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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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that is not going to be arriving until later today. temperatures right now around the region are still not too cold yet. but they are going to drop out of the mountains over the next several hours. right now, it's in the low to mid 50s. but closer to washington, we are in the blue ridge from the bay to the eastern shore. right now, 49 at reagan national and it's in the mid 40s in bridge georges, arlington, fairfax and most of the montgomery county. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. and it includes the nearby counties of st. mae's, northern neck of virginia as well as the entire eastern shore. there is dense fog there this morning. a little sunshine in and out this morning. sunrise at 6:45. but a lot of cloudiness during the afternoon as that front
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sweeps in with a blustery wind. a lot of those leaves will come down. we may have a little rain coming down, too. there's a small chance of a passing shower later this afternoon. perhaps very early this evening. full moop rise at 4:46. then tonight, turning much colder. i'll show you that with your evening planner. danella, good morning. how is our traffic now? >> good morning. 66 inside the beltway. you're still seeing a lot of green heading out of wood bridge, making your way through i-95. not seeing any accidents, but i am seeing fog. very foggy. you've got to slow down and use your low beams as you're traveling for today. allow extra time. as you continue on fairfax county parkway heading towards
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395, still foggy in that area, as well. just be careful on the roadways. back in a mip with a look at your rails. joe, back to you. danella, thanks very much. breaking news, thousands of penn state students rioted in the streets of stage college, pennsylvan pennsylvania, overnight demanding joe paterno be rehired. the penn state board of trustees fired pa trn know and university president jim graham spanier. melissa is live on the campus with reaction. >> good morning to you. as you mentioned overnight thousands pouring into the streets. chaos as students rallied in support of joe paterno. the announcement was made just hours ago. some of those students went to his home to hear from the coach himself who had been told of the firing over the phone. >> hey, look. get a good night's sleep, all
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right? study. we've still got things to do. i'm out of it maybe now. a phone call put me out of it, but we'll go from here, okay? good luck, everybody. >> paterno was fired because the board says he didn't do enough to stop a child sex abuse scandal rounding former defensive head coach jerry sandusky. sandusky is being charged with abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. the board's vice chairman says swift changes were necessary in the long-term interests of the university. >> we thought that because of the disks that have maged the university, and they are great, that it was necessary for us to
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make a change in the leadership, to set a course for a new direction. >> earlier wednesday, paterno released a statement saying he planned to retire at the end of this season at penn state. he said i'm disappointed with the board's decision, but i have to accept it. >> melissa, thank you. this morning, texas governor rick perry says he was embarrassed when he could not remember one of the three agencies he says he would eliminate as president. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, and the -- what's the third one there? >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with -- education, the and let's
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see. i can't. the third one, i can't. >> but later in the debate, perry did finally remember that he would eliminate the energy department. >> perry's gaff at the debate overshadowed the controversy surrounding herman cain. he said the american people deserve something better than someone getting tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations. sharon bialek says cain must have amnesia when he said he did not remember her. she said cain groped her when she came to him for help in the 1990s. two other women who say cain behaved improperly toward them, they have not been named publicly.
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a practice of dumping bodies in a landfall has been discovered. those remains are now buried at sea. the revelation comes just days after investigators discovered the mishandling of remains at the dover air force base mortuary. >> it is now 5:06 today. u.s. and maryland state flags fly at half-staff honoring a soldier based in bethesda. army lieutenant colonel david cabrera died on saturday, october 29th in kabul. a taliban suicide bomber ran with explosives into an armored nato bus, killing 17 people, including dr. cabrera. he was a licensed clinical worker and social professor at the university in bethesda. a former prep school teacher will learn his fate today.
