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tv   Today  NBC  November 6, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. mounting pressure facing accusations of sexual harassment, herman cain gets testy with reporters after a one-on-one debate with newt gingrich. after a new poll showing the controversy surrounding the gop candidate is taking its toll. sex scanl. shocking charges regarding penn state athletic program and disturbing allegations of child abuse that shaken college football. unreleased photographs of prince charles and princess diana, just married and on their honeymoon cruise in the mediterranean. the candid snapshots of the couple. today, sunday, november 6, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. i'm an unbelievable daylight savings streak. i have not been to work late in the last two years when this has happened. >> people are saying why is the "today" show on so late today? i went to bed at the right time. normally you racialize and say -- and i got eight hours' sleep. wide awake. painted the studio when i came in. >> i did poor math, slept three hours, but got here on time. how about the pictures? >> they are interesting. like this romance to it. got never before scene pictures of charles and diana, that make you think of the time when they were -- when everybody was sort of enthralled by the whole relationship. >> now we're watching the other couple. this as their oldest son making news of his own. prince william and princess kate have found their permanent home.
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they have been staying in a two-bedroom apartment in kensington palace. upgrade is pretty nice. where are they off to? their digs, ahead. a real jolt for the nation's heartland. a powerful earthquake rocked oklahoma on saturday. the largest in the state's history, and the fourth quake since friday. the most recent registers 5.6 and startled a lot of people as you might imagine. much more coming up. >> a lot of quakes in places we don't normally see them. the grittier side of celebrity life. remember the tours that took people by celebrity homes. and tmz changes the fork us from stars to scan sdals. showcases nightclubs where stars have having fun and sometimes getting in trouble. that coming up. check out who stopped by our studios. mr. cosby. dr. cosby. we had fun with him, especially at my expense. what did he say, how did he say it, how long did he stay?
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all of that coming up. if you spent time with him -- i'm sure you spent time with him over the year -- you can't have an agenda. >> never give him a gift on television. >> we'll see why, coming up. saturday night's gop debate between herman cain and newt gingrich. what he to say, or not say actually about the sexual harassment charges against him. mike viqueira with more. >> reporter: the election happens one year exactly from today. with the first votes cast in iowa in their caucuses in less than two months, herman cain is lashing out at the media. called the media nit picking and dishonest as he tries to survive the controversy swirling around him. it was a one-on-one face-off of competing conservatives. >> we are have to come up with solutions. >> reporter: newt gingrich rising in the polls. >> you cannot micromanage health
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care costs out of washington, d.c. >> reporter: and herman cain, now struggling amid charges of sexual harassment. no talk of scandal allowed. only after the debate when cain met the press that things got testy. >> i was going to do something that my staff told me not to do and respond. what i'm saying is this. we are getting back on message. >> thank you, mr. cain. >> back on message. end of story. back on message. read all of the other accounts. read all of the other accounts, when everything has been answered. end of story. back on message, okay? >> reporter: despite a weak of controversy. cain's campaign says donations have increased four fold. michele bachmann launched an attack. >> everyone loves him. who doesn't? he has a great personality. but this is the leader of the free world we're talking about.
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>> reporter: five republican candidates presented a unified front at a dinner in des moes. >> we're involved in a project called operation occupy the white house. is that better? >> reporter: with the republican field unsettled and the first in the nation caucus two months away, experts say the race could go down to the wire. >> until iowa republicans focus on a true decision, not who they like now, not who excites them now, we may have a distorted view of what republicans want. >> reporter: herman cain supporters held staedy since this broke a week ago, there is a new poll showing some slippage. the percentage of those who view cain favorably dropped 9% and dropped 5% to 32% among all
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registered voters. it appears this controversy is taking its toll and losing some support at this point. lester. >> mike viqueira, thank you very much. david gregory moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> cain doesn't want to talk and wants to move past controversy. accusers aren't speaking publicly. is it beginning to look like he can weather the storm? >> he might be able to, for a couple of reasons. if one of the accusers don't want to go forward. it doesn't mean new revelations won't come out. when he had such a difficult week getting his story straight, look at the responses, that's enough, i'm done, that could be difficult. here is the other point, lester. he created this alternate universe, where he uses this controversy in effect to say to his supporters, you see, this is -- this is what the media does, what the establishment does. and they are out to get me,
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because i'm the front-runner, remember clarence thomas and it tends to galvanize his core support. here is the other question. did can he get above that 25% and get new people to look at him. >> let's say it's not hurting him right now. it is hurting mitt romney, not getting any attention in all of this? >> mitt romney is happy to have herman cain getting this kind of attention. it detracts from the idea that it was supposed to be a perry/romney race. they are not saying anything disparaging about herman cain. why? they don't think he's electable. they think this is flirtation, not marriage. the white house thinks this is getting in the way of romney getting roughed up by his rivals. >> the president's approval rating is starting to rise after hitting historic lows.
