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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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at 6:00. the woman accusing herman cain of sexual harassment is standing by her story. the controversy doesn't seem to be hurting the republican candidates campaign for president. >> a surprise confession in d.c. we'll tell you what happened after the proceedings today. smashed up windows, twisted metal, what police say is to blame for the damage. >> we begin with a jury deliberating the fate of michael jackson's personal doctor. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm doreen gentzler. after the six weeks of testimony it's now up to the jury. dr. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. now, tles still no verdict. stephanie is keeping an eye on it. >> reporter: we understand the jury took an afternoon break
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about 15 minutes. they have been deliberating for about four and a half hours when you take out the breaks and their lunch. as you said, still no verdict. this is seven men and five women. they are faced with the task of determining dr. conrad murray's fate. the jury has been behind closed doors all morning in the deliberation room. jurors contemplating one count of involuntary manslaughter against dr. murray. we will know soon whether it's going to be a quick decision. >> if they go past friday at 4:00, that's the bewitching hour and go into next week, that means this jury is struggling with coming to a verdict. >> reporter: they are considering hundreds of pieces of evidence and 22 days of testimony from witnesses including three of his current and former girlfriends, several former patients, jackson security guards and medical experts. a chilling audio tape of jackson
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was played in open court. >> when people leave my show, i want them to say, i've never seen nothing like this in my life. go. go. >> reporter: all though dr. murray himself did not take the stand, jurors got to hear a taped recording of an interview he did with police days after michael jackson's death. >> i've got to sleep dr. conrad. i have these rehearsals. >> reporter: if convicted he faces a sentence ranging from probation to four years in prison and lose his medical license. jury deliberations began at 8:30. they are expected to go through regular court hours today and as long as they need to take until they reach a verdict. you heard from the expert, if we don't get a verdict by 4:00, they expect there could be a
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split jury and this will certainly go to monday. that's the latest, live here in downtown los angeles. i'm on verdict watch, back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:00 in los angeles would be 7:00 our time. we hope you'll stay tuned for a special "dateline" edition that looks at the last days of michael jackson. it's followed by the latest in the trial of dr. conrad murray. politics now. the herman cain controversy broke with reports he was accused of sexual harassment in the 1990s. a lawyer for one of cain's accusers released a statement. his client alleged several incidents of sexual harassment. beyond that, he didn't say much at all. after days of counter attacks cain's candidacy seems stronger than it was a week ago. steve handelsman has more on this. >> reporter: herman cain and his
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top people feared was a list of specifics from this woman but there were none. this survey shows the cain campaign can survive. herman cain had reason to smile. confirmation from a major poll that allegations of harassment have not slowed his assent. >> my client stands by the complaint he made. >> reporter: a lawyer for one of the women who accused cane won't come forward but will insist cain made inappropriate advances. >> we are not going to get more specific about what was physical, what was verbal. it qualified as sexual harassment. >> cain is at 23% nationally in an abc washington post poll. three women who worked at the national restaurant association in the late 1990s accused cain of unwanted sexual advances. 55% of republicans called that
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not a serious matter. 70% said it makes no difference to their vote. cain at 23% is virtually tied with mitt romney at 24. romney, today, laid out for the first time how he wants to transform social security and medicare. >> the eligibility age should slowly increase to keep pace with increases in longevity. >> reporter: he has to share status with another businessman. >> i approach problems like all successful people. you make sure you are working on the right problem. >> reporter: to solve the campaign crisis, he's refusing to hunker down. he's talking 9-9-9 and denying 1999. if the sexual allegations sick, a new survey of cain voters will have to be done. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. back to you.
