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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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protesters today. and whale. watch out! some really amazing video of a close encounter off the coast of california. gulp. >> gulp is right. that's incredible video. good morning to you. and thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> gulp is okay. gulp chew is not okay. good morning, i'm joe krebs. let's take a live look outside. we have a nice day on this friday a brewing. let's find out from tom what the rest of the day will be like. >> yeah, there's a live picture from our city camera showing a cloud cover over capitol hill. and it is cloudy this morning. around midnight between midnight and about 3:00 this morning, we've had a few sprinkles coming through. and some of the roadways may still be a little bit damp from that. watch out for that. right now the rain has stopped. and it's just cloudy here. the humidity is rather high. we have a calm wind at 6:00 on this friday morning. over the last 12 hours, you can see that moving color, that's the rain. it did come across central virginia. right now raining moderately
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richmond into the carolinas, but that will stay to the south of the metro area. and over the last 12 hours, that sprinkle activity has dissipated around the immediate metro area. there may be a few sprinkles northern loudon, southwestern frederick county in maryland and right along the end of warren county line. there may be a few sprinkles there. as this morning progresses, we will stay chilly. it's in the 40s. much of the area. near 50 in washington. and by the bay. but then by noontime, we should be warming up to the mid-50s early afternoon. sunrise, 7:38. and by mid to late afternoon, the sun breaking out. and a gusty northerly wind. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. joe? >> thank you, tom. all lanes of the inner loop of the beltway are back open after a deadly crash earlier this morning. it happened near georgia avenue. police say an suv crashed into the back of the tractor trailer truck, killing the driver of the suv. investigators are looking into what caused that crash. the roads were closed for several hours while police
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investigated the accident scene. let's go to donella now for the rest of the traffic and the traffic impact from this accident. still see some? >> it's much better on the inner loop. but i need to focus now on i-66 because right here if you're taking i-66 heading east at the beltway, your right center lane is blocked due to the accident there. and i am starting to see significant delays as you make your way towards the beltway. here's a view at nutley. you can see these cars are at a standstill. bumper-to-bumper trying to edge towards the beltway. i'm going to keep watching this for you and give you another update in ten minutes on this accident. and taking i-270, got to show you some congestion building just a bit at shady grove, but your lanes are open as you head towards the spur. not seeing any accidents to report for you and on the rails, metro and vre running or close to schedule. however, on the brunswick east 872 a minor delay of five
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minutes.escalators were down but they're back up and running. a maryland woman is in jail this morning for leading police on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash on i-95. howard county police chased the woman into prince george's county before she lost control of her car and crashed in the median of 95 near the new exit to the icc in laurel. the driver suffered minor injuries. we still don't know why the chase started or where it originated. and what kind of charges the driver may face. prince george's county firefighters are investigating what sparked an apartment fire at an apartment complex in landover on hubbard road. the person who lives in the apartment told us he was not home at the time. firefighters contained it to just one unit. no one in thbuilding was hurt. a traffic alert for drivers in fairfax county this weekend. the traffic pattern is changing on the beltway near tysons corner to help with congestion. by monday morning all inner loop lanes will be shifted to the right onto a new bridge over route 123. this will also allow you to get
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onto the inner loop from the northbound lanes of chain bridge road. right now president obama and leaders of the world's largest economies are trying to repair damage done by the debt crisis in greece. on the last day of the g-20 talks. greek prime minister george papandreou backed down from demanding a nationwide referendum of a bailout deal that is highly unpopular in his country. but now calls for his resignation and talk of greece leaving the euro zone is causing more tension. european leaders hope to create what they call a financial firewall before the meeting ends to protect other countries nearing default including italy and spain. well, the october jobs report will be released today. and experts expect another case of mixed results. it's predicted to show that employers added about 100,000 jobs last month. but that number will not be enough to lower the unemployment rate. currently the employment rate is 9.1%. the economy is slowly improving thanks to an increase in consumer spending, though. later today, occupy d.c.
