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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 8, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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good morning. everybody. welcome to "news4 midday." i am barbara harrison. it's tuesday, november 8th, 2011. we begin with breaking news. a 17-year-old shot in georgetown on halloween has died. he has been in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. d.c. police have not released the victim's name. investigators did take somebody into custody shortly after the shooting, but that person has not been charged with the teenager's murder. the shooting on m street was one of six shootings in d.c. on halloween night. he denied all the allegations. once claimed the subject was the end of the story, but herman
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cain is holding a news conference to address the sexual allegations against him. and we have news on the fifth woman that has come forward in the herman cain situation. >> good morning, barbara. we have heard from a fourth accuser and a former government worker from arlington is speaking out. a woman worked for the u.s. agency for u.s. national development said cain wanted her to arrange a dinner date with a woman that requested a question in 2008, and he was married at the time and she told the paper, quote, i couldn't swear that he had untwoerd intentions, and we felt it was suspect and didn't feel comfortable putting him in contact with that woman. and he asked her to dinner, and danella said there was no inappropriate sexual behavior.
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she adds that he ordered $700 worth of wine and left the group with the bill. as for a response to cain's camp, they referred him to the press conference happening later today. she voted for barack obama, and she said she felt the need to speak out after more serious allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. sharon bialek says she groped her 14 years ago. she spoke about why she never filed a complaint. >> first reaction is you are embarrassed. i did have a boyfriend and i did not share the details with him and he said it would be another he said she said things, and it was the late '90s, and unfortunately we're still not where we should be in these types of cases. >> hours after she went public, herman cain fought back saying all things considered i am still
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alive. >> they could see steam coming out of my ears, and the feelings that you have when you know that all of this is totally fabricated. there's not an ounce of truth in all of the accusations. >> bialek has filed bankruptcy twice and has not been paid for her story. >> in virginia, all 140 seats are up for grabs and republicans are looking to gain control of both chambers for the second time since the civil war. megan mcgrath has been visiting polling places all over and now joins us. >> reporter: certainly the republican party is hoping to pick up at least two seats here today so they can shift the balance of power in the senate. now we are here in senate district 13, one of the newly
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created districts, and this is seen by the gop as one of the best chances to pick up a seat here today. now we have been around this morning and have gone to another polling place and talked to people, and what we are hearing is voter turnout is rather low at this particular location here, the little river elementary school, we were talking to the folks inside the polls, and they are seeing 10% at this point in terms of the turnout. they are hoping that will improve later in the day, though. a small line of voters waited for the doors to open at the elementary school this morning. there may not be statewide or national races on the ballot, but they say that doesn't matter. >> i think it's extremely important for your voice to be heard. one person's vote does make a difference. >> voter turnout is expected to be light. that was certainly the case. what did you think of the turnout you have seen? >> not much.
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so i mean, it was pretty empty in there. >> reporter: redistricting added confusion to the mix. with new boundaries come new polling places for some voters. dick black and shawn mitchell are facing off, and republicans are hoping for the victory. the gop only needs two seats to take control of the senate from the democrats. the importance of the contest is not lost on those who cast their ballots this morning. >> i think, you know, there's a lot of people in the country that are upset with the way things are going and it's the quickest way to show people in power that we do have a choice and have a change in mind. >> i am typically a democrat, and i don't want to see the republicans win the senate, so yes, that was one of the factors. >> absolutely important. kind of a test for the presidential race for next year.
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>> reporter: we will keep an eye on things. they had issues with the voter database, and there were problems with the system and people were being put into the wrong precincts, and they were given information at the wrong precincts, so there are folks finding out they are in the wrong place and they can't cast a ballot. now, we will keep an eye on that. no reports of any widespread problems as of yet. folks who want to vote, the polls are open until 7:00 tonight. barbara, back to you. >> maybe voter turnout will pick up later. >> reporter: that is the hope, when people get off work. >> thank you for that report. voters in maryland are headed to the polls as well. college park, greenbelt, rockville and tacoma park are holding elections today. the polls at six locations will close at 8:00 tonight, so there is still time. today there's a new effort
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to make the district a state. we have more from the unveiling. >> reporter: some 600,000 people live in our nation's capital, generating more than $3 billion in federal income taxes. the fight for statehood and representation in congress is decades and some say centuries old. at city hall, d.c. leaders launch add new website to promote the effort. >> reporter: there's history and facts and a petition. it was recently reintroduced, and the last bill had a majority support in both houses but failed to pass with a gun amendment attached to it.