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>> thanks steve. fairfax county police released a sketch of a man who tried to abduct a girl on her way to school. he's between 30 and 35 years old. he may be a smoker. he was driving a gray or black four-door vehicle. it happened near kingsdale court near mt. vernon. she managed to get away. a surprise revolution in d.c. superior court. a man pleaded guilty with a s e series of arsons. >> reporter: these apartments are still empty and boarded up months after prosecutors believe to be the work of this 34-year-old. this boarded up apartment unit is the one he was accused of setting fire to in december of
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2010, just a few months later, in may, this unit was set on fire also believed to be the work of him. residents say it's a danger and eyesore. they are furious to learn the fire is believed to be deliberately set. >> it's very, very sad. it could have cost people's lives. >> they need to close this down. it's nothing down there. nothing. we need washington. they need to close it down. we think people are sleeping down there. >> reporter: in court, he admitted to a laundry list of arsons in the district. among them, a house fire in april of this year on 48th place in northeast that came close to killing a squad of d.c. firefighters. four escaped with serious burns. a fifth was also injured. >> it's strange when you go from being able to do everything to be able to do absolutely -- really nothing.
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it's heart wrenching. my job means a lot to me. working with my colleagues. it's important. >> reporter: mike campbell of the atfs washington field office says he called 911 after setting the fires and in two cases helped evacuate a couple homes behaved in a textbook fashion. >> a lot of it are the same. they have similar characteristics where, you know, sometimes they will call and they'll be at the scene. one of those things you are always looking for is those kind of commonalities. >> reporter: immediately after the court appearance here in the district, he was taken to prince george's county to face charges there. jackie bensen, news 4. he's be sentenced for the arsons in d.c. in february. things are back to normal after a deadly crash brought traffic to a standstill this morning. it was on the inner loop of the beltway. it happened about 2:00 this
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morning. an sufr ran into a tractor trailer. the driver is not going to be charged. the identity of the driver in the suv has not been released. jon corzine stepped down today. today he stepped down as the ceo of the security firm mf global. there are reports he declined a severance package worth more than $12 million. they declared bankruptcy after a spectacular meltdown. they are under criminal investigation because $600 million disappeared from customer accounts in the time leading up to the bankruptcy. there's promising news on the nation's unemployment situation today. a new government report shows
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u.s. employers added 80,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate dropped for the first time since july. it went from 9.1% down to 9%. hourly earnings were up by five cents to $23.19. the job market is stabilizing and it appears to be speeding up a bit. that news, however, was not enough to help investors on wall street. stocks entered five week winning streak. the dow drops to 11,983. nasdaq ended up at 2,686. the s&p 500 down by eight points. wall street felt the impact of news on europe's economy. germany announced few countries in the g-20 committed to helping europe's bail out fund. next on news 4 at 6:00, the violent videos all over the
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internet. a judge beating his daughter. they won't press charges, we'll tell you why, coming up. the government of greece on the verge of collapse. tonight the world is watching to see how it plays out. i'm julie carey near tyson's corner. there's progress in the hot lanes project and a lane shift ahead that every commuter will want to know about by monday. an establishment is back in business after flames tore through the building. it's going to be a cool night tonight and a cold start to your saturday and your weekend. i'll let you know if we see a warm up in the forecast. right now, it's going to be cold for the friday night football games. >> yes, sir. we are live at our high school football game of the week. fairfax hosting stone bridge. how defense plans on helping out the struggling redskins offense. plus, with all the benching behind them, the redskins, excuse me the capitols hit the
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road for
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leaders of the g-20 group wrapped up their economic summit in france. there's uncertainty about the main topic there. that's the stability of the greek government. the greek prime minister called off the plan to put the european bail out to a public vote. now, he's facing a confidence vote.
