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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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everything to be able to do really nothing. it's heart wrenching. my job means a lot to me. working with my colleagues. it's important. >> reporter: mike campbell of the atf washington field office said he called 911 after setting the fires and helped evacuate nearby homes behaved in a textbook fashion. >> the profiles they put together, a lot of it are the same. they have similar characteristics where sometimes they'll call and they'll be at the scene. one of those things you are always looking for is those kind of commonalities, are they there? sometimes they may have a hero complex. >> reporter: he's been indicted in three more fires in prince george's county from 2007 to may of this year. two set at this apartment complex. the units were vacant at the time and remain boarded up.
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he has a sentencing date in february. the damage he is estimated at causing is in excess of $1 million. we'll tell you more about that coming up on news 4 at 6:00. back to you. >> see you then. jackie bensen live at d.c. superior court. wendy? police released a sketch of a man who allegedly tried to abduct a girl last week. hispanic between 30 and 35 years old. 5' 10" and may be a smoker. it happened friday morning near the intersection of kings hill court. he offered the 14-year-old girl a ride and grabbed her. she fought back and managed to get away. if you recognize the suspect, call fairfax county police. the family of a catholic university student gunned down is now suing the district.
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the 31-year-old was shot last august near sherman circle. according to court documents, $20 million wrongful death suit alleges the shooter was in the custody of the districts rehabilitation at the time of the shooting. they were negligent in supervising that suspect. there are big delays for morning commuters today after a serious accident that left one person dead. let's look at some of the video that came in at 2:15. this is the suv that slammed under the tractor trailer. again, this was early this morning in the dark of night. we want to show you a little bit about where it happened. it was on the capital beltway at georgia avenue. the inner loop, right here, as you can see, they had to close off the inner loop all the way down to connecticut avenue, 185. on the outside of both these
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circles, traffic was backed up for hours. tracee wilkins has more in this report including the driver of the tractor trailer. >> reporter: the beltway is opened again. traffic is moving fine. maryland state police are trying to figure out what caused this mornings crash. they know one truck stopped and for some reason, the vehicle behind it did not. maryland state police say that around 2:00 a.m. this morning, an suv slammed into the back of this tractor trailer. it happened on the inner loop of the beltway in silver spring between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. the crash happened with enough force to dismantle the rear bumper. that's the bar that is supposed to stop vehicles from sliding under tractor trailers. >> when i saw his speed, i didn't know what to do. i couldn't do anything, really. he was coming up on me so fast. >> reporter: the driver of the tractor trailer did not want his
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face shown on camera. the accident was so severe, he couldn't tell if the driver was still inside the mangled suv. >> i didn't know the person was still in their car. when i got out and looked at it, i couldn't see the person. they had the flashlights on them. i knew they were in it. i was like oh. i saw they had passed. >> reporter: a section of the beltway was shut down as police investigated the crash. maryland state police say the man who died in the crash was a 20-year-old and from the washington area. the accident happened inside a work zone. wilson says he slowed down for the work zone. for some reason, the driver of the suv did not. >> i'm familiar with this highway stuff going on. it's why i slowed down. i had my turn signal on and everything. >> reporter: the driver of the tractor trailer was not at fault and will not be charged or ticketed. their investigation will not be wrapped up until the autopsy results of the driver who was
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killed in this accident are returned. in silver spring, i'm tracee wilki wilkins, news 4. >> they have not released the identity of the man who was killed. we are watching the jury deliberations in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the jury has deliberating since this morning. they have to decide whether dr. murray was negligent in his care for jackson. they painted him as reckless and incompetent. he's a victim who can't be in court if his patient wasn't michael jackson. stephanie is going to have the latest for us in a live report in a few minutes. today, the late developments in the herman cain controversy. within the hour a woman accused cain of sexual harassment released a statement. >> 1999, i was retained by a
