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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the store is taking the hardest hit with a 16-pound turkey that will cost 4% more than last year. making a meal for ten will run you more than $49. i would guess. >> you could eat less turkey and more sides, which is what i like to do. >> it also doesn't say how much more than $49. $200 more. i hope not. >> no. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. . an all out search is under way right now for an up and coming nationals player kidnapped in his home country. what police are saying about his whereabouts this morning. i had a 5 hour energy drink six hours before the debate. >> rick perry is making the rounds and making fun of himself after the embarrassing gaffe at the latest presidential debate. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs.
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>> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this friday. it is 11-11-11. make a wish, joe. >> veterans day as well. all the veterans out there. >> we're going to check the forecast today. 5:01. weather and traffic on the ones. cold start. it's not all bad, tom. you've got pleasant news for the weekend. right now we're dealing with a big chill that blew in in the wake of that rain yesterday. in the last 12 hours, it blew out locally. quite a bit of cloudiness from loudoun county west to the panhandle of west virginia. much of shenandoah valley into the mountains, it's cloudy now. that bright moon is illuminating the landscape on this friday morning. right now temperatures are down into the low to mid-30s shenandoah valley and into the moun tatains and in those cloud. we're in the mid and upper 30s in arlington, fairfax, and prince george's county. we've had wind gusts as high as
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30 miles an hour. locally around washington, gusts are around 20 to 25 miles an hour. they're only going to increase as the day progresses. sunrise 6:46. we'll be just near 40 by 9:00. by noontime upper 40s. may touch 50 by the afternoon. wind gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour. clouds racing through as well. we'll look at your friday evening planner at 5:11. good morning, danella. how's traffic? >> good morning. if you're taking the rails, metro is running on a weekend schedule and no service on the marc or vre train. a lot of green in our area, especially along the beltway. if you're taking i-66 along the beltway, you're clear. first let's get to the beltway in virginia. as promised, here's a look at it at van dorn street. inner loop and outer loop, you're clear. i'll give you a travel time. if you're making the trip from the wilson bridge head to go van dorn street, you're traveling at 55 miles an hour. now on to i-66 outside the
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beltway at fairfax county parkway, you're clear in both directions. i'll give you a travel time as well. if you're traveling i-66 from fairfax county to the beltway, you're at 59 miles an hour. 5:03 now. new developments out of penn state this morning. nbc news has learned that joe paterno has reached out to a prominent criminal defense lawyer in the district. jay sedgwick sallers. he once represented george h.w. bush in the iran-contra affair. we're told that sallers has not met with the ex-coach and no retainer agreement has been formalized. paterno has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the case. an assistant coach and a key figure in the jerry sandusky abuse scandal will not be at the game against nebraska on saturday. former defensive coach mcqueary
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has been seereceiving death threats. students rioted wednesday night after head coach joe paterno was fired for failing to tell police sandusky sexually abused boys. right now it's time to focus on what's important. >> joe paterno has always been my hero. i've been a penn state fan since i was 3 years old. this is a horrible case. you've got to look at the victims here. if he did cover it up, i don't think i can look at him the same way again. > >> today the penn state board of trustees and governor dojohn corbett will meet to discuss the case and ensure it never happens again. officials from frostburg state university are working to reduce student violence in the wake of the latest student murder there. the school president is hoping to organize student forums to talk about conflict resolution and why it's hard for them to solve things peacefully. last weekend a 19-year-old student was stabbed to death off
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campus. it's the second murder of a frostburg state student in a year and a half. a 20-year-old was shot to death in april of last year. republicans have won control of the entire virginia government. democrat edd houck has conceded the race for the 17th state district. after the votes were canvassed, republican bryce reeves came out ahead. he won by 222 votes. that's less than a percentage point. republicans are now in control of the virginia senate, the house of delegates, and the executive mansion. prosecutors want former prince george's county councilwoman leslie johnson to spend time in jail for her role in a corruption scandal. they're asking a judge to sentence johnson to a year or more in jail. she pled guilty in a corruption scandal involving her husband former county council executive jack johnson. leslie johnson is scheduled to be sentenced next month. today, of course, is veterans day. there are many events honoring the men and women who serve in the military and sacrifice for