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we have the report. >> reporter: some are calling this a greek drama. the prime minister says he would be willing to form a coalition government but he's unwilling to resign. in his strange and stunning situation, talk of the greek government being on the verge of collapse over the referendum issue. >> what is most important for greece is have stability. >> reporter: if people voted no on the bail out, which they might, that means economic meltdown here. default on huge debt, running out of money and greece abandoning the euro. >> we came to discuss with our european friends how they move forward and build on the plan to resolve the crisis. >> they have underscored the importance of implementing the plan fully and as quickly as possible. >> reporter: continued economic
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instability resinate across europe to the u.s.? absolutely. now the prime minister says no referendum. if all parties work together and everybody accepts the bail out and austerity. at midnight, he faces a confidence vote in parliament. people are hoping it settles out by then. they are finding it hard to believe anybody wants to shake up this government in this way at such a critical time. back to you. >> that confidence vote is just getting under way now. >> officials at arlington national cemetery found no further evidence of misplaced grave sights as they check each of the 260,000 markers there. they have found discrepancies on headstones on details like names, spellings and birthdays on tens of thousands of graves. they showed off the iphone and google satellite imagery to check the grave sights. they are more than three
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quarters of the way through the checks. more than 200 were misidenti misidentified. since then, there have been changes in management. more than 175 sailors got a heroes welcome as they returned home after three month deployment to afghanistan. rumors of the electronic squadron 209 were met with hugs and tears of joy as they arrived at the joint base in andrews this morning. they spent 85 days in afghanistan. for one sailor, it was more than a homecoming. his wife gave birth while he was deployed. he met his little boy for the first time today. >> as soon as i landed, the first thing i wanted to do was grab him and kiss him. i saw him through skype. it's not the same thing. >> i'm really happy. i'm like, you know, i'm almost to cry. it's really emotional for me. >> the mission of the squadron
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was a success. everyone got home safely. >> skype is good, but it's not the same thing. the weekend is here. how are we looking? >> we are looking chilly. with plenty of sunshine, it's not that bad. if you have plans this weekend, you are going to need to take the jacket with you or the coat for those of you who get cold easier. out there now, we are looking at a nice evening. the sun has gone down and just think, on monday, when we come back to you, we are going to look outside at 6:18 and it's going to be dark as the sun will set around 5:00. yeah. for the record, today, we saw a high temperature of 59 degrees with some sunshine. after all, the clouds we saw earlier, the low was 50 degrees. the average high is 60. we were below average once again. we have been below average for seven of the last eight days. it does look like, however, we are going to reverse that trend just a little bit. once we make it through the weekend. out there now, 54 degrees.
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winds out of the north-northeast gusting to 22. it will be a chilly afternoon. i think we are going to continue to see that through the evening. already 48 in gaithersburg. 50 in frederick. 52 in thmanassas. we saw cloud cover earlier. we have the wind out there. high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south. you get that pressure gradient. we are seeing the northeasterly wind gusting up to 25 miles per hour throughout the evening. we are going to see a cold front swept through the area and continue to move down. behind it, chilly air moving in for the night. it's going to be a cool night. high pressure dominating. we'll see clear skies all the way through the weekend. the weekend is looking nice. it's just going to be chilly. we are going to see a lot of sunshine as the area of high pressure continues to dominate. it moves to the north and east. it keeps things on the chilly side for sunday.
6:20 pm
with lighter winds sunday afternoon. sunday afternoon is looking very, very nice. then things shift for the better. take a look at the overnight lows. around 9:30 tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures around 34 in frederick. upper 20s around 6:00 or 7:00. 9:30, 34 in culpeper. tomorrow afternoon, high temperatures only in the upper 40s to lower 50s. once again, you will most likely need the jacket. sunday morning, 9:00, waking up to a temperature around 42 degrees. 40 in winchester. many areas will be cooler than that around the 5:00 or 6:00 hour. this evening clear and breezy. 48 dropping to 42 degrees by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. clear skies. cold and breezy. 27 in the coldest suburbs to 37 in the city. add in a 10-mile-an-hour wind and we are talking a windchill between 20 and 27 degrees. we are going to be a very cold start to your saturday morning. tomorrow afternoon, though, as