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protesters plan to make their voices heard at a big event downtown. demonstrators plan to march from mcpherson square to the washington convention center where they'll protest at the defending the american dream conference. the march begins at 6:00 this evening. and that conference is drawing some big-name politicians. republican presidential candidates mitt romney and herman cain are scheduled to speak as well as rudy giuliani. the americans for prosperity foundation is sponsoring this event. herman cain wants to spend a normal day on the campaign trail with a stop in new york before he comes to washington later. but that could change. later today we could hear from one of the women who claims the gop presidential hopeful made some unwanted advances toward her. attorneys for the woman have asked that a confidentiality agreement be thrown out, citing that cain is speaking about the incident publicly himself. cain denies the reports and released a new campaign video. >> they can't argue with herman
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cain on the merits. they can't argue with cain on policy. so what do they do? >> now we're getting the high-tech lynching of a beautiful man, herman cain. >> this is a circus. >> cain's campaign says that the sexual harassment allegations and reporting on them are a high-tech lynching. the campaign is trying to get out the message that the media is mistreating cain as some claim happened to supreme court justice clarence thomas and his relationship with anita hill during thomas' confirmation hearings. a tennessee man faces ten years in prison for allegedly making profanity-laced threats against house majority leader eric cantor and his family. the fbi says 62-year-old glendon swift threatened to destroy the congressman, rape his daughter and kill his wife. agents say swift made the comments in voice mails at the cantor's office near richmond. swift is due in court next week. 6:06. the final question conrad murray's attorney asked the jury
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before they decide the doctor's fate. also a chance of rain this morning. your weather and traffic on the 1s next. whale watching becomes whale dodging. the video that everyone's going to be talking about
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it could have been a jonah-like experience for a surfer. this video is going viral now. these two humpback whales look as if they almost swallow a sifsher sitting on the surfboard behind that boat. as they burst out of the water off the coast of santa cruz, california. the video was shot on monday about a quarter mile off the beach. local newspapers say that a pod of humpback whales has been hanging out off of santa cruz for a couple of weeks now. in the video, the whales are actually lunging out of the water to catch schools of anchovies in their wide-open mouths. how many anchovies does it take to feed a whale? a lot. >> a really, really big number. if you look at the video, the woman on the surfboard is sitting up. then the whales come in, all of a sudden she's on her belly paddling away. >> wouldn't you? >> yeah. i don't think you could palddle fast enough. >> that's exactly what you would be doing. >> a lot of people are looking at this video thinking, you think it's real in this age of youtube and computer technology? hard to tell. >> it is hard to tell.
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but one thing that's not hard to tell is tom is real and he's going to tell us all about the weather. >> well, good morning. weather and traffic on the 1s right now at 6:11. it is cloudy this morning. we have had a few sprinkles overnight. but those are pretty much gone now. just a cloudy sky around washington. there are still some lingering sprinkles just south of fredericksburg, over toward charlottesville. but that should stay to our south. the whole area is moving east. it's still going to be a bit of a damp morning from charlottesville into the northern neck. a few sprinkles there. it's in the 40s throughout most of the region under the clouds. near 50 in washington and by the way. later today, sunrise 7:38. and we'll have a cloudy morning and still cloudy midday. winds will increase this afternoon out of the north, though, as that low-pressure system pulls away. sun should break out by mid to late afternoon. winds gusting to around 25 miles an hour. we'll have a blustery, chilly evening under a clear sky. down to the low 40s by midnight.
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a look at the weekend and next week in ten minutes. how's traffic? >> normally on fridays traffic is much lighter than the weekdays, but today is not the case. 66 east, have an accident taking your right center lane away. and you are jammed as you make your way towards the beltway. in fact, here's a few at nutley. and the cars are still at a complete stop. i've checked in with this accident, and i hear it should be out of the roadway very soon. but right now, it's still taking away your right center lane. traveling the beltway at new hampshire avenue, you're still very slow on the outer loop towards georgia avenue. i'll give you your travel speed now. you're traveling at 33 miles per hour as you make your way from i-95 to i-270. and taking the rails, minor delays. still on the mark. brunswick east line, just six minutes. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks a lot. 6:12. 51 degrees. coming up, the first lady's message not falling on deaf ears. how she's inspiring people to change their lives. ♪ there you go.
