that case. she says investigators are still investigating the motive for the shooting. >> there's still investigative work that needs to be done to confirm all the leaks that have come out and speculation that came out that has not been confirmed. when i feel comfortable that what we are saying has been verified, i'll say it. i'm not going to say it before then. >> it was one of five shootings that happened on halloween night in the district. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire in
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rockville. fire officials tell us there were no working smoke detectors inside. news 4's tracee wilkins reports the blaze left one woman dead and three in the hospital. >> reporter: these pictures taken by a neighbor show how devastating this mornings fire was. neighbors say the husband and wife who lived in the home have two adult children who no longer live with them. fire officials say the husband is in his 60s. so was his wife who died in the fire. the husband made it out safely with minor injuries. his wife had to be rescued by firefighters. >> i ran outside and saw the fire was there. i grabbed a small hose along with another neighbor. we started spraying the front of the house. it's where the fire was at. the man of the house was outside running around frantic. but then the firefighters arrived and took over. they pulled a lady out maybe ten
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minutes later. i didn't see that she was breathing or anything. >> the wife was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital. two firefighters received minor injuries while battling the fire. the quiet couple lived in the house since the mid-70s. neighbors say they are shocked by what the fire did to their home. >> the amount of fire equipment the county sent up is incredible. i have seen a lot of stuff. this was the response was unbelievable. >> reporter: while fire investigators say it appears the fire started in the basement of the home, the exact cause has not been decided yet. in rockville, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. now just a short time ago, fire officials identified the victim as 67-year-old sandra. firefighters are canvassing the neighborhood to be sure other people in the area have working smoke detectors.
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the sexual harassment surrounding herman cain is not going away. it's possible one of the women may be telling the story tomorrow through her lawyer. today, the lawyer for one of the three women asked for permission for his client to tell the story. she worked with cain in the 1990s. her lawyers say she should be released from a confidentiality agreement since cain is speaking publicly about the issue. >> she had nothing to do with it becoming public and is anxious for it to go away. >> reporter: the cain campaign is trying to figure out who leaked the story. cain's campaign says there are direct connections to the rick perry campaign. perry's people are denying any involvement. president obama is taking part at the g-20 in france. unlike past years, the president is taking more of a sideline role. today, much of the focus was on
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the crisis in greece. greek's prime minister scrapped a plan to hold a public vote on an unpopular bail out plan. if they don't take part, other countries in trouble, italy, portugal and spain could follow suit. we had a nice day today but could see wet weather overnight. doug? >> wet weather overnight. look at that, sailboats out there now. a little bit of a class going on. 62 degrees out there now. not a bad day for sailing. on the cool side. 62 and sunshine today. it was really spectacular outside. the winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. temperatures around the region sitting at 64 degrees in frederick. 64 in leesburg. down to the south, warmer, 66 in culpeper and fredericksburg. temperatures in cambridge in the mid to upper 50s. milder conditions as we move through the night tonight based on the cloud cover.
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we don't have rain out there now. look to the west. a lot of rainmaking its way there in southern portions of virginia now. that area of rain will make its way here overnight. expect shower activity tomorrow especially to the south. i'll break it down for you. i'll show you where the best chances of rain will be for tomorrow. after that storm moves through, we have big changes through here. you'll need something else you haven't needed for awhile. >> you got our attention. a public memorial service is held for frank, the long time gay rights activist died last month. tom sherwood joins us live downtown where people have been coming to pay their respects today. tom? >> reporter: this old carnegie library is part of the nation's history. it's a good place to say good-bye to frank, who created his own history. on a bright afternoon, he was
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brought to the library downtown. jim graham and david helped carry the coffin for him. he was 86 when he died. he lied about being gay to serve in the armed forces. fired from the federal government for being gay and spent the rest of his life fighting for gay and lesbian rights. >> we are celebrating a life well lived. one which every washingtonian. he had a long and fulfilling life. you wonder if the next generation will appreciate the contributions he made to make shire lives easier. >> i loved him. he was like a grandfather to me. you know, he lived a good life. i'm happy to be a part of it. >> reporter: he's known in the united states and abroad for first using the slogan gay is good as he fought discrimination. he died after what friends called a full and productive life.