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the wind calms down a little bit. we are talking breezy conditions. temperatures will be in the low 50s. then we start to turn a corner just a little bit. first off tomorrow night, set the clocks back an hour. you get one hour extra to sleep. this is one night you don't want to set the clock on the wrong side. wake up on sunday. come out to the mall, the national mall for breathe deep d.c. if you want like to walk with us, that temperature is 52 degrees at 10:00. we are going to raise money and find a cure for lung cancer. 56 on sunday and nice and warm monday and tuesday. temperatures in the mid-60s. that is just going to continue. good news there. >> all right. we love the extra hour this weekend. >> yeah. >> looking forward to that. thanks, doug. gutted by flames. a multimillion dollar settlement reached. the historic georgetown public
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the d.c. government reached a multimillion dollar settlement in connection with a fire that nearly destroyed the historic library. the fire started in 2007. the building was being renovated. the ceiling collapsed in the fire. today d.c.s attorney general
6:25 pm
said the two contractors agreed to pay $6 million to reimburse the city for some of the costs associated with rebuilding the library. it reopened in october of last year. last summer, a fire nearly destroyed a restaurant on capitol hill. it's a neighborhood joint that's been there more than 60 years. today, to the relief of many, it is back in business. tom sherwood has the report. >> reporter: on pennsylvania avenue near 4th street southeast, the balloons were the fansiest indication the old tune inn was back in business. the family owned restaurant has a new bar and bar stools and a kitchen. the same feel that existed before a fire gutted the place. they raised $40,000 to keep the staff paid while the restaurant was repaired. >> we are back in business as of 10:45 this morning.
6:26 pm
it's been wonderful. familiar faces have come back in. so nice to see them. >> reporter: she runs the restaurant her father opened up for business in the 1940s. >> i had to order something greasy. fries or a cheese burger. it's family. it's a place that's here when on christmas day you don't have any other place to go. >> i'm eating a hamburger and it's delicious. >> reporter: he was glad to be back for a favorite hamburger. >> brings back to community to the hill. the neighborhood bar. this place operates as a post office, a meeting spot, it's just part of the fabric of the neighborhood. >> reporter: if all goes well, the little tune inn will be a stopping off place for years to come, morning noon and night. do you ever go home? >> i do.
6:27 pm
i live right around the corner. i can come here for breakfast. i don't like to cook. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> i get it when you just want some grease now and again. it makes sense to me. coming up next, some people woke up not so happy their cars have been smashed up. tonight, we find out what happened. big changes coming on the most congested roads in the area. a setback for local communities and homeowners reeling from damage caused by tropical storm lee. >> reporter: coming up in sports, the final week of regular season in high school football. stone bridge goes for the eighth straight win. the caps playing back-to-back games. the defense ready to pick up the slack for
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no verdict yet this evening from the jury delivering the fate of dr. conrad murray. a panel of seven men and five women will decide whether his decisions led to the death of michael jackson. if convicted he faces a maximum of four years in prison and could lose his medical license. the lawyer for one of the women who accused herman cain of
6:31 pm
sexual harassment. she says there were several instances. it's not hurting the campaign. cain is standing among republicans is on the rise. he is virtually tied with mitt romney as a national front-runner in the presidential race. a 34-year-old man pleaded guilty to a series of arson fires. one injured several firefighters back in april. a surprise awaited him after he entered his plea. he was indicted on three additional fires in prince george's county dating back to 2007. he'll be sentenced on the d.c. fires in february. a bad ending to people in columbia heights. >> many of them woke up today to find their cars smashed up. derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: more accurately, a hit and hit and hit and run.