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david garrett orr will plead guilty today. he was arrested back in january after two former students in georgetown preparatory school said that orrmolested them while they lived on campus. orr was a jesuit priest at the time. you'll be able to drive the new county section for free. the entire length of maryland's only all electronic toll road will be free of charge. when the second section opens, it will allow drivers to drive from i-270 all the way to i-95 in lawyerel. the toll will typically be 25 cents per mile during peak hours. officials say it should cut travel times from gatingersburg to bwi marshall airport in half. struggling homeowners in prince georges county now have a
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new resource to avoid foreclosure. canny may will provide free education and one-on-one counseling to homeowners who need assistance. fannie mae says the centers have help hadded more than 9,000 homeowners nationwide, 60% of whom have been able to stay in their homes. prince georges county has the highest rate of foreclosure in the state of maryland. well, the salvation army is kicking off its red kettle fund-raising drive with a 36-hour bell ringing marathon. more than 275 of the red kettles will ring with their bell ringers will be out beginning tomorrow. the salvation army hopes to raise $1.6 million this holiday season. 5:08 now. 53 degrees. they went to turkey to help search for survivors, but some rescue crews needed some help of their own after another powerful earthquake. well, he has been cut from two teams in the last year, but that's not enough to keep him out of the nfl. we'll look at where albert haynesworth landed this time.
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plus, say good-bye to that beautiful and warm november weather. we h
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weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning, it's 5:11. this morning, we've had a few showers out of the mountains. those have now moved up into pennsylvania. we have a partly to mostly cloudy sky across much of the region just to the east of washington. from tacoma park to ft. washington, green about belt as well as springfield and temperatures are generally in the mid to upper 40s. these counties in gray under this dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning include howard and arundel, prince georges, points south and east. later today, any of that fog dissipating, sunshine in and out this morning through mid day. but then the chance of a passing shower mainly this afternoon. it's a small chance. we'll have the winds increasing, as well, getting blustery by
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late this afternoon and into this evening. winds could be gusting over 20 to 30 miles per hour. a lot of leaves will be coming down, which will clear out and get cold tonight. it will be near 40 tonight by midnight. by this time tomorrow morning, freezing. we'll look at big changes on the way friday into next week, too. danella, how is traffic? good morning. starting with the rails, so far, they are open and no reported delays on the metro, the mark or the re east. let's start with the wilson bridge. your lanes are open and you're clear in both directions, not seeing any problems for you as you make your commute this morning. here is a look at the key bridge, again, my favorite bridge this time of morning. no problems for you. if you're traveling in the southeast, nice and clear. no issues for you as you make your commute. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. >> thanks. 5:12 now. ahead today, wall street the bracing for another rough day as the financial crisis in europe continues to spread. a new place for america's
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wounded vets to get treatment. a look inside the brand new walter reed national medical center in bethesda. plus, tough financial times could soon mean the end of several
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this morning's job markets around the world are plunging on europe's debt crisis has affected italy. italy's borrowing costs set a new record above 7% after sylvia berlusconi announced that he would resign. the problem is that italy's debt is too large to bail out. if it's economy fails, the effects will be felt across europe and the u.s. right now, u.s. futures are up. yesterday, concern over the european debt crisis sent stocks
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tumbling on wall street. the nasdaq was down 105 points and the s&p 500 was off 46 points. new from overnight, rescue workers in turkey pulled a woman to safety after a new 5.7 magnitude quake hit the province of vann last night, late last night. the woman was found in the rubble of a collapsed hotel. she's part of a rescue and relief team sent from japan to help clean up the same area three weeks ago now. 600 people were killed in that quake. so far, at least seven people have been killed in last night's tremor. a member of the treasury department is facing assault charges after police say he punched a virginia high school football player. that's according to the washington post. edward bosaks, who is a criminal investigator with the treasury is accused of punching a 16-year-old player for the hilton high school team in late october. he volunteers as an equipment manager for potomac high school and his son plays for that team. his attorney says there was a
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melee on the field after the game and he's confident his client will be cleared. last night, a man wanted for armed robbery in st. louis turned himself in. he's accused of robbing a man in 1997 and appeared twice on america's most wanted. today, defense secretary leon panetta will dedicate the new medical center in bethesda. it's as a result of a merger of the national naval medical center and the walter reed medical center. this integration is all part of brac. and the d.c. war memorial is set to reopen today on the national mall. the memorial honors washingtonians who served in world war i and lists the names of those who lost their lives in that war.