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>> for those of us, myself most definitely included, who are what we are today, we have to acknowledge the significant part because of what he was able to do. >> reporter: the doors here will remain open until 8:00 p.m. for anyone invited to stop by. a more formal burial service will be announced soon. >> tom sherwood, thank you. we are just getting started at news 4 at 5:00. the victim's parents went back to the store today and were talking to people about their visit. closing arguments this evening in the trial of michael jackson's doctor and the prosecutor makes strong statements. i'm liz crenshaw, a new federal agency fighting for consumers. a place to sound off about credit cards, student loans and mortgages. the story is coming up. news 4 at
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[ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale.
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he was responsible for michael jackson's death and for leaving his children without a father. it's how they closed the case against dr. conrad murray today.
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he called murray a reckless physician who knew giving propofol as a sleep aid went against common medical practice. >> this relationship of trust that is so important between a doctor and a patient was grossly corrupted by the actions of conrad murray. >> defense attorneys are delivering their closing arguments. the jury could have the case by the end of the day. >> there is new federal help when it comes to protecting consumers when they borrow money. >> it's a new bureau working for you. you probably didn't know it. >> it's call the consumer financial protection bureau. it's a mouthful. like the food and drug administration watches drugs or dangerous products, this mission
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is to make financial life safer for americans. it wants you to know before you owe. >> for the first time, there is an agency that is charged with looking out for consumers for making sure consumer finance markets work for american families. we would like the american public to hold us accountable. >> reporter: he serves as the special adviser for the consumer financial protection bureau. i's known as cfpb. it was established last year when president obama signed the dodd/frank wall street action into law. >> the idea is to know before you owe. >> reporter: since they opened for business in july, they launched the website, make financial decisions like student loans, mortgages, credit cards clearer to consumers.
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when there's a problem, a simple place to complain with the government's help. >> we don't have the time or inclination to understand what is put before them. that doesn't have to be the case. >> reporter: take mortgages for example. they are working to make sure borrowers know what they are signing up for. better disclosure does not mean more paperwork. >> buying a house? most people want to buy a house and they need to borrow to make it happen. you can't make a decision without knowing the costs. >> reporter: next up, credit cards. millions of americans use them. millions complain about the fees and fine print. >> they are going to make sure that banks and other firms in the credit card business continue to abide by the law that congress put into place. >> reporter: got a problem with your bank, debit card, they want to hear your story.
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>> we'll make sure we are keeping track of where problems are occurring in the marketplace. need to know the ins and outs of student loans? cfpb has laid out a financial aid shopping sheet and repayment options for students. >> the challenge for students today is it's difficult to think about what the aggregate debt low is going to be. >> they know their mission, it's to make money matters work. >> people want to buy houses and send their kids to school and buy new cars. consumer finance, when used responsibly and provided by responsible lenders can make life better. the first thing that has to happen is stop making life worse. that's why we are here. >> amazing guy. the bureau does not yet have a chairman. there's wrangling between the
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white house and the hill over an appointment. when they get one, they will have more resources and authority. the website is a resource we have not had before. i think we should give it a shot. >> know before you owe. >> all right. >> complain when you don't think it's fair. >> exactly. >> thanks. doug joins us now. we are going to need something we haven't used in awhile. >> the umbrella when you step out. it's tomorrow night that is biggest changes come in. yes, we have showers out there, but tomorrow night, for those of you, i have heard a lot of people say i haven't turned on my heat yet. tomorrow night might be the night. that's the night we are talking about. out there now, another beautiful afternoon. we are seeing nice stretch across the area. right now, sitting in the low to mid-60s. 62 at the airport. dew point of 43 degrees. winds right now at 3 miles per hour. now, around the rest of the region, 63 degrees in
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martinsburg. 68 in cumberland, maryland and petersburg, west virginia. there's warmer air trying to filter on in here. chesapeake, the cooler temperatures are right now, 59 degrees near cambridge. no rain in the area. the doppler radar is clear until you move out to the west. here is the next storm system. this is the same storm that brought the snow to denver. denver seeing the second six inch plus snowstorm in a week. the last one brought us snow. this one will not bring us any snow but notice, if this was to move straight east, we would definitely see rain in 24 hours or so. the latest motion, watch the progression here. see it, see it. the next thing you know, it heads down to the south just a little bit. it's going to stay on the southward progression. it's good news for us. we have the nice air here for today. the area of rain to the west. enjoy the nice evening. it's not going to last too much
