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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening i'm aaron gilchrist. tonight the driver is not facing any charges. instead the demonstrators are. they are accused of not only blocking traffic, but jumping in front it. darcy spencer live at the scene of the accident at mount vernon square with both sides of the story now. >> reporter: that's right. the incident did happen right here in this area a little more than 24 hours ago. d.c. police held a press briefing tonight to bring us up to date with this investigation. now the three people who were hit showed up for the press conference as did several other people from occupy d.c. and they didn't like what they heard from police and that is this accident was unavoidable. >> the car hit my legs, and i hit the ground, hit my head and bravely loss consciousness. >> reporter: heidi describes how a car hit her, her teenage season and pregnant wife outside of the convention center. designee threw his hands up and hit the gas.
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>> reporter: they said they were part of a large group of demonstrators outside of a conservative dinner at the convention center when they were hit. they believe intentionally as they were standing in the street. >> it bent me at the waist and i fell over and smacked my head on the hood of the car. >> reporter: instead of charging the driver police gave the protesters these citations two each for jay walking and obstructing traffic. >> i'm not going to pretend to know what lower the light was at that moment in time. a green light i don't think gives anybody the right to mow down a group of people. >> reporter: assistant d.c. police chief say two noninvolved witnesses say they jumped in front of the car and the crash appeared to be unavoidable. >> i don't think it gives the driver the right to strike anybody. but if somebody dives in front of the car, that does weigh a lot on how the accident occurred. >> reporter: heidi says that's not how it happened. she says she wants police to
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take her statement and to do a thorough investigation. >> i'm not hard core, you know, trying to jump in front of cars and break withins to and, you know, be violent. i'm there to make a point and my point wouldn't be made by jumping on a car. >> reporter: those tickets carry a total of $30 in fines for each protester. now i asked d.c. police tonight is this an ongoing investigation, is this case closed? and they said if they receive additional evidence or information they would consider it but at this point the driver has not been charged. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. aaron, back to you. a second iraq war veteran was seriously injured during an occupy protest in oakland, california. a friend says he wasn't even participating in the protest. he was trying to get home late wednesday night when he had to walk through the protest. his friends say he was trying to get through a line of police. police claim he resisted arrest
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and they beat him. he had to undergo surgery for a lacerated spleen. a developing story now out of spotsylvania, virginia. authorities looking for a man who approached an 8-year-old girl and tried to lure her into his van. this happened about 4:20 this afternoon on satterfield court. the girl ran away. police are looking for a black econo van. two little boys being remembered tonight by their friends after dying in a fiery crash. a 2-year-old and his 11-year-old brother were in the car with their mother around 9:30 last night. anthony's football team mauts say and he was leader and a friend who will be missed. >> it was a horrible scene along route 50 on friday night. a mother is involved in a rear ender. her two boys, 2 and 11 years old strapped safely in the back seat. a third car slams into her honda
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accord which slams into the median and bursts into flames. trapped were the 2-year-old and his brother. anthony played pee wee football. he would have played with them saturday morning. instead the coaches had to tell them the bad news. >> did they cry? of course. we let had them know crying is okay. you know because you just loss a brother. you may not be biological but we lost a brother. >> it was tough. >> he lost two cousins he said he was very close anthony. >> at the end of practice, when he said the foundation started at the bottom. >> he was a ball of energy. always, you know, talking to people and just always smiling and just a playful little boy. >> he was just kind of basically on the football team because
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every time we had practice he would be running up and down. >> the team decided to play their game in memory of anthony. >> i just hope that his mom and dad stay strong and just, that the rest of us can stick in there and know he'll be on the football field right next to us. >> several drivers including an off duty police officer and two off duty firemen tried to save the boys but the fire was too intense. their mother also suffered burns and bruises. d.c. police deny a police chase led to several cars being sparked in columbia heights. an suv did big time damage when it ran into several parked cars on euclid street northwest. d.c. police looking for the driver who ran. they did arrest a passenger. no one was seriously hurt. now to decision 2011 with just three days until crucial state elections virginia
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politicians out in full force this weekend. governor bob mcdonald joined fellow republicans for a rally in woodbridge. democrats have the edge in the state senate but a few key senate victories on tuesday would allow the gop to regain control of state government. mctonld says turnout could be the deciding factor. >> so, i would say there's five or six races in the senate that are right, right at the margin of error. very close. very competitive. it all depends on who shows up on election day and that's where we're flying around state these next three days is to mobilize our friends and say please come out and vote for republican, vote for this pro growth and free enterprise team. >> senator mark warner and tim kaine are rallying across the state. they will hold events in wood bridge, manassas and alexandria tomorrow. america is remembering a television icon. andy rooney died last night after complications from