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an unusual noise complaint involving a school and michael jackson. few video of police officers improvising to stop a plane
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welcome back at 6:15. take a look at this unusual situation. it shows a police car in brazil slamming into a small plane to stop it from taking off. the officer behind the wheel then jumps out of the car and runs toward the plane with a gun. authorities in brazil say the plane was filled with computers, phones and other electronics that were going to be sold on the black market. well, today jurors will begin deliberations in the manslaughter trial against michael jackson's personal physician. prosecutors argued that dr. conrad murray gave the singer a fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol and used it as a sleep aid. the defense claims that jackson was to blame for his own death by giving himself the final dose. >> every single doctor that testified in this courtroom told you they would never do what
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conrad murray did. every single doctor. because they know it could lead to death. >> if it were anybody else but michael jackson, anybody else, would this doctor be here today? >> of course, any verdict the jury reaches has to be unanimous. if convicted, murray could be sentenced to up to four years in prison. it is a big weekend ahead for the nba. labor negotiations are expected to resume tomorrow, a week after talks broke off. but a group of about 50 players is also threatening to push for decertifying their union. that would allow players to file an antitrust lawsuit against the league. players and owners are still butting heads over how to split revenue. the league already canceled a month of the season and more games could follow. well, the redskins' offense is going backwards. and this weekend, it faces one of its biggest tests yet. the san francisco 49ers come to down on sunday with a 6-1 record and the best run defense in the league.
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that's not good news for the offense that put up only 26 yards rushing last week against the 20th ranked rushing defense. not to mention keeping john beck upright. kyle shanahan has heard the critics and is confident, he says. >> anytime you get shut out, i expect it from my critics, from my wife, from myself. it's embarrassing. really what matters to me is whether the players believe in me or not. that's what it comes down to. the players have confidence in you and they believe what you're doing, then you've got a chance. i believe in these guys, they believe in me and we've got to go to work. >> the redskins and 49ers face off at fedex field at 1:00 come sunday. this weekend you have an extra hour to enjoy extra cocktail or snacks or whatever you enjoy or just sleep an extra hour. remember to set your clocks back an hour saturday night before you go to bed. daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. that means it will get dark an
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hour earlier. firefighters say this is also the best weekend to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. because of the time change, metro will provide an extra hour of service. the transit agency will close at 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. tonight metro will close five stations on the red line for track work. the tokoma, forest glen, glenmont, wheaton and silver spring will close tonight and reopen monday morning. metro suggests adding at least a half hour to your travel time to compensate for these station closures. with all the traffic in our area, accidents are bound to happen. and now we know how much all of those wrecks cost. according to a study by aaa, accidents on washington-area roads cost $7.4 billion a year. that takes into account 350 traffic deaths and more than 42,000 injuries in 2009. but crashes cost less in our area compared with the rest of
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the nation with a crash costing about $1300 per person here compared to $1500 nationwide. researchers say that's likely because we have to drive slower and slow speeds in accidents caused less damage. many buses offer incentives to their employees to lose weight and stay healthy. >> but not many people can say they have the first lady as a motivator. many employees who work in the white house, and michelle bp has encouraged them to make healthy lifestyle choices, and it's paid off. three chefs say they've lost close to 100 pounds combined in about 18 months. wow, pretty good. one white house curator says she's doing it so she can have arms that look as good as the first lady. now, that's a tall task. she's got great arms. i don't know how much exercise you've got to do. there's a town in florida with michael jackson on the mind. they heard his music loud and clear all night long. take a listen. ♪ billie jean is not my lover >> that is a public address system at a high school football stadium blaring "billie jean." this was in south florida in lee county. the p.a. system played the music
6:20 am
for eight hours. and played the same song over and over. >> i like the music, don't get us wrong, but we've got to sleep. >> i'm a michael jackson fan, too, but eight hours? that's a bit much. school administrators say the systems are new and they haven't worked out all the kinks. why do you think "billie jean"? >> maybe they were checking the sound out and somebody fell asleep and forgot to turn it off. that's crazy. >> yeah. let's go to tom and find out what the weather's going to be like. >> this morning we're starting off with a cloudy sky. overnight we had a few sprinkles coming through, but those have dissipated now. still cloudy here, getting a little light rain, parts of the northern neck stretching all the way over to charlottesville, but that's beginning to pass off to the east and should stay south of the metro. right now a chilly morning. it's in the low to mid-40s for the mountains. from the blue ridge east on the bay, it's generally in the mid to upper 40s. near 50 in washington. and right on the bay waters, it's a bit milder. and as the day progresses, sunrise at 7:38.