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our country. at arlington national cemetery, there will be a wreath laying at the tomb of the unknowns. there will also be wreath laying ceremonies at the world war ii memorial and the vietnam memorial. in manassas, the town's veterans day parade will be at 11:00. if you're driving to any of these veterans day activities, here are a few important things to remember. there are no rush hour restrictions or reversible lane changes in d.c. the d.c. department of transportation also says. there will be no parking meter or residential parking restrictions today. after being closed for almost three months because of an earthquake, the national cathedral is set to reopen its doors this weekend. the cathedral will reopen tomorrow and quick off the events to celebrate. three of the four pinnacles were destroyed in the earthquake back in august. the complete repairs will cost millions of dollars. the cathedral will help
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celebrate the consecration. it will also celebrate the marine corps and an interfaith day of prayer. if you plan to head toot district for veterans day, you may want to give yourself extra time. four metro stations on the green line are close the right now. the waterfront, anacostia, navy yard, and congress heights stations are all closed. they'll remain closed until monday morning when crews will replace track switches there. free shuttle buses will run from the l'enfant plaza station to southern avenue. all stations should be back open for your monday morning commute. and we're continuing to follow a developing story this morning. anti-kidnapping units are now looking for washington nationals catcher wilson ramos. he was abducted at gunpoint from his family's home in venezuela. news 4's megan mcgrath is live outside nationals park right now with the very latest on the investigation. megan? >> reporter: joe, venezuelan authorities say they have their very top investigators working this case, and they use their twitter account last night to tweet out that wilson ramos is
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alive. how they know that, though, is unclear at this point. the vice president of venezuela's professional baseball league says the kidnappers have not contacted the family yet. no demand for ransom has been made, at least not as of yet. the defense did find the suv that was used in this kidnapping. the crime scene text went over this vehicle. they were looking for any physical evidence that led to the kidnappers. wilson ramos was taken from the yard of the family's home on yesterday evening. he has not been seen or heard from since. a candlelight vigil was held in his hometown last night. there are many, many people that are praying for their safe return. it's the first time a player has been kidnapped in venezuela. there are several incidents where the family members of players have actually been abducted and held for ransom. it's not all that uncommon. it's happened often enough that
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athletes have gotten kidnap insurance. >> fundamentally, what it is, if an individual is kidnapped, they would have to front the ransom. in other words, the family would have to have prior arrangements to make payment from their funds. >> reporter: now, it's unclear whether ramos had such insurance, and obviously a lot of people very, very concerned. there's a big manhunt out there going on right now. they're searching for him, but as of yet, no word on his location or his condition although the police do say that they believe he is alive. we're going to have an update coming up later on on the show. back to you. >> megan mcgrath. thanks very much, megan. a little humor to try to turn around his campaign.
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brack.d good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein in stormcenter 4. it's friday morning. there are some clouds over parts of loudoun county and fauquier and points west, and we may have a few of those drifting farther east as the morning progresses. right now a chill in the air. it's only in the 30s throughout much of the region to near 40 in washington and by the bay. the winds are gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. sunrise 6:46. we'll have some of these clouds this morning. we'll be in the upper 40s by noontime. a blustery wind this afternoon gusting to around 30 miles an hour. we'll have highs reaching the low 50s by midafternoon and back down in the 40s by late afternoon. then this evening getting chilly. the wind should diminish a bit. blustery under a clear sky. temperatures down in the upper 30s. a cold start to saturday.