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e-mails released by a house committee show a major donor to president obama push for a loan for solar energy company so lynd ra. the doe nor dused the possibility of a federal loan to the energy company. solyndra was the first company to receive the federal loan under the 2009 bankruptcy laws. it filed for bankruptcy back in september. there is a recall for chicken livers, manufactured in new york, have been responsible for at least 89 cases of salmonella. the lives come from schriber processing corporation. right now, there have been no reported outbreaks in maryland, but officials say they are not taking any chances. federal officials have been cracking down on businesses and the sale of tobacco. the food and drug administration
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has issued about 1200 warning letters in 15 states. most of the violations have been for selling cigarettes and tobacco products to minors. retailers may face fines if the violations are not fixed in follow-up inspection peps. the university of mafrld has one of the largest sports programs in the nation. now some of those teams may be on the chopping block. maryland's university faces $14 million in deficits this year and is looking to cut more than a third of the program's varsity programs. the men's swimming and diving teams have been recommended for elimination along with the water polo team. athletes expressed frustration. >> it was emotional. people didn't believe it. i still think it hasn't set in completely yet. right now, it's almost worse because we know it's been sent to him. we know what they want to do and we're waiting to hear the words, you know, your program was cut.
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it's a really emotional day for us yesterday. several teams have started facebook pages in hopes of saving their programs. one group has over 8,000 members including under armour founder kevin flank. >> some think swimming is one of the all-time great activities you can do for your whole life. >> very upsetting, especially for those students who it's part of their lives. >> exactly. now here is tom. >> good morning. brace yourself for cold changes to be coming our way later today. in fact, by this time tomorrow morning, temperatures may be 20 degrees colder than they are now. over the last 12 hours, we've had a cool front approaching us. it's triggered a few showers out ahead of it. right now, a few sprinkles in allegheny county. a few breaks in the clouds. but temperatures right now that are in the 40s to low 50s. they're not going to warm up much. maybe about 10 degrees. by later today, upper 40s in
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washington and montgomery. arlington, fairfax, prince georges county. off to the west, it's near 50 in the mountains. all these counties in gray under a dense fog advisory, including howard and anarondo, northern neck eastern shore, fog there is dense enough to reduce visibility dramatically this morning. sunrise will be at 6:45. by 9:00, a little sun in and out. and a little sun in and out. but quite a bit of cloudiness this afternoon, there's a small chance of a shower. blustery winds will knock down the leaves and bring in the cold weather. by dawn tomorrow, near 30 degrees. afternoon highs tomorrow with a blustery wind, only near 50. but it will be sunny. sunny over the weekend, too. near 30 in the morning on saturday. sunny on sunday. morning lows near 40, afternoon highs near 60. then a bit milder as we get into
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next week. a lot of clouds around and the chance of a shower on tuesday. now, danella, how is traffic? >> it's still pretty good in our area. but if you're traveling in saberna park, have an accident. a car struck in that yeah. and traveling the outer loop of the beltway, still seeing some fog on the beltway. so far, your inner lanes are open and i'll give you a travel time right now. 54 miles an hour as you make your way from i-95 to i-270. traveling in virginia, you're clear, as well. in fact, on the inner loop there from the wilson bridge to van doren street, you're at 55 miles per hour. back to you. 5:23 now. the redskins will be shorthanded when they hand out this weekend. it is the same issue that sidelined landry for much of the second half of the season. he hasn't been ruled out for
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this weekend's game yet. nice paul and santana moss won't play because of injuries. the tampa bay buccaneers have claimed haynesworth. the bucs are haynesworth's third team in one year. >> third time is a charm. savannah guthrie sat down with dr. conrad murray. in the interview, conducted before the verdict was delivered, murray talked to guthrie about the details of the night jackson died and about the use of propofol. >> don't you bear some responsibility? the propofol is in that room because you prescribed it to him. >> this is the situation. it is difficult to -- i met michael was a situation where he was absolutely having use of that substance long before i got there. >> but own your portion of it.