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and then we'll have our temperatures by 9:00 near 50. and by noontime, should be in the mid to upper 50s. and a wind will kick in out of the north by midafternoon. that should clear out the clouds and we'll get some sunshine. but that wind gusting to around 25 miles an hour will unhinge some of the leaves and swirl the leaves around that are on the ground now. and that wind will be with us into tonight, too. so a blustery and chilly evening under a clear sky. near freezing tomorrow morning. sunny and chilly on saturday and sunday. sunny on monday. a bit milder. and even a bit milder on tuesday. we could get some showers wednesday, thursday next week. donella, how's the commute now? >> i-66 east at the beltway. still taking away the right lane. and significant delays. you're in the red. jammed as you make your way towards the beltway. cars at nutley traveling at about 13 miles per hour, but your delays actually start further back at route 123. you can see here as you pass chain bridge road, you're bumper to bumper as you head towards the beltway.
6:22 am
also seeing big delays outer loop of the beltway. this is at coalsville road. your delays start at new hampshire avenue and continue as you make your way towards georgia avenue. travel speeds in this area about 26 miles per hour. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks. our time right now, 6:22. the small town that could earn the total love town, usa. also, they're specially trained cia agents, and they might just be reading your tweets. the top-secret home
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good morning and welcome back. you may soon have to slow down big time on some of d.c.'s streets. according to the washington city paper the d.c. council will consider lowering speed limits on all residential streets in the city to 15 miles an hour. the idea was proposed by a council member who calls speeding cars a deterrent to potential walkers and bikers. roads considered to be main arteries through the city, though, would be exempt from the new rule. if you are looking for a love match, you may want to head to culpepper, virginia. the small town is one of 40 across the country vying to become the setting for the matchmaking reality show lovetown, usa. the show will feature local officials, business owners and residents and try to match up as
6:26 am
many singles as possible in a 30-day period. wow! it's going to be a busy month. community response will determine which town will be chosen. so culpepper needs your help. >> if you're single, get there. >> go to the town's facebook page and fill out a 20-page application? really? to find it, go to >> 20 pages? >> that's a lot to ask. >> are we going to college? >> culpepper has been recently named to have one of the best main streets in the country, a quaint little town. >> it is a nice place. >> but 20 pages? ahead, the excuse a local man says an intruder gave him. also, the one last step murray's parents made before they leave washington. and how a 22-year-old nanny from d.c. is being credited with taking on bank of america and
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deadly wreck. overnight a bad crash on the beltway. and the problems on the roadways continue right now. good morning to you. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe kebrebs. >> i'm eun yang.
