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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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it be enough to put his campaign back on track? steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the very latest. >> thanks. the headline is, he won't quit. herman cain said, before today, that he was done talking about harassment, but that was before yesterday and sharon bialek who cain insisted again today he does not remember, does not know and did not harass but whose accusations have rocked the cain campaign. in a jammed news conference facing what he calls the new firestorm, herman cain denied all the charges and said defiantly, he won't quit. >> ain't going to happen. because i'm doing this for the american people and for the children and the grandchildren. and i will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect accusations. >> reporter: cain said he was
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watching yesterday, but did not recognize sharon bialek as she charged in 1997, cain touched her sexually and said, you want a job, right? a group supporting cain today questioned bialek's motives citing two bankruptcies and a troubled financial history. when today she denied she came forward to make money. >> absolutely not. and i expected this. this is what happens. it's not about me. i'm not the one running for president. >> reporter: cain remained the republican frontrunner in the latest nbc news poll tied with mitt romney, but in his abc interview, romney pointed to bialek. >> this woman's charges are particularly disturbing and they're serious. >> reporter: bialek going public will kill cain's candidacy says a political pro. >> i think republicans are in a little bit of denial, but they're going to reach the conclusion that this isn't the nominee they want. i mean, we know where this is headed. >> reporter: herman cain says
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he's headed back to the campaign trail. as much as republicans say they want a conservative candidate like herman cain, our polls also indicate they want even more a candidate who they can confidently put up against president obama. and, today, this afternoon, a short time ago, literally as herman cain was speaking another woman went public. her name is karen and she is now a spokesperson here in washington for the u.s. treasury department, but in the late '90s, 1999, specifically, she worked that national restaurant association here in town for herman cain. karen is one of the two women whose anonymous charges started this cain calls it a firestorm by the report in politico. she says today, when you are being sexually harassed, meaning as she was at her workplace allegedly by herman cain, you're extremely vulnerable. you do what you can to quickly
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get yourself into a job some place safe. that's what i thought i had achieved when i left. doreen and jim, back to you. >> jim handelsman, thank you. a local woman is also weighing in on the herman cain controversy. donna dinella says she observed behavior that may support the other women's claims. >> i don't want to be alone with this guy at dinner. i don't know, maybe something about his tone. a man on stanl just talking about how important his family was to him and how important his christian faith was to him and as soon as he got off stage was asked to be put in touch with the lovely young lady who asked a question from the audience. it struck me as odd. >> we'll hear more from donna coming up in a live report at 6:30 right here on news 4. election day in virginia,
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all 140 seats in the general assembly are in play, along with several local offices. republicans are trying to take control of both chambers for only the second time since the civil war. the polls in virginia close in an hour. julie carey has more on what is driving people out to vote. julie? >> although there is a lot at stake in this election, turnout is expected to be even lighter than it was four years ago. it might not even approach 25%. the big focus this time around, the general assembly and the balance of power, though. now, while turnout statewide is expected to be light, in districts like this one with hotly contested races, business is more brisk. parnts of fairfox county all feature the five state senate races that could determine whether democrats keep their majority in the virginia senate or whether republicans seize control there.
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now, voters we have spoken with today say that they are very well aware that power hangs in the balance. here are thoughts now, first, from a man who decided to vote democrat and then from a republican voter. >> want all the parts of government to be one party. i kind of like to see a little balance of checks and balances. that went into my decision in terms of how i was going to vote on that. >> i a republican. i side with them. i do believe in a balance of power, but there's a lot of everything that's going on with the economy and everything, i believe there are republicans have a better grasp of that and i hope that we will see what happens. >> we certainly will see what happens. the other thing driving turnout in a lot of fairfax county areas. the school board races some
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incumbents not seeking re-election there. this is infirst full-scale re-election since redistricting. there was some incorrect precinct cards cept out to some voters in some areas. nearby here at the rose hill polling place, some problems this morning because voters had been directed to the wrong precinct, but the board of elections brought some in maps and sorted it out and everybody was directed to their proper precinct to cash ballots. reporting live from fairfax county, i'm julie carey. the voters in maryland are also heading to the polls today. buoy, rockville and tacoma park are all holding elections today. those polls close at 8:00. polls at all six locations close at 8:00 tonight. we invite you to stay with news 4 for all your election news. we'll have complete coverage on all the races and the results tonight on news 4 at 11:00 and online at a teenager who was shot on
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halloween night in the heart of georgetown has died from his injuries. 17-year-old ty garner of southeast was shot while he was in the 2800 block of m street. he survived for a week in grave condition, but he died overnight. pat collins spoke to the victim's family and joins us from georgetown with more on their story. pat? >> doreen, five years ago his brother was murdered. shot in the head. he was 17. now, ty garner dies the same way. at the same age. >> everybody just want to go out and have fun on halloween and it just turns out to be something terrible. a night of fun can turn into a nightmare. >> reporter: that's althea, cousin of ty garner. on halloween night ty shot in the head in georgetown. he was in the hospital for a week. he died last night. >> this is just hard right now because he's gone. he's gone.