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female employee of the national restaurant association concerning several ins stances of sexual harassment. she made a complaint of good faith of a series of inappropriate behaviors from the ceo. those complaints resolved in an agreement with her acceptance of a settlement. they would not release any other details about the allegations. the controversy does not seem to be hurting herman cain's candidacy. there's a new poll out that finds him at an all-time high among voters. at the top with mitt romney. president obama is on his way back tonight to washington from the g-20 summit in france. the leaders of the world's largest economies made progress to help put global economies on firmer footing. he said the current turmoil
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underscores the bail out. the greek prime minister faces a confidence vote within the next hour. friday always looks beautiful. this one looks especially lovely. the weather is great out there. look at that sun. we get an extra hour this weekend and colder weather. >> the leaves are popping, too. >> i know. they are peaking. >> just about peak color across the area now. a great weekend to get out there and look for the fall color. the shenandoah and blue ridge got to see past peak color. out there now, plenty of sunshine. after all the clouds, we are seeing the sunshine. 57 degrees with winds out of the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour. they are gusty. we are going to see a cool evening tonight. temperatures in the low 50s. down to the south, 57. down toward culpeper and
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fredericksburg, temperatures are going to be on the cold side. we had a storm system that passed down to the south. it brought the cloud cover. that storm is moving farther down to the south. we are seeing the clearing skies. behind the clearing sky, cold air is moving in overnight. 42 by 11:00. you need the jacket if you are heading out. wake up to temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. 37 degrees inside the beltway. very cold start to our saturday. saturday is looking cold, windy. coming up, i'll show you something we can all look forward to. >> all right. thanks, doug. more than 175 sailors received a hero's welcome as they return home from afghanistan today. the electronic attack 209. the touched down at andrews this morning. megan mcgrath was there for the emotional reunion.
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>> reporter: hugs, tears of joy and relief and plenty of kisses. after 85 days in afghanistan, electronic attack squadron vaq 209 arrived safely at andrews air force base this morning. it's not just a homecoming, it's one of the most important days of his life. his wife gave birth while he was overseas. this is the first time he met his baby. >> amazing. looking forward to it. as soon as i landed, the first thing i wanted to do was grab him and kiss him. i got to see him through skype. it's not the same thing. >> i'm happy. i'm like, you know, i'm -- it's really emotional for me. and for him to meet the baby. >> reporter: being in a war zone far away from loved ones is never easy. it's a sacrifice these families make. the mission was successful.
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everyone was home safe. here in the hangar there's nothing but smiles. >> it's difficult with the baby but you do what you have to do. >> reporter: there's going to be one more reunion similar to this. the rest of the squadron, 20 or so people are set to arrive here at andrews on sunday. megan mcgrath, news 4. when we come back tonight on news 4 at 5:00, a traffic alert. the traffic patterns drivers need to be on the lookout for near tysons. nearly a dozen cars damaged. what caused the destruction. >> we go live in l.a. where the jury is deciding the fate of michael jackson's doctor, dr. murray. a verdict could come anytime. a[ male announcer ] want toe. achieve more with your money?
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it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. we have a fall like feel for the weekend. we are chilling off for the weekend. >> we are. i asked people from facebook what you would like me to tell you about the weather for this weekend. so far, i have mid-60s and sunny. i got snow. >> oh. >> that's not going to happen.
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so far nobody said 52 and sunshine saturday. that's what we are forecasting. hopefully, it will be okay. out there now, let's look and see how things are. plenty of sunshine. i think sun is the one thing we are going to see just about every day between now and next wednesday. a lot of sunshine and really not much in the way of cloud cover across the area for the next couple days. we are going to see sunshine. the temperatures are going to be below average for the next few days. the current temperature, 57 degrees. winds out of the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour. gusting over 20. that makes things feel cooler. we are in for a very cool night. 53 degrees now in hagerstown. 54 in winchester. on the eastern shore, right now easton coming in at 55. cam bridge coming in at 55 degrees. we had a potent storm that moved just down to the south last night. we saw a few showers in southern maryland.