6:32 pm
it was about 2:30 in the morning when residents of euclid street northeast were awakened by impact after impact. one resident was up, parking her car when the scene started to unfold. >> the headlights were coming kind of fast. >> reporter: they first saw the car coming down the street here. as it crossed 11th, it hit a change in grade and became airborne. when the car landed, it was rolling and began bouncing off parked vehicles like a pinball. when it hit a toyota, it caught more air. >> as it's airborne, it does a 180. as i'm sitting in my car, all i see are the rear view lights coming toward my car. >> reporter: she says all she could do is brace for impact and pray. >> i basically saw my life flash before me. >> reporter: the suv hit her car, bounced off and landed on
6:33 pm
top of this jeep grand cher key. the driver got out and ran. then a passenger got out and had to climb out the roof of the jeep. the passenger tried to walk away but was caught by police who were on the scene quickly. the impact was so loud the houses shook. >> we came out and there were a couple folks noticing something had gone wrong with their cars. while we were here, a couple more people came out to head to work and noticed their cars had been vandalized or damaged. >> reporter: it looked like a war zone, twisted metal, broken glass and plastic. >> like a tornado came through here. >> reporter: thousands and thousands of dollars of damage. no one was injured. it's like a scene from a movie. >> you watch movies all the time and say why didn't he reverse the car or jump out? you are paralyzed at that point. there's nothing you can do.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. >> police have not said whether the suv that caused all the damage was stolen or whether the driver who ran away has been caught yet. the family of a student at catholic university shot down in the pet worth area of the city is suing the district. 31-year-old was shot last august while riding his bike home from work. the lawsuit alleges the shooter was a juvenile in the custody of the youth rehabilitation services at the time of the shooting. the lawsuit says the district was negligent in supervising the suspect. the family is suing for more than $20 million. occupy d.c. is on the move tonight. the group that's been camping in mcphersons square is marching to the convention center. they are protesting the defend the american dream summit.
6:35 pm
among the speakers scheduled, herman cain and radio talk show host mark la veen. they will valley against growing debt. those gathering have too much influence in politics. drivers on the beltway in northern virginia should watch for a traffic pattern this weekend near tyson's corner. the three right lanes of northbound i-495 will shift to a new bridge over cambridge road. it signals the next phase of the ongoing hot lanes project, they call it. jew julie carey reports. >> reporter: a new section is getti getting scrubbed off in time for the monday morning commute. a welcome change will come. any commuter who endured the hot lanes construction is familiar with the tricky s-curve near tysons. monday, it will be gone.
6:36 pm
the winding lanes will be rerouted over the weekend, shifted to straight ones. >> we are delivering something ahead of schedule. it's going to be better for motorists starting tomorrow morning. certainly by monday morning on the 123 area. >> reporter: there's more good news. the route 123 will reopen putting an end to this unusual temporary ramp toward tysons. the lighted left turn lane to go northbound beltway goes away, too. route 123 will have three lanes in both directions. the progress can't come soon enough for some commuters. >> it's a nightmare. you don't recognize the roads anymore. it's really, really dangerous, especially at night. >> it's going to take a long time before it gets sorted out. it's certainly promising some improvement. >> reporter: other improvements are clear to see. this is the west park ramp. it will carry traffic into
6:37 pm
tysons. when it's complete, four paths into tyson's corner rather than the current two. >> we don't have to wait until the end to open things up. as they get built, they open up. >> reporter: the completion is in sight. the target date, end of december, 2012. julie carey, tyson's corner. the lane shift is expected to take place tonight and tomorrow night. it could stretch into sunday night, if necessary. why charges will not be filed against a judge who was
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6:40 pm
hello, everybody. welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer in storm center 4 watching what is going to be a chilly night tonight. the temperature continues to fall. winds out of the north-northeast at 15. the camera is shaking because of wind gusts upwards of 20 to 22 miles per hour. overnight tonight, dipping down. 27 in frederick. 30 in winchester. 31 in leesburg. 37 inside the district. as we make our way through the day tomorrow, temperatures on the rebound a little bit with plenty of sunshine.
6:41 pm
52 in washington. ten degrees below average. some areas to the north and west will struggle to reach the upper 40s tomorrow. a chilly afternoon. sunday will be chilly, too. not quite as cold. right now, looking good for the redskins forecast as they take on the 49ers. temperature around 54 degrees. sunday, of course at 1:00 as we take on the 49ers at redskins park. now, the four-day forecast showing temperatures on the warm up monday, tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the mid-60s. not a bad forecast at all. bundle up the next couple days. >> we will. thank you, doug. a texas judge will not face criminal charges for beating his teenage daughter with a belt. judge william adam seen in the video from 2004 is in the clear because the five-year statute of limitations expired. he would have been charged had time not run out.