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has this bought him time? the focus on the republicans. time to get a strong message to go against republicans? >> the president has to hope this is bruising enough primary fight that whoever the nominee is comes out more weakened and vulnerable to a choice kind of election rather than a referendum. by that, i mean once the president gets into a one-on-one situation, his top people are saying he's going to look very hard at tearing down republican nominee. why? the president doesn't want to run on his record per se. look how many people think the country is off on the wrong track. 9% unemployment. a million out of work. this is looking to say, hey, i have to make rough choices and the other guys are no better. >> continuing the meet the candidate series, who do you have on? >> jon huntsman, really betting everything on new hampshire. the question, can he really start to take the fight to mitt
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romney which is something he wants to do. >> we'll see you in a bit. david gregory, thank you very much. >> thanks, lester. >> craig melvin at the news desk with more. >> good morning, lester. good morning to you, everyone. breaking news in baghdad. three bombs killed at least eight people in broad daylight at a busy market in the central part of iraq's capital. 21 others wounded at the beginning of a muslim religious festival there. amanda knox's ex-boyfriend speaking out since and he knox were cleared of murder italy. rafael sol he wiecito says he w her every happiness. people in central oklahoma, more accustomed to twisters than tremors have been shaken by four major earthquakes.
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a 4.6 quake, cracked highways and shook a college football stadium. at least ten aftershocks have followed. fortunately, there are no reports of injuries. former heavyweight boxing champ joe frazier in the biggest fight of his life. he has liver cancer. doctors discovered it just a few weeks ago, and frazier is in hospice care. his manager says they are hoping for a miracle. more than 47,000 people running in new york city marathon this morning. bulked up on pasto saturday night for the 26.2 mile course through new york's five boroughs. this is the largest and one of the toughest races in the world. for a look ahead "today," a quick look of stories. an as triteroid bigger than an
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aircraft carrier will dart between the earth and moon. it won't hit us. the rockefeller center tree lighting ceremony november 30th will be on nbc. and wedding chapel operators in las vegas are predicting there will be thousands of weddings this friday because it's 11- 1-11. that's the news for now. back to lester, jenna, and janice. >> didn't they just take the tree down? it's coming back this week, really? >> has the year gone like this? >> hold on. tree will be here before you know it. when people are complaining about the heat. and here we go. weather today, perfect for the running of the ing new york city marathon in new york. clear skies. temperatures in the 40s. light winds, about 55 degrees by 3:00 p.m. runners will be happy, and so will the spectators around thaw
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it is a cold start to a sunday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. and a little bit of sunshine getting through right now. a little extra cloud cover the further east you go. temperatures below freezing still in many spots. petersburg, frederick right at the freezing mark. 28 in manassas. 45 in annapolis. there's your forecast for your sunday. partly sunny. more clouds east and south of washington. still a usable outdoor weather now here is jena. >> thank you. now to the child sex abuse scandal rocking the penn state athletic program. a former defensive coordinator that many thought would succeed joe paterno as head coach has been charged with molesting eight boys. kristen dahlgren has the story. >> i'm jerry sandusky. >> reporter: former defense
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coordinator at penn state, jerry san dus okay, on the nittany lions sidelines for decades, in court on saturday, acused of sexually abusing eight boys between 1994 and 2009. athletic director tim curly and vice president gary schultz are charged with coverup. back in 1987, nbc profiled the coach and a charity he started for at-risk kids. >> they are not supposed to succeed. well, they succeed here. >> reporter: sandusky met his alleged victims thousand that charity and detailed allegations such as those of a graduate assistant that he saw sandusky having sex with a young boy inside the penn state football building. gary schultz testified the allegations were not that serious and he and curly had no indication that a crime had occurred and when asked whether the graduate assistant had
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reported sexual conduct of any kind by sandusky. curley answered no twice. curley and schultz expected to turn themselves in on monday. >> this is a much more serious issue than other schools getting on probation for ncaa violations. we're talking about the law here. >> reporter: but outside court saturday, sandusky's attorney maintains his innocence. >> he's shaky, as you can expect. being 67 years old and never having faced criminal charges in his life. >> reporter: his lawyer says we will vick rousely challenge the charges in court and we are confident he will be exonerated. an attorney for schultz wrote that gary schultz is an honorable law-abiding man, father, and grandfather, he is innocent of these charges. joe paterno reported the alleged abuse to curley, who was his boss. the scandal could cloud the history of one of the country's most storied teams.