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in north west, elaine reyes, news4. look at the blue sky out there. it's beautiful. we are getting spoiled these last few days, tom kierein. i hope you can keep it up. >> enjoy it while you can. >> it's going to change soon? >> well, it is november, after all. certainly feeling un-november like now. we are warming up, and have bright sun pouring down. and we're looking up towards the northwest there in the distance. looking into fairfax county, there is tyson's corn krur. there's still autumn color in northwest washington. there's the palisades neighborhood in the distance, and now we are panning the camera towards downtown. a beautiful sun splashed autumn day under way. temperatures are declining. it's in the upper 50s in
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washington. it has climbed from 30 degrees to 60. and the rest of the afternoon, a beautiful sky and mild and a gentle winds and highs in the 60s throughout much of the region, and parts of virginia in the mid-70s. it won't last long, brief for an hour or two, and then chilly tonight. we will look at that and the big change for the end of the week and the weekend coming up. traffic is moving after two vehicle crashes shut down the westbound lanes of new york avenue in northeast d.c. the crash happened near kendall street northeast during morning rush hour. ems crews rescued one person trapped inside a vehicle. the person was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. prince georges county police say a officer was not seriously hurt after his suv rolled over this morning. it happened in buoy. two vehicles were involved in
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this accident. the vehicle you see turned over, i don't know if you can see it from there, but it's there, and it was a k-9 suv for the police department. let's take a look at our traffic out there right now and see if there are any remaining problems from the remaining accidents. >> it was a bumpy morning, but looking better in our area. i-270, no issues northbound or southbound. and here is a view from west montgomery avenue. it's clear as you make your way from the spur. and the spur connecting to the beltway, you are traveling at 55 miles per hour. not so bad. i-66 in virginia, there was a lot of congestion this morning, but clear now. and eastbound towards the fairfax county parkway, and your speed is 60 miles per hour, and it will take you ten minutes to make that trip, barbara. >> it was half that the last
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time i saw you report on this area. 60 miles per hour not bad for travel speed on that roadway. thank you. see you in a few minutes. >> and they are investigating a house fire that broke out around 4:00 this morning. on the 4000 block. the home was under construction, and only the framing had been completed. they also say there's no electricity running to the home, yet. no injuries have been reported. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked this house fire in springfield. you can see smoke pouring out of the home along indian run parkway. we're told everybody that lives there was able to get out okay. we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding the death of a frostburg state university student. things escalated during a fight
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and continued outside, and whps police believed mccoy was stabbed. and ligins claims a group of men attacked them and stabbed mccoy. coming up, we will hear from penn state coach today. will he take questions about the scandal involving the
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in just about an hour, joe paterno is expected to hold a press conference. the conference will be about this weekend's football game. he is accused of sexually abusing eight boys, and several were at risk teens involved in a charity he founded. one attack allegedly happened at penn state facilities and was witnessed by another staff member but never reported to police. two other university officials including the athletic director are charged in the case. prosecutors say they tried to cover up one assault they knew about. right now the newest prince georges' county official is being sworn in.
11:16 am
filling the sixth street that was vacated by johnson. jack johnson pleaded guilty to bribery, and leslie is scheduled to be sentenced next month. the case against a d.c. night owner heads to the supreme court today and it could change the way police departments use gps units nationwide. police used evidence from the gps device attached to his suv without his knowledge. the circuit court of appeals reversed the decision and said the gps violated his rights because it was a warrantless search. right now, president obama is on his way to philadelphia to highlight early education. he left andrews on air force one just moments ago, and in just a few minutes he will speak at a
11:17 am
head start center near philadelphia. the president wants struggling head start programs to compete for federal funding instead of automatically receiving it. the obama administration created a competition grant that will be awarded early next month. ba"back to work" hits shelv today. the book talks about the economic slump. mr. clinton faced tough questions on the "today" show, including whether his wife would have done a better job if she would have won the presidency. >> i don't think about it. >> you don't? >> no. >> why? >> because i deal with the world as it is. i think we have a congress that doesn't want to do anything with him, and until the american
11:18 am
people send a signal that they want -- the tea party republicans a signal, they want cooperation, you are going to have trouble. >> the former president says he spends about an hour and a half every day studying the economy. we have been talking about how beautiful it is out there. tom, you say changes are coming. it's getting colder, isn't it? >> a rare day in november when we talk about maybe 70 degrees perhaps. another couple hours there. won't take long. what a dramatic change this morning when we were around freezing this morning. and there is capitol hill, and aglow with the midday sun. you can still see quite a bit of color there on the potomac. right now at reagan national, 58 degrees. we have a light breeze, and here is what happens to your pumpkin when you leave it out on the back deck and the squirrels get at it. this is the squirrels they love eating the pumpkin face.