6:42 pm
his daughter suffers from cerebral palsy. she was 16 at the time. she's now 23. she posted this video last week. he beat her because he was angry she downloaded pirated music from the internet. he maintains he did nothing wrong. people in virginia affected by tropical storm lee will not get help from the federal government. the federal emergency management agency denied the request for assistance to those affected by the storm. lee caused major flooding in fairfax and prince william county. five deaths blamed on the storm. the money would have provided low interest loans and grants to help the homeowners recover. late today, fema approved a request to help homeowners affected by the earthquake in august. the initial request there had also been denied. the governor filed an appeal saying the damage grew to $22
6:43 pm
million. he won the appeal. we turn now to sports. we have friday night football. that means hakeem has a look at what's coming up next. what's up, partner? >> reporter: jim, it's chilly out here. it's the final week of high school football. two playoff teams squaring off. two playoff teams squaring off. stonhi. welcome to carmax.
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are starting to feel like football weather. hakeem, where are you, man? who is playing tonight? >> reporter: i'm at fairfax high school. fairfax is 6-3. stone bridge, 8-1. the bulldogs won seven straight games. they are trying to get out of the regular season on a good note. first, the caps play at carolina tonight. defenseman mike green will not play tonight. he skated this morning. it's unlikely he'll be ready to go tomorrow night as well. he's not played for two weeks since twisting his ankle against the detroit red wings. trailing by one, bruce benched alex ovechkin the final minute of the third period. it paid off. they scored the game-time goal. they improved the record, 8-2.
6:47 pm
now washington is focused on playing well in back-to-back games starting in north carolina. >> we definitely want to get a good start. you want to get the two points to carolina and carry over to the next game, but you can't take any team lightly. you have to go at it 100%. you can't think, oh, i have to save it for the next night. go and play and get good reps the next day. >> you really want to get the first one. once you get that, then the second day you're feeling good about yourself and try to carry the previous night into the next night. the first game becomes very important. just concentrate on the first one, take care of business there and hopefully snowball into the second night. >> reporter: we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00. the redskins injury news, tight end davis are game time decisions for sunday's game against the 49ers.
6:48 pm
davis dealing with an ankle injury. they are dealing with toe and knee injuries. he's not practiced at all this week. the good news is, they are hopeful they will play on sunday. if the redskins offense is going to bounce back, they are going to need fred davis. they struggled mightily this season averaging 17 points a game which puts washington near the bottom of the nfl. as for the redskins d, they have given up a big play here and there, for the most part defense did their job. jim is hopeful his players help the redskins offense get back on track. >> our job, if things get magnified on defense, if you are struggling and give up a 43 yard run -- another team, you know, is scoring a bunch of points. give up a run, it's no big deal.
6:49 pm
well, our guys know that. they understand, we are in this together. weave to do whatever we can to try to get turnovers, try to help the offense score points until they get back on track. >> the offense is struggling now. i can't worry about that side of the ball. my mentality, if they don't score, they don't win. if we win the game, 6-3, i don't care. we have to do whatever it takes. >> reporter: bottom line, everybody has to do their job. the 49ers at 1:00 sunday. high school football. the final week of regular season in high school football, the game of the week, 6-3 fairfax hosting 8-1 stone bridge. they are riding a seven-game winning streak thanks to a transfer student from toronto. he proved his value at stone
6:50 pm
bridge. didn't take long. he rushed 132 yards and three touchdowns including this 60 yarder in overtime helping the bulldogs beat the rival. when the season began, the senior wasn't even a starter on offense. now, he's got 1,000 yards rushing. he's one of the top running backs in the area. >> i didn't know if i was going to fit in. i knew if i worked hard during training camp and showed what i could do every single day i push myself, that hopefully things would fall together nicely. >> fit in, he wanted to play football. he didn't care where he played. he didn't have to be a star. he wanted to be part of it. after awhile, you have to put him on the field. he's too good of a player. >> reporter: he plays hockey. he's going to play hockey at stone bridge. while he was in canada, he had the opportunity to be an extra in a movie.