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surgery. he had been writing professionally for more than 70 years. he started in tv in 1963 behind the cram when he eventually switched sides it was his essays on things that bothered him that made him a household name. his final appearance on "60 minutes" of just last month. andy rooney was 92 years old. stunning allegations tonight at penn state april a former football coach accused of molesting boys and school administrators are charged with covering it up. live inspired by sex in the city. what a divorce sale is and how it's helping women move on. ♪ and could they be the next big thing in entertainment? chuck? well, we had a little bit of chilly sunshine today. more sunshine tomorrow and yes, indeed, warming trend that i have been alluding to all
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a former penn state defensive coach is accused of molesting eight boys. two school administrators are charged with failing to tell police. jerry sandusky was arrested today and released on $100,000 bail. two others have been charged with perjury. they are expected to turn themselves in on monday. sandusky found a nonprofit for at risk children where all the accusers first met him. he retired from penn state in
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1999. >> he's one of d.c.'s most famous lobbyist. now jack abramoff was warned he was headed for destruction opinion his auto biography is due out on monday. his win at all costs will be leave him disgraced in five years. in the book he calls for fourth lobbying reforms combat the power of special interest groups. the proceeds from abramoff's group may help repay the $23 million in restitution that's toed his victims. former heavyweight champ joe frazier has liver cancer. he was diagnosed about a month ago and is in hospice care. he was the first man to beat mohamed ali in 1971 in the fight of the century. he lost two other fights to ali. he won an olympic gold medal for boxes in 1964. a musical like you've never
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>> women get rid of things for financial reasons, emotional reasons, and, you know, it's really cathartic to clean out your closet. >> organizers are open to having a divorcee sale in d.c. but have not scheduled an event. a chance to see frames fulfilled at the washington convention center today. yep. people of all ages came out for the "america's got talent" auditions. every type of talent was welcomed. a few could be chosen to perform on the nbc show next season. the grand prize is a million dollars. students at briar woods high school in loudoun county are in dress rehearsal. this year it's a bit different. completely written, composed and directed by a student. his name is greg, long time drama teacher saw his script and told him run with it. turn it into a full scale
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musical production. >> and i heard the music, and i saw some of the dialogue. there's no question in my mine we were going to do this one. >> it was overwhelming to see everyone singing and dancing to the music you had in your head. >> all the lighting, set design and costume design were done entirely by students. elizabeth the musical opens november 17th. should be pretty interesting. let's check that forecast now. another pretty day but a cold one. temperatures even with the sunshine today, temperatures stayed about so degrees colder than average for the first weekend of november. now tomorrow we start to turn the corner just a bit. we'll add about five or six degrees tomorrow on to the high temperatures that we saw today. that will get us up pretty close to average. by the time we get to monday and tuesday things are looking great. outside right now a clear sky and a light breeze has allowed
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temperatures to really start to tumble out there. 42 downtown. but we're protected by turban heat island and a little bit friday warmer waters of the potomac. dew point is at the freezing mark. but some places out towards dulles airport are down there. 32 now at dulles airport. 32 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 46 in annapolis. thanks to the chesapeake bay. bay water temperatures in the mid-50s. that makes a huge difference for bay side communities. blue ridge and shenandoah valley a very cold night. temperatures won't drop but another three or four degrees. probably going to hold out in the upper 20s to around the 30 degree mark. nonetheless that will be a cold start tomorrow morning. nothing on radar to worry about. no rain, no snow, no concerns of any kind and we don't have anything to worry about tomorrow
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either. sun is up at 6:40 tomorrow morning. yes indeed a full 58 minutes earlier than today. that means it's the reminder once again to set your clocks back before you go to bed tonight and also change those batteries in your smoke detector. an important safety feature to take care of twice a year. there's the satellite and radar composite. plenty of low clouds in tidewater. those clouds will stay away from us for another day or two. high pressure is in charge. expect clear skies, light breezes and a cold night coming. 7:00, 8:00 in the morning bright sunshine will allow the beginnings of the warming on the red arrive tomorrow putting teams into the upper 50s. some spots might be near 60 trees down across parts of central virginia. as you get into monday afternoon here we are, 2:30 monday a mixture of clouds and sunshine, still a mostly sunny day and that warming trend will continue on into the middle of next week.