11:19 am
apparently it's a delicacy. this is from one of our viewers in v vienna, virginia. right now we have beautiful sunshine pouring down, and all around the region, we will have the high pressure with the sun. it will be in place throughout the rest of the day, with the light suterly breeze. it's going to be a dreamy afternoon where you hope and pray it will last for a while. we will have changes coming your way in another couple days. and right now 60 in the shenandoah valley, and around month g-- montgomery, in the 60. and the fog is dissipating and it's near 60 here. it's a delightful morning. culpepper, 63. they were at the freezing mark this morning, so has warmed up 30 degrees there. we will have quite a bit of sunshine throughout the day today. we may have a few clouds around
11:20 am
and then during the day on wednesday starting off in the l cloudiness and during the afternoon, we will have increasing clouds. this area of green is a potential for a few sprinkles. and then in the morning a weak front is approaching the mountains and that will drift through during the day on thursday. when it does arrive, perhaps in the middle of the day on thursday in the afternoon, we might get a few light showers. otherwise we have a dry pattern all the way into the weekend. so for the rest of this tuesday, enjoy the bright sunshine and the blue sky and mild temperatures. a gentle wind. much of virginia may be hitting the low and mid-70s. and in maryland, upper 60s to around 70. it will only last for an hour or so during the middle of the afternoon. after sunset, which is at 5:01 today. it will be in the 50s this evening, and by midnight, 50 degrees. and then those clouds in and out throughout the day and highs
11:21 am
reaching the mid-and upper 60s on wednesday afternoon. on thursday, cloudy and cooler, highs around 60, and again just a small chance of a passing shower, perhaps in the morning or into the early afternoon. and then much colder friday. this will all be a distant millimeter reby th memory by then. and then partly cloudy on friday afternoon. still chilly on saturday and sunday. and some clouds will be around on monday. that is the way it looks. enjoy the afternoon while it lasts. >> i wish we could keep that picture perfect color out there right now around our area. just beautiful. >> yeah, as soon as we get wind on thursday night and friday, those leaves are coming down. >> i better take my pictures now. >> do that. danella, how are you doing? >> let's check travel speeds around the beltway. if you are taking the beltway in montgomery county, you are clear in both directions.
11:22 am
past georgia avenue, outer loop, 58 miles per hour. if you are traveling on the beltway inner loop in prince georges county right after you pass central avenue, your speed is 56 miles per hour. and if you continue on your trek crossing the wilson bridge, here is the view right now. not seeing any issues for you in either direction across the wilson bridge. you're in the clear. barbara, i will be back in a minute with another look at your traffic. back to you. >> see you when you get back. thank you. it's 11:22. still ahead, the death of a boxing legend, and what the athlete's fiercest competer had to say about him. and the family with 19 children making news again. wait until we tell you what it
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you can identify the pattern. >> d.c. is rolling out the red carpet for heavyweight stars tonight. director clint eastwood will be on hand for the premiere of his new movie that stars leonardo dicaprio. it will open in limited release tomorrow and everywhere else on friday.