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for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. up next on "today," she might quite a splash in the race. whatever happened to obama girl. we'll find out. ly stages of cancer, and it's something that we're extremely proud of. you see someone who is saved because of this technology, you know that the things that you do in your life matter. if i did have an opportunity to meet a cancer survivor, i'm sure i could take something positive away from that. [ jocelyn ] my name is jocelyn. and i'm a cancer survivor. [ woman ] i had cancer. i have no evidence of disease now. [ woman #2 ] i would love to meet the people that made the machines. i had such an amazing group of doctors and nurses, it would just make such a complete picture of why i'm sitting here today. ♪ [ man ] from the moment we walk in the front door, just to see me -- not as a cancer patient, but as a person that had been helped by their work,
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i was just blown away. life's been good to me. i feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world. ♪ we are just one year away from the presidential election. and we have plenty to talk about. >> we're taking a step back in time that made the characters for '08 so memorable. willie geist from "way too early" join us. >> characters, fringe players we might call them. they certainly got our attention. we wondered, where are they now? >> that night in grant park was just the beginning for obama but for many of the characters in the remarkable 2008 presidential campaign, the 15 minutes were up. ohio blumer joe werzelbacher
8:17 am
became a local celebrity. >> nobody likes high taxes. >> reporter: in the span of five minutes, joe the plumber was born. >> joe the plumber. joe the plumber. >> reporter: he apparently got a taste for politics. > he announced last month he's running for congress in ohio. >> i'm not the typical person running for politics. i'm an honest man that wants government to work for the people. those thr >> reporter: those three words rocked the campaign in march of 2008. >> the reverend from chicago threatened to destroy everything that obama built. >> reporter: obama cut ties with reverend wright. wright has not spoken to obama since he became president. >> it's me.
8:18 am
if you are there, pick up. >> reporter: less problematic for candidate obama was amber lee eddinger, better known as obama girl. ♪ i got a crush on obama >> reporter: her crush was a youtube sensation. today, she is developing her own youtube channel and developing a line of jewelry. staying out of politics and superhero costumes, at least for the time being. rielle hunter had more than a crush on democratic hopeful john edwards. the dream of president was long over by edwards copped to a relationship with his campaign individual yog gra videographer and being the father of her child. two years later, was co controversial "gq" interview. hunter did not make the guest list for the wedding this fall of edward's daughter, kate. >> mike huckabee is a life
8:19 am
long -- >> reporter: man crush chuck norris? still kicking butt in si syndication. >> when are you going to announce when you run for president? >> whenever i decide i'm going to run for president. >> reporter: sarah palin decided to spend this race home in alaska after three years of bus tours, book tours, and reality tv. the fake sarah palin quickly lost the up do and went back to "30 rock" in 2012 will a romney girl confess her crush or will there be joe the pizza guy as mascot for herman cain. we're about to find out. some of these quite serious. reverend wright threatened to take down obama's campaign. it could have been a much better
8:20 am
race. >> what will we be talking about in a few years? >> 57 days to the iowa caucuses. new characters coming our way. >> not hard to find your 15 seconds, am i right? not these days. that was fun. still to come, home sweet home. william and kate found a new apartment. but, first, these messages. and 2 minutes to christmas? [ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. [ female announcer ] they're for building excitement for christmas. 12 days, 18 hours... come on. it's no days! [ female announcer ] the hallmark countdown to christmas ornament. 5 hours and 59 minutes and 41... 40...39... 38...37...36... -three. -one. two. three. one. -two. -three. -one. -two. -three.
