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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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he first reported jerry sandusky allegedly assaulting a young boy. steps are taken to prevent another situation that happened last night. meanwhile nbc news has learned that joe paterno has reached out to a prominent criminal defense attorney here in washington. a man who once represented the first president bush. chris gordon is at the state college campus now with what's going on up there now. chris? >> reporter: here at the stadium it sounds like they're having a pep rally of some sort inside the stadium with their public address system. there is a heavy police presence tonight on and around the campus of penn state university. we want to show you the conditions as it exists right now, mounted police on street corners downtown, pennsylvania state troopers controlling in cruisers, local police as well. they are going around college avenue and bieber avenue but so
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far tonight no trouble reported like the near riot conditions that broke out last night. these penn state students ran wild wednesday night overturning a news van, throwing stones and breaking windows doesn't. it was all triggered by the firing of football coach joe paterno for failing to notify legal authorities when he was told former assistant coach jerry sandusky sexually abused young boys, some in a penn state football shower facility. . >> we all patched the feed from the board of trustees and heard about them dismissing him. the whole campus exploded. >> reporter: no student supporters out front, only the media. things have returned to normal downtown where wednesday' riot occurred. students camp out in tents at the stadium, a tradition before
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every home game known as paternoville, is not the only concern. >> the stooped rioting downtown, when that does settle out, people will see penn state is going to embrace the fact that child abuse awareness needs to rise up in this community and around the country. >> reporter: visitors gather and take pictures in front of the statue of joe paterno outside the football stayed number. this penn state student is from maryland. >> joe paterno has always been my hero. i've been a penn state fan since was 3 years old. you have to look at the victims here. if he did cover it up, i don't think i could look at him the same way again. >> reporter: penn state students will be holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow night for the victims of child abuse. as you can hear behind me, there's a drum line and a pep rally of sorts going on tonight here at the stadium.
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that's the latest from state college. back to you in washington. >> for the first time today the white house commented on the allegations of sex abuse. the statement read that allegations if prove i don't know true, what has happened is outrageous. it also goes on to say the president's thoughts and prayers are with the alleged victims of abuse and their families. chris will be reporting from university park tomorrow night at 11:00 as well as the student there is hold a candlelight vigil for alleged victims. >> a twitter feed from venezuelan police has reported kidnapped washington nationals catcher wilson ramos is alive. it the first positive news since he was abducted last night. jackie? >> reporter: security expert believe that wilson ramos was vulnerable, as within of the younger, less highly compensated players, he had not had a chance to equip his venezuelan home
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with the heavy security things like in some cases gun turrets and machine guns that mlb players who spend the off season in venezuela feel they need to protect their families. these are images of police in venezuela doing a forensic examination of the vehicles believed to have been used in the kidnapping of wilson ramos. it was recovered today. wednesday night the 24-year-old nationals catcher currently playing in venezuelan winter league was signing an autograph for a little boy outside his home. witnesses say a chevy suv pulled up, four men jumped and one put a glock miss tore to ramos' head and forced him to the vehicle. the growing kidnapping industry in venezuela is driven by one motive -- cash. >> oh, they are almost all for profit. and venezuela i believe within the last two years, i believe it was '09, had over 600
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kidnappings of wealthy and prominent individuals, including sports figures. >> roman said it's not known whether ramos has what's known as kidnap insurance. >> fundamentally what it is if an individual is kidnapped, they would have to front the ransom. the family would have to have prior arrangements to make payments from their funds. >> reporter: ramos, who is not a u.s. citizen, but does have a green card is dependent on the notoriously corrupt vaenzan government for help. >> it's likely if he's located there lab commando raid. that seems to be the police function down there. restraining orders they plan to release sketches of the kidnappers in the next few days. >> jackie bensen reporting. thank you. family pems are speaking out about reports that their loved one's remains were mishandled at
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dover air force base. cremated bodies ended up at a land fill in virginia. this father just fond out his son could be among them. >> they had one bag going from one station to the next station. the guy that was transferring it noticed there was not anything in the bag. maybe there are some things that's not what i think they should be but i'll never know. >> three senior officials at dover have been disciplined but so far no one has been fired. defense secretary leon pan et says he's looking into that. >> outside tonight temperatures are falling and that ain't all. doug? >> not only are we going to see low temperatures tomorrow, we're going to see something we haven't seen too much all year long. and that so far is the wind chill. currently 36 at frederick, 36 in leesburg, stanton at 26 degrees and currently 44 in washington. that's nothing come pared to
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what you'll see when you wake up tomorrow morning. i'll show what you i'm talking about in my full forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> in decision 2012 republican candidate herman cain says he's gone through hell. he raised nearly $2.5 million since the sexual harassment claims against his first surfaced. the women making the claims are planning a joint new conference but have not agreed on a place. cain camend fire -- under fire when he kfrd to nancy pelosi as princess nancy. >> during the debate, rick perry struggled for 45 seconds to remember a government agency he'd like to eliminate. he's fallen to fourth place in the latest nbc poll. perry says he's staying in the
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race and will be in saturday's debate in south carolina. >> officials at twitter will have to hand over the private information of three people connected to an investigation of the web site wikileaks. a federal judge ruled the account holders had no expectation of privacy when they used twitter. the justice department is trying to determine where the three people used twitter and who communicated with them. wikileaks has released thousands of classified u.s. documents. >> police caught a break investigating the robbery of some girl scouts when the suspect returned to the scene of the crime. investigators say the girls were selling cookies at the walmart store on crane highway last month when somebody grabbed their cash box. last night an officer arrested one of the suspects at the same shopping center. police hope he'll lead them to the others involved. >> tomorrow marks the 11th day of the 11th month in the year
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2011. and there are pretty much a lot of people who are hoping to tack advantage of that date. >> reporter: we're standing at convenience store. right now i want to highlight an 11-year-old, soon to be 11-year-old tomorrow. he is vienna, virginia football team celebrated tonight. ♪ happy birthday to you >> a time-out for joanna adler's special time. he turns 11 years old on november 11th, 2011. >> how does it fell? >> amazing. >> he recently realized his birthday falls on 11/11/11. >> very slim odds. >> we figured it out.