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like he's 17. he didn't get to live a full life. >> reporter: the garner family, no stranger to this kind of sorrow. in 2006, ty's older brother, ronnie, murdered. shot in the head on alabama avenue southeast. at the time it happened, he, too, was 17 years old. >> it's a dramatic impulse for the whole family. it's like deja vu all over again. >> nightmare. >> it's a nightmare for the whole family. >> reporter: ty garner's family says he had some drug issues. that he had been sent to the new beginnings youth facility for five months. they say he was supposed to go directly to a treatment program in pennsylvania, but the family says there was a snafu. that ty got sent home. that he ended up going to georgetown on halloween and that had deadly consequences. i guess what you're telling me, ma'am. if new beginnings sent your son
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to the drug program in pennsylvania, he'd be alive today? >> yes. yes, sir. my grandson would have been alive today. >> now, as for the murder, sources tell news 4 they are looking into had possibility it came as a result of a dispute between two neighborhood groups. a violent conflict right here on m street. so far, no suspects, no arrests. back to you. >> pat collins reporting, thank you, pat. in maryland tonight, jurors have acquitted state senator curry after a six-week trial. the jury returned its verdict about 4:30 this afternoon. curry represents prince george's county in the state office. he was facing nine charges related to $245,000 in payments that he received from the shopper's food warehouse chain. prosecutors said he traded legislative favors for that money.
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the jury deliberated for three days before they found him not guilty. turmoil surrounding a sex abuse scandal at penn state university continues to build, but, the son of a legendary football coach joe paterno is denying reports that his father may resign. this news comes after an assistant coach was charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year time span. >> reporter: penn state football coach joe paterno heading to an afternoon practice hours after his weekly news conference was canceled. just minutes before it was to begin. >> due to the ongoing legal circumstances surrendered around the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today's press conference cannot be held and will not be rescheduled. >> reporter: that decision made by graham spanier. he and paterno face increasing scrutiny filed to sex charges being filed against jerry sandusky. >> i wonder when they're going
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to get in front of this and i think it's turn under toed into relations disaster. >> reporter: the school's athletic director and vice president are both charged with lying to a grand jury investigating the matter. college football's winningest coach also testified that while he doesn't face charges, there's criticism paterno did not do enough to try to stop the alleged abuse. >> i don't think he did anything legally wrong, but, i mean, ethically and morally, i'm disappointed in him. >> reporter: editorial calls for paterno and spanier to step down. discussions are under way on how to end the 84-year-old coach's tenure. paterno's son indicated otherwise. >> as i said before, there's been no contact about anything to do with anybody stepping down. that's all we have really at this time. >> reporter: penn state plays its final home football game of the season saturday against nebraska. mark barger, nbc news.
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>> coach paterno has not been implemesmplicated in the allege scandal or cover up. coming up, the doctor convicted in the death of michael jackson may not spend much time behind bars. why conrad murray's prison stay may be short term. a professor at george washington university has resigned amid allegations that she didn't show up for two-thirds of her classes still gave her students as. an asteroid is expected to fly by earth within minutes and experts say it hasn't come this close to us for 200 years. lucky miss, huh, doug? >> really not too far away from us. something else that we're going to be missing a big-time storm out there towards the west right now producing tornados and snowfall and to the east, a tropical storm. i'll show you how they all come together around our region later this week. i'll show you that in my full forecast. coming up in sports, the caps are seeing stars, patriot games over and the burgundy and gold decide to part ways with
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conrad murray spent his first night in jury under a 24-hour medical watch. yesterday he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. murray will remain in jail until he's sentenced, but it's unclear just how much time he'll serve.