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it's 51 degrees. we've had a lovely stretch of fall weather. we've enjoyed it and tom's going to tell us if it sticks around for the weekend. >> it's going to be turning colder. so plan on that for your weekend. but right now it's a milder morning than we've seen the last few mornings. it's 50 at reagan national. we've got a calm wind. we had showers mostly of which passed showers south of washington and now it is showing some rain falling rather heavily now in southern virginia. that's going to stay to our south. closer view showing over the last 12 hours, we've had a few sprinkles locally around the metro area. that was between about midnight and 2:00 a.m. but those have dissipated now. and still, though, some light rain is falling just south of fredericksburg. and that's headed east toward the northern neck of virginia. and we'll have a lot of clouds with us this morning. it's in the 40s from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches except near the bay and in washington, it's near 50 degrees. and this morning, sunrise not
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until 7:38. that's going to be an hour earlier come sunday morning. then the sunset which is at 6:05. that will be an hour earlier sunday afternoon. so for today, we'll have a cloudy morning and as well around noontime, still cloudy. but during the afternoon, upper 50s, early afternoon. and the wind will shift into the north bringing in some chillier weather but also breaking up the clouds and bringing some sunshine back this afternoon. we'll have those winds gusting to around 25 miles an hour. swirling the leaves about. we'll have that into the afternoon and this evening, too. a look at your friday evening planner. that will be at 6:41. donella, how's the commute now? >> good morning. still seeing a lot of congestion. 66 east, look at the delays leading up to the accident that is right at the beltway heading east. still taking away the right lane. a live look at nutley. cars still driving very slowly. a slow crawl towards the beltway. delays start around route 123 just after you pass the fairfax county parkway. you'll start seeing those taillights and you'll be bumper
6:32 am
to bumper. also seeing a lot of congestion, outer loop of the beltway starting at new hampshire avenue. you are very slowly making your way towards georgia avenue. at georgia still slow as you head towards connecticut avenue. a live look right now, these cars are at a complete stop, a slow crawl again as they make their commute. i'll give you a travel time in this area. traveling at roughly 20 miles per hour. good news, no accidents to report on the outer loop or inner loop of the beltway. now back to you all. >> thank you. new from overnight and into this morning, police are continuing to investigate a deadly crash on the beltway. police say an suv crashed into the back of a tractor trailer truck on the inner loop near georgia avenue. the driver of the suv was killed. while the tractor trailer driver was uninjured. the roads were closed for a few hours while police investigated the crash. a traffic alert for drivers in fairfax county. this weekend, the traffic pattern is changing on the beltway near tysons corner to help with congestion. by monday morning, all inner loop lanes will be shifted to
6:33 am
the right on a new bridge over route 123. this will also allow you to get onto the inner loop from the northbound lanes of chain bridge road. two days now after a verdict in the lulu lemon murder case, the victim's grieving family is leaving d.c. and returning home to houston. murray's parents visited the shop where their daughter was killed to talk with her coworkers and say a prayer yesterday. earlier this week, a jury found britney norwood guilty of first-degree murder in murray's death as jayna's parents head back home, they say they don't want to dwell on the past. >> i think we focus on all of the positives that jayna represented to us as a family. and we try to expand that out, not only in this community but in every community. >> norwood faces a sentence of life in prison without parole. the murrays say they'll return to montgomery county for the sentencing in january. 6:33 is the time. today jurors will resume deliberating the fate of
6:34 am
maryland state senator ulysses currie accused of corruption. currie represents prince george's county. he's accused of receiving $245,000 in payments from the shoppers grocery chain in exchange for legislative favors. currie's defense team admits that he did not disclose some conflicts of interest but maintained that he did nothing illegal. this morning, police in fredericksburg, virginia, are looking for a man who broke into a house and pretended to be a police officer. the man who rents the home on college avenue says he heard someone come into the house wednesday night. when he asked who's there, the intruder identified himself as a police officer and told the man not to come downstairs. the resident came down anyway and found himself face to face with the intruder in his living room. the intruder took off. the resident did not get a good enough look at him to give police a description. he says this is the second time in less than a week someone has broken into his house. well, today the senate will get an update on newly managed
6:35 am
recordkeeping at the arlington national cemetery. it comes after last year's revelation of hundreds of misidentified grave sites. senator claire mccaskill of missouri will tour the cemetery this morning to review the changes. mccaskill is a member of the senate subcommittee which has been investigating mismanagement of records and funds at arlington. 6:35 now. a happy homecoming today for more than 175 sailors of the united states navy. they return back to andrews naval base after a three-month tour of duty in afghanistan. the star warriors of electronic attack squadron 209 accomplished a 100% mission completion rate. no word on when they will return for another mission. welcome home. 22-year-old nanny in d.c. is being credited with helping to change bank of america's plan to charge a $5 monthly debit card fee. when molly first heard about the $5 fee, she started an internet petition. she got 300,000 people to sign it. on tuesday, bank of america said it had changed its plans.