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>> i'm going to take him to play the lot owe. >> 11-11 is so popular you can't play it with pick four. you think i'm kidding? take a look. what does it say? sold out. bruce walker thought he could play 11-11. he's the self-proclaimed number expert. just look at his shirt. >> 11-11 has been a hot number for the past few months. so yeah, yeah. >> reporter: if it's been so hot, why haven't won? >> that's a good question. >> happier times a the 11-11 parties. check out the within at 1111 northwest 11th street. >> i'm going to have a party at my apartment and it's going to a military theme in honor of veterans day. >> back at joanna's football practice, i threw him a celebratory touchdown. happy birthday, joanna, and to anyone else born on november
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11th. >> thanks. >> coming up north korea, the news 4 eye team exclusive, a marijuana factory in the same building with two churches. >> a glimpse in the watergate scandal. a new look at grand jury testimony has been made public. >> plus he collapsed just feet
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a city councilman has introduced mmg legislation to limit the number of marijuana farms that can set up in one d.c. neighborhood. it follows a news 4 iteam investigation. >> last night we showed you how 90% of the organizations who applied to grow medical favor want a want to set up in ward 5. ward 5 councilman harry thomas tells us he's going to introduce emergencies legislation that will limit the number of centers in his ward. but the people who want to grow
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their mayor want say the neighbors have nothing to be afraid of. montgomery player is taking us through a tour through unmarked passages and three lobbed doors. >> you can't get into this facility except through the door. restraining orders behind this door, he said he and four other applicants have teamed up hoping to grow medal marijuana. he said strict zahning laws and cheap rental space is why so many applicantsnded up in the same neighborhood. but neighbors worry these pot farms will encourage crime to grow. >> drugs are being sold, robberies -- my car was just broken into less than a week ago. >> reporter: a news 4 i team analysis of crime data shows many of the marijuana applicants want to locate in spots directly
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across the street from recent thefts, robberies and assaults. >> my sense of this is as these growing centers wherever they are located, the crime will become less because of added security. >> reporter: d.c.'s department of health will license up to ten licenses to grow marijuana. they get some say as who who moves in but they can't stop it from happen persian gulf. >> they have a lot to say in this process but they don't have veto power. >> reporter: that's why he's reaching out to his neighbors trying to calm their fears. like the two churches in his building who would share space with hundreds of marijuana plant ps. >> we've spoken to the people here and we understand it's at its base a humanitarian evident to relieve suffering. they didn't seem to have any problems with it. >> reporter: we contacted the churches in his buildings several times and no one got back to us. the councilman says the whole process is moving too fast. at next money's council meeting,
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he's going to introduce a moratorium bill to limit the number of cultivation centers that can cluser in one ward. we'll be there and we'll let you know what happens. jim, doreen. >> there's a great deal of new information from the watergate scandal that was released by the national archives today. the documents reveal what former president richard nixon told a grand jury ten months after resigning the presidency. nixon described his anger at an 18.5 minute gap found on a recording of a watergate meeting. he said, and i quote, i practically blew my stack. i don't know how it happened. a secretary claims she accidentally erased the tape leaning over to answer the phone. you can read and listen to all the new documents. we invite you to nbc and then search nixon. >> a runner in maryland thanked the people who saved his life today just weeks after he collapsed near the finish line
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at the baltimore marathon. bob pole was just a few yards from the fin, line when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. thankfully a city police officer saw it happen, gave him cpr and helped rush him to the hospital. today pole got to meet the team that came to his aid and received a special award from the marathon committee. wow, he's a lucky man. >> sure. >> so it is darn cold out there tonight, doug. you said it was going to happen but still, it's shocking. >> just wait until you wake up. if you wake up and you walk outside tomorrow morning after the morning we saw this morning, it going to feel about 20 degrees colder. is that enough to make you feel a little bit colder? temperatures tomorrow morning are going to be in the 20s as far as the wind chills are concerned. right now down toward the portrait gallery, not a bad night right now. the wind has not quite peicked p in most areas. that with temperatures in the mid 40s isn't that bad.