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looks like a bit of a warming trend for the weekend. we'll look at that and into next week. that will be in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? hov restrictions are lifted today in virginia and in maryland except along route 50. if you're taking route 50 for you, no problems just yet traveling east or west on 50. here's a look at lottsford vista road. traveling along i-95, here's a view at the rest area. traffic is very light traveling north and south. if you continue towards the springfield interchange, here's the view. i'm telling you no problems as you connect on to 395. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. ahead on "news 4 today," more unwanted attention for
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oakland. presidential candidate michelle bachmann had some unexpected visitors while making a speech in south carolina. occupy wall street protesters interrupted her speech chanting, "we are the 99%." bachmann left the stage under police escort. she returned a short time later to finish the speech and called the interruption disrespectful and ignorant. now to decision 2012. the republican presidential candidates are preparing for tomorrow's debate in south carolina. perhaps no one's studying harder than texas governor rick perry. he's been on national tv doing damage control over his brain freeze moment in the last debate. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with details. tracie, good morning.
5:18 am
>> reporter: good morning. he's doing a lot of damage control after that debate on wednesday night and forgetting what government agency he cut. the words wouldn't come to mind quickly while he was on camera. after a whole day of explaining himself, including on the "today" show, saying, i'm human. he went on late night tv. listen to his top ten excuses on david letterman. >> number two. >> i wanted to help take the heat off my buddy herman cain. >> and the number one rick perry excuse. >> i just learned justin bieber is my father. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: so having a little fun with it there, but on a serious note, analysts say he has got to be flawless tomorrow night in south carolina. his campaign's got to realize no more slip-u from rick perry
5:19 am
after a string of bad debates. speaking of debates, herman cain escaped a lot of questioning afterwards despite the sexual harassment claims that he denies. he is back on message talking about why he says americans get his 9-9-9 tax plan. so with cain and romney and perry all sort of in the top tier there along with ron paul, a number of other candidates will be fighting for attention, michele bachmann, rick santorum, newt gingrich -- all of them set to debate in south carolina. the focus that have debate is national security. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. new from overnight, police in oakland are investigating a deadly shooting near the city's occupy demonstrations. two groups of men started fighting near the protesters camp and opened fire. one man was killed in the shooting.
5:20 am
the city's mayor was demanding the end of the encampment immediately. she added the police would be better served trying to prevent crime around the city rather than trying to monitor the ongoing protest. san diego police are investigating a stabbing outside the chargers football game. a san diego police officer said the man was stabbed in the stomach during a fight at the qualcomm stadium parking lot. that occurred after the game. he said the stabbing had nothing to do with the actual game, and the injury does not appear to be life-threatening. facebook is closer to a privacy settlement with federal regulators. it would require the world's most popular online hangout to get approval from its users before making changes that expose their profiles and activities to a wider audience. "the wall street journal" reports facebook agreed to make the changes to resolve a nearly 2-year-old investigation by the federal trade commission. financing for the second phase of the dulles rail project finally appears to be back on track. transportation secretary ray
5:21 am
lahood reached a deal with the major stake holders paying for the $2.8 billion project. the department of transportation will offer federal loan assistance for fairfax and loudoun county as well as the airport authority. virginia will also contribute $150 million. 5:21 is the time right now. time again for weather and traffic on the ones. >> here's meteorologist tom kierein to tell us about the forecast today. tom, good morning. >> what a chill in the air on this veterans day morning. good morning. we've had the sky clear out overnight. areas just to our west in loudoun county, northern fauquier, and points west -- those clouds may make their way to the east. under a clear sky, they've got that bright moon. temperatures are chilly, down in the 30s through much of the region, except right around the bay. parts of southern maryland near 40 there in washington. the nearby suburbs, montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties, only in the mid and upper 30s this morning. it is chilly all throughout the region. 30s all to their west, winds
5:22 am
gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. during the afternoon, reaching upper 40s and low 50s. the wind gusting over 30 miles an hour. few clouds racing through. clear tonight, winds diminish. it will get cold. saturday morning, upper 20s to near 30. afternoon highs with sunshine, upper 50s to near 60 and a lighter wind. beautiful day sunday, up to the 60s after a chilly start. some clouds close in this part of the week. a bit chillier as we dry out wednesday, thursday. danella, how's traffic? >> still looking very good and light in our area. not seeing any accidents to report right now. if you're traveling in d.c., here's the look right now of second street and "h" street. you're in the clear as you make your commute this morning. not seeing any accidents for you. if you're traveling on the beltway in maryland. clear as well. inner loop as well as the outer loop in montgomery county. this is the view at the boulevard. 54 miles an hour as you head
5:23 am
from i-270 to i-95. this is traveling on the inner loop. it will take you ten minutes to make that commute. taking the beltway in virginia at robinson terminal, all your lanes are open, and you are in the clear in both directions. >> danella, thanks. 5:23 now. later today, you can hear from do conrad murray on what really happened inside the house the day michael jackson died. msnbc chronicleded the trial from the points of view of murray and his defense team. msnbc had exclusive access to murray's life. in 2009, murray agreed to make jackson his only patient. he lived with jackson in beverly hills. he talks about the bedroom where he treated jackson for insomnia. >> the bedroom that he slept in, where i spoke to him during the night, that i had to persuade him eventually to have it cleaned because it did not smell good, it was mildew, and i had
5:24 am
to get it clean. >> coming up on the "today" show, part two of the exclusive interview with dr. conrad murray. plus watch "michael jackson and the doctor" tonight at 10:00. a new treasure trove of documents released from the watergate scandal. president richard nixon told a grand jury ten months after his resignation, he called the break-in silly. and then he talked about the missing 18 minutes. sefd, i practically blew my stack. i don't know what happened. his secretary claims she erased the tape leaning over to answer the telephone. you can read the transcript and listen to the audio recordings. go to and search the word "nixon." the nba presented players with a new offer. but player representatives
5:25 am
probably won't need to discuss the offer until next monday or tuesday at the earliest. players union president derek fisher says it does not address the proposal concerning players. should players accept this deal, league commissioner david stern says the league could play a 72-game season starting december 15th. the nba season may be on hold, but the college basketball season is getting under way this week. perhaps the most anticipated game of the young season takes place tonight. it will not be played on a college campus. it will be played on an aircraft carrier. north carolina takes on michigan state in the carrier classic on board the uss carl vinson out in california. president obama will be among the 7,000 or so fans watching from the flight deck. rain is in the forecast for tonight, but organizers do have a backup plan. they're building a secondary basketball deck down on the hangar bay. >> the flight deck holds between 7,000 and 8,000 people. the court they're building in the hangar will be a bit smaller, so it won't be able to
5:26 am
accommodate everybody. >> the game was conceived as a way to celebrate veterans day. >> happy veterans day to you. you spent some time on an aircraft carrier. >> i did indeed. it would be very exciting to see a basketball game there with the president. did spend a couple years. >> very cool, joe. >> our time is 35k 26.
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the remains of dead service members. added police presence in state college, pennsylvania, as tensions remain high after the firing of coach joe paterno. a massive search is under way after the kidnapping of nationals catcher wilson ramos. >> good morning. and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is november 11th, 2011. friday, 11-11-11. pick four of the lottery. those numbers are sold out already. can you believe it? very lucky, i guess. >> just think somebody's turning
5:30 am
11 today, and maybe they were born at 11:11 in the morning. >> where is that person? >> we want to talk to you. >> big party. >> you're famous. this is the day for the ones. here we go for veterans day this 2011. we had a big change blow in. i just stepped out for a second and came right back in. that wind is gusting, and it is quite chilly. in fact, it's only around 40 in washington. with the wind gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. it feels like it's only around 30. over the last 12 hours, the sky has cleared out here locally after the rain we had yesterday. there are some clouds farther to our west. right now it's cloudy over parts of loudoun county and fauquier and points west. and some of those clouds are moving to the east will be with us for the morning rush hour. no precipitation, and the roadways have been pretty much blow dried overnight too. things are drying out from the rain we had yesterday. what a chill in the air. it's only in the 30s throughout much of the region.