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stephanie stanton has our report from los angeles. >> we, the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant conrad robert murray guilty. >> reporter: with that, dr. conrad murray became convicted felon. when the verdict was read, murray showed no reaction, but outside court -- there was jubilation among jackson fans. this morning on "today" show his older sister also recalled that moment. >> i thought i was going to feel as though i got a tremendous amount of relief, but i felt really numb and not only that, i started crying profusely. >> reporter: the prosecution requested that murray be put behind bars immediately and judge michael pastor agreed. >> i conclude that remand is appropriate. dr. murray is remanded to the custody of the los angeles sheriff without bail. >> reporter: the doctor was taken away in handcuffs, placed under a 24-hour medical watch. murray could serve up to four years in prison, but a california law recently passed
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to prevent jail overcrowding means he could serve far less than that. >> unfortunately, because of 8109, that the completely potentially failed system is now in place and it will be very difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for dr. conrad murray. >> reporter: murray will remain incarcerated for the next three weeks until he's formally sentenced. little comfort to a grieving older sister. >> i have been told that he might just get house arrest. i don't know. and it's sad because my brother is gone and nulothing will brin him back. >> reporter: soon dr. conrad murray will have to learn how much he will pay for his negligence. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. murray is still facing two civil suits. michael jackson's father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him last year. and jackson's mother filed a
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lawsuit against concert promoter aeg. she claims they paid for murray and are therefore responsible for his decisionmaking. members of the "occupy" d.c. group held a protester. clark construction is refusing to hire unemployed construction workers for the massive city center project. they claim two dozen unemployed construction workers were denied applications last week. the occupy group also released a video on youtube, which they say shows a d.c. police officer choking a demonstrator friday night. cathy lanier said the incident is under investigation and she accused the protesters of turning violent recently. a large asteroid is going to fly past earth ten minutes from now. it's supposed to fly safely by. they say it's a big one, about the size of an aircraft carrier. scientists say the asteroid is expected to fly past earth
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slightly closer than the moon's orbit at 6:28 p.m. that's inside the moon's orbit. between us and the moon, in other words. they do not expect it to hit earth. we are happy to hear. it will be 200,000 miles away, which is awfully close. but the asteroid will be, in fact, the closest it has been to earth in about 200 years. an asteroid this size won't be this close to earth, again, until the year 2028. >> should we be outside looking for it to go zinging by? >> you're not going to see it with the naked eye, but with a telescope, you will be able to see it as it will move across the sky. it will move very fast at 30,000 miles per hour and take ten minutes to get from one side of the sky to the other. if you have a telescope, you might want to get out there and watch it. you have ten minutes and my weather cast is only 3 1/2 minutes long. you might want to stick around for that. let's show you what's happening out there right now. first off, want to take a look
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and show you as far as the weather is concerned, down towards the kennedy center a beautiful night out there tonight and it's going to continue to be fantastic. at least one more day. it was really just gorgeous, once again, with bright blue skies. high temperature reached a high of 68 degrees above arvelg for the second day in a row. low this morning was 41. starting off very cool and then warming up very, very well during the afternoon with all that sunshine and that's kind of what to expect for fall. that is the kind of fall that a lot of us like. 59 degrees the temperature out there right now. wind out of the south at 6 miles per hour. 58 in martinsburg and 46 in culpepper, so, we are falling off very rapidly. any time you have dry air like this, it's very easy to heat up during the afternoon with the sunshine, but also very easy to cool down during the evening. so, i wouldn't be surprised to see if these areas into the 30s, once again, by around 10:00, 11:00 tonight. same goes for frederick, maryland, not reporting a temperature right there.