5:25 am
were you right to leave him in a situation where he had the opportunity to inject himself? >> well, i'm going to say that was not a foreseeable situation. if mr. jackson -- >> it wasn't? >> no, no. had i known what i know today, in retrospect, that mr. jackson was an addict and he had shared that information with me, addicts may behave in a way that is unreasonable and you may consider it. but you -- >> but you yourself just said he was a desperate man. and you left him alone with propofol. >> he was asleep. >> savannah guthrie's full interview with murray will air in two towards, this morning and tomorrow morning on the "today" show. coming up, one of the washington nationals rising stars is missing this rng month. what police believe happened to the star while he was in his home country. trying to avoid the mess of
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winters past. the idea local leaders think can help us avoid another snow-mageddon. plus, getting the washington monument ready for
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amazing. students at penn state take to the streets after the sex scandal at the university cost joe paterno his coaching job. the big blunder for texas governor rick perry. what slipped his mind during the latest republican presidential debate? good morning to you. >> welcome back to news 4 today this thursday, the 10th of november. let's take a live look outside. beautiful skies right now. it looks like we have clouds overhead and we have some fog. >> it's dense in parts of howard, privilege georges, st. mary's. visibilities are down to a quarter of a mile, so watch out for that. here is what's been happening. we've had the clouds closing in ahead of a cool front that has been triggering some showers out
5:30 am
in west virginia and far western maryland. those have now moved up into pennsylvania temporarily. however, later today, we could get some more as the cool front itself does move on through later this afternoon with some gusty winds. right now, comparatively, it's mild to what we're going to be feeling this time tomorrow morning. in fact, by this time tomorrow morning, these temperatures we see now may be about 20 degrees colder. it will be down, at or below freezing by dawn on friday. right now, though, it's in the low 50s to upper 40s throughout much of the region. where the fog is thickest, it's under 40. the fog advisory includes howard, prince georges, charles, calvert and st. mary's. as well as the southeastern and northeastern parts of washington. there's patchy, dense fog there.
5:31 am
here is your day planner. sunrise will be at 6:45. maybe you have sunshine in and out this morning through mid day. cloudy this afternoon. gusty winds increasing. the front coming through might trigger a late afternoon showers. cold changes tonight. we'll look at that with your evening planner. . we're starting with delays of brunswick, delay of five minutes. you're at 55 miles per hour. if you're traveling southbound on bw parkway as you make your way past new york avenue, you're at 59 miles per hour. not so bad. but i am seeing some conguston starting just a bit on i-66. here is sully road. you still have a pretty good travel speed in virginia as you head towards the beltway. if you're making your way from
5:32 am
fairfax county parkway, takes you ten minutes to take that trip. joe, back to you. breaking news right now, thousands of penn state students riot in the streets last night demanding that joe paterno be rehired. the winningest coach in college high school and university president graham spanier were fired last night. it's part of a sexual abuse scandal that has rocked penn state university. >> i would hope that everything that we're doing is what we believe is in the best judgment, in the left long-term intts interests of the university which is much longer than the athletic program. >> former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period.
5:33 am
before the rioting began, paterno thanked his supporters who gathered outside his home. >> a phone call put me out of it, but we'll go from here, okay? good luck, everybody. one thing. thanks and pray over those victims. >> penn state says the defensive coordinator tom bradley will take over as interim head football coach. later today, we are expected to get an update on the virginia senate race still considered too close to call. election officials will finish canvassing votes later today. the outcome of the race will determine whether republicans have complete control of the commonwealth. the 17th district includes all of culpepper and frederick counties, louise and albamoro counties. louise is claiming he beat out the incumbent. the state board of election is set to certified the totals of
5:34 am
november 28th. after that, the loser can ask for a recount. if reeves win, republicans would have control over the general assembly. today, engineers will prepare to fill cracks in the washington monument. the same crew that propelled down the washington monument in september will be back to work. they happen they will set up for the weatherzation tools. the superintendent of the national mall and memorial parks says this is a permanent solution until more permanent repairs can be made. and with winter on the way, a panel of local leaders have proposed some ideas they hope will avoid another carmegeddon. a committee was formed after a snowstorm left thousands of commuters stranded on the roads for as long as 12 hours back in january. remember this ugly scene? they say a two-person task force
5:35 am
should be made to coordinate communication, that the region's traffic system should be in effect 24/7 and that all traffic signals should have backup battery power. 5:35 is the time. now back to politics. republican presidential hopeful rick perry says he's embarrassed by his performance in last night's presidential debate. he apparently went blank while trying to answer a question. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: hey, joe, good morning. this debate was all about the economy. while that was a big focus, we thought the sexual harassment allegations against herman cain was going to be a big issue, what everyone seems to remember in this debate wag rick perry who sort of stepped in it when he tried to answer a question about which three federal agencies he would eliminate if he became president. here is what he said. >> i will tell you, it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the --
5:36 am
what's the third one there. let's see. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the -- >> commerce. >> commerce and -- let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. >> ouch. perry admitted it was a really embarrassing moment. in fact, in a tweet afterwards he said, and i quote, really glad i wore my boots tonight because i stepped in it out there. and he went on to say i did still name two agencies to eliminate. obama has never done that. besides that and besides the one comment that herman cain gave about the sexual harassment allegations saying, look, we really need to focus on the economy, that's what people need to hear about, not character assassinati assassination. one thing that all of the republican candidates pretty much agreed on is no more bailouts by the u.s. government. joe. >> thank you very much.