5:31 am
mid-30s in montgomery and fairfax county. here in the district of columbia, it's only around 40. prince george's county, it's only in the upper 30s. low 40s right near the bay. sunrise at 6:46. we'll have a few clouds in and out this morning through midday. winds actually may be increasing as we get into the afternoon hours. highs reaching the low 50s. wind gusts to near 35 miles an hour this afternoon. swirling the leaves around and bringing a lot of leaves down too. getting cold tonight. we'll talk about that. your evening planner in ten minutes at 5:41. danella, how's the friday commute? still looking clear in the area. if you're taking any bridges, we're checking them for you. i'll give you a live look at the wilson bridge. your lanes are open. if you're traveling in southeast, making your way across the sousa bridge, not seeing any problems in either direction. same thing with the key bridge here, nice and clear. if you're commute leads you across the 14th street bridge, it's a breeze heading into the city.
5:32 am
if i'm not saying what's your scene, feel free to tweet me @danellanow. there are new developments in morning in the sex abuse scandal that has rocked penn state university. recently fired coach joe paterno is seeking legal advice while another coach is not going to take the field this weekend. melissa mollet is live with the latest. >> good morning to you, eun. we now know joe paterno has reached out to a high powered defense attorney. and defensive coach mike mcqueary, who testified to seeing sandusky abuse a young boy, will not be at the game on saturday. it's caused quite an event. dozens of police officers were out on campus last night preparing for riots like those we saw on wednesday. today the school's board of trustees will appoint a panel to investigate the circumstances
5:33 am
that resulted in the indictments at the school. governor tom corbett plans to attend. tonight a candlelight vigil for victims of sexual abuse will be held on campus. we spoke to some students camped out at paternoville for the game. >> i think the focus should be on the victims of child abuse and not on joe paterno or on penn state university, smearing the name. >> i'm still numb to some of it obviously. sadness, just disbelief. the victims -- i mean, my heart goes out to them and their families. it's absolutely awful. >> some joe pa supporters plan to wear white to sunday's game against nebraska while others plan to wear baby blue in support of victims of sexual abuse. along with his job as head football coach of penn state, joe paterno may lose a shot at the prestigious presidential medal of freedom. the two pennsylvania senators who nominated him in september have now rescinded their support. >> melissa mollet live in our news room for us. melissa, thank you. we're also following a developing story out of venezuela where the country's government is vowing to use all
5:34 am
resources possible to find washington nationals catcher wilson ramos who was kidnapped from his home. this vigil was held for ramos last night in his native country where he had returned to play in the winter baseball league. police say they found the suv used to abduct him. it was abandoned in a nearby town after it was set on fire. venezuela's anti-kidnapping units are leading the search for ramos. abductions have become a common theme there in recent years. the motive is almost always the ransom to be paid. >> venezuela, i believe, within the last two years, i believe it was '09, had over 600 kidnappings of wealthy and prominent individuals, including sports figures. >> now, twitter feed from venezuelan police claims that ramos is still alive. now to decision 2012. republican presidential candidate herman cain is trying to move past the controversy
5:35 am
surrounding him. cain says the sexual harassment allegations against him put him through hell but aren't slowing down. now a joint news conference with the four women accusing cain of sexual harassment is on hold because two of them cannot be reached. cain denies any wrongdoing. meanwhile another republican presidential candidate rick perry is on damage control. he is poking fun at himself for his brain freeze moment during a debate earlier this week. perry cannot remember the three federal agencies he would eliminate. last night he appeared on david letterman with his top ten excuses. >> number nine. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i think things went well. >> number five rick perry excuse. >> el nino. >> number four? >> i had a 5 hour energy drink six hours before the debate.