11:26 am
the world is remembering hall of fame heavyweight boxer, joe frazier. he died last night at the age of 67 after a battle with liver cancer. he went by the nickname, smokin' joe, and was known for the best fight against muhammad ali. ali paid tribute to his rival saying the world has lost a great champion, i will always remember joe with respect and admiration. it's 11:26, and coming up in the next half hour, concern inside a california jail this morning for conrad murray after a jury finds him guilty in connection to the death of michael jackson. plus, how a good workout this weekend could help a veteran. tom kierein is back with a
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right nowon news4 midday, virginia voters are headed to the polls. all 140 seats in the general assembly are up for grabs along with several local offices. republicans are attempting to take control of both chambers for only the second time since the civil war. polls remain open until 7:00 tonight. now the latest on the can
11:30 am
rad murray trial. officials are keeping a close eye on murray. they say murray is not on suicide watch but is in the medical services unit so he could be monitored 24 hours a day for his own safety. nbc has new video of murray describing michael jackson's final moments. >> we the jury find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty at the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: gasps in the courtroom, but conrad murray did not even flinch. suddenly the man michael jackson tresed with his life is a convicted felon and convicted of michael jackson's death. the fans of michael jackson cheered, too. >> we ask the defendant be remanded into custody. >> the judge agreed. >> doctor murray's reckless
11:31 am
conduct in this case posed a risk to the safety of the public, and public safety demands he be remanded. >> reporter: there he went to spend his first night behind bars. murray's california medical license, that was stripped away, too. >> i thank the jury and our sympathies go out to the jackson family at this time for the loss that they have suffered. ♪ >> reporter: over the past six weeks at times, it felt like michael jackson himself was on trial. the defense painting the pop star as a desperate addict, using murray to get drugs, a down-on-his luck has been. >> everything about him is sick. >> cameras were given exclusive access to murray's defense team, and even access to conrad murray himself, during the trial behind closed doors all for a
11:32 am
documentary, "michael jackson and the doctor" airing later this week on msnbc. murray opening up about his star patient. >> he really could not sleep. you have ever seen the thriller image where he was made up? he looked like that, hysterical. >> for the first time on camera, murray describes what happened inside michael's bedroom the day he died, blaming the bodyguard for the chaos. >> i told security to get the kids away from there, get the kids away from there because i did not want them to see their father getting cpr. >> i you shaushered them out, a everything will be okay. >> doctor, what happened? i am doing cpr. jackson is not breathing. call 911. i need you to call 911! >> we have a gentleman here that
11:33 am
needs help, and he's not breathing. >> in addition to me doing cpr, chest compressions and trying to resuscitate. how old is the patient? 50. get the [ bleep ] over here. get here immediately! come on! help me. >> reporter: the bodyguard says he did all he could. it's not all anger for murray. he gets emotional too, discussing his relationship with michael, like kindred spirits. >> he said, through all my life i have found one friend, which is you. dr. conrad. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. murray will be sentenced later
11:34 am
this month. he faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license. the person accused of killing yeardley love will be able to review the medical records. prosecutors say george huguely killed love during a physical argument in 2010, but huguely's lawyer says love died from mixing alcohol with a medical prescription. the medical records were sealed last year. the trial is scheduled to start in february. this morning a d.c. police officer is recovering. an accident happened in northwest d.c. officers were stationed at side streets along the route as president obama's motorcade travelled from the white house to a fund-raiser at a private home. the officer was struck by a car and knocked to the ground. it's not clear whether the vehicle was part of the motorcade or another car. the officer, though, is expected
11:35 am
to be okay. at least three people were hurt when a bus and fire truck collided. it happened at the corner of wheeler road and valley affidavit in southwest d.c. the fire truck was responded to an apartment fire when it crashed into the bus. the victim's conditions are not being released at this time. today at 6:30 p.m., to be precise, an astroid will make a close pass by the earth. the 1300 foot astroid will be close enough to be inside the moon's orbit, but far enough away you will not be able to see it without a telescope. it will mark the closest an object has gotten to be in a collision with the earth. >> yeah, we're happy it's zipping on by. and that's going to be at 6:28 at our time.
11:36 am
right now we have a gorgeous autumn day under way. that's a live picture from the sky watcher camera. that's right along wisconsin avenue, near massachusetts, the intersection there. it's a beautiful, beautiful morning. later today, these temperatures will continue to climb. right now we're in the low 60s throughout much of the region, and we ought to hit upper 60s and low 70s throughout much of the area later this afternoon. we will get down to 30 near dawn tomorrow. sun tomorrow morning and clouds in the afternoon, and highs in the upper 60s tomorrow, and then on thursday, cooler and cloudy, might have a midday shower, and then turning colder thursday night, near freezing on friday morning, and friday partly cloudy and high near 50. over the weekend, sunny saturday, but chilly near the morning. a bit milder sunday and monday. that's the way it looks right now, barbara.