5:37 am
tracie potts, reporting live, i'm glad no cameras follow me when i go to the giant food store. thanks very much. our time right now is 5:37. alaskans are used to dealing with rough weather, but nothing like this. a powerful storm has sent them running for cover. and a frightening accident caught on tape. what metro thinks helped save this child's life after being hit by a bus. plus, i hope you enjoyed your nice weather because it [ female announcer ] if you're considering going back to school,
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welcome back at 5:40. take a look at this nasty snowstorm hammering the west coast of alaska. winds as high as 100 miles per hour as well as giant waves and blowing snow are pummeling homes near the ocean. many homeowners left their home and those who are staying behind are being warned of more waves and possibly blizzards heading their way. they are in the middle of it. >> that really almost looks like fake snow during a movie scene. it is so amazing. >> that looks pretty bad out there in alaska, that's for sure. let's go to tom to look at our forecast. you can see what the fog looks like creeping over the capital,
5:41 am
tom. >> good morning. right now around our region, we've had a few clouds coming through. at 5:41, a few sprinkles out of the panhandle of west virginia, in mineral and morgan counties there, they're getting a few sprinkles. those are heading off to the north. elsewhere, we've got clouds in and out. temperatures are in the mid and upper 40s close to washington. shennendoah valley, points west. as well as southern maryland and around the bay where there is some patchy, dense fog this morning. we have a dense fog advisory for howard and prince georges, st. mary's and the eastern shore until 9:00 this morning. you can see that fog hovering over the capital approximately it's low cloud deck getting lower and lower. we may get some fog here shortly. during the early morning hours, maybe sun brocking through from time to time. this around, chance of a passing shower from the barry farm
5:42 am
neighborhood to kensington. there will be perhaps a brief time when temperatures will reach the upper 50s. then, tonight, turning much colder as we clear out a blustery wind. it will be near 40 by midnight and near freezing tomorrow morning. a look at those cold changes tomorrow. we'll look at the weekend into next week. danella, how is traffic? >> we're starting to see some congestion in our area as you take the drive along i-95 heading north. seeing red in that area. we'll take the drive together. your delays actually start prior to dell city, right around route 234. as you continue heading towards woodbridge, you open that just a bit. i've give you a live camera. this is the view. it's not so bad. as you make your way on to 395, it's pretty much clear and your lanes are open. conguston is starting to build just a bit. you have a really good travel speed and no accidents to report as you make your way towards the 14th street bridge. joe, back to you. time is now 5:43.
5:43 am
a developing story involving a talented young nationals player who is missing this morning. why thinks success last year may have made him a target in his home country. coming to the aid of a bird in need, why this woman's training may have saved the life of this hawk. plus, money may want be everything for college students looking for a job these days. the perk that many of them say the perk that many of them say they're looking for this in
5:44 am
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back after you spend $500 in the first three months. get your cash back. call or visit our website to apply. welcome back. at 5:46, we're atop a developing story this morning. washington nationals catcher wilson ramos has been kidnapped. he was abducted in his native home venezuela. >> catcher wilson ramos had returned to venezuela to play with a winter league team. he was at his family's home when according to venezuela news accounts, four gunmen burst in and kidnapped him at gun point.