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overnight clear skies and cold. set your clock back. sun is up at 6:40. low to mid-30s out west. for tomorrow plenty of sunshine, milder but darkness comes early, sunset after 5:00 tomorrow. look at this warming trend. near 70 on tuesday. mid-60s wednesday. next chance for any rain showers, those come along about thursday or friday. out at fedex field the 49ers and redskins kick it off at 1:00. perfect weather for football. let's hope it's perfect weather for a redskin win. >> absolutely. god knows we need it. >> no kidding. >> thank you. coming up in sports the capitals go on an island adventure with a
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hakim is here to answer the question how the caps did. >> they did not get a win in new york. the challenges are rolling and islanders are reeling. washington is the highest-scoring team in the nhl. new york is the lowest scoring team in the nhl. but not tonight on long island. the islanders outscored the caps. here's how it went down. believe it. ovechkin, playing back-to-back road games. four on four. backstrom to ovechkin. he rips it much caps take a 2-0 lead. second period it's a 2-1 game. islanders on the offensive. brian rollston fires one. game tied at 2-2.
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watch this kid here. islanders score. third period on the power play. top shelf. mama hides the cookies. his second goal of the season. we're tied at 3-3. less than two minutes to go. former cap with a shot from the top. can't corral the puck. scores on the rebound. islanders would add an empty neither they beat the caps 5-3. finally the sweet taste of victory, new york snaps a six game losing streak. caps back at home on tuesday against dallas. college football now. randy edsall's first season is a losing season. today against the cavaliers the caps lost their fifth game in a row. virginia is bowl eligible for the first time since 2007. final home game for the 15 maryland seniors and while it didn't start well. good for the cavs. first play from scrimmage, perry jones find the hole.
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terms having trouble making the tackle. perry jones gone. 47 yard touchdown and like that cavaliers take a 7-0 lead. here in the second quarter c.j. brown in the game. quick pass to his tight end campbell on the slant for the score. maryland takes a 10-7 lead. later in the quarter, turning point for the terms. ran ddy edsall -- stopped for a one yard loss. terms have to settle with a field goal. maryland finished with 84 yards rushing. ensuing virginia drive michael rocco to a wide-open kevin parks, blown coverage by maryland, a 35 yard touchdown. uva retakes the lead 14-13. third quarter after a turnover one of five in the game the cavs capitalize. the senior trent hughes tries to
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make the tackle. maxmillian. the cavs go on the win. uv a's first win in the month of november in four years. >> well we're not going to slide through anything. we're going to go out there and, you know, play hard and work to get better. so we're not going -- you know we're not going to do that. one of those goals is gone for this year and, you know, now that it's all up to us to go out and work to get better. >> the worst fwhing it is losing this game, you know for the seniors being their last game it was emotional and on top of that losing to virginia, it was the last team you want to lose to. it was really bad. >> at fedex field senior detain annapolis navy hosting troy. snack time for the goats. one of the navy seniors missed last week's game against notre dame. navy happy to have him back.
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proctor finds gj green wide-open. next deaf drive, proctor pitches to fellow senior. he powers in for a five yard touchdown. midshipmen win big 42-14 ending a six game slide. elsewhere louisville stuns west virginia 38-35. howard defeats hampton 10-7. furs win against the pirates since 1996. impressive. talking baseball. the baltimore orioles are close to hiring dan duquette as their general manager. he's a former expos gm. michael morris tearing it up in taiwan. nba all-stars playing in exhibition steers. morris is up two on. and he delivers. rips one to right. back it down.
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scores ryan roberts and robinson. turned out to be the game winning hit as the all-stars win 3-2. morris has five rbis in the series and that's pitcher that will start for the chinese taipei game in the finale. redskins take on the 49ers at 1:00. hopefully the redskins prove me wrong because i actually like the 49ers in this game their defense is one of the best in the league. aaron, back to you. >> is that our new
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