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those are now way down to the south. behind this, we are seeing plenty of clear skies. a really nice evening as far as the sky conditions are concerned. we are seeing a chill to the sphere move out as a result of the high pressure. a very cold start to your day tomorrow. if you have plans tomorrow, say 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning you need to bundle up. most areas start off in the 20s. high pressure dominating tomorrow. that means more sunshine. it's going to be a chilly afternoon with high temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year. when you are talking november, that means things are going to be on the cold side. sunday, i think we'll start off on the chilly side. we warm up with lighter winds, most of sunday afternoon should be okay. look at the numbers tonight. 8:00 in the morning, temperatures in the upper 20s to around 30 in frederick. 32 in leesburg and 31 in culpeper. 38 inside the beltway.
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high temperatures only in the 50s. 54 in manassas. 53 for a high temperature around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. 48 dropping to 42 by 9:00. we are going to see things cool down. tomorrow morning, a cold start. 27 to 37 degrees. if we see a 10-mile-an-hour wind, we are talking a windchill of 20 to 25 degrees in some areas. plenty of sun, breezy at times. chilly. we could see windchills in the low 40s to mid-40s all day long. sunday, a high of 56. when we get really warm. monday and tuesday look fantastic. i think we can spread it into the middle part of next week. bright weather on the way. >> we'll take it. thank you, doug. now we go back to the conrad murray trial where we are away from the quitting time. stephanie stanton is live in los
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angeles. what does this mean? is the jury struggling or do they have a lot to wade through? >> reporter: well, you know, this is the first time they have actually been in the same room together that they have been able to talk about this case in six weeks. i think it's more going over the evidence. there are hundreds of pieces of evidence in this case. we talked to one legal analyst who said if there's not a verdict by 4:00, he believes that could show there's a split among the jury. we have to see how the rest of the afternoon shapes up. this jury of seven men and five women are weighing one count of involuntary manslaughter. they have to find him negligent as the prosecution said in his care of michael jackson. >> even if they did find him guilty, because of the prison crisis there in california, would he actually spend much time in jail? >> reporter: well, you know,
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that's the million dollar question. there are experts who believe he may not spend a day in jail. there's a huge overcrowding here in california. the sentence carries anything from probation up to four years in prison. there was one other expert that said he may not have to go to prison. his sentence could be commuted to a county jail and if that happens, again, he may not serve any time at all. we'll have to see how that all plays out, if he is convicted. one of the other things is he would lose his medical license. >> all right. stephanie stanton live in los angeles where the verdict watch continues this evening. thanks. tonight, there's a special edition of "dateline" on the last days of jackson. it begins at 10:00. it's tonight on news 4 at 11:00. still to come, an amazing encounter. take a look at this. a big sur prize on the water. that's a whale. >> also, we have new details
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about exactly what happened after the exotic animals were set lose in ohio. just in time for the weekend, "the washington post" food critic gives us a sneak preview of his latest review. it's friday, folks. that means today's prize give away is an ipad 2. all you have to do is go to nbc washington facebook page and like us. we like that. each day we pick out a prize and announce the winner at 11:00. congratulations
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we are so excited. tonight, we are beginning a new series that features a food critic. tom is reviewing a tiny out of the way restaurant near the u street corridor. he says this restaurant is a real find. here is his take on thai crossing. >> i'm tom, food critic with "the washington post." it's really fun. it's one of the smallest restaurants we have in washington. it opened in 2005 with exactly three tables and a tiny kitchen. in a row house. the funny thing is, when you go
5:23 pm
there, you walk up, there's a little fence, little twinkle lights and you are not quite sure this is a restaurant. you think you might be invading someone's home. the chef is from southern thailand. he's a one-man band back there. i think he has a little support. it's fun if you sit downstairs in the original part of the restaurant. you get jazz music and he's in the kitchen with his walk and all that. now it's just chef's choice. you sit down and you are not sure, unless it's sunday night what you are eating. sunday it's vegetarian night. $35, five or six courses of little surprises that come out. you sit down and the food starts coming. it's like you are at some thai mother's home. the check is a nice surprise.