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59 in washington and river even cool at 47. doppler radar, nuthing to show you around our area, but doesn't mean that we're not worried about something going on out there right now. a big and very potent storm affecting center of the country. back towards kansas a mix of thunderstorms and they got snow around colorado. the third snow storm in colorado in the last three weeks and tornado warnings and watches up. six confirmed tornadoes today and they had five yesterday, so, that makes 11. they're still watching a chance for more tornadoes during the afternoon. that storm will move our way. then, it will actually interact with this. a tropical storm. this is tropical storm sean. that formed overnight last night into the day today. and right now it has wind of about 50 miles per hour and a pretty good spin to it. these two are going to come together just to our north and east. not going to cause real big problems for us, but what we are going to see is our weather change significantly during the day thursday and into friday. high pressure, plenty of
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sunshine and that's what we saw today with those nice, mild temperatures. as we move into the day tomorrow, another great day as high pressure continues to dominate and our frontal boundary and front making its way towards the east and tropical storm sean and all its tropical storm moisture just off the coast. that will try to move in here. we will see showers during the day on thursday and as this frontal boundary moves through, it will take the showers out, so not a washout, but we will need the umbrebrulas on thursday. the other thing you need, the coats. chilly late thursday into the day on friday. friday a lot of sunshine, but also notice back to the mountains, that is some snow back towards the allegheny front and maybe even some lake-effect snow up towards the great lakes. as far as the forecast goes this evening, clear skies, 59 to 53 degrees with a passing asteroid or two. tomorrow morning, we'll see the numbers cold again. 39 in some of the cooler suburbs to about 45 in the city and watch out for patchy fog. we've seen that two days in a row. mostly sunny, another one. 64 to about 68, but you know
6:23 pm
it's not going to last. 59 on your thursday and 53, windy on friday. some areas could be in the upper 40s during the day on friday. saturday and sunday, though, looking very, very nice. we will see temperatures back into the 60s as we head into next week. >> thanks, doug. coming up next on news 4 at 6:00, the u.s. supreme court is taking a look at whether police can use gps technology to track criminals without a warrant. and we'll hear
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tloo senior officials are being disciplined for what the air force calls gross mismanagement of the remains of fallen soldiers. those officials work at the air force morterary. the body parts of three service members were lost and never recovered. the body of a marine was mishandled. the investigation handled health concerns with reused boxes and unreported contaminations. all three of the officials in the department will move to new positions. there are reports that italian prime minister silvio berlusconi will step down next week. that news comes after berlusconi
6:27 pm
suffered two humiliating defeats today. first, a political powerful ally suggested it was time for him to resign and then parliament approved a routine budget matter. the vote sent a clear signal that berlusconi no longer commands enough influence to govern. late this afternoon, italy's president said berlusconi promises to resign next week after parliament passes economic reforms demanded by the european union. the world has lost a great champion. those words today from muhammed ali as he remembered the boxer smoking joe frazier. frazier died last night after a brief battle with liver cancer. he was, in fact, one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. but his legacy will forever be tied to ali. 1971 frazier became the first man to beat him. boxers would fight the two other times the last time being the epic thriller in manila. one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing. joe frasierer, 67 years old.
6:28 pm
up next on news 4, another woman has come forward raising questions about herman cain's behavior. >> as soon as he got off stage he was asking to be put in touch with a lovely young lady from the audience to ask a question. it struck me as odd. tonight she's telling her side of the story only on news 4. after 40 years in public office, marion barry looking to the future. we tell you who would like to replace him on the city council. movie night at the
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a teenager from southeast d.c. has died from the injuries he suffered in a shooting on halloween night in georgetown. 17-year-old ty garner was found in the 2800 block of m street northwest. he was suffering from gunshot wounds. he died last night. no one has been charged in that shooting. the son of legendary penn state university coach says his father has not been asked to resign because of the sex abuse scandal, involving a former assistant coach. the assistant was arrested over the weekend. police say jerry sandusky sexually abused at least eight boys over a 15-year period. sandusky says he's innocent. decision day 2011 is close
6:32 pm
to wrapping up. polls in maryland closed at 8:00 and in virginia the polls close at 7:00. all 140 seats in virginia's general assembly are up for grabs along with several local offices. republicans are attempting to take control of both chambers for only the second time since the civil war. several women have now accused republican presidential candidate herman cain of inappropriate behavior. >> now a local woman has come forward to say she observed behavior that may support their claims. >> jane watrel joins us with the woman's first television interview. jane? >> doreen and jim, she wants to make it clear that she was not sexually harassed by herman cain, but she says in her words she saw some very odd behavior from him back in 2002. so, the i.t. contractor says she's speaking out because of