5:47 am
now, the family has reported the crime to police, but they have reportedly not heard anything from the kidnappers. now, the nationals have not yet confirmed or commented on the kidnapping, not as of yet. however, the president of the tigers spoke to reporters outside ramos' home saying, besides being a baseball flared loved by fans, we're talking about a human being. we're hearing from nationals relief pitcher drew storen. he tweeted earlier, extremely upsetting news about ramo. thoughts and players with him. scary situation. wilson ramos is 24 years old. he had just completed his rookie year with the nationals and is considered one of the young promising players of the team. he's believed to be the first active major league player to be kidnapped. however, there have been a number of incidents where family members of players have been kidnapped and held for ransom.
5:48 am
his condition at this point is unknown and we're still waiting to hear from the nationals. >> maegan, thank you. take a look at this video captured from a security camera on the bus. the accident occurred when the boy darted out into the street from between two cars. fortunately, the bus was going only 10 to 15 miles per hour. and the bike rack made contact with the boy instead of the actual bus. >> this operator has had upwards of three decades of experience. so he's seen, you know, this kind of thing before but, you know, it's always unnerving when you have something that's this close. >> the boy suffered only a bruise on his left hip. metro says actual accidents with pedestrians are rare because drivers go through two months of intensive training. now to a news 4 iteam exclusive. a look at where the pot may be
5:49 am
growing for the district's new medical marijuana business. 24 out of the 28 applications for new consult vacation centers in the city are in one section of northeast d.c. some residents there are furious. they say it's unfair their neighborhood could be ground zero for a business they see as unseemly. >> we're in the heart of the community where it's been truly plagued with the issues, crime and drugs for many, many years. and this is going to add to it. >> how are they going to deal with security? how are they going to deal with people buying their medical marijuana and turning around and selling it inspect those questions need to be answered. >> community leaders have held public meetings so residents can voice their concerns. they plan on holding at least two more meetings before december when the city must decide where the marijuana factories will set up shop. the fbi may be changing addresses. "the washington post" reports that the government accountability office filed the report on the j. edgar hoover building saying it is, quote, aging and deteriorating. there are options, but all of them are costly. they can stay put and renovate
5:50 am
the building. they can demolish it and rebuild on the same site or they can build a new headquarters at a new location. all of those options would cost anywhere from 800 to $50 million to $1.7 billion. a local watchdog group is calling for a maryland state senator acquitted of bribery charges to be sen temperatured. common cause maryland says senator curry should face an official reprimand from his colleagues. curry was originally charged with accepting more than $245,000 from shoppers food warehouse and was acquitted of criminal charges on tuesday. curry does admit the conflict of interest. and the senate president says curry will face a senate ethics probe. a sweet deal for some george washington medical students. not only will they get to keep their credit for as they received in courses that were never thought. they'll get their tuition funded from those classes. this stems from a controversy.