5:24 pm
it is either $30, mostly through the week, $40 on the weekend and $30 again on vegetarian night on sunday. you bring your own boos, too. that certainly saves you a lot of money. it's byob. >> you can see tom's full review in this sunday's washington post magazine. tom's going to do something every friday for the show. we are not able to show his face. you'll see his hands and a lot of food. >> that looks good. >> whatever they are fixing that night. >> there's no menu. we went there to try it out to take the video. you sit down and sunday's is vegetarian night. you sit down and they bring you food and they bring you a ton of food. they bring like six courses. it's great. >> don't all go at once tonight. >> it's a tiny little place. thai crossing.
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it's x-ing. the metropolitan cooking show is going on this weekend. it features non-stop cooking demos and book signings. paula dean and others are all headlining this year. more than 400 vendors are also on tap for the food fest. purchase tickets by going to news 4 is a proud sponsor of the show. i could spend the next 48 hours there. >> just eating, yeah. coming up, the unusual sight on the d.c. street neighbors woke up to this morning when they found all their cars looking like this. a popular bar? >> reporter: weekend traffic headaches will pay off in the monday morning commute. what you can look forward to, coming up. a popular bar reopens with
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fast 4ward through the headlines, jury deliberations continue at this hour in california to decide the fate of dr. conrad murray. deliberations began this morning. so far, no verdict reached. if convicted he faces maximum four years in prison and could lose his medical license.
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a 34-year-old man pled guilty to a series of arsons in the district. a surprise awaited him after he entered the plea. he was indicted in three at additional fires in prince george's county. a man is dead after his suv slam sbood the back of a trok tor trailer early this morning. it happened near georgia avenue and silver spring. maryland state police are investigating why the suv driver didn't stop for the tractor trailer that slowed down in front of him. they haven't released his identity. let's fast 4ward to the weather. doug? high pressure is making its way into our area. the temperature is going to go down. a chilly night with most areas going into the upper 20s to lower 30s. we'll talk about how cold things are going to get and when we'll
5:30 pm
see a warm up. it will happen. i'll show it to you in the late forecast in a couple minutes. >> thank you. we have a traffic heads up now. v-dot is shifting lanes along i-495 and virginia starting tonight. it's part of the ongoing construction of the hot lanes project. it will no doubt cause a few traffic headaches for drivers before it gets better. julie carey joins us live with a preview. julie? >> reporter: the good news is the headaches will be short lived. monday, northbound commuters will have a straighter path to wherever they are going. the reason? those lanes down the middle there, by monday will be back over in their rightful place. any commuter who has endured the beltway construction is familiar with this tricky s-curve. monday, it will be gone. today, crews put the finishing touches on the straight section
5:31 pm
of northbound 495. over the weekend the now winding loop will be rerouted, shifted to the straight lanes. >> we are delivering something ahead of schedule. it's going to make it better for motorists starting tomorrow morning. certainly by monday morning on the 123 area. >> reporter: there's more good news. it will reopen putting an end to an unusual temporary ramp toward tysons. the lighted left turn lane will go away, too. route 123 will once again have three lanes in both directions. the progress can't come soon enough for some. >> coming up this way is a hassell because they are changing the exits so often you don't know which exit to take. it will be nice when it's back to normal. >> the thing is, the lanes are crooked. obviously, the chances of accidents go up somewhat so there's no doubt about that.
5:32 pm
all the same, you know, it's like a guessing game for every day, you know, commuter. >> reporter: other improvements are coming. this is the west park ramp taking shape. it will carry hot lane traffic into tyson's. there will be four paths into tyson's corner rather than two. >> we don't have to wait until the end to open things up. as they get built, they open up. >> reporter: to get the lane shift taken care of by monday, there are going to be closures over the next few days. they start at 9:30 tonight. if you are coming through this area, consider a detour. coming up at 6:00, a word about the final timetable to the completion of the project. back to you. see you then. thanks, julie. the government reached a multimillion dollar settlement with the fire that destroyed the georgetown public library.