6:33 pm
cain's recent denials of sexual harassment. >> how many women is she going to call a liar? >> reporter: donna is speaking out about what she witnessed when she encountered gop frontrunner herman cain nine years ago when he was a gospel singer and motivational speaker. she was running a seminar in egypt and hired cain. after an egyptian woman asked cain a question at a seminar, she said something ainge strange happened. >> she came up to a colleague of mine and said, can you put me in touch with the lovely young lady who asked the question? i would like to give her a more detailed answer over dinner and we thought that was kind of strange. >> reporter: she told cain she would not reveal the questioner's identity. then -- >> you and i could have dinner, i hate to eat alone. i kind of looked at my colleague like, you know, what do i do? and she jumped in and, you know,
6:34 pm
was like, let's all go to dinner together. >> reporter: cain didn't make any advances but the incident never left her. she said when she heard cain's recent denials of sexual harassment, she wanted to speak out. >> i felt a sense of outrage that mr. cain was imputing the character of these women. >> for mr. cain, it was another round of denials. >> with respect to the most recent accusation, i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. >> reporter: at that same news conference herman cain said he would be oepen to the suggestion of taking a lie detector test, but he says he would need a good reason to do it. reporting live in northwest, i'm jane watrel. back to you. >> thanks, jane. a professor at george washington university's medical school resigned last month after her students made some startling
6:35 pm
claims. the professor's name is orcutt and she's accused of not showing up for some of her classes during the 2009/2010 school year yet allegedly gave all those students a grades. at least three students wrote letters to gw this fall to complain about the situation. here's some of the reaction from campus today. >> i mean, if you're not learning anything, we pay so much in tuition and if we're not getting anything out of it at the end of the day, our money's going to waste. >> a lot of students sit back and say, i'm getting an a, i don't really care. i think it's good that someone stood up and told the truth. >> she was supposed to teach a class on evidence-based medicine. according to the students, she did not teach two of the three semesters of that course. george washington released a statement that reads in part "inuniversity is investigating the allegations that led to her resignation." activist for statehood for the district are turning to social media to gain support for their fight that's decades old now.
6:36 pm
the move to get full statehood has been an elisive goal since the 1970s. today, city and community leaders launched a new website. it's called they want to use that to take their campaign nationwide. about 150 people also demonstrated on the steps of the john wilson building today. they say district residents are being treated like second class citizens. there is some new speculation tonight about the political future of marion barry. the story in today's "washington post" says that barry who is 75 years old now is privately talking about resigning from the d.c. council in the next year or two in order to allow his son christopher to run for the seat in ward 8. barry has talked about the possibility for several years now, but sources close to christopher barry say that christopher has shown no interest in politics.
6:37 pm
one lawyer close to the barrys said it was the older berry wishful idea that his son succeed him. christopher barry operates a small painting company and was recently sentenced to 18 months probation for judge prozegz charge. christopher barry, through his lawyer, declined to comment. the councilman could not be reached for comment. the prince george's county welcomed a new member. derrick davis won last month's special election to fill the seat vacated by leslie johnson, who resigned after pleading guilty in a corruption scandal involving her husband, former county executive jack johnson. he also pleaded guilty to bribery. leslie johnson is scheduled to be sentenced next month. coming up, some incredible footage of a tornado just a few feet away from where it touched down. privacy in the digital age. the u.s. supreme court looks
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american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been... and always will be a smart investment. at&t. and, hello, everybody. i'm doug kammerer watching a very potent storm system right now into the middle part of the country. not affecting us today, obviously, another gorgeous afternoon. temperatures today approaching 70 degrees in some areas with the temperature right now of 59
6:41 pm
degrees and dew point right now at 59 degrees. we'll cool off overnight tonight. look to the west, a rather big storm producing some snow into portions of colorado and kansas and possible tornadoes today. that storm will make its way our way. it will take its time in getting here. 34 in monanassas and about 30 i frederick and 35 in washington. tomorrow, one more beautiful day. high temperature close to where we were today in the mid to upper 60s across the area and extended forecast for you one more time before we end the show in about 15 minutes. >> thanks, doug. some storm chasers out in a field just a few feet away. look at that, will you? it happened on monday. it's important to note that the person who shot this video was in a specifically designed car made to withstand a tornado as much as any car can. it was a powerful storm system
6:42 pm