11:37 am
>> all right. thank you, tom. we will check the midday traffic again. now here is danella sealock. >> so far, barbara, things are looking good. i-95 right now if you are taking the drive up i-95 and making your way towards woodbridge, not seeing problems as you head towards lorton. traveling i-95 northbound and southbound you are in the clear as you make your way towards 395. it's just about lunchtime. why not go to 7th and h. no issues here. our downtown civil spring, this is the view at coalsville road and fenton. this weekend you will have an opportunity to exercise for a good cause. the event is called sweat for a vet. it benefits our nation's wounded servicemen and women. our guests from the sports clubs
11:38 am
join us more on sweat for a vet. sounds like a great cause and a good way to get a good workout this afternoon, too. tell us what happens. >> it's this saturday at tyson's sport and health. we will do a three-hour fit fund-raiser, to raise money for our wounded vets. we would like to raise dollars to purchase crank cycles and other adaptive physical fit equippedment for them, and we'll be there as many as many other clubs around the world. >> margaret, of course, you see many of these vets because you work with them every day at the naval hospital, and it's not the naval hospital any more but one big complex. >> yeah. >> so you see these guys coming in from the wars, and they need a lot of things, and this is to raise money for that. you might want to show us why you really have something in common with these guys. >> i would be glad, to. please. thank you. >> you are not just a nurse, but you also are a person who has
11:39 am
suffered a disability yourself. >> yes, i have. >> she has a prosthesis, and she knows what it's like for these guys to come back. thank you for sharing. >> you are welcome. >> you know when a guy comes in or a woman and they need to have a prosthetic device, and are they always available to them? >> yes, they are. the equipment is available to them. the training and the rehab for that equipment is what we bring to the table today. >> so what are some of the things that this fund-raiser might help with? >> visibility and sweat for a vet will help get the exercise equipment for military personnel that are disabled that need the ability to exercise. >> so -- they are going to be participating, right, this weekend as well? >> yes. >> and they have in the past as well. we are looking at last year's which was the first sweat for a vet event, and although many able bodied people were there
11:40 am
too, many with disabilities came out. >> yeah, we have a variety of equipment, and everybody is included. what is excited about this event, we have the wounded vets on stage leading the workout and motivating and inspiring and it makes an event where you don't leave with a dry eye. and sports health is excited to announce a new initiative, and we will give a six-month free membership to any family who has a family member deployed overseas. >> we were able to get crank cycles. >> any plans for this year already, what some of the gifts might be? >> more crank cycles and more opportunities, employment opportunities and training opportunities, very exciting. >> how can our viewers get involved?
11:41 am
>> well, they can go to sweat r you can come to our tyson sport and health event on saturday. we will run from 9:30 to 12:30. we will skype and stream it into the locations, and you can get more information online. >> hopefully you will have a big crowd and lot of fun and help a lot of disabled veterans. it's the second annual event. >> thank you. 11:41. still ahead, what to do now to have glowing skin by the holida [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online: just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years. you save $600. go to to sign up now
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it's going to take extra budgeting to plan for thanksgiving dinner this year. according to the farm bureau hosting a group of ten adults will cost you $48. that's almost $5 more than last year. the survey menu includes turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and rolls and peas, and that sounds like a lot for $48. and of course some pumpkin pie with whipped cream. i want to go shopping with whoever went shopping and found those prices. and pecan pie. china loves the pecans, too.
11:45 am
that country has taken so much production of the pecans it's driving prices here up at home. just two years ago a pound was $7 for the same amount, and now it's $11. employers advertised more jobs in september than in any other point in the past three years, we're learning. we will check with kayla, and she has the rest of the day's headlines, too. >> we did see stocks pulling back again today. the big news for yet another day is abroad. that's pulling the s&p and nasdaq down about one-third of a percentage today. there was a crucial budget vote that shows the opposition party will force a vote if the prime minister does not resign. also in focus, greece, members
11:46 am
of the opposition party there say they expect the appointment of a new prime minister to head that coalition government by the end of the day today. an emergency cabinet meeting is currently under way. the frontrunner is a former central banker. and more currency woes this time for toyota. profits for the second quarter for the automaker slipping 19%, hurt by the strong yen. the stubborn appreciation is becoming a common factor affecting the bottom line numbers for most of japan's top companies now, and also hurting the bought many line for toyota, so we're due for good news, and hopefully in cnbc's debate tomorrow night, we will get good news from the candidates including jobs, that's what we're looking for. >> always looking for good news. thank you. if you want your skin to glow for the holidays, there are steps you ought to be taking right now, we are learning.