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but that's going to change. a high temperature today of 59 degrees, the low is 47 degrees. that's where we stand now. the average high is around 60 so we were close to average. those temperatures dropped quickly. right now 47 degrees, winds out of the west at about 7 miles an hour, our wind chill 44 in the district. not too bad but by tomorrow morning we're going to see those changes coming in a hurry. 39 in leesburg, 46 in culpepper, looking at 50 in cambridge. drop alreaoppler radar all clea moment. here's the frontal boundary that came through. these are snow showers making their way into portions of west virginia and western portions of maryland. a better chance of snow during the day tomorrow on our veteran's day out toward the west. if you're traveling out toward the west tomorrow, maybe along route 70 or interstate 70, you
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may actually run into a few snow showers out there. chilly and rather windy tomorrow with that northwesterly wind as it moves on through. we will see plenty of sunshine but it's not going to do a whole lot to warm us up. tomorrow is going to be a very chilly day, most areas into the upper 40s, maybe the low 50s. but with that wind, it's going to be rather snow. on saturday still going to be windy and a very chilly start but the winds are going to shift out of the southwest and that will help temperatures climb to about the average of 60 with plenty of sunshine. not a bad day on our saturday, especially late in the afternoon. mostly clear tomorrow morning, breezy and cold with wind chills in the 20s. 33 the actual temperature to about 39 in the city. tomorrow afternoon the winds could be gusting upwards of 25 to 30 miles an hour. i think the biggest thing you're going to notice, even though we warm back up to 60 on saturday, 64 on sunday and 66 on monday is
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the wind. i think we're going to stay rather windy, not just for the day tomorrow but probably right on through the middle of next week and i'm talking about 15 to 20, maybe 30 mile-an-hour winds right on through next week. kind of a windy period coming up but only one really cold day. >> that will be tomorrow. >> that's it. >> still ahead, how a dog with just two legs is helping to inspire six children
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boy, this thing is just getting deeper and deeper and growing more and more and gets uglier and uglier, too, as it
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goes. >> i tricked you with the first line of my script. >> why? >> because it says joe paterno but we're really talking about virginia tech. this is going to be a welcome relief. >> you shouldn't fool mother nature or me. >> you're a lot easier to fool than mother nature. >> yes, i am. >> with joe paterno no longer coaching the winningest active football coach now in the division i level, virginia tech's frank beamer. beamer trying to get career win up in 249 down in atlanta. gotcha! >> you did. >> no lack of team spirit down there. virginia tech travels well. not too far away from atlanta. we pick things up in the second quarter, tied at 7. hokies with the ball on the 9 yard line. logan thomas to jarrett boykins. thomas again looking downfield.
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this time to danny cole. danny making a couple of nice moves and i think he's going to go the distance. 63 yards, 21-13 hokies on top. thomas passes for 209 yards. georgia tech done 21-19. tevon washington says i will take irv -- almost. takes it done to the 2. hokies only allowing 86 rushing yards, gave up 247 tonight. and here is the touchdown that seals the deal, thomas to chris. his third touchdown of the game, 34-26 the final. hokies add a field goal and they win it. they are now 9-1 on the season. >> if the redskins are going to resurrect this season down in miami, they're going to have to run the ball to do it. during the first four games of the year when the redskins were 3-1, they were eighth in the nfl in rushing.
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the last four games when they were 0-4, 32nd in rushing. that's dead last, folks. when you run the ball, you also make john beck's life a lot easier. beck and the offense has been struggling mightily. with five starters missing because of injury, they've scored just 11 points in two games and for the season the offense only averaging 15. points per. the defense has been far from perfect but they still rank seventh in the nfl giving up just over 20 points per game. you have to wonder what the defense is thinking about the guys on the other side of the ball. >> you just try to pick 'em up. we see the potential in these guys. all through training camp and even in practices when we get out there going again them, they battle us tooth and nail. we just want them to take that same energy and enthusiasm on the field on sundays. >> we obtain and we can do some things better to help this team, too. nobody's played a perfect game, far from it. so, you know, until that happens i don't think anybody can say anything.
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>> the offense will pick it up. we got confidence in them. they'll get things going. we can't worry about -- you can't worry about what the offense is doing, what the special teams are doing. you can't -- as a defense you can't worry. the thing you got to worry about is what can you do to stop them. >> jim haslet did a poll, most des liked coach in the nfl, tom coughlin from the new york giants, mike shanahan the 11th most disliked. most of the most
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sometimes all you need is a little puppy love and that's exactly what sick patients are
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getting at hospitals all over the country. this is lance, who suffered a spinal cord injury at the age of 4. now he's got a new set of wheels and he goes around the country to inspire kids and mitt veterans showing them just about anything is possible and recovery is possible from almost any injury. >> here are pictures of that pep rally going on inside penn state stadium tonight.
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