5:51 am
the chair of the assistant physician department resigned amid accusations she never taught two online courses. vanica orcut committed breaches of professional conduct and academic standards. there's a new warning out this morning on the dangers of traffic fumes. researchers say auto exhaust appears to have an impact on mental capacity, intelligence and emotional stability of people. and if you drive in the washington area, you are stuck in traffic jams a lot. the region had the most wasted hours last year followed by chicago and new york. a new survey finds college graduates are picking jobs based on the company's facebook stat yumm. one in three graduates says the freedom to use social sites was more important to them than ta large paycheck. more than half the students say if they were offered a job at a company that banned social media
5:52 am
use, they would turn it down. two-thirds of them say social media is so important to them, they would is ask about social media policies during job interviews. if you're going to use it, you better ask about the policies. >> that's right. you have to be careful with those things, especially at work. big changes are on the way and they'll be arriving later today. good morning, meteorologist tom curine. right now, we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky. overnight, we've had a few showers that have passed through eastern west virginia, now up into pennsylvania. maybe a few lingering sprinkles in morgan county, west virginia, up into allegheny and western washington county. and we've got quite a bit of cloudiness around. trurs general lit in the low to mid 50s throughout the region. we have dense fog, as well. these counties in gray under a fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. includes holland, prince georges, st. mary's, northern neck and the eastern shore. watch out for that this morning. sun recess will be at 6:45. between now and then, we'll
5:53 am
climb into the upper 50s by early afternoon. a little sunshine in and out through mid day. later this afternoon, there is a small chance of a passing shower as the cold front comes through with a gusty wind. it's going to get blustery tonight. we'll have our temperatures plummeting. it will be down to near 40 with a gusty wind. that will be around midnight. during the day tomorrow, it's going to be a blustery and chilly day, near freezing tomorrow morning. afternoon highs only around 50 and a wind gusting maybe 35 miles per hour tomorrow. then the winds will diminish friday night, saturday morning, upper 50s and sunny. sunny on sunday, morning lows near 40, afternoon highs near 60 and getting mild as we get into next week. tuesday might get a shower. last tuesday, i visited the reed temple christian academy, a wonderful school in prince georges county. talked to these students in glenndale, maryland. and we had a great time there. they are so smart.
5:54 am
they knew so much about atmospheric science. we talked about all different types of weather and had a lot of fun. this, of course, at the end they were very good up until we took the photo. everybody had to do their acting out, you know, just for tv. and we had a great time. i want to thank donna edwards, school administrator for the invitation to the reed temple christian academy. danella, how is traffic? >> we had an accident right here. this one is on the right side of the roadway, traveling the outer loop just as you pass i-50. slow down a bit as you make your way towards that accident. taking a trip right now up to 70, seeing delays there, as well. as you leave urbana heading towards clarksburg, it is a slow trip. once you get towards clarksburg, you'll see some rain. the lanes open up just a bit and you're good to go. volume is increasing again in this area. so far, you're clear as you make your way towards the spur. and no accidents on 270 north or
5:55 am
south. seeing volume build right here oi-66 heading out of the bypass, making your way towards the beltway. your lanes are starting to fill up. but the good news inside and outside the beltway, you're clear. no accidents to report. on i-95 heading out of dell city, you make your way past the aquaquon. back to you. attention, bargain hunters. even more stores will begin their black friday sales the moment black friday begins this year. 1,000 gap, old navy, banana republic and athletica stores will begin sales on november 25th at the stroke of midnight. macy's, kohl's, target already announced plans to open early on black friday. a new wireless provider is shaking up the industry with an unbelievable deal. republican wireless based in north carolina is offering unlimited calling, texting and mobile data for $19 a month with no contract. really? the company is able to keep
5:56 am
costs down by routing as much of its network activity as possible over wi-fi internet connections. and those connections are better equipped for data intensive activities, including streaming music and movies with no additional costs. as long as it's not a root canal, root, route. a hawk got its claws stuck in the moving parts of a metro escalator. this happened on tuesday at the eastern market metro station. fortunately for the hawk, though, a veterinarian was one of the people that came to his rescue. dr. gene richards explains what happened. >> when he was standing there, you know, he grabbed him. but in freedom, but he didn't have a good enough hold, and so the hawk tried to fly away. and that is when he flew into the back of this bus stop glass head first.
5:57 am
and then he pretty much fell back. >> oh, man. richard called animal control. the hawk was taken to the raptor conservancy in virginia. that's a volunteer organization that helps injured raptors. >> how many times would you say you had seen a hawk stuck in a metro station in washington, d.c.? >> plus having a hawk expert right there to save your tallens? that's good for the hawk. i hope it is doing well. well, we asked you to give to the max yesterday to help out some great, local charities and -- boy, did you all give. thank you. nearly 18,000 people donated to the give to the max day raising more than $1.8 million. more than 900 charities in d.c. and virginia benefited from the marathon. d.c. profit for love of children received the most money with nearly $87,000. all of us
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news overnight. a chaotic scene on the penn state campus, a violent outbreak as students pour into the streets to show support for joe paterno. >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops.


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