6:36 am
catchpole says her impact on bank of america has to do with good timing as well as good efforts on her part. >> that's right. 6:36. ahead, the capitol hill staple reopening this morning. why the occupy wall street protesters will be leaving their space today. tom is tracking the rain
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6:38 am
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welcome back. at 6:39, 50 degrees. heavy clouds in the skies over the nation's capital. a few parts of our area even had rain early this morning. and it's going to get cooler this weekend. we've had a very nice stretch of fall weather. and all good things come to an end, joe. >> tom, would you like to add any footnotes to that? >> no, that's fine. back to you. well, we've had clouds closing in. and in the last 12 hours we did have a few sprinkles in washington and around the immediate suburbs. but right now it's just cloudy. but that area of green there at the bottom of your screen, that is light rain near fredericksburg advancing north and east and should move into southern maryland, the northern neck, some light maybe briefly moderate rain moving into
6:40 am
charles county, st. mary's, calvert and perhaps southern prince george's over the next hour or so. and then that's going to move over towards the eastern shore. and as it does pl away, we'll begin to see our winds shifting. we ought to get the cloud cover beginning to break up by later today. right now under the clouds, it's near 50 in washington. we're in the 40s in the nearby suburbs in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, mid-40s. mid-40s to our west, out into the mountains of western maryland, west virginia as well as on the eastern shore. as today progresses, we'll have our sunrise at 7:38. of course, that's going to be an hour earlier as we get into sunday after turning our clocks back one hour saturday night late before you go to bed. then, of course, the sunsets will be an hour earlier, too. around 5:00 sunday afternoon. so for today, a lot of clouds around. a blustery northerly wind as we begin to clear out later this afternoon, upper 50s before that. that wind gusting to around 25 miles an hour. and that will be with us here
6:41 am
into tonight and tomorrow. in the morning, it will settle down. it's going to be cold, chilly for the weekend coming up. a look into next weekend. the skins' forecast, that will be at 6:51. now, donella, how's traffic? >> tough drive along 66 heading east. still seeing the accident right near the beltway taking away your right lane. your delays, you're jammed as you make your way prior to route 123 and head towards the beltway. a look right now at nutley. checking travel times in the area now, these cars are traveling at about 13 miles per hour and it's slow inside of the beltway. now, if you're taking i-95 in virginia, especially compared to i-66, 95 doesn't look so bad at all. here's the view of fairfax county parkway as you head onto 395. not seeing any accidents for you there. a little bit of volume but the volume's not anything you can't handle. and as you make your way towards the 14th street bridge, you're clear as you make your way across and head into the city. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you. 6:41 is the time.
6:42 am
ahead, what the word noma now means for metro riders. also, the tough criticism former president bill clinton is dishing out in a new book. why some specially trained why some specially trained government il, any luck finding?
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welcome back. at 6:44. your tweets and facebook posts are not just for your friends. this morning the cia is disclosing it has a secret facility that searches up to 5
6:45 am
million social media messages a day. the cia studies and cross-references the material with information obtained in military operations around the world. the searches take place from an anonymous industrial park in virginia. prosecutors in montgomery county say a man killed his estranged wife and her son over an suv. according to phone records, lopez texts pictures of a black honda suv to his girlfriend saying he was going to give the vehicle to her. prosecutors believe lopez beat his estranged wife to get in her home. after killing her, police say he picked up her son, william, from a sleepover and killed him with a baseball bat in the woods. searchers found his body two weeks ago after a massive search. the family of a catholic university student gunned down is suing the district. 31-year-old neil godlesski was shot while riding his bicycle
6:46 am
home from his job at a nearby restaurant. according to "the washington examiner," the $20 million wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the shooter was a juvenile offender who was in the custody of the district's department of youth rehabilitation services at the time of the shooting. it says the district was negligent in supervising the suspect. a teenager from northern virginia is at the center of a child pornography bust. police removed several items from a home in the 14500 block of stevens street in nokesville. it was part of a bus looking into people distributing child important over the internet. police say charges against the teen are still pending. right now president obama and leaders of the world's largest economies are trying to repair damage done by the debt crisis in greece on this final day of the g-20 talks. greek prime minister george papandreou backed down from demanding a nationwide referendum of a bailout deal that is very unpopular in his own country. but now calls for papandreou's