5:33 pm
it started in 2007 while contractors were renovating the building. the ceiling collapsed, thousands of books were destroyed. today, the district attorney's general said the two contractors who were involved agreed to pay $6 million to reimburse the city for some of the costs to rebuild the library. it reopened in october of last year in all of its glory. drivers who come into fairfax county from loudoun or prince william are likely to notice a difference. the roadsides are carpeted with campaign signs. more than permitted by state law. a lot more. we were curious why there are so many signs in fairfax, many of them duplicates. they say many of the signs are illegal. they say they don't have the resources to get rid of them all. one other possible explanation for the abundance of signs is
5:34 pm
there are 99 candidates on the ballot in fairfax in this election cycle. fairfax county police arrest a woman for selling synthetic marijuana, known as k-2 to students at a university. jane watrel is live at university mall with more on the story. jane? >> reporter: a lot of jaws are dropping at this fairfax county shopping center as they are learning the owner of lee's market has been arrested for selling illegal substance. unit mall is right across the street from george mason university. the 59-year-old was arrested yesterday and charged with possession and sale of synthetic marijuana. she only sold the illegal substance, known as k-2 to teenagers or students with george mason id. she wanted to sell to young people. k-2 busts are relatively new.
5:35 pm
a new virginia state law went into effect in march banning the substance. >> k-2 or similar products with similar names. it's a synthetic compound made of of nine different chemicals. the chemicals are chemicals. they are not a natural -- not a natural thing you would find in marijuana. so, the chemicals at this point, we are not sure how they affect the human body. there's been severe reactions to people who use the substance. >> reporter: police say they have searched two of her homes in the area. they have seized a substantial amount of k-2 valued at $20,000 and cash. no further arrests are planned at this time. reporting live in fairfax county, i'm jane watrel. >> jane, thanks so much. still ahead, new video and
5:36 pm
details that show the moments after the exotic animals were released in ohio. i'm liz crenshaw. can political campaigns send you text ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account
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and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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all right. let's hear it for the tune in. the popular capitol hill bar is back in business after it was closed for four months because
5:39 pm
of fire damage. it reopened at 8:00 this morning. it's been closed since june after a kitchen fire ripped through the restaurant causing extensive damage. supporters helped raise $40,000 to help pay staffers who were going to be out of work while it was rebuilt. they opened their doors in 1947. it holds the second oldest liquor license in d.c. >> so, can political campaigns legally send your text message? how do dispatchers find your location when you dial 911 from your cell phone? who makes decisions about daylight savings time? liz is here with the answers for us. great to see you. the first question from sharon. she's a registered voter and received several text messages
5:40 pm
from a political party in her county. liz, sharon wants to know if unwanted political text messages are illegal? >> we turned to the federal communication for this answer. there's no rules. the texts are probably lawful. remember that political calls are also protected under the do not call list since they are not included in the definition of telemarketing. you can get calls from politicians and texts as well. >> interesting. the next question comes from e-mail and lisa. lisa lives in the area with a florida area code. she wants to know what would happen, liz, if she needed to call 911? would the dispatchers know her location? >> good question. when you call 911 from your cell phone, the cell tower closest to your location routes the call to the nearest 911 center.
5:41 pm
unlike hard wire phones, cell phone numbers are not assigned a physical address and not all can send the location information directly. your 911 operator may need more detailed location information from you. so, your best option, if you have the option is call from a hard wired lan line. it's the most reliable way to get your location sent to a 911 call center. remember that, if you have the choice, grab the hard wire phone. the last question is from henry. he wants to know who makes decisions concerning daylight savings time and when we switch to standard time. >> we checked with the national institute of standards and technology, the official time keeper of the united states. it says daylight savings time was introduced in 1918. today, most of the country observes it under federal regulation. the rules changed in 2007 for
5:42 pm
the first time in more than 20 years to reduce energy consumption. now, it begins on the second sunday of march and ends the first sunday of november. hello, this year, it ends this sunday, november 6th at 2:00 a.m. we'll be set back one hour and it will become 1:00 a.m. local standard time. don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. if you have a question you would like us to consider for ask liz, send it to or on twitter or facebook, search liz crenshaw. get that extra hour of sleep. >> cannot wait. >> moving to standard time. >> it's going to be dark. wendy, back to you. still ahead, neighbors wake up to find nearly a dozen cars on their street damaged. coming up in sports, the story of a senior making moves on the field
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[ boy's voice ] hi, samantha. [ girl's voice ] hi todd, do you wanna be my boyfriend? [ chuckles ] sure! great -- gimme your melt. myy--melt? [ singsong voice ] yeah. i'm your girlfriend now.