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still to come on "today" rare pictures of prince charles and princess diana's honeymoon. and a tour that highlights a city's biggest scandals.
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good sunday morning. i'm angie goff. today is november 6th. here are some of the stories we're following for you this morning. a maryland college student is behind bars this morning accused of killing another student. police in frostburg responded to a home around 1:30 this morning
8:27 am
finding 19-year-old courtney mccoy bleeding in the street. she later died. police say 23-year-old shawnee liggins stabbed her after they got into a fight. both women attended frostburg university. a man tried to abduct an 8-year-old girl. investigators say a man in a van pulled up to the girl yesterday on satterfield court and tried to lure her. the girl ran away. the black econoline van might have had the word mallory spray painted on the side. walkers will be breathing deep to fight lung cancer in the breathe deep 5k walk. the event on the national mall starts at 9:30 with a musical program followed by the walk at 10:00. nbc 4 meteorologist doug kammerer is hosting the event. but when we come back, we'll ch
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8:29 am
good morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a little bit of sunshine through a partly cloudy sky. temperatures mostly in the 30s to get your sunday morning under way. looking for a reasonably nice afternoon to be outside in the great outdoors. partly sunny skies through the afternoon. high temperatures today mainly in the mid-50s. tomorrow, more sunshine. and return of south breeze will put temperatures in the 60s, staying mild through at least the first half of the upcoming week. >> all right. and we've got more news ahead on news 4 today starting at 9:00. join chuck and myself.
8:30 am
until then, we'll send it back over to new york for the "today" show. we're back on this cool sunday morning. november 6, 2011. and it is marathon monday in new york city. perfect weather for tens of thousands of runners trekking through the streets of new york. and we thank this great crowd for joining us this morning. out on the plaza. i'm jenna wolfe, along with lester holt. interesting stories out on the plaza real quick, why are you guys real quick? >> our buddy had never been to new york city. we made a to-do list of the great sites. >> number one. >> drove him at 2:00 in the morning and now we're here. >> just for the record, that story was so much more interesting when i asked you at 4:00 in the morning. >> we're not allowed to say why they are really here. they won a big contest.
8:31 am
>> for getting a picture with lester. >> mum is the word. >> we're talking about the royal family again, prince charles and diana. >> there were pictures taken 30 years ago on their honeymoon, never seen before, and they are out. out there, their trip aboard a royal ship. they have been made public, and they are for sale. much more on the candid shots. and we'll talk about the baby speculation surrounding william and kate. we'll tell you about their new london home. 20 rooms, plenty for an heir or two. >> when i was younger, we went to california, got on the bus. kind of cheesy. no longer a tour of hollywood homes. now it's a tour of scandals, courtesy of tmz. definitely not for kids. this snakes through the notorious side of celebrity life. where hugh grant and paris hilton were arrested and hotspots where the stars party. we'll take you live on that
8:32 am
tour, a little later. and laugh lines from cosby. he is out with his latest book. one filled with family advice, delivered with laughs and meaning. we talk with cosby. interview just ahead. >> good guy. really funny. i grew up watching him. so much fun, especially in person. another check of the weather with janice huff. hey, janice. >> before that, i'll talk to melissa gerstein and her son. >> when you change your clocks, change your batteries. it can save lives. change the batteries in the smoke detectors. we partnered with energizer. over 500 children die in fires a year. very important to remember to change your batteries in your smoke detectors. >> also, a great job, elias. great message. let's check the weather, see what's going on today. we have a chance for severe weather across the plains. oklahoma, a year of extreme weather from record lows, record
8:33 am
highs. record tornadoes in april, an ef-5, now this coming your way. and an earthquake. mountain snow over the intermountain west. and rain over southern sections of florida. and the cub scouts it is a bright sunday morning here in washington. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures mostly in the 30s now. a little sunshine getting through a partly cloudy sky. 41 in washington. 36 in montgomery county. 34 out towards loudon and the blue ridge. 30 degrees in the panhandle of west virginia. looking for a mix of clouds and sunshine today. more sun the further west you go the more clouds you'll get the further east. today's highs, 50s. tomorrow's highs back into and now it's time to talk a little football. because tonight on nbc is "sunday night football night in america." here is a look at the forecast tonight.