6:51 pm
head to to check that out. talking baseball now. big league all-stars in taiwan playing a series against the chinese taipei national team. morris had a huge night. an rbi double. highlights of that game at 11:00. as for game two, the pitcher, detwiler mlb leads 2-0. a man on. takes the pitch to the gap in right center. curtis granderson can't get there. it scores a run. the chinese taipei national team cuts the lead, 2-1. bottom of seven now. tied at three. uncorks a wild pitch. red sox score. they take a 4-3 lead. a runner on first. drives one to center. all the way to the wall. his yankees teammate, curtis
6:52 pm
granderson scores. they beat the chinese taipei team, 5-3. maryland opening up their basketball season. we'll have highlights of that game and the high school football game of the week taking an fairfax, it should be a good one. back to you. >> who do you like sunday? >> reporter: who do i like sunday? >> yeah. >> reporter: to be honest, i like the 49ers. >> you took too long. >> reporter: amazing defense. >> it's hard to pick against the redskins. >> you are probably right. >> coming up next, we go inside a new exhibit that celebrates native americans and the art of healing. this weekend, we invite you to tune into press pass with david gregory. a government reform committee. a[ male announcer ] want toee. achieve more with your money?
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a fallen tree from the pacific northwest has been transformed into a totem pole that stands at the national institute of health in bethesda. it's part of an exhibit that celebrates medicine. wendy rieger takes a look. >> reporter: his name is jewel praying wolf james and putting final touches on a totem pole he
6:56 pm
bright to nih. inside the library, there's a new exhibit called native voices. native people's concepts of health and illness. it looks at how they used their beliefs, herbal medicines to heal their spiritual and physical wounds. >> it's good for us. maybe it's not scientifically proven but it's helps us get through the centuries. >> the native population has a lot to teach ourselves and the rest of us. i have been visiting what we consider outreach. >> reporter: they want this exhibit to show the communal nature of the native healing arts and how the native people kept the spirit of the earth and the ancestors near to help with the modern turmoil. the totem pole is the best reminder.
6:57 pm
only fallen trees are taken. they must first be blessed by the tribe. ♪ >> our teaching is that all things were created first by the great spirit. we are the youngest children of creation. we have to give thanks to everything when we take advantage of a gift. in this case, the cedar tree. >> reporter: it represents healing. it starts with a woman with a basket used to gather the medicinal herbs. the tree of life rises from her, it has four roots representing the white, yellow, red and brown people on the earth. at the top is the woman. >> it's a woman that can heal anything. >> reporter: the totem pole will be at nih for the next two years. the public is encouraged to come
6:58 pm
and experience medicine at its roots. wendy rieger, news 4, bethesda. >> that totem pole received nine tribal blessings as it made its way across the country to nih. you can see the exhibit for free. coming up at 11:00, police call it liquid gold. thieves are cashing in. now, the gold rush is over. pat collins has the exclusive video to prove it. tonight, a drunk pilot from virginia. and a heartless crime caught on video when robbers ambushed local girl scouts selling cookies. >> wow. >> oh, my goodness. one more check on the weekend weather. >> it's going to be cool. then we get into a really, really dry stretch. the weekend is looking good. it is november. we'll show you how things look. tomorrow, a high of 52. chilly. some areas, if not most areas
6:59 pm
start off in the upper 20s to 30s tonight. on sunday, the temperature around 56. then beautiful weather, nice and warm with highs in the low to mid-60s right on through the middle of next week. >> looks good. thanks. four years ago, a baby elephant was found wondering the forest in cambodia. his foot ripped apart by an illegal trap. they didn't think he would survive. he's thriving with the help of an elephant mother who adopted him and the humans who figured out a way to build a prosthetic leg for the elephant. he's doing so well, that he has outgrown three artificial feet already. he will live the rest of his life at a rescue center maintained by the conservation group call eed wildlife allianc. that is incredible. >> what a gat


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