6:47 am
resignation and greece leaving the euro zone is causing more tension. european leaders hope to create a financial firewall to prevent other countries from going into default including italy and spain. bill clinton criticized president obama in his new book "back to work." he says the debt ceiling debate made america look weak and confused overseas. he describes the turn state of the country as a mess and that he took it upon hils to help the democrats during the midterm elections. clinton tried to explain in plain language what the democrats had accomplished but says they were thwarted by the republicans' anti-government message. president clinton also questioned why president obama did not deal with the debt ceiling when democrats controlled the house. the book "back to work" will be released tuesday. republican presidential hopeful herman cain will make a stop in new york before he comes to washington later in the day. he may also have to return to that controversy that has been
6:48 am
dogging his campaign in recent days. later today we could hear from one of the women who claims cain made unwanted advances toward her. attorneys for the woman have asked that a confidentiality agreement be thrown out claiming that cain himself is now speaking out about the allegations, calling them baseless. cain also released a new campaign video to attack the charges. cain will be in washington tonight for an event at the convention center. former massachusetts governor and fellow republican presidential candidate mitt romney and cain are scheduled to speak at the defending the american dream conference. the americans for prosperity foundation is sponsoring the event. occupy d.c. protesters also hope to make an impact at that conference. demonstrators plan to march from mcpherson square to the washington convention center and protest outside as crowds head inside. the march today begins at 6:00. well, this is the first friday of the month. that means wall street is it eagerly awaiting the jobs report. cnbc's bertha coombs has more on what to expect today. good morning. >> good morning, joe.
6:49 am
we're still watching the situation in greece and all the turmoil there. but jobs takes center focus this morning when the october employment report is released at 8: 8:30. economists are looking for the addition of 100,000 jobs with 10,000 private sector jobs tempered by more losses of government jobs. the unemployment rate is expected to stay unchanged at 9.1%. another piece of president obama's $447 billion jobs plan was vot down by 51-49, the senate blocking a $60 billion inf infrastructure proposal that included highway, rail and airport improvements. and google doesn't just want to be on your computer, on your phone. now it's eyeing living room supremacy as well. according to "the wall street journal" which reports that the internet giant is looking at maybe launching a pay tv arm which could really shake up the cable television business. according to "the journal," google is looking at offering pay tv services through its
6:50 am
google high-speed internet project in kansas city, missouri, and kansas city, kansas. among the ideas apparently they're going to try, guys, is to have celebrities actually do pay tv, advertise stuff on youtube that would go directly. sort of like will ferrell does for, you know, funnyordie. that's a really interesting idea. >> fascinating. thanks very much, bertha. you have a great weekend, i hope. >> you, too. >> thanks. a popular capitol hill bar is reopening its doors today. the tune inn has been closed since late june when a kitchen fire gutted the restaurant. a fund-raiser helped bring in $40,000 to help pay staffers who were out of work while the restaurant was closed. the tune inn opened its doors in 1947 and holds the second oldest liquor license in the district. >> and the question as to who is the oldest is still the question. >> it's not me. >> it's not you. we eliminated that. >> thanks. tom, what do you think about
6:51 am
the forecast? >> a lot of things going on, speaking of old, we have an antique classic car show going on at the aspen hills shopping center on saturday. eun's going to have her minivan there. she never drives it. she's going to bring it in on a trailer. it's spectacular. you've got to see it. and we are going to have great weather for that and for outdoor plans this weekend. plan on that. it's going to be beautiful. right now reagan national, it's cloudy and it's rather chilly. we're in the upper 40s to near 50. we've got a couple wind. we've had rain passing just south of washington overnight. we had a few sprinkles in the metro area between about midnight and 2:00 a.m. right now the leading edge of any rain is pushing to near fredericksburg. and that is beginning to take a turn a bit to the north and east. now raining in the northern neck. it may be crossing the potomac in the next minute or two and headed towards st. mary's, charles, calvert, maybe far southern prince george's county heading north and east and pulling away. as it does, we'll have cloud cover breaking up and sunshine
6:52 am