11:47 am
the doctor is here to show us what to do. it's never too early to start, but is it too late? >> no, it's just about the right time in order for you to see results. >> let's find out. how do we get started? >> first with skin care, it takes sometimes five to six weeks to really get the affects of skin care, so you want to get started on those now if you are doing exfoliation, hydration procedures, or you are trying to lighten dark areas on your skin, or an overall skin rejuvenation. i think starting out about six weeks before whenever, you know, the big party or the big affair or christmas or whatever holiday that you celebrate, you want to do it in plenty of time so you are glowing at that time. >> is there anything that you should say that we should go out and purchase to get going with this plan? >> some products do work faster
11:48 am
if you get cosmo pharmaceuticals. you don't want to do anything right before an event, because if something goes wrong you don't have time to repair it. never do anything a month before the event. >> now you are talking about botox and fillers? >> yeah, a lot of people get that done around the holidays. common side effects from the products and injectables is that the injectables you can bruise, and then you are going to a party with a big bruise you have to camouflage with makeup. anybody giving surgical procedures, the surgeon may tell you you will bounce back and be able to be out in public in two weeks, and sometimes it's six weeks. >> this includes botox? you say you need to get that done ahead of time. there's a wait time for botox to work. >> it usually takes affect in three to five days, but it could
11:49 am
take up to two weeks in some individuals. so if you want it just right, i would start two weeks before. >> can you fix it if it messes up? >> oh, sure. oh, yes. definitely. that's why we say don't do it right before the event. at least two weeks out for the preparations, such as the neuro toxins. they are all injected the same way and last about the same time and may need tweaking. >> if you end up with the crazy eye brows, you can get that fixed? >> yes. correct. >> that's good to know. what about hydration. that's important, too, right? >> it's very important. during the holiday season, a lot of people drink alcohol or the spiked eggnog, and alcohol is one of the best die rarhettics
11:50 am
you can take. you are eliminating a lot of water in your system, and what can kind of give you the hangover affect is the dehydration affect, so when you feel the side effects of alcohol or what have you, you are really dehydrated, and water because it's h2o, you are dehydratindeh. >> if you get plenty of rest, and in the hours at night vary between people, you know, as far as what is a good night's rest, but a night's rest, and hydration, and good skin care products, products you will use in the morning to protect your skin and those that you use at night to repair. >> some people want to know, is this is good time of year to use self tanner? >> oh, absolutely. yes. when you have that backless
11:51 am
dress on, you want to look kind of tanned. definitely. if you don't want the skin to look really light -- i mean, this is for all skin types. most white skin or white people think that they are the only ones that really look forward to using self tanners, but i can use a self tanner if i want to look a certain way. >> gives you a glow. >> yes, a glow. yes. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. our time is 11:51. coming up, big news from the duggar family. and tom kierein will be back with how long the beautiful
11:52 am
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rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. mike shanahan is finally admitting what many have known for a long time. the redskins are rebuilding and there will likely be growing pains. the team is on his third quarterback since the shanahan's came to town. and beck is 0-3, and the 31st rated qb in the league. it's a spotlight his dan says he
11:55 am
warned him about. >> it's obviously tough when you are not productive. we all understand that. i am the one that told kyle not to come. i said this is going to be a work in progress and not happen overnight, and you have got your ducks in order. i said we're going to have to rebuild the football team. >> beck will remain the starter for sunday's game against the miami dolphins. the white house released a statement you think is out of this world. the obama administration says there's no proof of life beyond our planet. but they say they are still looking. this comes after two petitions online demand the government issue a formal statement on iliil aliens. the white house has no proof there's life outside our planet. in addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being
11:56 am
hidden from the public's eye. we are expecting our 20th child. yes, yes. we're due in april. just thrilled. >> i don't know how it happened. no! >> not an extra extraterrestrial. a new baby. you heard it right. they are expecting their 20th child. they joined ann curry on the "today" show to make the announcement. they will talk about the pregnancy tonight on the premiere of "19 and counting" tonight. let's get what is coming up. >> we have plenty coming up at news4 at 5:00. another woman steps forward and herman cain is supposed to have a news conference this afternoon. we will bring that to you live when it does happen.
11:57 am
plus, a robber out west picks the wrong store to rob. and a new body scan that can save time and lives, and all the day's news and if it's tuesday, it's cain, as we say. back to you and have a great one. >> thank you. we have time now for a check on the forecast. here is tom. >> noontime temperatures heating up. we're in the 60s throughout the region. 62 at reagan national. later, up around 70 or so. tomorrow another mild day. small chance of a shower, and chilly on friday, and a chilly weekend to follow, but sunny. that's the way it looks. see you tomorrow morning. >> sounds great. thank you, tom. matt lauer travelled 4500 miles to madrid, spain. it's day two of "where in the world is matt lauer." he showed us a full fiesta, along with dancers, and he will head off to three other
11:58 am
destinations by the time this week is over. we don't know where he will be tomorrow. we will have to watch. that's "news4 midday," and we invite you to tune in at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 and 11:00. have a great day and enjoy the beautiful
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