5:36 am
>> and the number one rick perry excuse. >> i just learned justin bieber is my father. >> oh, my god. >> rick perry is now trying to use his stumble as an opportunity. he's asking supporters to pitch in a dollar for every federal agency they would abolish. defense secretary leon panetta is asking the air force to review the severity of discipline ditched out to the to those at the dover air force mortuary. this after allegations they mishandled the remains of service members, dumped body parts in a virginia landfill. the senior officer at the mortuary received a letter of reprimand, usually a career ender. two civilian supervisors were demoted and reassigned to other jobs. a federal watchdog calls those punishments too lenient. a fitting honor for veterans day. the senate passed a jobs bill to help those serving our country. veterans will now get mandatory career counseling and other job training when they leave the military. the bill also allows troops to apply for civilian jobs in the
5:37 am
federal government before they arrive back home. employers benefit as well, getting additional tax credits for hiring disabled veterans who have been unemployed for six months or longer. our time is now 5:37. getting around this holiday weekend could be trickier if you take metro. we'll take a look
5:38 am
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did you take a look at the calendar? it's 11-11-11. welcome back. it's 5:40. 40 degrees out there. a code start to your friday. boy, did we have a big change in the weather. we can feel it right away. still cold. what's the rest of the day and the weekend going to look like. >> good morning. the wind has really brought in quite a chill for this veterans day. overnight, the sky has cleared out. generally from around the blue ridge east. we have some clouds now moving into northern montgomery county, frederick, maryland, and points west. as well as loudoun, fauquier, rappahannock and points west. it's all cloudy there. east of there, it's clear. a bright full moon getting into the western sky.
5:41 am
we have the temperatures down into the 30s. it's generally above freezing, though, most locations. it's the windchill we're talking about this morning. it's near 40 in washington. temperatures near 40 by the bay. with temperatures in the mid and upper 30s, the winds gusting to around 25 to 15 to 30 miles an hour. as a result, our windchills are dropping that feels like temperature down into the 20s. layer up this morning. if you're going to be spending much time at the bus stop, you'll be thankful you layered up. in fact, it's only going to be near 40 degrees by 9:00 with a few clouds racing through. sunrise at 6:46. by noontime, we should be in the upper 40s. the winds may actually increase to around 35 miles an hour from time to time. bringing down a lot of the leaves and a few clouds racing through to noontime. mostly cloudy. rather sunny after the clouds break up for the rest of the afternoon and down into the upper 40s by late afternoon. overnight tonight, here's your evening planner for friday evening. sunset at 4:58.
5:42 am
a chilly evening. the winds should gradually diminish tonight under a clear sky. temperatures down into the upper 30s by midnight. a cold start to saturday. we'll look at that and a bit of a warming trend for the weekend and into next week. details at 5:51. danella how's traffic? right now the roads are cold but clear. if you're taking the commute along i-95, this time of morning normally we'd see congestion. right now as we take the drive together, i'm seeing a lot of green, which means no delays for you. as you make your way on i-95, passing woodbridge past lorton. traveling i-95, northbound and southbound clear, not seeing any problems. if you continue on 395, i'll give you the view at edsall road. you can see 395 looks good as well. don't forget, hov restrictions are lifted today, and you're clear as you make your way towards the 14th street bridge. and traveling northbound and southbound 395, no issues at all. here's that 14th street bridge. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. >> thanks very much. the time is now 5:42.