8:34 am
at heinz field, baltimore ravens visiting the pittsburgh steelers. mostly clear and cool. temperatures starting out at 53 degrees. dropping into the upper 40s. a little chilly. but nice football weather. now back inside to jenna. >> all right, janice, thank you. now to the royals. more news to share. yesterday we told you about the baby rumors swirling around william and kate. this morning, news about their new london home. plus, some remarkable photographs of charles and diana from their honeymoon 30 years ago. nbc's chatman bell is in london with more. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. like many newlyweds, the royals are in the market for a new home. it's not normal for a building to be a palace. for these two, it's the next step in their fairy tale romance. it was prince william's boyhood home. soon, his marital home.
8:35 am
the duke and duchess of cambridge will move into a royal apartment in kensington palace. apartment 1-a. last lived in by the late princess margaret. they have a modest apartment at kensington palace. but this new space will be permanent and bigger. moving their entire office too. >> separating from prince charles. it shows more independence. but people will think this is all about having a baby. >> reporter: with rumors flying of a royal baby, any nursery plans will have to wait. >> princess margaret's old apartment won't be ready until mid 2013, because there are a lot of renovations to be done. >> reporter: charles and diana raised their princes from birth in this palace. this weekend, newly published photos from diana's hone moymoo. the pictures show the first days
8:36 am
of marital bliss. >> everybody in recent history has talked about the acrimony between charles and diana. when you look at these pictures, you see how very happy they were. >> reporter: a very public honeymoon, rather than the private escape william and kate had in the seychelles. but young royals at a similar stage of life. >> these pikctures tie into the younger love story of william and kate. which we are part of at the moment. >> reporter: prince harry is coming home. he is expected to move into the current kensington home after he finishes his current training nation california. bringing a new generation of royals and two princes back to the palace. jenna, the queen personally okayed the move to this apartment. many repairs need to be done first to make it fit for a future queen and king.
8:37 am
removal of asbestoses, new plumbing before any decoration can be done. and this is about 20 rooms on four stories. >> 20 rooms. that's like two people and 18 kids could basically fit in there. could this add fuel to the pregnancy rumors? >> there will be constant speculation that they will start a family. before they do, it's important to remember, they are not moving to this palace until 23013. kensing tob palace is described as a children's paradise. and william has fond memories of the palace. we'll have to wait and see if they are starting a family. jenna. >> chatman bell, thank you so much. coming up next, a hollywood tour of the wild side of celebrity life. but first, these messages. it feels totally different from regular toothpaste.