that spawned several -- here it comes. spawned several tornadoes that damaged at least three structures. nobody was hit. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today over whether it's okay to let police use secret gps surveillance to track suspected criminals without a warrant. the government says it's a valuable crime fighting tool, but opponents say it's an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. >> reporter: the gps devices in our cars, but how police used it that ended up before the u.s. supreme court. in 2005, washington, d.c., police secretly attached a gps device to antwan jones' vehicle to track his movements for a month and used that information to convict him of dealing cocaine. the d.c. court of appeals reversed the conviction, saying the tracking was, in essence, a search without a warrant. >> antwan jones was convicted on
6:43 pm
the basis of evidence that was seized in violation of the fourth amendment. >> reporter: jones' attorney argued again today that police would want to use gps to track a suspect should first get a warrant. >> one of the justices said, you really mean that you could have and simply decide they want to track all nine members of this court. all nine justices to find out where we go in our cars. >> reporter: when the government's attorney answered yes some of the courtroom described all nine justices as unsettled. justice steven brier went so far to compare it to tactics in a big brother police stake. they can follow people around the block without a warrant and that gps is no different. while an american muslim group is concerned it invades privacy. >> if you watch them for up to a month, 24 hours a day, with gps tracking, you have every single minute movement. >> reporter: the court could decide by next spring to require
6:44 pm
a warrant before secretly installing gps. then another warrant for the data the gps collects. nbc news. more on the sorry state of the redskins or what? >> the gps for some more wins here. they make another change. the capitals return to their friendly confines and the unemployment line just got a lot longer and heavier. guess who's looking for a new
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
just talking about who's old and who's not and all of that. >> it is all relevant. >> daunty. >> he's 30 years old. >> that's incredible. >> i am about to call him an aging veteran and he's six years younger than me. after starting three rookies on offense this past sunday, the skins are shedding another semi-aging veteran and adding a wide receiver familiar. daunte stallworth has been released and anderson takes over his roster spot. he was released by houston where he played under shanahan in '08 and '09. he had five catches for 46 yards this season. and didn't start a game. stallworth only 30, but he's been playing in the nfl since 2002. he's not the speed merchant he
6:48 pm
once was. now without stallworth, santana moss and half the receivers that are on the opening day roster. albert haynesworth has worn out his welcome, again. haynesworth cut by the patriots after producing practically nothing this season. he played in six out of eight games for new england and had, wait for it, three tackles in six games. no s sacks. he was hurt and not reporting and got into an argument with a position coach -- shocking, isn't it? they traded for haynesworth thinking he would clean up his act after a troubled tenure in washington where the skins famously gave him a record-setting contract and $32 million for two years to do absolutely nothing. so, i guess that's a positive when you can see that shanahan cut bait right away at the beginning of this season and they didn't have to deal with that. can you imagine this record with
6:49 pm
haynesworth still in town? >> it would be awful. it would be awful. >> look how much time we didn't waste this season. >> i promise, this is the last time we bring his name up. >> we heard that before. >> you said that last year, didn't you? >> yes. a couple times, i think. as soon as he passed that conditioning test. redskins, as we know, 3-5 on the season. tied for last place in the nlc east with the eagles. the dream team as they have been dubbed and undubbed lost at home last night. is that a word? they're taking on the bears and they lost. put a dent in their playoff aspirations. the eagles came in and headed the right direction and looking for their third win in a row. under two minutes to play in the second quarter. chicago up 10-3. third and ten, matt forte makes the great adjustment on the catch but cough up the ball. rookie brian roll strips him and then returns it 22 yards for the score. the eagles tie the game at 10-10. third quarter, we're knotted at
6:50 pm
17-17. how good is number 2-5 been this year? 33 yard touch and the eagles take a 24-17 lead. philly would lead by four going into the fourth, but that final quarter a bugaboo for the eagles, once again. second and goal for the bears. jay cutler looking for and finding his former vanderbilt teammate earl bennett. five-yard touchdown and put chicago on top and the bears win, 30-24. philly drops, again. their fourth game of the year when leading in the fourth quarter, andy reed searching for answers. i know it's early and probably a pipe dream, but what we're going to see tonight at verizon center could be, could be a preview of the stanley cup finals. the 9-3 capitals hosting the surprising dallas stars that come to town with the best record in the conference. mike green misses his sixth straight game with an ankle injury. he hurt that ankle 17 days ago and still walking around with a
6:51 pm
limp. even without green, the players have been stepping up. fellow blue liner dennis widen picked up the scoring slack. currently the third leading scorer on the team behind that guy and nick backstram. get to star in goal tonight. bruce knows the stars are going to be prepared tonight. >> they got, they got everything going for them and they're feeling quite good about themselves right now. so, i believe they'll come in here. you know, loaded and ready to go. so, it's, again, for want of a better word, it's going to be a great test. >> obviously, we know it is going to be a tough battle and they're the hottest team in the west conference and it's going to be a big challenge and, you know, we are not scared and i think we should be able to play the way we played in carolina.