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ahh, i don't think this is working out. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the steak & cheese -- layers of juicy steak and bubbly, melted cheese. subway. eat fresh. we are learning more about how authorities in ohio responded when dozens of exotic animals escaped from a private farm last month. new reports show a chaotic scene. at one point, a lion and bear charged at police before they were shot and killed. police had to kill 48 exotic animals after the owner freed them and he committed suicide. residents on one street in columbia heights woke up to an unpleasant surprise this morning. many discovered their cars had
5:46 pm
been smashed into overnight. derrick ward is live with more on what happened. derrick? >> reporter: good evening. most of the vehicles involved in this have been towed away. take a look behind me. the car that got the worst of it. people have all kind of theories about what might have caused this. it was a speeding suv that did all of this. the aftermath of a hit and run or more accurately, a hit and hit and hit and run. it was 2:30 in the morning when residents on euclid street were woken up by impact after impact. she saw headlights approaching. >> they were coming fast. >> reporter: so fast, the suv they were attached to went airborne. when the car landed, it was
5:47 pm
still rolling an began bouncing off parked vehicles like a pinball. when it hit this toyota, it caught more air. >> as it's airborne, it does a 180. as i'm sitting in my car, all i see are the rear view lights coming toward my car. >> reporter: all she could do is pras for impact and pray. >> i basically saw my life flash before me. >> reporter: the airborne suv hit her car, bounced off and landed on this jeep grand cherokee. a passenger got out and tried to walk away. he was caught by police who were on the scene quickly. startled neighbors told of the impact so loud their houses shook. residents realized what happened. >> a couple folks were noticing something went wrong with their cars. while we were here chatting with them, a couple more people came
5:48 pm
out to head to work and noticed their cars had been vandalized or damaged. >> reporter: it looked like a war zone. twisted metal littered the street. >> it's like a tornado had been through here. >> reporter: thousands and thousands of dollars of damage. no one was injured. it's like a scene from a movie. >> you watch movies all the time, why didn't he reverse the car or jump out? you are paralyzed at that point. there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: we haven't heard from police whether the driver has been ap hended. this is still under investigation. we are live in northwest, back to you. wow. i haven't seen anything like that. that's a rude awakening. >> looks like they were hit bay meteorite. hopefully, they will have a nice calm weekend to call insurance companies. >> yes, it is looking calm. gorgeous weather. the sun making its way down with
5:49 pm
a temperature of 57 degrees. we are seeing gusty conditions with winds at 22 miles per hour. as we look toward the region tonight, temperatures going down to 31 in some of the cooler areas around leesburg and loudoun county near frederick. temperatures in the upper 20s tonight. fredericksburg, a temperature of 35. a cold night tonight and cold start to the day tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north and west and lower 50s. 52 to 55 degrees in southern maryland. we will see plenty of sunshine, but still on the cool side. a couple things going on this weekend. we have to fall back. it's the end of daylight savings time. set the clocks back one hour as you head to bed and change the batteries in the smoke detectors. i heard liz crenshaw mention that a few moments ago. we all get one more hour of sleep.