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this morning on "the week in buzz," hollywood secrets revealed. the places celebrities like to play and get in trouble. tmz has taken their show on the road, literally. it is bringing tourists and locals the racier side of celebrity. take a look. they are rich, they are famous, sometimes even infamous and like it or not, they are always on. >> they just seem to bigger than life. >> to many fans, tmz is the go-to source for celebrity gossip, online and on tv. not too shabby, considering tmz wasn't around six years ago. >> what we did, we made it a little more real. celebrities are people, and they have some of the same flaws we have. >> reporter: now the stories, hotspots, and even the flaws that made tmz famous are hitting the road. >> the greatest place to start this tour is with this really
8:42 am
old and iconic hotel. >> reporter: tmz's new hollywood tour takes fans on a two-hour tour of tins selltown, beverly hills and beyond. there are no birthplaces of the stars or decadent mansions. >> this was here where hugh picked up divine brown for a $60 terrorist in h tryst in his car. from the sc fr >> reporter: from the it almost killed his entire career at this corner right here. >> reporter: to the clubs. >> up on the right, the saddle ranch, britney spears, jennifer lopez comes here for a good time. >> reporter: to the restaurants and landmarks. >> called the rock walk. look at that. pretty cool. famous rock stars put their handprints in here. >> reporter: the highs. >> top level of that glass
8:43 am
building is a very exclusive club, the soho house. >> reporter: and the low points of hollywood's biggest stars is part of the show on wheels. >> world famous laugh factory where michael richards single ha handedly destroyed his career in 2006. >> reporter: and a few secrets spilled on the way, like an odd job brad pitt had. >> he used to deliver strippo grams. >> they are also paparazzi and we spotted hair stylist jose iber. >> we have a camera on the bus, able to upload footage directly to the office in an instant. >> reporter: tmz says the tours are selling out daily since started in may. >> i thought it would be interesting to do a tour that would be unique and give you a perspective that tied in some of
8:44 am
the hilarities from the tv show. it did that. >> reporter: the tmz guys agree on the question. >> everybody wants to know everything about harvey. >> harvey levin is the face of tmz and he credits his supporting cast for turning his idea into a reality on wheels. >> if it were me it would be a failure and it's become a real ensemble. >> reporter: hollywood in the 21st century. we're joined by willie geist and chuck nice. the hollywood is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of celebrity train wrecks and now it's a business. >> i love the fact that they have put together a tour of broken dreams. you know, come look and see the most embarrassing moments of every celebrity that you once respected. it's great. we love to set people up, knock them down. >> this is a long way from the
8:45 am
maps of the stars. look at this. jean kelly's house. and you will see where people died on the sidewalk. >> "forbes" latest list of the overpaid actors. based on total operating income for their last three movies. drew barrymore, will farrell, eddie murphy. first of all, it possible to be overpaid? >> no, not at all. >> i reject the premise. what happens on the business side is between the actor and the studio will farrell, anchorman, talladega nights, given me so much joy in my life. i don't care. eddie murphy, 48 hours, trading places. >> great films. >> thank you. that's between him and the studio i don't care. >> whatever he wants. exactly. honestly, they put denzel washington on the list because he was in that train movie. you know, honestly, when you saw him nah that movie, an oscar-caliber actor. >> it's denzel.
8:46 am
say no more. >> the movie should have been called, hey, man, i'm buying a beach house, i need the money. >> lindsay lohan, going to jail, but only after she has a chance to reshoot her "playboy" spread. >> is that a legitimate excuse? >> well, it was for chuck. he had to retouch some photos from "play girl" there are different rules in hollywood. been in one or two movies, suddenly you get to do "playboy" shoots instead of going to jail. >> the real crime, "playboy" is paying lindsay lohan for nudity, when we get to see it for free every time she gets out of a limo. >> she say no full frontal nudity. we have another one flash mob, occurred on a london train.