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longer. the clouds move in then shower activity. the best chance for showers should stay to the south of washington. i'm talking fredericksburg, culpeper, charlottesville, southern maryland. you have the best chance to see shower activity at 5:00, 5:30 tomorrow morning. could be a few more showers before noon south of washington. behind this system, we're looking at clearing skies. clearing skies rather breezy conditions and very chilly to start off the day on saturday. a cold area of high pressure moving in. we'll see sunshine on saturday. high temperatures may struggle to get out of the 40s in some locations. right now, going for 52 degrees inside the washington, d.c. area. as far as the forecast goes for the evening, a few high clouds. a nice evening. 56 to 60 degrees. tomorrow morning, temperatures will be a little bit warmer than they have been over the last couple days. 38 in the coolest areas to 47 in the city. we look for cloudy skies and
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showers to the south. mainly light. take the umbrella with you as you step out the door. tomorrow afternoon sunny and breezy, cooler. 54 to 48 degrees. that's nothing compared to what we'll see saturday. saturday morning, most areas wake up do the upper 20s and low 30s. sunday, 57, a much nicer day. monday starting a nice warm up with temperatures in the mid-60s. saturday will start off chilly, but it's going to end on a nice, nice note here. we have a swedish bizarre coming up. let's look at the graphic. there's the food right there. i want to show you where this is. let's look at the food for just a second and my right hand. i should do that, jim handly, thank you. over here, swedish meat balls, which i love. they have open faced sandwiches. now, let's look at the graphic.
5:22 pm
south of rockville. we're talking about st. james church in potomac saturday november 5 between 11:00 and 3:00 p.m. lots of food for everybody. you have already brought your -- >> they brought over napkins. they don't need us well. >> this was good. >> was it good? i have to try it. i already tried the meat balls. coming up, bullets fly during the rush hour in d.c. one of the driver's whose car was caught in the cross fire spoke only to news 4. also, the occupy oakland protest turns violent again leading to a long stand off with police out there. now is the time to try
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thousands of occupy protesters in california shut down the nation's busiest port last night, the port of oakland. it was shut down. this happened during a five-hour stand off with police. 80 people arrested. some supporters of the occupy wall street movement says the violent protest is not a representation of the movement
5:26 pm
as a whole. occupy wall street protesters were outside the u.s. treasury department. they are pushing for a tax on stocks and bonds. it's an item expected to be discussed at the g-20 summit in france this week. they say the tax could raise almost $350 billion for health care. opponents say the tax raises cost for investors driving economic growth. the prime minister of greece banned the plan to put a european bailout plan to a vote. he was called ahead of the g-20 summit. greece would not receive any current money until the referendum was settled. the prime minister persuaded them to accept austerity measures. opponents continue to call for his resignation. coming up on news 4 at 5:00,
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reaction in the conviction of the liu ann cahlulemon case. a threat against eric cantor was so serious the fbi had to make an arrest. hitting the breaks. a road that may have a 15 miles per hour speed limit. now to today's prize in our fandemonium sweep stakes give away. two tickets to cirque du soleil. go to nbc washington's facebook page and like us. we pick a winner during the 7:00 announcement [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha. [ girl's voice ] hi todd,
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a fast 4ward through the headlines. new details emerging in the murder of a germantown woman and her son. she was murdered in her sleep, beaten and stabbed in her sleep. her 11-year-old son was beaten to death the next day with a baseball bat. curtis lopez is in jail charged with both murders. one of the women involved in the herman cain controversy could tell her story tomorrow. the cain campaign is trying to determine who leaked the allegations to the media. the republican party is worried it's become a distraction. right now, a public memorial
5:31 pm
is being held for frank who died last month at the age of 86. he was fired from a federal government job in the 1950s for being gay and for the rest of his life, he worked as an advocate and gay rights activist. the memorial service runs through 8:00 at the carnegie library downtown. the weather is looking very, very nice for the evening. it's going to be nice for the next few hours. take a look at that. it's a storm system and a strong one at that. it brought upwards of 12 inches of snow near the denver, colorado area. virginia and west virginia right now but will it make its way our way? it's moving that way now. i'll show you what you can expect as it passes by in 24 hours. jim? >> doug, thank you. they said they had to go back. one day after a conviction in
5:32 pm
the lululemon case, the parents of jana murray return to the store where their daughter was killed. chris gordon has more on this. chris? >> reporter: good evening, it's been a stressful two weeks for the family of jana murray. they are relieved her co-worker was convicted of first degree murder. this is the first day they could go anywhere. they chose to come here, to the lululemon store in bethesda. jana murray's mom and dad and family members paid a surprise visit to the store here in bethesda which they say jana loved as her second home. they visited with her friends who still work here. >> it was about how much the murray's love them and how much they love the family. >> we came down to do christmas shopping.