5:43 am
we all hate being stuck in traffic. those may make you a happier
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5:46 am
person. you'll have a hard time believing this, but the secret to happiness could be a long ride home from work. at least that's what some researchers in sweden have found. well, yeah, it's sweden. they say people who commute more than an hour are happier than those with a shorter commute and those who take public transit. people with long commutes take more tranquil routes that go through the countryside, like, say, the beltway. people who take public transportation, on the other hand, get less sleep and arrive
5:47 am
at work more stressed out. the study says it's even worse for people who bike to work. hmm. that stress may bleed over into the weekend if you plan to take metro's green line this morning. four stations of the green line are closed right now. waterfront, the navy yard, the anacostia, and congress heights stations closed at 10:00 last night. they will stay closed until monday morning while crews replace track switches. free shuttle buses will run from the l'enfant plaza station to southern avenue. all four stations should be back open, though, for your monday morning commute. as for today, metro is running on this holiday on a saturday schedule. prosecutors want former prince george's county councilwoman leslie johnson to spend time in jail for her role in a corruption scandal. they're asking a judge to sentence johnson to a year or more in jail. they pled guilty to a corruption scandal involving her husband former county executive jack johnson. he also pled guilty to bribery. leslie johnson is scheduled to be sentenced next month. in the wake of two student murders in the past year and a
5:48 am
half, frostburg state university is working to reduce student violence. the school's president is helping organize student forums to discuss conflict resolution and how to solve conflicts peacefully. last week a 19-year-old student was stabbed to death off campus. it is the second murder of a frostburg student in a year and a half. a 21-year-old was shot to death in april of last year. police are hoping one alleged robber in custody will help them find others who took money from a group of girl scouts. investigators say the girls were selling cookies at the walmart store on crane highway in bowie when someone grabbed their cash box. they arrested one of the alleged robbers in the very same shopping center. in the meantime, police are collecting donations for the troop. if you would like to help out, we have posted information on our website, just search "girl scouts." a new jersey school bus driver is off the job this morning after students texted their parents to say she was
5:49 am
driving drunk. 46-year-old carol crockett had a blood alcohol level of .25, that's five times the legal limit for a commercial bus driver. several parents say they called police after receiving calls and text frs their children. one said, "mommy i think our bus driver is drunk. she's not driving right." police found crockett as she was trying to pick up students from another school. she's been charged with dui and endangering children. recescuers recovered anothe body in turkey, bringing the death toll from the most recent quake to 13. the 5.6 magnitude quake shook the country on thursday, in addition to the 7.2 quake that shook the country in october. officials believe more buildings might have been severely weakened from october's quake. today the media will get a look at the repairs made at the national cathedral. the cathedral will be open for the first time tomorrow since it suffered damage from the earthquake back in august. three of the four pinnacles were
5:50 am
destroyed, and the complete repairs will cost millions of dollars. tomorrow the cathedral will help celebrate the consecration of the ninth episcopal bishop of washington. other events include a celebration of the u.s. marine corps and an interfaith day of prayer. fema will help repair louisa county, virginia, schools damaged from the august earthquake. thomas jefferson elementary and louisa county high suffered the most damage and are closed indefinitely while they make repairs. state and local governments will also recover costs from the response and offer assistance to county residents whose homes were damaged. today may your lucky day. it's the 11th day of the 11th month of the year, 2011. people are taking advantage of this 11-11-11. as for lottery players, 11-11 is so popular you can't play it with it's sold out. there are also plenty of 11-11 parties around town. we found one at 1111 11th street
5:51 am
northwest. we also found a few people having their own parties. >> i actually myself am going to have a party at my apartment. it's going to be military theme in honor of veterans day. >> and wedding chapels along the las vegas strip will be pretty busy day. thousands of people have been lining up outside the calvert county courthouse to get their marriage licenses. triple digit days are often seen as good luck and are the second most popular days to get married in sin city. in case you're wondering, the most popular day to get married in las vegas is new year's. think they might have some regrets after new year's eve? >> there's a whole reason for that. at 11:00 a.m. today on 11-11-11, you have to make a wish. >> we will make a wish. >> all right. tom, we're wishing for good weather for the weekend. >> your wishes may come true. we may get lucky. but not this morning. it's quite cold.
5:52 am
the wind has been rushing in from the west and bringing in colder weather. right now just around 40 in washington. that doesn't seem so cold, but when you step out, it certainly does feel cold with that wind. right now sustained at 10 miles an hour over the west/northwest. occasionally gusting higher than that. over the last 12 hours, the last of the rain has left. and the closer view, showing some clouds just to our west. hitting some clouds here in western montgomery county, frederick and washington, northern loudoun, fauquier, points west, sean doe valhenand west virginia cloudy this morning. there are some gusty winds in the mountains of the some of the higher ridges have gusts over 30 miles an hour. temperatures in prince george's and montgomery counties only in the upper 30s. in the district of columbia, right around 40, as well as in arlington. much of fairfax county down in the upper 30s, as is much of northern virginia. parts of the shenandoah valley, central shenandoah valley are near freezing. out in much of western maryland, near freezing as well as into west virginia. look at the latest wind gusts.