5:50 pm
the redskins taking on the 49ers. forecast looking good. 54 degrees at 1:00. sunshine and winds variable at 5 to 10 miles per hour. they cannot use weather as an excuse. >> no. no. >> that's right. that's going to be a butte of a day. thanks a lot. ready for football friday night style? >> we have a big rivalry, stone bridge and fairfax. hakeem is out there with a look at friday night lights. >> hello. a huge game tonight. it's the final week of the regular season. both the teams in the playoff. you need to win to go out on a good note. stone bridge is riding a seven game winning streak thanks to stephen, a transfer student from toronto who was in a movie before moving to ashburn. lights, camera, action. this is stephen. he came out of nowhere,
5:51 pm
actually, he's a transfer student from toronto. when the season began, the senior wasn't even a starter on offense. now, his 15 touchdowns rank him as one of the top runningbacks in the area. >> i didn't know how i was going to fit in. if i worked hard and showed what i could do every day, that hopefully things would fall together nicely. >> he wanted to play football. he didn't care where he played. he didn't have to be a star. he wanted to be part of it. after awhile, we said we have to put him somewhere on the field. he's a tough, hard nosed kid. >> reporter: his toughness is a result of playing hockey while growing up in canada. he even has a missing tooth to prove it. his teammates don't tease him about the tooth, just his accent. >> with the maple syrup and the canada, oh, don't ya know
5:52 pm
because i used to live in wisconsin. i got to know the accent a little bit. i get to tease steve a little bit. at halloween, we said he should dress up as a mountain policeman, the red guys like in rocky and bullwinkle. >> reporter: he's not a character but he was an extra in the family movie, "change of plans." a producer contacted his high school football coach in canada looking for kids to be part of the film. stephen who aspires to work in the movie business jumped at the opportunity. >> it was fun. it was an interesting experience. that was my first real look at a real production kind of thing and how many takes you have to do. when one thing goes wrong, something not in sync. the background actors have to be in the same spot. you open up your eyes to see how much work goes into it for a couple scenes. that takes a few hours making a
5:53 pm
whole movie. >> reporter: he didn't take long to prove his value at stone bridge. in the fourth game of the season, he rushed for 132 yards and three touchdowns, including the game tieing t.d. in overtime helping the bulldogs beat their rival. >> my respect for him was here. it skyrocketed. to see a kid who transferred in, you would think he would want to contribute to the team but doesn't know what to think. it's not like that with steve. every day he comes, he's like i'm here to work and throw it down for stone bridge. this is my home now. i'm going to go all out. >> everything about football here is bigger. training is harder. practice is a little bit longer. everybody is more intense about the game, not just the players but the fans and everything. this season is something special that i'm going to cherish
5:54 pm
forever. >> reporter: stephen, an impressive kid at stone bridge high school. he said his dream is write, direct and produce a movie and win an oscar. stephen, jack of all trades here playing for stone bridge high school. 15 touchdowns and more than 1,000 rushing yards all season. >> those are modern classics, too. it's a good list. all right. thanks hakeem. here is what we are working on for tonight. >> jim, wendy rksz coming up, the herman cain controversy is still brewing. the woman at the center of the sexual harassment vows to tell her side of the story. a judge is in hot water over a video showing him beating his teenage daughter. why investigators won't be pressing charges. keeping track of our fallen heroes how iphone and google technology is helping to improve recordkeeping at arlington national cemetery. we'll have those stories and
5:55 pm
more next on news 4 at 6:00. busy friday night. still to come, a big sur prize on t
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5:57 pm
the coast guard in santa cruz, california is warning surfers and boaters to beware.
5:58 pm
they are loading up on fish. >> their unusual proximity to people is attracting whale watchers. some are getting a tad close. we have the report. >> the odds are crazy. >> reporter: barb spent halloween off the coast. boy, what a treat. >> the two whales come up out of the water. a mouth full of anchovies. before you know it, it was over. we are all in shock. >> reporter: she was 20 feet away from this encounter between a surfer and two humpback whales. >> the sardines moving around. before you know it, you are in the thick of it. >> reporter: this isn't the first time she's been up close and personal. last week she got closer, five feet away. >> once again, it almost fills the frame. it's right there. i'm seeing this much of the whale's back.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: they have turned the harbor since this photo. officers are warning people to keep a safe distance from the whales who may not be aware of the presence of a boat. >> i'm going to make it a point not to ever be that close again. it's not fair to the whales. it got out of hand. kayakers, stand-up paddle boards pursuing the whales. it was altering their feeding. >> reporter: it's an experience she'll never forget. >> it is thrilling. it really is thrilling. >> thrill sg a word. not the first one that comes to mind. >> 7 billion people interfering with the whales. that's it for news 4 at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> you are watching nbc 4, washington's news


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