5:33 pm
we always received lululemon gifts under the tree. this year will not be any different. >> reporter: at one point, they all went to the back of the store where jana's body was found. >> we have been in the back before. but we had to go back again, pray again for the full recognition of what has happened, what happened to jana and what happened to us. dirk, april and christy, they had to see it as well. they wanted to. >> reporter: the night of march 11th employees at the apple store, which shares a common wall with lululemon heard a commotion and a voice saying oh, god, please help me. they did not report it to police. early this morning, someone put 331 in front of the store. she suffered 331 wounds during
5:34 pm
the attack by britney norwood. the apple store cleared the sidewalk of the 331 before it opened for business. i asked an apple corporate spokesman about the incident. she had no comment nor would she answer the question if the store managers who failed to call police still worked here at the apple store in bethesda. it's the latest from bethesda, i'm chris gordon. >> a heart breaking day there, thank you. the fbi made an arrest. arrested a man for making harmful threats against the family of virginia congressman, eric cantor. 62-year-old glendon swift of tennessee was arrested yesterday. according to documents, he left two voice messages a week ago. he said he was going to destroy cantor, rape his daughter and kill his wife. he was screaming and cursing during a phone call. a staff member heard the
5:35 pm
messages and alerted capital police. he was identified as swift who later admitted to leaving the messages. he was charged with threatening to charge or murder a family member of an official. a former prosecutor from prince george county is filing papers to run for maryland fourth district. he'll challenge current congresswoman. with record unemployment and foreclosures in the district, he believes it's time for a change. >> i'm not saying she's a bad person. i think she's a good spokesperson at the national level. she does a good job for the party. we have challenges here on the home front. we need somebody who is going to have a laser focus and i'll bring that. >> he works for a private law firm. before that, he was the state's
5:36 pm
attorney in prince george's county for eight years. going 15 miles an hour. can we even do that? the d.c. council is going to consider lowering speed limits on all residential roads in the city to 15 miles an hour. it's according to the washington city paper. the paper says the idea was proposed by mural bowser who calls the speed limit a deterrent. >> somebody can make more money off that. well, it's less than a month away. you can now register for tickets to the national tree lighting ceremony. thisyear's event is set for thursday, december 1 until monday at 10:00 a.m. you can register with the park lottery for a chance at free tickets. there will be a new tree this year. there she is. frond winds in february, that was last year, knocked down the old one. there's a link to the lottery on our website, or you can call toll free,
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877-444-6777. >> it's going to feel wintry soon. when we continue, a battery fix. what apple is doing to help new iphone users with their battery
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apple says there's a problem with the latest operating system which is shortening the battery life of the products including the iphone 4 that just came out. the ios 5 program is making the iphone, ipads, ipods run out of juice faster. the company says it's found bugs and plans to release a software update in a few weeks. that should resolve the problem. a beta version of the software has been released. blackberry is up and running. research in motion, the maker of blackberry has been testing the music for months. it's available for download in the u.s. and australia. it costs $4.99 a month but you can get the service free for the first two months. hey, if you plan to travel by air during the holiday season, get ready for sticker
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shock. airports may be less crowded but flights will be full. u.s. air ways and delta raised fares by up to $10 round trip. most are for first class tickets and upgrades. the ones favored by business travelers. other airlines are considering price increases, too. this is the 19th time the industry made moves to raise fares this year alone. well, the higher priced holiday flights might be one reason many shoppers are expected to spend less on holiday gifts this time out. did a survey. 36% say the holiday gift budgets will be smaller this year. nearly 4 in 10 holiday shoppers plan to spend less than $500. regifting may come back in style this year. former "nightly news"
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anchor, tom brokaw was in town today speaking at the museum. he was speaking about the rapid pace of change in our country right now. he called on cooperation from all americans and what he described as a very tumultuous time. >> we have gone through a difficult time. we are not out of it yet, economically, politically and culturally. >> his book is focusing on the challenges americans face and how they can be part of the solution. comcast sponsored today's speech. when we come back on news 4 at 5:00, a shooting at a major intersection right in the middle of rush hour. we'll hear from a driver caught in the cross fire. in sports, we're going to
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a gunman opens fire in rush hour along one of the cities busiest thoroughfares. it happened 6:30 wednesday evening in the 1200 block of north capital street. commuters scrambled for cover. derrick ward spoke exclusively to one eyewitness whose truck was hit by a stray bullet. >> reporter: the intern section of new york avenue and north capital street. it's hazardous and tough to navigate. now imagine the evening rush hour and add gunfire. it's what commuters experienced yesterday.