breaking out later. right now it's chilly. we're in the 40s from the mountains all the way to the bay and from the bay to the beaches. closer to washington, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, mid-40s. sunrise at 7:38. and we'll have a cloudy morning through midday and by early afternoon, upper 50s. and then the sun breaking out later this afternoon. a gusty northerly wind will swirl the leaves about. we may see some leaf natos and we'll have our temperatures getting colder as the sun sets tonight, under a clear sky down into the low 40s by midnight. a blustery night. good weather for high school games, great weather for college games and for the classic antique car show at the aspen shopping center tomorrow, chilly, cold in the morning, afternoon highs, low 50s saturday. another cold start sunday. afternoon highs mid-50s. sunny on monday and a warming trend as we get into next week. may hit mid-60s on tuesday and a few showers are possible wednesday and again thursday. and now, donella, how's the
6:53 am
friday traffic? >> still pretty bad on i-66 right now. you're jammed as you make your way from route 123 and head towards the beltway. i'll give you the view at nutley. cars are still bumper to bumper. and i'm still checking travel times in this area as you head east. it's about 13 miles per hour. also seeing big delays on the beltway. new hampshire av jammed bumper to bumper towards georgia avenue. travel speeds in this area pretty bad. right now about 18 miles per hour as you make your way from i-95 to i-270. at this moment it will take you about 31 minutes to make that trip. back to you. >> thank you. a traffic alert for drivers in fairfax county. this weekend the traffic pattern is changing near tysons corner. by monday all inner loop lanes will be shifted onto a new bridge over route 123. this will also allow you to get onto the inner loop from the northbound lanes of chain bridge road. metro is renaming a few stations. new york avenue, florida avenue, gallaudet u will change to noma
6:54 am
gallaudet u. the name comes from the revitalization of the neighborhood north of massachusetts avenue. but some tourists and regular metro riders may be confused with that new name. and where those new stations, where they exactly are. the navy yard will add ballpark to its name. king street will add old town and waterfront will drop seu since southeastern university no longer exists. the new names go into effect in june. expect large delays this weekend. five stations will close for track work. the stations will all close at 10:00 tonight and reopen monday morning. buses will replace trains between glenmont and fort totten. metro says allow a half hour to get where you're going. all lanes of the inner loop of the beltway are back open after a deadly crash near georgia avenue. police say an suv crashed into the back of a tractor trailer, killing the driver of the suv. jury deliberations begin today in the manslaughter trial
6:55 am
against michael jackson's physician. prosecutors say that dr. conrad murray gave the singer a fatal dose of propofol. the defense argues that jackson himself gave himself the powerful anesthetic without telling murray. murray faces the possibility of four years in prison. a tennessee man is in federal custody for allegedly making threats to house majority leader eric cantor and the congressman's family. the fbi says swift made profanity-laced voice mails to his office. he's due in court next week. let's get a look at our forecast. here's tom. >> cloudy now and chilly. in the 40s to near 50. later this afternoon under the cloud cover, we'll climb to the upper 50s. but by midafternoon, we ought to get sunshine breaking out. that's a live picture from our city camera. and then cold tonight. a blustery northerly wind down to near freezing tomorrow morning. sunny saturday. highs low 50s. sunny on sunday. morning lows, mid-30s, afternoon highs, mid-50s. and still beautiful starting off
6:56 am
next week. back to work and school on monday. near 40 in the morning. afternoon highs near 60. of course, we'll have our sunrises and sunsets earlier after we turn our clocks back an hour saturday night. and then by tuesday, into the mid-60s. wednesday, thursday, might get a shower. now, if you're going to the game on sunday, skins and 49ers at fedex field. kickoff time is 1:00. and by then, we should be in the low 50s. beautiful weather for the football game. we'll have temperatures into the mid-50s during the game with bright sunshine. and a wind that will be generally light and variable around five to ten. have a great weekend. donella, how's friday traffic? >> pretty tough. i-66, right lane taken away at the beltway. the accident there is causing big delays starting at route 123 and you are jammed. here's a look at nutley. it looks a little better. earlier these cars were sitting at a complete standstill. but they're slowly making their way towards the beltway. speaking of the beltway, you're still jammed out over the beltway at new hampshire avenue. delays continue to georgia avenue, and you're still at 18
6:57 am
miles an hour, joe and eun. >> thanks very much. and that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your friday with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. don't forget to turn your clocks back for fall back on sunday. and we'll be back monday at 4:30. i hope you'll join us then. until then, have a great day and a terrific weekend. we'll see you on monday. >> bye.
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