8:47 am
guy gets his girlfriend on the train. everybody bursts into song and he pops the question. is this trend ever going to die? >> oh, god, i hope some of. >> no, really. i don't know if we're talking about the trend of wild proposals or flash mobs. will either die? >> i'm old fashioned. what happened to proposing to your wife on the jumbotron at a baseball game. >> that's so 1990. >> i'm an old-fashioned guy. >> popcorn. the ring in there. >> the flash mob things continues to grow and grow and grow. >> it allows people to act like idiots, surrounded by other people acting like idiots. and it's okay. >> then you call it art. >> exactly. i think we have time to talk about the lip syncing scandal,
8:48 am
"the x factor." one caught not singing. this is during the group performances. the excuse is some of the contestants have to save their voices for the individual songs. aren't these talent shows, guys? >> a singing show should be about singing. >> probably should sing, maybe. >> scandal is probably too strong a word. i think our republic will withstand this scandal. >> we'll soften it. try another word. >> it will be okay. >> great to have you guys here. just ahead. being bill. cosby with hilarious life lessons.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
it has been 45 years since america met cosby on tv's "i spy." he has been entertaining ever since thanks to his standup, books, and his classic sitcom, the "the cosby show." the comedian and author writes about everything from being a comedian to being a grandfather. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> where did the title come from for this one? >> my wife and our daughter. >> okay. >> having a mother/daughter not nice time. >> how old was your daughter at the time? >> 12. >> oh, always great fodder at that age. >> and the room was the problem. >> her bedroom? >> and the filth. >> okay. >> and finally the daughter lost. and went with i didn't ask to be
8:52 am
born. and three things while i was standing there listening went through my mind to respond to her. i was angry. and i decided to say nothing, because none of the three would have later on been any sort of reference trying to get into heaven. >> what i love about this book is in addition to the title, your children provide so much great information. my favorite story and if you could just -- >> have you children? >> i have no children. >> what are you talking about? >> i have no idea. i'll be honest. i have no idea. but i can reality. >> no way. here is what i love about you. you are -- no, no. here is what i love about you. >> okay. >> you are the first person doing an interview who said to be honest, i really don't know.
8:53 am
i love you for that. you have no idea how many people doing interviews take it -- >> i'm not faking it. let me tell you why. >> you are very loud. >> everybody tells me that. you tell this great story. >> do they? >> yeah, they do. it's my thing here at the "today" show. my dad used to drive a pickup truck, he dropped me off at school, mortified every day. >> my children on the other hand i think would have preferred riding in the pickup compared to the car i was driving. >> i have to ask what it was. >> no. it was a car their friends look at them and said you think -- you guys think you -- that kind of thing. >> sure. >> i want people to understand that these kids have an idea of their friends being more important than the people who
8:54 am
feed them, clothe them, purely love them unconditionally. >> well, that's going to come, and i know this from age 0 to probably 22. at that point, we really start appreciating our parents. >> yes. i do have to bring this up. i was struck by this. i did read have you an interesting collection of things. i read that you collect roads, and i thought robes. i thought it was a misprint. >> hotel robes. it's wonderful. >> i want to give you something, because we consider a little "today" show here somewhat of a hotel. sometimes we work late and like to stay over. >> now is this from the store? >> no, we made that. >> i got to tell you, it's -- it's not good. no. because -- feel that. you've been in hotels. >> yeah. >> you come out of shower. >> oh, boy.
8:55 am
>> and this is supposed to soak water. >> okay. >> i will give this to someone who doesn't travel that much. >> here is what i'm going to do. this is why i love interviewing you. the questions i had and the notes, it's going to go like that. >> yeah! you see? >> the book is called "i didn't ask to be born, but i'm glad i was." i'm glad i was too. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. shake my hand again. love it. ♪ it gives me warmth. ♪ [ boy ] it gives me energy to help me be my best. quaker oatmeal has whole grains for heart health. and it has fiber that helps fill me up. ♪ [ male announcer ] great days start with quaker oatmeal. energy. fiber. heart health. quaker oatmeal. a super grain breakfast. energy. fiber. heart health.
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we're back on this sunday morning. remind everyone to show us your stuff. we're searching for the best thanksgiving stuffing recipes from our viewers for a showdown on november 0th. >> we received a couple of tasty recipes. one made of sausage, mushrooms and corn muffins. and to enter, head to the website, submit an original stuffing recipe with a video or photo of your dish. entry deadline is saturday, november 12th. that does it for us. thank you to craig melvin and janice huff. >> i'll see
8:59 am
good morning. i'm angie goff. welcome to news for today for this sunday, november 6th. right now we're following a developing story out of oklahoma. residents are surveying the damage this morning after a 5.6 earthquake shook the central part of the state. the quake hit late last night near the city of prague. that's about 50 miles east of oklahoma city. this is some new video of the damage caused by the quake. you can see chunks of a local highway are missing and luckily no major injuries were reported. the 5.6 reading is the largest recorded earthquake in the state's history. checking in with chuck bell right now, chuck used to live out that way. ever experience something similar to that? >> no. the first earthquake ive


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