6:52 pm
60 minute solid game and we didn't do too many mistakes and it's going to be a big challenge for us, absolutely. >> the caps ready to geagainst the dallas stars tonight. hasn't been quite the year that terps fans were expecting in football. the terps just 2-7 and in last place in the acc under first year head coach randy etzel. this weekend, though, a chance for a big win on national television in an nfl stadium. maryland dropped its fifth straight game, a 31-13 loss to rival, virginia. the terp husband five turnovers and now 1-5 in the acc this year. they want to forget about it all and turn things around and make a statement as maryland takes on the storeied program from notre dame at fedex field saturday night 7:30 right here on nbc and ready to turn things around and take on tradition. >> you know, i have great respect for notre dame and what it stands for and what it's all
6:53 pm
about. i know that our young men do. but, yeah, a victory over them would be very rewarding. >> it's a huge game for us. i know we have a pro stadium, packed house and we haven't played -- and, you know, i think it's a huge game for our program being on national tv. >> they're pretty good up front. they're a national program and able to recruit on a national level. some pretty darn good players and it is an opportunity to show people our record doesn't reflect how good we are. i think we can play with most people in the country. >> too bad that wasn't a big deal. big deal to fill the seats there at fedex field. >> pat collins will lose his mind if notre dame loses to the terps. >> i bet he will be at fedex field. >> that would be worth every minute of next week for me. he sits two desks away, i would love to see that. >> thanks, dan. coming up next, d.c. is
6:54 pm
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sad news out of los angeles, the rapper heavy d. has died. he was born dwight myers in jamaica but grew up in mt. vernon. one of the more influential rappers in the '80s and '90s. hits included "overweight lover" and we got our own thing. no word on the cause of death. he was rushed from his home in beverly hills just before noon
6:57 pm
today and died a short time later at a hospital. he was only 44 years old. coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, the latest from a shocked and stunned happy valley where joe paterno just spoke to reporters outside his house about the scandal that is rocking penn state. we'll hear from a firefighter who was hospitalized for two months because of burns he suffered. he is getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. the incredible story of a man who stopped to help a woman change her tire and minutes later she saved his life. here in d.c. tonight, an invitation only premiere of a new movie called j. edgar. it's about the life and career about the controversial fbi director j. edgar hoover. >> reporter: j. edgar hoover thought of himself as the fbi director for life, leading his g. men against a crime wave, capturing private enemy number one.
6:58 pm
hoover kept dillonjure's mask in his office. this exhibit is on display at the museum online from the fbi where it was part of the most popular tour until the terror attacks of 9/11 closed the j. edgar hoover fbi building to the public. now the museum features this larger than life law man, whose real height may surprise the public. >> i am 5'4". >> j. edgar hoover is -- >> looks like 5'6". a small man with a large legacy. you can't about the fbi without talking about j. edgar hoover. he took a small federal agency and made it what it is today. >> reporter: hoover was nationally known but what many may not realize is that he was a local boy, born and raised near the capital in the eastern market neighborhood. as an adult he lived here on 30th place in upper northwest. he was a creature of habit. he ate lunch at the mayflower hotel almost every day for 20 years. when he died in 1972, he was buried at the hoover family plot
6:59 pm
at congressional cemetery in southeast washington. an fbi special agent designed and built the wroth iron fence around the grave site for visitors. >> every so often we'll see young men and women in dark suits with coils coming out of their ears walk in the front gate. sure enough on their way to see the director. they're new recruits and directors. >> reporter: the film j. edgar focuses not only on hoover's power but his secrets and his dark side. at the museum, chris gordon, news 4. >> that film opens throughout the country in theaters on friday. change is coming to our weather, doug? >> a couple people said they saw that asteroid as it was passing by. that's pretty cool. next couple days, the weather looking pretty good, at least, as i said, for the next couple days. 68 tomorrow, 59 on friday and big changes. right now the weekend looking pretty good. >> thanks, doug. that's our broadcast for now. "nightly


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