5:46 pm
>> one person shot in the back and had been transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: the victim's condition is unknown. the sidewalks were crowded. the roadway was crowded and led was flying. it sent people running and motorists and passengers ducking for life. this commuter knew something was up, just not what. he wasn't keen on looking to see. >> i felt my truck was impacted. i didn't know about the incident. >> reporter: his was one of two vehicles struck by gunfire. he's lucky to be alive. >> an angel was with me. the bullet didn't hit me, it hit my car. >> reporter: the gunman is still at large. derrick ward, news 4. >> the gunman was last seen running toward the parking lot of 1200 north capital street. here is doug with a final check on the weather. doug? >> it's looking really, really nice out there. a nice evening. changes over the next 24 hours.
5:47 pm
62 degrees out there with plenty of sunshine. the sun will be going down in 15 to 20 minutes. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. we have clouds ahead of a storm system. you can see the rain associated with the storm. eastern kentucky, western portions of virginia and west virginia. the rain will move into the area. most of it should stay to the south. right now, calling for a dry day tomorrow. especially from washington to the north. i think that around fredericksburg and charlottesville, you will see the best chance for rain and showers mostly before the noon hour. i think most of the afternoon will be on the drier side. now, coming up this weekend, fall back. we are going to fall back with the time. set those clocks back one hour before you head to bed on saturday night, into the day sunday. make sure to change out the batteries in your smoke detectors. it's a critical time to think about that. you get an extra hour of sleep. that's good news. you are going to need it. there's no excuse not to get up
5:48 pm
and come out to the walk along the national mall. for, i will be out there. the walk starts at 10:00. we are helping those with lung cancer and trying to find a cure for that disease. plenty of sunshine. cool. nice weather for a walk. it's going to be nice. come out and walk with me. we are going to have a good time. most of the weather is looking good. the coldest day is saturday. >> all right. thanks, doug. well, someone woke up this morning $245,000,000 richer than they went to bed. a single winning ticket was sold up in connecticut. it's the biggest payout in the state. the 12th biggest in history. they get to choose whether to get the money over 29 years or $152 million in a lump sum. >> can i have that dollar back i gave you yesterday? it was supposed to go to
5:49 pm
connecticut. >> i have your dollar here. let's do a little rewind with dan hellie. we are talking 49ers, huh? >> yeah, they are solid but not like the ones that came for the championship game in 1984. this is where big time names stepped up. who knew that john riggins could throw the ball. let's go back for the redskins rewind. january 8, 1984. surviving san frans fury. the skins 4-2 regular season record earned them home field advantage for the game. it was against the 49ers. scoreless in the second quarter. first and ten on the 36. joe throws deep. not to a speedy wide receiver but tight end. 46 yards on the play to set up
5:50 pm
this. first in goal on the four. runs right through the grasp of jack reynolds. skins up, 7-0. >> for as many times as he gets the ball, he's going to get the yardage. if you can contain him fairly well and have them put up the ball more, i think you can match up against the receivers. i thought we could play well against them. >> what if they put up the ball? third quarter. airing it out to charlie brown. a 36 yard completion. it sets up the touchdown run. skins lead. >> i felt confident that -- [ inaudible ] i laid it up there. he made a heck of a catch, great catch, actually. >> still third quarter. brawn comes through again. first and ten on the third. charlie brown and check out the
5:51 pm
speed. a 70-yard play. that is pretty. skins up 21-0 after three quarters. having a bunch of fun. the niners have a talented joe of their own. joe montana lights it up in the fourth quarter. a five-yard touchdown to mike wilson. skins lead by only 14. the next time he touched the ball, a bomb. 76 yards to freddie solomon. it's now a seven-point lead. next series, to mike wilson. a 21-point third quarter lead vanished in less than eight minutes. the skins offense has one last attempt. second and ten on the san fran 45. incomplete. wright was called for interference. >> it was a goal pattern down the sideline. as the ball was nearing, he