5:53 am
peak gusts out of leesburg, just had a gust of 33 miles an hour. elsewhere, they had gusts around 20 to 30 miles an hour. it's only going to increase as we get into the afternoon hours. sunrise, 6:46. by 9:00, still around 40. by noontime, only the upper 40s. may briefly hit 50. we'll be clear tonight, but still a bit of a blustery wind. should diminish a bit. a chill in the air for the high school games tonight. layer up. only in the 40s to upper 30s by midnight. and then the 20s by dawn saturday. cold start tomorrow morning. bright and clear, though, a frosty start. afternoon highs near 60. then getting beautiful on sunday. a cold start but afternoon highs may reach mid-60s. we may hit 60s again monday, tuesday, wednesday. a chance of a shower monday and tuesday. now, danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. volume is still pretty light in our area. a lot of roadways seeing nothing but green. that means you're not slowing
5:54 am
down at all. if you're making the commute this morning, making your way from baltimore on i-95 or bw parkway heading towards the beltway, not seeing any issues for you in either direction. if it you're taking route 50, keep in mind, hov restrictions still apply on route 50 in maryland. here in the clear, not seeing any issues. a live look at lottsford vista road. volume is very light, no accidents to report in this area. if it you're traveling in d.c., a look at new york avenue and bladensburg. in d.c., not seeing any accidents to report at this time. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. the river that supplies much of the area's drinking water is facing problems. the potomac conservancy says the water in the potomac river has gotten worse the last five years. the waterway got a "d" grade. that's down from a d-plus grade in 2007. deforestation and farming runoff
5:55 am
upstream have contributed to the declining health along with increased development downstream. d.c. united may soon be moving out of town. major league soccer's commissioner says the team may have to relocate to somewhere else in the region because it's too expensive to stay at rfk. d.c. united could be paying more for its lease than any other team in the league, and he calls rfk sdium substandard. in the past, d.c. united has looked into building a stadium near camden yards in baltimore. as temperatures begin to drop, the local housing market seems to be heating up. the sales in our region spiked up 10% in october. that has also led to fewer houses on the market with active listings. home prices are falling, down 6% from a year ago. that's likely due to a rising number of foreclosures. you can expect to hear plenty of honking in our area this fall. we're not talking about car horns. maryland's department of natural
5:56 am
resources says there will be a large number of canada geese returning to the state. wildlife officials say the number of breeding pairs increased to more than 190,000 this past spring. that's more than 50,000, more than the previous year. the first segment of goose hunting season begins on november 19th and runs through the 25th. the second will run from december 15th through january 28th. the new droid razr is out today. it's available on verizon. it's razor thin, just about a quarter inch thick. that super thin build means it has no removable battery. it features a big touchscreen and the ability to use verizon's high speed lge network to surf the web. it costs $300 with a two-year contract agreement. they're already the king of the coffee industry, but now you could be headed to starbucks for your favorite kind of juice. starbucks acquired juice company evolution fresh for $30 million. they're the maker of the popular
5:57 am
make it juice brand which includes fresh squeezed fruits and vegetables. they plan to sell evolution products in their cafes as well as open new stores focused just on the juice. the coffee company says it's part of their plan to put more emphasis on health and wellness. you may want to trim down the guest list for thanksgiving this year. the american farm bureau estimates a meal with turkey and all the fixings will cost about 13% more compared with last year. the main course has taken the hardest hit with a 16-pound turkey costing 4% more than last year at about $21.50. the bureau says making a meal for ten will run you more than $49. >> trim that list? >> trim the list. >> or eat a smaller turkey. thanksgiving is still about two weeks away. major christmas reparations under way. >> the tree that will be put up in new york city's rockefeller
5:58 am
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