5:52 pm
pushed me on my head. i never had a chance to catch the ball. i thought it was a good play. >> one yard. it was up to the 1982 nfl mvp. mark mosley. he already missed four field goal attempts in the game. this one from 25 yards out. and it's good. the skins headed to the super bowl with a 24-21 win. >> my personal satisfaction is to make them all day long, not just wait for the last one. it feels great. i'm glad we are in the super bowl again. >> it's been a long time since we have seen a kicker like mosley. the skins lost to the raiders in the super bowl. i'm sure we all remember that. still trying to capture the redskins magic. >> yeah. >> so many good memories we are talking about. >> they were hot back there. wow. >> every single year. >> every year. >> the 49ers are hot this year.
5:53 pm
>> during that decade, the 49ers and redskins were the two best teams in football. they traded going to and winning the super bowl. >> those were the days. let's find out what's in the works for news 4 at 6:00 with jim vance. >> coming up at 6:00, big changes for metro riders. the transit agency is changing the names of some of their stations. not everybody is happy about that. the jack russell terrier that's become an internet sensation. you'll see the trick that captured a lot of people's attention. that story and more coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. still to come on news 4 at 5:00, why so many plows were out on the roads today without a trace on the ground. follow news 4 online, search nbc
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yeah, we know it got up in the upper 60s today. a mock snow drill was held in montgomery county. >> it's to prepare the truck drivers for the major winter storms. megan mcgrath takes a look. >> reporter: the salt dome is
5:57 pm
alive with activity. the plows are attached to the trucks. the strange thing is there's no snow on the ground. actually, that's the point. to check things out under normal conditions to see if anything needs tweaking. >> the conditions of the roadway. if any changes have been made to the infrastructure. some of our operators are new. we want to make sure they understand the process before snow gets on the ground during the daylight. at nighttime with four to five inches of snow, it's a different ball game. >> 437. i'm going to be a little bit late. >> they staged a snow dry run today. plow drivers reported for duty and drove their routes like they would in a real snowstorm. gps units have it plotted out. any driver can take over any route at anytime. >> i'll be at my starting point. >> reporter: at the storm operation center, they listen to
5:58 pm
the radio traffic from the plow drivers and monitor the 195 traffic cameras and collect data on road conditions. today, they are practicing under a specific scenario, a storm with significant accumulation and a morning rush hour start time. >> it was a total of ten inches. this is a mock snowstorm. forecast to begin at 7:00 a.m. it did fall at 7:00 a.m. reported to end at 7:00 p.m. it's a 12-hour event. >> reporter: everything went well with the simulation. drivers hope it goes as smoothly when they are hit with real weather. >> that is it for news 4 at 5:00. stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. disturbing new details in the murder of a mother and son
5:59 pm
from germantown. tonight, police reveal how they were killed and shed light on a possible motive. one day after the guilty verdict, the parents of jana murray make a surprise visit to the lululemon store. we'll tell you why they were there. tonight, president obama weighs in at g-20 summit event. >> good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. tonight, the herman cain controversy is not going away. every day brings another wave of accusations. it appears to be spreading beyond the republican candidate to the rest of the party. steve handelsman is here with today's developments. steve? >> reporter: thanks a lot of top republicans wish herman cain would lay low but he's not. he was on talk radio denying all the allegations. he did something different earlier today, comparing himself to a conservative hero who faced similar charges. t


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